Wednesday, August 22, 2007

History Channel, 9/11 Conspiracies Suicide-Swipe.

Oops, they did it again. They did it right in the middle of the road at high noon where the whole world could see every blemish on their big, fat, lying asses. Most of you would have to be at least as stupid as they think you are not to be made uncomfortable by such a poorly executed farce. This was overkill to the max. This was absurdity at a level never seen before and it will stand as compelling evidence of near smoking gun proof that the official version of what happened on 9/11 is a lie.

I realize that a lot of people are very upset right now. The internet is shooting sparks 40 miles high. Those suckered into an appearance on this spectacle are outraged and fuming like the smokestacks of the Industrial Revolution. However, that part of it is your own damn fault. Some of you were just looking for a little more celebrity out of this rich minefield of nitrogen. You know who you are. You’re the ones with the winking advertisements on your sites. You’re the ones who can’t miss a photo-op even if you have no control over the way you are going to be presented. You were hoping against hope even when you knew; YOU KNEW that they were going to go after you with dull axes and bad camera angles.

Too many of you are looking to make your careers on the back of this awful event. You figured that once you’d gained that greater celebrity that you will go on to do all kinds of good for the human race. Unfortunately you come off as the same kind of opportunists that you despise on the so-called ‘other side’. I want you to think about this and stop your howling like a stuck pig. It’s not as bad as it seems. In fact, if you’ll just cool your jets for a moment, I want to explain to you how this may well be the best thing that has happened so far.

Once you can step away from your sense of injury and wounded pride I want you to watch this program again. I want you to see that the extremes to which they went to make an indefensible point has now become one of the best weapons in your arsenal. This is living proof that they are scared and on the run. How could they have exposed themselves and their agenda in such a light? They’re as nervous as hens. Apparently people are listening to something other than the mainstream news. Apparently there is a revolution of complicit souls telling everyone they meet that the government and their corporate masters are lying sacks of a nitrogen rich substance. You should be overjoyed that they REALLY put their foot in it this time. I’ve got a feeling that, once you get over feeling bad, you are going to be very pleased.

They are on the run! Somewhere, at some point, most of the people in the country became aware that the government and the media are lying. They can’t undo this and when they put together such a disastrous and damning, unintentional satire as this they have really screwed the pooch and the pooch isn’t liking it one bit. People... this is a very good thing. They really should have known better but they did not. They have handed us the sort of thing every prosecutor and defense lawyer dreams of.

What? You’re saying, “sure, but millions of people saw this and we- the truth movement- do not have that kind of exposure...” Au contraire, if we didn’t have that kind of exposure they wouldn’t have felt forced into showing their hind end in such an embarrassing fashion. This may well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and they put it there themselves.

I’m not a fan of Loose Change. I don’t find it near comprehensive enough. I wonder if its success isn’t partially based on that. There are much more concise and damning presentations about and this leads me to several possibilities.

Have you any idea what kind of a film can be made for $100,000.00? That amount of money is chump change and surely those of you with the bigger sites have got that kind of coin. From this History Channel hit piece you have all the material you need to sink them in the water. They have given you all you need if you will just look at what I am saying and then look at the film again. You could make a documentary based solely on this film and have devastating impact by merely dissecting their machinations; not to mention refuting the poorly contrived arguments. It’s not just the public who needs to wake up and smell the dead bodies in the road, it’s the 9/11 truthers who need to get a clue.

Such a film could be entered at every film festival and made available through the marvel of the internet to the whole wide world. Just once, let’s make something truly powerful and profound without being ballast ridden by minutiae. I’m not a film maker but even I could do this as a result of being organized and possessing common sense. It’s a slam dunk. Let’s not be pissed off. Let’s be grateful. They blew it. They shot themselves in the foot and photographed themselves propositioning the park ranger in the public restroom. We have the advantage. Listen to what I am saying.

Please put aside your opportunism and efforts at self-advancement. If fame is in your cards it will come. Fame gained for the purpose of fame turns into a negative gain. Let’s get canny and focused people. We have them on the run. They didn’t need to do this and they certainly didn’t need to do it this badly. So... think about it... why did they? Think.

The bad news is that they most certainly have to do something nasty now. They have to distract the world’s attention from what has become an avalanche of lies now rotting in the sun. My guess is that they are going to screw that up too. For the first time in a long time I get the feeling that the tide is turning. We have them on the run; Carpe Diem, people.

Trace the ownership of The History Channel and look at who is saying what and never mentioning the conflicts of interest and lay it out. Focus on the cherry-picking, creative editing and special effects and use your wit and clarity to nail them to the wall. Take the actual clips that they manipulated and SHOW THEM as they were in fact. There are thousands of us at work here. Some of us have large audiences. Some of us have smaller audiences. But when you put together the sum of our collective audiences, it is very large and world wide. They can’t stop us. We have the advantage and they handed it to us free of charge.

Everyone who got filmed with a mullet and taken out of context and dismissed with extreme prejudice should take heart this very hour. Millions are waiting to see what you are going to say and how you are going to handle this. Are these disinfo agents lying, murdering swine? Assuredly they are. Has their hour come round at last? It may well have. Mark my words; this is going to turn against them in spades. This is going to resound all over the world. They messed up. We have the advantage.

Go fix yourself a cup of coffee or crack a beer. Make your way out on to the deck, to the gazebo, over to the kitchen table or wherever it works for you and savor this moment. Put away your sense of injury and get frosty. Get gimlet-eyed and feel the delicious anticipation that precedes your opportunity to cut these fools to shreds. It’s in your hands now and the whole world is watching. We’re all counting on you to show us what you’re made of. This hatchet-job is a serendipitous gift. Make the best of it.

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Anonymous said...

well said !! bravo !

Anonymous said...

Please forgive if covered in recent post on yr blog which I linked today for first time from Truthseeker, but: there is not ONE single substantive thing in the article. You do not give ONE SINGLE example of how they have 'shot themselves in the foot', rather calling on others to make a movie doing so. Why don't you help more by listing out how they shot themselves? Would make better reading and maybe inspire someone to fund that movie!

islay missed said...

I agree, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...


the essay is predicated on the assumption that people have seen the program. I don't spend my time dissecting things like that because that becomes a whole work in itself.

If you need clarity on what I'm saying just see the thing.

Visible said...

A little clarity folks. I usually don't get negative commentary; just lucky I suppose, however- if you want your comments printed here you've got to stay away from ad hominem attacks under anonymity or possibly non-existant personalities created for such a purpose.

Now, just a little more. I write what I like here and if you don't like it then that's too bad but that's all it is; too bad for you, because I'll go right on doing what I do and you can go right on being frustrated about something you can't control.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about see the program. You will understand perfectly then. If you want the program dissected in a blog-format then go to prison planet or a number of sites that do exactly that. It may be that some people aren't smart enough to figure this out for themselves but all you have to do is type 'the History Channel 911 conspiracies' into Google and you will get pages of analysis and a breakdown of everything I mention here. That's not too hard is it? It's the first thing that occurred to me and should have been for you too.

I'm not in a position, nor of a temperment to spoon feed people too lazy to lift their own spoons. I don't have to tell you this to begin with. You might wish that I did but I don't. This isn't a McBlog site and I don't provide fries with that.

Okay then, I've got to go walk my dogs.

Singing Sparrow said...

Sorry I missed the program-didn't know it was on but I did see the Popular Mechanics crew on Amy Goodman's show last year.
Wanted to scream-the kid from Loose Change just let the liars run away with the talk. Couldn't believe it because the PM guys were so obviously spewing Koolaid all over the place. No reason to lay down and play dead but there it is forever.
Your essay today made me wish I was a film maker.
Loved your cranky rant. Absolutely! Let those who don't like what you think/write go elsewhere

Carmenisacat said...

Um.....could you maybe please tell us what in the heck yer talking about here?

Loose Change wasn't brilliant but wasn't bad either.

Fact is...building seven is the only proof anyone really needs isn't it? One plane shot down after passengers interupted the "terrorists" in progress and so...the building that was supposed to be crashed into...full of all that evidence...has to collapse. The third building in history to ever do such a thing and on the very same day as the first two record holders.

Oh well. What next then? How do you suggest people fight this awful thing?

Islam baby. Islam.

Visible said...

once again people, if you don't know what I'm referring to, go back to my last comment and follow the yellow brick road. I've left e-z instructions. Please don't see this as patronizing on my part, I mean no offense. Just google what I said and you will have all the backstory you need. The program will be on Usenet any time and then you can download it.

Anonymous said... Review: "9/11 Conspiracies" was not a "hit piece", it worked for the Truthlings
By ewing2001

redpill8 said...

(opps, actually posted this on the previous article)

Reading the reactions from other websites I was wondering why many truthers were so outraged. What did they expect from the History Channel?

Yes, you are right, this hit piece can be deconstructed and repackaged and made into, "History Channel's Greatest Hits", taking the "Hits" part literally. It is so easy to show their bias, their conflicts of interest, their fuzzy logic and lack of evidence. We should be celebrating the beginning of their end. Woo Hoo!

And, speaking of celebrating, here's a little diddy that every body can sing to:

"Usama the magical Ay-rab"
(lyrics from Kevin Barrett's Usama the magical Ay-rab

"Usama the magical Ay-rab
Lives in a cave far away
Eats little Amerikkins for breakfast
Sure hope you don't get in his way

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Has a magic dialysis machine
It works without electricity
And keeps his bloodstream clean

So hooray for Usama Bin Laden
He's long tall handsome strong and brave
His four bitchin' wives
All fear for their lives
When he takes turns with them deep in his cave
(barbershop quartet style harmony echoes: "deeeeep innn his caaaaaaave")

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Flew his magic carpet to Dubai
Got treated in the American Hospital
And met the CIA back in July...2001...two months before 9/11

Then Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Kept our whole Air Force on the ground
Except the magic plane that hit the Pentagon
And the one that shot Flight 93 down

(repeat chorus)

Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Knocks down tall buildings with a single bound
Fires his missiles deep into our Pentagon
And keeps our fighter planes down on the ground
(how? it's magic!)
Usama the Magical Ay-Rab
Hates our freedoms and took them away
I still can't figure out just how he did it
It must have been Usama's magic day"

Visible said...

That's amazing Ewing. I haven't seen that before. I take you are referring to the comparison of the CNN and Fox videos of the... uh... whatever hit the towers. I'll have to really think about this.

What's that suspended for infractions thing? (grin)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Visible
I couldn't leave this one alone - you thought I'd died and gone to heaven, hadn't you Mister Visible?
No... here I am.
Now, the History Channel is a wonderful channel Mister Visible. It always shows the Israeli people in such a wonderful light - G-d does shine on us you know.
Rabbi Hashem tells me that he has photos taken by him, at the time, of small green people running out of the Pentagon minutes after (we'll let you decide what type of object hit the Pentagon on that fateful day of 9/11) that Pentagon incident. He tells me Rummy was ushering them to an airport shuttle that was to take them to the same airfield the bin Ladens were waiting for their flight to where ever.
Now, Mister Visible, you and I both know that television doesn’t lie, so why is everyone making such a fuss over this wonderful documentary.
I notice someone was talking about loose change, well, who has any now days. It all goes on express way entry fees, a pie for lunch or a hamburger and such. I never seem to have any!
And I notice redpill8 seems to have his articles mixed. Never mind redpill8, maybe you should give the pills a miss in future. I love your diddy too, I’ll sing it to Ariel next time I visit him.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Rabbi Hashem says Happy 9/11.

Anonymous said...

You sound like another ranting lunatic with basically no real facts to back your statements up with. There was over 138 eyewitnesses near the pentagon who was stuck in traffic who identified the object that struck the pentagon as a commercial airliner. I guess their just lying huh?

Anonymous said...

The program is going to be shown again on the History Channel this weekend, Saturday at 8 pm EST and Sunday midnight EST. Subtract for your time zone.
When a supposed factual historic account is not factual, it leaves everything the offical record purports as fact open to question. While searching the upcoming TV guide, I was not cheered by the upcoming "history" lineup, knowing what is being done to us. If we don't know where we've been, we will never know where we are going. That's the nature of revisionism, making it simple to be led. Its another form of looting a peoples' identity. Freedom is messy.

Anonymous said...

Does History Channel have some sort of copyright on their anthology of lies? If one deconstructs it and recreates a telling response, do they have any protections? Where does fair use start & end?

Anyway, a great idea, and one that might be applied to all the other propaganda flicks out there. BBC? Oliver Stone? Flight 93? Etc.?

Anonymous said...

The "dog network" we'll call them, win either way. Once the peoples' awareness reaches critical mass, the reaction can result in a loss of confidence in their government and way of life to such a degree that they will no longer feel part of anything.

Lack of faith in the system, loss of pride in their country, unable to trust their appointed leaders, the media, or even their own neighbors leaves a society isolated, fearful and vulnerable. Upon a crumbling foundation, a nation will likely implode faster than the WTC Towers.

A weakened core heartbeat signals demise and death; it beckons the scavengers to make haste for what remains.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

# # #

Visible said...

Was someone discussing what hit the Pentagon or did it get mentioned in the blog entry? Did you misplace the person who usually accompanies you around the internet? You seem to have gotten lost.

Visible said...


I wondered about that too. However, I'm thinking there's a way around that. Aren't there some protections the other way around for defending against misrepresentation, slander and the like?

Anonymous said...

I must admit Mister Visible my computer tutor, the one with the brail keyboard, wasn't with me when I wrote my last entry to you so I may have been a little off topic. Sorry.
However I couldn’t miss out on adding my piece of nonsense along with the rest here today. I don’t think people are taught comprehension in their language classes at school anymore. With this current lot you could have fooled me. (Now there is an opening if ever I saw one).
I haven’t seen the show mentioned and am not interested really. Goyim have their own world they live in, nothing like the real world, so I shouldn’t wonder at the confusion.
I’ve been away for a while; tearing up trees in the Gaza, taking pot shots at the kids and harassing HAMAS, the democratically elected government in Palestine, you know fun things like that.
I look forward to your future essays.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem says 9/11 was an inside job (his chemical company supplied the metallic aluminum and ferric oxide).

Anonymous said...

You're right, Les - they are on the run! :)

Just watch the kind of stories appearing in the MSM:

Jews love ZioChristians;
ZioChristians love Israel;
BofA bailing out (in vain) Countrywide;
The Fed lowering the Discount Rate;
Ron Paul is losing (while he's winning);
Christian immorality 'News' (tons of that);
There will be no recession;
The Housing bust is coming to an end;
9/11 Truth debunking; (History Channel)

They KNOW what's coming - the (REAL) Holocaust!

This is THE time to become a Messianic Jew! - especially if you're a Zionist ;)

Anonymous said...

The History Channel? Um, don't y'all mean The WWII/Holocaust Memorial Channel? That is certainly what it is in my neck o' the woods ;)

ta for the essay Les. Still, I think I'll pass. That HC shite gives me indigestion, at best.


Visible said...

New essay at

Anonymous said...

crazy world we live in,its intelligence vs ignorance.full or be played

Anonymous said...

Just saw the excellent "History Channel" documentary on the 9/11 conspiracy theories. They certainly showed you conspiracy theorists as the buffoons that they are.

I hope all of you feel comfortable in your little fantasy worlds. Say "hello" to Mr. Spock, Yoda and the Wicked Witch of the West for me.

Visible said...

Yeah, it was great wasn't it? Like how all through the program they would first put up a screen that showed what the conspiracy nutjobs thought and then the screen would say "Experts" and instead of using actual experts which was probably, oh, I don't know, too much trouble or really hard to get... nearly all of the time they went back to the same two people. One of them was a publisher/editor and the other was some fat faced little kid who had already had his lunch eaten for him before I a radio show. There the call-ins depants him and he had to run away.

Otherwise they didn't have much of anyone and though I might find that strange, hey, we're dealing with conspiracy theorists. Do we really have to take any trouble?

I'm glad they put it on. It was really amusing.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense is always nonsense, recognised or not.
anonymous 7:37am we recognise you.
Everything that is going on in USA at the moment is nonsense. America has been raped and I don’t think they know it yet.
You read any news service that reports significant news, USA is in big trouble.
Its people are overindulgent. Its government has no merit and is ineffective in all spheres. Its agricultural, because of the chemical and seed companies, is striving to become noxious. Its commerce is fluff and its industry, what’s left of it, is being dismantled. What more can I say. Be honest and read it for yourself!
And because the people are so ill-informed (ignorant), when the crunch comes, martial law will not be enough. Civil war will ensue with others more than willing to stick their finger in and give it a stir as well.
Now, at least Russia pulled itself up by its bootstraps. America, because of its self-absorbed populace will not be able to even do that. You haven’t got the ‘bottle’.
China and Japan own you. They have yet to come for their pound of flesh.
Sorry about this but as a country you have let the world down, pitifully so.

Anonymous said...

"all you have to do is type 'the History Channel 911 conspiracies' into Google and you will get pages of analysis"

Followed your instructions, as above, and found some really good reading, not like the drivel on your self held in high esteem blog.

Visible said...

So, you are saying that... I pointed you in the right direction and clarified all you might have had questions about and you are pissed at me because I got the girl and you lost this time just like you did the last time? I am sorry...but the girl followed me because I wasn't following myself. You might want to do some situps. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to see how quick some are to dismiss the very idea that anything could possibly be a conspiracy, and yet it is one of the primary criminal charges brought against defendants any time it might be applicable, so conspiracies must exist somewhere!

It seems that some people are comfortable with the thought that there are, at minimum, untold tens of thousands of conspirators among the middle and lower classes (judging by the amount of such charges filed- and pronounced guilty) but that the arena where the real action is, international politics, is somehow devoid of such silly paranoid delusions.

Humans aren't really all that complex, no matter what we tell ourselves, so I tend to take a fractal view of these things.

I engage in conspiracies all the time, from simple stuff like agreeing with my sister to not mention something to our parents that might trouble them, to things that promote my self-interest such as paying my mechanic in cash so I get a better deal and he gets to keep more of his own income. Since a fractal is something that maintains its pattern independently of changes to its scale, it would follow that if society is indeed a fractal structure that there would be rampant conspiracies at the very top just as at the very bottom.

It's almost ...almost... funny that so many books have been written spelling it all out so clearly (and yet here we go again): Machiavelli's "The Prince," "Mein Kampf," "1984," "Candide," and plenty of others that as a main theme or just in passing make it clear that things are not what they seem and that at best, nobody is looking out for you except you (or your tribe, if you are so lucky as to have been born into, found, or created one). But just yell "BOO!" and you'll see the fearful, mindless gray masses run to Daddy and do whatever He says in the proud tradition of lemmings marching in lockstep to the sea.

Don't follow them, no matter what.

-The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...


I have to tell you, your comments were the most insightful inspiration I have heard regarding the hit piece by the History Channel, but I have a challenge for you: All of the things you said about exposing their machinations, the shitty camera angles, uninformed "experts", conflicts of interests, lies, distortions and omissions, all of takes an astute sensibility and talent to see the openings and maximize the opportunity these demons have given us, and I can tell by your comments that you possess that sensibility and talent...I challenge YOU Visible, to become Visible, and take this on, answer this calling! Don't underestimate your persuasive way with words and the power of communication that you have my friend. You summed it all up in a way that shone like genius. We need you!!!! Please!!!!

Visible said...

Nice of you to say that. I don't know that I'm in a position to do that since I don't have the funds but I am going to buy a video camera soon if I can figure out what the right one should be and I'm going to start adding video to my blogs and songs; reading my blogs on video and doing other similar things.

However, I found this the other day and it is supposedly someone doing this exact thing with the History Channel program. Give it a look and see what you think; as I say, I haven't seen it yet.

I'd like to ramp up my participation. I had a pretty successful TV show in New York a few years ago and I feel like it could be better than that now but I'm shopping around for a used video camera now because I can't spring for what I actually need new. Given that I am moving a step at a time in this direction. All things in time.

Thanks for thinking of me and your kind words. That sort of thing always inspires me to try to do better.

Anonymous said...

A plea for sanity...

Dear "truthers",

You are a cult. You are NOT any smarter, more informed, or superior in any way to the rest of us.

This rant is typical of how you all have been brought into this and how you attempt to draw in others. You use the most intolerant, hateful, insulting emotionally charged tone to your preaching, making every attempt to belittle and shame people into believing exactly as you do.

This is how cultists operate.

I know by posting this, every one of you so-called "truthers" will post responses attacking me, probably without even reading all of this, claiming I'm blind, ignorant, or somehow in on this conspiracy, just as you do with anyone who says anything to disagree with you.

I've tried time and again to have rational discussions with you people and it always yields bitter results. I'm always mocked and ridiculed, which does nothing but makes me angry, and the opposing party is always frustrated that I never cave in and agree.

Most of the "truthers" that I've debated claim they want to "take our country and our freedom back", but I see no evidence that you encourage freedom of speech at all. This is where you might attempt to turn it around on me and call me a hypocrite for trying to suppress your opinions, but unlike you I have no problem with someone expressing a different point of view. Fanatical devotion to your belief is what I have a problem with.

What's really sad is the fact that I write all this knowing full well I will not get through to a single person, but I can always hope. I can hope that at least one person will wake up and realize they have been brainwashed. I can hope that at least one person will decide that maybe the people who are selling these theories don't really have the best interests of the country in mind. I can hope that at least one person will decide that those who continue to push their version of the events of 9/11 don't care about anything but their own agenda.

And that will continue to be my hope.

You have no proof of any of the claims you make and you never will.

Visible said...

always nice to hear from a disinfo agent. Things like this make us look good. By the way, we can prove plenty. On the other hand, from what I just read, you've proven nothing. All you did was rant. Is this supposed to have some sort of convincing effect?

The oddest thing is that your entire piece sounds just like the accusations you are making about everyone else. This sounds like too much of a spoof to be real. No intelligent person talks like this.

Just wanted to let you know that we usually know when someone is playing with us here. Have fun.

Unknown said...

Yeah, those "experts" were great weren't they? They told us that "Pull it" wasn't even a demolition term, and that cell phones in 2001 could make clear and crisp calls from an airplane. Oh yeah and let us not forget, the first two planes in aviation history that disintegrated on impact happened on the same day. Forget the fact that no substantial wreckage was found at either site and that flight 77 was apparently going too quickly to catch on ANY surveilance videos. God knows we've always been able to trust the government, why stop now? Blindly following government accounts has always landed this country in the best possible place. Good job! This is sarcasm. Wake up.



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