Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fear Displaces Love and... Love Displaces Fear. This is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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The hands of time move the seconds and the minutes and the hours and each form of measurement is vastly different than the others. One is pressure. One is annoyance and one is tedium. One has the nature of a fly. One has the nature of the hare and one of the tortoise. These are all another kind of time zone and there are people who live in each of them. Pain is a great indicator of time. Insanity has no sense of time because Insanity thinks a watch is a Geiger Counter, which might well be true, since time becomes more radioactive with every passing moment

And now... AND NOW??? bwhahahahahahahahah!!! I knew the time would come when BAT SHIT CRAZY no longer indicated a seashell beyond the kiss of the common sea but was now just business as usual. Feast your tired and weary eyes upon this!!! Bwhahahahahah!!! Visible runs down the boulevard, tearing at his hair which, thank God, is no longer there.

You NEVER go full retard!

Birds turn into snakes. Cartoon characters crawl out of the sewer system and play tiddly winks with manhole covers, where there were previously no manhole covers (oops 'personhole' covers) Your punishment for having read that article and wondering if what you read is what you read ...is... to read this article! Oh... Lord God in Heaven... I know it's Canada but really? REALLY??? No! You have to read the whole thing. It gets better!!! Yes it does. Well... better is not the word. There is no word.

Meanwhile... someone who writes on Kulcha. Someone who went to Colittche wrote this. I am guessing they wrote it with a straight face. Let's go find a video of one of those tunes. Nah... here are the lyrics. Yeah... that's some poetry right there. And here I was, composing things like this.

What was I thinking? That's not poetry. Are they talking about me on Billboard? “You got a record deal punk? Well... do you? That's not poetry you whining cretin.” “THIS IS POETRY!!!!”

See all those young kids they got dancing in this? You know what that's about don't you? Uh huh. If you don't like this. If you don't see Michelangelo smiling at you through the vibrating butt cheeks, if you don't like this, you know what that makes you? Racist! You racist...

Yes... Kalifornia is going into the ocean. How it has not done so already, both amazes and mystifies me. The Lord God is patient. The almighty is compassionate beyond the reach of mortal understanding.

One thing sustains me, that AND the logical progression of associations that follow thinking about it. Although we cannot know WHAT God is, we can know that God Is, because physicists have already mathematically proven that the universe is 'thought-born' and that EVERYTHING is made out of the same thing (which is mindstuff), vibrating at a different rate. If this is so... then it stands to reason that ALL POWER comes from a single source and that source, by definition must be God, even though we do not know WHAT that is and never shall.

Ergo... and by example--- there is NO LIFE on Earth without The Sun. Everything is made out of sunlight; frozen sunlight... sunlight in extension. If we accept that The Sun is the source of ALL manifest life, we must assume that there is another sun, a spiritual sun which is the source of everything manifest. This world of gross manifestation is based on finer and finer manifestations, until you come to 'aether' which is the source of all matter and Prana, which is the source of all force and both of these blend back into something that cannot be defined or even talked about except indirectly because (drumroll!) the truth is at a right angle to everything else!

The world in which we live is a continuous interplay of opposites that dance on the stage of a theater. It is all a moral play, in which the same lessons are demonstrated over and over again. Some get this early and some do not get this until much later! This is why it goes on and on. That which is God (but which will forever be, incomprehensible and indefinable) emerges out of the sleeping unknown and divides itself into ALL of the manifestations seen... seeing or ever to be seen. Once it has shattered itself into countless shards of being, each of which are unique, It proceeds to go through existence gathering all the pieces back together again. Basically God is playing hide and seek and the whole of existence is a process of self discovery.

God is looking for each of us from within. Occasionally and rarely, one of the shards will become partially self aware and will set off in search of that which is searching for it. On the way 'the world' shimmies and shimmers back and forth between the looker and the looked for and that is the ever enticing illusion that works upon the desire body to distract us from THE SEARCH. The whole of existence is a dream of God. This God strives to awakening within all of us and some of us, the partially aware, engage in a symbiosis that eventually results in God Realization. The God force within each of us can be drawn out in the sexual dance OR it can be consciously drawn inward and run up the column, where it ultimately expands into conscious light which, can also be called, divine luminous wisdom. This is when the knower and the known, experience total awareness... an unbroken stream of knowledge, concerning the known and knower.

In Times of Material Darkness, when runaway materialism has generated a near all pervasive false light, everything is seen as something other than what it is. The self aware should be self aware enough to know when and when not to comment on such things and who to comment on them to -BECAUSE the agents and emissaries of darkness are aware of the Lightbringers.

The battle is already won. There is no pending Armageddon where the outcome is in doubt. Christ came to demonstrate the truth of it all to the hearts and minds capable of understanding. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. Others have, since he was here, come to that state of awareness and they walk among us at this very time, dressed as everyone, indistinguishable from the rest, save when they choose to reveal it. One must always be attentive to the possibility of 'treating with angels unaware'.

Though God is incomprehensible and indefinable, God can be known through two perpetually extant things... Love and the qualities of God. If you act with Love as your intention, your guide and your direction, the qualities of God will be conferred upon you. It is a simple thing. This is how seemingly simple types have achieved to the highest states of awareness. God confounded the so called wise by choosing those who appear crazy and simple minded. It should be noted that you can't find God without going mad because you must, walk in all ways contrary to the world. At the same time, the sincere and true, the self realized, will often have a veil placed over them so that they cannot be seen, unless they are meant to be.

The insanity of the links shared with you here today should alert you to how close it all is to the great summing up. You saw the link about the blessing of the abortion center? Here it is again, should you have just bypassed it on your way to this paragraph. Look at what is taking place in India where female births are undesirable. And FINALLY, once again, you saw the depraved Satanist pedophile in Vancouver, petitioning the city council for a swim party with topless 12+ year olds, where parents are not permitted to attend, less they interfere with this monsters plans? He is also bankrupting beauty salons; suing them for not waxing his privates. In case you by passed it, here is the link once again.

Canada (like all of the Crown Colonies) has been overtaken by the sleaze merchants who now command the governments. The sleaze merchants are employed by the money lenders and those who print the currencies. This is provable fact!

Should I be concerned that the world is going to Hell without even employing a hand basket? I am not. God almighty, the ineffable, is in firm control of everything. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the Lord of all Things is unaware of. You may think otherwise, not having the necessary Faith. You might think otherwise because you would do it another way. You might think otherwise because you are deluded and bound up in a Halloween dream of darkness but God Almighty is IN CONTROL of Everything and ALWAYS has been. Rest upon that unshakable truth, both here... and in the Valley of the Shadow.

Fear displaces Love. Where there is Fear, Love cannot be resident. Love displaces Fear. Where there is Love, Fear cannot be resident. If you know this, you do not need to know anything more.

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Greg said...

I look into the mirror and see my own beauty; I see the truth of the universe revealing it self as me. I rise in sky as the morning Sun,do not be surprised,Every particle of creation is me alone . What are the holy spirits?my essence revealed.And the human body? The vessel of my own form. What is the ocean that encircles the world?A drop of my abundant Grace; And the purest light that fills every soul? A spark of my own illumination. I am Light itself reflected in the heart of everyone; I am the treasure of the Divine name,the shining Essence of all things. I am every light that shines,Every ray that illumines the world. From the highest heavens to the bedrock of the earth All is but a shadow of my splendor. If I dropped the veil covering my true essence The world would be gone-lost in a brilliant light.What is the water that gives eternal life ?A drop of my divine nectar. And the breath that brings the dead back to life?A puff of my breath,the breath of all life. Fakhruddin Araqi. (1213-1289) Blessings an Peace Gregory

Zoner said...

Such a treat to see your words here once again. This ever-more-dense realm has attempted to drag me all the way to its depths, yet I persist. Glad to see that you do too.

Let's get on with it, shall we? I know - not according to MY timeline, but seriously; what's the holdup?????

Peace to you and yours Visible

Anonymous said...

The links in todays Smoking Mirrors were beyond disturbing. Tell me Mr Visable , how am I supposed to Love the perpetrators of this madness. How does one go about love in this diseased society? What am I supposed to be loving exactly? I feel nothing but loathing and disgust for the behavior exhibited by these satanic controlled creatures. . So is love subjective, if so then that means its not all inclusive so that would mean love is doled out according to what one can love? I’m asking Do you have to love it all???
I’m with Zoner here. “Let’s get on with it ,shall we?” for the Love of God.

Visible said...

These are all a cut below anything I have encountered previously. Love God and forget about appearances to the contrary. You are not required to sell your belongings and move to a place where lepers are contained just so you can hug them on a daily basis. You are not called to be a street corner preacher at the corner of You're Screwed and Abandon all Hope BLVD's. You don't have to walk the street with a water basin in search of feet to wash . Self containment is the key. Look within. Of course the world is berserk externally but marvel at the wonderful grace that called you to the true search for the true light in these times where the degree of difficulty is so great and the rewards commensurate with that. Don't run around trying to fix or stop things. God has that covered. Allow the ineffable to flow unhindered through you and Love as you go. You don't have to call attention to it, simply do it. Don't complicate it. Everything is happening for a reason.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Clicked on the stars to upvote on Pocketnet.
First time, I clicked on the first star by clicko (typo for clicks) but then could not seem to change it to five stars, which was the intention.

Thank you for leading us into the 21st century techno-spawn!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Les,
I am in one of the crowns colonies and the other day I noticed an article from what was once a respected newspaper stating that, 'Satanism isn't all that bad or words to those affects.
They aren't even hiding it anymore.
Always enjoy your work,

Visible said...

Just saw this film a couple of nights ago-

Hail Satan.

So, yeah... behind all of the secondary appearances, this is the primary motivation behind all of it. The film doesn't tell you much but then again, it tells you a great deal if you are able to see 'into things'

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Speaking of poetry, now THIS is poetry. Percy Shelley, The Mask/Masque of Anarchy. I'm posting the link, since this puppy is loooong. Best thing I ever read.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Trying to Outrun the Hava La Gila Monster, Zombie Apocalypse Express Train, with Satchel Paige.

Visible said...

Here is where you go to sign up at Pocketnet here. if Facebook censors me, or if Google does the same, you can find me at Pocketnet. No one is throwing me off of there. I want you to check it out anyway because the news flow there is cutting edge and BETTER than anywhere I have EVER been. There is a high level of intelligence with a (thankfully) small percentage of dingbats and opportunists there. Anyway, you have been warned and you will know where I am and if you need to search for me there, my user name is visible. Many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arise Sir Les and take your place amongst the Masters! tt



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