Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Little Stevie Wonder and some Alice Bailey too

Dog Poet Transmitting........

I know I probably pissed a few people off with my Easter message, or left them speechless. Today I want to talk about Stevie Wonder, who with his tireless artistry, has done more for world peace than all of us combined. Now... you might not know this about me but he is my favorite performer of all the things that I will never say as well as he has. What a treasure he is and I just want to share some of my most loved songs by him. In truth there are so many that one post would not give me near the opportunity to bring them all up but let us just travel to Songs in the Key of Life and 'Love is in Need of Love Today':

I see what is coming... so I just want to share some of his work with you. Most often we don't appreciate the people who did the best they could to tell us what we seem to never want to hear and it is always too late when we do hear it. My heart is breaking right now because I see what is coming and no one fucking listens. No one ever did it like Stevie Wonder did. Time for another? Why not?

You know, I have labored in these vineyards for almost 15 years. I haven't met all of you but like Bilbo said at his going away party; “I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” Of course consternation ensures, whether you were Proudfoots or something else that occurred on the other side of the Brandywine Bridge. It isn't a big deal to me. 'Loving you is easier than anything I'll ever do again.' That is sincerely meant and... no... I do not mean to take my life and the CIA can't kill me either. No one ever takes a life until it is permitted to happen by the ineffable.

I know some portion of you love me and some portion think I am full of shit but one thing no one can bring into question is that I have done my best to bring the almighty front row center in what I do; madman I might be but... I respect my betters and you could all profit from taking at least that from me. I know who makes the sunshine. I don't do that myself but I do bask in the light of it.

Many times I have said to myself and especially to the almighty who is always listening; “just let me sit in the further shadows of your light; the place where no one else wants to sit and I will be content to know that I got close to you somehow.” I know that more of you love me than don't ...so hear me when I say this; NOTHING is more important than to love the ineffable. You would not be alive otherwise. It is the breath in your body and though you can live without food for a good long time and without water.. less so. You cannot live without breathing for very long at all.

I know I am a bit of a fuckup and (nothing has happened in my life recently to bring that to my attention) I have not always been spot on but trust me when I tell you now that the bad guys know who is coming after them and they are on APB alert about that and prepared to do anything that will impress their master. When you are going to Hell and trust me on this... when you are going to Hell... the pecking order is the only important thing... funny how that applies to Heaven also... like I said... if I can sit on the utter outskirts of his/her magnificent glory, I will personally be content.

One of my problems is that I have an eidetic memory, like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I hardly forget anything. This happens when God uses you as a meat tenderizing experience. I don't know why I am saying this to any of you today. Maybe it is Easter. Easter makes me vulnerable. I know I say I have no religion but I love Jesus Christ. He is one of my heroes and if you can take anything to the bank about me you can not only take that... you can ride it there too.

A little more Stevie Wonder. Sure.

You know, I have followed that guy since he was on the Ed Sullivan Show at around 11 or 9 or whatever he was. They called him Little Stevie Wonder at the time. I guess one last tune won't hurt.

The idiocy is reaching remarkable lows. I first saw this piece of totally fabricated garbage yesterday and they have now scrubbed it from the mainstream, where the article included terrible spelling and such funny inconsistencies that my friend and I were laughing our heads off. I wish all of you had been in the room while I was reading it out loud and losing my lunch (figuratively) while this was going on.

If you check the mainstream news these days, it is as if they really have lost their minds. I remember a few years ago in Italy when I was recounting something Mr. Apocalypse was saying to me about catching all of these psychopaths with their pants down and exposing them through their own organs of dissemination. No... I am not making some kind of double entendre here. They are losing it.

The terror program is going off the charts. This is what happens when you get caught in your own web of deceit. It's not my fault; lucky me.

How stupid does the public have to be for this to happen? Oh! Excuse me. The public is waking up. Evil eventually devolves into stupidity; lucky us. It is really all about critical mass. I see a lot of overburdened camels. The shit is about to hit the fan and just like the way vacuum cleaners can work in both directions we are about to see what happens when you reverse the flow and forgot you did it. It makes it a little dicey when you also forget what you were trying to use it for ...because the cosmic vacuum cleaner has a lot more power. It is one thing to sit on the washing machine while you get yourself off in the spin cycle or even the wash cycle. It is another thing entirely to be in the machine when it happens.

I'm sorry for backtracking to 2005 with my poor attempt at poetry but that happens occasionally. I find that my computer is compromised so... since I know you are watching, let me tell you... all your efforts just went south in a big way. Never bait a bear in his own den and certainly don't try that stuff in spring. Why, I do believe I just saw a couple of cubs crossing the road.

This is what happens when you believe your own bullshit. Eventually a reckoning comes and especially when pride is part of your repertoire or in the artillery larder; most of the time you wind up putting a gun to your own head and never realize you have done so until two seconds after you are gone and find yourself in a different world. This place might not be my world but that place most certainly is. You come to find you are not so well equipped as you used to be but some of us are far better equipped. I enjoy being compassionate... here and there ...but there are times when compassion does no good. Sometimes one has to open the door for the punisher. This does not mean becoming the punisher. This only means opening the door. Sometimes the door you open is the door to your own heart and sometimes a door is just a door.

I will close with something by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul...

"The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.”

God bless you my friends...

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant and breathtaking.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I rather liked your Easter post. And both flatmate and myself liked the radio show.

torus said...

Greetings Les! Little Stevie Wonder, indeed. A favourite of mine since childhood. Seeing him perform 'For Once In My Life' on TV in my childhood was a pivotal moment. The harmonica solo haunted me. Along with his demeanor and his obvious "vision". Amazing time period, '68 onward through the 70's. The most, bad-assed, clavinet funk riff, OF ALL TIME, occurs in 'You Haven't Done Nothin'

"We would not care to wake up
To the nightmare that's becoming real life
But when misled, who knows, a mind can turn as cold as ice...mmm-hmmmm."

Anonymous said...

Stevie Wonder is boycotting Florida because of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon confrontation. The jew mainstream media labeled Zimmerman whose father is an arab jew and whose mother is a South American Indian as being "White". As in "White Christian" American. Of course, Stevie Wonder went along with the LIE that jew-Indian Zimmerman is "White" to use as an excuse to bash ALL White Americans. He made a big stink out of the Zimmerman/Trayvon confrontation. In the meantime, the Mexicans in Southern California are killing blacks in large numbers, and the Mexicans are forcing blacks out of traditionally black neighborhoods in Southern California at the point of guns. The guns and weapons the Mexicans are using to force blacks out of traditional black neighborhoods and kill blacks, are guns the black Obama and the black Holder gave to the Mexican criminal gangs. See "Operation Fast and Furious".

Stevie Wonder never has any thing to say about Mexicans in California forcing blacks out of their neighborhoods and killing blacks with weapons the black Obama and the black Holder gave to the Mexicans. NEVER has a word of condemnation for black Obama's "Operation Fast and Furious". So Stevie Wonder is just another phony-face two-face in America. Whatever the jews want him to get aggrieved about, even if it's based on a lie as "Zimmerman is White" is a lie, he gets aggrieved about. What the jews want him to remain silent about, he remains silent about. What a race-baiter and what a two-face and what a phony Stevie Wonder is.

Just like all the other blacks in Hollywood and in show business [ and in politics also], they only get aggrieved when they see the opportunity to bash Whites. They only get aggrieved when it's Jew "approved" to get aggrieved. Even when they know their self-righteous anger and their bashing of White Americans is based on a LIE. When it comes to NON Whites forcing blacks out of black neighborhoods at the point of guns and killing blacks in large numbers with weapons a black president and a black attorney general gave the Mexicans, Stevie Wonder, just like ALL of his fellow blacks, is TOTALLY silent and never a righteous word about it.

Another LIE : The church "shooting" in Charleston was a government psyops, a false flag. There was NO shooting, no deaths.

As Stevie Wonder righteously boycotts Florida, because of some arab jew/South American got in a confrontation with a black and the black lost, Mexicans in Southern California where Stevie Wonder lives are forcing blacks out of black neighborhoods and killing blacks in large numbers with weapons the black Obama and the black Holder gave to the Mexicans -- and Stevie Wonder knows it too. Also, how come Stevie Wonder never gets appalled at the large number of blacks who get killed every night in the USA at the hands of their fellow blacks? I bet he's not boycotting Chicago, where so many of his fellow blacks get killed by his fellow blacks . What a phony face Stevie Wonder is. Yet another race baiter for the jew Communist agenda.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

You are one of the great forces for truth and integrity. I am proud to know you, even at a distance. You have made my life better than it would have been. In the darker hours of my life you were the candle in the night.

Visible said...

I know you are a government operative. When you do your snake in the grass impersonations to besmirch the work of one of our tireless friends, you only diminish your own lack of capacity to put your name on your work. I think there are a lot of people out there who think Les Visible is not my name but it has been for many years. All I can say about myself is that I am not a coward. I take the blows, come what may. People can accuse me of many things but not of cowardice or lack of endurance. You... my friend, are missing both and will soon be gone, if not on this very day.

Visible said...

By the way Torus and Pierre. You have both been a pleasure for some time. I just don't always respond but I always notice.

Kazz said...

We are mere clay in the hands of the master potter. Everything exists for the glory of God. Without the intercession of the Christos we would all be lost forever in the wilderness. The Holy Spirit is the guide that helps us extinguish ego from our temple so we can better reflect the beauty and glory of our divine creator. None of this would be possible without the dark, that exists purely so the light can be realised. What IS leaves me in awe and humbled in a way that I cannot begin to describe. My eyes have been opened and I see my only enemy is me and my resistance to the Will of God.

Luv and thanks to everyone for being a part of my journey of realisation. How far the journey ahead is I do not know, so I pray my Father in Heaven will continue to shine his light of love to illuminate my path so I can find my way home.

One very humbled spirit in flesh who has yet to be given their name.

Anonymous said...

"My Cherie Amour?"

One of the very best love songs, ever.

Miss those days in LA--listening to Stevie's station: KJLH-FM
Kindness. Joy. Love. Happiness.

Thanks, Vis

Ray B. said...

Vis, I thought you might be interested in this:

Russia vs. Scientology: Kremlin Cracks Down on Controversial Church.
By Eva Hartog - Mar. 25 2016

Ray B. said...

On "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", he made a perceptive 'joke' (or expression of public rage) while under-the-hat:

The airlines have introduced a new upgraded-seating category: The 'Feel-Good Economy Class'.

It's the same seat as Economy Class, but you get to punch a person in First Class as you pass.

(Not too Spiritual, but I grinned anyway...)

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les I am guessing that as "the punisher" you are referring to "Yamaraja", King of the South who takes souls off to punishment after death.
(I am trying to recall where Christ says something to the effect "I do not judge you, there is one who judges but it is not I". But like that "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" the fudies will burn me as a heretic if I claim the Paraclete is the Paramatma)
That is why Hare Krishnas wear tulasi beads around their neck to be recognized and avoid punishment.
Yamaraja is also said to be the deity that teaches proper methods of devotion.
Ray Hilhey

Visible said...

Well said Senor Hilchey.

GabreaL Jones said...

Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder makes it easier to get through the day, is'nt it? as the Dalai Lama would say.

HI-malaya, Dog Poet / am afraid you are losing side of the track here and pointing your readers in the wrong direction. You have been in Ramana Maharshi Ashram. OK. As a True Teacher of the One Light he points to the one ‘I’, Who Am I?

Have researched the Alice Bailey including the Maitreya / Benjamin Creme stuff thoroughly enough not only intellectually years ago and concluded it is false light.

Here are 2 good sites offering in-sight in this ‘spiritual’ matter of trava Luci:

(…) Lucis Trust is run through an international board of trustees whose membership is said to have included: John D. Rockefeller…Robert S. McNamara... and Henry Kissinger. This would then tie Bailey's influential occult organization into the international conspiracy of elitists, including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission (…).

The Lucis trust (originally the Lucifer trust , although they themselves deny it.
LUCFR. Whose I is burka-d in the CFR…? Lucis trust is closely linked to the UNO which is deception numero uno.

And this one by Arjun Walia:



Unknown said...

I had the good fortune of studying jazz with James Newton at UCI, what a sight and sound, golden flute joyously bobbing to the beat, melliflluously steaming melody from the heart of this Giant Teddy Bear of a man. He had pictures of two musicians in his office, Jimi & Stevie.

http://www.jamesnewtonmusic.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Newton

Anonymous said...

"The omnipotent Yamaraja is as good as Lord Brahma, for while situated in his own abode or in everyone's heart like the Paramatma, he mentally observes the past activities of a living entity and thus understands how the living entity will act in future lives. He has the complete cooperation of the Supreme Lord, who is situated in everyone's heart, and therefore, by the grace of the Supersoul, he can see the past, present and future of a living being from within."

Anonymous said...

Vis, if you feel like a belly laugh--or two, I can recommend Melissa McCarthy's "Spy."

And for sobering up from that: "Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told," which you can view in its entirety (26/27 parts) on U-tube. A little rough around the edges--and absolutely fucking fascinating work. (And for anyone who's seen it and knows, I'd appreciate a lead on the soundtrack that was used throughout--it was exceptional.

Cheers from here.

Anonymous said...

‘Muscles from Brussels’ Jean-Claude Van Damme visits Kabbalah centre in Israel for ‘spiritual advice’ following terror attacks in his home nation

Would that JCVD had made time during his propaganda tour to visit ICTS--the Israeli "security experts" whose omnipresence at the Brussels airport, Boston Logan, Schipol-Amsterdam, etc. has been coincident with multiple "terrorist" attacks.

To watch these whores of Hollywood (Hey, Madonna!) offer themselves up to ZOG is disgusting.

wiggins said...

Ah....it seems like only yesterday.


Visible said...

gabriel; I don't think you know who you are dealing with. I work for the good guys and you don t.

Anonymous said...

Ah. The plot thickens. Someone commented on the DM that JCVD's trip to Occupied Palestine was penance for his recent impolitic statements on French TV regarding the Rothschild's, Central Banks, etc. It seems Van Damme is nobody's fool.

But obviously they got to him. Trying to imagine the threats that must have been made ...regarding his Hollywood career? His continued good health?

Bet he and Robert DeNiro could have a pretty interesting note-comparing conversation.

Anonymous said...

I just have to laugh at anyone who takes Dali Rolex seriously.


Unknown said...

How interesting Gabreal mention's.......ol Benny Cream ;)

I heard him as well on Frank's Impact Show.....charlatan choot.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
[part 1]
why thank you Visible, though as they say about voting, don't , it just encourages them (/kidding).

speaking of bears, an extract from a new book by Roger Reaves (currently doing the latter part of his 18 year sentence in australia for cannabis smuggling - he notes in the book before Reagan maximum for any dope charge was 5 years, links to Clinton's and Cocaine, the usual business)


Kindle edition (kindle/amazon/kobo do not have any Linux apps for their DRM's for non WiFi astutes)

This book has that integrity thing in spades, DC3's and guns when you were allowed to have them, this story around mid 1950's from the book.

cont part 2


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
(part 2)

from Reaves book smuggler

A little ways further down the lane a gigantic man with long black hair and a flowing beard
draped over his chest paced a platform in front of a circus wagon bellowing into a microphone,
“What’s your name, young man?”
“Roger Reaves”
“Where you from Roger?”
“I’m from Georgia.”
“I mighta’ known. These yellow-bellied Canadians ain’t got guts enough to wrestle my bear.”
“How much you weigh?”
“145 pounds.”
“Show’em your muscles boy.”
With those words, he opened the door to the circus wagon and threw me in with a 600-pound
muzzled black bear. As soon as I stepped onto the platform people started flocking in. This
should have told me something, but I figured a mule stumbled sometimes and five hundred
dollars was a lot of money. The old bear hadn’t looked so big while lying down, about the size of
a big old sow, but once he started getting up, he was all over that cage. A monster! I decided to
take my chance before he got ready, I slammed into him with all my 145 pounds, knocked him
off balance and we slammed into the side of the cage. I grabbed him around his neck, but it was
all loose skin, kinda’ like the neck of a bloodhound. He drew back his neck like a turtle and I was
holding an armful of nothing. He caught me just above the ankles with a lightning swipe of his
padded paw, laying me out horizontally, chest high and headed for a wreck. The floorboards were
purposely loose and I did make a racket when I hit. The crowd cheered. Someone whistled and
yelled to me, “Sic-em.” I was barely on my feet before the same thing happened again and I hit the
floor hard. There were several rapid repeats. My head was hurting and I was weakening. A new
strategy was desperately needed.
I lay on the floor catching my breath and clearing my head, jumped up, grabbed the bars in
the top of the wagon and swung my puny 145 pounds into the bear, hitting him in the face with
the heels of both shoes. This drew blood. The bear went insane! He lunged at me and with a
fearsome growl threw me to the floor as though I were a rag doll, knocking the breath right out
of me for the longest time, to where I thought it was never coming back. He was pawing
frantically at me with his heavy padded paws, growling and trying to bite my head off at the neck.
I was covered in bear blood and foaming slobber. The big bearded Alaskan rushed into the cage,
snapped a chain on the bear’s collar and pulled him off. The bear then turned on its owner,
knocking him backwards and ran outta the cage and through the crowd.
You should’a seen those yellow-bellies stomping all over one another as they struggled to get
away. Yeah, “Sic-em!” The chain got tangled on one of the stakes supporting the tent and pulled
it out. That side of the tent collapsed, but this held the bear.
My clothes were literally torn off. I asked the Alaskan for my ten dollars and he told me to go
to hell. When Bryan dropped me off at the farm, I collapsed as I stepped out of the car and had
to be carried into the bunkhouse. I lost two days’ work and a set of clothes in that debacle."

contd part 3

Anonymous said...

pierre said
(part 3)

The funny thing, this is like Scott Bennett (The Shell Game) who was tossed into a civilian prison (despite being under military jurisdiction) into the same cell as the UBS Executive whistle blower who told about that bank funding ISIS (ISIS'is'US), Brendon O'Connell, 3 years for talking up to a Jew provocateur and blogging about it, shared a cell with Roger Reaves... hence this book. There must be a God, or they are their own worse enemies. I am not exactly taking up arms against a sea of struggles , but I am at least learning.. and thank God for that opportunity.

also I found this Wells Caravan To Midnight #100 2014 with Richard Dolan interesting.. all the loose ends that I am in rapport with... aliens, telepathy, bad and totalitarian but not all bad. covered the 'do you want every person in this world to be able to turn a glass of water and 3 lasers into a hydrogen bomb' thing I ponder.

[I did, though , not feel comfortable of Stevie 'Wonder''s playing Superstition on Sesame St, though that was not as bad as the kids in the Bush My Pet Goat cult drama on 911, and I am probably just a jeleous guy that they could dance freely and boogie.]

Ray B. said...

Vis, a possible 'litmus test' coming from Russia :

“What we have to bear in mind that when the neo-liberals’ screaming and gnashing of teeth and wailing about something, it means that this 'something' is positive and good.

I have this simple media test. When a situation is too confusing to understand, I look at the neo-liberal media. If they condemn something, it means that this 'something' is bad for them, and good for Russia.”


The definition of Neo-Liberal, as it is not equivalent to what US thinks of as 'Liberals':

“This is the philosophy that underpins and drives economic globalization. At its core is a belief in the free market and minimum barriers to the flow of goods, services and capital. It is an extension of the traditional liberal philosophy, which argues for a separation of politics and economics and that markets should be “free” from interference of government. This approach is based on four principles:

* Economic growth is paramount: corporations and their agents need to be free to pursue whatever gives them an economic advantage and, in consequence, internal and global markets must be free to operate with little government constraint or regulation.
* Free trade benefits all nations - rich or poor - because every nation has a comparative advantage.
* Government spending creates inefficiency and waste: although most neo-liberals agree that not all public expenditure is wasteful, many argue that it can be reduced.
* In the distribution of economic goods, individual responsibility replaces the concepts of public goods and community.

There are four pillars to the neo-liberal approach all of which involve liberalization (the reduction of rules and restrictions): capital account liberalization, trade liberalization, domestic liberalization, and privatization.”

(Here, we call them Neo-Cons, NWOs, Sauron-wannabees, Orcs, etc...)

Anonymous said...

wasn't Maitreya, the lizard king slavemaster who ruled over the earth in the in between time(post atlantis/lemuria to the current historical records beginning). isn't their a cabal awaiting his return?

GabreaL Jones said...

You are playing the pope game, Les. Un jeu tres fatiguant. Am too fresh to fall for your miniature Vatican. A blind leading the blind game. The very fact that you put your trust in and push the poisonous spinach of Maitreya and his masters of wisdom / Bailey / Lucis Trust = UNO= Rockefeller=Agenda 21 shows that your visit to Ramanashram did not >(yet)< give you the answer on the one and only worthwhile question that the Maharshi puts: Who Am I? (despite of the world’s situation of what the 'I' thinks of it, etc.).

Benjamin Creme is the lubricant (glijcreme=sliding creme in dutch) with which the lucifer trust tries to fuck the world. In the first half of the last century during Wesak they already made use of holographic projections , just more maya, in a Himalayan valley. The bs of bluebeam will be booming the coming years as they did when Nobleprice Barry was in Oslo.

This great invocation is like satin yet it is a satanic invocation. Happen to be clairvoyant like me madre. By the Grace of Mother Divine Maharshi Ramana’s Question was answered and wiped me off the map.

Let me help you, popey, no more spinach, put yourself this question:
Who/what is it that is going to die….


Visible said...

I know what you are up to. Using one name and then pretending you are someone else. If you knew what you were talking about I would listen.

Anonymous said...


All things are one... One Energy (Creator,God,etc)
High viberation (Spirit,Light)
Low vibes (material,darkness)
Everything in Nature tries to be Round
what goes around, comes around, what you sow, you will reap, etc...
Life everlasting, no death, only energy shift or change at so called death

Heart Energy matches The Energy of The Universe

The same energy that Is The Universe, is the same Energy that runs through each and every one of Us, just in different viberation or form....

That Energy is The Reason We Are All One....

Our job as Warriors of Light is to raise our Viberational Level and tap into and transfere The Light to others and Mother Earth in a form of Healing.

(remember, fear controls)Low Vibes
NO FEAR ! ! !

We are Co-Creators with the Creator

To Create,
Open The Heart,
(our Heart matches the Energy of the Universe)
(you have to have this Open)
(Forgiveness has to occur first in all things of your life and Love will truly take over)
Think a thought followed with the spoken Word and Create.
It will manifest in this World....
Create Well My Friends ...

Thank You Les Visible for Being a Shining Light for Many of Us...
You Do Your Job Well.

My Purpose in this Universe time here is to Help Raise The Viberation of The People and The Earth.
May The Awakening Happen Faster....It Is Done

many other observations but no more time.
ha ha
There Is No Time,
Only Flow....

walking hawk,
healer of minds,bodies,hearts and souls.

LOVE to ALL of YOU . Bring In The LIGHT ! ! !

Anonymous said...

to gabreal jones,
The Ego has to die.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

The EGO Has to Die

ha ha

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Wasted 10 years of my life hanging around people (and a supposed guru) who all thought "the ego had to die."

Nonsense! Not to mention that mode of thinking makes you hate yourself, too. Though it may be subtle.

No disrespect walking hawk, really I mean that. Your ego is you vehicle here. We need it. Though it should be tamed, I suppose. :)


PS- Been a while since we had an "operative" around here. :)

Visible said...

Thank you Jim for having an awareness. Yeah... I am about to get a huge promotion so they are all over the place at the moment. They are hacking my computer; making my emails disappear... pretty much anything they can do and the Kabala at a distance is like a freight train but only God controls the light and darkness... no fear and no worries.

Anonymous said...

no offence takin jim...

by this saying i meant we can't take credit for things 'we' do... We are only the conduit for the Flow...
some of us are put in this position of spreading Light for healing to others and when put into this situation, some realise so much power is to be had, they end up thinking it is them that has this Power...
Thus, a big head... (ego)

In the work that i'm gifted with, i always pass the credit to the Creator.. The Higher Power.. etc.. any word for your Higher Being.. all the same to me..

that is the ego i was refering to...

i have to give credit where credit is due or i wouldn't be able to do for others what i'm supposed to do...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, we are all one. Does that mean Source is bi-polar, or the ultimate sadomasochist? Auto-cannibal! Ouroboros is a damn good description of all that is, based on the predatory nature of so many realms, and if all in One, One is consuming itself. I mean, judging the state of the world and all that.

OK. all ya head shrinkers out there in your pseudo-occupation of the destruction of humanity with obnoxious psych drugs. Have fun with that observation.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Buttons, obviously Source is the source of both, and then some.
How could the Source of all that be, lack anything?
Including form and personality.
We have these .. and God doesn't?
Talk about Guinness Book class ego!

Not you particularly. Rather in general, particularly..

Anonymous said...

I saw this story, and couldn't help but think of Mr. Apocalypse.


Somehow, someone dumped a whole lot of their emails out into the world, for everyone to see. The article is titled "Unaoil: The company that bribed the world." I don't know if you've already learned about this one, but it appears to be a doozy of a scandal, with entanglements going all the way into the highest offices, public and private, all over the world.

Thought you might find it interesting. Keep up the good work!


torus said...

"A common misunderstanding among those engaged in a spiritual practice is that there is something wrong or even diabolical about ego ("I", "me", "my, mine"). In fact, these cognitions are natural functions of the body-mind and language and need not be (nor can they be) eradicated. Ego comes and goes all by itself. (Where is ego during dreamless sleep?)
Ego is not an entity, but an activity - not (properly) a noun, but a verb. Ego - "I" does not, in itself, 'live'. Ego- "I" is LIVED in and of the Great and Total Process of Reality. In other words, the phenomenal "I" is not the Self - not a living identity. There is only God, the Continuum, and such Real Identity is infinite and unknowable.
Ego-"I" is given; not self existent, but produced, emerging and disappearing spontaneously. "I" is not solid, not ultimate or fundamental. Ego "I" is only a program, a composite pattern within Reality. The Real Self gives rise to the self-image (ego-"I") through language and memory.
There is no need to establish, protect, preserve, improve or even monitor ego. There is no need to hate, fear or destroy ego-"I". Reality is not in the least concerned about ego-"I". Ego (the functional mind) in itself is already not a hindrance, not the root cause of suffering.
But the root cause of suffering is misidentification with this constructed "I"."
Awakening to the Obvious, Adyashakti

torus said...

"There is no need to kill the ego. No possibility of it, either! Just see it for what it is. In periods of stillness and quiet investigation (meditation), learn to see beyond the software. To fear or hate ego is a belly-ache from partially digested Eastern philosophy. Mature teachings have criticized this futile path of trying to destroy the ego.

1. Ego-"I" is not within (interior) to the body-mind. "I" names the whole body-mind.

2. Ego-"I" (the whole body itself) is the sophisticated creation of billions of years of psycho-physical evolution.

3. There is nothing independent about ego. "I" is a functional unit of the total cosmos.

4. The multi-dimensional human body-mind itself is ego, and it is the crown of creation.

Praise the ego!

You can try to eliminate or block the ego. (But ask yourself who is trying, pal.) Or, you can live each moment as Wholeness, in which case, you'll find that ego comes and goes all by itself.
Whether the ego appears or disappears, ego is not the enemy. The "I" - sense does not prevent happiness or enlightenment. Indeed, even after a person enjoys oceanic states of ego-dissolution, of absolutely selfless being, the ego-"I" comes back online, all by itself. This should not be surprising: after all, every night the ego vanishes in deep sleep, and every morning it pops up again in the waking state. This tells you all you need to know about the usefulness of the "I" - program."
Awakening to the Obvious, Adyashakti

Food for thought. But isn't the banquet table full? How do we live, work, play, and die without beating our heads against imaginary problems, yet still confront the real ones?

Anonymous said...


to make a musical analogy---if existence is an experiential song, ego is a melody, not the musical instrument.


Anonymous said...

thank you.

you evidently have a much greater understanding about the 'ego'. way over my head.(but,i was and am shown things in much simpler terms...)
for me, and i apologise if i'm repeating my info. in the work that i do,the ego for me in my situation would take credit for healings.... i do not take the credit for what occurs... the Creator,God,Light,High Vibes,The Great Mystery,Etc... flows thru me. To achive this use of Power, i get in prayer mode and other means and connect to Spirit... each individual has much negitive energies in them or attached to them.. I'm then guided by Spirit on where they are and how to remove such negative energies.. restore Power to affected areas for the healing... a lot more involved than that but i believe you get what i mean... some people get Spiritual messages thru me also about their life to help them in their healing prosess...
I do also teach some of the basics on how to turn on The Higher Power and apply it to affected areas and take pain away...Literally hundreds of people... All Good Stuff...
Sorry to ramble on....

To do this work, i cannot take the credit. I'm just the middle guy in this and was shown my place in the Universe.... A connection between Spirit and man and what i have to do....

Anyway, my understanding of Ego, for me, would be if I took credit for this Work..
Ego,(for me)would be me(ego),thinking that i have this power and it was me that gives the healing... It Is Not me... We have also gotten a couple of athiests to admit that there is a Higher Power...
thanks for your time and energy...
I just consider myself an Energy Transfere Specialist.

walking hawk

Note: not all healings are 100%...some are though and anywhere in between, maybe 90% good to go.... Depends on alot of factors...

torus said...

@mandocello. Thanks!

@walking hawk. Whoa, easy there big fella!! I was just sharing some riffs from an author. I'm trying to adopt my ego as one would a naive pet. That naive little puppy is still seeking forgiveness outside himself. He carries the weight of the world on his brow, nips and growls, and just wants to see his masters face.

I think the place that Jon Anderson and Chris Squire sing of just might exist.

I give you "Wondrous Stories" from YES.

"I awoke this morning; Love laid me down by the river.
Drifting, I turned on upstream bound for my forgive.
In the giving of my eyes to see your face, sound did silence me, leaving no trace.

I beg to leave to hear your wonderous stories.
Beg to hear your wonderous stories.

He spoke of lands not far, nor lands they were in his mind;
Of fusion captured high where reason captured his time.
In no time at all he took me to the gate.
In haste I quickly checked the time;
If I was late, I had to leave to hear your wond'rous stories.
Had to hear your wonderous stories.

It is no lie; I see deeply into the future.
Imagine everything; you're close, and we're you there to stand so cautiously at first,
And then so high.
As he spoke, my spirit climbed into the sky.
I bid it to return to hear your wond'rous stories."

Anonymous said...

Good Morning People....
I choose today to share some of my understanding and knowlege with all of you, if your interested....
Like Visible say's, take what is useful for you or rings that bell.. and discard the rest..you won't hurt my feelings... (grin)

I'll start paraphrasing Nicole Tesla..something like... the universe is made up of vibration,frequency and light.. something like that... He's right.

Anyway, Everything comes into us from Spirit World first... and it's according to your Spirit, how it affects The Mind..
How our Mind is, affects our Emotional Self....
And the combination of these permeates into our Physical Being....
It come in thru layers of vibration.. High (spirit)to Low (material)

It is a Spiritual War out there and it Manifests itself in this 3 dimensional material bulshit world we have here....
This is how the Dark Ones control us.. or most of us..
Remove God, or Spirit or morality from our lives,and there is no Spiritual connection anymore...(high vibes) The Dark Ones also overload fear on us to lower our vibrational state of being so we can't connect to Spirit as easy.

Ok... Knowing that being overloaded with negative vibes(watch news,fear,people,places and things,etc..)in all aspects of our daily living,(spirit,mental,emotional and physical self)the negativity will permeate our beings.. (all four dimensions of us)

A great many of our problems are the result of this negative energy falling to our feet and leggs resulting in not being very Grounded...
Anyone that knows anything about electricity knows that power always seeks a ground.
Lightning ? Automotive ? House current ? Etc..
Thought i would throw some science facts in for some of you to make it easier to see this.
so... as Power comes in from the top,(Spirit and mind)it gets blocked by negative energy that is inside our body.. (short to grounds,damaged wiring,etc,,) which results in pain... Thus, locate said negative energy and remove... restore Power and effect a healing.... (grin)

This post is not about me,(ego)it's about Bringing Light to darkness,,, the Cosmic shift you'all know about...I've been given many gifts for free, so i give freely back to all that would recieve them.. (it's all about spreading The Light)

so much to relate to you all... well i've given you some of the mentality of the way it works,, hoping there is at least some understanding of this...?

I teach this stuff and it is much easier to do in person,but we'll try it like this here because i care... and Love this Place and People that visit and contribute to Life... Thank You All

have to take a break and eat... i'll be back.. (arnold?)

Anonymous said...

sorry, previous post is walking hawk.. (energy work)

Anonymous said...

Visible, I want to contribute to your community here...

I will have a standing offer to Anyone out there...

If anyone wants to learn how to relieve pain from others, literally takes 70`80% of the pain gone,,(basics and sometimes heals,,,depending on circumstanses)then i am willing to travel some and meet face to face to teach this method to you... you can then record this prosess and put up on Visible's site so anyone/everyone can learn this..To many things to try to teach this by printing...Can't do it

Vis.. i want to give to your community here because you have given so much... Thank You...

Anyway.. i will also do healing work with whomever will be in attendance..(remove negitive energies, Open Hearts and Minds and such)This a personal healing for you and or your Loved Ones.
so you have a personal experience with The Work

We can all help spread the vibes of Light and Healing... It's part of The Plan ya know.(in the cosmic sense)

ok.. info..

I live about 10-15 minutes from Akron, Ohio
I am willing to travel up to an hour or so to meet up with you.
Or, you come see me .. (healing room at home)High Vibes best.
can do outside..(nature high vibes)private best... but i literally have done a healing in a parking lot down at the local store..(grin)
email- jafo1128@yahoo.com
Mention Smoking Mirrors, give me your phone no. and name and i'll call you and we can set something up.. sound good?
Experience with... m.s.,autism,mental issues,back and neck,any nerves,emotional and spiritual issues,tumor in eye(made eye drops for this, gone in 2 weeks and 3 days)verified and on record...flipped out the doctor when he showed up for operation and radiation..Ha ha), Any Thing... physical nerve damage.. many other things etc...
My promise to you is i give 150% and any/every thing that transpires is all good..

No EGO Involved here.. (there's that fuckin word again, grin)
It Will Change Your Life and those around you...

Love to All Here and lookin forward to meeting a few of you...

walking hawk

p.s. Ray B... sorry to have not gotten ahold of ya a long while ago..

Thank You Vis for all you do...

Visible said...

I am sorry too. You have no idea what has been coming through here lately.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones:

Remember your recommendation and our discussion of "The Shining Ones" by the O'Briens? Well, I have been reading “From the Ashes of Angels” by Andrew Collins (1996), which examines any historical basis concerning ‘genetic mixing’ of the human species in early times. I am about halfway through, now.

Collins has read and devotes considerable space to one of the O'Brien's early works, "The Genius of the Few". (It constitutes the first half of "The Shining Ones", in effect.) Collins applauds the O'Briens' translation of text, and runs with it. Cool.

Collins does make an interesting 'addition' to the O'Briens' work. The O'Briens noted that the only substantial Cedar forests in ancient times were in the Ante-Lebanon range's foothills. So, they placed Kharsag (or Eden - in Sumerian, 'Edin') in that area, based on the Cedars. Collins has found paleo-climatological research that proves that a vast forest of Cedars once existed in the valleys of the Zagros mountains of Kurdistan (pp.214-5). Apparently, the Sumerians cut them all down, over the course of their civilization. By later times, even memory of the existence of these Cedar forests had lapsed from human memory...

Based on the above (and local legends), Collins has said (p.216), "Since there is clear evidence for the former presence of cedar forests in the Zagros [mountains], it seems much more likely that Kharsag [Edin] was located either in this region, or in the eastern Taurus range, and not in far-off Lebanon." He makes a convincing case.

So, it appears that the O'Briens made the initial breakthroughs, and were misled by currently-available evidence of Cedars in their 'interpretation' of Kharsag's location. Kudos to both the O'Briens and Collins for research to date.

(It is interesting that this general area is being fought-over in the present. Could there be 'ulterior motives' for gaining control of this ancient territory? Not to mention, keeping pesky archaeologists clear of this area? I wonder if artifact-tracking is not the main reason underlying the manufactured-strife in this region...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

One more thing. #45 is such a tease. And you expect I can sleep again until I see your next post?

SLUUUUUUUUUUURP! That's a 'virtual nose lick', which is about as hostile a manoeuvre as a member of The Holey Order of the Septum engages in within The Order for doing that to me and other readers who are also probably going nuts with curiosity and anticipation, and you have been made an honourary member whether you know it or not, so. . .

torus said...

Thanks for the kind words Les.

Ray B. said...

Vis and Third Elf, some good info (that you probably already know) on 'sponsored' Troll Tactics :

“You pull up a virtual machine, a virtual computer, but this computer could be on a server anywhere in the world and the IP address is anywhere, wherever that server is in the world.

So you can be sitting at this station and be pulling up these virtual machines from servers all over the world and make it look like you're in those locations from the IP address. And these people would have over a dozen different personalities that were created online, and had back stories, back information, have social media tied to them – very complex personalities set up with them.

And these operatives were normally what we call the 'personality metamorph types'. It's a program of people that were sociopaths, really good liars and infiltrators, and were really sociopaths and were really good at this job.

And they would sit down. Some of them would just troll around looking for information. Some of them would be given targets, go to certain Internet forums – esoteric Internet forums – log on with three or four user IDs, and sit there and cause a huge disruption if they saw a topic that was legit or something they didn't want to be talked about, cause a big disruption and sit there and have an argument with their self. And it looks like it's three or four people, problem people, having an argument, when it's really the same person sitting at a computer using virtual machines from all over the world and using fake personalities with user IDs.
They'll put out misinformation to cloudy the water and make people doubt or make people think there's been inconsistencies. They'll put out full disinformation contrary to it, or ... they will sit there and bait people into debates that turn into circular debates that frustrate people to where people are triggered and don't want to come back, or they just say 'pfft to the whole thing'. I mean, there's a whole bunch of different scenarios and tactics that they use to manipulate and play with people's minds.
If there are certain people that are strong supporters of a certain topic that they don't like, they'll begin to harass people, stalk them online, and even form alliances with real people and manipulate them into causing problems for the person as well. So, they will manipulate other people that are of a similar mind to cause problems, as well.

So, they're not just manipulating the people they disagree with. They'll find other skeptics, feed them information for them to say, 'Oh, okay. I knew it.' And then they will take that misinformation and feed it further down the line. ...they receive information that they don't take the time to verify, and they just pass it along.
Their goal is to throw you off. If you're calm, cool, and collective and having a discussion in that matter, they'll try to get you into a circular debate until they trigger you and you lose it. And then they can say, 'See, look at this person.'
These people are very clever. A lot of them will approach you and be real friendly even, and you will feel an affinity towards them and then pfft, they'll turn on you and somebody will post some information you shared with them.
You've got to be very careful with people that are telling you you're special and boosting your ego, telling you how important your work is, and that kind of thing. It's nice to hear, but you've got to be careful.
So, you know, some of it is just personality, people out there that are just being people, but the data centers that we set up were absolutely for the purpose of targeting people out there that were putting out information, and also to locate these people and report them up the chain so action could be taken against them.”

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Walking on Wack Street with the Screaming Pedo Brigade, Zio-Style.

Anonymous said...

Wow... so, 2 pages of very important info. just vanished... poof.. gone ?

first one about 6:20 pm

then i sent..6:22 saying it was my post. (it's there)

then one a little after your reply or response at 7:45

much info on energy work and how it works.. also invite to teach people who read your blog all on sat .

Sacred Knowledge I tried to share.... what's up ?

i bring a lot to the table so i figure darkside ate it.. you having computer problems at that time...? can ya find my info vis.? lotsa energy info... only just begining to explain things... plus my email address .

w h

Visible said...

Wow!!! I don't know what to say. Email it to me. Shit happens around here.

The 3rd Elf said...

Just found 4 comments trapped in spam, one at least dating back to 31 March.

They're now published, comment nos. 27, 45, 47, 52, all in this thread. Thanks to Ray for bringing the missing stuff to my attention.

There was one trapped comment from Petri Dish too, (now published), comment 39 here:


Sorry not to have been keeping a closer eye on these things (I used to deal with trapped comments proactively - and will do again, once the new LV site is live)

Anonymous said...

OK... 3rd elf and lv.
just sent more info this morning and didn't show up yet..

have to also tell you folks that doing The Work is not for the faint of Heart.. you have to be a Fuckin Warrior to do this...
I have been pushed out of doorways when showing up to someones house, scratched and it drew blood,weight on shoulders and knee's shaking,walk into energy fields and generaly fucked with big time in all way's...to many things to list here.. all out of spirit world ! More real than this physical world.. if you are a thrill seeker and a truth seeker , than this stuff is for you..

can't wait to have someone from this place help me get this up on web through visibles site..and i know i'm a marked man for doing this.. but..
It's All abought Spreading The Light in these Dark Times.. Ha ha
any takers ? e-mail me

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

We can talk all we want, but now it's time to Do...

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

There is No Way Out... Only a Way In.

GabreaL Jones said...

It is not about killing the ego, that is bs. It is all about raising the Prana (Universal Life Force) in the middle channel (I call it the je-sushumna-di) of your very own spine. Get the Real ‘inner experience’ of the Pranava (AUM) in the Sahasrara the 1000 petaled lotus. The egol-I-mind is ‘annihilated’ or better said fully expanded. The eating is the proof of the pudding. No Ferrari faster than Intuition.

Les V. whatever his name, is clearly missing it, caught in his transmissions (very Benjamin Maitreya Lubrication Creme like) Overshadowing his readers here. I never read any of it. Ferrarik Intuition just did not pay attention.

A good hint, this use of the word ‘overshadowing’. Light does not overshadow. A blind child can see that. Light awakens/activates the already present Light within the one who is ready for this (intense rewiring) proces. Stevie Wonder made me plug in. It is favourite vynil. It is not only about feeling good and all that jazz. Use the dicriminatio ratio always and ever while dancing the dance in the anti-matrix club. Or else your mental/bodily apparatus your socalled 'I' gets annihilated.

Jesus as ‘body’ is the Son of Man. So is every one coughed up by his Mothers vagina - after one’s Father dropped some drop there inside her mailbox- caught in the womb to to tomb trip. Is that all? Not when the Kundalini Broomstick opens up.

There is more to it, but I leave it at this, have diff. things to do. Les V. you need some specs: the net name I use is Gabreal with a reason, will leave that open here for the moment.

Btw very courageous of you to be known by your own name even by your own form. They did not take you out yet? Mmmm….these (=their) Masters of Wisdom will be protecting you… I have a very diff. path with a lot of efforts from their side to take me out, could use my own name, since they know who I am what I do, this Gabreal turns the wheel to their great un-amusement. Les, you are not contropo, otherwise you would have known about this 'Gabreal Jones'. For your own sake, check out this Maitreya muffin it is telepathic poison, one of their matricks. And don't serve this meal to your customers here, you and your following end up in their jewsewer, the sewer of the synagogue of satan. S.O.S.


Visible said...

Look, it is not my place to over intellectualize things. For some people (like me) this constant hairsplitting and angels dancing on pins is a waste of time but if it entertains you fine. I have no use for Benjamin Creme or for most of what you are talking about. Les Visible is my name and has been for decades. I don't hide and nothing touches me unless the ineffable says so. I have no more to add. I don't live in a network mindset of conspiracy forces playing off on each other. One word of advice; spiritual arrogance, a sense of personal superiority and all knowingness is a painful fall once the lesson comes to hand

Anonymous said...

Gabreal you sound like a troll.
And a silly one at that.

You never met Vis but you seem to think you have all the answers about him.


Visible said...

Not interested. When you learn to remove the sneering contempt from your comments and the deliberate provoking maybe you can comment here. Until then... go somewhere that there are people who are into this sort of thing. There are plenty of sites for that.

torus said...

It's a new moon somewhere. I wonder if the internet merely reflects, or if it somehow participates/influences the collective discord that I feel. Both, I imagine.
Don't mind me, I'm just online talking to myself. A co-worker laid a joint on me and I imbibed. And I said to myself, "self, are you enjoying this?" The weed amplifies sensations in the solar plexus. This doesn't feel right. You're getting a "real time" account of an intense THC experience. The overwhelming sensation of "you need to work on yourself", which has validity. But it's accompanied with overwhelming existential "guilt". Any given emotional state becomes exacerbated with pot, potentially. Oh God, it's a bummer weed trip. Stinky and robust. I console myself with the fact that I've quit smoking cigarettes for almost 3 months now. We all know of the interior battles of chatter within the skull. Right now, it's WRIT LARGE. Accomplishing nothing. I feel like Paul Simon, when he sang, "my life's so common it disappears. And sometimes, even music cannot substitute for tears."
You could put your lovers tears under a microscope and never know their origin. Joy or pain? Some egghead will write an equation for it someday though. And a choir of nihilists can rejoice in their predictable, quantifiable, and godless live's. Or maybe I'm too late for the party as it is.
God bless us, everyone.

Victoria said...

Alice Bailey? Wasn't she connected to Aleister Crowley?

Unknown said...

@Ray B: It's called VPN. (Virtual Private Network)Anyone can get it, mine costs about $6 a month. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network



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