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Dov Zakheim and the Missing Trillions.

What is the most outrageous piece of news that isn’t being discussed? I would venture to say it is the strange tale of Dov Zakheim and the missing trillions. I hear all kinds of numbers. I hear 2.3 trillion from Rumsfield and I hear about one trillion that Zakheim can’t explain. Still, you’ll need to check the dates of Zakheim’s days in the saddle as Pentagon Comptroller and then you can wonder to your hearts content. There’s no doubt the money is gone and there’s no doubt about who should know where it went but...what do I know? I know one trillion dollars is a lot of money. Isn’t one trillion dollars a million million? Zounds!!!

Has the cost of the entire Iraqi incursion come to a trillion dollars yet? It certainly isn’t anywhere near 2.3 trillion. Why isn’t this under discussion? Is it just too big a thing, too enormous to comprehend, that our minds go blank when we think about it? Hmmm...

There are a number of researched sources for all of the details you need to get a grasp of the situation. I’m not going to go into that kind of detail here. It’s been done better than I can manage at places like here

and here:

this last link gives you many further links. You might want to read some of this before you continue here. And you should probably read this, by the author of the first link.

The man at the center of this sub rosa controversy is Dov Zakheim. Here is what is said about him. He’s a dual national Zionist and also a Rabbi. He’s the co-author of this PNAC gem...

or, he isn’t the co-author but he signed off on it and it was really written by Kristol and Kagan. I read different things and, having been burned once, I’m in no mood for putting anything out that isn’t just as close to the truth as I can get. If you read the sources I have given and you extrapolate out to some degree you will find that Rabbi Zakheim is right there in the bed and under the covers snuggled up tight with all the other names that keep coming up. You’ll also find an alarming amount of connections to 9/11. WTF?

Here are a few salient features that struck me. He resigned in March 2005 when it was discovered that a a trillion dollars was missing.

On September 10th, 2001 (note this auspicious ‘night before Christmas date) Rumsfield announced that 2.3 trillion was missing.

Now wait a minute... doesn’t this come to over 3 trillion dollars? Is Zakheim responsible for all of it or part of it? Is it a mere trillion for him and someone else lost the rest? I’m relying on you to square this away for me. This blog is interactive.

How can you not account for this amount of money in this day and age with computers?

Why has this, along with other news, (such as the WTC being near condemned status, prior to the attacks, because of billions in required refurbishments) with which we are familiar, disappeared from the landscape?

Most importantly, what was a dual nationality cat like Rabbi Zakheim doing in charge of the Pentagon’s money supply? Forget that, what is Chertoff, another dual nationality cat doing in charge of Homeland Security?

You might find a number of things in this article interesting, one of which is this, "Chertoff allowed scores of suspected Israeli terrorists and spies to quietly return to Israel . In several cases, Israeli suspects working for phony moving companies, such as Urban Moving Systems from Weehawken, N.J., were caught driving moving vans which tested positive for explosives. On September 14, Dominic Suter, the owner of the moving company, which was found to be a Mossad front company, fled to Israel after FBI agents requested a second interview.

One group of 5 Israelis was seen on the roof of Urban Moving Systems videotaping and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center. These Israeli agents were returned to Israel on visa violations.

These Israeli suspects, and others, who had apparently transported explosives in the New York area, were allowed to return to Israel without being properly interrogated or their presence and activities in the United States having been vigorously investigated." (1)

Does it all sound like science fiction to you? Put “Chertoff dual nationality” into Google and see if you have enough time in your life to read the things you find.

Any time you start looking into the rabbit hole you run across the same names. There is this handful of people who constantly show up. Why are there continuous connections to Israel? As I have said before, I don’t enjoy having to reach these conclusions. There is no more heavyweight subject than Israeli involvement in 9/11. There is nothing that causes more screeching and name calling, slander and opprobrium. But... every time you look and everywhere you look, the same names, the same connections, the same events pop to the surface of the lake like a dead body and smell as bad.

Now, either this is the most fantastic, most outrageous set of coincidences of which there is no parallel in human history or... there is something to it.

What are so many members of one of the smallest groups of people in the world doing in so many sensitive areas of the American government? How come they have so many irrefutable connections to one of the biggest events in American history? Honestly, I just want some answers. I don’t know what to think and I don’t like having to think about and speak about things that can make me a target of powerful interests that seem to be in control of a whole lot of bad shit.

Now, once again, either there is something to all of this or it is an unbelievable chain of coincidence that defies reason. What do we make of this?

This website had to remove it due to Zakheim’s lawyers. There’s a lot of information from several sources here...

...I don’t speak to the truth of the contents. I’d just appreciate it if you would READ, THINK, REFLECT and REASON. What I have placed before you is a small, small portion of what you can find which all speaks to the same thing. And speaking of outrageous coincidences, what is Zakheim doing as Corporate Vice President of System Planning Corporation? ...more freaking coincidences. I’ve got more coincidences than there are illegal immigrants.

Unfortunately for me, this has gone way past coincidence and the circumstantial. This is some unknown animal hiding in plain sight. I don’t know what to call it. It can’t be coincidence or circumstantial, there are enough grains of sand here to create your own beach. It blares at me through klaxons. It’s screaming from rooftops. It’s dancing with ten thousand Broadway revues surrounded by all the lights of Las Vegas. I have to conclude what I fear to conclude.

How do we come to empirical fact? We get there by repeating experiments, by observation and by weighing evidence to the point where doubt is removed from our conclusions. I’d really appreciate the readers weighing in with their thoughts and any further information they might have. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and looks like a duck and you see it mating with other ducks and producing more ducks; what do you think it might be?

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Anonymous said...

That's it, that's all the evidence you have?

I always go back to that moment when O.J. Simpson spread his fingers as wide as he could when asked to try on the glove, and that stupid smirk that screamed "You're not going to let me get away with this, are you?"

No one puts on a glove with their fingers splayed anymore than they put on a shoe heels first, but he tried and everyone let him get away with it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Same-same with 9/11.

It's so outrageous, so over the top no one could possibly accept the mountains of dreck that pass for excuses and explanations and yet they do.

It's impossible to look at the evidence presented- as you say- and not come to the same conclusion you have, I hate that I find myself staring out over the same precipice, I wish I could undo the study I've done, but I can't and now I'm stuck with it.

Sucks to be us.

Unknown said...

Zounds indeed. That stuff about the remote-operating systems for airplanes is amazing. Cutting edge as usual mon ami.


Infensus Mentis said...

There's no doubt about it, Israel is behind the attacks of 9/11:

Stranger Than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of 9-11 and its Zionist Connection

The Israeli "Art Student" Mystery

Art Students: DEA Report

Fox News 4 Part Series: Israeli Spying

Meet Dov Zakheim

The Mastermind Behind 9/11?

MOSSAD: The Israeli Connection to 9/11, Christopher Bollyn

Mossad Behind 9/11

9/11: What Did Israel Know?

The Dancing Israelis

Dancing Israelis, Sept 12 News Report

The Odigo Warnings

The Israeli Prime Minister's Connection to 9/11

Zim Shipping Co.

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

Israeli Moles Controlled U.S. Defense Computers on 9/11

Larry Silverstein and 9/11

Frank Lowy and 9/11

Zionist Circles Benefit From WTC Collapse: Silverstein and Eisenberg

Michael Chertoff's Cousin Wrote 9/11 Propaganda

9/11 Mossad Timeline, CooperativeResearch.Org

Complete 9/11 Timeline: Israel

Israeli Spying In America File

Israel and 9/11

The Israeli Origins of the Iraq War

Israeli False Flag Attack on the USS Liberty

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There are two (2) Big Picture reasons for what goes on in our world
(1) The devil is making us do it
(2) We are a pack of arseholes
My own deep down belief is (1)
But I'm probably wrong.

Anonymous said...

Les you're catcing up, Chertoff, Abramoff, Zakheim, you forget kobi alexander, the one in Namibia being held there after backdating stock options at comverse, another tech firm used in 911--they are all here in USREAL, they've been here for quite some time, they are running shit and now checkpoint(s) get it . is running our military data - why - cause they run shit all around

Anonymous said...

you can't hide the smell of an elephant's cacass, can you?

Anonymous said...

Now just a minute, bub. Israel is our bestest buddy in the ME, right?
I mean that's what is pounded into our tiny brains day in and day out, so much that it becomes a knee jerk reflex to automatically think good, double good anytime one hears the word Israel and to have a negative knee jerk reflex anytime one hears the words Muslim/Arab/Isalm.

But, but, but... Our good "Friends" the Israeli's, would never steal money from Uncle Sam, would they?

i mean they might spy on the U.S. and they might pass along false intelligence so we fight their land and water resource wars for them and they might have the Congress at their beck and call and they savagely attacked the USS Liberty and murdered 34 Americans and wounded 141, even going so far as to machine gun both the life boats and the survivors trying to escape, but golly, gosh, gee whiz, Israel wouldn't steal any money from the U.S., now would they?

After all, they're our bestest buddies in the ME, right?

"Mommy, my brain is starting to think again and it HURTS."

Sprezzatura said...

Wow, I came over here from Steve C's place looking for intelligent discourse and instead I find an anti-Semitic hotbed.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This blog is being flagged to Google for countenancing hate speech.

jomama said...

The end is nigh.

Visible said...

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Visible said...


I don't think you know the definition of hate speech. Are you prepared to refute what is addressed in the post and by the majority of the respondents?

There's a comment here out of hundreds and hundreds of comments. It isn't expressed by me or the blog. It's an unfortunate comment from my POV but that's how he/she feels and it stands as an example of a viewpoint that is increasing in the world due to the extreme excesses of the Zionist movement.

I realize that you are a hairflipper and into a fluff bunny. Your blog indicates this and it is unlikely that you are in a position to understand anything here given that your mental state is more reflective of TMZ and boyband memorabilia.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I've been attempting to spread this same information around for years now, without finding any traction. I've sent these very links you've posted, to every "liberal" blogger that I can find and the only result is to find myself accused of being both insane and and anti-semite, despite the fact-based nature of the information.

Given the "coincidental" aspect of Zakheim's work in the field of aviation and the ultra-precise flying by people who were incapable of flying Cessnas, the fact that these points are not common knowledge is adequate proof of a media conspiracy. Even people who are well versed in 9/11 facts are usually completely ignorant about Zakheim, which says something about the effectiveness of the coup's power and control of information.

About 80% of the American public forms it's opinions based on subconscious undercurrents of political discourse. They overhear every variant of "Islamic terrorist" that can be conjured and are thus, subjected to a continually reinforced brainwashing that is the polar opposite of the truth. The real enemy of the U.S. (and the rest of the world, to be accurate) is Israel. They openly call themselves "the chosen people" and have a cultural identity that directly parallels that of the German Nazi's. They consider themselves THE superior race and justify any self-serving treachery as "doing the will of God" (who, in their own version of history, repeatedly lauds them for whatever brutal slaughter of their enemies they can muster).

American troops are murdering innocent Iraqis (and are, themselves, dying at an increasing pace) so that Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline can be built. As the super-bases are being built along the length of the pipeline, the plan is for them to stay there permanently, or until the Israelis have drained the legacy of Iraqi oil off for their own benefit. Ultimately, there will be no election of 2008, there will only be "President-for Life-Bush" smirking at us for the rest of our miserable lives.

If there was any sanity left in our world, the U.S. would insert a huge force in Israel (using the theatrical ruse of planning an invasion of Iran, to get the Israelis to comply willingly) and at a given signal, attack Zion from within and without, all of it happening blindingly fast. Upon removing the "Israelis" from the land, Palestine would be returned to it's rightful owners. The Zionists who were free of any war-crime charges would be allowed to purchase land (like the rest of us have had to) on which to live. Perhaps cash-starved Mexico would volunteer some arid region that would remind them of the "homeland" that they had illegally taken by force (hopefully the Mexicans that surround them won't maliciously burn down their long and carefully tended olive groves, just for the hell of it).

Of course, the administration of *real* justice would require some sanity and there seems to be precious little of that around. If there was, Dov Zakheim would've been required to testify before a *real* 9/11 Commission and we'd be hearing about "Israeli terrorists" on the news everyday, rather than the continual slander of Arabs that goes on in the precision-manufactured racism of the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Once again you have proven why you are one of the finest bloggers on the internet. I've thanked you plenty of times in the past for what you do and I thank you again. The connection between Zakheim and remote controlled planes is fantastic. I'm sure it's been out there but this is the first I heard about it. Well done.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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RealityRenewed said...

Anyone who thinks the US gov't wasn't involved or thinks Israel did this without being asked to by the US gov't just isn't thinking very straight. You don't smuggle hundreds of pounds of thermite into three builds, plant it around beams and ignite it with someone knowing. Your own gov't pal

Visible said...

For some reason my hits counter is spinning off the charts on this particular post. It is also bringing in a small amount of 'anonymous' posters with ad hominem assaults which I rarely get. I'm assuming it's been linked out into those areas where poorly informed people reside.

Usually I'm linked at places where people are already familiar with what is said here.

So, listen up. As I've said before, I don't mind if you disagree with me but faceless anonymous negative comments don't get published for reasons I shouldn't even have to explain.

What I do suggest is that you refute the information. You can hardly refute what Rumsfield has said on a major network, nor can you refute what has been widely published and verified; where someone worked, what they did, whether money did or did not go missing. You can't refute the large number of Zionist neo-cons from PNAC and the defense department orchestrators and architects of the Iraq War. You can't dispute the intense Israeli pressure on the US to make war on their behalf. YOu can't refute the intense pressure to attack Iran. You can't refute AIPAC's pernicious influence, nor the charges of spying by members of AIPAC; they will be going to trial over it.

You can't refute what Chertoff did, it's a matter of record. In fact, you can't refute anything I've put here. You may disagree with the conclusions I come to but you can't deny the evidence I used to reach my conclusions.

Cries of anti-semitism don't mean anything. This is a club that has been used to suppress the truth for so long that it no longer has any meaning. It means nothing to me. As Colin Powell said, "Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism."

Jews are never portrayed in a bad light by me; that would go contrary to my experience as well as what I believe. However, Zionists and the Zionist movement, just like the Nazis whom they bear more than a passing resemblance to, are a dark force.

Germans aren't bad people and during the war the majority of the German people had little to do with what took place. The same can be said concerning present day Nazis and the country they have hijacked. Nazis can appear in any country at any time.

The evidence of whether a group are nazis can be seen in their behavior. "By their works ye shall know them."

So, believe what you will and say what you will. The evidence is overwhelming. I really do wish I didn't have to discover what is unavoidably so. But, that is the responsibility that comes with searching for the truth.

You can't shout down the truth. It stands on its own and it is louder than anything else. The truth in it's beautiful silence, in its quiet speech, drowns out all of the noise of the lying world. And it will prevail.

Anonymous said...

How can you doubt the "honesty" of a "caring" "concerned" rabbi!!!!
You must be a "antisemite"

Anonymous said...

In hindsight and in a sane world, me thinks the USA should have retaliated against Israel for the 911 mass murder.

Instead the US has aligned its foreign policy with Israel as a reward.

Shades of USS Liberty.

...the handwriting's on the wall.

electricblanket said...

Anonymous said...

Les opens this essay with:

"What is the most outrageous piece of news that isn’t being discussed? I would venture to say it is the strange tale of Dov Zakheim and the missing trillions."

First of all, I don't agree since I regard the ongoing slaughter of innocents in Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and countless places elsewhere around the globe as the most outrageous news that isn't being discussed. But since I'm not nitpicky/anal retentive, and since I also appreciate Visible's writing style, perspective, and more, I have no problem with his beginning an essay in a rhetorical fashion. Also since this -- the fact of the Missing Trillion$$$$$$$$ from the Pentagon -- is not being widely discussed and it damn well should be, Visible's use of rhetoric is more than appropriate!

However I do agree with LV that, in this case, the "coincidences" are piled too goddamned high! And so certain questions regarding Zakheim and others are begging to be asked. But cannot be because they seem "anti-semitic" or "hateful"? WTF!?!

And so when I came across that accusation of hate/anti-semitism by Sprezzatura, I wasn't surprised or shocked. pfft! But I was nevertheless dismayed. Particularly if the accuser actually believes what s/he said.

I re-read Les' essay looking for any indication of anti-semitism. Couldn't find a trace.

Secondly, I would not associate with any site on which I detected even a tinge of hate speech. Why? Because that kinda' shit makes me sick, no matter how cleverly it might be packaged/presented... because I don't hate any peoples. In my wanderings on the net I've come across some despicable sites, some blatant in their hate or bigotry, some more subtle. And I've been coming to read and comment here for over a year now, and NOT ONCE have I gleaned a trace of anti-semitism or any other bigotry/hate in any of Visible's voluminous offerings. NOT ONCE.

I happen to trust Visible, take him at his word, even though I only know him via reading here. Why? Because he's been consistent and clear in his all messages. And I read all three of his blogs, btw, not just this, the political one.

When I was very young my father took me aside one day and told me: "You are not better than anyone. And nobody is better than you." He was talking about equality between/among people, in the broad sense. Guess what? He was right, I knew it, and I incorporated that sentiment into my values/beliefs and my character. To this day I cannot abide superiority or inferiority complexes. Nor can I abide sexism, ageism, or any other manifestation of bigotry or hate.

Now, neither do I happen to agree with this (part of a) comment from one anonymous poster: "The real enemy of the U.S. (and the rest of the world, to be accurate) is Israel." So, is this anti-semitic? Or is it borne of frustration or something else? I honestly can't tell.

And in this instance, since I don't have a clue who wrote it, nor what their real motives/sentiments are, I can't confidently comment on it.

Furthermore, I feel that there's some truth/validity in SOME OF the rest of the poster's comment, especially when taken in its entirety (in full context). But I would definitely say/argue this: I feel that the real enemy of humanity, of all nature in fact... are the insatiable greedy bastards who own and run most everything and everyone on this planet.

And...I count among them: certain Christians, specifically but not limited to The Vatican; international (tele) Evangelists; all Royal Families; certain international bankers; most (if not all) Politicians, et al... And I'm pretty damned certain that there are Jews, particularly Zionist Jews among them. As well as Arabs and/or Muslims, Asians, Russians, etc. etc...

You know if I were to use one term, a shorthand to describe the lot of those nefarious bastards, and I sometimes do, it would be this -- Nazis! In my books, they're all Nazis, all "Hitlers", if you ask me. I said this to someone recently and they told me that I was "diminishing the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jews, and diminishing the evil that was Hitler" by saying that. Un-fucking-believable!

So Sprezzatura, if you'd be helpful enough to point to something which LV has written on this blog that is anti-semitic or hate speech, I'd like to know what it is. But, I won't be holding my breath waiting for the evidence.

Oh there's one other thing that I should mention, in case someone still doesn't get my full drift. The way things are going in this world... the overwhelming majority of us, the ordinary people, are being had. We are being fucked with, fucked over. And we includes many Jews, including plenty who live in Israel. All for the delight/benefit of the 'nazi' controllers whom I mentioned above!

btw, you wanna' know where the real Holy Land is? Planet Earth. Every single inch of her/it is Sacred. Too bad that we've allowed so few to desecrate and defile her, and so many of us.

Peace! annemarie

p.s. Les thanks again :) Sorry that I went on so long. I don't know how to net it out, else I would.

Hey Tony,

Methinks it's the devil "making" us do it BECAUSE we are a pack of egotistical arseholes!

Anonymous said...

The average person in Israel has no more idea what is happening or what to do about it than the average person in America. Zakheim is a good example of someone who is not the average person.
In the 7 and 1/2 months before 911, there was a palpable prejudice unleashed. If I had to name it, I'd say fundamentalist partisanism was responsible, some of us are sensitive to these things, especially if we've had involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. It felt the same. Practically overnight, it became acceptable to negatively stereotype entire ethnicities despite the members of whatever ethnicity under discussion being individuals with thoughts and feelings independent of the group. Human beings, just like you and me, with flesh and blood and emotions desperate to survive a Katrina of propaganda! The truth is stereotyping isn't any different from beating war drums where we are presented with rotating enemies to hate and fear. The point is, of course, to divide people so they can be conquered. A conquered people can do little else but hang out at the mall and shop.
I could go ahead and say some negative things about how it gets strange to try to get a handle on the truth with so much antisemitism fogging up the lens, but I know there are places where that isn't necessary. This is, it should be, one of them.

Anonymous said...

You're nipping at the heels of what a lone voice like John Kaminiski has been screaming from the rooftops for years.

What does it all add up to? Something very large and very nasty involving "population control" on a grand scale, the "re-surfication" of the social strata and a complete shift in the current paradigm of what constitutes a "normal" life.

Big changes are coming... and virtually none of the global society is ready for it. The phrase "sleepwalking to disaster" keeps coming to mind.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see the Les Visible posts referenced at WRH. I placed a reference to this post on truthdig and all of us who appreciate what Les has to say (and how he says it) should help 'get the word out'. It's the same as getting 'the truth out'.

We need to create a tsunami of truth that will inundate the liars and their lies. 9/11 is THE key to unraveling the horror story of Zionism.

The Doomsday clock is ticking!

Joy said...

Well Visible, you have truly grabbed the third rail this time. Obviously Dov Zakheim is a person of great interest, along with Larry Silverstein, and Michael Chertoff.

Also of great interest, all of the 911blogger posters who talked about Israeli dual national involvement in 9/11, especially including the anti-Zionist Jews, were banned from the site. Then 911blogger instituted heavy censorship with moderation of comments. Now the site has a narrow party line that keeps focusing on the (admittedly tragic) plight of the first responders and widows, the weak limited hangout LIHOP movie 9/11 Press for Truth, and the financial connections of the supposed hijackers to their ISI paymasters in Patsystan.

As to the trillions, it is a mystery. Obviously we are talking about ones and zeros in computer systems here, nothing physical. The present value of all the gold ever mined in the history of the world is barely $3 trillion.

One trillion would buy the services of a million top notch mercenaries at $200,000 per year for 5 years. One trillion would be enough to do over project Apollo six times - the whole program, make that 36 moon landings total. One trillion would buy about 75 new Gerald Ford class aircraft carriers or about 7500 new Boeing 767s. One trillion would be enough to build 200 new nuclear power plants even at today's inflated construction costs. That is twice as many nuclear plants as the US has now.

Now $3.3 trillion is a full quarter of the gross economic output of the entire United States. WTF!?!? This is too much money to be minor embezzlement. Come on, each of 3 million military members would have had to have stolen over a million each.

This quantity of fiat money is so vast, that only the world's top financial institutions could handle it. The curious burial of this staggering story is the smoking gun that 9/11 was done by the global money masters. (For some reason, our hidden rulers needed more than their usual levy on the world economy?) The numerous connections to Israelis is the smoking gun that Israelis are the preferred security force for the money masters.

PS: I had the misfortune to fly into Melbourne, AU last year on the eve of the G20 meeting of finance ministers, reserve bankers, and world bankers. The Israeli security at the airport was intense and very hostile and arrogant. I got a sample of what Palestinians live with every day. When I went back to Melbourne this year, the security was regular Aussies, very friendly.

Anonymous said...

I find it useful, during argument, to simply ask, 'How would things be, and what sort of discussion would we have, if the positions held by Jewish people in the media, music, hollywood, publishing, banking, think-tanks, the pentagon and government proper were held by any other ethnic group?'.

What if we cheated in this question and picked a group that had far greater representation within the population? Like the Chinese, say. What if we then double-cheated and allowed the group to be disparate and possibly loyal to disparate entities. Like Asians, say. What if all the aforementioned media and executive groups were owned and operated by Chinese, Koreans and Japanese?

Might we not notice and remark upon it? And question whether it was healthy? Could anyone imagine us all thinking nothing of it? Indeed
could we imagine a complete group consensus whereby anyone who was insensitive enough to bring it up was guilty of what would be the very definition of moral loathsomeness - anti-asianism?

Either way I'm now given to thinking that the punch-line from that movie about 'The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist' was really a grand joke. It's a hubristic, masturbatory piece of self-congratulation and simultaneously proof of the dimness and inferiority of the people who are being told precisely what's going on and still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

PS Les, experimentation has convinced me that your comments page reads the cookies left in my computer by gmail and knows my name. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Skeletor (aka Chertoff, devil's son in Russian) was on national snooze again last night, this time offering demos of the airplane "water b**bs". They'd kill thousands, risible. This the day after the sheeple get force fed the Bush warrantless eavesdropping expansions.
The other week it was his "gut feeling" about another 911 happening and soon (aka false flag op). Yeah, what a trillion "coincidences", and what a bunch of creepy looking guys.

Anonymous said...

I find it very odd that I can't find anything about the missing 2.3 trillion dollars on anymore. They used to have an article on it, but it's gone now. It disappeared maybe a month or so ago, from when I last researched this.


BTW, they still have article from 1996 in case you thought they routinely prune their news.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Is there an Congressional enquiry into this. What is the IRS doing? If they cannot get to the bottom of this then no US Citizen should pay taxes.
If no one is accountable, it stands to reason no one need pay taxes

Anonymous said...

The main reason everyone accepts the "mountains of dreck" that pass for excuses is because if they didn't, they would have to DO something about it. By "do", I mean "overthrow the Government by force". I mean, that's what we're really saying, isn't it?

Since this pro-Israeli Government is dominated by Jews (to put it bluntly) and by philosemites any attempt to oppose them (let alone to overthrow them) would, by definition, be "anti-Semitic". Overthrowing the system would mean destroying corrupt treasonous organizations such as AIPAC, ADL, CFR, the Media, The Federal Reserve, the private banks that own the Fed, etc etc. - but any action against these and similar criminal groups would be "anti-Semitic". Israel, as the main source of treason against the USA, as the perpetrator of 9/11 and as the main source of Middle Eastern instability, would also need to be overthrown - that would also be "anti-Semitic".

Until the US gets over its gentile coyness at being thought of as "anti-Semitic", it's only going to get worse. Also, as long as we keep calling the current administration "Nazi" (when it is in fact full of Jews, Satanists, Masons, traitors etc - all of whom would be destroyed by an actual "Nazi" government), we will never understand the situation properly. The tentacles of WW2 reach into the present.

Visible said...

just for a little clarity, the posts that were removed were mostly mine. I removed them due to bad spelling mistakes. I'm learning to check first now. Two others I removed. One singled out joo's and I don't hold with that blanket type of thing. It so happens that some portion of the really evil sociopaths on the planet with the power to do real harm also happen to be Jewish but they would have been evil no matter what onus they were born under.

the crux of the matter is that these few tend to hide among innocent bystanders with the caveat of anti-semitism being their shield; that's an indefensible position. No one despises Chertoff and Zakheim and Wolfowitz and Pearle and Feith and Kristol and some others because they are jewish. they are despised because they are murderous scum. The fact that they are jewish is incidental, just as in the way Bush talks about being a Christian. It's unlikely that he is, very unlikely.

The other post I removed when I found out the poster was from Slate/Best of the Fray forum who likes to bag on my music. I don't profess to being some immortal music god destined like Orpheus to be torn apart by his admirers. I do profess to be at least as good as what I unfortunately hear to often for my pleasure.

I tracked down the origin of this poster through some software I possess and so I deleted him because of the false pretenses thing.

One other comment I didn't post because it was also bordeline concerning blaming a race or a religion for the excesses of the few.

We do have to be careful because what we are up against does not possess the same moral restraints that we do.

New post up over here

Thanks for all the great input. You people make my day.

Anonymous said...

Hey vis,

I've been listening to your music for several years now and as I have said before and others have too, you are as good as Dylan a lot of the time and often the better writer. You have certainly got the better voice. Your production and mixing may be sub-par (my view) but the material is grand. I know you're not an engineer and for all I know you'll never crack the code. I've listened and noted the power. I think its enough if just one person gets the point. I wouldn't worry about the assholes. They have their reasons.

It's probably not the place to discuss these things but I fucking felt like it. I love the last verse of that song. It says it all.


Anonymous said...

You an Anti-Semite???

What is this world coming to, when all that the nay-sayers, and Israeli supporters can do is when someone tries to tell the truth, they are labeled as "Anti-Semitic".

I am sick of all the people who still listen, and watch blindly what the MSM pumps into their brains.

The truth about 9-11 is right there in front of everyone... The Israelis, along with their useful idiots in the US, committed 9-11 to create unending war in the Middle East, with American soldiers dying for their promised land. Dov Zakheim was an ultra-zionist who stole trillions from the US, and has shipped part of it to Israel, and used the other part to finance the 9-11 attack and cover-up. This is the truth, plain and simple.

Wake up America, before its too late.

Anonymous said...

If there was ever a REAL investigation into these matters, I suspect that you'd find Zakheim's remote control technology was used in the murders of Ron Brown, Mel Carnahan, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Paul Wellstone. Keep in mind that Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA and probably kept abreast of all of the latest assassination technologies, in order to advance his plans for the world's elites.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Annemarie (re: Sprezzatura reply).
Bugger! I wish I could write.

Anonymous said...


Im like most of you. I encountered this now a few years ago & itz utterly unarguable. I simply stripped up a summary image which I print 4x6 glossy & carry around. I show it to people & theres basically 2 reactions: guffaws of respectful laughter even from folks whove still never read a webpage in their life; or utter silence. If folks want a copy I give them one. I call it "Thanks Dov":

I think the PNAC & Clean Break documents are smoking guns, & the only issue confronting Americans is dual citizens in our government. You have to inventory worldwide governments & their attitudes towards dual citizens to put forward a coherent argument that this represents a constitutional crisis. Anything else is a waste of time, aside from avoiding the next enormous explosion.

All the best ... :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You may want to check this piece about yet another Zionist malefactor from the USA, who has now been named "honorary citizen" because of his devotion to Israel

Visible said...

Just posted a new essay here at Reflections in a Petri Dish,

Anonymous said...

It is no secret Israel was directly involved in 9-11. It is no secret that they plant bombs in Iraq, or assassinate people. Far worse, they now have total information awareness in America, they are the media. They can assassinate any American politician at will and laugh about it. They are untouchable.

People are afraid of them for a reason. They are terrorism. They are unique among mankind for blowing up school kids as a matter of their religion and policy.

The fact is, the average caucasian IS A TOTAL IDIOT. Is that being overlooked? How grossly inferior the mind of the typical white person is?

My best and last hope aside from Ron Paul is black Americans. They knew the FBI and the government planted bombs, and evidence, and criminally spied, kidnapped, murdered, political activists.

Bombs and murders and dead babies will carpet America for the next several years until people willingly disband the constitution and agree to join the American Union under Jewish rule.

What hope is there to stop it, when the very gentiles you want to save, cant get on their knees fast enough to serve their kosher masters. They wont need to come and get you, gentiles will do that for them, and do it proudly.

Afterall, it is antisemitic to not serve them as slaves.

Anonymous said...

the 1 trillion missing from 2005 schould be a part from the 2.3 trillion lost 2001. or did they "loose" another trillion after they "lost" 2.3 trillion before???

what would be interesting to me is how much time was between knowledge of the missing trillions and the disclosure about it in 2001.

napanac said...

I remember a story during the first gulf war a bout a boat sinking with over 100 us military personnel in the brig and they drowned It ran a few days and then disappeared Does anyone remember this??

JesusOverIsrael said...

check this out:

napanac said...

from what I understand is that Israel got billions of dollars worth of armaments at bargain basement price's, look at the size and scope of it's military our measly 4 billion a year could not have enabled them to build one of the largest best equipped armies in the world

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Invisible

The flaw in your attempt to make the fact that Dov Zakheim et al in this murky business are mostly all Jews something that is merely incidental and unimportant (in an understandably human attempt to avoid the charge of anti-Semitism being levelled at you) is that Judaism is not actually defined by ethnicity (the vast majority of people who call themselves "Jews" are, after all, and, ironically, unlike the Arabs, of caucasian rather than Semitic origin) but by ideology. That is, while a black man cannot choose not to be black, or an Asian man not to be Asian, a Jew can choose not to be a Jew simply by no longer subscribing to the doctrines of Judaism (for example, the former Anglican Bishop of Birmingham [England], Hugh Montifiore, was a convert from Judaism, and no longer considered himself, nor was considered by English society, to be Jewish). While it would be wrong (at least without very solid evidence) to ascribe negative qualities to ethnic groups solely on the basis of that ethnicity (i.e., genetics), the same cannot (or should not) be said about groups that subscribe to particular ideologies. It can hardly, for example, be wrong to call Satanists "evil" when that is the very quality that they themselves publically celebrate. I doubt that Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, or Pol Pot (to single out but a few) thought of themselves as being evil, but many would think that the ideologies that they inflicted on the world were hardly conducive to the wellbeing of the human race. I would contend, therefore, that it is not only legitimate, but vitally necessary to scrutinize, and, if necessary, criticize, all ideologies, with Judaism being no exception.

My own research into the ideology of Judaism leads me to the conclusion that Judaic exclusivism (the core Jewish belief that they are God's "chosen people") and consequent dominionism (the belief that they have a right to anything they want on the earth that they believe God created for them) has been the root of much evil done in the world. Its particular expression in Talmudic Judaism, it seem to me, is as evil as any ideology that has been developed by man. Who wrote the following?

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

Was it an acolyte of Adolf Hitler? Well, no. Actually, it was the former Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, talking about the destiny of the Jews. Begin may have been the vilest of racists, but he wasn't a fantasist. How did he imagine that a relatively tiny population of Jews could come to rule the whole world, and what is this "rod of iron" that he says is going to allow them to achieve it? Rather than spell out the answers for you, I will just give you a hint: who is doing Israel's dirty work for it in Iraq now, with next stop Iran?

Incidentally, I utterly reject any charge of anti-Semitism levelled against myself, if only because it is intellectually absurd given that the vast majority of true Semites are those Arabs who are themselves nowadays so execrated by Jews and phillo-Jews. I have no objection whatsoever, however, to the far more accurate label "Judeophobic", since I am, indeed, more than concerned about the intentions of the Jews towards the rest of the human race.

Anonymous said...

Good, I see has linked to this article/site.
I used to make the same mistake about joos -- i.e., stereotyping. Then I began to do my homework on 911 and the Neocons & realized how similar monotheist fundamentalist fanatics are whether they be Zionut jews, Xtian Zionuts, or Muslim fanatics. Black/white. Began watching the Xtian Zionuts and John Hagee who've taken over the Xtian cable channel here; by far, Hagee & Co. are the most repulsive -- he and his ilk mislead upwards of 50m gullible goyim and Hagee ain't no joo. Yes, the gentiles are stewpid!

James B. said...

What is the most outrageous piece of news that isn’t being discussed? I would venture to say it is the strange tale of Dov Zakheim and the missing trillions.

Possibly because this has nothing to do with Zakheim or Rumsfeld.

Notice the date:

Pentagon's finances in disarray

By JOHN M. DONNELLY The Associated Press 03/03/00 5:44 PM Eastern

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The military's money managers last year made almost $7 trillion in adjustments to their financial ledgers in an attempt to make them add up, the Pentagon's inspector general said in a report released Friday.

The Pentagon could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those changes, and half a trillion dollars of it was just corrections of mistakes made in earlier adjustments.

Each adjustment represents a Defense Department accountant's attempt to correct a discrepancy. The military has hundreds of computer systems to run accounts as diverse as health care, payroll and inventory. But they are not integrated, don't produce numbers up to accounting standards and fail to keep running totals of what's coming in and what's going out, Pentagon and congressional officials said.

"These ($6.9 trillion in) entries were processed to force financial data to agree with various data sources, to correct errors and to add new data," the inspector general said. "The magnitude of accounting entries required to compile the DoD financial statements highlights the significant problems DoD has producing accurate and reliable financial statements with existing systems and processes."

The department's "internal controls were not adequate to ensure that resources were properly managed and accounted for, that DoD complied with applicable laws and regulations and that the financial statements were free of material misstatements," the report said.

"One expects that the financial statements of an entity, whether of an agency or a company, should reflect accurately what the department or company has and fairly present the results of their operations," said Jay Lane, chief of the inspector general's finance and accounting directorate. "We're saying we can't audit that to tell you that."

The military says it owns $119.3 billion in ships, trucks, jet engines and more. But its inspector general said he could not verify that because records lacked supporting documentation.

The U.S. military's financial records are not in good enough shape to face an audit, let alone pass one, the inspector general said.

As jumbled as its books are, the Pentagon is not alone: Only 11 of 24 big federal agencies could produce reliable financial statements for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, said Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs committee.

Anonymous said...

See ya in the (FEMA-Halliburton) caaaaaamps!

batcave911 said...

"The Pentagon could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those changes, and half a trillion dollars of it was just corrections of mistakes made in earlier adjustments."

just mistake sorrryyy...

Dont know about you guys but im fed up with the Bush Admin hiding behind the "mistake" excuse
(like the WMD)

They havent even said "sorry" for that one.

Rumsfeld made that quote about missing trillions on
September 10 2001
im sure thats another "coincidence"

Not to mention the area of the BOMB at the Pentagon was where the accounting and auditing were.

Just another "coincidence" im sure.

Just like it being
John Oneils
first day on the job as head of security for the WTC

Or Ben Sliney's first day on the job overseeing operations
at the FAA

speaking of John Oneil
anyone see this ?

Jerome Hauer - 9/11 Encyclopedia

Meet Jerome Hauer, 9/11 Suspect Awaiting Indictment

The Anthrax attacks investigation was dropped after it was found that the anthrax came from US military bases

The Anthrax attacks were related to 9-11 DIRECTLY
The first letters were actually sent BEFORE September 11 2001

ARABS had nothing to do with it.


6 part eye opening series here !!!


James B. said...

Dont know about you guys but im fed up with the Bush Admin hiding behind the "mistake" excuse
(like the WMD)

Hey genius, that news article was from March 2000. Who was President in March of 2000?

Anonymous said...

Something that is very crucial to remember -- Israel is not the dog, it's not even the tail of the dog. Israel is just the collar and leash.

The dog is capitalism. The tail is England and the USA.


It's a creation of England and the USA, a laboratory for constant development of the machines of warfare, death and espionage. It's also a laboratory for rank human oppression, to prove to the world by their treatment of Palestine, that it still works to use brute force to steal someone's rights, land, property, life -- as long as you keep using the brute force.

Israel doesn't tell the USA what to do. The people who control Israel are the people who control the USA. They are the companies and people who are major holders/owners of those companies... companies that are involved in any connection to the creation of machines of warfare, death and espionage. The actual manufacturers. The venture capitalists and investment bankers who provide the funding not covered by aid from the USA or the UK.

The faces -- AIPAC and PNAC -- are designed to distract you. Yes indeed, AIPAC has way too much influence in American politics. But it's crazy to assume that the influence is unwanted. The people in the Congress can jettison AIPAC's agenda any time they want to. It's not hard. It's their choice. They have the power to reject AIPAC. But they do not. WHY? Because they profit from what happens when we give money and other aid to Israel. It's not about Israel or AIPAC. It's about what Israel generates for those who profit from Israel's doings.

If you stop at AIPAC and the PNAC when you assess liability and blame here, you are missing several other layers.

Geopolitics always has been about grabbing and keeping power. In the 21st Century, power rests upon the machinery of war and "defense" -- including espionage.

Those who benefit from war are those who will be directing the affairs of the USA and England. And the USA and England direct Israel's affairs, indirectly.

Think about this proposition. Puzzle it over in your mind. Don't just flatly reject or accept my argument. Consider it.

Anonymous said...

Sprezzatura, baby...

Check out my blog for your gardern variety anti-semitic rantings.

Even better, give Alan Dershowitz a ring, he's always looking for someone else to blame his problems on.

Or sic that terrorist organization, the JDL onto us folk who dare think other thoughts not sanctioned by the graduates of BERAT.

The dictionary defines Semite as: noun a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.

So Sprezz baby, does that mean you are against people of the Jewish persuasion?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
Thank you, whoever you are! Victor, you should pay attention to what Sharon is saying. You know that there are mostly benevolent ET brothers and sisters, and yes they are our brothers and sisters, who are trying to assist us and we need to welcome and support them, not make them out to be those that are invading us and trying to scare us! GOD only knows right now we need all the help we can get and by spreading fear we only alienate them. WE SHOULD ALL BE OUT THERE WITH OPEN ARMS WELCOMING THEM AND BLESSING THEM FOR COMING TO ASSIST THEIR STUPID, BACKWARD RELATIVES WHO HAVE MADE SUCH A MESS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH THAT SHE IS HAVING TO TAKE SUCH DESPERATE STEPS TO CLEAN UP OUR DESTRUCTION!
Please work on changing your attitude and do some research on those who are attempting to help us not destroy us! That is the information you should be putting out there, not this negative BS that only keeps us from evolving. Check out James Gilliand's site
and the Ramtha site at / cgi-bin / shopper.exe?keywords=VID / search / SearchVideoRamtha.html -and Michael Ledwith at
Also, the message Simon sent you from the UK is most noteworthy!
"I think that it is worth noting that Stratford Upon Avon is very close to some of the most seriously affected locations by the ongoing flooding after last week's monsoon style storms.

So the people in the UFO's were probably just having a closer look; and possibly seeing how people are coping, how much neighbourliness there is, how much looting of temporarily abandoned flooded homes, etc.

At present some of the flood waters are heading along the river Thames towards London, with some more riverside towns still being affected. We are being told that it is unlikely however that London will suffer the sort of devastation that other towns are enduring.

(At least not this time... my comment)

Simon, who lives in a low lying part of London just a few miles from the Thames...."

Please, Victor, you have a huge mailing list, use it to help spread the truth! Our brothers and sisters are here to help us, not HARM US!
With love from a fellow STAR SEED!
Suzy Star

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I sent this link to you earlier today and when you posted to your group you'd added
the question: "Are aliens on a reconnaissance mission or final preparations for an
invasion?" My question is why would you try to put such a negative spin on this
article? No one's invading us. Me thinks you're watching too many Men In Black
movies. What happened in Stratford is a much smaller version of the Phoenix Lights
incident in March 1997 in Arizona.

In the spirit of nothing to be afraid of (except our own government/MIC)
Sharon 444

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Anonymous said...

People, there are no 'missing trillions'. The point of Dovy is the money cannot be 'accounted for'. The Pentagram simply does not keep adequate financial records. There is so much cash flowing, the top brass finds it expedient to cover up the 'where, when, and why'. The money did not disappear. It went into paychecks and weapons procurement. Mostly paychecks. Don't forget, top generals all get a personal private jet. This stuff adds up in a hurry. Of course, you have to kill people to get it.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to NIST & the US Government, there is overwhelming evidence to conclude that the planes seen on TV were the result of SFX special effects (TV fakery).

Many try to suppress this obvious fact, but to exclude other theories out of hand w/o examination is not only disingenuous, it's simply denial (a defence mechanism) and only results in a misinformed, skewed opinion.

There were no planes entering the WTC Towers on 911. Perhaps all the related films about 911 produced before and since were made to condition the public into acceptance of the official "planes" fantasy. Any discussion of planes on 911, passengers, hijackers, etc. all continue to help keep the fantasy alive.

Believing the government’s fairytale of planes colliding with the Towers is the main problem w/ fully understanding 911. The media was broadcasting fake, manipulated images of planes. Superimposing a plane on 911 could have been accomplished with Wescam technology; it provided a single "live" feed from which all the TV networks broadcast. Other videos & images started to appear in the days, weeks & months following 911. All of them have anomalies & impossibilities which can only be explained by excluding planes.

Real planes would have been a potential liability for the perps on 911. It was easier to control the outcome of the event with much less risk by using the media to broadcast fake imagery. Real jets might miss their targets, get shot down, suffer pilot or computer errors, destroy or prematurely detonate any explosives, passengers could have overtaken the hijackers, and/or the plane might not inflict enough perceived damage to make a collapse believable.

A single fact which cannot be refuted is that a hollow aluminum plane (especially fragile wings) cannot slice through steel beams and concrete without any damage to the plane. News footage showing an airliner gliding into a Tower without any resistance is a cartoon. Aluminum planes are not built for impact and crumple immediately upon contact with solid objects; even a small bird can rip through a jet’s wing.

Furthermore, a large speeding jet’s vortex trails behind it creating a highly active atmosphere which follows in its path. Had a real plane impacted a WTC Tower, real film footage would have recorded the airliner’s vortex interacting with and violently dissipating the smoke from the alleged crash and the adjacent North Tower. No vortex literally means no planes on 911 (TV fakery).

During the South Tower "impact", fake TV footage shows a WTC Tower sealing itself around the plane during the alleged penetration. Still another too incredible to believe anomaly is the width of the plane’s purported gash didn't match the width of a Boeing 757’s wing span. Another widely publicized video shot by Scott Myers shows the forward fuselage of the "jet" exiting the South Tower, though other shots later reveal no exit hole.

To consider the media footage showing a plane slicing thru steel and concrete as reality is ludicrous. There were no planes; only spoofed images, manipulated witnesses and falsified evidence. America please wake up; the media was a complicit partner that was in on the crime from the beginning. In fact, the TV psyop 911 couldn't have been pulled off without the mass media’s assistance.

Actually "no planes on 911" is the only explanation that makes any sense. There are far too many disturbing questions left unanswered which only TV fakery can address.

Besides all the other impossibilities mentioned, why are there several "hijackers" still alive; some are even suing the US government to recover their reputation and stolen identity.

Why have so many of the purported plane "victims" not been listed in the Social Security Death Index? ...and their families not claimed their death benefits.

Why are there missing passenger lists and zero so-called Middle Eastern hijacker names on the flight manifest?

Why in the entire history of aviation has a plane never disappeared from a crash - yet on 911, four of them did in a single day? All plane parts are numbered; not one plane part from 911 has been identified by its number.

How could supposedly inexperienced "pilots" who couldn't even fly a Cessna...

* threaten & subdue everyone on board a large airliner
* break into the locked cockpits w/ their hands
* kill all the ex-military pilots and copilots

...then navigate a large Boeing jetliner above the clouds all over several states without airport tower assistance, with nav systems & radios turned off, and fly with pinpoint accuracy into a building that they couldn't even see?

It's common knowledge amongst pilots that a Boeing 757 cannot fly at 500+ MPH at sea level - the air is too thick. That's an airliner's cruising speed attained at high 30,000+ ft. altitudes.

You can call Boeing; even they admit that - and they have been recorded in phone conversations recently saying so.

When an airliner is close to the ground it's either taking off or landing. If forced to throttle to cruising speed at low altitude, it would break apart in mid-air.

Exposing "no planes on 911" is probably the most important story to people beyond chemtrails, depleted uranium poisoning and nanotech genocide.

Americans are TV hypnotized, drugged up, dumbed down and so utterly dependent that in general they are incapable of critical thought and are disinterested in discovering how the media is adversely affecting their lives.

No planes on 911 and deception by the media is the Holy Grail of 911. It marks the beginning of an Orwellian double-speak mind-set which is now accepted as normal by the populace.

No-planes on 911 is highly important as it exposes the real perps behind this mass murder and offers justice to the thousands of people killed that day.

Without the covert deception by the media in collusion with the enemy in control of America’s military intelligence, 911 could not have happened.

The media was directly involved in 911 and together with a criminal government has helped diminish Americans’ freedoms and launch unending wars against innocent nations.

Don't even consider making another comment on 911 till you have watched the "September Clues" video series:

With so much evidence pointing to collusion between the military industrial complex, the US government and especially the media, very few have sought relief in the court systems, or via conventional mass media. Morgan Reynolds has filed numerous suits in federal court to no avail. His latest attempt and subsequent appeal were both summarily squashed before having even been properly heard. You can read the details on his website.

If one seeks only that evidence which fits the official explanation, then that is what you will find. That’s not science, it’s not objective thinking, it’s not even good common sense.

It is impossible in the real world for a plane to behave in such manner as per the official account. So long as you continue to deny that one simple concept you will be forever lost in endless pursuit of an answer that will never come.

# # #

Anonymous said...

It was the accounting section of the Pentagon (with its computer system) which was destroyed the day after Rumsfeld made the announcement of the missing trillions on 9/11.

Also, Michael Chertoff, as Assistant Attorney General of the State of New York at the time, was the one who got the dancing, celebrating, high fiving, Israelis, arrested while filming the 9/11 massacre of innocents, sent back to Israel with not even a slap on their wrists.

I don't believe in coincidences.

BTW, I'm still waiting for Douglas Feith to be arrested and jailed for treason for filtering false Israeli intelligence through his "Office of Special Plans" to the White House to justify the illegal, unconstitutional and immoral pre-emtive attack on Iraq, which has caused the death and dismemberment of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women and the genocide of at least a million Iraquis.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm a ludite. I couldn't figure out a "profile" that lets me use my name. It's Jim.
Anyway, my tidbit of information on the missing money goes back to April 2004. At a meeting in a union hall in Lyndonville, VT, I asked then Independent Congressman (now Indy Senator) Bernie Sanders of Vermont, if he knew anything about the missing 2.3 trillion Pentabucks. He said Yes, he knew about that, but (and I am paraphrasing) there were certain things that were too complicated, and had too many implications surrounding them, that they simply could not be brought into the political dialogue. This from the guy who is closest to being "outside" the insider loop. He just couldn't talk about it. Maybe he thought we gathered Vermonters were too dumb to understand Grand Theft.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous will do for now. I used to spend hours and hours a day for years wrapped up in these kinds of topics. More specifically, the best article I remember reading was "the united States, the Republic; the House No One Lives In." As a Christian, I take some umbrage to the person who marked televangelists in general as Christian. According to the Bible, "by their fruits you will know them," and "you cannot serve both God and money." Enough said. The Bible also has much to say about the Antichrist, who was ALREADY AT WORK when John wrote his Revelation before the end of the first century.
I chose not to dwell upon the facts that you present, though I do not discount what you say. In the Revelation, we are told to see the signs of the end and to look up with eager anticipation for the return of Christ. he will not be returning to establish the State of Israel, as the misguided Zionists believe (actually, as they misguide people to believe), but to judge the world in righteousness. To those who believe in Him there is a new life in the world of His Father--free from the Antichrist(s), and free from sickness, murder, envy, greed, etc. To those who are trying to create an earthly heaven (read NEW WORLD ORDER), he consigns them to the pit to spend eternity with THEIR father.
What, then, is a Zionist? He is antichrist, which means he has taken the lie of Satan and makes it look like the truth of God. What better way to get the masses to follow? However, I would have to say that the Pope is still THE Antichrist, because he has never wavered in his quest to replace Jesus as head of the church. Also, the Bible lists one of the main signs of the Antichrist as "forbidding people to marry," which brings up the priest situation...another story. It is quite interesting that all world leaders end up having an audience with the Pope, don't you think? It is also quite interesting that the Pope has now changed his position on Jews to be in line with the Zionists. It is also quite interesting that the structure of world tort law, in a way, make the Corporate United States a diocese of the Holy Roman Empire--hardly dead yet, in fact, feeling much better!
I should escape, renounce my number, retreat into the back woods and live my simple and free life, right? I have no quarrel with those who do, it may come to that some day for me. But I'd rather, at this time, spend my time bolstering the forces of the King for the final days. I'm thankful that people such as you have the time, will, and inclination to sound against the forces of evil in the physical realm, because it's important to shock people into reality. I, however, will spend most of my time in the spiritual realm, changing hearts and winning souls. We all know it's going to get worse, but Jesus said "take heart, I have overcome the world!" Just when we are ready to give up all hope, that is the very time when Hope will not disappoint us. The Way, the Truth, and the Life will win. Fame is fleeting, money an illusion, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.

P.S. Speaking of being anti-Semitic... my theory is that most of the world has Jewish blood in its veins (except maybe Africa). The Bible often prophecies about the lost tribes of Israel being gathered from the corners of the world. Zionist preachers have taken this as a sign fulfilled in 1948. I however, believe that the ten tribes which were banished from Israel in the 700's BC and never heard from again did, by migration and intermarriage, intersperse their blood with most of Europe, so that by now all who call on God with the faith of Abraham are fulfilling that prophecy, but in a spiritual sense--gathered for the Eternal kingdom of God. I might also point out that Asians are probably descended from Shem as well, so that we are all Semitic. Africa probably has Jewish blood mixed in also, now that I think about it, as I'm sure there were some Jews who intermarried with Egyptians before the Exodus, etc. Therefore, how can I hate a Jew for being a Jew when I probably am one myself? And, Jesus said, love your enemies. Hard to do when men are so evil. But, "the imagination of heart is evil from youth." We all possess a nature of evil, and the potential of evil, yet there is forgiveness for all. Of course, "This offer is for a limited time only! So join today!"

Anonymous said...

i have collected hours of info on what is being done in the name of islam, to me it adds up to bigatry and hatered, follow the hatered !

Anonymous said...

ya right thats what i thought

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The simple analogy has been made: "if it walks like a duck..." I've only recently become aware of this compelling evidence. It's not rumour or fantasy, or Conspiracy Theory, aka people telling the truth, and "we don't like that". The entire Judaistic edifice, starting from the Talmud,and working on down, sanctions every last bit of this Satanic behaviour. It's written into the basic script, and everything else flows from that.
This is the most explosive story since Jesus walked the Earth. And it seems to involve the same people. The only question is, who is going to win here ? It seems by no means certain.

Tim Webb said...

The Christian Anonymous,in his "ps",should wise up. Whilst I agree with most of what he says, he should be aware that we are not all Jews. A Jew is someone who follows the path of Judaism; the text for that is written in the Talmud,which is based on the wholly fictional oral tradition allegedly passed on to the elders of the chosen people by Moses and Aaron at Mt.Sinai.From this misbegotten and evil philosophy is derived the viper's nest of Zionism.
So whilst we all may have the genetic remnants of Shem Ham and Japheth within us, that does not make us all Jews, even in part. Only an adherence to the vile teachings of the Talmud does that. Hope this clarifies your thoughts

Anonymous said...

All these people on here use Methinks incorrectly... just saying... If your going to semi-pop archaic language to make yourself appear distinct DO IT RIGHT ZomgZ lol. Use modern language wrong first before venturing into messing up archaic speech. When you use spicy language to color your prose and you do it wrong it makes it look really trite and concieted. If you butcher modern technocrat speak no one cares because its ugly prose anyways... just saying... That was to all the commenters by the way who have been using it the blogers posts read well.

(I got here after watching some C-SPAN Senate Hearing, I see Dov Zakheim pop up all the time so I have been doing some reasearch about him)

I find it laughable that this Zakheim guy is giving these school marm lectures to gov't leaders about the problems with gov't contractors when he is just another grifter playing the system to sell books and facilitate contracts... well wait maybe learning about anti theft strategies from cat burglers is a good idea... hmmm...

Any way, I don't know about all you 'truthers' but ya the Israeli lobby is strong... that's a given. This is all human nature though, I've been in government and the private sector.... all the same themes play out people like to wag their fingers in indignation and look for someone to blame outside of themselves... no I'm not one of these people here who cries anti-semitism at every criticism of Israel... But I'm asking a more fundamental question...

Aren't our elites a reflection of us as we are a reflection of them... at fundamental levels we do have a say it what goes on... even peasants in the middle ages could and did revolt and bring in new regimes... the current state in the world is as much about the apathy, cynicism, and greed of the body politic as it is with the elites... after all many of today's elites are only 1 or 2 generations deep if that... many technocrats who have risen to power from the body politic... so is this what happens when you give peasants money?? and allow them to join the ranks of the elites... I don't know its a different perspective... Hmmm I need more coffee...

The central theme I'm contemplating is simply that people are always looking outward for a rhyme or reason... humans have evolved a sometimes paranoid and very effective pattern recognition system... All of these points mentioned here may be salient, but still its always looking for some outside force to lay responsibility on the random cruel nature of the world... we are all human after all with human frailties... the body politic in the macro perspective is largely apathetic self-centered and concerned about their pet interests that directly affect them even the protest movements generally only happen with high unemployment or when the draft is instituted... the anti war movement were nothing like they were in the 60's when the draft effected the average middle class... just as the vast income disparities weren't the subject of huge protests until they started hitting the middle class hard downsizing underemployment and shitty employment etc.... what does this point to... narrow selfinterested self preservationist instincts... suprise.... so who is to blame for all of the worlds problems... it certainly isn't just a tiny group of elites... they are looking out for their interests, as the body politic is theirs... its the greed of the entire society not some isolated other... meh I got to take care of something (sorry for lack of editing and rambling but I just get so exasperated with people constantly looking for some grand theory that its a handful of people ruining the party when in reality its almost everyone)



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