Monday, August 12, 2019

Tips about Accessing Pocketnet. I Hope this Helps

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My friends, a few of you have contacted me to say you are having trouble signing up on Pocketnet. In some cases the problem has been tracked to having an old system, or the wrong browser. Regardless, there should be a workaround. Here is some info for you to follow up on and you should then be right as rain. I don't know how right rain is so perhaps I should not have said that.

First try again the same link AND if you have more than one browser, get another. That is the problem one person had. Here is the link through that I was given to give to readers-

Here is another possibility-

Here is a article about it that might have other links-

When asked who referred you, you write in visible that is my user name.

Then there is the support email

The tech people at this site are EXTREMELY helpful and VERY savvy. They will troubleshoot your difficulty. Be sure to tell them what kind of a computer and OS you are using. This will give them context and you will probably have to provide this anyway so... do it to begin with and you will be ahead of the curve. I like to think that the readers that come here are ALREADY ahead of the curve so... there you go!

I wouldn't be pressing on this so hard were it not for the EXCELLENT selection of news and insights that YOU CAN'T GET anywhere else. I am now spending nearly all of my news reading and gathering time on this site. It is flat out amazing and has no censorship except for porn. There are some VERY aware and tuned in people there.

Yes... there are some sleaze merchants that come around, trying to sell one thing or another. There are a couple of New Age hucksters and some aggressive and uninformed types but OVERALL the place is REALLY impressive and you will find yourself informed and entertained, I assure you.

Although I am getting enough up-votes to be on the Top Posts section, there is a reason I am not and it is not a good one. I will be getting in touch with them about this. Apparently you HAVE TO get a certain amount of your votes from the people on the TOP POST section. This seems to imply the need for virtual fellatio on your part, in order to crack the barrier. AND Homie doesn't do that. I will bring this to their attention.

In any case, if you want to get through to this site I have given you the information needed. I do not understand why Facebook, Google, Youtube and others have not censored me yet, given the things I say ...but I did live in Germany and other parts of Europe for 15 years and flat out called the Holocaust a lie and went into great detail about proving it, during the time when I had tens of thousands of readers and MANY Europeans. This is a serious crime there but in all that time, nothing happened. Most assuredly this can be laid at the doorstep of the ineffable.

It will not hurt my feelings if some of you, or a lot of you (grin) complain to the Pocketnet wardens about me being overlooked. Ordinarily I wouldn't care, I'm not about self promotion and I walked away from more than ten times the daily readership, because I preferred to talk about God and the webmasters preferred that I didn't. Another of the big time webmasters kicked me off because I was loyal to Rixon at Truthseeker and he didn't like that, so I had to choose and I chose a friend over shabby self interest.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain myself to most of you. Regardless, as far as this site goes, the number of posts coming in is large and very quickly you drop down in the pace and are not seen by those who tuned in a few minutes later. Though I do not consider myself important, I do consider what I talk about to be important and that is my reason for wanting a larger profile and it is my only reason. These are serious times and far too few are talking about the real game-changer; the ineffable and how to reach the ineffable.

So... my friends, the ball is in your court for the moment, I'm off to get some comestibles now but sooner or later, I will be showing back up at Smoking Mirrors for the next transmission. In the meantime, may the Supreme Being, smile upon you and may love, in all of its measureless abundance, awaken in your heart ...and consume and illuminate you in its everlasting splendor!



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