Thursday, August 1, 2019

Walking Like You Mean it through the Kingdom of God.

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Walking on the road of invisible light into the kingdom of God. Whenever you get up from a chair, or walk out your door, head down the street, walk into a supermarket, tell yourself, with full authority, brooking no opposition of thought, tell yourself that you are walking into and through the kingdom of God.

It is very still here at the moment. Time seems suspended. There is one feature of human manifest existence and that is that the mind is the theater in which your existence takes place. Everything that you think you see or understand is individualized and colored by perspective. None of it is real, it's just the way it looks from the point of observation. What you 'think' is real determines the tenor of your life. If you are happy or sad, it is only because of the importance you have placed on whatever temporary thing has the greater portion of your attention. The greater the importance you have conferred, the stronger the emotion and the more real it feels ...and none of it is real.

I am standing on the deck of a ship. It is sailing out of the port. It has been sailing out of port since the day I arrived. As we sail into the wide measureless blue expanse, I wave a handkerchief at the disappearing shore. Life is a foreign affair.

We fall in love with what is mysterious to us, experience renders it familiar and familiarity breed contempt. This is why we never find what we are looking for, until we probe into the nature of the one who is looking. Thousands and thousands of lifetimes are squandered in hopeless pursuits. Socrates said; “people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves.”

I make reference to the divine in nearly any conversation I have, should it last long enough for the right moment to occur. Sometimes, in this life, someone will compliment me on something I did and I will mention that it is the divine who is responsible for it. It is only the mistakes I claim for myself. I know that often they assume I am being humble, or self deprecating, in order to avoid seeming self important but that is not true. It happens to be so that God is responsible. I know this in a way I will not even attempt to explain. Some of you get this and... if you don't, then ten or a hundred or a hundred thousand words would not suffice to explain it. There are two ways to understand anything. There is intellectual understanding and there is visceral understanding. The latter is the fruit of direct experience. I've no great use for the former.

People who possess intellectual understanding like to argue and debate. People with visceral understanding know that if you are arguing about something then you have missed the point. Part of me wants to grab everyone I meet by the arm and tell them with all the force I can muster that God is real, that life is a magical event ...but that is about as wrong an approach as can be employed. The Buddhists have a term that is called, “unbearable compassion”. This is when you know that you could set another person right but you cannot do it. They won't hear you. You can but you can't. No matter how clear you are you cannot reach them. Certain things must happen first to prepare the ground and that is what life is all about. I think of the work of any legitimate practitioner of disseminating truth as a kind of armaments expert. They go through life releasing depth charges into the subconscious of the One Mind and... it is only One Mind. Thinking otherwise is what causes the separation and the illusion of separation hardens as time passes. The world promotes this mindset. It is our attachment to temporary identity that renders us mortal.

One day... a car horn honks, a dog barks and a bird takes flight from a tree branch and the depth charge goes off.

I've been hearing about 'Q' for some time. Occasionally I will hear about something Q is supposed to have said. It's usually a cryptic statement, which is then interpreted by one Q-spert or another. Then there are the followup analysts, who will backtrack events and verify something that Q said... in hindsight, which is invariably 20-20. This always reminds me of what I call, 'that Nostrildamus thing'.

Anyway... yesterday I heard a Q report. I listened for about ten minutes and was struck with several associations. One of them was about David Booth, the intelligence operative; Sorcha Faal (sucha fool). Then my thoughts pinged off of Benjamin Fulford and his smorgasbord of varicolored ninjas. Fulford becomes increasingly more and more amusing, as all of his hot button commentaries are considered over the passage of larger lengths of time, which expands one's windshield of reflection into a kind of metaphorical curved monitor. My point is that you hear all kinds of things ♫ when you're riding out here but it ain't necessarily so♫

Now for the disclaimer which will be summarily ignored. I know this because I take great pains with disclaimers and the people for whom they are created are ALWAYS too busy being outraged to pay attention to them. I have an enormous ceramic pig which is near filled with, ”yeah buts” that I hope to use someday to pay for an ocean cruise; maybe even a National Review ocean cruise. Disclaimer--- I intend no disrespect toward Banksy's brother-in-law Q, ...or 4-channel, or 8-channel because my area of expertise is more 4-track and 8-track. I know only what I have gleaned from brief visitations now and again and FOR ALL I KNOW, it's all legit. I only mentioned this because the associations arrived like a flurry of homing pigeons in my head, whilst I was listening to the Q-cast. I tend to distrust most things, being a 'trust but verify', by way of Missouri, kind of a guy. Some people I trust more than others ...but even the most trustworthy of sources can be misled now and again.

What I understand about the 9/11 Israeli orchestrated attacks and the Church of Holocaustianity, has come by way of years of objective inquiry. Then there is the loooooooooooooooooooong stretch of recorded history that tends to indicate trends, like geological ages; wait! no... those haven't been recorded, the Scientific Method was applied and we got what we got in the rear view mirror. It is not a comfy avocation when the truth is Antisemitic.

There are several reasons that people will say things. One reason is because they are true and another reason is because they are not true. Sometimes things are said to clarify and sometimes to confuse. Sometimes they are said because one is afraid and sometimes because one is not afraid. Sometimes they are said to generate a profit and other times to generate a loss at someone else's expense. The time worn method of uncovering all motives is to, 'follow the money'. I am less concerned with solving mysteries of the phenomenal world these days. The only thing of importance taking place (according to me) is inside, not outside. I used to care a lot more than I do but... I have come into a visceral understanding about most of that and my interest is greatly diminished. Everything is under control and my sole concern and obsession is to come into a closer proximity with The Supreme Controller. This is simpler than it may sound. The only difficulty is to remain consistent. This is because The Supreme Controller is not fond of dilettantes and pedestrian rubberneckers.

When I walk out my door, I am walking through The Kingdom of God, toward the Kingdom of God. In every case, our minds have created and sustain the worlds we are walking in, The world is populated by lifeforms and objects we have named and defined. We literally live in a world of our own creation. The occult definition of Adam is, 'namer of things' You named it, now you own it. I remind myself at every opportunity... that I am in the Kingdom of God. Whatever we can sustain our focus on, will begin to materialize. That is why it is said that “concentration is the secret of the magical art”. Those who are masters of the art can literally precipitate the desired item immediately. For the rest of us it is slower but it still happens and the speed is determined by the consistency and intensity of our focus. Everything in our life we brought about by our own conscious and unconscious creative visualization. Most of us don't know we are doing it but we are.

If you are consciously walking in The Kingdom of God, it WILL materialize around you, consonant with the force and sustained focus of your attention. You ARE WALKING toward the destination of your intention. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. The time comes when the intensity of your focus on this will cause others to see it as well. This is what Jesus did. This is what every inspired teacher has done and is doing. We lead by example for good or ill.

You are in the world you have convinced yourself of. You are who you tell yourself you are, until what you are meets up with what is. This is the inevitable destiny of all life. Are you happy or are you sad? Self inquiry resolves every question the mind creates. The essential question and why we are here to begin with is, “who am I?” If one does no more than repeat this question over and over in their mind, there will be an answer. It is the persistent sincerity of anyone that separates them from everyone else in the eye of God.

God is real. For most of us who believe it is true, it is an intellectual understanding. Oh what a fine day when that understanding becomes visceral.

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Anonymous said...

Smoking Mirrors hit home this morning, I was in desparate need of a place to put my thoughts and you have given me a place to do that.
Who Am I ? I really don;t know anymore. Sometimes I feel alien even to myself. I realize it is because Iam too interested and caught up in the drama of the made up world. Ironically at this juncture , the made up world is a horror story . I suppose it always has been but youth has a habit of being selfish and self absorbed, as we age that goes by the wayside. Then I imagine there are two choices, get involved in the outside drama or go about the business of finding yourself. I try to keep my compass on the latter but loose the direction way too often. Habit I suppose, Thanks for your words as always.

Guldur said...

Thank you Visible, my friend. Let both this´ and the otherworld´s fortune come to you in this month of your sign and birth!
Bon voyage!

robert said...

Dear Visible One!

The Cliff notes, no the poetical summary, no the distilled essence of high proof, no another Visible indicator pointing out or pointing in to the core verities!

The result of high craftmanship made easy to read, wordsmithing pounding out armor for the heart, a joyful release of visceral understanding.

A true progression of literary creation, where each becomes more inclusive of the whole, a more succinct summation of the pilgrim's progress.

The warm light cast by the kindling of wise words provides haven for the heart in the wilderness coming to its conclusive revelation.

Thank you my brother, for telling your story for all to hear and strengthen our resolve to walk forward!

Anonymous said...

blessed are the pure in heart

an elevated perspective helps



Voltman said...

Smoking Sophia hits one out of the ball park!
Pride & Prejudice by Soph

Putin Is Warning the USA About Attacking Iran

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I thought this realm was the domain of the demiurge, and each level up on the Otherside was one step closer to Source. (Well, according to the Holey Order of the Septum, this is the realm of the demiurge, and each level up on the Otherside is one step closer to the Nostrildom of Snorfles. . .the nose god, but let's not go there.)

Lets see what happens if I'm capable of thinking like what you wrote.

Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is one of those times when Les is MORE!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

screwtube whacked Soph. Above link had no sound. I had to google another site to get the vid. Here's her bitchute site:

This chicklet ROCKS! Must have an IQ of 500 on a bad day.

Visible said...

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