Sunday, March 20, 2016

Apropos of Nothing except for Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.

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The most difficult thing in the day to day is keeping your edge. If the ineffable isn't pushing you then life has to and the more difficult part of the equation is not to have too much material success. It can make you soft. Should you be so seemingly fortunate as to have more largess than you can use and you are too cheap to share it... you're screwed.

The other thing is to avoid advertising the need for it because too many people in this life seem to need that as confirmation. My feeling on the matter is, “go talk to Mozart” and while you are at it try to remember that Grant is not buried in Grant's Tomb. You'll figure it out. You're smart... or I hope you are. I'll give you a little help. One of the words needs to be investigated. Like 'Tomb'?

In this life there are all kinds of perks that turn into curses. Good looks should spend some time studying the flowers and reading the good poets... then again... “shall I compare thee to a summer's day?” Yeah... even then, it is our perception of anything that gives it the quality of forever, cause... down here, forever only exists in terms of our forgetfulness of the last time we were here, again... and again... and again... big wheel of fire keep on turning, proud lady of endless beginnings keep on burning.

Fame is kind of like being remembered by all those people you think you will never meet and discovering that the percentage of them that thinks you were an asshole, far exceeds all the people you met in whatever life you had that think you were wonderful. Wealth insures that all the people you wish you could have met and hung out with... realistically speaking... in hindsight... you won't get to meet and hang out with. You don't get to have those experiences that shape you in the right direction. It will insure that you will make bad decisions concerning your own humanity but... what the fuck... there are PR agents to take care of that. Power is a double edged sword caught in a trident and wielded by a wrist and an arm that is so much more powerful that your own will ever be. For myself... there is nothing more satisfying than watching power turned upon itself, which is a big part of what the purpose of demonstration is all about and I don't care how many PR agents you have. Justice is watching pretty girls grow old. Then again, poets have a different idea about how things work than the rest of us; except for the occasional mystic and madman and depending on the times... any one of them could be interchangeable.

The player piano of karma is no less fickle than Justice because we all think we are playing the piano. Are we? My answer to that is that I prefer the guitar. It is easier to carry, which is why it got invented in the first place. Honesty is about as desirable as integrity and both of them will get you into big trouble in the short term and get you out of all trouble in the long term. To understand how that works in reverse, you only have to live long enough to find out and... all of us do... over and over and over or, god willing... we learn earlier.

I have said more than once that, regardless of how my life has gone up to this point, I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world but that is only because of what I sincerely desire over everything else and any one of us has the same options. What you are chasing after defines you. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Then again... it is not flattery if it is true. It is the truth. We have said before that 'when the truth takes off 'her' clothes, the world disappears'. The Elf wants to make T-shirts out of the things we say around here. That would surely count as a good example of one of those statements. Luck has nothing to do with it and I am about to personally demonstrate that but... give me a little time.

You understand Time, right? I'm not talking about what Einstein allegedly had to say, nor Steven Hawkings either. I'm talking about the difference between a week in Cabo and being in prison or the Motor Vehicle Department. Everything is relative to our understanding of it and therein lies the key to understanding life. If we could only grasp how much subjectivity rules our life, we would understand Richard Lovelace a little better; not that most anyone give a shit about him these days. Most of the attention of those who come to this planet, in any privileged sense, are more concerned with Adam Smith or Milton Freedman. There are liars and there are liars but don't ask me to tell you the difference because apparently I know nothing about the stock market or the economic conditions that everyone has to deal with, suffer from or make a killing at.

Freedman... in the cynical manner of so many of his ilk, spoke in that peculiar eloquence that bankers love, about wealth redistribution and we have seen the Bush, 'trickle down' theory and the blatant and pernicious scheme that Gates and Buffet and so many others are up to lately about leaving all their wealth to charity and making them all philanthropists; at the moment that makes it critically important to them; that being while they are still alive. We've seen a lot of shit since we got here and the fact is that people take things at their surface appearance. You really need to be a dumbass to believe Karl Marx but you need to have rich friends in the first place to be Karl Marx. You have to be an even bigger dumbass to believe what venture capitalists have to say... venture? Vulture? It is not up to me to say. It isn't “stuck in the middle”. It is 'squeezed in the middle'. You want to understand economics; take the largest demographic and make juice out of it. It is also what makes it possible for someone to be a politician. They don't mind lying about what they do. Damn! I just explained lawyers and doctors too. I think I'll go take a nap, if only in the hope that I create something I can wake up from. My problem isn't waking up. My problem is being able to go back to sleep.

I tell myself that I can't remember when there were so many lying motherfuckers around but that is because I used to suffer from selective memory.

Back to Richard Lovelace. Richard Lovelace was a poet. He was also one of the richest men of his time, given his inheritance, which he squandered (if that is the right word) in wars against his own country; meaning he backed the other countries and he got bankrupt and thrown into jail as a result. He wrote a poem called (irony alert), “To Althea, from Prison” it speaks volumes. I am not cheerleading for seeking to defend treachery or treason, though I don't think he can be legitimately accused of either, I'm just saying, real values can get your ass in trouble and so can informed idealism; which we are not seeing lately in these political thug movements, or most any movements in recent times. The only respectable movement I know about at the moment is a bowel movement and you can learn just about anything you need to know about yourself by scientifically studying your own shit. Trust me on this... there is no attempt at humor in that statement. Being scatological has it's place but this is not one of them.

The worst form of cannibalism is when you eat yourself but we do most things by proxy these days. Our language... our diet … our sexual practices. It seems to me that most of us don't even have a choice about any of these things, or that is definitely the excuse that gets used most often. Europe is finding out that it is one thing to help people out and another thing entirely that they were where they were in the first place for a reason. If we lose the individuality of different locations there will be no reason to go there anymore and if you really want to help people out, do it where they are. Do it where they are and sometimes that means leaving them alone.

Being truthful is a liability. If I were a politician, my campaign slogan would be, “Let's make abortion retroactive.” then you can add the candidate of your choice. In my case that would include all of them. When it is impossible for anyone who actually gives a shit to even get into the club ...period, you are definitely looking at a Mosh Pit. It doesn't surprise me that people kill themselves. I see it every day. Just because they do it in slow motion does not disqualify it as suicide. Or... am I missing the point? There is a difference between a fencing foil and a saber. I got nothing against bullfighting per se, I just prefer using a scalpel. Degree of difficulty makes all the difference in whether I consider something a sport; otherwise, shit like this happens. How seriously fucked up do you have to be to believe that something like that works? You wouldn't lose your capacity to have sex if you weren't fucking things wrong or fucking yourself up to begin with. Once you need potions or toys, you have lost the plot. Possibly you weren't in love to start with. Primarily, you have to love yourself. How come someone like me who was taught to hate themself can pull this off and all these coddled freaks of nature who came in here well shod have only learned how to trample each other to death? Life is truly a mystery.

I'll leave you with the thought that finding out why you are here and what you put your attention on has everything to do with what puts its attention on you... or keeps it from doing so.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely one of the best things you have ever written. You really are a shining star and for my money living proof that god loves us.

missingarib said...

The last years of the empire when all those "too old to lose it, too young to choose it" embrace the image and strive to learn a living,acting out like so many overweight Elvis impersonators. .
They walk past the killing fields but they don't feel or see and hourly they come closer to tripping the suicide switch.

Gone, outlawed, from the class room and the realm are the words that inspired us to examine what animates life.
the wisdom from above is first pure,
then peaceable, gentle, open to reason,
full of mercy and good fruits,
without uncertainty or insincerity.
"And the harvest of justice is sown in peace
by those who make peace.
What causes wars, and what causes fighting among you?
Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?
You desire and do not have; so you kill.
And you covet and cannot obtain;
so you fight and wage war.
You do not have, because you do not ask.
You ask and do not receive,
because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions."
James 3:17-4:3

live long

BCii said...

It's not where you started that counts. It's what direction you took.

My God, Visible. If I had half the devotion and dedication and clarity and uncompromising integrity you consistently demonstrate here, I'd be immeasurably more the man I aspire to be. We all have our gifts; it's not just life that shapes us so much as it is our choices. What I'm saying is that the beatings you've taken, the apparent injustices doled out to you in this life, the hardships and agonies you've lived through, the trials you've been subjected to, have served you in your evolution toward embodying the virtues and qualities of the divine far better than a life of ease ever would have, all the more so given how you've chosen to make your way. Which is kind of stating the obvious and restating what you already said, but I wanted to underline and express my appreciation for the fact that it is who you are via the journey that lies behind you that gives you the authority to make the statements you made and have it ring with authenticity.

The sheer quality, sincerity, and clarity of tone and expression here are a big part of why I return day after day for the intake of top-grade mental and spiritual food. The commenters make this place come alive and bring such a wealth of gifts too that I can only sing all you guys's praises, say thank you from my heart and I hope you stick around.

The weight of suffocating, dark mental and emotional and physical energies entering via less-than-saintly response to the procession of unhoped-for events and trying circumstances in my life recently brought me -- even more so than I was aware of at the time -- perilously close to really losing my faith. It's so easy to play victim and imagine that bad things are happening just because, without a loving, Divine purpose and guidance behind them. It's so easy to give in to self-sabotaging habits of thought, word, and action, to adjust the level of effort and caring down instead of up, trying less instead of more in the face of continuous challenges. I have been guilty of all of the above. I am sorry I didn't do better, but I am glad to have survived it and gained some new strength, endurance, and wisdom in the end.

Unexpected and joyously welcomed breakthroughs have appeared in recent days. Gratitude stirs, faith and confidence are renewed, a broken heart discovers wholeness through its very vulnerability. Simultaneously, challenges continue and circumstances demand unflagging wakefulness and dedication to the very best in me that I can muster. So thank you, invisible One in all, for not letting me off easy! The proof of your unfathomable Love is in the results. As we say in Finnish, Kiitos! Kiitos! Kiitos!

Love, William

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my problem. Maybe someone can help me with it.

"...there is nothing more satisfying than watching power turned upon itself, which is a big part of what the purpose of demonstration is all about..."

We've all heard "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Well, at the bottom of the rabbit hole reputedly resides a handful of families that control essentially everything. Assuming they exist, they are obviously evil. And, we are given to understand, this same group has had control for many years, centuries even. If corruption leads to death, why has this cabal not disappeared a long time ago?


Kazz said...

I just found out a warrant was issued for the legal entity and the police are chasing it up today. Why did the police throw me out of court for them now to once again claim I am the legal fiction/corporation and put me in jail again, even though I keep maintaining that I am not the legal fiction/corporate entity? The thing is the only one claiming I am the legal entity is the man/CROWN CORPORATION (foreign) agent, that wants to contract with me, and I conditionally complied with his request on the grounds that he produce a lawful contract obliging performance, but no such contract was forthcoming. I note that no plaintiff exists with a valid claim either. Now the system is claiming that because I signed as surety, with 3 hesitation marks prior to signing, to note that I was doing so under the rule of necessity to remove myself from an incarceration that I did not consent to, that I have entered into a contract, even though I was not operating under my own free will, I was incarcerated and under coercion and force (deprivation of liberty), and there was no equal consideration or full disclosure. Add to this that at no time has a lawful contract been produced obliging woman to perform. How can this be lawful??

I have tried to follow Jesus' advice, where he said, “[t]he scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. (Matthew 23:1-3).

Moses' 10 commandments told us not to bow down to any engraved images, so I got rid of the drivers license that has one's picture with a legal title, where the last name had become the first, because Acts 5:29 tells us that Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!"

Don't know if I am going to see daylight for a while so I thought I better let you know I have not deserted you, just possibly gone on a holiday at the governor's pleasure!

The man who wanted to contract with me questioned what a 2,000 year old book had to do with anything? Is not all law ecclesiastical? Is not the Bible, God's word, the authority upon which all law exists? What kind of a world do we live in where you are put in jail because you don't want to break God's law??

Bye for now.

Luv Kazz

Chinese Sneakers said...

Brilliant piece.


Much appreciation to you, good sir.

And if i had to choose only one of what was a host of fine riffs to bump up, i would take the opening yod nod: "The most difficult thing in the day to day is keeping your edge." And the rest is exploration and explanation for how that battle rages ON.

Made my day (and it's still early here).

Ray B. said...

Torus: I had left a longish comment on Remote Viewing for you at the last Smoking Mirrors. The above link will take you to it, in case you have moved on...

(And, it was touching to hear about your ambivalence around your father [RIP]. We all have our 'instruction manual' ripped-from-us on the way down and are soon emotionally 'injured' by our injured parents [who were injured by their injured parents]. And on it goes, until we self-heal...)

Karen / Kazz: I wish you the best. I (and possibly Mandicello) warned you about meeting your opponent on their favorite ground. You might be right in everything you proclaim (legal and Biblical), but you are walking right into their system. You might check for an unfelt-through past lifetime as a Christian in the Roman Colosseum...

Boadicea was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. She achieved great success, and was routing the Roman forces by using the strengths and tactics of the Celtic warriors. Then, a Roman General picked a battle-site that had all the advantages for him and none for her. Boadicea let her righteous-passion get the upper hand on her, engaged the Romans there, and got her Celtic warriors slaughtered. By fighting on the enemy's favored-ground, Boadicea tossed-away a last chance for the native Britons to become free of the Roman occupation.

Please think about what you are doing. Fight on your favored-ground, not your opponent's...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...

Kazz, you are sounding like Santos Bonacci. Get a grip. TPTB love to fuck with people like that.

Ray B. said...

A good article on Iranian history and internal 'faction' infighting.

(If Iran sells-off its oil-fields to Western cartels for quick cash, it is toast in the long-term...)

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
I find fault with your use of the word "honesty" in paragraph 5. A pet peeve of mine. Honesty does not mean truth.The root word of "honesty" is "honor", a venal, worldly concept. Even murder or a lie can bring honor in Samsara.
I live in joyous anticipation of your blogs. I am trying to figure out what erratic planetary influences predicates their postings.

Ray Hilhey

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another excellent post, and Kazz; may your trouble with the legal system be short.

Chipster said...

God bless us every one [who stand for virtuosity}, for all who give without taking by doing what's right. Praise Kazz , William and loads of brethen and sister'n who enter here into this Blessing. Thank you Vis. Living is easy with guides like these.

Visible said...

What I said was... "Honesty is about as desirable as integrity and both of them will get you into big trouble in the short term and get you out of all trouble in the long term." Did I say more than that? Did I somehow associate honesty with truth. Please point this out to me so I don't do it again. It did make me wonder how one could be truthful without being honest but... what do I know? I may have overlooked some other reference to honesty. I am not always paying the best attention. If you can help me see where I said what you unequivocally said I said, I will fix it, or it will fix me.

Ray Hilchey said...

Ah dear Les, so sorry you take me so seriously, it is just my pet peeve with English usage. Honor is defined as that which brings credit to a man so if you live in a kingdom of thieves it is honorable to be a good thief and liar. How else can white man speak with forked tongue? Honest Injun!
I get a kick referring to our Honorable Members of Parliament or a judge as Your Honor knowing what the word means.
With love
Ray Hilchey

Hereticdrummer said...

Kazz, with all respect you are employing what is known as "patriot mythology" and it will only get you flamed by the system, as it already has. The monstrously evil legal industry gets away with abusing and destroying people because it possesses the firepower to enforce its decrees and the keys to the cages, not for lack of any esoteric legal acumen on the part of defendants or litigants. Such legal lunacy is promoted by shameless charlatans for profit and fifth column subterfuge. In any case, civil or criminal, federal or state jurisdiction, all that holds is law, facts, and procedure with issue of all three together or in tandem. Carriage bolt them and sally forth while praying for the best. For openers, the term "sovereign citizen" is an obvious oxymoron. Another magnificent posting Vis.

Anonymous said...

John@ 12:19:00

Those who live in the rabbit hole are accustomed to "eating shit" Rabbit shit or any other fecal matter...that is what they thrive upon. It is the "Feast of the Beast"...shit-eating grin!

Hollywood is sooooo proud of their Egyptian Theatre ties...scarab beetles and all!
A scarab beetle is ONLY a dung-beetle with a shiny shell. Shit eating is your passport to Unholyweird. They call it riding the "gravey train"!

To them "The eye of Horus is better than the mouth of Isis"...bend over and wait as a wise man once wrote!

Can't leave my name cause the shit eaters have been after me for a looooong time!

Somehow I feel the need to visit the loo right now...but I won't "look over long into the abyss" I might recognize some!

Anonymous said...

Third elf...please feel free to use my long-time phrase that I was going to make T-shirts. Can't do it where I am and Visible deserves the $ for saving my mind for so long.

"I am sorry you ate your brain but you can't have mine!"

Unknown said...

"If corruption leads to death, why has this cabal not disappeared a long time ago?"

John the entities at the peak of control/power aren't human. They don't die. They control these families you are referring to. They also take care of those they control, they need them to bring about the NEW WORLD.........ORDER (get that? a new world system where you, if you survive, follow their orders.) You ever hear of a poverty stricken Satanist?

Karen I have read many articles on the United States Corporation, Sovereign citizens etc. Just finished a book on the subject. It is a difficult topic to fully understand. I get the distinct impression that many of those who write on this subject don't themselves really understand it. Some of them say as much or leave lots of blanks. It is my personal opinion that it is best not to get personally involved (maybe you are finding out). It can cause too much heartache. The knowledge is good, try to use it to your advantage. Milk the system if you get a chance, DON'T COOPERATE. This gets back to Johns question. I don't think this diabolical process could have been conceived and set up completely by human hands. Revelation talks about the mark of the beast. The Federal Reserve System is the beast (those pulling the strings) and Federal Reserve Notes are its mark. We have been marked since 1913.

Pretty ridiculous right Les.


Kazz said...

I don't want to prove anything, I am just trying to do the right thing. I am no patriot. If anything I am naive. I really believed that these men were doing what they were doing for a higher purpose, or at least they believed they were. If they are willing to put a mum of 5, with a sick husband and an 87 year old mother to look after, in jail, simply because she is trying not to break the law, that breaks my heart :o(. I really believed people were better than this. I so believed the truth would set you free. I pray for all of us this is so, because the alternative is not good for any of us, and by us I mean ALL of us.

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

Just realised the truth really has set me free. Not so long ago I saw the world through completely different eyes. I have been blessed to see the different aspects of creation, so I must not complain because Jesus never promised the truth was going to be pleasant. Hard times are often what makes us stronger. I am just concerned about my family, because that is how a mum is. I have judged far too many people harshly and I am ashamed of this. I have raved on about Christians this and Christians that, but then I pick up a shorty story and start reading about the bravery and challenge that an old Christian couple endured and I see how truly lacking I am. I talk the talk but do I walk the walk. I guess being brave has nothing to do with not being scared, it is about being brave even when you are scared.

What I am facing is not even serious by comparison to what is going on in this world for most people. Do you ever find yourself wishing you were better, in ever way, and then feel bad because you don't measure up the way you feel you should? Lately I feel like God has been showing me everything that is wrong with me. The more I see the more I realise how important it is for me not to judge others.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Unknown / Fud :

Kudos! You came up with a very-catchy T-shirt phrase, yourself:

"You ever hear of a poverty stricken Satanist?"

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (only 2 glasses)

@ Kazz, you might want to look up Wayne Glew on all that (I am sure you are more than familiar with it all).... and Ernie Tertelgte on youtube etc... though someone told me, Glew @ Co have yet to win a case arguing so.

Brendon O'Connel in WA is currently being hauled before the JewDiciary for naught, and cannot say squat diddly about it, web wise, emails are private apparently, for now - mandatory internet licensing pending.

and what is the beast? I dont know, but , cue Cat Stevens, I am on the road to find out.

back to this blog, last night watched a Michael Palin New Europe show, some of which I havent seen, he has a toilet bowl manufacturer in Chekvakia or Slovakia, commenting (circa 2007, you can tell because of the contrails and chemtrails in all the skies) about the popular model of bowls that allow one to deposit on the dish rather than into the ponds, in order to observe... popular with the Germans she says.
I know my own case, from fecal test, what a difference a month makes, given diagnosis and treatment... and no philosophies or Guru camps would have made an ounce of difference . gives one hope for when the good aliens arrive and save us from all this crap, though beware geeks bearing lifts ( ala the 'V' TV series)

couple of Farrel videos... when one wonders where all the money siphons off to and why the inevitable collapse (financial) never comes, just goes around...and how much money, honey. from each according to how much they can steal (and get away with it).

Iron Sky 2 coming to a screen near you later this year, close, but not close enough.

and of all things, They are under the same jurisdiction, ala the ineffable.

Anonymous said...


Here in the U.S. there is an old saying....'you can't fight City Hall'. It's usually a hard lesson to learn.

I do hope that you place the needs of your family above this unwinnable scrum. They certainly won't.


wiggins said...

Mr Spivey appears to be suffering similar problems with the British Judiciary's Kafkaesque court system....

Anonymous said...

Tombstone Pizza, Pierre!!!!

Alan Jong said...

At this point I am skeptical of everything, and I don't trust anyone on earth,I'm not susceptible to making any claims that aren't valid according the spheres.
I have presided over a ceremonial Baptism of the Earth is a spell of protection cast against anyone who would do ill to me. it's an anagram derived from the CIA, FBI, & NSA it has a numeric significance too 6119391421 1939 the year Eliot delivered his Christianity & Culture Lecture 1421 the year of the St. Elizabeth's floods, (furthermore it unlocks Alexander Pope's disclosures written in His Essay on Man 1+4=5 & 21 May 21 His Birthday). A document of universal importance waiting in the wings to prepare Earth for the baptism so much so that a mini ascension occurred that year in 1421, and 2014 the Almighty appeared in the Sun on Christmas. Feel free to enjoy the presentation I've laid out, and if you have any questions I'll be willing to answer them here. There is more information in the comments and the header of that page which can be clicked. On the baptism of the Planet and its inhabitants; it is one of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water and it was initiated on the first day of Spring. True power is not a double edge sword only the gentle are ever really strong, lasting and eternal universal power issues according to love. The disclosure of power in this world is that it is a conspired extortion of nature itself, Spiritual slavery through religion, and economic slavery through finance are the main tenants of that extortion, Humanity Suffers more from unconscious or conscious complicity in that extortion of nature, than they every have or do from nature itself. Amen

Happy Spring!

Ray B. said...

Found another good T-shirt slogan over at, courtesy of basta :

"Justice is now officially the Just-Us System."

Ray B. said...

Not sure where to put this, so I’ll put it here. Please transfer if need be.

I just saw a new Nova on "Noah’s Ark." They eventually copped to the roots of the story being from Sumer via Babylon.

What was new was a recent-deciphering of a cuneiform tablet from the Atrahasis Epic that had detailed dimensions and layout of ‘that’ Ark. It was radically-different in that it was round, one floor thick, and was 222-feet-in-diameter! In that tablet, the hero was instructed to demolish his living quarters and create the vessel.

(Scholars have worked-out how the original cuneiform descriptions were probably 'corrupted' down through the ages. Plus, much-later scribes might note that a vessel in a flood has to be boat-shaped, right? Those cuneiforms just have to be 'adjusted' a little in translation to be more common-sense.)

Conventionally-minded boat-builders worked-out that it was impossible to create a vessel 222-feet-in-diameter from then-available materials. (Ray's antenna perk up...) So they decided - based on local techniques - to build a scaled-up reed coracle of 45 feet diameter with wooden ribs, bound-together reeds as a 'rope basket' wall-shell, and bitumen as sealant. It floated. It was just that the episode was like the scholars who build a 20 feet high pyramid and then proclaim they have ‘solved’ how the Giza Pyramids were built...

However, that is the ‘conventional’ view. What if it was Anunnaki living quarters? The original tale is known to have come from Anunnaki times. Some alternative scholars have even noted that some versions of the tale can be interpreted with Enki as the direct genetic-father of 'that' Noah.

In that case, materials would not be structurally-limiting. A full-size 'vessel' could be constructed. If you remember Anunnaki-level technology, we could be looking at an ocean-capable class of vessel, at a minimum.

And a round, one-floor, waterproof (presumably airtight), huge vessel sounds awfully familiar. If they still had an 'engine' lying-around, we could envision a rudimentary Vimana. Or a classic UFO...

A great show, if you take the conventional-blinders off!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Johan Cruijff died today. I am really sad. I know this isn't the best forum for European football...but...I was born in 1968 in Amsterdam and both my parents were dead by 1980. He was the hero in between those years, when I think of him I just remember the joy, the warmth of everyone together watching the foot with loads of noise, and just such a sense of togetherness :-). And such a great human being too, loved his family above anything else. Since his retirement he worked tirelessly for street football and disabled sports. Just a fabulous man. The end of an era. Sorry to all of those here who don't have a clue about all of this!

Much love to all


Visible said...

Meaning nothing more or less than that the Chaldeans borrowed it too.

And although I don't follow soccer, I do know about Johan.

Ray B. said...

Vis: On your last Comment, I am not sure whether you meant to address it to me, to "L Garou", or both. Please clarify...

"L Garou": I prefer to think that both (or all) groups were remnants of the ancient Anunnaki genetic-breeding program. (By ancient, it started around 250,000 years ago.) Things went swimmingly for a long time. Pockets of advanced culture. Then, the Anunnaki got involved in a civil war, wiped out most advanced sites, and used up their weapons stockpiles. (Inanna was the Anunnaki associated with the Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa cultures. She lost to Marduk and was killed.)

After their 'guns' were emptied, the Anunnaki were effectively powerless and left the visible stage. Many stories from around the globe testify to the efforts of the remaining humans to survive, resettle, and rebuild. Some still-had advanced technology for a time, and some did not.

(I had investigated the "Rama's bridge" which stretches from India to Sri Lanka. It raises valid arguments around either Anunnaki efforts or subsequent human capabilities. Hopefully, we will eventually know the Truth about our past...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Found another good T-shirt slogan over at, courtesy of Cassandane:

Government is “Of the Corporation, By the Corporation, For the Corporation.”

Visible said...

I was addressing the Loupster.

Visible said...

What did George Strait say in "Pure Country"? paraphrasing... except for the drummer, you are my oldest friend, you get a few mistakes." Of course that is irrelevant but it doesn't change anything (grin).

Ray Hilchey said...

Wow! All this talk is putting me in mind of an acid trip on an Indian reservation in Fort St James, Northern BC back about 1974 or so.
"Buffalo Murdock" known to the natives as the "Sasquatch" was passed out drunk in a chair and as I tripped on acid I was watching his spiritual body change over thousands of years and rebirths. As the Sasquatch, "Buffalo" was the spirit that had designed the beaver, elk etc.. I remember his brother was known as "Jack Pine". Back then I knew nothing about the Anunnaki or the hidden technology in Egypt and the Andes, I was just a hippie acid tripper. When the visions got far back to his earliest incarnation his astral body showed him as the survivor of a crashed spacecraft. Without hope of rescue he had built the native Indian culture out of loneliness.
I vividly recall the feeling of cosmic emptiness, loneliness I felt at the end.
Even years later hitchhiking around BC when I referred to Buffalo, some people would say "oh yeah he's the Sasquatch.
With love
Ray Hilchey

Ray B. said...

For Karen/Kazz, on ownership:

Joseph P. Farrell lecturing at the Secret Space Program Conference, 31 Oct 2015:

The ancient (Mesopotamian) tradition indicative of an ancient genetic engineering of man heightens the problematic of the 'Tower of Babel' moment of history for the national security state technocrats, for it:

"...places the story of the creation of man into an interesting light, for if true, then under the standards of American patent law, the human being as a hybrid creature would apparently fulfill all four requirements for a patent. As such, human beings as chimerical hybrids of two other species, are (1) original, (2) non-obvious, for they are not the products of nature but of "the hand of 'man'," (3) were created for a demonstrable function, i.e., were to be slaves and serfs of the "gods," and (4) they were the result of a process of genetic engineering that was reproducible...

These implications compel some speculative questions, for if mankind as currently constituted is a chimerical creature, a genetically engineered creature, and moreover, was created for the express purpose of being a slave to the "gods," then who owns him? Let us speculate: if mankind's original owner-creators were suddenly to return - right now - to planet Earth, would they have a legal claim? And would, moreover, they be able to prove it?

... And What court would have legal jurisdiction to hear such a case? Additionally, one would be faced with two legal claims: (1) that of the returning "owner-creators" and (2) that of the course of performance of humanity since their "departure," which would legally demonstrate humanity's independence and self-governance since their departure. Humanity would, so to speak, be abandoned property and under new ownership, namely, itself." (Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men, pp. 156-157.)

---JPF reading CF---

"I think we're property.

I should say, we belong to something:

That once upon a time, this Earth was No-Man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something:

That something owns this Earth - all others warned off.

... I suspect that, after all, we're useful - that among contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive, owners of us - all others warned off - that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this Earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received - from Somewhere else - in our mysterious usefulness."
(Charles Fort, "The Book of the Damned", p.163.)

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

Vultures watch over us in black robes. Hyenas dance and cavort.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I am overdosing in Farrell myself these days... this one was good last night, worth reminding ourselves about how nice the Nazis were not (and noting Trump now saying re Belgium event, that "we need to go beyond waterboarding" to interrogate (ISIS is US, Donald, dont you know?). Farrell has yet to address the Jewish problem/issue in any detail, says it would take another book, I look forward to it if he goes there (how can one not?). Was the Swamp in Star Wars second movie Venice, I wonder?.

Nazi International book

"According to [George] Michael [researcher], however, Husseini’s access to the Nazi regime while he was in Berlin may have been so extensive that he even knew Hitler personally. Michael, whose research contacts included one Ahmed Huber, “a Swiss national depicted as a liaison between the contemporary extreme right and militant Islam,”15 relates the following account of a meeting between Hitler and the Grand Mufti that Huber alleged took place between the two leaders. According to Huber, the Grand Mufti told him of many meetings with Hitler:
He told me a fantastic story. On one night in December 1941, after the big victories of Germany over the Soviet Union, he had a long talk with Hitler about architecture, culture, the music of Richard Wagner, and so on. Hitler started talking about race theory and anti-Semitism and the Grand Mufti asked Hitler, “Did you ever think, Mr. Chancellor, that your race theory comes out of Judaism? It comes out of the Old Testament.” And Hitler was very astonished by that. The Grand Mufti knew the Bible very well. He said, “All your ideas, the doctrine of the Nazi Party are in the Old Testament. The chosen people of God are not the chosen people, but the chosen race and that blood carries the soul. And this chosen race must keep its blood pure. It must not mix its blood with non-Jews; the foreigners, the subhuman beasts called the goyim, are inferior to the Jewish master race. The genocide order of God in the fifth book of Moses and in the book of Joshua. The race laws of Ezra and Ishmael. All of these things are in the Old Testament.” Hitler was absolutely astonished and the Mufti told him (further), “You have not high esteem for the Africans, for Black people. And also this comes from the Old Testament in the first book of Moses, the Black race is doomed, considered by God to eternal slavery. It’s the famous curse by God on Ham, one of the three sons of the prophet Noah.”16

Besides giving Hitler Bible lessons on the mediaeval barbarism of the Old Testament parallels to his racial policies, the Mufti was also giving more material assistance to the Nazi cause as well."

Hitlers banker, Schacht, went to work in Egypt along with many others . If Hitler was trained at Tavistock (Wellington House) (Hallet's thesis) , Feuds Nephew Bernays would have taught/hypnotised him well, just like those German young turks who went to Venice to get their business school grads, and beyond waterboarding
techniques. The Force is with you, Puke ShitCanalSwimmer!

Ray B. said...

Ray Hilchey, March 25, 2016 3:44:00 AM :

How interesting! Your "as I tripped on acid, I was watching his spiritual body change over thousands of years and rebirths" reminds me of a similar 'happening' in the early 80s. This was immediately after visiting a Clan Gathering near Seattle. Huge gathering.

The high point (for me) was a massed-bagpipes playing of all the Pipers attending the Gathering. (Outdoors.) Unbelievably loud. I could feel the vibrations literally working their way up and down my spine...

I think those vibes may have stimulated some kundalini effects, because (amongst many other things happening) it triggered a long series of past-life move-throughs in me. (Once I had figured-out the experience was 'benign', I had resolved to just let things 'happen' and not resist.)

I would 'take-on' one personality late in its life, walk or talk a little, experience its death, and have its 'spirit' move out the top of my head. Rinse and repeat, near-constantly, over a couple of weeks. Many, many lifetimes. What was also interesting was that one lifetime hissed like a reptile, and one lifetime buzzed like a bee. No idea...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dear Ray Yes indeed that is an interesting story. From my tantra Buddhist reading in the Transformation of Desire I understand it that even it you don't accomplish Mucti in this life if you leave the body at death through the crown of the head you will achieve enlightenment.
So my interpreting of your spiritual experience would be that you helped one or more souls to rebirth in the pure lands through you.
I still have logical inconsistencies with that ancient space traveller Anunnaki as I saw him. Some say that the Anuunnaki were deliberately imprisoned on this planet by cosmic powers for interstellar crimes. Sorta like the Hebrews/Jebusites who claimed to be prisoners in Babylon when in fact they were the bankers there.
Or you realize we are living in a created world Like the computer game "Riven" or "Chronicles of Narnia".
Maybe it is as Les implies, who is buried in Grants Tomb? or how long was the Seven Years War? I know I didn't create those worlds and universes I travel to. Is it "in my father's house there are many mansions"?
With love
Ray Hilchey

Ray B. said...

Ray Hilchey, March 26, 2016 3:42:00 PM :

Thank you for the extended response! A very interesting 'interpretation' of my experience. Someone once noted that it was impossible, down here, to determine between a past-life experience (of oneself), a past-life experience where you were really 'picking up' on a ghost's or other noncorporeal's memories, or whether you were just 'reading' someone-else telepathically. Not possible to differentiate from a 'mortal' perspective...

On the Anunnaki: Some researchers have noted that their 'race to Earth' bears hallmarks of an Anunnaki sub-group running from something/someone and basically hiding-out on Earth (while lording it over the primitives, Ferengi-style). Other researchers noted that Anu, the Anunnaki big chief, seemed to forbid long-time Earth-bound Anunnaki Players (Enlil, Enki, Marduk, etc.) from returning to their homeworld. This could be because they 'devolved' into solving problems with nukes. Or it could be that they got so low, vibration-wise, that they could not return to their homeworld (think of Arwen's 'fate' at the end of TLotR). Their 'situation' even has hints in the Enochian literature on the sub-group of the Watchers who made-whoopie with Earth females and were drastically punished by superiors. A fascinating subject, and I hope we hear the Truth of it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...


Yes we all would benefit from a self shit stain search.....

hittin' home my brother.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Virtual Cathedral (reposted for Easter from 2005)

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's Sunday Radio show is now up.



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