Monday, September 2, 2019

They're Taking Selfies with The Man Who Squats Behind the Man who Works the Soft Machine.

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You can give any number of names to the force of chaos and discord that is operating behind the scenes and programming, manipulating and directing the uninformed, sexually dysfunctional, thug mind troglodytes, who hunt in scavenger mobs and packs and hide behind masks. You can call the orchestrator, Satan, though Legion would probably work as well. You could associate it with the Communist and Atheist mindsets of AshkeNAZI professors, at colleges across the country... and the world for that matter. I don't say these things out of any animosity. I say them because I know them to be true. I happen to know there is a conspiracy directed at what I call, 'the rest of us' from them. We are a strange combination item for them. We are canon fodder on one hand. We are like sheep to be shorn. We are considered subhuman by these people, who have put statements like that into the public record and their 'holy' books as well. Rabbis and other functionaries of this self styled elite have made such statements.

I do not say things because I want them to be true. I would much rather that they were not. My love affair with the truth is an affliction. My promotion of non politically correct comments and my tendency to point out offenses against the truth, are the result of occurrences like this.

In that video you see two, venomous, shrieking harpies, pointing out one of the marchers (never seen) as blatantly flashing a swastika tattoo on her arm. No such tattoo was shown and I am confident that no such tattoo was present but ABC News both reported on it and inserted texts to that effect on the film. They went out of their way to manufacture this false news, with NO EVIDENCE. This is why I am compelled to say the things I say and why I am compelled to name the offenders behind the scenes and there is no question in my mind as to who these people are.

The offenses against truth and villainous behavior by power mad people, in positions of power, are as common as the smog in LA these days. Here is a particularly egregious example. My making this public information more public than it already is, will be defined by these people and the vile criminals who put them in the positions they are in, as racist and, no doubt, other aggressions as well. The insanity on college campuses has reached the status of high comedy but it is not funny. The bureaucratic functionary who refused to discipline this person is also an AskeNAZI as are an overwhelming number of those in such positions of power. Presently and over the course of recent times, AshkeNAZIs comprise around 25% of the students at ivy league colleges, while making up between 2-3% of the population. When it was discovered that Princeton had only 13% AshkeNAZIs, there was a drive to recruit more of them.

The level of blatant unfairness that exists across the totality of all the spectrums of human endeavor, is only equaled by the criminal behavior of those responsible for it. As has been noted any number of times in these blogs; as materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies, as does sexual perversity and so does across the board crime in every area of human enterprise. Morality is now considered a liability and a cause for censure, as does the possession of Integrity, Honor and any number of formerly admirable qualities.

Were I not a man of faith, I would be disheartened to the point of terminal despair but... such is not the case. Instead, my heart brims with confidence and an unassailable conviction in the promise of justice in The Event Horizon. Daily, hourly, my prayer is that the door, or closed portal, the gate or barrier that is in my human heart, be opened, broken down, whatever is needed to occur, so that I might channel the endless love that is resident in the impersonal, cosmic reservoir, behind the appearance of my personal self. I pray that my heart be transformed into an infinity pool, which overflows its border, to run in any and every direction, away into the endless infinitude of creation.

Once I had personal ambitions. I wanted a career as a performing singer songwriter, as a published novelist, as a writer on the spiritual perspectives, inspired in me by my creator. I actually am all of that and present in other fields as well but... I am closed out of the wider markets. I am blacklisted due to what I believe and what I have had to say. I know this to be true, as I do anything I say because, otherwise I would not say it. I have been told so more than once by those in a position to know. I took meetings with mainstream publishers. I was signed by Sony/CBS, Rounder Records and others to recording contracts but more than that, uh uh... no.

It was discouraging at first but as time passed, I have come to see how very lucky I am. I am, in fact, one of the most fortunate men alive. I have succeeded in the only arena where it matters at all. I was once in a conversation with an agent of The Ineffable, speaking for and as The Ineffable about this situation. He asked me... “So... who did you write these songs for, Visible?” I replied, “For you Lord.” “Well...” he answered, “I heard them” I broke into tears when I heard this. Nothing more was said on the matter. Nothing more needed to be said. As for all of my other endeavors, the books and products are out there. My part of the process was accomplished and future books and albums will also be released. There is no power that can stop me from doing these things and that is surely enough. In fact, there is no power anywhere that can hinder greater exposure should the almighty want that.

Sure... they can keep you out of the movies and mainstream TV and they can keep you off the radio and wherever it is that those who made the proper arrangements, go to be seen and heard. They can close off the money portals and keep you on the other side of the velvet ropes but... it really depends on why you do it in the first place, whether the rest of it matters at all. If you did it for love well, I'm guessing you got your reward and more to come and if you did it for whatever else the reason was, you'll maybe get your reward and maybe you won't. It's a fickle atmosphere. It doesn't make much sense (to me) if you get no real or lasting joy from what you do AND... if you do get real and lasting joy, why... I'll goldarned guarantee it that nothing else matters... at all.

Many of us complain about God's timing and whether or not God even listens, or is aware of who we are and what we do. That is foolish dissembling, where our lack of faith in both ourselves and the divine, has caused us to remain ignorant of the true nature of things. We are, in the main, both shallow and callow and most certainly selfish to boot. God knows the intricate details of everything and brings all things to fruition, according to his own mysterious objectives and intentions. We should have no fear of being overlooked on any account and if we are... it is, no doubt, for our protection and our benefit. ANYTHING anyone could want... one has only to ask the ruler of all things. There is NOTHING that God cannot accomplish in less than a hearts-beat. There is nothing that God denies any of us, so long as it meets a particular criteria and all righteous dreams WILL BE fulfilled in their time. We need have no concern over any of it.

Yes... the world has gone mad. Crazy is loose and the unpredictable has become the routine. As Heraclitus (I think it was), once said, “expect the unexpected.” EVERYTHING, no matter how terrible or pointless, no matter what it is, is all woven together by the master weaver, for the purpose of his own demonstrations, for the exposition of whatever lessons or outcomes he has in mind. Most people measure right and wrong according to how they want things to be and... of course there are those particular universal prohibitions that most of us agree on. Otherwise, good and evil change places at the whim of the person, justifying whatever it is they need to validate in their heads. True right and wrong are the province of the angels who keeps track of the acts committed on either side of that border.

We do not have to concern ourselves with unsettling apprehensions of what if this? or what if that? If we have placed our life in the hands of the one who decides who lives and dies, well??? People have been whisked out of utter mayhem more than once and deposited outside the reach of danger. These tales have been recorded many times, whether anyone believed them is something else entirely but I know it to be true because I have been the recipient of such attention. This is not to say that I was whirled through the air by invisible hands but... the net result was the same as if.

I ponder near daily upon the world wide disconnect that exists in the human mind, between what is and what is not. There is a loose, general agreement on what is present between the ever changing parameters of the real and the unreal but most people (I say 'most people', often) live in a fabricated reality that is determined by what they want and what they don't want and what they are willing to do about the former, depends on whether their moral compass is a functioning device. As materialism intensifies, more and more moral compasses go down under the EMF blasts, from the conning towers of the Invisible Evil Empire. The more criminal the leaders of a society are, the more criminal the people. The more laws that are passed, the more the people are made into criminals. Most of the time, the laws that are made are made on behalf of the people who pay the politicians to draft the legislation. The present leader of the American Republic is going inexplicably contrary to this tendency... heh heh.

No matter what anyone says, there is a spiritual hierarchy that sets the tone for everything that happens and when what happens has the appearance of being batshit crazy, as so much of it does these days, you can be SURE that the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION is for the imprinting of a lasting lesson upon the collective hive mind. Whatever is coming will not be soon forgotten.

But... as I said, 'I ponder near daily about the world wide disconnect', which exists as a reflex reaction to the press of materialism and the ever intensifying press of the fear about being housed and fed and surviving in it. People have become convinced that they have to be twenty different kinds of paranoid to get by and self interest is becoming, more and more the primary motivation. It is all such needless folly; first of all, the outcome of that motivation is loneliness and loss. No one has to go through any of that. Place your life in the hands of the one who gave it to you in the first place and take a bellows to the fire of love in your heart, should there be any left in residence and you will find that it warms you, feeds you, lights your way and most assuredly protects you from the gathering darkness, which is immediately and forever dispersed by that light, no matter how deep or vast it pretends to be- Poof! Just like that it is gone... so long as you let your light shine bright.

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And of course... that cutting edge reservoir of truth, beauty and real news, along with a certain amount of bullshit and opportunism... though, less so than most places (grin).

I'm talking about Pocketnet.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing well. Thank you for your encouragement. Did you find classic redneck radio?

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

This posts sings like an angel!

When the projected fantasies to which we react as if they are real, fall away from the Real, we will all be astonished. If we have been cultivating our minds, disciplining our will and nurturing our hearts on the One Ineffable Being, we will rejoice!

If we have been playing mind games with our intellects (our programmable perception machines) slacking on our self-control, and cheating our hearts with fantasy worlds, there will be suffering from our wasted time and effort.

Denial of the changes to come will not delay them one second.

Face our true Self within or face the chaos without, that is our primary decision fork.

Finding our compassion superpower and using it on everyone in our lives is the only way forward!

Visible said...

Descendant of Orange; no... I have not. Unless I go right to something it goes right by. There is an endless flow of change that goes on around me. I can't remember that you sent me a link. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

“I ponder near daily upon the world wide disconnect that exists in the human mind, between what is and what is not. There is a loose, general agreement on what is present between the ever changing parameters of the real and the unreal but most people (I say 'most people', often) live in a fabricated reality that is determined by what they want and what they don't want and what they are willing to do about the former, depends on whether their moral compass is a functioning device.”

I ponder this all the time too. I also wonder why it is that the minds that read this work and/or take in what is going on are so scattered across the world that it is only here and similar sites that I see people like Robert, Ray B, LTPTB, Kaz and others. Day in, day out I deal with a societal disconnect that nothing short of divine intervention will change.

Thank you Les and the readers of this blog for my dose of normality!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another 5 Nostrils!

Ray B. said...

Nice column, Vis. Thanks!

These days, I exist in a kind of metaphysical 'between' land. I have had enough experiences that I know for certain that higher planes and higher entities truly exist (unless this is a really-deep 'purpose of demonstration' upon me). And, I live in this physical world. A very strange co-existence...

One thing not overtly mentioned in your missive on the state-of-the-world is influences from the unseen. Not ordinary propaganda or programming, but whispers/suggestions from 'above'.

When Higher Self has finished Cleaning some entity, there is always a backtracking to undo the effects that the entity has had on 'lower' beings. I am naturally curious, so I ask HS 'how many' for each case. The numbers are from a low of two people to the lower thousands of people. For each entity. So, I wonder: how many of these "appearance of being batshit crazy" cases are psychic influences or even mini-possessions? That would explain a lot...

The lack of any psychic/spiritual training in these matters is appalling. But understandable, from the bad-guys' perspective...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Montebanks, Charlatans, Rank Amateurs, Poseurs and Painted Prancing Ponys; take care, God is Watching!!!""



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