Tuesday, August 27, 2019

"The Splendor, the Glory and the Power of God is Alive and Resident within You!"

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Welcome, my dear friends, to the ever clarifying image of your true self, in the smoking mirror of this material world, as the force of the apocalypse... cleanses the mirror in which we see ourselves. That mirror can and does appear every day before us... in each other

As those who come here know, I seek after the truth in whatever garment it may appear to me in. As I am fond of saying, when the truth takes off its clothes, the world disappears. Therefore you will hear the words of illumined yogis, of Jesus the Christ, of Christian mystics; of the wise and inspired by divine love, from all climes in all times. I apologize to those offended by the wide parameters of my metaphysical interests. It is my belief that there is one God, incomprehensible and indefinable, who has expressed himself through many portals and clothed in various garments, according to the needs of the people in the place and at the time of his appearance.

Each of these presentations was God on Earth, to different degrees. There are states and stations aplenty and it is not my task to delineate these. I am simply overjoyed that they came here at all and grateful beyond measure that I was privileged to experience their teachings. There have been prophets who were the mouth of God and others who planted their teachings in the human soul, as we presently stand before the time of spiritual harvest, in this grand summoning. Beneath the landscape of the appearances of this world, there is a living song... awakening in the human heart. It will be heard but not by all.

In the Hindu tradition there is something called, arundhati nyaya. It shows the method of leading from the gross to the subtle, from the known to the unknown, in logical analyzing and philosophical perspective. Socrates was gifted at that sort of thing. A good example of this can be found in, arundhati nakṣatra. This is something that every bridegroom is supposed to do with his bride. The evening of the marriage, he takes her out to a tree, or some structure that can be looked through to see the sky, with branches or beams, or whatnot, for reference points. Then he points out a large star. Once that star has been seen, another star of much less luminosity is indicated in the sky near to it. Then the bridegroom is able to help her identify an even smaller body of light next to that, which would have been very difficult to locate otherwise. This is a tradition that is meant to exemplify the way of arundhati nyaya. There are all sorts of teaching devices that exist in long enduring cultures that are seen as fables, folk tales and allegories. We have a few; Johnny Appleseed comes to mind as does Rip Van Winkle and others.

I read today, a quote from the Vedantic philosopher, Bhagavan Bhashyakara. I had seen it before and each time I have encountered this quote, it has given me a sense of spiritual disquiet, along with an impassioned zeal, to strive harder and more relentlessly toward the goal, until I am informed I can go no further on my own and thereafter, to simply and inflexibly... rely on the ineffable for everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant. I recently reached that point of being so informed. Anyway. Here is the quote, which I advise one and all to consider with careful reflection; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.” It would certainly pay to consider what your next conveyance on this plane might be and who your present companions are.

We need to pay more attention and we need to be more persistent and diligent in our moments that remain. This is what I tell myself, often ...and it is why I tell you. We DO NOT know the instance of great material change. We do not know the hour of his coming, when he shall judge the quick and (formerly) dead. Often in older times, the word 'dead' was interchangeable with sleep; such as in the quote,”we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed”. That is another statement to consider with careful reflection.

I have bypassed this fellow who looks like an Amish farmer for a while now. I can't say why that is. My friend made the same comment to me when I brought him to my friend's attention. I will pause to hear what he has to say in the future. Today, I saw this at Pocketnet.

It is comprised of a talk delivered by one Field McConnell, outside of what he called the Polk County Injustice Center. Whoa! He had some things to say. One of them was this;

“I respect all people except the People who think they are in power and don't know God holds all the power.”

I make that statement often enough myself, or variations thereof... and maybe that is why it struck me as it did. I don't usually hear that very often and it thrills me when I do.

I was especially struck by the humility of the man. He also said... and there was a general agreement among the people collected there, that Epstein is not dead but elsewhere being debriefed. This is what I also think but I have previously been wrong more than once. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. We ALL have that experience. What we all do not share... is an immediate effort to admit it and to enhance our knowledge with a new knowing.

I am going to take this opportunity to say a few things about myself which, apparently, need to be said. I've said a few of them before but, ...for whatever the reason, they haven't been heard or there has been resistance to hearing them at all. Someone recently- anonymously of course, wondered if I followed the dictate of Christ, to sell all I had and give it to the poor, then pick up my cross and follow him. He seemed to imply that I had no business talking about him otherwise. He neglected to pay any attention to the context of my statement, instead relying on insinuation, to call me out for preaching what I don't follow myself... when... when... that is not what I said or how I said it. I was presenting an illustration having to do with sincerity.

In reality, however, I have given away all I had more than once and in recent times given it to someone who was suddenly made poor (didn't used to be) and in serious trouble. One fellow I sent every cent I had; not a small amount and the outcome was that I never heard from him again. Perhaps he thinks I would harass him for it. I NEVER 'loan' out money, no matter what anyone calls it. Surely if someone wants to repay me that is fine but the thought of the money leaves my head at the same time the money leaves my possession. It is kind of sad to lose a friend over having done the right thing. Is that why so few people do? (grin)

Last year I did this again, with another friend who was in dire straits. It might have taken me half a year to acquire the sum but off it went. I am now in the process of sending him an expensive piece of equipment that I have and which he needs more than I. I don't use it enough to justify keeping it and, he really needs it. I hate having to say these things but say them I will, given what I've come across in recent times and am not going to comment on in more detail. I left my home and job to take care of a friend for a year, while he was dying of AIDS, which resulted in a bad portion of the community (Woodstock NY- of all places) assuming I had it too and all the censure it brought and there was plenty. I have tale after tale like this about my life and no doubt people will be incensed at my mentioning them but I will stop with only a very small portion of them told. I have no thought about what a great guy this makes me. I don't even like myself very much ...but these and all the things I did were because they were the right thing and because I love God more than anything EVER and this is what happens to a fellow when that is the case; you can't help yourself actually.

Some inarticulate grand-stander was going off the other day about people getting donations, asking for them was already egregious enough, but... simply having a donation button was an offense to him. He went out of his way to let the reader know that he did everything he does for free. If what I saw of it is any indication, free is still asking too much on his part. Yes... I have a donation button for different currencies and good reason for that. Sometimes people want to do something and don't know how.

I've been doing what I do for more than 15 years now and NOT ONCE have I asked my readers for a dime; NOT ONCE. If one is so inclined, they can donate but... I would never directly ask them. I ask God, surely that is the appropriate avenue. I have been getting around 100 dollars a month in donations for some time now. Sometimes slightly more. I have a pension of $381.00 a month. I have no other income, except for the occasional book or CD sales. In the meantime, I have given away far more CDs and musical compilations and books that I've written (mostly gifted in PDF format) than have been sold. There is NO OTHER source of income. I own no property, no stocks and bonds, no insurance policy. I have... squat.

How do I survive on so little? It is by the grace of God. I have invisible means of support and have had for some time. I get food stamps, that helps considerably. Otherwise, there is not much I want anyway. I have all my tools; musical instruments, computers, composing and recording software and what I do is work, or meditate, or go for walks, or workout. Hardly anything I do costs money. None of my internet work is monetized. I could be comfortably off from that if I chose and there are all sorts of commercial efforts I could make: not happening. I HATE having to say anything like this and in fifteen years many of you have not seen much of this before but for some reason I am tired of being slandered by certain people who lack the courage to even identify themselves.

The next issue and I hope this gets put to rest as well (I doubt it). I DO NOT hate the Jews. I don't hate anyone but... I am well aware of what certain Jews do and I comment on it. I bring it to the world's attention. I don't call for them to be exterminated. I don't use invective. I simply state- and with proof- what I KNOW to be true. Here is a good example for why I feel as I do. Some of them also comprise descendants of the instigators of the Holomodor, the Armenian holocaust and, of course, the Bolshevik mass murders and the torture and killing of millions of innocent Germans after the war. This is all factual and provable. NOTHING I will say here is speculative. Then there is the phonied up Holocaust guilt trip victim industry... and I will mention the assassination of John F Kennedy. That one I can't prove but I have serious reason to believe it since they kill or try to kill anyone who messes with the Federal Reserve.

They are the slum lords in most of urban America. They are the moneylenders and always have been. They control the media and you can see (or chose not to see) what that means. They control the entertainment industry- all phases of it. They control the organs of social media. They control the online encyclopedias and information portals. They run the central banks. They own the publishing industry. They own and control the art world. This means that no one is celebrated without their permission. They have been systematically genociding the Palestinian people for 70 years. Here is what the landscape of Palestine looks like, over the years, since they have been there.

Shrinking Palestine

They have NO SEMITIC DNA. The Palestinians do. End of story.

They were the orchestrators of 9/11. They are the main pornographers across the globe. They are a primary force in human trafficking AND most especially organ harvesting. They are behind all of the alt.sex organizations. Through people like Epstein and their honey pot patrol, they blackmail the politicians and all other important and influential people. Those they cannot blackmail, they threaten or kill. They are the one's promoting gender confusions and all manner of ancillary ills. They are the major financiers and promoters of atheism and the war against Christmas. They are the professors in the majority, preaching Communism and are the money behind Antifa. They are the force behind forced international migrations. They foment the wars that initiate it.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. ALL of these things I can prove and so could ANYONE who cares to. If you don't know these things, or try to refute or deny these things, there are only a few reasons; one... you are a rank coward. Two... you are indifferent and don't give a shit. Three... you are financed by or owned by them. Four... you are in fear of them. Five... you are them, or... and increasingly more and more, just too stupid. These of which I speak are the children of the devil. I can... at another time, should there be interest, explain how they are able to do these things. It takes an amount of space and time to do and neither I have at the moment, as I am concluding this effort.

On the other hand, I probably have more real and true and lasting friendships with Jews than most people and they ALL agree with what I say here. I have often mentioned that I do not have to be concerned about the blowback, given who will rise to defend me. Many of my heroes, artistically, are Jews. It's a sticky wicket but... since I am IN LOVE WITH THE TRUTH, I must go where the truth takes me, come what may because, as it so happens, the truth is antisemitic.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is-

If you are of a mind and you have not heard it, I believe, in the context of the first part of this posting that this poem of mine, narrated by Patrick Willis, dovetails to the metaphysical point of it. It could just as well have been titled “Jesus the Christ” but it was not. However I do plan to accomplish that in future time.--- Here is the piece...

.......the text is on this page

AND... OF COURSE... There is POCKETNET.......


robert said...

Thank you for your joyful Visible energy!

Your dispensations are carrying more and more joy with the words and THAT is the proof of the pudding. Not false, stentorian solemnity proclaiming the truth. Not intellectual conceit posing as higher attitude. Not virtue signaling from a place of crying self-pity.

Just the joy of being alive, which for those who see, can only be sustained by being calmly centered somewhere deeper than the self-centric mind, is proof of being on the path of some kind of service to the Universe and our fellow humanimals.

The energy of positive attitude toward life can only be maintained over time with an ongoing comprehension and relationship with the essential goodness of the Creator and life’s grand design.

Those so hide bound and book-limited as to miss the voice of God in all the beings around them, running back to the book to resist the positive energy of love, are woeful and in need of the very energy to which they have made themselves allergic!

It is becoming easier for all of us to discern from where the energy of expression comes, as people’s attitude toward life bifurcates into positive and negative, in this age of dramatic sifting of souls.

When someone pops off some negative tantrum in our faces, in person or virtually, we know that they are merely sharing their inner pain and confusion (in a tacit appeal for help) but they get NO credit for being “more passionate”, as their media handlers and school programmers have erroneously trained them!

The quiet calm hearts are the deepest and have shown their passion over a long time scale by diligent and consistent work on themselves, to still their noisome minds and rule their spirits with love.

Negative fits may get the attention of a loved one for the purposes of being healed but contribute little to the greater good of all, until that negativity gets addressed and healed!

When even the highest of truths is expressed from a depressed place, there is something lacking. How can any service be rendered if not from some place of positive energy?

Where our expression comes from is the primary reflection we should make before opening our mouths, typing words into the Intermind where nothing is truly deleted, in direct analogy to the Akashic record, where the Universe conserves information FOREVER, unless excised by divine intervention.

What we do in life echoes in Eternity, indeed!

Better to inhibit impulses and check them for intention BEFORE making another mess in the nursery!

Bravo to the brave, who express their hearts in open expression, even as the tsunami of darkness looms over our heads, as the wave of millennia begins to crash and dissipate in the sands of time!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, man! We are so philosophically in tune on so many accounts. I could have written 80 odd % of what you wrote, though I only threw everything I had to the wind once. So did the thing I was married to, when we got our divorce. I admit it was ego, on both of our parts, but hey. We both wanted to start from scratch, so I asked for nothing, and he gave it all 'we' had away to his relatives and various charities. (And when he came back from his world travels, me and my twin flame let him stay with us until he got financially established again. He's probably a millionaire now being a processing engineer manager for a medical company, not to mention a successful, well researched investor; but what ever. I severed all ties long ago. I'm much happier being poor with my nosey-poo than having a combined income close to the six figures in the 1990s with said thing I used to be married to.)

Nostrils up on the post.

Anonymous said...

'For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast' (Ephesians 2:8,9).

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"The Force of the Kundalini and the Aquarian Age. The Unprocessed Raw Power, Spinal Reverses into Depravity."

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the way life rolls here on planet earth. In fact, I'm starting to sense a pattern.

And it looks like it'sdownhill all the way.



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