Thursday, March 17, 2016

From Summers of Love to Summers of Rage.

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It's one of those slow news Thursdays, which are not much different from any other slow news day. It just happens to be Thursday so it gets the prefix. This creates a dilemma for me. What do I talk about? We've already talked about nearly everything, backwards and forwards. We might have made some points here and there and we might have missed the point now and again but at least we showed up and one of my least favorite movie directors of all time said that that was the larger portion of success at anything; you simply show up.

Ted Cruz has gone all out on Monsanto as world savior. This caused him to take a massive hammering in the polls, which is as it should be and The Dark Act got shot down, surprisingly enough. Mr. Apocalypse's hand is all over the place these days. Obama wants to put yet another Noahide junkie on the Supreme Court. Trump is going to give a major speech to AIPAC. The more things change but don't change, the more they remain the same.

For reasons known only to themselves, many of the larger alternative websites, websites we used to be linked on, until we started talking too much about the ineffable and not conforming to the unknown requirements of these webmasters... who are now exhibiting all kinds of strange behavior; not the least of these is the gung ho Trump cheerleading that is going on at each of these sites. The way they are arranging their headlines is interesting. Oh... it could all be easily explained as simply an expression of their sincere political beliefs but it doesn't explain the outright ignoring of all the combustible statements being made by Trump.

Now... at various college campuses here and there, black activists are calling for white genocide and also saying that if Trump is elected there will be mass insurgencies to plunge the Untied States into social chaos. Some of these events are already in the planning stages. It's being said that the Trump Circus is working to the advantage of Clinton. Then it looks like someone who used to be affiliated with Cruz is now working for Trump and there is some kind of hot and bothered sex scandal about to break on the Cruz campaign.

One can reasonably predict that anything is possible to happen in this climate of acrimony and smoldering rage. Into the midst of it all comes the money of Satanist George Soros, pushing for race wars and any available confusion that can be generated. One of those summers of rage is definitely on the menu at the moment and it is also to be expected that forms of violence are being plotted by the CIA and all the other alphabet agencies that are under the control of the Mossad, or at least heavily influenced by it and the Banker Crime Nation of Israel.

It's like watching a movie. Everything taking place is so predictable. At various points behind the scenes, powerful individuals and groups are pushing from various points to various ends. All that matters to them is that they get what they want by whatever means are necessary.

Huge change is in the air. In some cases this is due to the force of vested interests, trying to either maintain control over what they already have or trying to get more and more of what they don't yet have. From another direction there is the force of a large body of the public that is pressed up against material circumstance and which is frustrated, frightened and angry. Another source are the cabals in the dark shadows of the astral plane who are in command of the first group mentioned and who exert some degree of force on everyone, except those who are influenced by the realms of light. The realms of light are in a greater command of everything than any other concern but... people are made free to make their own choices and people are easily deceived and this accounts for why things are the way they are when they don't have to be. Smoke and mirrors... smoke and mirrors.

Any clear eyed and reasonable person who is also in possession of a certain level of intelligence knows how messed up Trump is. The incendiary statements that he makes are all designed to feed off of the public outrage and dissatisfaction. He is whipping the crowds into a frenzy and the Israeli driven socialist drivel of Bernie Sanders is set up in counterpoint to Trump. This leaves Hillary as the real winner which is the intention of the divide and conquer, Hegelian operatives that set it all in motion and manipulate it toward some desired end.

Trump's campaign message and inflammatory rhetoric is all designed for specific purposes to create the kind of setting that will usher in a state of fascism and if they can generate enough conflict they can create chaos and then come down on it with all the repressive tactics that they are convinced are at their disposal. This is happening world wide at the moment and the tactics from gratuitous wars, to massive migrations to economic pressures are all easily seen.

Crazy is the new sane. The flat earthers are showing up again and foaming at the mouth about all kinds of things, including using the word, 'heliocentric' as a profanity. They are not showing up here though because they are no longer permitted to comment here. This might account for the rage in their tone. We are not going to provide a forum here for what is unquestionably lunacy. Still, we take some amount of satisfaction for working them up into a lather. They must be feeling the heat of the apocalypse on the backs of their necks.

It doesn't matter what the bad guys want and it doesn't matter how deceived the public might have been up to this point. It doesn't matter how much power it appears that Monsanto possesses or what Goldman Sacks gets up to. It is not in any of their hands and their grip is losing purchase by the day. This is the last gasp of the passing of the corruptions of this departing age. Of course eggs must be broken for the omelet to get made. Hard things will come to pass because too many people have their minds hard wired to long standing prejudices and walls of denial that WILL BE broken down. This cannot happen with tenderness and caring by the force of change that is presently operating. This force has a divine imperative and it will succeed in every way that it is meant to and nothing can stand against it.

If one resists this force of change, the steamroller will run right over you. One's relative suffering will be determined by the level of their resistance. This seems clear to me and so I am disposed not to resist or engage in tilting with windmills, or imaginary opponents, or groups of pissed off partisans of whatever temporary flag of manufactured outrage they have mustered under. The dialogue between segments of society has become increasingly caustic. People are angry. In many cases they don't know why they are angry. They just are. They have some ideas of why they are angry and who they are angry at but in either case, they are wrong.

Muslims and Mexicans are not the problem. The Zionist control of the United States is the problem. The fat cat corporatists are the problem. The bankers are the problem. George Soros and other servants of the infernal are the problem. In a short while, Trump will present himself at AIPAC and say what he knows they want to hear. He knows he cannot proceed otherwise. No one in the political arena is unaware of who pulls and opens the purse strings and who sets policy and who influences everyone else in the corridors of power.

Yes... these are dicey times and if one forms their images and conclusions based on appearances it looks all too grim but... conditions are being created and shaped by a will and intelligence outside the ken of the supposed movers and shakers of this world. No one has any clear idea of what is coming and will not until it is upon them. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is up there in the aethers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

regarding your view of the future,

I hope you're right! That would be really awesome! And trust me, I am working for it in my own small way, as I think most here are as much as they are able. It's just that: "hope for the best, expect the worst". I have no idea what's going to happen, but the rules of Nature are not easily skirted, I have found, and those rules applied to our current situation, well... As for the Divine rules, I will not venture there, as I do not know enough about them. I am open to the possibility that everything might change in a heartbeat, and that would be perfectly wonderful :)

to quote Visible: "time will tell and we shall see".

Scarlett said...

Time and time again, Jews have tried to dominate every culture with which they come into contact. If we can blame Islam for Muslim terrorism, we can certainly blame Judaism for this lust to create a Jewish world government with non-Jews as slaves. I don't know why it is antisemitic and evil to say that but you can talk about the white man enslaving everyone and Christians slaying non-Christians by the millions (even today -- not just the Crusades or the Americas!) and talk about Islam's conspiracy for an Islamic Caliph and their desire to force us to live by "Shariah law" -- which is so similar to the kosher version it might as well be the same. Their religion calls them to do what they do and, they may not all be willing to grow the sideburns and eat kosher, but they all seem to dream of a time when they, and only they, get to call ALL the shots.

History is full of the lessons that God -- or, if you prefer, the universe -- has tried to teach them and their failure to heed these warnings and teachings always leads to some inevitably tragic result for them. I feel for the average Jewish person because I believe that they are just as much a victim of this plan as the non-Jew is. Terrorism isn't just meant to scare the West into doing their bidding. It is also designed to keep the average Jew afraid that a pogrom could happen at any moment so you have to stick together and stand together no matter what. Even those who can see Israel's crimes must know that once the truth gets out, the policy of collective punishment that they have trained us to use on Muslims will come back to haunt them. They have made us as ruthless as themselves, so the truth is dangerous to them.

Things are crap. And likely to get worse. And for some, I think their idea of the worst case scenario will come true. The US has been about bled dry and the fat ticks are looking for new sources of blood (watch out China!). Maybe Trump is even being groomed to be our very own Hitler. But, even though we are rapidly heading toward a third world nation status, I take great joy in knowing that once the parasites are gone, we can start rebuilding and will have at least an era of honest living until we become successful and the leeches come back to feed. Well, as long as we don't nuke ourselves into oblivion in the process, but even that might not be so bad as keeping on with the status quo.

torus said...

Greetings! And thank you for putting up with me. Or at least posting me up. :/
Huge change is indeed in the air. Something that Les has mentioned repeatedly is how one can disadvantage oneself in their relation to God by allowing religion or its mouthpieces to dictate what God is or isn't. At one time, up until about 1987, I thought that "Christianity", by way of weakness or conspiracy, had inflicted a "holocaust" upon the Jews. I thought that if Christianity was too weak to stop the onslaught of Bolshevism, Communism,WWI, WWII; what good is it? Then a Jew named Hugh Schofield did his best to strip Christ of his divinity and render him just another Jewish revolutionary. A failed "Jew" revolutionary.
My struggle with Christianity grew even more intense when I learned that what I came to "know" as the "holocaust" was Soviet/Jew/Communist/Bolshevik/ propganda.
How long Lord? I know that I have the divine spark in me!
Les' blogs and writings have remained
CONSISTENT. He wears his heart on his screen and to me he has demonstrated strength, insight, foresight, poetry, word-smithing, and even human frailty. Imagine that.

As I predicted, the calls for Trump's assassination are assuming a politically correct tone. Leftist Liberals in Canada have got to be some of the worst. Essentially harmless, but conversations on the streets of Toronto are like an ice pick to my forehead.
"Fuck Trump!!" they say. Not my style, but fair enough. "He's not going to get elected, and if does someone will kill him anyway. Good!" said the bearded youth of 36 years. The liberal also wanted Bush to be assassinated, but not their main man, the homeboy in the White House, Obama. Self-deprecating white liberals are pro holocaust, pro Obama, pro abortion, pro black, etc.
I loathe the Bus, the Obama, the Clinton, and a 1 percenter named Trump alleging to take on the 1%. But call for their assassination?!? God no. Ve have qvestions, und vays of making you talk.

"We'Ve got a real type of thing going 'round, gettin' down there's a whole lot of chumpin goin' round.

We'Ve got a real type of thing goin' round gettin' down
There's a whole lot of divide and conquer goin round!!

We want the Trump (XIII or XV?)

Awwwww we want the Trump

torus said...

The anger that you mention is true, personal, and outwardly palpable. It's the biggest personal demon that I have had to contend with my whole life. The brute ignorance of materialism within the daily marketplace has elevated the neurotic customer as well as the satanic phrase, "the customer is always right" to new levels...or is that depths?
The sense of entitlement is now a malignant tumor with little hope of recovery. On a mundane level it manifests at the supermarket where they still charge .05 cents for a made in China piece of tissue paper masquerading as a "bag" if you want something to put your groceries in. On a more impactful level it manifests in the typical Canadian hospital. Visiting my mother my contrarian spirit was aroused in the elevator as a couple of nurses and doctors were passionately discussing the potential renovations, purely cosmetic, that the hospital might undergo.
I said "if only you were as passionate about eradicating fluoride from this hospital's water supply as you are about superficial cosmetics. We could actually be on the way to making this hospital a "wellness center" worthy of its name. The "food" here also requires a severe overhaul. But at the top, it's not really about wellness, is it? It's about contracting your "food" supply out to the lowest bidder."
Their mock superiority was written all over their smug faces. Fucking sick is what it was.

robert said...

Dear Visible and all those who know they have a heart deeper than their mind can fathom:

Reasoning for hope.

There is ignorance and then there is willful ignorance. There is being unconscious and there is being willfully unconscious. Though it is a time-honored tradition to be deceived, there is quite another tradition in choosing to stay deceived, to be deceived by self, to be self-deceived, self-deluded or self, diluted.

If there is a will, there is a way, so do not be deceived; even cowardice in the face of the enemy reveals the presence of a will resisting the herd’s group-think and the will is the key. When will is “won’t”, no traction. When will is “I WILL”, add that to your pipe and smoke it because that is where the power lies waiting in the shadows to be acknowledged.

The moment Mr. Apocalypse taps his magic cane three times on the ground, the wave of instant antidote to the drug of self-delusion WILL come upon us like a tsunami, washing out all willfulness and all those masterfully entranced by the MEdiaMatrix in the West, deliberately choosing with all their creative will to hide the truth of themselves from themselves, to ignore the gaping maw of peak darkness, to rationalize away the truth of the agendas of the retarded elites, will flip in a heart beat or two, from deliberately , studiously staying slow asleep to waking up fast in the cold but clear light of the new day.

Know it, own it and be ready for it, because the second order self-deception on the part of those whose spirits have been demanding freedom for millennia and who have temporarily chosen to adopt cynicism to protect their identities from the fierce humility of their hearts MUST fall away very soon. No more superior attitude toward those supposedly less informed or acting more ignorant.

Like a tightly coiled spring, the un-stretched legs of the high potential wound up tightly in our base chakra, all that is required to unleash this power is a simple act of will, to turn (repent) out polarity from negative to positive, from fighting the eternal truth seeking to manifest to allowing it to reign, from resisting the responsibility to live authentically to embracing it like a long lost prodigal son/sun, from enabling fear all these years to serving the power of love without reservation.

The “Yuuge” difference between unconscious and willfully conscious is like that of being dead and being merely “mostly dead”; with the ingestion of one little chocolate sweetie, the shift will be ON and the rise will begin and NO ONE will want to miss that moment!

As Kazz so aptly put it:
the best one can do is cleanse one's internal world to the best of their ability (deal with your demons), be well informed, keep an open mind, test every understanding to see if it holds up under scrutiny, and rely heavily on one's intuition and internal guidance.

Clean house, clear the decks, wipe the stain of willfully suppressive self-talk from the mind’s eye and prepare to wake up and smell the coffee (or the green tea) because the dark designer’s big surprise is going to blow up in their faces, for all to see and marvel that we allowed ourselves to bluffed into self-censoring for so damn long!


robert said...

(correcting typos which could confuse the meaning - too early to blame them on St. Patrick's day imbibing too!)

to turn (repent) our polarity from negative to positive


The “Yuuge” difference between unconscious and willfully unconscious is like that of being dead and being merely “mostly dead”; with the ingestion of one little chocolate sweetie, the shift will be ON and the rise will begin and NO ONE will want to miss that moment!

Anonymous said...

I actually understand those passages in the Old Testament describing Sodom and Gomorrah now. I see it all around me, and it is nearly palpable when I read internet news or happen to catch a glimpse of network commentary (yech, btw). I was in the checkout line buying food today, and there it was - transsexual Jenner trouncing Hillary, with the entire feminine world suddenly back-lashing - I had to be nudged to move on down the line, as the dissonance was deafening.

The amount of spectacle is staggering, and there is a lot of hate running down every branch of the river. It is hard to find a place to cross safely even in simple, friendly dialog. Knowing the puppetmasters does not make it any less a spectacle, and I got a glimpse of why Martin Luther jumped on his horse about some things, but alas, he too was sidetracked into empty streets of thought.

Something wicked this way comes...
What rough beast slouches towards...
The way of the wicked is hard...

It's not the first time this circus has come to town, but it is MY first time to watch it parade down Main Street. Avoiding these rip currents is not that hard - simply insisting none of them are worthy of your vote usually lets you exit the current rather quickly. If you are out in the Spring in the northern hemisphere, away from incessant television, texting and internet...well, perspective descends quickly and covers you like a blanket. The unimportant is sloughed off and relegated to the leaf litter deep in the shadows of the trees.

Letting the circus pass by is easy, if you keep your perspective in hand. It is interesting that the last two elections, castigation was the order of the day when I informed others of my stand on voting the lesser of two evils. This time, it is heartening to find that there is honest agreement among some few, even if they persist in voting for this ass-hat or that butt-clown.

I did buy popcorn today - so I may watch some 'news' later in the week. Hang in there Les - maybe we will get to see something wonderful after all...

torus said...

In my day to day interactions I certainly do not meet folks like Les, Robert, Kazz, and numerous other posters here. Or perhaps I do, but commerce typically ensures a very one-dimensional interaction. Anyway, thank you one and all.

missinfarib said...

Indeed it is the Trump Circus, and the Teflon Don is the ring master ,along with the star of the circus Scarlet O'Hillary ,whose motto is "what does it matter", doing the high wire act .

The pomp and ceremony is a suitable distractions for what is crawling around outside of the big top . The lions of Judah are about to be released from their cage ,you can hear them roar, forever hungry.

"The dialogue between segments of society has become increasingly caustic. People are angry. In many cases they don't know why they are angry. They just are." The rising cost of admission which often includes their first born is certainly agitating the crowd.

Uncle Soros is standing around scalping tickets for the die hards whom he promises a special salute for their participation in the die hard campaign, it's tradition.

We're best to try and get comfortable in our seats the show is about to begin.

live long

Ray B. said...

Vis and Third Elf, I am sure you know about methods of forum manipulation used by the 'opposition', but here is a nice summary of techniques to browse through. (Click on it to expand the print size.)

Kazz said...

Dear anonymous - Thursday, March 17, 2016 5:33:00 PM (Part 1)

Jesus Christ means 'station of the anointed' so we know Jesus existed to lead us to the light. The light I speak of takes one from the darkness of ignorance to a place of love, compassion, and forgiveness. In what form this message of salvation came I cannot rightfully say, but the words and actions of the one known as Jesus Christ leads one to a greater understanding of life, liberty, justice and truth for all. It is what Jesus conveyed that lifted my energy to a place where love resonates, and for that Jesus will always be my hero. By following Jesus I found freedom of mind, spirit, and heart. What greater gift can one man give another than this?

Jesus was tempted by satan to sin, first through being tempted by hunger, but Christ was fed by manna instead. The second test was to get Jesus to abuse his power, but he declined because he knew it was wrong to test God. Satan's third test offered Christ to rule the world if he bowed to satan, but Jesus declined and stated, 'you shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve'. (Matthew 4:8-10).

Moses led the people out of Egypt and slavery, that was under the very same Babylonian system of usury we are under today, the very same system of slavery that Jesus stood against, the very same system of slavery that the global elite are trying to implement globally today, which by the way is outlawed in the Old Testament!

The thing is without 'absolute knowing' we have no context upon which to discern. We find ourselves in the same position as poor Job who was tested by satan, not because he was a sinner but because he was righteous and loved God.

Being a believer does not mean God protects you, it means God will allow satan to challenge your belief, just as Christ was challenged. After my first run in with the police I underwent a 10 day challenge where I ebbed in and out of consciousness and was sent a delusion to test my resolve. During this period I did not eat for 10 days. My husband is very ill now, he weights just over 70 kilos and he is 6' 2". My body is covered in scars from the removal of cancers, which I now choose to draw out rather than have excised because although this method is very painful it is more efficient. My children are unable to understand my resolve and most of my friends think I am on a destructive path.

Unlike Job my life has not been sunshine and lollipops. At 4 I was molested and had to deal with an anger that destroyed my innocence. This anger became all consuming when a week before my twelfth birthday my only sibling was killed in an automobile accident, which saw my parents turn into alcoholics and every friend I ever new depart from me. During the 4 months that followed my brother's death not one person or family member asked if I was okay. Not one person tried to comfort me. I sat alone and wondered what I had done to deserve what life was throwing at me. The first Xmas after my brother's death resonates with memories of having to help dad in from the backyard where he passed out drunk with the dog, while mum was passed out in bed. I remember dad asking me to get his cigarettes from the lounge room and mum telling me not to get them because dad was too drunk to smoke in bed. I couldn't find those damn cigarettes no matter how hard I looked, so when dad came out and found them he backhanded me across the lounge room which was 6 meters long. That was only the second time my dad ever hit me and on both occasions I was guiltless. I never held this against my dad because he was a good man and I loved him very much. He was so drunk the night he hit me he never even remembered the next day, and I never brought it up because I didn't want to hurt him.

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

Since then my life has been a mixture of joy and sorrow, so unlike Job I don't believe in God because I have everything I ever wanted. As a matter of fact my journey has made we want very little in this world of pain and sorrow. I make the most of the good times because I know pain does not come far behind, but I keep going because what else can a body do. In all of this my faith and belief in a divine creator has not waned because that is all that has kept me going. I even tried to off myself a couple of times but the second time God showed me what a selfish act this would have been, because had I carried through my son would have been the one to find his mother, and then he would have had to live with that. They say there is no rest for the wicked and so I can only conclude that in my prior lives I must have racked up some super bad karma :o).

The upside in all of this is that I feel for other people and have compassion as a result of my own suffering. I don't see my self as special, as a matter of fact I am in awe of other people who have overcome difficulties that I could not even begin to imagine. When I look at the suffering and bravery of people across this world and how they deal with their challenges I feel guilty, as if I should be doing more, but where does one start? I decided the best place was with me. I decided that I could not possibly fix the world so my endeavour is to fix me. I don't always do well, sometimes I downright suck, but I keep trying, irrespective of the outcome. I say these things today because I figure lots of people might feel this way and I just wanted to let them know they are not on their own.

Luv Kazz


torus said...

Speaking of "Summers of love". I recently discovered a wonderful artist from Sweden. Nad Sylvan was drafted quite willingly into a unit called "Genesis Revisited". Seeing them live last November was great. Nad is in the somewhat uncompromising position of singing 'Gabriel era' as well as 'Collins era' Genesis music and he pulled it off without pretense or "cloning".
Intrigued by his "Vampirate" persona, I acquired his Dec. 2015 CD release entitled "Courting the widow". Self produced to stunning effect in the grand tradition of so-called "progressive rock". Synth textures that I've never heard before used judiciously and musically ala Ricky Wakeman, Tony Banks.
The album is about death and resurrection. "To turn the other side" Sylvan calls it.
Lyric excerpts.

"He came running through the square
Fast against the stream
Fast amidst averted faces everywhere
A premonition spoken of someone turned heartbroken
And in his mind a door ajar had made him fear
To turn the other side
Turn the other side..."

"And in this world you're leaving
Attached by a silver cord
Shrinks to a raw
You're freeing all things your mind can absorb
(All things my mind can absorb, I don't need nothing at all )

All things you've known - the point of all connections
A divine source is what you'll find is the core to it all
It's the voice inside your heart
It's your soul
Tell me now what you see
Can you look beyond the harvested fields
Of your bye's, your hello's, of your highs, of your lows
Then turn the other side..."

"All you know
All you feel
All you need is a time to heal..."

"We're not dying, just not staying here
While there's another sphere deep in the mind
Come and greet me out of your body
No faltering fortitude
Make haste to be kind
/Turn the other - other side/"

It's a torus spinning through turn the other side.

Ray B. said...

On the larger picture, I have started putting-out for a deep change. Below a global-cataclysm or a total-wipe scenario, there is an 'opportunity'.

I have been casting-around in my observations of our capitalist culture, and believe that it is irreparable. The corruption is so vast and so entrenched that the whole monetary system needs to go. Root and stock, right down to even remembering the 'old ways'. However, there is a difference between that and a total-wipe. Hence, the opportunity...

Where we need to address this is in consciousness, of course. I have confidence that all-God has enough tricks (options) up its infinite sleeve to pull something out of it's infinite hat (to blur the metaphor). We-down-here do not need to know what it is. We only need to have the confidence to ask for it in deep meditation/prayer.

Something 'ennobling' mankind...

I was taught not to focus on the negative, when requesting change like this. In other words, do not focus on how bad the present system is in the 'request'. That tends to amplify the bad system. Instead, just know that there is some system where 'goodness and mercy' (whatever words you like) reign. Do Not concentrate on the form or details; that is all-God's to work out.

It is also important to couch the request while feeling positive emotions. You get back the 'form' you put out. Finally, 'see it' and 'feel it' as either imminent in its arrival or already-present but just not 'manifest' yet. Empowered expectation, as opposed to demanding.

Hold this meditative 'request' state until something seems to occur, like someone 'picking up the mail'. Then, just release the state with a 'thank you'. From there, when/how it manifests is not up to us-down-here...

I believe we have a 'window' to drop-in a new system, rather than a total-wipe. I intend to do the above as intuition 'calls'. You are welcome to join the 'request line' (grin)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (stupid mode)

ya'll just a bunch of self hating flat earth deniers.
laterally challenged and longitudinally deluded.
if Trump is the new Hitler , all I can say is "Heil" and Eich bin a hamburger (berliner in german) cause Ive eaten enough of them. (reference to JFK's I am a berliner speech)
it's the fifth reich, the fourth reich didn't quite get off the ground since V2 (V is for victory) day.

one thing I am getting from farrell is the nazi connections to all this (one always holds in reserve some salt and suspicion though, particularly when impressed by a big new thing/person/guru) and how long it goes back (as in 10,500 BC or 2.5 billion AE (after Earth) , take your pick).
bottom line, you can debt enslave or you can asset enhance a civilisation. I hope to God there's some good guys out there , but they will need a very good reason for doing it all in secret themselves and show how that strategy, even if necessary , did not affect them the same way as the Cult of Darkness.
I shall accept our own inability to handle powerfull stuff as an reason. I feel like a baad boy (cue abott and costello) when I imagine having a big button to push.

Trump Angel: I have nothing to lose, they are rigging the elections and will murder me before I have just begun, so I shall end the fed, break up the CIA , inspect dimona, just like JFK said he'd do. I shall bring back simple paper voting and scutineers, limit campaign spending, boycott states like Israel that are big A Apartheid, establish a Conspiracy University and fund their Whistleblowing Think Tanks. I shall declare who my business friends have been, and what they have done for me, and what they wanted in return, and why I am renegging on any blood oaths I have given because I no longer give credence to that kind of debt based system, which is essentially blackmailing leaders, and turning everyone into child burning cultists. I shall have the Fukushima incident investigated and keep the people informed of how bad the radiation has been to Japan, Canada, the US and the world. I shall restart all those radiation monitors that were taken down in the US and have their results published in real time on the internet.

@Torus (btw his first name goes as Visible, or Vis, Chinese I think or Duey System, "Visible, Les").

Anonymous said...


wow! It is a testament to the power of Spirit that you are even still here, able to write what you did. How awesome then, that you are able to Love! Thanks for sharing :)

I'll say that, in my heart and in my intuition (when I'm in contact with It), I have absolute faith, I guess what you call "absolute knowing", that everything is, and is going to be good beyond my wildest dreams and power of imagination. When It's there, I do not doubt this, and I recognize It to be of a higher order than the ramblings of my own little ego-mind. However, will this goodness be in this world, or another? Is it a physical thing, a world of peace and delight, or is it a spiritual thing, an unfathomably profound and tangible Bliss-Peace that is indestructible and ever-present, even through the darkest of moments, or perhaps, both, or something else entirely? That, I cannot say, because I don't know. But that it is ultimately good, Inexpressibly GOOD, that is, I know, the truth.

I think John "saw" something that made him say this (keeping in mind how well it ties in with the real spiritual heavy-hitters):

John 2:15-17

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.


My take on it is to work on letting go of all attachments to the world, to calmly contemplate a complete destruction of this place, since I am certain in faith that what is truly important, GodLifeLove and the souls of those that are dear to me, will never, never, never go away. That way, I can be pleasantly surprised if the world becomes sane and healthy and gets to stay... :)

Ray B. said...

Kazz, wow...

I had no idea. My heart goes out to you... (and yours)

Would you mind if I asked a few friendly 'folks' if they would 'look you over' and see what can/should be 'done' for you? (Some 'stuff' can be worked-on and some cannot. We-down-here only have a certain 'say' in the matter.)

Before you decide, consider this: Much 'held-pain' is pulled-off and sent directly back to all-God, but some part has to be felt-through (pushed through you, i.e., aarrgghh) in order to proceed to your Soul and have an experience be registered as completed. (No need to repeat it, anymore.) Care is taken with this 'process' for good guys/gals, but it can be very intense. This includes past lives, all the way back to your first one. (You don't have to believe in past lives for this to work, but you may get very bizarre images and senses of self during the 'process'. Allow for this...)

I now know 'someone' Cleaned me way back around 1982. That took nearly three weeks, went through countless past lives, and the pure-pain being pushed-through was terrible at times. (Fortunately, I had already learned to just let pain pass through, rather than resist feeling it.) However, 'techniques' have been polished-up since then. So, "your mileage may vary." But, it is not a trivial experience.

Please let me know, and I will 'ask around' if you desire. In the meantime, much blessings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. You can 'call it off' anywhere along the process, but the 'benefits' also cease-accruing at that point. You can ask for it to temporarily 'ease off', if you need a breather. That worked for me...

torus said...

@Ray. Past life karma cleansing? Intrigued. You once accused me of "stirring the pot" here at Vis's blogs.
"Look me over" as you say. Post some thing incidental about my life, as it is right now. Tell me the handedness of the instrument I play. My hair colour should be easy! Post it.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

"Any clear eyed and reasonable person who is also in possession of a certain level of intelligence knows how messed up Trump is."

Les where the hell are you coming from? Trump started off with an inheritance of 300 mil and turned it into billions. He has had his ups and downs but by wheeling and dealing he made it big. You think you could have done as well? I know it isn't your game but even if you tried would you have been as successful? Would you even know where to start? Think of all the good you could do with that kind of money. Messed up people don't make billions. A good percentage of the American people are messed up and even many of those who came from good families and got a good start find themselves sleeping in the park. It takes a rare talent to do what he did. He has a good mind. Like Putin he ad libs all his speeches. Much of what he says isn't of substance but as stupid as the average American is he can't very well talk high finance to them.

Some people might not like Trump as a person but will vote for him in protest. Like him or not if you have any inkling how tough the business world is you must have respect for him.


Visible said...

Jesus Fud... I've seen denial before but this is exceptional. In that regard, Soros is a great success, so is Rothschild... war makes great money and lots of people have made fortunes at it. Messed up people don't make billions? Your idea of messed up and my idea are poles apart. It is the money junkies who have fucked this world up in complicity with those too stupid to pat their dog and chew gum at the same time. I'm guessing you haven't listened to Trump much. Well... he'll be at AIPAC shortly... enjoy.

He's a demagogue and by the way... if you have any memory of where the country and stock market have been over the past 20 some years (with a couple of bumps in the road) then turning 300 million into billions is not that hard. He's also gone bankrupt twice and had to be bailed out by bankers. Believe as you like, just don't expect me to. They are ALL nasty pieces of work. I do not respect someone because the business world is tough. I see what they have done with it. I might as well start respecting people who have no moral compass and don't give a shit about humanity but who make a lot of money from their cut throat business policies. It doesn't wash with me.

Visible said...

By the way... he hasn't done any good with his money. Thinking about all the good someone can do is not the same as doing it.

robert said...

(part one of two)

Dear Kazz, Visible and all those who know they have a heart deeper than their mind can fathom:

The upside in all of this is that I feel for other people and have compassion as a result of my own suffering. I don't see my self as special, as a matter of fact I am in awe of other people who have overcome difficulties that I could not even begin to imagine. When I look at the suffering and bravery of people across this world and how they deal with their challenges I feel guilty, as if I should be doing more, but where does one start? I decided the best place was with me. I decided that I could not possibly fix the world so my endeavour is to fix me.

Powerful and heart-piercing testimony, dear sister; thank you for sharing the nitty-gritty with the rest of us. It is certain that none of our “selves” are special, yet the One Self deeply nested within all living spirits, though too humble for human words to circumscribe , IS worthy of our attention, our respect and our reverence. What a benefit, when we can learn to regard our true Being and take our attention off our temporal, ultimately illusory perception of the little being which we falsely believe is all that we are and to which we too often cling and with which we erroneously identify, as our repeated and unnecessarily painful experience re-minds us, to turn around again and face the higher music.

Isn’t this what Visible has been on about all these years here? (grin)

However, the union of the Spirit and the physical IS the ultimate convergence, the ultimate ecstasy, so we should NOT accept the abstract deceptions that mere stoicism and detachment for its own sake (or for the sake of accepting the destructive agenda as inevitable). As you pointed out, what use to the Ineffable One, the Lover of all Creation, are blown out candles? It is very hard for us to allow ourselves to stay elevated enough to hold the high vision for our lives and for the multi-dimensional purpose toward which all human experience contributes.

That is where faith is required, of course, of which, few in this sacred space need any introduction!
Tempted to waste our time and energy in foolish dissipation are we all. But since we are still breathing, we must acknowledge that we are and have always been, protected from the ultimate karma from indulging our own self-destructive tendencies, though certainly not from learning our lessons or the need to continue to eat our Maypo!

However, our discernment is required in real time, just as consciousness is constantly in demand, to be sustained as long as we desire to live. I have felt the same as you expressed in They say there is no rest for the wicked and so I can only conclude that in my prior lives I must have racked up some super bad karma :o)

Visible has admonished us to remember the concept, expressed as well in the remnant of scripture to which we have access (and which I am in too much haste to research in this moment!) that, not all suffering is for our personal sakes alone, but is burned out through those strong enough to bear it, for the ultimate benefit of all humanity and indeed all creation.

We grow wise enough to take no false pride in being karma burners though, do we not! We learn for our own spirit and mind’s edification, whether our lessons or from this lifetime, another parallel lifetime or from the lives of “others”, farther “away” in the hall of mirrors, the third or fourth reflection layered upon the immediate one with which we identify. With our growing compassion, we can see that every spirit having a human experience is one with us in a simultaneous parallel timeless way. That life, ten reflections deeper in the mirror-facing-mirror perception from our current point of view, is still part of us, though we may be overwhelmed just managing our own temples, thank you very much!


robert said...

(part two of two)

Whatever breaks our heart open is what ultimately allows spirit to flow freely. When we learn to fly with spirit while walking in human form, the pain transmutes to joy. Rinse and repeat until there can be no more shadows and all the parallel reflections converge to One, as our perception transcends, without destroying our precious to creation individual point of perception, just the barnacles of limited perception which we have accepted as our plight, too often at the suggestion of the dark would-be lords of this station at the cross roads.

Our biggest failing is to be too accepting of the spin of the deceivers that it is hubris (a typical projection from THEIR degraded perception at the bottom of a hierarchy of killers!) to accept the vision that there is FAR MORE to us than meets the eye or the hand or the feeling when we are stuck in illusion, delusion and collusion with the endarkened dead-walkers.

There is one line in the movie I Am Number Four which is, in my intuition, the reason that it was made. The guardian, with his dying breath, reassures the gifted yet resentful young man he was mentoring, now crying in grief and doubt and fear, that: ”You have NO idea what you are capable of!”.

[This movie, originally intended to be the first of a series, was never succeeded by the second installment, on the surface because it did not do well enough. Cynically, knowing that many other movies which serve to discourage the spirit are made over and over in endless repetition, I note a relentless pattern, that if a movie raises consciousness or even merely slips a sliver of hope which good classic Sci-Fi can bring into our awareness, then it will be cast aside in favor of something more akin to demonic taste.]

That one line rings true, regardless of the intentions of the filmmakers, because the writer of the book(s) upon which it was based, channeled some light into this darkened, human unconsciously-decreed world.
The essential feature of this buggy human experience is: WE ALL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF, for the good and transcendence of all!

On the other hand, the demonically dimmed have more carnal knowledge of what the human mind can do, in damaging harmony with the power of negative belief. They are demonstrating daily, the bizarro-world version of human ego empowerment, which can clue us in to the fact that we have been too faithless up until now, to wield the power to which we are heirs, the moment we finally trust our partnership with the Light-loving, healing-music-making, creativity-reverencing, brotherhood-sisterhood of the traveling trance.

One sign of our intentions, one badge of honor, is that our timidity, when it comes from a place of the will to “above all, do no harm”, to avoid contributing to making an even bigger mess of things than toward which they are already trending, is testament to our connection to our hearts and to the Heart of creation.

What awakened being would wish any harm to any living being? We have to learn to act from the highest perception which we can handle and then action follows in grace and is assisted by higher forces. Better to take our time to learn all the way through than to take the short-cuts of the vain and selfish and cut a path of destruction in a headlong rush to consume death for dinner, like the endarkened gang does.

We are all in this together but what makes up our challenge, is that our “US” is the far more inclusive set than just that small band of willful evil-doers; it is the set which is defined as: All beings in creation who hear the sacred music and follow the piper who found His Way all the way home.


Unknown said...

Les I have no desire to get into a dick measuring contest. I've been/posted on your site on and off for fifteen years. While you are exceptional with the esoteric/philosophical you know next to nothing about the stock market and finance. I was an active trader for thirty years and did many millions in trades. (probably hard for you to believe) I had my ups and downs but overall lost money. I did much better with real estate. Haven't traded much in the last eight years.

Trump didn't make his money trading in the stock market, he did it in real estate where an individual has some semblance of control. Yes the stock market has been up dramatically since the crash of 08 but it is all an illusion just like our 5% unemployment rate. The average run of the mill stock is in a bear market, very few stocks are keeping the averages up. The market has risen on very narrow breadth. Take away GOOG, AMZN, Netflix, Facebook and a few others and it would be a different story. How many times over the years have they rebalanced the Dow to create a pretty picture? 75+ percent of the volume is algos (programed computers) attempting to front run order flow. There is nothing but air under the market. The only legitimate volume is corporate buybacks financed with debt. Look at all the hedge funds that have gone out of business over the last couple of years. Technical and fundamental analysis no longer works. How can you trade without these tools? It is a crap shoot if you aren't one of the manipulators. You once said the truth is everything is a lie and it sure as hell applies to ALL paper markets.

Don't know if Trump is into charity but his enterprises have created thousands of jobs. How many people can say that? "Better to teach a person to fish than to give him a fish".

If it wasn't for the industrialists and the industrial revolution we would all be living in mud huts/log cabins and wiping our ass with leaves. Sure many of these people have gone way too far especially over the last thirty years but overall it has been a decent ride for most Americans although it looks like that ride might be coming to an end.

Comparing Trump to Soros or Rothschild is way off base. He has never been into the nefarious activity of those demons. Hell until he ran for president he was pretty much off the radar screen.


Visible said...

I've got nothing further to say to you. You don't know me at all or what I am familiar with. You want to support that toad, feel free. As for him never being into nefarious things, you know nothing. Your view of the world and the economic contributions of psychopaths and free market vampires puts you in a world that doesn't exist and which uses all the arguments that they use to justify what they have gotten away with. This is one of the stupidest statements I have ever seen; "If it wasn't for the industrialists and the industrial revolution we would all be living in mud huts/log cabins and wiping our ass with leaves."

I think Dickens had it right. You do not. You don't know if Trump is into charity or not? You really are well informed on the subject. World War 2 created millions of jobs also. If you want to talk to others here, feel free, I've no time or interest in these apologies for rape and pillage. I suggest you actually read about Trump's life and his activities. There is plenty to be found-

Of course... I have come across much more in my time and lived in New York and New York City of and on for 25 years from 69 to 92 plus

David Alan McBride said...

Fud, an enlightened and liberated humanity needs no governance.

Anonymous said...

Don't let him bait you visible. I know you know that is what he is doing. He's one of those guys that used to come around and doesn't anymore for reasons easily found. You can't have a discussion with people like that. They insult you and then criticize you for responding. He isn't worth the time of day and he speaks from the worst motivations in the human darkness. Anyone reading where he is coming from is going to have no use for him unless they are hanging out with Rush Limbaugh. Fuck him. Best to just leave comments like that alone and let others rise to your defense.


Anonymous said...

mr. fuddydud....another in a long line that includes Richard(Princeton Richard) and Capt. Spadgett.

Mr. Apocalypse whacks them sooner or later. Lot of that going around these days.


Anonymous said...

didn't trump get his trust fund in the seventies. bought real estate in manhattan, remember how cheap it was then. les must remember how much of a shithole all the bouroghs were. the only reason they stayed afloat was from robbing upstate new york blind. then reagan and the democratic legislature decided to rob the peoples wealth and give it to wall street to financialyze the economy. while robbing everyone, wasn't the dump and his middlemen pals, paying albany politicians, to ignore upstate new york and concentrate on tax breaks for manhattan, real estate speculators. then wham, the prices in the city started to climb just in time for the steam roll guiliani, to push all the undesireables out of manhattan. allowing the corporate welfare crowd to prosper at the expense of the masses. aren't manufacturing,farming, and small business the only jobs that have a multiplier effect. isn't dump(trump)a middleman rentier(skim off the top), mosquito? the very same type of system that destroyed the soviet union. only in a banana republic could you have a genocidal murderer vs blood sucker, receiving love from lifeforms that want to kill each other, to show their loyalty to them

Unknown said...

I wonder if you and R maybe you and you even know what I was talking about when I gave that rundown on the market? Noticed you didn't release my last post. First time you have done that to me since I have been here. Gives all the more credence to what I said.

Maybe you could tell McBride I can appreciate his statement but there has never been a enlightened and liberated society on the face of the earth. If we had followed the Constitution we would be in good shape. Very limited federal government and all other rights to the states or people. If you like the gay scene move to California, if you like guns then Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. People could gravitate to the state that best serves their needs. Al Bielek traveled several hundred years into the future and lived for two years in a society without conflict or need. It was governed by a master computer. Some say it was a false memory planted in his mind by government forces. Anyhow if you watched the interviews it appeared real to him.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Protocols of Zion and the Zionist Conspiracy against Humanity.

Ray B. said...

torus, March 18, 2016 2:43:00 PM :

With all due respect, that is not the way I 'work'. That would be putting the needs of the ego or the intellect over that of the Higher Self.

I have also noticed that my HS likes to be subtle. If needed, over the course of some writing or discussion, I will spontaneously say/write something and the Other will say, "How did you know that?" I will respond, truly, that it just 'popped out'. That state-of-affairs lets the higher good be in control.

By the way, it is not 'Ray' doing the Cleaning. It is a combination of my HS and other 'helpers' of various specializations. If you look at the Consciousness Levels involved, there is a vast-range to be 'cooperating'. All under some higher Knowing. 'Ray' kind of holds-the-focus, although Others take that over if I 'drift'. (Other times, HS does the Cleaning, and 'Ray' only knows about it if he 'drills-in' to find out why he feels-strange or is sat in one place for hours. Humbling.)

If the situation allows, it is most-optimum to have a 'helper' a few Levels higher than a given blockage or held-pain to work on that specific area. He/she/it is 'close' to the working-area, consciousness-wise, so the work is immediate and consequential. It is pertinent to that Being. However, that Being is high-enough 'above' the working-area to not be 'enmeshed' in it. Close-enough, but distant, is the optimum. For example, a 16-level Being might work on a 13-level area, and a 30-level Being might work on a 25-level area. Many hands...

Many of these 'helpers' are folks who have been Cleaned by someone (including 'Ray' having been Cleaned). They want to 'pay forward' the help, and so are eager volunteers (even if their waking-self does not know). So, it is not hard to quickly put together a 'team'.

I take the whole Cleaning process as one of the greatest "We are all in this together" manifestations of our time...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

@Ray. Thanks. Admittedly, my ego wanted to play. No ill intent here. A juvenile impetus on my part perhaps. Testing the potential parameters of remote viewing. With the subtle desire to be 'right'. I appreciate your sincerity. May you and 'yours' bless and help.

Ray B. said...

torus, thanks. That 'stuff' intrigues us all...

A dozen years or so back, I went through a time of 'being another person' as I woke up. Freaked the hell out of me, and I fought to get back to 'Ray'. After some experiences of 'waking up as yet-another person', my ego-self realized I was not going to die. I slowly conquered my ego-fear and was able to 'feel around' before the experience faded. General stuff, not details. That 'weirdness' ceased - at least consciously - after I got used to it and my fear subsided. A precursor to 'holding space' for Cleaning?
Speaking of Remote Viewing, I met Joe McMoneagle at "The Monroe Institute" while attending week-long classes there in 1985-6. (He was not a TMI employee.) It was slightly hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck raising to hear his 'informal' conversations about government Remote Viewing in conjunction with the Out-of-Body and Consciousness-Raising techniques being taught at TMI.

(Partway through one class, we were awakened one morning and brought together in the main room at TMI. There, Joe and Robert Monroe informed us that the Challenger space shuttle had just blown apart after launch. Poignant memories...)

One story Joe told us has stuck with me: Following normal RV protocols, Joe was handed a sealed-envelope to 'RV task'. Doing his thing, surprise! He ended up in a UFO! (It turned out later that he was given a photo of a UFO in the envelope.)

Well, the UFO occupants could somehow tell he was 'there'. They indicated he should leave. When he didn't, they did something to induce the fear-emotion in him. This snapped him back into normal consciousness in his body.

Joe put normal procedures aside. He contemplated what had just been done to him. Then, he went back into the RV state. He returned to the UFO, told the occupants that he now knew what had been done to him, and that it wouldn't work again. Then, Joe left the UFO and returned to normal consciousness. Big huevos...

This was not Joe's first UFO experience. There was a much-earlier incident in one of his books where he and a co-worker were on a Caribbean island, one night, on the way back from a base club. Suddenly, they were 'lit up' by an intense cone of light from some unknown overhead source. Joe suffered 'sunburn' from this exposure. His co-worker was impacted to such a greater extent that he had to be flown-out to a hospital in southern Florida. An early interest in him?

One aspect that Joe mentioned in his books - but did not delve into - had to do with any relationship between his Near Death Experience(s) and his RV ability. (He was poisoned while in Army Intelligence, before he got into RVing.) He mentioned that he had a deep 'NDE session' where all of his life to that point was reviewed and felt-through (even his emotional impact on others). Ultimately, he had a 'loved and forgiven' experience, and then was 'sent back'.

I wonder if that 'NDE session' removed his accumulated held-pain. (A form of hard-core Cleaning?) And if so, was his 'perception' much-clearer for RV purposes? Or even that some part of him was now based in Otherwhere? Would be great to hear his comments on this...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now-

By the Pools and Fountains, Rivers and Streams, Seas and Oceans of Discovery.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Sir Visible:

You are so eloquent.

I bow to your use of the English language.

You are so right on with the below Writing.

Bless you Visible, you ARE doing God's work.

Praise Jesus Christ.

All these things shall pass.

Peace and love,

Anaughty Mouser

Jesus Fud... I've seen denial before but this is exceptional. In that regard, Soros is a great success, so is Rothschild... war makes great money and lots of people have made fortunes at it. Messed up people don't make billions? Your idea of messed up and my idea are poles apart. It is the money junkies who have fucked this world up in complicity with those too stupid to pat their dog and chew gum at the same time. I'm guessing you haven't listened to Trump much. Well... he'll be at AIPAC shortly... enjoy.

He's a demagogue and by the way... if you have any memory of where the country and stock market have been over the past 20 some years (with a couple of bumps in the road) then turning 300 million into billions is not that hard. He's also gone bankrupt twice and had to be bailed out by bankers. Believe as you like, just don't expect me to. They are ALL nasty pieces of work. I do not respect someone because the business world is tough. I see what they have done with it. I might as well start respecting people who have no moral compass and don't give a shit about humanity but who make a lot of money from their cut throat business policies. It doesn't wash with me.



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