Sunday, August 12, 2007

God Bless You Cindy Sheehan

You were just another American mother who lost her son in the war. I suppose at first there was nothing but grief and loss. From what we hear, your son was a fine person; maybe he had become a man already and maybe not but he was man enough to go to war. Something died in you the day you learned that he was gone. He didn’t tell you he was going. He didn’t like Bush and he thought the war was wrong but he felt it was his duty to go. This is what you said about him afterwards

A good portion of those we send to war are not men but in the process of becoming one. Possibly they hope that the military will make them one. Many of them join for the promise of education. They hope the odds will be in their favor. Many of them join because of trouble at home or the lack of opportunities. Some join because they love their country and some, it must be said, join in the hope that they might become a hero or get to kill someone.

I imagine that you grieved for some time. I imagine that you grieve still. At first the grief must have been all consuming and you didn’t think about much except the fact that you had lost your son. As time passed you began to wonder just what Casey had died for. As you studied the circumstances surrounding the war you discovered that it was based on a pack of lies. You discovered that the leaders of your country were among the most depraved and venal to ever serve in their positions; and that was saying something.

The more you looked, the more ugly truths were revealed to you. I imagine you found it hard to believe that such things could happen in America. I imagine that America began to seem like an unknown country to you. I imagine you got angry and you wanted answers. You decided that you would go see ‘the decider’. You wanted Bush to tell you why your son had to die in his illegal war. You wanted to hear the horse’s ass speak to you from the horse’s mouth.

You discovered that no one gets to see Bush unless they have a lot of money on the table. You found out that Bush doesn’t much care for anyone who doesn’t serve his interests. Bush’s handlers began to make comments about you as you began to make a nuisance out of yourself. They told of how they understood your grief. We got the impression you were a simple woman, not very bright, whose grief was being exploited by traitorous factions within the American culture. You weren’t smart enough to see this happening to you so it wasn’t your fault. However, giving you a forum also gave support to this country’s enemies. You were dismissed. You should go home and take care of your family.

Something died in you the day you heard your son had gone down in Sadr-City, killed in an ambush a mere five days after he got there. He got shot in the back of the head in an unprotected trailer. Maybe something died in you that day but something else was born as well. Something came to life in you and it has become a force for change that will not be denied.

You’ve made a lot of people angry. Your husband left you. You’ve said that you have lost every friend you had before Casey died. It must be real important to you to stop this war. It must be really important. You are slandered and vilified in the press. People make jokes about your looks and your appearance. I’ve seen the hateful words and the sly innuendos. It seems there is nothing people will not say to shut you down.

You headed down to Crawford, Texas and camped out near Bush’s ranch. What a circus that turned into. A lot of people started to see that there was something to the effort you were making for some kind of explanation from your country’s leadership. You became a hero. You are a hero. You have traveled the road to speak to people in many countries. They were none as unkind as what you faced at home. The press said that you were collaborating with America’s enemies. Still, you are just a simple woman, manipulated by dark forces that hate America for her freedom.

You’ve lead a march for impeachment on Washington. The press did not cover it. You’ve spoken many times in many places and the press did not cover it. You’ve been arrested many times, the press did cover that. We know about the press, Cindy. We just saw them at work ignoring Ron Paul’s presence at the Iowa Straw Poll. We see how they ignore Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. It is fairly apparent who the press works for. It must disappoint you to see the press behave like hyenas and monkeys. You must wonder what has become of your country. Isn’t the deception and vile pandering a horrible thing to see Cindy?

Now you are going to challenge that fugitive from the Wax Museum, Nancy Pelosi. Good for you. Nancy Pelosi is a whore to special interests and a toy poodle for AIPAC. It’s AIPAC and PNAC and the American neo-cons who manufactured this war that killed your son. They are the ones now fabricating a war with Iran. The democrats were elected to end the war and bring change to the corrupt way of doing business that has flourished for the last six years. They have done nothing Cindy. They have rolled over on the floor like dogs in anticipation of having their bellies stroked. It’s a crying shame.

The press says you have no chance Cindy. I beg to differ. I think you have every possibility in the world of defeating this Kabuki-masked fraud that glad-hands and dances in a sanctimonious ballet as Speaker of the House.

I believe that you represent the very best of what is inside of us Cindy. You are living proof that there is light in the darkness. I believe you make the vampire bats in office sweat blood when they hear your name. I believe that you are honest and sincere and a credit to the human race. It makes me feel good to know that you are on the same planet. It stirs my heart.

I believe that what you do Cindy will have an impact on history. I believe that what you do will shame this generation for their apathetic postures. I believe that what you do shines a necessary disinfecting light upon the criminal operations of the present administration. I believe you do more good than you know and that more good will come from what you do than we presently imagine. I believe that one day you will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

You are the classic example of that spirit that rises now and again from the common crowd and gives us evidence of what we all should be. Don’t mind the sneers and the slander. Don’t mind the dismissive words and nasty commentaries from the mainstream gutter press. Many before you have experienced the same. We have come to now hold them as the heroes of their time.

It’s a dark time, Cindy. Malevolent creatures cavort upon the dais with bloodstained hands and empty hearts; their minds devoid of conscience or remorse. We may not win this battle but we must fight it regardless of the outcome or the consequences. The day will come when the whole world will look back upon our time and see the truth of the matter. You have my gratitude and love for having been on the right side of the affair, for having had the courage to continue when so many did not.

She was another American mother
Who lost her son in the war
Death is hard when they go so young
When they die for nothing it hurts even more

The greatest love is the love of a mother
Out of her substance the body is formed
Out of her dreams the soul goes walking
sometimes the dream dies hard

God bless you Cindy Sheehan
For walking this road you are on
Many more sons may live a little longer
even though your son is gone

The president lied to his people
He ducked when his time came to fight
He's a man without honor or any regret
and justice will gather him yet

You may think god’s not watching
but we're living proof God is real
yes sometimes God wakes up in people
that's something you see and you feel

God knows our country is troubled
God sees our leaders are blind
God is speaking through the love of a mother
open your heart and your mind

God bless you Cindy Sheehan
For walking this road you are on
Many more sons may live a little longer
even though Casey is gone

The president lied to his people
He ran when his time came to fight
He's a man without honor or any regret
and justice will gather him yet

I don't always know what the truth is
But a lie isn't that hard to see
Whatever is living in this woman’s heart
I hope it will wake up in me

The rich and the powerful tremble
When truth appears at their door
One simple woman in a state of conviction
And look I see ten million more.
Look I see ten million more

God bless you Cindy Sheehan
For walking this road you are on
Many more sons may live a little longer
even though your son is gone

The president lied to his people
He hid when his time came to fight
He's a man without honor or any regret
and justice will gather him yet
oh yes it will...

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫
'God Bless You Cindy Sheehan' is track no. 1 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'

Songwriter by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that.

redpill8 said...

Thanks you for your wonderful words about Cindy SM! They are very heartfelt and absolutely true.

Cindy has become the epitome of self-sacrifice and honor, like her son. She is willing to give up her friends, her husband, her career to do what is right for America and the world. The Neocons and the media know this and attack her for it because they are on the wrong side of morality. Cindy will not play in their game of glorifying war. She knows that war is as fraudulent as their false patriotism.

Thank you Cindy for being the best example of humanity!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

It's been sad to witness how much crap was heaped upon a mother who wanted to know why her child died. Her efforts must not be allowed to be forgotten.

Talking peace in a violent time takes real courage, as does standing firm for what is right in the face of slander, insults, and even abandonment by one's apparently-spineless spouse.

I see her as on par with the unidentified man who stood in front of the column of tanks in Tiananmen Square in that famous, breathtaking photograph of individual courage.

How many people have been inspired to stand up and speak out, or act, because of the actions of just these two individuals? Countless, no doubt, and their acts will continue to inspire others even long after they themselves have passed on.

We must never accept lies like we are too weak, too stupid, too poor, too insignificant, too tired, or too anything to help the Light shine. In a Colosseum filled with darkness and spectacles of violence, if just one person lights a candle, all will see it.

My own petty or paranoid fears are impossible to justify next to someone standing alone against the ignorant hordes or a column of life-crushing tanks. So, let's all keep lighting our fragile little candles until we can find our way out of this shadowy place. Cindy and Tank Man have long ago taken away all our excuses for inaction.

-The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

Once again Mrs. Sheehan’s instincts, principles, judgment, and strategy are directly on target. The American people must oppose, defeat, and replace all members of the United States Congress of any political party who will not impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney in order to terminate their needlessly — inflicted death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

The Village Idiot? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to Cindy!

The example she sets is far more than lighting our little candles and hoping for an end to the nightmare, sooner or later. It is to RESIST the evil bastards with every breath and ounce of our strength. Lt. Ehren Watada sets a similar example. Dr. Steven Jones is doing his 'bit', etc.

"RESIST the Devil and he will flee from you".

More of us need to RESIST. This Blog is a great example of another kind of (powerful) RESISTANCE! :)

Every now and then "The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots" (Thomas Jefferson). We know who the tyrants are. The Patriots are arriving - and will arrive in ever increasing numbers :) Thank God!

Anonymous said...

that is a wonderful song!

Visible said...

There's a new essay at both of these locations.


Hope you'll stop by and add your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

That is quite a beautiful tribute. Thanks Les :)

Anonymous said...

I think Cindy had a major role in opening the eyes of millions of disinterested Americans. She made Bush squirm and it helped expose him for what he is.

It's unfortunate that the administration and media relies so heavily on the 'shoot the messenger' defense. I'm sure it has taken it's toll on a woman who was brave enough to stand alone and take on Goliath.

Singing Sparrow said...

Okay!!Thank you again.
this could as easily go with the other sites.
Thank you for what you said about Cindy AND thank you for what you said about Nancy Pelosi. But for Cindy's psychic mirror site to Pelosi I might have lost my mind again as I did during the 80's and our destruction of Central America, our rape and blunder, our lying,lying, lying to the smell of blood and fire.
Yes Cindy says only what is there.

Anonymous said...

i am not one to throw around words like hero and patriot like a carpenter uses nails, but in the case of Cindy Sheehan, that lady is a hero and a patriot.

All the press Cindy has gotten and not once have i heard her refer to her religion-- or no religion or whatever.

Contrast that to the Smirking Idiot Chimp that is presently infesting the WH.

Bush never misses a chance to proclaim his faith or religion or whatever.

At one time, Samuel Johnson said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels."

If the good Mr. Johnson was around today, he'd probably say that "Religion is the last refuge of scoundrels."

Anonymous said...

not to digress, but...

imo, religion seems to be the first AND last refuge of scoundrels everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Ref: How can we shut these people down?


Anonymous said...

Iran: Military action on US 'not being contemplated'




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