Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Behind the Velvet Umbilical Cord, the Aborted Fetus Frottage occurs in the Belly of the Beast.

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Other martial artists know that one of the things you learn in a sort of attentive focus, muscle memory sort of a way, is to slow down time. Anger and fear can make things seem faster. Then there is Objective and Subjective awareness. In the objective posture, you base your observations and judgments on FACTS. In the subjective posture, you base your observations and judgments on feelings related to personal bias. This is profoundly demonstrated in today's world, by those employing reason ...and those who shun it. Objectively, only what can be proven is to be presumed true. Subjectively, the truth is whatever you say it is, depending on how you feel, or have been convinced that you feel. Then you wind up with bunny rabbit shit like this, which defies the bounds of reason and deifies superstition. Apparently, the Google dictionary now defines Superstition as; “credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings.” Sounds like that covers belief in a supreme being, doesn't it? We would expect no less from the Big G though.

Once again (with feeling), as Materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies, as does Atheism, Satanism, Chaos and Confusion (they come as a package deal) and sexual dysfunction (which is a form of insanity). You can lose your job these days if you call perversion perversity. You can get censured up and down the virtual information highway, by the gangster choir of subjective zombies. It's best these days not to have a job, or a wife and children, or any sort of hostages to fortune, if you intend to speak the truth. I recognized that early on but I was getting hammered earlier on, which accounts for my adaptation to the way things are, ahead of time, not wishing and hoping with my hands in my pants, for how I might want them to be.

For the outrages we see on the day to day in these times, we must look to the connivers, the engineers and disseminators of propaganda and murderous lies in k-12 education systems, our universities, in corporations, in the media; both the mainstream media and the social media giants, in the entertainment industries, as well as the American political circus and not least, a certain rogue, illegal nation that is wielding their pernicious influence through ALL of the AFOREMENTIONEND, including all of the dysfunctional sex organizations AND the war on Christianity and Christmas. They are pretty much everywhere, in the undergrowth, out of sight, busy as homicidal bees, lying, arm-twisting, fear-mongering... my friends, Satan never sleeps. Just like Santa, (from which Satan is easily Scrabble morphed), Satan has his elves. Some of us know where Santa came from.

The maleficent agents of anthropophagic darkness are afoot. We are in the time of The Great Summing up. Forget about the dramas and psychotic dance routines, that are elbowing and jockeying for prominence in the public view. It is behind the scenes. It's in the wings where the action is taking place. Don't be confused, it's the same ne'er do wells, them and their offspring, who have accounted for the deaths, literally, of hundreds of millions of people. This is not speculation on my part. This is not some vain imagining. This is all provable, even now, as thousands of feral sewer rats with Scrubbies, erase what history they forgot to take care of, when they were changing it all the last time. This is the reason that vested interests buy all available media mechanisms and steal what they don't pay for, with money stolen previously. A perfect example of this is what happened to Ted Turner and CNN. Don't know the story? Engage in some due diligence; I'm not your research assistant (grin).

We are officially in Gender fluid no man's (or woman's) land because neither is either!!! Yikes. We are now in a real life exposition, of a kind of Wolf-something at the Full Moon, transition phase. The Satanists are in full-grope-mode, a kind of Fetus Frottage in the Belly of the Beast. Ah... isn't that cute? It's twins, behind the velvet umbilical cord in turbo orgy mode.

The modern material world, teeters on the edge of the abyss of beast mind revolution. The wild eyed phases of the moon, perpetually, sexually trannysiting villagers, with garden ho's and rakes (rakes in the Elizabethan sense) and ho's; a bit more contemporary. We're looking at 'crazy in the streets' coming to an urban location, near everyone who is near an urban location, soon. The cause of this is pretty easy to read, it is the rotting fruit of a culture in decline and the direct result of a serious loss of Integrity in all of the leadership in every area of life.

It's all about the money. The privileged populace is headed toward shish kebob skewerland. When Hell on Earth comes, the world turns into a huge, open air, barbecue grill. Of course, the homeless will be using refrigerator grills and no one has to go hungry, that's what all the rats are for.

Is this an unappetizing series of images? Yeah... it is and it is also real. We are one, red hair skosh away from serious full retard. When the beast is unleashed, in the common hearts, there is no telling how terrible it may become; crazed cannibal drag queens with machetes, running through the streets like a Mummer's parade on Meth. The snowflake socialists, will be waving jazz hands, in a silent cry for mercy when there is none. Unless you have been in the teeth of the fury of a mob in heat, you have no idea what formerly human beings can be capable of. Offal Winfrey can't save you. Ekhart Tolle was last seen, hoofing it to the hinterlands of the Wind in the Willows (he definitely won't look out of place there) with great big bags of cash money.

Will your political representatives save you? Will Benny Hinn and the Big Hair Preachers save you? Will Marianne Williamson open the Talmud portal for you? Sorry, that's genetically exclusive. Will any of these rank cowards, running for the hills save you? No. Rich talking heads and broke talking heads- with a few dozen Youtube followers can neither of them save you. Because... it's not just the screaming mobs, illegal immigrants and lone gun-nuts that you have to look out for. It's the rough, fire breathing shit golem, that is slow walking behind them that you have to worry about. But you don't have to worry do you? No... you don't have to worry, unless... you have to worry; “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Although there is not a lot of recorded history, in the libraries of low down lying history, about individuals and groups miraculously saved, during periods of violent conflagration, on endless battlefields, with nowhere to run, in dangerous streets of door to door fireworks, during sieges and in prison riots, during French Revolutions and the plague of Khmer Rouge and Maoist insurgencies, from gulags to lying pretend dead, in graveyards filled with unbelievable stench and rats... always there were rats... do you know about Stalingrad and the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq War when the rats weighed nearly 30 pounds? Even though Lying History records few examples, of individuals and groups, miraculously saved, arcane history is filled with such verified tales. The times of Kafka and Orwell are rising like the screams of Kasigi Yabusan's victims, slowly boiling in a pot, while he meditates on the agony. What or Who(m) have you placed your faith in?

There are many tales of those transported through the air at certain times, or invisible in plain sight. I was in prison (people were serving life sentences in the D.C jail) in Washington D.C., when Martin Luther King got shot. I was there as busloads of angry black men were locked up in the aftermath. Shortly afterwards they tore the place apart. The ineffable looked out for me and that was only one time. I am not arrogant to the extent that I simply expect this to happen. It is not arrogance but Faith and Certitude that confer the protection. I am only saying it did happen and I place my trust in the one who can do all things; whose powers are limitless.

Will the gates of Shambala open soon now? Prophecy says this will occur when the terror and tension have ratcheted up to the final hour. Supposedly... a warrior army is to pour forth out of the concealing mists. Will they? Won't they? I don't know. Thank god I am not among the ones who know!

Day by day and now... seemingly, hour by hour, it proceeds, incrementally by degrees. One outrage follows another. One act of stupidity outdoes the one before. When it seems that scores of us cannot become more ignorant and deluded, we are proven wrong again and again. There appears to be no end to human folly, once some have departed from the sheltering arms of the almighty. See that you do not... depart.

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. said...

Deus aspiciat veritatem

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. From what I've been reading or listening to, me thinks the shoite shall hit the fan big time next year.

Asil said...

Visible, Your brilliance is bright as the sunshine.
May joy and love surround you forever,

Ray B. said...

Nice column, Vis. Thanks!

I must be having problems grokking the definitions of Objective and Subjective awareness. Within my definition of it, I place much more stock in 'Subjective' awareness. For example, I was standing in a line today. I got this slight 'smell' of something stale; probably a psychic smell rather than an Objective smell. So, I went 'inside' (Subjective awareness). Higher Self was working-on an older man right in front of me. Lots of old, 'dead' energy was being pulled-off the guy and sent Elsewhere. Nothing was visible in the Objective world, but Subjectively I knew it was going-on. Maybe, I need to refer to it as Subtle rather than Subjective...

Yeah, we are building-up to some kind of Action. I am still holding-out for what I call 'The Turning'. I mentioned how it was set-in-motion a few years back by various advanced beings. Nothing is visible yet (unless you have described the symptoms of it, in-process). I keep asking whether it is 'real', and keep getting "Yes." And that it is 'moving', whatever that means. They won't tell me more...

I think on the bad-guy side, the baddies are trying to jump a timeline. Human consciousness has a collective power, even when used unconsciously. Hence the term, 'mass consciousness' or 'consciousness bubble'. The effect is something like Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenetic Fields. Actions which once were easy become hard or impossible, and vice versa. (Think of how heavy-duty 'miracles' were once common in the Middle Ages, and are vanishingly-rare now.) Through repetition, the baddies are trying to 'condition' humanity onto a just-a-meat-bag timeline. And vice-versa, for higher-consciousness folks...

It will be interesting to see how the different 'fields' work-through...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A Light went on In My Head; Insight... Inspiration... or Revelation?

terry p said...

Les, good friend, there is a phenomenon you need to see if you haven't yet, I do not know her name. She can be found at "Soph" on bit chute. She is an example of the awoke "Z" generation upcoming man and women. My three boys are "z's", they are different than previous generations. I believe the "z" generation is the last in the Piscean line, which makes them the First in the Aquarian line. They have the answers, they tried to open the new age thinking in the 1920's and 1930"s, (Edgar Cayce, Royal Raymond Rife, Nicola Tesla, Robert H. Goddard, Yogananda, many others crushed and memory holed by Satanist stooges blocking the flowering of the Aquarian Age. I believe they are again being born in this "z" generation. They are more Spirit then soul. They have been through the wars, the economic hardships, all the empty drama. They will not fight wars for the corporations. They are not accepting the indoctrination, they get their information form the internet not the TV. They watched the millennials enslaved by college debt, and are not going for that trap. Check out "Soph". I am not a very good communicator, but I rarely miss your missives, I am always impressed by your word wizardry. We need to use the divine science outlined by Jesus, the "z" generation will understand its power, the "Z's" feel their destiny. They will soon realize, it is time to usher in the Age of AWE. I will soon try to aid the "z's" to build a sound unshakable spiritual foundation. All my support and Love to you and your Mission. terry

Visible said...

Terry; I am very familiar with Soph. I promoted her on the blogs some time ago. She is AMAZING. The first time I heard her she blew me away. The Tribe doesn't like her. One particular slimeball whose name I can't remember; him being eminently forgettable, had her thrown off of you tube. I think he works for the Daily Beast.

God! I hope you are right about the other part!!!

Thank you!!!



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