Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Morlocks and the Eloi.

It’s like the constant drip of water from a faucet with a bad washer. It’s like cold February wind leaking under a badly hung door. It’s like rats in the attic and garbage on the yellow lawn. It looks like a rusted truck on cinderblocks in an empty lot; there’s a doll’s torso and an old tennis shoe. Its gang tags and gum on your seat and all the warning signs of something going down hill into a bottomless abyss.

From inside a house you can hear a loud TV. It’s saying America has talent. It will say a lot more before the night is through. In that ordinary night people will hunt each other in service to the elemental hungers. In some cases aggression will win out over restraint. There will be blood and fury and regret. Sometimes there will be no regret.

It won’t just be America. It will be all over the world; the violence of thoughts that become words and then acts. It won’t be just tonight but every night and every day and it will all be explained as something other than what it was. The bigger the crime the less the explanation will resemble the actual event.

Most people don’t know about Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Few people know that it is documented that Israel knew that it was an American ship. Fewer people still know that Israeli planes went on to fire on the sailors in the lifeboats. Even fewer people know that the reason Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty was because they had evidence that Israel was responsible for the Six Day’s War. You see, the U.S.S. Liberty was an intelligence ship. The U.S.S. Liberty had intercepted communications that revealed this.

Most people think that the recent Lebanese conflict was started when some IDF soldiers were ‘kidnapped’ on Israeli soil. Actually they were captured on Lebanese soil. Israel was massed for their assault on Lebanon even before this so-called kidnapping. They’re psychic, after all. Why do I sometimes repeat things I’ve said before? It has to be done. John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt just had their September appearance at the Chicago Global Affairs Council cancelled. Intense pressure was placed upon the council and that was that. Interestingly, Michael Oren, an Israeli neo-con was allowed to speak there and that was just fine. And so it goes with Rachel Corrie and the play about her struggle...

...and so it goes with engineering the Iraq War and the press to attack Iran and Syria... and so it goes with all the 9/11 evidence... and so it goes in Gaza... and so it goes at Barnard University... and so it goes. So it goes in such a multitude of examples that they could not be contained here. Where and how does it end? Who cares...?

America has become a nation of Morlock and Eloi. The Eloi are the American people and the Morlocks are the American neo-cons in the service of Israel with their foot soldiers, their harvest workers, their storm troopers; the bad acid Christians, the brainwashed bullet heads and everyone frightened enough to kill because they have lost their reason. The Morlocks eat the Eloi. But... it’s one of those things. The Eloi know that they are afraid and they know that a certain number of their fellows disappear but they don’t ‘really’ know what happens. They don’t want to know.

Let’s just say it right out. Let’s just say it and not pussy-foot around. Israel is a hegemonic, fascist nation. They lie and cheat and steal and kill without remorse and then they blame it on someone else. From the days of the Irgun to these days of using Palestinian children for target practice and starving the populace; marooning them in the Egyptian desert, bulldozing their trees and walling off their gardens... nothing has changed, except for a widening theater of operations. You’ve only got to ask any of the international force of aid workers in Palestine about what is happening there. You’ve only got to study the real history of events to see what’s what. You’ve only got to study the players, their backgrounds and loyalties to see who brought you the Iraq War.

It is obscene... all those cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon AFTER peace was agreed on. It’s obscene, all those Israeli contractors in Iraq and those working in Abu Ghraib prison. It’s obscene, the routine beating and murder of Palestinians by Israeli settlers on Palestinian land. Once again, there isn’t space here to lay it all out.

Meanwhile, in the Homeland... things just get worse. It’s an occupied country under foreign rule. It’s a massive stock-pen of disposable livestock being groomed for the killing fields of Israel’s wars. It’s a land where the people are, at a remarkably frightening rate, coming to look like fattened animals... all for the table of the Morlocks.

The Morlocks are laughing at you and you can’t do a damn thing about it, can you? A tiny handful of vicious psychopaths are blowing up your real estate and they aren’t Muslims. Bin Laden flat out stated he had nothing to do with 9/11. No one could say that Bin Laden ‘was’ a coward or that he wouldn’t take credit for such an impossible, surgical strike. How freaking stupid are you- American Eloi- that you still don’t see the insane mountain of evidence blotting out the sky in front of you?

You can’t say anything critical of Israel in occupied America; the Morlocks won’t have it. You can lose your job and be censured across the board. How outrageous can these occupying overlords become? When Paul Wolfowitz was asked what he thought about the term ‘neo-con’, he said it was anti-Semitic. That ominous, looming club of the anti-Semitic slur hangs over every head like the Sword of Damocles.

What I want to know... what I really want to know is; where are the cries of outrage among the American Jews at what is taking place? Why the silence... friends? Is America not your homeland? Would the silence be so telling: ...if it were China or Russia who wielded such enormous and illegal influence upon the laws of your land? You have a history of oppression? Should not such oppression and stifling of free speech not deserve comment? How did you come from “never forget” to such a capacity to overlook the same thing happening in Palestine and other parts of the world today?

It would not matter so much were there not such a magnitude of bloodshed and suffering. Yet the lives of the Eloi are of no account. It is their destiny and their value as living beings clearly laid out in the Talmud. They are of no importance. They are “ants in the afterbirth.”

No matter what the degree of the carnage and oppression, voices will cry out. The Earth itself cries out. There is something in the human spirit that will not be extinguished by mere suffering and want. There is some unknowable force in human affairs that will always rise to the occasion. History will be the judge. Your own conscience will be the judge and there is no hiding place where that which you are will not follow you.

I’m going to paraphrase Bertrand Russell. He said something to the effect that, when a people are oppressed the whole world mourns and looks on and says, “What can be done for these people?” but just as surely as they throw off their chains they become ten times more vicious than their oppressors ever thought of being. So it is.

So long as people are content to be Eloi, there will be Morlocks to feed upon them.

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Anonymous said...

It must get tiresome hearing it. In any case, WELL DONE!!! and that song is a classic, one of your best. WE---COULD---All---BE---FREE

Unknown said...

Yeah, well.

It's taken me six years to convince maybe four people. And it cost me my reputation, my standing in the community, virtually everything And still the Eloi stare about them indifferent to the coming slaughter.

What to do, what to do...

Ed said...

Utterly superb! Totally, completely. Not only could I not agree more I couldn't have said it any better.

Singing Sparrow said...

Well I really have nothing to add and certainly witty would blaspheme.
I don't know why. I cannot imagine how the grandchildren of the European Jews turned into blaspheming, degenerate developers of genocide.
How can my lovely Latina walking partner/soldier not see the evil in our presence in Iraq?
And who am I to shake my head? I pay my bills by selling myself as a peti-
I heard one time that the Scandinavian folk changed from marauding hunters to socialists in 100 years. This is the myth that keeps me going. Although we have progressed so far into genocide and death dealing as an art that I do fear it may be too late.ukwjpn

Anonymous said...

I'm not really clear on which is the dog and which is the tail.

But one thing I feel pretty damn clear on is that there is a triumvirate axis of evil: London, Washington, Tel Aviv. And that this cursed troika is bloody responsible for running everything and everyone into the ground, the world over.
Also, just compare and contrast these two recent news articles:

Olmert meets senior US diplomat on eve of arms deal

The gist:

"...a deal under which Washington will provide its ally with 30 billion dollars in military aid over a decade, the [Israeli] premier's office said...

The package was unveiled by Rice on July 30 as part of a new military pact with US allies in the Middle East in a bid to "counter the negative influences" of militant
groups Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah as well as arch enemies Iran and Syria.

They include a 20 billion dollar weapons package for Saudi Arabia, a 13 billion dollar package for Egypt, and reportedly arms deals worth at least 20 billion dollars
for other Gulf states.

The aid to Israel reflects an increase in value of more than 25 percent, Olmert has said, describing it as a considerable improvement and very
important element for national security.

With current US defense aid to Israel standing at 2.4 billion dollars a year, the new package will hike the value of assistance to the Jewish state by 600 million dollars a year on average, officials said...."

Article #2:

Mortgages and the Jewish Question

First, note the language, the words used in the Headline: The Jewish Question. Now tell me if that doesn't ring Hitler/Nazi/Holocaust bells! Fear mongering
propaganda by any other name...!

Anyhow, the article begins with:

"For most of us, the current crisis in America’s housing market is a distant echo, a barely understood series of headlines that might as well be in Greek, in a section
of the newspaper often left unread. But the crisis is real. It threatens hundreds of thousands of American families who are in danger of losing their homes, and it
threatens America’s status as a superpower on the world stage. It is the first payment for George Bush’s other mismanagement, the fiscal and financial
wrong-headedness that so many, including this page, have warned about for years."

And ends with this:

"Not coincidentally, the big news in Israel last week was the announcement that the Jewish state’s defense budget had to be slashed by a shocking 10%, suddenly
and unexpectedly. The reason: Washington told Jerusalem it was not going to deliver an expected infusion of military aid, because Uncle Sam doesn’t have the
money. The world economy may not be troubled by the weakness in America, but there’s one little corner of the world that’s terrified.

Interesting stuff, huh. While Olmert seems to think that the $30B military aid package from the U.S. is as sweet and juicy as a Jaffa orange, it seems that Israelis
(according to The Jewish Daily Forward) do not, and in fact are "terrified" about Uncle Sam not giving enough to help protect Israel. WTF?!


Anonymous said...

Perfectly stated. We are lemmings hearing no evil and seeing no evil as we race off the cliff to our destruction. Our brainwashing succeeds in giving 30 billion a year to our masters yet letting our own people and country starve and decay. And no, we won't wake up and shake this off.

Anonymous said...

A follow-up to my post here.

U.S.: No strings attached to new defense package for Israel
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

The new $30 billion American defense package for Israel is not conditioned on diplomatic progress or concessions to the Palestinians, a top U.S. aide said Thursday as representatives from both countries signed the memorandum of understanding in Jerusalem....

"The aid agreement with the U.S. is an important and significant component for Israel, and proves once again the depth of the relationship between the two countries and the United States' commitment to Israel's security, and to preserving its qualitative advantage over other countries in the Middle East," Olmert said.

The United States is also proposing a large weapons package for Saudi Arabia, which has historically been an Israeli enemy but has indicated a willingness to attend a U.S.-backed peace conference with Israel in the fall.

Olmert has said he understands the U.S. need to bolster Saudi Arabia in facing Iran. "The increase in military aid to Israel would guarantee its strategic superiority," Olmert has said, despite upgrades to other Arab countries in the region.

Read more here, including plenty of evil Iran, Iran, Iran etc...:


Hmm...what to make of all of this? And hey, what about that foiled hijacking to IRAN (doh!) by those dastardly terrorists? According to BBC report:

Turkey's interior ministry said one of the hijackers was a Turkish national and the other had a Syrian passport. Their motives are not yet known.

Earlier, Northern Cyprus officials said the two men were Iranian nationals protesting against actions of the United States.

[Turks, Syrians, Iranians? All darkies, right? Must all be Al Qaeda/Terrorists. Right?]

The hijackers announced after the plane landed that women and children could leave. "

WTF? Those evil-doers actually allowed women and children to leave instead of holding them as hostages? Or blowing them up with themselves instead of being taken alive, as they are soooo wont to do, being that they're all fanatic suicidal bombers and all... All I know is that there'll be no throngs of celestial virgins for those guys. ;)

I'm guessing that a whole lotta people are pissed that this hijacking attempt failed. Imagine, just imagine if they'd been successful in getting that plane with 100+ hostages to Iran. Wouldn't that be a damn fine reason to start bombing the shit outta' that evil-doing country?

Once upon a long time ago, I might've believed that news item in the way that it was intended. No more. Too many goddamned "coincidences" if you ask me.


Visible said...


I think the news is going to get stranger and stranger.

The video at this link was so engrossing I watched the whole thing

The interesting stuff starts after the first 13 minutes. I think this may be the beginning of something huge for America. The ADL representative at the meeting was fired the next day for saying that they should address the issue.

What a trip.

Anonymous said...

I just watched The Money Masters all the way through. Anyone who hasn't watched it should. It's at googlevideo.

A thought occurred to me about tails and dogs. The Fed (which is to say international banking) controls the US. None may stand against it. Or Israel controls America. Or they both do. How does this work exactly?

How about this - Israel is the Rothschilds and their friends' idea of giving to charity. It's what constitutes a 'good deed' for a group of people as self-obsessed as the the people who control international banking. That their 'good deed' involves slaughter, misery, suffering and such is neither here nor there for the people who create depression and wars to make money. Thoughtless infliction of suffering is the air that they breathe.

Keep in mind that these trillionaires don't actually want to live in Israel. People who support an orphan in Nigeria don't want to move to Lagos.

Certainly Israel as an entity, and a perfectly brutal and self-obsessed one, will act in its own interests. But above this, is banking and their big game. The big game is world domination. They'll get there eventually.

BTW, the troika of London, Washington and Tel Aviv is more easily understood, I think, as International banking. The beauty of international banking is that it seems not to exist. All of its actions come from disparate directions and are easily blamed on others. Control of the media is also vital in the crucial misdirection and misrepresentation. The media is not accidental. And the internet? It will be crushed.

Anyway, right now, it's my opinion the Fed is keeping the US economy, and therefore the world economy, afloat until its next terrorist attack and the following destruction of Iran is complete. This is for Israel, sure, but the coming US depression and the following declaration of martial law isn't for Israel. That's so that the bankers might more nearly approach god in wealth and power, the completion of which will be confirmation that these people are as great as they think they are. Kowtow to the sons of heaven!

Anonymous said...

No liquidity problems in Israel -- cenbank chief

JERUSALEM, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Bank of Israel Governer Stanley Fischer said on Monday he did not see problems in the U.S. subprime market widening to Israel.
"I don't see a liquidity problem here," Fischer told a news conference. "At the moment, we don't see a widening of what is happening in the United States."
Fischer said Israel's economy remained very strong.

Lack of liquidity is what's one of the main problems here in the US. i try and not get caught up in too many conspiracy theories, but when you see shit like this, it makes one wonder.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the Jewish supremacists get part of the "justification" for their planned enslavement of the gentiles from the biblical story (Genesis 25:19 - 27:40) of Isaac's son's Jacob and Esau. According to the Bible, God told their mother Rebekah when she was pregnant with them both, "Two nations [are] in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and [the one] people shall be stronger than [the other] people; and the elder shall serve the younger." After they have grown up, Jacob, the younger son (and Jewish progenitor), first refuses to feed his brother (and gentile progenitor), Esau, who is starving, until he swears away his birthright as the elder sibling. To make certain of his theft of the birthright, Jacob then tricks the dying Isaac into giving him the paternal blessing that should have gone to Esau, which is: "Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed [be] every one that curseth thee, and blessed [be] he that blesseth thee." As a result of this deception, Isaac can now only give the cheated Esau this blessing: "by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother..." Thus, the stronger, elder sibling is condemned to serve his weaker, younger brother, and specifically "by thy sword".

Some might see resonances here with the relationship between the US and Israel. It can only be overweening hubris, however, that makes the Jewish supremacists overlook the final part of Isaac's blessing for Esau: "...and
it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck." I am not sure if that is hopeful for the rest of us, or if it just means that once Emperor Bush has achieved global hegemony for himself and his crony court that he will ditch Israel.

[N.B. It doesn't matter if we believe in biblical prophecy or not, only if those with power over us do.]

redpill8 said...

Reading the reactions from other websites I was wondering why many truthers were so outraged. What did they expect from the History Channel?

Yes, you are right, this hit piece can be deconstructed and repackaged and made into, "History Channel's Greatest Hits", taking the "Hits" part literally. It is so easy to show their bias, their conflicts of interest, their fuzzy logic and lack of evidence. We should be celebrating the beginning of their end. Woo Hoo!

And, speaking of celebrating, here's a little diddy that every body can sing to:

"Usama the magical Ay-rab"
(lyrics from Kevin Barrett's Usama the magical Ay-rab

"Usama the magical Ay-rab
Lives in a cave far away
Eats little Amerikkins for breakfast
Sure hope you don't get in his way

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Has a magic dialysis machine
It works without electricity
And keeps his bloodstream clean

So hooray for Usama Bin Laden
He's long tall handsome strong and brave
His four bitchin' wives
All fear for their lives
When he takes turns with them deep in his cave
(barbershop quartet style harmony echoes: "deeeeep innn his caaaaaaave")

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Flew his magic carpet to Dubai
Got treated in the American Hospital
And met the CIA back in July...2001...two months before 9/11

Then Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Kept our whole Air Force on the ground
Except the magic plane that hit the Pentagon
And the one that shot Flight 93 down

(repeat chorus)

Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Knocks down tall buildings with a single bound
Fires his missiles deep into our Pentagon
And keeps our fighter planes down on the ground
(how? it's magic!)
Usama the Magical Ay-Rab
Hates our freedoms and took them away
I still can't figure out just how he did it
It must have been Usama's magic day"

Boris Epstein said...

While your points about Israel are not without merit I don't quite understand why focus on this small state to the exclusion of others. Racism is a common problems - and many places in much worse forms than what you see in Israel.

And no, I don't believe Americans are enslaved by Israel - it is in my opinion a symbiotic relationship. Yes, Israeli censorship included - the neocons need to have somebody other than themselves as a convenient scapegoat. That's a tried and true method.

Visible said...

uh huh... well, if you don't know why many, many people believe as we do and if you are unaware of the enormous mountain of evidence that supports such a position then I really wouldn't know what to tell you.

This tiny little country is causing more problems in the world right now than all of the other countries put together. A little exploration and research will confirm this. On the other hand, for some it is very inconvenient to believe certain things and also, the truth quite often runs contrary to vested interests. One has to decide what their motivator is; the truth or their vested interest.



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