Wednesday, March 9, 2016

All the Skilled Liars and Diplomatic Weasels Dancing at Doomsday's Gate.

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Occasionally we get some nasty comments that come in; never more than one a month and sometimes not even that. Earlier today we got two from the same anonymous source. A certain portion of the time we don't post them because anonymous cowards have no cachet here. If someone were to leave their name and I could verify them, I would post just about anything they had to say but if they are just ambushing from the shadows. I hardly even read the comment, once I establish what it is, I just blip it. I have no real curiosity or interest in reading these things.

These last two had to do with my saying I would make a better president right off the street than any of the people running. I believe that. The irate malcontent said there was no way I would be a better president because I am a liar. He didn't say what it is I lie about and it is unlikely that I lied about much of anything because it is not my nature to do so (I could be wrong about something but that is not the same as lying) and he also said I have no diplomacy and it made me think and brought up some amusing considerations for me. First off, all these candidates are professional liars that far surpass any capacity I have to match them at it. That's what politicians do, they lie so... wouldn't my being a liar, supposing I was one, be an asset? Secondly... diplomacy. Now, I suppose diplomacy is just another kind of lying and recent presidents might have some talent for dissembling and playing political patty cake but they are also warmongers who are engaged in mass murder so... how is diplomacy any kind of an expression of public good when, although one can talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time, they are butchering women and children as a matter of course every single day?

Furthermore... given what I have seen of the three legged Mr. Potato Sack race so far... are these people engaged in being diplomatic? No... they are not. They are engaged in presenting the appearance of being diplomatic, while the ghost of Lee Atwater fires off salvos from the subterranean sewer pipes below our feet. There is a famous comment about sausage making and law making and how they closely resemble each other and how no one really wants to see the graphics about how either of them are constructed.

I have no interest in being diplomatic because that implies the ability to dance around the truth. One can be diplomatic in the way one presents the truth but if all one is doing is dancing around it and in many cases, concealing it, one is not serving the public good, one is being self serving and that is the general persona of politicians in this day and age. Sometimes diplomacy is not the answer. It can indicate that you are not sincere in your interactions with others, so that all your relationships are based on false pretenses. How is that an attractive way of living your life? If you are not consistently diplomatic then your friendships are real friendships and everyone else is just wherever and whatever they are, according to how they stack up against the nature of what you are, based on the way they interpret and take that. I don't want to be everybody's friend and I don't want to get along with everyone and I don't think I have to explain that. If I were being diplomatic (grin), I would say that none of any of whatever is an indication that this person is evil or that person is good, or however that might be expressed in my case as well. It means that we are simply different and we each are free to adjust or not adjust to each other. There are things I have no intention of adjusting to and that's not going to change down the road. I have my values and they define me. Take it or leave it.

I don't owe anyone an explanation for why I am what I am and no one owes me the same. Foxes and chipmunks do not hang out together, neither do squirrels and martins. Bears and rabbits don't hang out together except for when the bears use them for toilet paper. It is no different for people. I have nothing in common with certain people and certain people have nothing in common with me. It's a big world and there is room for all of us but not in the same room.

Nancy Reagan just passed on to her next port of call. This is the fifth or sixth time in recent months when someone passed on and I had been sure they died years ago. They are saying all these nice things about her. They are not talking about how much she intimidated and mistreated people and the fear she caused all around her. I'm not going to make certain strong statements about her that define the hallmarks of her being. She left a trail of wreckage in her wake. She was not much of a diplomat. There will be a festival of liars at the funeral. There will be a crowd of porcine and red faced martini drinkers and the air will be filled with fatuous text balloons that hang in the air around their heads.

People had all kinds of good things to say about Ronald and they still do. For some reason, all the awful things that he did are never examined in the light of day. He did things to the state of the nation that injured the public good to an extreme degree and the nation has never recovered from these things. Those people who revere and supported Ronnie Raygun are as foreign to me as if they came here from another planet. What is ironic is that that sector of the public that was the most harmed by his policies are the ones that hold him in such high regard. I've long ago stopped trying to figure this sort of thing out.

I want to treat with that statement, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Jesus Christ said that. However Jesus Christ passed all kinds of judgments. It should make one think and it did make me think. I interpret that statement differently than most people. What I get from it is that it is okay to judge if you don't mind being judged and I don't. People are free to judge me any way they choose. They are going to do it anyway. If I never passed judgment on anyone I would still be judged. Sometimes those judgments are accurate and sometimes they are not. I'm not affected by it. I fully expect certain types of people not to like me. I would be offended if they did. To my mind, I appreciate that certain people don't like me. I prefer it. I also appreciate that certain people do like me. I like who it is on both sides of the divide. I think it is an accomplishment when certain people don't like you. Some of us are controversial and some of us are not. Anyone who deals in truth is going to have enemies. The important feature is if one is actually engaging the truth. Jesus Christ also said, “What is truth?” That's a good question.

Anyway... I found it more than slightly hilarious to be told that I had no chance at being a better president than the present slate of catamite zombies who would be doing no more than taking orders from the people that owned them and then being told that because I am a liar and not diplomatic that these character traits were going to be some kind of large liability when they are some of the most significant traits; the very bread and butter of all these sleazy poseurs. I marveled at the Pollyanna sunglasses my critic has to be wearing if he somehow has come to the conclusion that the people running for office this year are actually free of the qualities that one sees them demonstrating in their every day coming and going.

I was talking with my friend here earlier and we were noting that lately a great many souls are talking about the feeling being shared at a wide reach, concerning some huge event that is shaping itself off stage and which is going to stand the world on its head and change the way that everyone thinks about life from that moment on. I don't want to project any sense of dread or paranoia. The truth is that it is no more than a feeling of something coming and I don't know what that might be, or even if it is at all valid. To my mind it always comes back to a natural disaster. I believe the reason that I personally feel such a catastrophe is inevitable is due to the mass of the public being incapable of awakening past a certain point. I do think that if something epic came to pass that it might finally achieve what has so far not been possible up to that point.

I remember so many conversations that I have had in times, going back to my most recent stay in Hawaii and how people would readily agree to points I would make about the state of the times, the ongoing fallout from 9/11, the Holocaust fantasy, the migrant swarms, the looming specter of economic collapse that threatens like a distant storm on the horizon. In these conversations it was as if all these people were quite aware of absurdity and pernicious nature of all the manufactured lies and yet... the curtain would drop again and they would be right back into the routine of unconscious collaboration with all of the lies, as if none of these discussions had ever taken place. It's a riddle... an enigma.

As has often been stated here, when people refuse to awaken in an apocalypse, cosmic steps will be taken to insure that they do. As has also been stated, the world as we know it, is a projection of our collective mindset. It can be one thing in the surface mind and another in the subconscious. If the subconscious is churning below the surface awareness, it is only a matter of time before it finds its way into that place where dramatic change gets effected. It is quite obvious that this churning is taking place. One can see that there is a restless uncertainty that is being demonstrated in so many parts of the world and this will eventually lead to some expression into form as that restlessness catches the right weather conditions at the moment destined for it.

There is always that chance that none of this will be necessary. It can always go in all kinds of directions up until it goes in some direction and then that is it. The course has been taken and the rest of it is predictable and academic. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, by now I think the collective human race is a natural disaster, and my dead cat would make a better president than what we have. At least he'd do less damage. But at least the Donster is a good shoite disturber and helping make more of the public aware of the royal mess dat is da gubment.

Collective mindset. It's a pain in the butt bein' here when you ain't part o' than collective delusionary mess. If I could instantly manifest a saner corner of the world, I would. . .but I can't. And I also can't move to Tristan da Cuhna.

Then again, internet costs a fortune down there, and when will the volcano go off again? I think it also got wiped by some lightning strikes a while back, and I might have problems having become a vegetarian a year ago.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible .....I remember Jerry Brown driving himself to work in his Impala and what a contrast with King Ronnie and his limo entaurage...
Watching the riots at People's park from the dorms at Berkley and Ronnie unleashing his boys in blue...what a dick!


Kazz said...

Jesus also said the truth shall set you free :o).

Jesus is my Lord in Heaven who intercedes for me and pays for my sins. Jesus told us to follow the law of Moses (10 commandments), the first of which states you shall bow to nothing in creation, and that includes man, so while Jesus leads me he is not my ruler, he leads by example. Jesus is a master because he mastered his self, not because he was a master over others. Jesus is a teacher because he shows us the way to the truth which resurrects us and gives us life.

The Bible is the root of all law in the West and it says, ‘[f]or they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.’ (Romans 1:25)

The Bible also says, If the law of God and man are at variance, the former is to be obeyed in derogation of the latter, according to Acts 5:29, which tells us that “we must obey God rather than any human authority,” therefore, should we not adhere to our creator’s law rather than man’s law that is a creation of man?

How many people are bowing to man and his system instead of the Divine??

I think I see the problem!!

Luv Kazz

Bill D. said...

Well, just my opinion, as if anything I have to say mattered...but I will say it, Dear Vis, are of sterling character. No doubt that you are influenced by The Ineffable, and it shows in your missives. If you decide to run, be assured of my vote (grin).

Ray B. said...

Good column, Vis. I cannot imagine someone being that 'picky' about you, what with the state of the nation/world... (grin)

On 'diplomatic', my stance is kind of a long-term view. Having been in the trenches of Cleaning folks, I tend to pick a course that gets 'what needs to be done' across, while minimizing the unneeded pain. I see held-pain as what shuts-down our higher natures (or makes them harder to access), so I try to help the baddies in their set-task of introducing-pain as little as possible. Not a rollover stance, but not a pain-injection stance. Complicated...
On 'judging', Jesus judged many times. Look at what he did to the temple moneychangers. Now that's judgment! A lot of in-their-head religious types (including New Age) think that its wrong to judge; that they should remain 'neutral' in everything. First, that is not possible; we are human. Second, any judgment-about-judgment-itself pushes the reaction-to-something down into the subconscious, where it just festers.

I try to replace 'judgment' with 'discernment' in my day-to-day reactions. A lot of that has to do with how much held-pain I am carrying, around an issue. If I am carrying a lot, then deep-judgment occurs. If very little, then I am more in discernment mode. So, I try to work-down held-pain as far as possible. When I am in self-observing mode, I can even 'evaluate' how much old pain I am carrying by the intensity of my judging (versus my discernment) around an issue.

My stance is that all-God gave us senses (including ESP-ish ones) to 'discern' what is going on. Think of it as 'feedback to all-God'. We are Sensors for the ineffable, in a certain manner of speaking. From there, we can 'point out' what might not be highest around us. 'Submit it', in an email sense. Interesting things can then happen...
On future happenings, I see a 'squeeze' from two directions. First, the 'Turning' (assuming real) was set in motion a few years back. This is not a doomsday apocalypse, but a raising of consciousness. Good stuff. It is just that folks who 'will not raise' may experience it differently than folks who do.

Second, due to many helpers doing Cleanings, there is a 'grass roots' stirring. Many folks have been 'trapped' in endless cycling-of-lifetimes due to a logjam of held-pain. They cannot pass onto their next experience, because the old experience has not been felt-through and so the soul does not know it has been completed. Road block. Repeat. Now, roughly 40% of humans have had that old-stuff partially 'removed' and partially sent through the soul. Each person then feels an overwhelming 'impatience' with staying-in something that is 'completed'. The soul calls them to their next experience. As you can imagine, this is going to play havoc with any 'control system' in place. (Not to mention, deeply-reducing the pain generated by not-being 'where' you should be. And thus, less 'food' for sustaining our archons.)

Both 'pincer movements' are basically unstoppable, so we are in for some interesting times (grin). Note, however, that they are both coming from a good place...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...
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Ray B. said...

Hey Vis, another 'take' on faith (or perhaps intuition or inner knowing), from 'The Matrix' point of view:

"An interesting argument is put forth in [book] essay 3: 'The Matrix Possibility', that Neo has no basis to believe Morpheus' story about the real world. Why? He has no frame of reference. His first 25(?) years have been lived a lie. Everything he's seen, heard, tasted, touched, and felt has been a simulation, so he can't know real from fake.

In that case, why would he believe anything Morpheus tells him? Could it not just be another level of simulated deception? Of course, it isn't... but how can Neo believe anything when his entire frame of reference, his entire context, is false?"

Sound/feel familiar?

Ray B. said...

Another viewpoint on why Trump may be so popular:

Canuck - March 10, 2016 at 3:59 am UTC

"Trump is not a career politician. If Trump is indeed not bought by or controlled by someone(s), and is capable of learning, he does signal a dramatic refreshing phenomenon in American presidential politics. The degree to which the entire establishment, of all stripes, has foamed at the mouth over his success so far has made many people think that hey maybe he is actually his own man. [my italics]

Forthrightness in American politics has seemed just about extinct, but absence makes the heart grow warm, and there is still something inherently attractive about sincerity to most people. So Trump, even when he is foolishly forthright, or bombastic here, politically incorrect there, still seems strangely authentic. His hair is humour-esque, but it’s him, his personal trademark. His off the wall utterances may appall the genteel and the humourless and those most mannerly among, but Trump also often seems spirited, self-confident, feisty. He sometimes thinks on his feet a bit. He’s not just scripted.

Politics has been said to be the art of the possible, and - in a time where it seemed in the United States that the forces of con artistry, playing ventriloquist with political marionettes and dummies for show, seemed irrevocably triumphant, impossible to displace - Trump may just trump them. And if in conjunction with his fixities, he’s also capable of learning, of thinking independently, of listening to various perspectives and making tough decisions and some sensible changes, wouldn’t that be a corker!

And even if he disappoints, it’s hard not to picture him as an improvement on the psychos that have been running, and want to keep running, the show."

Anonymous said...

Les -

You already know why you got 'nastied' by anonymous - anonymity is quite the shield for the fearful, and it is your site and your rules anyway.

I have felt in my bones for well over two decades that there was some type of "imminence" building, but that it was outside the purview of mankind. We are diving into solar minimum and no person alive today has been there. Quakes were rising in frequency the last decade, but seem to have steadied in plateau fashion. The magnetic poles are roaming like wild bison, not something they did in the immediately previous generations. The last truly big volcanic eruption was in 1815.

We have been without truly major natural disasters for a few centuries, and mankind has learned to revel in luxurious comfort of ubiquitous food and air conditioning, among many other things. In general, our 'normal' is far outside the reality of most previous generations in our history.

But I cannot shake the feeling of something formative growing closer. The crazies on parade at all levels, to me, feel like they are simply trying not to think about it.

I guess it has always been that people tend to get wrapped up in their own effluvia, until something pokes us or forces us to change our perspective. As long as things seem relatively 'normal', they are. We adapt a little, grumble and the next day comes and few of us are any wiser.

And yet, that feeling has been there and is there, and it is like an amorphous mound of shining ugly that will not go away.

You are much appreciated - don't stop believing.

Anonymous said...

Portrait Painter says...
I've been under the internet comment radar for awhile. Just reading, watching, discerning. Hanging on to the rails of this rocking ship trying not to vomit or dodging all the vomit coming out of these morphing, twisted holes called mouths on faces of hijacked souls. Hang on St. Christopher on the passenger side keeps going through my head.There is no one,NO ONE running for Alt DC government who is worthy of my vote. Sure Trump is waking up some of the masses but to what level of there own dissatisfaction. Maybe that's it, Levels. Like coming up from a really bad nightmare.
I've been programmed to believe how voting is a privilege and to give up that right would pave the way to dictatorships except now we are voting them in. I cannot in good conscience vote just to vote. Oh yes that "Feeling" that's always there now. On the spiritual,esoteric side, don't know for sure what, when or where but i do know who. Some things can happen instantly and sometimes it could take centuries. It doesn't matter, when ones allegiance is made to the source and center of all that we call God and his Creator Son whom chose to come to this infected backwards planet to up lift humanity, perpetuate human evolution (there have been many retrogressions and we are in the midst of one now.)"The Spirit of Truth" descended on that Pentecost day(for real! it wasn't there before)and that is why the human mind can conceive or expand in his awareness of God, Gods relationship to humankind, and Humans relationship God, cosmology and all the other goodies in an advanced civilization. I don't quote old testament (or the New for that matter) much other than for historical reasons. I think most people don't realize just how steeped in superstition they still were.
Although Humans were evolving towards a Mono Deity, there was still a nature god for just about every thing and with that the existence of ridiculous repetitive ceremonies,sacrafices of all sorts curry favor and or to appease those Gods. We still see remnants of that in some cultures,societies and races today.
It's been a long and difficult year for me. I suffered an bad physical injury, friendship betrayal, got some bad PTSD. I suppose showing what I'm made of. Been so wanting to move from my present location. I put my little house up for sale last summer and it just finally sold! But i don't know where i really want to relocate to Sooo...I decided to get a House on wheels. That's right. A motorhome. Such a brilliant idea to have every convenience on wheels. I'm not getting much in profit from the house sale so I have found some really great deals in the $5000.00 range. Think I'll go out and see this big beautiful country. Boondock, drydock or hook up. Full time RVing sounds good to me. Gonna get a Doggie travel companion of course. I'll blog my travels too. I'd like to interview people and see what they are thinking. I have been doing my research for 7 months now and feeling prepared.I highly recommend this. I guess it also goes with that sense of being or getting prepared for geological events. Mr. Visible, You make laugh, you make me cry, you make me think. Above all you give me hope that there is still intelligent life form on this planet. May we share Gods Love and keep steadfast in his promise in these tumultuous days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Portrait Painter,

The evolution towards a Mono Diety marks the emergence of an anthropomorphic paradigm of God, and there remains no shortage of ridiculous repetitive ceremonies, sacrifices of all sorts curry favor and or to appease what our ego projects God to be.


Anonymous said...

Les, so you think you would make a better president than all the other candidates, well I agree with you. You would even be better than Trump. This is self evident. Now you have lots of company because there are literally thousands of individuals in this country that would also make a better president. It is mind boggling the trash that is put up before the public for election. How in Gods creation could someone vote for that cackling witch, plastic face Cruz, geriatric Socialist/Communist Sanders, Rubio, or "the pyramids were used for grain storage" (and he is a brain surgeon maybe brainless surgeon) Carson. Look at the present occupant of the White House or all his recent predecessors. Leaders of the "free" world. It is a sick joke.

I'm presently reading a book "They Own it All" Macdonald and Robert. Only read half, can't say I have learned anything new. Just a consolidation of what I have read in many other places. It would be a good book for those who think they are awake but have only scratched the surface.

Take care, if you decide to throw your hat in the ring I'll forget Trump and give you my support.

In this election it is Trump or Goldman Sacks
Edward Snowden


Kazz said...

People have the ability to imagine whatever they wish to. Take for instance those people who were members of native tribes who believed taking a photo of you captured your soul. The modern world laughs at these people's superstition. The funny thing is licenses now have a photo ID, but instead of the usual spelling of your name it is spelt in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. I don't remember ever being taught to spell our names that way at school!

Christ tells us NOT TO TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, but what is the mark of the beast? You can't buy or sell without it. Hmm, what can't you buy or sell without these days?? How about your name? Can you get a license without your birth certificate to prove who you are? Can you open up a bank account these days without proof of ID in the way of a license or a birth certificate?

I have a question - is an actual rose the same thing as the name that describes it, or differentiates it from other flowers? You can smell the real rose and actually cut your finger on its thorn, can you do that with the name 'rose' on a piece of paper? One is real and the other is a title so they are NOT the same thing!!

Perhaps the following information might help people understand how we have been enslaved to believe we are the name, when in fact we are living men and women!!

Seems those natives superstition about having their photo taken wasn't so superstitious at all!!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

Enjoy the read, Kazz.

Visible said...

That is what I meant and I probably should have said that. There are literally thousands that would make a better president than this crop of sold out whores. Myself, I would govern according to Lao Tzu who talks about the means often in his pieces but... I would never be president. It's not my thing.

mike m said...

But somebody has to be President at this time of our existence, WarHores or Trump?

Purpose of Demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Elections are sideshows - entertainment. The outcomes are decided long in advance. So nobody should be surprised that the "options" are ridiculous. It's just like the options on TV, or the options at the movie theater. The social engineers are dumbing people down. Which is why your choices are always Dumb or Dumber (Hey! Just like that movie!)...

Anonymous said...

Les, friend,
That would not be Jesus would asked "What is truth?" but Pontius Pilate. John 18:38.
Pilate was responding to Jesus' assertion that He had come into the world to bear witness to the truth.
I feel sad for Pilate, who did not want to crucify Jesus. Like the song says, "he just did what he had to do",
- beggar

Visible said...

You are correct, as it occurred to me a couple of hours after I posted it but I wanted to see if anyone would catch it so I left it up there. Well done!

Alan Jong said...

I had a strange synchronicity, with the timing of Nancy Reagan's death, the night before the news of her passing broke, I watched the dark dark hours which was a show which stared her husband and guess stared James Dean. So I got confirmation through strange phenomenon that the Man who comes around which Johnny Cash was singing about was actually James Dean, so he's the Alpha & Omega, but before I would state something like that there has to be some evidence, and sure enough across the sky here rolled a giant slow burning meteor, I feel like my mission is done having identified the deity, strange enough that was probably the only thing I was meant to do, even my sister shares the same BDay as JD. He's either Alpha or Omega or both, to be honest I knew little about his life I had only seen East of Eden, and Rebel Without a Cause years ago. I am catching up to as much material about him as I can seeing that is the one Johnny Cash was singing about.

Real said...

Then again, each moment in time is decisive, everything can go any direction at any moment in time... :)

Real said...

*Btw, you may wish to take a look at the video clip "Dr. Jeep" of The Sisters of Mercy, and check the scene with Nancy Reagan...

As for the rest of your thoughts, I'm on the same page as you.

David Fiske said...

John 18:38 "What is truth?" retorted Pilate.
Not Jesus Vis.
"Time will tell and we shall see. "
I agree.
Strange world at this moment. Hold the Light and be unconcerned.

Visible said...

I think that got addressed (grin).

Kazz said...

I don't vote because I have no other Gods before the creator of earth and Man. If none of us bowed to these poor excuses of men and women we would not be in the trouble we are in now. In the beginning the very thing that separated God's people from the other tribes and kingdoms was that they lived without a worldly authority. They trusted each other and looked after each other. In the 70's many people tried to imitate this with hippie communes but the system used man's law to shut them down. The last thing 'THE SYSTEM' wants is for people to walk away.

Walking away is not an easy thing, especially in sight of the myriad of health complaints people have developed as a result of living within our toxic system, that now demands the use of medications daily if they are to survive. This is no accident!! Humanity is being wiped out because it has lost its way. If we do not turn this around and head back to a more natural existence, one that allows us to live harmoniously with mother nature, we are signing our own death warrants.

We have all come so far, and we are all capable of so much, but we have been captured and forced to spend our life's energy in the pursuit of materialistic desires instead of BEING in the moment with spirit on this plane. Each of us much choose our own way, which is why our creator endowed us with free will, but an elite few have hijacked creation and are forcing the many to comply. People who follow this minority do so for greed, ego, lust, or because they are fed hollow promises that they will wake up to one day were all lies, because the lower energy is there for one purpose, and one purpose only, to deceive those who are willing to be deceived. The lowest energy of the Divine, which is commonly referred to as satan, is there to lead people astray and capture people's consciousness. Fear, force, and flattery are its main weapons in regard to its pursuit.

Talk of elections is talk of a false reality, one that has been IMPOSED over our natural existence. If we are to believe quantum physics everything we see is a creation of our own minds. This is why it is so important to find the voice within and not rely so heavily upon our five physical senses.

Luv Kazz

audrey Twerdy said...

Can you believe Rense website pushes Trump as "Integrity and loves America"?
Trump will make jobs and fight
He even want to reintroduce more severe tortures, wondering if he is thinking about electrocution or burnings of private parts? and the crowd applauded to his suggestions!

Trump has so many skelletons in his closet he is the perfect candidates!

Humanity is truly sick, it has been brutalised and shattered into a multitude of lost souls only anchored to their wealth.
They "dread" more about loosing their "possesions" rather then loose their souls....
Captivated by their assets, haunted by fear of loosing it they live like Zombies.

A grand scale mind programing is ongoing, made to be of value only to the few.
Those few believes in nothing but their ego.

Aimlessly serching for more they forget they are living star dusts set in the peacock dimension with a grand mission!

We are information gatherers,here to learn from past and integrate the most succesful and loving way of life, instead we are ruining our only nest!

Only true love is the way, without it there is nothing...
Embrace all of creation with the upmost compassion and let go the egoistic temptations.

If you do not feel it is your destiny to be of service to creation in a wholesome way then you are Satan worshippers.
Selfish, vain, impatient and believing there is nothing but yourself that matters.

With such philosophy of life instilled on the mass, such beings capable of intelligent thoughts and hands to put them in practice will sadly, but inevitably and gradually make itself more and more obvious.
Without love the many ways leads into oblivion....

Visible said...

Michael Rivero is doing the same thing. I am no longer puzzled about why neither will link me anymore. They are both compromised and owned. It is a sad state of affairs but also for the purpose of demonstration.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Genuflecting Nimrods and the Dunderheads from Nodwell Junction.

Anonymous said...

Please watch from 6:00. One minute of your time. To learn what Yashua said about the Truth... From Bulgakov's perspective:


p.s. Vis, keep going. We are almost "there."



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