Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Game of Life with the Flesh, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your ears always be pointy and alert.

Every now and then you get a graphic example of the level of evil generated by people like George Soros, Victoria Nuland and ilk. Here is just such an example.This puts their character and intentions into a clear perspective. If this sort of thing isn't stone cold evil then I don't know what is. I really don't know what is. As has been stated many times here, egregious felons of this magnitude would never be able to prosper as they do without the level of sustained ignorance that proliferates around the world. Here's a clear example of that. Inasmuch as I am unmoved by the lies and blandishments of the world at this time, however overpowering it may be in general, I sometimes forget that the greater mass of the population operates with no more independence of will than a school of fish. You can see them standing motionless, staring at you out of the aquarium, their mouths opening and closing. Then... something startles them and they react in a predictable fashion. Unfortunately people do not do this with the symmetry of a school of fish.

I have to watch myself that I don't devolve into a constant defamation of the masses. I don't mean to but when I observe them at their activities, I am at a loss as to what other lens through which to view them through. Here they are in the middle of the world coming down around their ears. Madness swirls through them, around them... it's crystal clear what the outcome has to be when you are irrefutably going in the wrong direction and are literally hell bent on continuing on that course.

I remember the sixties and seventies. I remember Buckminster Fuller and his global village concept. I remember the Whole Earth Catalog and the newspapers that I edited or published with my group of collaborators. We were all focused on a shiny new world. I had a spiritual bookstore and a part ownership in a communal restaurant and the level of energy and inspiration was a wonder to behold. In early days when we took that wonderful LSD that was so very pure and which I hadn't seen in decades until my trip to Romania and which is now not available to me, as I had hoped it would be, the upper astral plane was a new frontier of consciousness, for awhile. It was to be expected that you would encounter luminous entities and fabulous landscapes seldom seen in these environs. I remember when the government and Satanic agencies got involved in the production of the acid and how it made all those higher levels of residence so murky and negative. The Manson phenomena had a lot to do with it as well. Everyone was not so high minded as some of us and they got into all kinds of dark shit under the influence of this sky born power.

I remember those of us that were motivated by the highest ideals of universal peace and love and brotherhood and others who saw the whole period as an excuse to engage in serial animal copulations under the guise of free love, as having something to do with the free expression of ones being and who transformed liberty into license, or would that be licentiousness? I remember stepping over copulating couples in temporary communities. I remember the transparent seductions taking place all around me where people used flowery language as a cover for their endless lusts. Though I have arguably had more than my share of romantic interplays, I was completely detached from any of that other side of it in the early days and pretty much all through. It was all so extremely pedestrian in comparison to what one could achieve in other ways. I remember thinking how completely full of shit so many of these people were, with those rare exceptions that were far less rare then than they came to be later on.

We were sincere. Many of us were truly sincere and we believed. We really believed in our potential to change this world. Well... it didn't turn out anything like so many of us hoped it would.

I remember when the counter culture got reabsorbed back into the general corruption, with the coming of the Yuppies and that whole Wall Street thing of the 80's with all that cocaine and ravenous pursuit of self interest and selfish gain. I remember that the world became a very foreign thing to me and I didn't want to be in America anymore but I didn't know where to go either, so I went as far away as I could get and still be in America and that was Hawaii. Although that was a time of great personal trial for me it was a very pleasant place to be, until the Satanic George Bush became president, courtesy of a corrupt Supreme Court. At the time I thought Al Gore was a far better choice. I didn't yet know that they were all a pack of liars and thieves. I didn't know that the Clintons were murderous and mercenary sociopaths. I didn't know how consummately evil The Tribe and Zionism were. I've learned a great deal over this space of time.

I see where I haven't been doing these blogs for ten years yet. That surprised me. I had thought it was longer. Nope. A lot has happened in nine years. I've published 4 books. One of them isn't actually a book but it is a published work. I've recorded and released 7 musical CD's and written thousands of these posts. It seems like I could have gotten a lot more done now that I look back but... I expect the next ten years to put paid to that. There is a great deal flying in a holding pattern above my head and if I can just get into a sustainable environment when I leave here, I expect to work at the very least, twice as hard as I have done so far. A lot depends on how it goes for me, whether fortune may smile on me and what happens to the world. I am more optimistic than I have ever, ever been. Lately I am fair brimming to the overflowing with it and it hasn't passed unnoticed among those who share my living space. Perhaps if I had been the person I now am earlier on, many things would have turned out much differently but it's all scripted and some of us have less latitude than others in our particular life of the moment. Some of us are creatures of destiny and some of us are still looking for a destiny, while the rest of us have to deal with fate; if that makes any sense and it definitely makes sense to me. If you are not in pursuit of your destiny, you are automatically in the hands of fate.

I know there are people who think it couldn't be any better, having all that money and in some cases celebrity, or a powerful position. I've had brief moments when I was cash flush, or owned a vintage Corvette Sting Ray (69) or was a colleague of someone who had millions and who hadn't been turned into a craven materialist quite yet and I've been to exclusive parties and had access to all the high end comestibles anyone could wish for. I've had, from my perspective, not one but several matchless romances with some very beautiful women. It's that poet thing but.. all of these things are either of no importance to me or secondary by a measurable margin. What I truly enjoy, without exception, is my work and the communications I have with my less visible friends. I tend to forget about everything else when I am so engaged and I'm engaged in one or the other pretty much all of the time. I could dwell in perpetual solitude and never want for company, never feel alone. These are the things I prize, among other things not mentioned ...but all of which are esoteric in nature, if not in application. I consider myself, despite the hard highway, one of the most fortunate men on Earth and my gratitude is off the charts.

The world is the world is the world. It sits out there between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. In most cases, it destroys dreams and teaches one and all about the pain and suffering of 'attachment'; any kind of attachment. Should you be a believer in reincarnation then you know that there is a huge number of people who are on the lifetime's treadmill. They go through this pattern of living it up and living it down. Sometimes they will have a series of lifetimes that are unfortunate, or fortunate but their desire to experience the good life, on the plane of sensation, is continuously greater than their desire to escape from it. The ordinary human mind, in contemplation of this, finds itself unable to contemplate this. The imagination cannot contain the image.

Life is a merry go round. It is often a game of musical chairs. Something many people might not think about when thinking about musical chairs is that the game requires someone to remove the chairs. Life is quite often like the game Simon Says and ultimately it is exactly like Hide and Seek. For many it is a constant game of Capture the Flag and depending on the intellect it is like Checkers or Chess. Certainly for a certain number, it is like Backgammon and Poker. I don't see life as just life, or not see it at all, as is the case with a majority of the people who are so fixated on what they are dreaming after, that the actual experience of life escapes them. It's that 'smell the roses' thing. Elementary Tantra exemplifies this; conscious loving engagement and immersion in all experience, or don't bother, with the awareness of the greater reality.

Life is a game for the gamers and a work of art for inspired artists. It's slot machine for some and a department store for others. It is a living Hell in too many cases and Heaven on Earth for many of the wrong people but... there is a plot unfolding in all cases and one should never summate the overall meaning until one has the overall view. That is perfectly accessible, since existence is a loop. Sure, it can seem unfair, but most of the people making that determination cannot see prior origins nor future manifestations. It is how come the blind leading the blind comes about and why so many of the same lessons are repeated over and over by so many people and by entire nations, as well as the whole world, through certain ever recurring times, for which the stage has been set for them.

I've learned so much from my mistakes that I'm thinking of making a few more (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Lance said...

You often mention the Kali Yuga, but Soros, Nuland, and the rest of the Tribe have something else to contend with: The Collie Yuga. That's when Lassie finally comes home and bites them in the ass.

The 3rd Elf's Probation Officer said...

I make it over 10 years, not nine, whether that helps, or not.

Visible said...

In the Profile I see, 'on Blogger since 2005'.

3E said...

Well, you (or someone claiming to be you?!) wrote 70+ essays on Visible Origami in 2004, starting with "I exercise my Inner Hunter Thompson" on 31 July 2004.

Most likely, when you began writing Origami, you did so using a different email / blogger account than the one you're using today (one which you began using since 2005, presumably).

Maybe we should celebrate 31 July each year (if we have any more years) as "V" day ...

wiggins said...

Well I certainly believe in reincarnation and karma, I just hope they send me back somewhere else rather than this sorry world... or maybe an Oak tree in this calamity. Nah! wouldn't last five minutes.

Visible said...

In the long run that's meaningless since very few people were coming around and it still leaves the more popular blogs from 2005. Hopefully god doesn't strike me dead for not caring one way or the other.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good blog. A nice mix of SM and VO. Introspective...

Vis: "I remember the sixties and seventies. I remember Buckminster Fuller and his global village concept. I remember the Whole Earth Catalog..."

I still have a few Whole Earth Catalogs buried away. I am still a believer with Buckminster Fuller that if we lived in a certain way there would be enough for everyone, and more. I am still a fan of Dome Homes, and got inside a couple not long ago. They are still beautiful and practical (if built right)...
Vis: "...there is a plot unfolding in all cases and one should never summate the overall meaning until one has the overall view."

Ah, and therein lies the rub... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...


I have a question :

Owsleys pre 1980 work, LSD or acid

whatcha think?


Visible said...

along with the Sandoz ampules; th finest ever made.

Ben Van Meter said...

The productions of Stephen J, Cannell (The A-Team, etc.) were fraught with far fetched and seemingly ridiculous plot points often appearing to be impossible and likewise implausible; at least I thought so at the time.

My favorite of this dyslectic scribes scenes involved a big pot full of his heros being boiled alive in a gigantic cauldron while a dozen black spearchuckers from central casting in grass skirts with plastic bone necklaces danced around the pot chanting, "Whowrotethis...whowrotethis...whowrotethis?

I thought at the time that this was a perfect metaphor for all of our existance. It poised the eternal question of who the fuck wrote this indeed?

It is clear now that Cannell was a visionary who had a clear light perspective of the Dada-Matrix nature of reality. We are all in the pot and our salvation depends on suspending our suspension of disbelief. We are writing code for the Universe as we go along.

est said...

4-way >
crystalline based

i took two
more than once

still coming down

haven't touched it
in thirty years

but would welcome
some 'shrooms

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"I have to watch myself that I don't devolve into a constant defamation of the masses."

DUDE! That's one of my GREATEST PLEASURES!!!!!

Ya may have noticed.

As for the rest, ya know it's kinda a pain in zee butt to have nothing left vested in this disgusting realm, fully detached or detaching from everything that inspired you (me) to ask for this last round (Guess who had the runs this morning!), yet still be stuck here for period kinda unknown.

Oh well. Ask for it I did. . .in a place where I should have known better.

Proves that you can be just as stupid on the other side of The Veil as this one.

Unknown said...

Yes indeed, Bears 78 green pyramid gels were the real thing. Everything else (with exception of homegrown cubenisis) in my experience was something else.

Permanent GRIN!


Verification code: 111

est said...

the mobius
tells us something

the inside and the outside
are actually the same

it's just our point of view
that colors our perception

the material and spiritual are one
it is we that can not see, not 'god'

Unknown said...

And on this:

"it's all scripted and some of us have less latitude than others in our particular life of the moment. Some of us are creatures of destiny and some of us are still looking for a destiny, while the rest of us have to deal with fate; if that makes any sense and it definitely makes sense to me. If you are not in pursuit of your destiny, you are automatically in the hands of fate."

A most brilliant but not blinding synopsis of the ins and outs of incarnation. We're one hyperdimensional light being whatever we choose to shine upon.
A silver luminescent cloud of love.
Religious icons pictured with a silver cloud of white hair are found in many if not all visuals of transcendant evolved incarnate bodhisatvas, maybe the way many who had access to Sandoz ended up with a premature full head of silver white halo hair at 50 ?

I suspect your writing is mostly improv loosely woven around a topical theme. Lately, with your cup flowing over like Angel falls, I note residual anger has evolved back into pure energy and your output of late has been none other than SPECTACULAR. I've been suggesting your blog and associated community of comments to everyone.

Much appreciated,


Anonymous said...

Heartily agree with RW, especially the last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

I had some Sandoz in 66. It was still legal. I took it twice during my junior year. Whatever subsequent psychedelics i got were never that good. Owsley Sunshine was close. Iron Butterfly was HEAVY. Blew some minds with all that cosmic awareness. Someday I'll tell about the foray to the University market mind trippin on tropical fruit.

Unknown said...

Hey Vis,

Big time long time, but haven't been here of late, and that is not a reflection of your brilliance. I've just been elsewhere.

It is always interesting that the times I decide to come back and read are the times that your posts are significant. With that in mind, at 46, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I feel spiritually protected, and I am happy with where my life and my family are right now. Yet I can also sense the storm on the horizon. While I don't have a lot of concern for what might happen to me, like many people I have a great amount of concern for my wife and children. This is perhaps the fear factor that allows the sharks to drive the school. One must ask themselves, in this scenario, what is the driving factor of one's existence?

I follow the rules of the fictional play, align to the script, and play out my lines to keep the directors from taking my role away. But I know, deep down, that they are there only to take from me, and could care less about me, or my own, or anything else but profit.

I constantly question how I as a Child of God the Creator could allow myself to be within their entanglements.

I am no longer a religious man; but then again, which is a more correct life: the life of Christ, or the life of the world I am embroiled with, which is the anti Christ? When I as a man engage and act according to the paper fiction of the world, I am quite certain that I am acting against how the Christ would react.

And then again, I love my family, and I want them to be safe and sound individuals.

It tears my heart in two.

T Richard said...

You are the best, Les . Love your writings, sometimes truly spiritual communication. My gratitude to the brilliance that speaks through you. Thanks TRichard

Kazz said...

Well what can I say Vis, those poor girls who were raped and murdered, and still 400 missing. I wonder how many were raped and not murdered, and therefore let go. we will never know!

I was thinking about what you said, 'I remember the transparent seduction taking place all around me where people used flowery language as a cover for their lust'.

Maybe the difference between your experience and mine Vis is that I am a bit younger than you and I missed out on the 'free love era'. I am quite happy about that because I am not so free with that kind of love :o). It occurred to me that maybe the women didn't get raped in your era because they gave it away. Rape usually happens when a girl says no! It doesn't sound like much of that happened in your neck of the woods from what you have described.

I would describe my game more of a game of twister, because with a husband, 5 children all within 7 years of each other, and a mum to look after I never had much time or money for myself. I found that my journey helped me to escape the need for sensation through personal deprivation. I walked around with holes in my undies for years because every time I went to buy new ones the children needed a pair of shoes, books for school or one of the other myriad of things growing children need. I can remember being at a barby one day and a friend of ours knocked me for wearing the same dress everywhere. I was too humiliated to admit that I only had one going out dress :o).

My life was a game of twister because I had to work around everyone else. In order to maintain a good energy in our home I gave up all my wants, and at times my needs. Eventually I had to learn how to be a little selfish for my own well being, but along the way the lesson I learned was that it was all about balance.

My greatest learning curves came through my defeats rather than my victories, so I found both very beneficial. Victories build us up, but defeats teach us where we need to focus our attention, and they also remind us to be humble. Today life is a little kinder than it use to be from all quarters, which is ironic considering how the rest of the world is fairing. All I know is that I would not have made it through had I not had the Divine at my side. There were times when I really did not think I could go on, but then you just get up and go through the motions until it gets a little easier.

Hope you don't think I am trolling your site Vis, the truth is I am naturally like this, a bit of a pain, and unfortunately for you I like your work so I am a regular :o). If you really want me to stop posting I will. Just say the word. I respect you enough to do so if that is your wish.

Cheers Kazz

Smyrna said...

It's chem-trail season here again.

It happens for a couple of weeks a month or so before harvest, and also around sowing time in the Autumn. There were six long trails, almost horizon to horizon across the sky today. If the sky is clear tomorrow there will be more.

These are 727 size jets flying around 15,000ft I'd guess. They aren't wings level, but flying at a reasonable bank angle, spewing the shit out.

There's no Air Force base anywhere near here, and the commercial jet route for planes flying west out of Melbourne is 20 miles north, but they are at their 30k ft cruising altitude when they pass over and only have short, sharp contrails.

The school of fish somehow don't notice it, or if they do, it doesn't seem to engage their curiosity enough to mention it.

Visible said...

Look, you're not going to convince me of your statistics because I KNOW they are inflated. Pressing on me about this is to no avail. I have been pressed upon by experts. IT NEVER works. I am cognizant that women have dangers that are around. Dangers apply to everyone and everything. I am also aware that I have nothing to do with any of that. It does not apply to me.

Given your comment which seems to equate seduction with sex, maybe that accounts for the inflated statistics.

As for women giving it away, which is their right after all and which has zero to do with rape or preventing it. Rape is a different kind of thing with a different agenda. As for giving it away, they are MUCH looser in this day and age and at a younger age. This I am aware of. It's much more casual and simply a flesh exercise at least back in the day they associated it with love, whether sincere or not.

I've no interest in dialoguing about any of this following this point. There are a lot of people who think if they just keep saying something and just keep going on about whatever they are going on about that it will become so. It certainly won't for me.

Kazz said...

PS Vis,

I don't agree about the people all being ignorant. I have talked to a lot of people about the fact that we are being exterminated and many of them are well aware. The problem is what does one do?

I have personally been thrown out of a police station for trying to bring a charge against Campbell Newman. I even phoned up crime stoppers and gave them my details but the police simply will not respond. The amount of crimes that are happening at the top end of the ladder in Oz is something to behold. Something else I have noticed of late is that it appears that many of the people who are leading the charge against the government are working with them. I have come to this conclusion because i have got involved with a few of these people and even when they know the truth they don't address the real problems (replacing PRIVATE federal reserve with one that works for the people, not one that enslaves the people (Usury system of debt slavery). The morally deficient elite are removing due process through things like the ASIO Act 2003 and the more recent VLAD laws, even though rolling back the Magna Carta is impossible because it has a sunset clause.

Instead of arguing that these ACTS are only pertinent to people who work in institutions created by Man and Woman, and pointing out that living beings are under God's law because he is our creator (Legal Maxim, that which is created cannot be greater than that which created it), the lawyers argue that these Acts are unconstitutional, but they are not because they are company by-laws!!!!!!!!!

How can any one person or group of people deal with this monster that has been unleashed?

If you have any suggestions Vis I am all ears. I have been trying to do my best by challenging the police, getting thrown into the lockup no less, and standing up against them in court. I refuse to use violence because then I would become them, though self-defence is not out of the question any use of force is always an absolute last resort and only ever as a means of defence, never attack. I am a great believer in the pen being mightier than the sword, and I have used that pen right through uni to try and get the truth out, but at the end of the day what can one do??

I talk to everyone I meet in the street, in cafes, the supermarket, ANYWHERE, to try and raise people's awareness. I have spoken to quite a few police. I have spoken to people in the air force, military, and navy, as well as the Federal police. I called the federal police 3 times before they would take my complaint (about the Genocide of our people) and even then they only took it because I went via the governor general's office :o). It is a waste of time talking to the politicians. Our local representative is such a winner that his secretary put a photo up on face book he sent her, of his dick in a glass of red wine, after their affair took a nasty turn for the worse. He is still there!

If there is anything that I could be doing that I am not? I am open to suggestions. As long as they are not sexually explicit :o).

So my point is how can I blame everyone/anyone else for failing to stop this monster in its tracks when I have not managed to do so?

Never the less I will keep trying. I often say to the Divine 'I am trying, I am trying, I know I am very, very trying (he he he). I think you are all getting a handle on how extremely annoying I can be. Well I am honing it to a fine skill so I can use it for the forces of good :o). I hope!!!!!

Cheers Kazz

Skepticfrog said...

"I have to watch myself that I don't devolve into a constant defamation of the masses."

Aw, come on...

Heed this pearl of wisdom:

"The masses are asses"

Few TRUTHs are expressed so succinctly.
I'm personally of the opinion, that this little observation is an understatement and borders on the complimentary.

Anonymous said...


Life is all about asses...

You're either covering it,
Laughing it off,
Kicking it,
Kissing it,
Busting it,
Trying to get a piece of it,
Or behaving like one.



Anonymous said...

what do you guys feel about implanted neuro-technology on the nano scale being used for simulated telepathy, mindreading, motor suggestion and dream inducement?

AKA the gibbering reporter phenomenon , zombie face eaters and the gangstalking phenomenon?

Just wondering.


galen said...

Dawn, that was glorious; no butts about it. (grin)


galen said...

As is frequently the case, something that's up for me came up in last night's radio broadcast:

"My free and easy ways with one and all have come to an end. I'm much more watchful now."

Considering the times I think that's a very smart (and healthy) place to arrive at, and though still arriving, am making progress.

I was thinking about the gulf-war vets and how in their need they turned to counselors for support and they shared their pain and confusion. And then we learn that that stabs them in the back, that the database classifies them as unstable and they therefore must be disarmed, left even more vulnerable. Many are also in the "potential terrorist" file. What is owed to these soldiers who were sold a vicious lie and who gave their all? As usual, much work ahead. 

The old westerns. . . I don't know how accurate a portrayal of the true experience they were, but in this young child, the notion of trust was made clear: one's word and one's eye contact were put forth as gospel. The handshake solidified the bargain, and to betray meant probable death. It was easier to sniff out deceit. I'm sure I had a lifetime in the old west.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The The Black Magic Ringwraiths of Present Time.

Unknown said...

I read your posts all the time. I guess we are on the same wavelength since you always say stuff that I have been thinking in my head but did not write down for other's benefit. In this post of you however you say something with which I disagree. And that is about the LSD.

You see I do realise that drugs can open gateways. But they are in a way shortcuts. Cheating.. you have not come by them through sheer hard slog like a pilgrim on his journey over the vast hills and mountainous roads of life. You come to the things you "see" through using drugs the short way the undeserving way. I dont know if I am making it clear what I mean..

You see I do believe one is transformed by life all the time as you grow, you learn new things you see things from a different perspective all the time. But this growth takes time. You cant do it on (growth hormones) which is what drugs are kind of. Then you end up with a chicken that has no nutritional value since it has been forced to maturity.

To spiritually transcent the world has to come from inside YOU not from an outside substance. Hope you dont mind me saying this to you. I just felt I had to :)

Kazz said...

Sorry guys, all I here are (crickets) when it comes to solutions!

Sounds like the blame game to me. I feel sorry for the people, after all they are the victims. Then again I have a heart!!

Judge not or ye shall be judged!!! (Very wise words indeed).


Visible said...

Rita; if that is what you believe then do not use them; simple really. Historically people have used these for thousands of years to experience mystical visions. I've been told personally that it is alright for me. It may not be alright for you.

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross is a fascinating book and there is a pretty solid argument that John of Patmos was on mushrooms. Of course, people are free to believe what they want to believe. I don't tell other people how to celebrate the divine and I don't take remonstrations as to policy and permissions from anyone either. It works for me.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

The Doors of Perception are not for Everyone.

Eudoxia said...

I too missed the boat in the 60's being a product of the 60's so by the time I got into the psychedelics the original "good stuff" must have long since been replaced by the government "good stuff" I preferred mushrooms. I've been experimenting with stuff available here but nothing comes up to par. However we are coming into shroom season now and I'm in the perfect area.

Good on you Kazz for trying to take on Campbell "can do nothing but piss people off" Newman. I've personally found that the authorities display par excellence in fraud, lying, deception and manipulation this is particularly evident in court proceedings, dealings with police and local councils. Nothing but traitorous, treacherous parasites the lot of them!



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