Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sailing Down Shit River in the Cloaca Maxima.

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The Trumpathon continues. Now he wants to punch protesters in the face. He laments the days of old when this practice was in place. The irony here is that this practice never went away. Violence against people who are vocal about their oppositional perspective is still alive and well.

I keep waiting for the public to wake up, not only to the disparity between what politicians say and what politicians do but the whole Circus Cloaca Maxima. They are sitting on the banks of the River of Shit, feeding the rats that scamper about, with the processed food in their pockets and with themselves, once death has claimed them. In between their births and deaths comes the dream, poisoned by the redolent fumes of the coursing River of Shit. Flow on big river, flow on. Once cannot tell when night falls or day breaks in a place like that but there are moments and periods where the shine of romance glimmers off of the waters of The River of Shit, as if some hidden moon, as by osmosis penetrated the rebarred concrete ceiling of the cloaca with its light and brings an ambergris like luminescence to the surface of the clotted waters. It's not butter or tofu that is the product of the churning waves. Portions of it ride up on the moss slick, tiny beach at their feet and are washed up beyond the lapping excrescence where they form feeding mounds for Lilliputians so disposed..

The atmosphere produces vivid hallucinations of elephants and clowns in kayaks; hippos and crocodiles in wet suits swim by. On the further bank is a replicating bandstand that seems to extend for the length of the channel and sad lugubrious music wafts across the water. It's the kind of music that would cause Mahler to commit suicide. Chopin would say, “Ah... now that is melancholy. I used to write as if rivers and streams were flowing from my mind into my fingers and thence upon the keys but I never imagined a river or stream such as this.”

Is the music really sad? Of course not. It is rousing and anything but enervating. It is a strange combination of Sousa and Hendricks but that is simply the result of the quality of the air. It is, in reality, as I first said it is but it sounds to the intoxicated like the latter and you can see them rise here and there and go marching into the sewage as if Hannibal were calling them from the alps that are spray painted on the walls behind the bandstand. Carthage is burning somewhere out of sight while Asian entrepreneurs talk about all the soy sauce that can be made from the salted landscape, once the festival of fire ends. Tamari may be the desire of some but it won't be coming to a Chinese restaurant near you soon.

The track of the Cloaca Maxima is a sinuous and torturous one and the quality of the contents of this particular river of darkness changes according to the quality of the effluvia that comes into the waters at different points. One might imagine that there would be particular differences in the South Bronx than in Chinatown and also a variations in texture, odor and taste once one finds themselves under Trump Towers or the Upper East Side. This is not to say that, on the whole, all of the contents do not stink and taste bad... initially anyway but coprophagia is an acquired taste and can even be considered both daring and acceptable cuisine if it happens to be served warm and over toast. They don't call it shit on a shingle for nothing.

Eventually the Cloaca comes into a main cavern and more resembles a lake than a river or stream. At that point there are green highway signs that appear overheard and assist the traveler in terms of their chosen disembarkation points. There is a current in this lake and so, if one does nothing more but remain there they will be eventually taken to a bottle neck area and transported through a raised portcullis into some new and fascinating environment that we will talk about further on.

Other signs will indicate going left or right to the showers or in the other direction to Party Land. There is a certain difficulty in going to the showers and then intending to go to Party Land when one has to enter the waters again to do so. Since Party Land is always pretty crowded, it seems likely that various sojourners have figured this out.

In the land beyond the portcullis, the contents of the river are transformed into something else that they once were previously... a little while ago or a long time ago. It is at this point that those who observed the sign that said, “onward bound passengers please remain standing, floating or on your heads and you will be carried to the next port of call” are also transformed, recycled or 'insert applicable term here'. There are showers in this location as well and one can experience that which was butchered of meaning in whatever scriptures might have been formerly read, concerning being washed white as snow, given the amount of bleach that is a given part of the process of change which takes place here, it is certainly no misnomer. In other places the waters catch fire and another kind of cleansing process takes place.

One might imagine that all that has been described here is simply a segment in the grand concourse of endlessly circling existence. One should also keep in mind that rivers of shit run in most aspects of existence and it is not simply for the purpose provided by Mighty Nitrogen. All hail Mighty Nitrogen and we expect, we hope that all are genuflecting accordingly at this precise moment. As a Hellbound Israeli once said, “Nits make Yahoos”... or it might have been something else but... point taken in any case.

Every time a politician opens their mouth they make a large contribution to the rivers of shit. It is not just politicians but everyone who lies as a matter of routine who adds to the volume of the rivers of shit. In these times it is not unusual for the rivers to overflow their banks on a regular basis, given the extreme generosity of so much of the public contributing in some way to that great river which is all the same river but which might seem like different rivers that, in any case, all run to the sea. In this case they all run right back into the river; cue Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen, I don't care.

I have had the opportunity in recent times to see Materialism in action in a way I never thought would demonstrate itself to me. I've been so good at walking around the block and taking other routes that I had accorded myself almost a professional status in terms of avoiding such dramas and presentations but no... I was either fooling myself or was mostly lucky, or... could it be that the whole process got ratcheted up without my being informed of it? Perhaps the river of shit with it's large chorus of shit gollum sirens that serenade one from the islands in the stream, had drawn my attention away from what was happening around me. I do not know and perhaps I never shall but... it will be alright. I know that regardless of the unimaginable reach of time and the unimaginable difference in degree between time and eternity; not to mention length of reach, I know that it all comes right at some point. From what I understand it comes right over and over and over again and then it starts the same cycle it had concluded previously... all over again. I don't know how many times this has happened by now but I am led to believe that no human mind could comprehend the size of it.

Roll on big river... roll on.

Every four years an enormous barge floats down the Cloaca Maxima and the biggest contributors of toxic shit the world will ever know are present on that barge and it sails the length of Shit River. The politicians and their financiers and all the members of their massive support structure are on that barge. That barge is probably ten times larger than the Queen Mary 2 but I've never measured it nor seen its dimensions in The Shit River Times. I should add that representatives of The Shit River Times are also on the barge and that seriously swells the number of occupants. The Shit River Times has many other names, depending on the location where it gets printed ...but all of the issues are under the umbrella of The Shit River Times and to say they need an umbrella is pretty much something that can be established through observation. There is also The Shit River radio and television complexes and The Shit River Entertainment Cabal and all the people that work in all those places are proud of the job they do and especially proud that all of their products are composed of 100% USDA Grade A Shit.

There used to be a Shinola industry but that got converted into shit as well, so there is no longer a reason for anyone to be able to tell the difference between the two and that is probably because there was never much effort put into that in the first place.

We're pleased that you took a few moments to travel with us on Shit River in the Cloaca Maxima. Usually it doesn't look anything like the way it has been portrayed here today. We sort of lifted the filters just for a short while but no one needs to be overly disturbed by this because it will go right back to looking like what it pretends to be real soon; Lights! Action! Camera!

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show this weekend.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ye gods, do you have a way with words. You leave me PARSECS in the dust!

messianicdruid said...

The reason I like Trump is everybody in the establishment hates him and seem to be scared shitless. There even starting to emulate him, when they can. He may be a genuine wacko, that is the point he is genuine. Not acting and spending his own money = refreshing. Hilarious!

Visible said...

Yeah... he's a real sweetheart; waterboarding, punching people out, endless dirty tricks as a politician in this sequence and, perish the thought, spending his own money. Of course, he went bankrupt twice and had t0 get money from bankers but he is his own man... uh huh. Sure are a lot of Polyannas around

Anonymous said...

This election circus is beginning to have that 1968 feel to it, not to put too fine a point on it.


Ross Eric James Austin said...

Visible, the spectacle show of false reality, is getting more amusing to watch every day.

What is even funnier, is the humor cf the Space Families, in regards to the Cabal, and their confusion, of not knowing the way out, which is a march to Saturn Cells for some, and others "Armageddon of the Soul", as the entire beans are revealed, worldwide, and what their failed intentions had been, as the past forever dies, and the true new World begins, and old passes away forever.

It is a Great time in the Universe at present, and the eye of the Milky Ways Central Sun, is directly upon Earth.

Peace of heart...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vis, make yourself a large honey nectar fructation and relax--- you've told us it will be o.k. God is in charge and btw, can a man Bill Kristol hates so much be so bad? :)

messianicdruid said...

No delusions, it is theater [ Ross II ] .

torus said...

Trump acknowledged to Hannity that "Israel is the victim", in regard to their "conflict" with the Palestinians. Genuine wacko? Cue, "The Torture Never Stops", Zappa. We give the charade far more attention than its due.Yet, there's a sense of failure, and a true German sense of being derelict of duty in not calling these muthas out.
And again, the most noble being I saw all day was a golden lab seeing eye dog. I silently set it love while riding public transit.

Anonymous said...

how can it be that so many with eyes, that shout about how truly open they are, refuse to see. the nails can be pounded into every inch of ones being, over and over. yet they can't resist the odor of the brown turd shined till it glows everlasting. the wizard never has to change, bernays proves this again and again, pavlov's bell still works in the internet age. would the manhattan trust fund, welfare king be on every channel, free of charge(no pieces of silver required), if they despised him. make him look like a hated man to endear him to the downtrodden. the victim of the masters, hatred and fear, makes for an orgy of soldiers for their baskin robbins savior of the month. is processed food actually food, because the wendingo cannabils seem to put a premium on organic vegans.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the best that is out there running for Pres, believe it or not. Nothing wrong with waterboarding a beheading terrorist. Why would you not want to be safe? The Establishment media and Elite bankers hate Trump because he is going to expose their nefarious ways. He said he will expose the 9/11 truth, the truth about GMO foods, and the truth about the dangers of vaccines to our children. He wants to seal off our leaking borders and keep out potential terrorists. Who would oppose this? The world is now a very dangerous place and we now have demons who want to destroy us. Trump can stand up to these threats and will unify America. It is not about race division, it is about all of us being under attack by the Globalist Pigs who are trying to kill us thru chemtrails, vaccines, Monsanto chemicals, GMO foods, etc. Trum is openly opposed to these slow kill methods. All of us must unite against these monsters and Trump can lead the way.

messianicdruid said...

Threatening to reveal the perps made Jeb quit. Wonder if he will really get a chance to do it?

Saul Mine said...

Wow! Poetry of shit. Numerous trips to, and i'm still laughing. i had no idea there were so many different words for shit of which, i was unaware.
Making the truth funny.
Bill Hicks died in 1994?!?!! His relevance is so timely, but i thought he died alot sooner than 22 years ago.
Thanks very much Mr. Vis. Your eloquence is refreshing.

Visible said...

That is not what Trump said in reference to those things. You are formulating his presentations to the greatest advantage at the expense of the truth. As for 9/11 i think you need to look a little closer at what he has had to say about who was behind it.

Waterboard and behead terrorists? You own government owned and operated by Israel are the biggest terrorists and are who did 9/11. Do you imagine that your hero on the white gelding with the circus hair is going to do the things he says he will do? When was the last time one of them did? You're dreaming and your syntax also marks you are something other than what is being made to appear. How absurd is it that Trump would be at odds with bankers? That makes no sense whatsoever. He couldn't be Trump without them.

Anonymous said...


So I suppose this is the part in the Program, where you are going to ascribe to yourself, that you can tell all about delusions, what they are, are not, and that this created term you use, such as "delusion", means nothing apart from itself as a contextual construction?

Do I need to call you Masa, and start wearing a name tag with the Contextual arrangement of "Nigger"?

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump and Hillary are running in circles on a track. Ramakrishna walks up to them, and says, "Why do you run when you should sit still and just be?" Trump punches him in the face, and Hillary calls Bill to have him whacked.

messianicdruid said...

You are mostly right, but you are reading too much into syntax. I am interested in learning when the mask will be torn off for all to see. His daughter has already been scoping out real estate in Palestine. Very bad idea, Jerusalem will soon be uninhabitable. But his qualifications for overseeing a bankruptcy would be useful if he weren't carrying Hillary's water.

torus said...

Ambiguous calls for Trump's assassination are going out. Esquire magazine from Feb 24 is paralleling Trump with Huey Long. Except Long allegedly despised the eastern "elite" that Trump was born in to. A hip-hop shuffle with a funky-ass back beat is now playing on the main deck of the Titanic. Feel free to arrange the deck chairs to your hearts content.
America and the allies have yet to suffer the consequences of allying with the most murderous ideology in history.

Brian Crossland said...

Wonder if Trump employs shills? paid for with his "own" or perhaps Hillary's money, as the circus floats merrily on.

messianicdruid said...

Anonymous 14: you know stuff I need to know and I know stuff you need to know. It is what it is.

If the Democrats nominate Clinton they will be mostly responsible for electing Trump [ if anything about him is real ].

Anonymous said...

Trump's offspring are thoroughly zio-ized. He has been co-opted for quite some time; a known quantity with the kosher seal of approval. Why else does he get such massive MSM exposure for so little effort? Any feathers that he has ruffled belong to various lackeys and hacks such as the Bushes and Clintons and their minions. The zioborg won't mind a new lapdog. He could prove quite useful to them.


Anaughty Mouser said...

I believe the fix was already in 8 years ago when Barry Soetero got the nod from the zionist bankers to be the front puppet for eight years. The whore of Babylon with a zionist male member in every orafice and one in each hand, was promised then she wond be the first female head clown puppet for the US of israel in 2016. Now we're here. Trump is just a ruse to make it seem like the whole thing isn't 100% rigged - which it is. The whore of babykon could get 17% of the vote and Trump 40 % but she will still win. Remember Diebold.

Peace out.

Anaughty Mouser

Eudoxia said...

This rotten to the core system has simply gotta die, there is no other way for it to go. The political circus is getting boring, if Hillary got hung I'd jump for joy can't believe that witch is still hanging in there despite many people now aware of her criminality. And as for that fucker Bill I've heard he's got a brain problem, no shit you couldn't half tell - they all have. At least that asshole Jeb is out of the picture. The last thing this planet needs is another Bush or Clinton, nuclear annihilation would be a more pleasant option at least it would be fast. Hopefully it's them who will be sailing down shit river.

Ray B. said...

Anaughty Mouser, February 29, 2016 12:11:00 AM :

I presume you are talking about the 'suspicious' time during the Democratic caucuses - while Barack and Hillary were running neck-and-neck - when both contestants 'disappeared' for some hours close to a Bilderberg meeting, which just happened to be occurring in America and at that crucial time. After that 'disappearance', Hillary lagged and Barack surged ahead.

I am pretty sure that Hillary was told "your time will be guaranteed, later." But, I am not sure whether they mean to put in Trump, first. If the neocons (rather, those behind them) get a Republican in for President, they will control all three Branches of the government - Executive, Congressional, and Judiciary. They may have decided that this 'chance' was just too tempting to pass up. Blank-check approval for anything. Hmmm. Hillary later...

(I agree with you about the Diebold farce. That should be our next Constitutional Amendment: Paper ballots, ballot-counting by three mixed-party humans, and a paper trail preserved. Next, an anti-gerrymandering Amendment...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

wiggins said...

Re Trump: I'm sure it takes a demon to know another demon...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(randomised)

No Shit. Shylock? and Can Canola come too? I don't know, whose on turd base? Twat's on First.

Wollies Winka and the Cloaca Factory.(that would be the Clinton's).

Will be all right in the long run, like a Calcutta Curry . It's not home cooking, it's only the river (cue Talking Heads).

Trump Goldstein.
After being behind the financing of the Nazis, they declared war against Hitler in 1933, and still he let them all go at Dunkirk and didnt hang one Rothschild or obliterate London Central after London Central first bombed German civilians, nor use that advanced technology in a timely fasion, including the uranium the Allies got hold of to use on Japan..... but Mein Kamp is a good read and Trump has appealing sound bites.
How about Israel did 911 AND Fukushima to boot? OMG! how can we have a madman for a president.

My theory: in the controlled opposition stakes, not just politics but everything, you only get ONE of everything to choose from. Two would be a vigorous debate between two agitators, and we can't have that.

Anonymous said...

Those gosh-darned Joos are behind it all. Those Zionist Joos. OMG.

robert said...

(part one of four)

How to tell how well your self training is going

The long way home?

That’s the path of diligently serving the soul-farmers, feeding the contractile self at all costs….

The short(er) way home?

That’s the path of diligently acquiring self-discipline, in order to serve the Self larger than your self, paying any price other than that of the integrity of our being….

Do we practice the following psychic hygiene protocols daily:
Relentless, unflinching self-observation?
Unceasing struggle with our subjective weaknesses?
Continual devotion, paying attention to, the still small voice of the Creator’s Will within?

If our intellect is offended by the evident slumber of the humanity embedded along with us in the shared deathcult, to the point where, ignoring all previous wisdom concerning the merits of maintaining one’s being in a positive, expansive state, we regress into faux or self righteous anger, and channeling the spirit of condemnation which consumes all caches of joy and hope, respecting no persons’ boundaries, against those we judge to be willfully ignorant or just more asleep than are we, we have just set our own liberation schedule back, possibly by years, when time is getting shorter!

In short, in service of false distinctions where thou is holier than them, during that possession by contractile sucking forces, when we allow our higher wills to be subverted, even for mere moments, ALL living en-souled beings are diminished, without distinction!

Who would want that karmic calamity on their ledger, if given a choice?

What ever became of the insight that, in the larger (or large enough) picture, EVERY manifestation in creation is part of one coherent symphony, one masterful universe and therefore, directing scorn, derision and resentment at one or more scenes in the movie not meeting our approval (or understanding), is not helping, not ourselves and certainly not those we fantasize that we may help by our fit of superior disapproval?

Why do we, along with all of the Kardashian-butt-entranced, indulge in the cult of personality, by blindly examining the elephant of superficial personality, presented to us indirectly through the MEdiaMatrix, and declaring this or that personality to be thus and so, to be judged unworthy, as if that judgment has any effect whatsoever, in how the larger passion play will play out using this or that character? Our judgment may indeed, however, negatively effect OUR little part of the play, rubbing our noses in our own weaknesses.

If we have studied the rise and fall of previous players in this play of awakening souls, those who began well but ended badly (from the perspective of the evil victor’s written history), might we not start to understand that to condemn the actor for the Author’s bad plotlines (from our limited literary experience) is missing the key point entirely? Not to mention the damning rebound when we realize that, no, we would not have done any better in that story!


robert said...

(part two of four)

“Many are called but few are chosen” implies one layer of meaning that the general cry of love goes out to all en-souled beings without restriction, yet few follow the cry to its source to rejoin the Union.

It may also overlay the observed pattern of protagonists in the passion play moving people and events in an expansive polarity in the beginning and then eventually being corrupted by the deathcult and by their own imperfections when the flow of energy grows far beyond their self control and the inner work had not been done well enough to allow them to spontaneously hand control over to the Self, the ultimate relief valve, before being burned to a crispy critter.

At present, the deathcult is at peak stupid, peak anti-self-reflection, peak evil, defined as anything which ultimately dampens the will to live. When the stress against paying any attention to our inner lives is extreme, there is no time to stop and reflect, just blurt out any damned thing that triggers our programmed reactions, just to evacuate some shit from our mental bags, to make room for the next inhalation of hell farts.

The most powerful strategy to sap our collective will to live, is to parade before us, leveraging the MEdiaMatrix, an endless line of naked emperors, each with bodies and souls deformed from living off of vampirism, before what remains of the body politic in chains, the productive, constructive, creative core, off which live all the layers of parasites, until that body succumbs to uncontrollable death throes, and the game of civilization gets reset yet again.

“See muppets, evil does pay! So there!” (spoken in the shrill voice of a petulant princess)

Not only crime pays, but betrayal, self-degradation and ganging-up pay even better, when crime has been raised by millennia of practiced deceit, to a highly sophisticated, extended family business, where generations are trained in deception and selected for maximal self-deception, to make the lies more effective by projecting single-mindedness during delivery, just as the art of acting demands a major commitment of being or body/mind/soul, in order to feign reality and be “believable”.

Surprised that certain genomes are most suited to be the lying uber-cattle in the propaganda plays, now populating all characters from the same puerile, stereo-typical book of demons’ dreams, the pitiable, brain-dead, heartlessly superficial aspirations of the soul-deprived?

Easy to be close-minded and appear totally confident when you have no heart and even easier to serve the demonic contractile queen when your senses are rewarded, getting fed ever increasing gratifications, until the point of diminishing returns comes by and tips you over the edge of the drain, into the whirlwind waiting to be reaped.

Want to be of service? First we must do our homework - every day - and take command of our wills, clean all disempowering deceptions from our mind’s eye and nurture the return of our innocence by spending more time and attention on the true inner child (not the shadow inner idiot programmed by the deathcult!), showing our determined devotion to being whole, integrated and One with the One.


robert said...

(part three of four)

Then, if we are so unlucky as to be called to be more than dust whirling in the sunlight, to walk as the (even partial!) embodiment of our Higher Being, we will discover all of the flies in the ointment, the bugs in our self-programming, the flaws in our prism which keep us imprisoned by our own dazzling errors of light, and feel the heat of higher energy limited by selfish resistance begin to burn away all of our illusions of self-control and self-mastery.

Why unlucky? While in childish daydreams we may imagine serving the higher good through the contribution of our lives, in adult contemplation we may grow to understand more clearly just what that service may entail and come to the realization that our commitment will be tested all the way to failure and then what?

Can we even know whether a particular prophet or avatar’s service was a “success” or “failure” from the Omniperspective of the One? From our experience in our lives of human history, we might anticipate that for every mission of service which propels universal momentum toward expansion or abundance, there are several thousand Icarus’s, who fail and fall in flames to their dooms. Our hope is that, like the precision of Lady Nature, every effort is integrated into the passion play, regardless of external, historical outcome, with the only judgment involved being that of a local assessment from the individual player’s perspective, for the purposes of further refinement.

There is a tradition that, since the akashic record stores every energetic impression made upon the continuum, whether thought, feeling or deed, without limits, therefore nothing learned or attained at the level of spirit can be lost.

So, we come to embody but this lifetime doesn’t teach us our life lessons enough to stick with us? So what, we will be back to school soon enough, to make up what we missed, right? In an infinite creation, surely there is another opening somewhere for another embodiment, another mission of learning?

What is the meaning then of:
And if thy right eye causeth thee to stumble, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not thy whole body be cast into hell.?

One interpretation is that, in any given embodiment, it is better to mercilessly prune any tendency, of mind, body or soul, any intrinsic member of our embodied consciousness which might retard the refinement of our Spirit (“whole body” ) from its appointed destiny of co-creator with the One.

Another plausible interpretation is that the “whole body” represents our Spirit or higher self and the eye represents an individual life, which implies that it is prudent to prune any lifetime deteriorating to the point of dragging our Spirit down the drain, not perhaps literally but severely limiting the desires-gone-bad in such a lifetime, to head off where such will inevitably lead, before a momentum is established that will lead to perdition.


robert said...

(part four of four)

Then consider the fate of the dedicated soul-group of souls who embody time and time again in a vehicle from the SAME ethnic group, deathcult or genome, serving as the chosen examples of “how to do it wrong” or “how NOT to use the gift of Life”, as a teaching contrast to allow all other embodiments the opportunity to choose another path wisely, by natural revulsion, and most especially, to learn not to hate the particular perpetrators of evil ways but only the evil ways in meme/example, and in their concrete corrosive effect on OUR wills to live and to live more abundantly in spirit, not only in the superficial meaning of material provenance.

But what of the spiritual growth of this group? How can they grow, groaning away in such a tiny petri dish, constrained by their ancient mechanical deathcult, infused with a black magical bag of tricks and so in-group oriented as to miss the larger meaning and beauty of nearly everything which transpires (and expires) around them?

Endless lives getting negative feedback from the created world, due to their posse’s parasitical predation, trained and driven by deathly fear of becoming targeted by another borg-ian dark lord’s enmity or worse, of fatal exile from the borg-ian gang, from where does the wisdom come by which to break the chain of miseries and end the myopic madness?

Turning back to the risk involved in embodiment, is it possible to have a life which degrades the spirit sufficiently that its integrity has been compromised to the point where there’s no longer any possibility of climbing the path back to the center of all things under its own power, leaving only Divine mercy as the only way out of the pit of despair?

Will we who consider ourselves on the path to the light or at least, on a path away from the dark, be empowered to grant mercy, through our personal suffering and conscious efforts, not only to ourselves but to all the benighted souls pinioned by guilt and faithlessness? Would we even aspire to wield that kind of power, this “power of the kind”?

If we are training our selves to contemplate these questions, question our contemplation and husband our own resources with relentless awareness, with a view toward merging with infinite resources, may we finally show ourselves approved for the immense responsibility of wielding the power of creation!

mike m said...

So what do you all think of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the best President that was from my generation?

messianicdruid said...

Well, Russia has 25% of the uranium under the ranch in Oregon. That whole place is sitting on precious and strategic metals that they goobermint wants to sell or trade to badness pardners, thanks to H. Clinton & Obamer. Trump up some charges of terrist for burning brush on your own place, and rather than a fine or something restitutional, like plant some trees, they lock your arse up for five years, while some serious bull dozen happens.

These lands should be in private hands of private citizens to be farmed, ranched, mined, as they see fit. The rich have no authority to line their pockets with commons. The land should be divided and never sold. They should neither be used as collateral for loans on armements, bullets, weapons, research into anything dangerous to the liberties of We The People.

Kazz said...

Part 1

According to Plutarch (Cato the Elder 26), the official reason, or casus belli, for Rome going to war with Carthage was that she had “...a new generation of fighting men, overflowing with wealth, amply stocked with weapons and military supplies of every kind, and full of confidence at this revival of its strength...” and the fact that Carthage’s “...dispute with the Numidians was merely the prelude to an attack upon Rome...” Livy (Periochae 49) informs us that “...Carthaginians had a navy contrary to the treaty...they had led their army beyond their own territory...they had attacked Masinissa, a friend and ally of the Roman people, ...[and] they had not received Masinissa’s son Gulussa, who had accompanied the Roman envoys...”

Considering Rome’s history with Carthage (Hannibal’s defeat of Rome in the battle of Cannae in 216 BC) it is easy to understand why Rome would have been apprehensive about Carthage’s ‘revival of strength’, stock of weapons and military supplies, not to mention their navy which was contrary to their treaty with Rome. It is understandable then that Rome made Carthage hand over her weapons and navy. Once the Carthaginians did so though, coupled with the fact that they lost the majority of their fighting men, they obviously placed no further threat to the formidable Roman Empire and her allies. It is for this reason that other motives must be considered.

Appian (Punic Wars 68-69) indicates that while the Romans were in Carthage they noticed how valuable Carthage’s resources were, and points out that Masinissa seized more land then he should have, but the Romans delayed conjecture until the Carthaginian interests were nearly ruined, and when they did intervene the Romans simply told both parties to submit. Appian (Punic Wars 69) also noted that the Roman Senate decided on war with Carthage but it needed a pretext. Velleius Paterculus (1.12.2-13.1) suggests Rome was jealous of Carthage’s power and was not guilty of any offence, and Florus (1.15) explains Rome’s pretext for war on Carthage was mainly against the city, not an army, and the reason for Rome’s backing of the Numidians was because they were Rome’s allies. Plutarch (Life of Cato 26) supports Florus’ statement that Masinissa had always been a friend to Rome.

Appian (Punic Wars 74-79) informs us that the Carthaginians put up with many injustices and invasions by Masinissa, because of their treaty with Rome, and it was Hasdrubal who conducted the campaign against Masinissa. The Carthaginians condemned those who had resisted Masinissa, and were conscience-stricken about what Hasdrubal had done to the Roman soldiers (tortured and killed them), so they condemned him to death for what he had done, and because they hated him for depriving them of any hope of pardon (Appian Punic Wars 74, 79, 118). Appian (Punic Wars 70-72) also tells us that Hamilcar (Hasdrubal’s brother) killed some of Gulussa’s (Masinissa’s son) men on their way home, which gave Masinissa an excuse to attack the town of Oroscopa, that he had always desired, and it was because of this assault that Hasdrubal marched on Masinissa. Hasdrubal led 58,000 troops into an ambush that was set by Masinissa, which saw the Carthaginians cut off from their supplies and starved into submission, causing the death of all but Hasdrubal and a few of the nobility (Appian Punic Wars 72).

The Carthaginians did all they could to make amends to the Romans. They handed over 300 of their noble’s children as hostages, gave up their weapons, and handed over their navy, but this was not enough for the Romans who demanded the Carthaginians leave their city (Appian Punic Wars 76-77, 81).

With the majority of Carthage’s men dead, and the loss of all their weapons and navy, they stood absolutely no chance against Rome’s army and her allies, Numidia and Utica, who had also joined the Romans, according to Livy (Periochae 49, 51. XLIX).

Kazz said...

Part 2

Appian (Punic Wars 131) then informs us that once the city of Carthage had been overrun Hasdrubal fled secretly to Scipio where he sat at his feet, which had Hasdrubal’s wife and the few deserters, who were yet to be killed by the Romans, cursing and screaming abuse at Hasdrubal, because they saw him for the traitor he really was.

Add to these facts that after the sack of Carthage Rome made war on the Dalmations, even though they had not been guilty of any offence (Appian, Illyrian Wars 2.11), then Corinth, which was followed by Numantia, and then the rest of the world, according to Florus (1.32. 16-17.2). One also needs to understand that from the very beginning Rome was always at war with her neighbours, first the Sabines (second foundation myth of Rome was the rape of Sabine women), then Etruscans (north), Volscians (south), Aequi (highlands), and Samnites, and you get a very clear picture of a blood thirsty nation that was always thirsting for war.

This brings us to the question of what the real reason was for Rome going to war. If we consider Rome went through a period of acculturation with commercial interaction with Greece and Etruria, which saw Rome blossom, and that Rome’s conquest of the Mediterranean opened up commercial activities for rich equites and smaller negotiatores, who went in for money-lending, banking and trading, then we see that the Middle Republic of Rome had an aristocracy which guided the state through a corporate authority.

Cicero saw the senate as being created by the kings as a self-sufficient body at the time of the fall of the monarchy, and until the Ovinian tribunician law intervened, those with consular power chose those closest to them from the patricians or the plebeians. The Senate was in the hands of the nobiles, who were an inner circle of senators drawn from a very limited number of families, and only a man who could boast a consul among his ancestors could claim to be a noble, because the consulship was the closely guarded prerogative of comparatively few families. Nobles, through patronage, were generally able to control the elections, and this is how they controlled the Senate. The way in which the nobles maintained their influence was not constitutional, but the People were quite content to leave more and more responsibility to the Senate. Did the people know what was going on though?

Senators comprised the great landowners and left investments in commerce and finance to those outside their ranks, but they did at times profit from the spoils of war if they held high command, while the equites served the state for financial reward by providing public works, building roads, and supplying fleets and armies via provincial taxes or revenues. The nobles gained much political control through their membership of the priestly colleges of Augurs and Pontiffs, and we need to remember that Rome had the god Janus, who was a god of war, as their god, and when Rome was at war the temple of Janus’ temple doors were always kept open, and during the entire history of the Roman Republic (509 BC to the end of the first century BC) Janus’ temple doors were only closed twice.

Kazz said...

Part 3

Add to the facts that Roman soldiers were sociologically brainwashed to look favourably on war. The first thing recommended to a young man was a quest for glory, which was won with a military career. Romans were big on glory or the getting of gloria (glory), and war provided a means for a man to display his virtus (virtue, manliness). Those who excelled on the battlefield were rewarded with a command and won a consulship that was regarded as an apotheosis, which turned one into a god because it made ones name immortal. To win further glory Roman commanders sought the honour of being hailed a triumphator, which one accomplished by overseeing, or being in a battle, where at least 5,000 of the enemy were killed. These were the values of the Roman nobility. Romans were led to believe they were a master race, and a chosen people. (Sound like anyone you know?)

The soldiers were corrupted with the temptation of money, because they got to share in the booty, and any who did not want to be conscripted into the army, or those who deserted, were beaten and sold into slavery. It soon becomes obvious why Roman soldiers were more afraid of their own generals than they were of the enemy.

If we take all these factors into consideration I would have to say the real reason for Rome going to war with Carthage and the rest of the world was GREED and POWER! The elite in Rome made war into a very profitable business that earned them lots and lots of money, so they could enslave the world to serve their every need and desire, and maintain their control over humanity and everything else on the planet.

This has been going on for thousands of years and nothing has changed. The elite are still doing exactly the same thing today, and this is why a handful of men, of very dubious nature, are still in control of the world today!

My laptop just died so I am using an old one. God Bless You my friends, may our Father in Heaven watch out for us all.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Please note what was done to the fighting men of Cartage and the way their leader betrayed all of his people, even his own family! This is how satanists role.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

They could put Trump in to "AMPLIFY THE COLLECTIVE HATE! AMPLIFY THE COLLECTIVE HATE!!" As Obama dances a silent shuffle into the dark to start writing some shitty book. Trump will be the first POTUS who you can hate and blame all you want. Call him dirty names! Call for his assassination!!! It will be considered hip! Self-effacing whitey will play his role and call for even LESS diversity in the NBA. For now, Obama has killed more faceless brown-skinned people than Trump. Trump just hires them. But they both "SERVE THE PERPS!"

Ray B. said...

Wow, what a spectacular array of different viewpoints! Kudos to Robert and Kazz, especially. Education from a soulular and a boots-on-the-ground perspective. Thanks!

Currently, I am somewhat angry at all-God. I had a low-level 'attack' (dumping) early this morning, and swung Higher Self into the Cleaning mode. Well, when HS drilled-down into this person's past lifetimes, his very first lifetime was an absolute horror. The amount of pain he had inflicted on him was in the top 10% of any I have encountered to date. First lifetime. No experience of physical pain. Damn, no wonder he was not able to feel it through...

I am aware of the 'wondrousness' of all-God's creation. Everybody gets to experience it all. Both sides of anything. However, at times, I just have to hate God a little. That lifetime was so over-the-top. When you are in Cleaning mode, you get to experience a little of what went on. I know that I am in reaction, because of this 'closeness' in the Cleaning. But damn, what were you thinking???

Back after I have screamed and shouted for a while...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I myself am licking Source's nose when I meet it. . .just for inventing bladders, intestines, and over the fact that I don't have a long 2 metre prehensile tail. Oh yeah! Spending so many of my years on the rag doesn't help, either.

Remind me to turn myself into a sabre tooth tiger before licking that nose!

Kazz said...

Dear Robert,

Another awesome post.

Robert - 'Then consider the fate of the dedicated soul-group of souls who embody time and time again in a vehicle from the SAME ethnic group, deathcult or genome, serving as the chosen examples of “how to do it wrong” or “how NOT to use the gift of Life...'

The Bible tells us these souls are rewarded richly in this life through the material gain they acquire. The downside is they lose their spirit and soul in the process.

Robert - 'Will we who consider ourselves on the path to the light or at least, on a path away from the dark, be empowered to grant mercy, through our personal suffering and conscious efforts, not only to ourselves but to all the benighted souls pinioned by guilt and faithlessness?'

I always look to the wise for my council and they don't come wiser then Jesus and God, who tell us to FORGIVE others for their sins, as we wish to be forgiven, but hate the sin! This time that has come upon us is a blessing from God to show us the error of our ways and why it is not good to ignore God's council.

Now is the time for all to come together to create a better world. The only problem is one must be humble to come to God and the knowledge of God. One can lead a horse to water but if it does not drink there is nothing one can do. I would personally be happy to try and help the elite, who have fallen into the darkest pit imaginable, because I know not whether I would have done worse if I had been in their shoes. What good are the blessings that God has bestowed upon us if we can not use these blessings to help others. The only time a true Christian should look down on anybody is when they are helping them up :o). Having said this the elite must change their ways and stop killing the innocents on this planet, otherwise they choose their own fate, as we all do. AS YOU DO UNTO OTHERS SO SHALL IT BE DONE UNTO YOU. Karma can be overcome, but one must change their life and direction to achieve this.

I think it would be a great idea to try and move forward in a positive way and turn our back on fear, judgement, and ignorance. Love, forgiveness, mercy, and compassion are the bread that feeds the spirit. All one has to do to access these jewels is allow their self to feel. Emotions are not a drawback they are a sixth sense that helps one to discern. Closing down one's emotions is like ripping out the instrument panel in your car. Just because you can't see the oil is low does not mean your motor won't blow up!

Luv Kazz

JackieG said...

Hey Vis!!
The Donald v. Hillbillery Klinton
Who do you choose?
There are no other choices.
Sitting on the fence is not an option.

Anonymous said...

There is something that seems to confuse a lot of us; when and how to judge/discriminate. I know it has confused me, but I think I finally got it.

According to Patanjali, the aim of Yoga is to still the Chitta, the feeling/mind-stuff. According to Yogananda, the Chitta is experienced in the heart. According to the Gita, both attachment and repulsion are distortions, thus like & dislike. Both likes and dislikes are experienced in the heart. "The mind", broadly speaking, is what discriminates, and discrimination is essential, as we all know by now.

So, what does it mean?

It means that the heart should be cleaned of all likes and dislikes, so that it "looks" neutrally and unreacting at all happenings and objects in the outer world, as well as all thoughts and visions that pop up in ones head. The mind should be honed to a fine edge, to soundly and ably discriminate between good and bad. Thus, the heart is able to stay detached from the world, free to Love God and others, while the mind "judges" (discriminates) and makes sure that one has a grip on what is going on, primarily: God made the world and the rules, so it must be right how it is (Have Faith), even though we don't really understand it. The honed mind (wise) also gives us an idea when and how to express things. In this way, one can be internally free, unfazed by bad shit going on, without losing ones head. Counter-intuitively, perhaps, this frees up Love, by freeing the heart, so that one becomes more positive, also outwardly, and it frees up energy and time, because the mind can calmly separate right and wrong, without undue influence from likes and dislikes.

It works! Try it out and see for yourself. Of course, it's not a job for a weekend, but it should quickly become obvious that it's true.

Anonymous said...


Are you relocating soon?


JackieG said...

Hitler said the Jews were special too.
The Donald only needs to round up and jail the top 6 Jewish bankers and that will end all wars.

The 3rd Elf said...

Vis is on the road somewhere or another. I last heard from him 2 days ago I think it was and he told me then he'd be travelling for 3 days or thereabouts. Should things go to that particular plan, (whatever that plan might be and wherever it's taking him), I believe we can anticipate Vis writing again in the next 24 hours or so (even if it's only to publish a comment here). That's all I know!

Ray B. said...

I did not know this:

(Comment by) Dan - February 28, 2016 at 9:03 am

... As for the name Koch, we have it directly from US Senator Al Franken’s book that mayor Ed Koch called Franken, who had an office in the Twin Towers, to warn him not to go to the WTC on 911, which Franken referred to as getting “the Jewish call” because the date was given using the Jewish calendar and such equivalent date in the month of elul. Now that’s a proved conspiracy if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Ray at 10:13,

Revealing but somehow unsurprising. I wonder how many other such calls were made on Sept. 10th.


Anonymous said...

"In this election the choice is Trump and Goldman Sacks."
Edward Snowden

Got that?? About a month ago when you were badmouthing Trump I asked you who those that choose to vote should vote for. Still no reply. Trump is the only chance the American people have. He will be a bull in the China closet. Lets see him mix things up. I doubt he can be intimidated, and if he had an ass buddy or was a chicken hawk it would have already come out. He can't save the system, nobody can, it is too far gone and the American people deserve what they are going to get. Look at all the brain dead that will vote for that cackling witch who should be in prison.

Trump says some stupid things and people criticize him for not coming down on Israel. I will repeat myself, YOU CAN'T GET ELECTED PRESIDENT IN THIS COUNTRY BY BADMOUTHING ISRAEL. They own the MSM and would eat him up and the zombies who don't have a clue would fall in line. "You can't talk that way about Gods chosen people." They are grasping at straws trying to derail him because David Duke recommended voting for him. You know that KKK white supremacist who was in the KKK forty years ago (for three years) and isn't a white supremacist. Read his books (you might learn something), he doesn't disparage any race.


Ray B. said...

Mandocello, March 03, 2016 6:59:00 PM: "I wonder how many other such calls were made on Sept. 10th."

To roughly answer your question:

I can no longer remember the exact source for this, but someone did a check on how many folk of Jewish extraction were killed in 9/11. This source found it was only two people. One was a random tourist-visitor to the WTC, and the other was a worker who apparently was just there. (I don't remember whether any folk of Jewish extraction were on the aircraft.)

Now, if you consider the overall percentage of folk of Jewish extraction in New York City (Wikipedia: metropolitan New York is 9.3%), 2 dead Jewish people out of 2,874 people killed in 9/11 is way below the statistical norm. On average, there should have been around 250 folk of Jewish extraction killed in 9/11. So, that's around 250 calls...

(If you considered the percentage of folk of Jewish extraction actually working in the two WTC buildings, I bet this percentage would be higher than the NYC average. So, more calls...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Chris said...

Les I know Trump is not perfect, but do you not think that the establishment are running scared? Trump has said he will reinvestigate 911, that he will audit the fed, he has spoken out against mercury in vaccines and climate change. He funds his own campaign and is not beholden to powerful lobbies or corporations. Did you see Jeb Bush when he annhilated him in the debates and called out his fathers connections with the Bin Ladens? Jeb looked visibly shell shocked and performed terribly in the debates after that. This is truly courageous stuff imo. I know he has said a lot of other stuff that makes you doubt him but I think he has to be populist to get the people on his side. Then there is this interview where he strongly implies that Israel is funding and supporting ISIS! Personally, I believe he is the real deal- he is pissing off all the right people.Far from perfect but light yesrs ahesd of all the other bought and paid for candidates.

Ray B. said...

Mandocello, I goofed on my figures. 50,000 people worked in the Twin Towers. So, if there was an average of 9.3% folks of Jewish extraction, that would be around 4700 calls. The resultant 'lack of presence' saved approximately 250 Jewish people's lives out of the 2,874 people killed, on average. Sorry about that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

The Saker speaks frankly:

To be honest, I have not been following the latest presidential race in the USA. Simply put, I have long lost any hope to see any change come from any election in the USA. Changing the puppet makes no difference as long as the puppeteer remains the same one.

Still, I think that there are at least two main puppeteers in the USA: what I call the “Old Anglo” guard and the Neocons. And while these two agree on a lot, there are some real differences between them. For all my loathing for Obama, I have to admit that he generally has kept the Neocons in check, at least on some crucial matters such as the deal with Iran or the war on Syria.

It is because of this awareness of the difference between extremely bad and absolutely unspeakably horrible that I make any difference at all, however minor, between the current presidential candidates.

And when I speak of “absolutely unspeakably horrible” I, of course, mean that thoroughly evil and maniacal bitch Hillary Clinton who, frankly, outright frightens me. Of all the people seriously thinking that that Russia will not dare to stand up to the AngloZionist Empire, she is, in my opinion, by far the most dangerous and thus the most likely to test that hypothesis. So while “thoroughly evil and maniacal bitch” might sound harsh, I quite literally mean that she is breathing evil and hubris and that she is a “bitch” in the colloquial sense of the word. God help us all and have mercy on us if she becomes the next President. If that happens, I would consider the risks of a nuclear war with Russia as high.
So yes, at this point, I would prefer *anybody* to this “thoroughly evil and maniacal bitch”. If she gets elected, my last hope will be for a coup by the JCS.

The Saker
March 03, 2016

Kazz said...

I was reading the 'The Soul of Man under Socialism' (Oscar Wilde, 1891) today and thought I would share a few quotes along with my thoughts. I would love to hear from people who do not agree with me and why they do not agree. I found the article itself to be very interesting and must admit it stretched my mind in regard to many of the points it put across.

'To the thinker, the most tragic fact in the whole of the French Revolution is not that Marie Antoinette was killed for being a queen, but that the starved peasant of the Vendee voluntarily went out to die for the hideous cause of feudalism.’

'It comes from the barbarous conception of authority. It comes from the natural inability of a community corrupted by authority to understand or appreciate Individualism. In a word, it comes from that monstrous and ignorant thing that is called Public Opinion, which, bad and well-meaning as it is when it tries to control action, is infamous and of evil meaning when it tries to control Thought or Art.’

'The problem then is, why do not the public become more civilised? They have the capacity. What stops them?’

I would have to ask OW whether his understanding of being civilised is not my understanding of being domesticated like a pet cat, and I would also have to ask him how an intelligent man such as his self can ask such a question when insurmountable evidence points to the elite and their agenda, to hold onto power at any cost, as not being the obvious answer to his question.

'The work of art is to dominate the spectator: the spectator is not to dominate the work of art. The spectator is to be receptive. He is to be the violin on which the master is to play. And the more completely he can suppress his own silly views, his own foolish prejudices, his own absurd ideas of what Art should be, or should not be, the more likely he is to understand and appreciate the work of art in question. This is, of course, quite obvious in the case of the vulgar theatre-going public of English men and women. But it is equally true of what are called educated people.’

Why is it that the elite believe they are in a position to dominate humanity when it is impossible for them to see the work God is doing with humanity. To constrain humanity and make them live in accord with the elite's Will, instead of the Divine's, is akin to dominating creation, which belongs to the Divine, isn't it??

'It is evident, then, that all authority in such things is bad. People sometimes inquire what form of government is most suitable for an artist to live under. To this question there is only one answer. The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all...there is no necessity to separate the monarch from the mob; all authority is equally bad.’

On this point I agree because my understanding of government is that it is there to protect those that break God’s law from those who wish to enforce it.

(Part 1/2)

Kazz said...

(Part 2/2)

'The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development.’

The problem with laws that are in print is that print cannot evolve to keep up with the ever evolving human consciousness, which is most probably why one should be more focused on developing one's heart, where the Christ consciousness is born, than filling one's head with knowledge that can be diverted to serve evil purposes.

'And so Individualism exercises no compulsion over man. On the contrary, it says to man that he should suffer no compulsion to be exercised over him. It does not try to force people to be good. It knows that people are good when they are let alone. Man will develop Individualism out of himself. Man is now so developing Individualism. To ask whether Individualism is practical is like asking whether Evolution is practical. Evolution is the law of life, and there is no evolution except towards Individualism. Where this tendency is not expressed, it is a case of artificially-arrested growth, or of disease, or of death.’

What would OW have to say today at the excessive actions that are being undertaken to suppress individualism in order to control humanity under a system of corporate dictatorship?

'A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.’

Perhaps that is why such high dosages of sodium fluoride, which is a neurotoxin that destroys the rods and cones in one’s pineal gland (one’s means of communication with the Divine) is being added so profusely to the middle class’s drinking water.

The greatest thinker of all time for me is Jesus. Now why do you suppose Jesus picked working class people and not aristocrats to bring his message to mankind?

'A Nihilist who rejects all authority, because he knows authority to be evil, and welcomes all pain, because through that he realises his personality, is a real Christian.’

To believe the only way to arrive in the light is by going through the fire man has created, to reach one’s true and higher self, is to deny the life saving work the Divine provides through everyday interaction with Man. When people are poor they are not so insulated from the world as the rich, so the Divine is able to work more freely with those who are free flowing souls. Worship of the material realm and ego are the biggest stumbling blocks to those who wish to be initiated to the higher aspects of the Divine. Jesus showed us the way to the Christ consciousness. While being rich is in and of itself does not mean a person is not on the path I can’t help but hear Jesus’ council in regard to the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).

Luv Kazz

Alan Jong said...

You make some good points, the last spell that I've done, and that I'm summing up my social networking with is against those institutions. God is love, he does not take back the gift of life. There is a precedence in eternity for a caste system, segregation, and even a cosmic pyramid, but those concepts are perverted in the world. See above everyone will be segregated by the content of their character, the soul of every individual will be made manifest in there exterior appearance, and segregation will be according to that. If you're not a murderer or psychopath you won't have them as cosmic neighbors. Here (see the link) is where I drew up my spell against every government, and corporate institution; including the banks and religious institutions. They are bound by invisible chains which will force them all to comply with natural law,or fall under the weight of their own injustices, and tyrannies.
The Last disclosure.

Kazz said...

Dear Omega Fee,

Thank you very much for the link. I have read a few articles and shall enjoy reading the rest. Although I don't want to live under institutions, or other co-creators, because I know I AM is a child of God who needs to be free to move and morph with our Divine creator, I recognise that every co-creator is not yet ready to take the journey my I AM is on. My evolutionary process has taught me much, and one of the most important things is that my journey is specific to me, as is the path of all other co-creators specific to them, so men and women must be free to follow their own path. My job is to clean up my world and make it resonate harmoniously with the Divine's creation and natural laws. To do this makes a sick cell healthy, and it is my belief that as more and more co-creators choose to realign with the Divine's natural law the body of humanity will once again become a healthy organism to move into the light. There will still be shadows in the world because even in broad daylight shadows exist, but the majority of the world is ascending back into the light, precipitated by the very thing that wishes to control and contain us. Being able to see the Divine's creation is a miracle to behold, at least in this co-creators eyes.

I do believe Oscar Wilde was expressing the very same view when he said, '[a]nd so Individualism exercises no compulsion over man. On the contrary, it says to man that he should suffer no compulsion to be exercised over him. It does not try to force people to be good. It knows that people are good when they are let alone. Man will develop Individualism out of himself. Man is now so developing Individualism. To ask whether Individualism is practical is like asking whether Evolution is practical. Evolution is the law of life, and there is no evolution except towards Individualism. Where this tendency is not expressed, it is a case of artificially-arrested growth, or of disease, or of death.’

This co-creator loves everyone because I have acknowledged that we all play a role in creation, so just like Jesus I have no axe to grind with man or woman because I see the nature of the force that I was, and many people still are, at the mercy of. My only agenda is to love others and the creation in which we exist in accordance with the Divine's Will. Moving more and more into who I really am is exciting, exhilarating, and makes one feel alive. I believe they call this the passion of the Christ. I do not wish to tear down the creations of others I simply wish the same level of respect to co-create in accordance with the Divine spark within me. My agenda is simply to venture further and further into the unknown reaches of my own inner world to bring who I AM really is into being, and my hopes are that through travelling this path I can somehow contribute towards a unity and healing of mankind that will benefit us all, even if my contribution is just a mere droplet in the ocean of our shared reality :o).

God bless.
Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

I was reading a newspaper and came across the best explanation for Trump's success that I have found:

"Another View" by Froma Harrop, 4 Mar 2016
"Working-class Republicans have finally rebelled against the notion that everything they get is beneficence from the superrich - and that making the superrich super-duper-rich would drop some tinsel on their grateful heads. They were done with quiet protest and ready to take down the Republican bastille, stone by stone. And the angrier Trump made the establishment the happier they were.
Back at the chateau, Republican luminaries were calmly planning favors for their financiers. They assumed their party's working folk would fall in line - out of both hostility to Democrats and through hypnosis.
Trump would be a disastrous president, of course. But he knows how to inspire the 'enraged ones'." ...

I get it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i don't support anyone in the presidential race. my bafflement though is the social engineering(blatantly obvious, with trump and clinton), clinton a homicidal, anti-human,banking slut, murder machine, that people actually beleive will rule for the good of all. trump, where the muck rackers claim he will either save the world or destroy the world. he won't nationananlyze the fed and the banks(with a decentralized, rotational control), he won't arrest the congress and supreme and federal courts and put them on trial for treason, he won't eliminate the entire federal beuracratic whore train, and decentralize authority. he won't close overseas bases and bring the military back to just protect the borders(which would eliminate the need to build any walls, we should at least know who is coming into the country and their health). he won't cut the trillion dollars a year in subsidies to the oil companies. we could go on and on. being that he won't do these things, the banks will have status quo, which is the same as all the other whores. it almost seems the more humanity challenges nature(god), the more sociopathic and destructive things become. when has a teeter totter ever worked without balance. look at a basketball or soccerball without proper inflation. its a con game. sacrifice of the human gift, that nearly all fail to see, with an end game desire, nearly all are closing their eyes too.

Ray B. said...

There is another piece alleged to be of MH370 that has just washed-up at Mozambique.

One ‘trick’ used in the debating community is pre-limiting the area of allowed discussion. If you can ‘shield’ any dangerous area, you have already two-thirds won the argument. With that in mind, from the referenced article:

“Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. Radar data show the plane turned sharply around as it approached Vietnamese airspace, and then flew back across the Malay Peninsula until contact was lost off the coast of Thailand.

Authorities determined that the jetliner continued on a straight path across the Indian Ocean, leading them to believe that the plane flew on autopilot for hours before running out of fuel and crashing into the water.”

The first paragraph is absolutely true (in good disinfo practice), and shows TPTB have given-up on trying to bury the Malaysian military radar tracking of MH370. The second paragraph is the subtly-firewalling practice. It is indeed likely that MH370 continued SW on a constant heading, as whomever ‘commandeered’ it believed they were effectively ‘invisible’.

However, the article carefully left-out the sighting of an aircraft matching the size and paint-job of MH370 by several natives of the Maldives Islands, some hours later. These islands are more or less along a direct flight path to the US military base at Diego Garcia. (Britain owns the island.) Naturally, TPTB have insisted that what the natives saw is not what the natives saw...

So, this article is carefully walling-off discussion that MH370 simply continued-on to Diego Garcia. Kind of like the neglecting of WTC Building 7 by the 9/11 NIST final report. Clever, if transparent...

(By the way, US, Australian, and maybe even Chinese, radar ‘tapes’ do exist of the whole ‘trajectory’ of MH370. This is ‘skin-paint’ radar, which works even if transponders are silenced. The withholding of these records is probably the single, largest ‘Elephant in the Room’...)

Now, to put my Aerospace Engineering hat on. If you look at the first, overall, photo of the debris, it is apparent that the piece is a tiny fragment of a much-larger sheet – only a 2’x2’x2’ triangle-scrap. It was fastened at the front by a rivet row, which evidently failed and allowed the scrap to ‘peel’ off. I am surprised that the scrap does not have ‘intermediate’ fracture lines on its surface, proceeding-aft parallel to the rivet-failure-line, as the scrap overloaded-to-failure along its ‘length’ before ripping-off.

I also note that no photo is shown of the ‘backside’ of the piece. This would reveal the intactness of the ‘aluminum honeycombing on the inside’ of the fiberglass structure. Structural fiberglass is heavy; it would take A LOT of intact-honeycomb to counterbalance that weight.

Also, as a controversial website author - whose name sounds like 'Gem Stone' - noted for a previous washed-up piece, there is NO seaweed/algae/shell encrustation on the piece at all – not even in small, rough, ripped-out-rivet areas for maximum ‘growing surface’ and with built-in beach-rubbing protection. Consider that this piece has been floating around in the fertile ocean for years; how likely is this to be the case?

Personally, without seeing the piece up-close, I come down on the ‘planted evidence’ side. The big question is, Why Now? Why not let the story die a slow death, like JFK and 9/11? To whose advantage is it to periodically pop-up the story? Or, are they just rubbing our noses in it, for grins?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Very interesting long Comment on the 'Players' behind Hillary and behind Donald...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Riding that Train and Watching the World Gamble on By..

Ray B. said...

L Garou, March 06, 2016 9:15:00 PM :

Personally, I am one of those 'conspiracy theorists' who believe (these days) that anybody raised to high rank or celebrity is at least likely to be 'owned', if not an actual baddie. I am glad for any exceptions. In that light, I am also glad for those people who are politically-astute enough to at least make a stab at who are the Players behind the 'Wizard of Oz' curtains. My concentration-area is more top-down woo-woo land, so I welcome informed summaries of earth-based Players. (I am an Independent, so I have no Party ax to grind.)

Trump could be anything, of course. My greatest concern is that he has gone bankrupt a few times, and was bailed-out by bankers. That happened with J.P. Morgan, who was bailed-out of an impending bankruptcy by an actual Rothschild. After that, Morgan seemed to have toed the Rothschild line in important matters. I have the same unease, in that Trump may be independent except for when important 'decisions' need to be made. We'll see, if he gets that far. (I am enjoying the way Trump is like a hawk among the Republican pigeons, in the run-up to the convention.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

L Garou and Ray B:

Trump "might" well become a cold-blooded murderer, but we all know Hillary already has that title on her resume. Trump has the establishment in a panic, as he is the only one who can defeat Hillary. They are desperate to swing votes away from the Donald in any way possible. Rumor has it Romney will enter the race if Trump wins Florida and/or Ohio.

JackieG said...

Romney wears a diaper.
Lots of Mormons and Jews wear diaper's.
Would you vote for someone who wears a diaper for other than medical reasons??

Visible said...

The real question is why would anyone vote for any of these people. I could walk into the White House today and be a better president than any of them. First off, I am not a thief; no one makes my mind up for me and I am not scared of any of them. If they get permission to kill me I only wind up getting a promotion and that is because I know who I work for in the first place and I am not even the right person for the job so... I, personally would take it a step further; why would anyone in possession of even part of their faculties, vote for any of these transparent and predictable losers? Change is coming, period ...and the time will come when competent people will once again fill these positions and they will serve by not calling attention to themselves. It has to go way wrong before it gets right but... right it will get once the sheep recognize who is winding up on the hooks and bleeding to death on the killing floor... for the moment it isn't all that clear due to the anesthetic or some variation of bone deep cinderblock head stupidity and let us not discount the impact of all those people who sacrifice everything just so that they can put a belt around their neck- attached to the doorknob and then slump into some state of autoerotic suicide... only some of which is created to look like they did it and... they still have to get permission so... make sure who it is that you are employed by.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Musing of the Last Retard from Atlantis.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I voted once, in 1972, for McGovern. Draft # 83. McGovern was my first best hope for saving myself the agony of Vietnam. Canada being Plan 'B'

Don't plan on voting again, but I do endeavor to sway people (and the gods) to eliminate the Clinton demons from being President. Just plain eliminate, will also work.

Simultaneously I ask (pray) for a 'bolt from on high'. Wouldn't be the first time..
That's not illegal yet, is it?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone vote for any of these people? Because these are the only choices being offered to us. Do you think we collectively like any of these choices? Not necessarily. Once again, it's about choosing the lesser of evils, and many Americans think, no, hope, that Trump is the last ditch chance we have to save what's left of our country. Do we doubt that he will keep his promises and do what he is telling us he will do once he is elected? Of course we do, but voting for any of the other corporate-sponsored candidates guarantees the status quo, and likely our collective demise.

Trump is not a career politician, but has regrettably supported those who are, and have been. He is funding his own campaign. Unlike the others, he is not beholden to those funding his candidacy, which people are calling a "movement." Both major political parties, along with the controlled media, are freaking out about his popular support with the common voters, and are scrambling to find ways to defeat him, or otherwise get him out of the race. Should he win the nomination, or God forbid, be elected as president, would he go back on his word or otherwise disappoint the electorate in one or many ways, I have no doubt, and I'm sure one disaster will follow another, just like with any of the other candidates we have, and the past presidents we have had.

We all know the system is broken. The Donald knows it too. He doesn't even have to be doing this. He's old and wealthy enough where he could comfortably sink into obscurity for the rest of his days, but instead, he's stirring the pot and waking people up. Yes, he steps on his dick and says stupid things people don't like or agree with, but if sacrificing one's comfort and safety by calling out what is wrong is what it takes to wake people up, why wait for anyone's approval or permission?

Scarlett said...

Whoever ends up winning you can bet that they were the one "chosen" to win all along. The political process is theater only. The candidates each appeal to their "base" and the "intrigues" behind the scenes are designed to keep people like us so confused over which candidate would be worse that we are distracted from the fact that we get shit no matter what. We might get to choose the form and flavor, but only on issues that don't have anything to do with money and Israel.

I personally ALWAYS vote. In the past, I fell for the "lesser of 2 evils" theory and thought it made a slight difference. It doesn't. I'm still clueless over all the machinations of this game, but I know that Dem or Rep is an illusion. All are owned by Israel. If they aren't, they get zero media coverage and, if by some miracle, they manage to still be popular, they get killed. I will vote this year, but I'm writing in a candidate. Most likely my own name. Because I want the PTB to know that I'm not apathetic. I'm just not going to play their game. Voting for a candidate is playing the game. Staying home and giving the impression that Americans don't care because voter turnout is low is playing their game. I think it would really be something if everyone turned out to vote and wrote in their own candidate. Wouldn't change the outcome, b/c of the electoral college, but it would send a message.

Trump is for the Reps what Obama was for the Dems. An illusion that he is an "outsider" and "not owned". Those rumors of Obama being a closet Muslim even fooled me, as skeptical as I am. I figured it was code for not kissing the Jew's ass, but in the end he has appointed mostly Jews in his cabinet and done what Israel wanted him to do. Although he seemed less gleeful about it than the others, he still did it. Trump is in real estate in NY: can't succeed at that without sucking up to Jews and banks (owned by Jews). He had his own TV show. Can't do that without Jew approval. His wife is Jewish. Daughter is a Jewish convert. He and the Clintons are actually friends. Their daughters are close friends (both Jewish converts). He is actually mostly liberal but pretends to be a Rep. Clinton is mostly conservative (a Goldwater girl!) but pretends to be a liberal. Visible is right: the only thing we are getting is shit.

Scarlett said...

Americans don't need to worry about Islamic "terrorists" stealing our freedom. We haven't been free since at least 1913. Probably never really been free. We've tried to throw off the shackles, but the list of political assassinations/attempts show what happens when someone tries to actually put America first.

We could defeat our enemies if only we would stop playing their game. We play by the rules; they don't. That is why they are successful. When you don't have morals or a conscience and you have a racist belief that you are the only actual humans in the world and everyone else is a sub-human created solely for the purpose of having animals smart enough to be able to understand commands and do them -- well, we don't stand a chance fighting against them at their game. If we refuse to play -- meaning we take Jesus' anti-materialism message to heart and focus on the wealth of our soul instead of selling our souls for wealth -- they don't stand a chance. They can only win by convincing us that their way is the "American" way. That wealth is the end all, be all. It never has been. God has been trying to teach them that for a long time, but they are a stiff-necked people who, instead of being the smartest guy in the room as they like to claim, are actually proving incapable of learning the one thing that God has tried to teach them over thousands of years. They are just lucky that God really isn't as impulsively vengeful as they make Him out to be in the OT. Otherwise, God would've wiped them out a long time ago. He keeps giving them chances. I'd complain about that, but I need Him to keep giving me chances, too, so I can't deny their right to grace without denying my own right to it.

Sorry for always being so verbose (when you have to break up your comment into 2 posts, it should be a clue that you have a problem with rambling!). I'm just not capable of putting my thoughts into words concisely. But, one of the main reasons I keep coming back time and again to your site is because you always make me think, really think, about the issues and because I have no one in my life to talk about these things with because they prefer the easy illusion over the hard truth. I have to let it out here where at least I know no one is going to be asking me if I took my meds today (grin).

JackieG said...

The Grateful Slave spells it all out for everyone.



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