Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On the Way to the City of Dis Across the Sea of Moral Relativity.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your bark always be equal to your bite.

Dum de dum dum. Dum de dum dum dum! Heah come de Jolie. Heah come de Jolie. As if this were any kind of surprise, after becoming a member of The Council on Foreign Relations and personally lobbying for UN Ambassador-ship. If you've ever wondered why actors get into politics, you shouldn't. They're actors. This means they are good at playing roles, as good at playing roles as the public is good at being stupid and believing the performance. It's why so many actors do commercials, especially at the end of their career, when there might be some doubt as to whether they were a hack all along, or a walking around stage prop like Alan Thicke and Ronald Reagan gets special mention in that department. The fact that he was a terrible actor melded effortlessly with playing Republican Messiah. The Altzheimers was simply an expression of there never having been anyone there in the first place. If Monsanto were to engineer a presidential candidate it would be Ronald Reagan; actually George W. Bush maybe even more so.

Zo... Jolie Blond (props to the New Orleans caper) could be the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette. The timing would fit, if you progressed chart your perspective of where the USA will be once they get around to packaging her for shelf time.. There's a good reason why actors are immediate considerations for the Satanic Puppetmasters. They are easily manipulated; human remote controlled autos. They have all the phony credentials to serve and they are wonderfully ignorant of what politics entails. By the time they realize they are bobbing up and down on The Sea of Moral Relativism and are relatively unsinkable due to the air in their heads, which serves the dual purpose of their being up to their necks in whatever it is, with their head never being able to test the quality of the water.

There's an extra entertainment perk in Jolie getting the nod and that's her frothing at the mouth, Rabid, bought and sold, Zionist daddy. TMZ, which is the fly in the toilet in the movie, “Meet the Feebles” (a true, 'I never saw anything like that before', film. And he's the guy that did Lord of the Rings?) would be licking the bowl clean, with a big line behind Levin. Think of what a tv movie that would make!

Ted Nugent should be coming around shortly now and then... there's Clay Aiken humming, “A Bridge over Poisoned Waters... I will lead you down'. When a culture gets to the bending end and becomes a travesty upon its origins, a farce and a mockery, you can expect all kinds of humorous events that are decidedly not funny in the end result. That's known as tragi-comic. Get ready for it because the clowns are now at the door. With both houses of congress in the hands of a party which might well prove worse than the one they are replacing; if that's possible; definitely expect some amount of sexual scandals and since it's the Republicans it will probably be hot man on man or man on boy action; cue Jay Gannon.

If the poor and homeless, the unions and the middle class thought they had it bad before, uh huh, Rawhide!!! Head em up, move em out! Yeah, they're going to be mulch but there's an upside; if anything might spark a revolution, the meatheads of the privileged class are the guys and gals to bring it about. Look for some real quotable moral obscenities from Scott Walker to John McCain and Mr. How far is the Old Log Cabin in, Lindsey Graham. With Mr. Apocalypse being ever more and more on the scene, some of these things are going to be as funny as they are horrifying and the only determinant of that is how close you happen to be standing to whatever it is that happens.

There's some good news coming in and being replaced by bad news and that would be The Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi getting the door, as well as Hypocrite Harry Reid, possibly the most corrupt member of congress, though that is hard to determine given that nearly all of them are thoroughly corrupt or they wouldn't be there in the first place. They're all vetted by Local 666 of the National Satanists Union, headquartered in Tel Aviv which is the literal infernal city of Dis. The two flaming towers of Dis are the goalposts through which Asmodeus kicks the arriving, doomed souls. “It's up! It's good!!!” only you don't get three points if you happen to be the one kicked through it. You get no points, you get lumps.

Hell is one of those places that you imagine you have some idea about what it might be like there, especially if you've read Dante or Milton but not Visible cause he don't know nuthin about it and don't want to know neither. What I can say is that Hell is most likely worse than you can imagine, just as Heaven is much better and the only thing that causes the residents of either to differ, is the relationship they have with whatever is in charge of the whole thing, cause something or someone has to be. So I suppose that might be something I know a little about and that is that that relationship is the single most important thing you will ever contemplate or ignore.

Yes, the porcine, can't wait to belly up to the trough. The gang who have cash registers for pacemakers are just outside the door. It's debatable which of the two gangs of criminals actually steals more or which gang of greasy back door droppings of used car salesmen heaps more abuse upon their constituents.

During the Clinton Years, certainly the latter years, I was a resort manager at a couple of fairly large complexes on Maui. If you are familiar with the sort of people who buy condos in Hawaii, you can imagine how funny and sometimes entertaining it must have been that I was in that posting. During the Clinton Years it was largely Democrats that you ran into in the hot tub. They were all formerly or presently (at the time) successful and they were of a type. Once Bush came into the position I was gone and because of him as well. However I did come back a couple of times in the early years (of my exile) for the winter and strangely enough it was now Republicans who were in the hot tub and they were definitely more insufferable. As you know, yours truly was not one to keep things to himself, being a sharing and caring type, so there were some amusing interactions; at least when viewed from my side of the fence. I will say with conviction that I managed to truly infuriate a few people, who I remember to be incoherent and red faced, sputtering apoplexy candidates.

It's going to be interesting for the party that starts wars, coming in on the heels of the party that wages wars. I've heard the, “what we would do' threats of the chickenhawks over the last years. One can only hope that Mr. Apocalypse ratchets up his interference in all things political and in the upper level economic strata.

Fox News is going to be incandescent with evil joy. As Satan's own disinfo organ, it's going to be complimentary Viagra all around. Cialis is going to be the Vitalis of all those greasy headed, greasy handed, greasy minded, sticky fingered, fundie thumping, Jaysus Junkies. Look for the absolutely most craven and ignorant aspects of Christianity to come front and center. Maybe we'll even get a Michele Bachmann centerfold in Forbes Magazine. I close my eyes and I see Lindsey Graham laying back in a plastic lounge chair in West Palm Beach, dreaming about a young Malcolm Forbes in his tight motorcycle leathers. Both these Jimmy Dean Pork Sausages are being served up at one of those perpetual City of Dis Grill Parties; or will be.

Imagine how corrupt you have to be to bandy about and continue to bandy about a future 9/11 event in one of the major cities of the state you represent? That's pretty dark. Yeah... once it might have been more of a no contest about who was the most venal and routinely indifferent to their constituents, except for the rich ones. It used to be, at least at the level of appearances, that the Republicans would get the Voodoo Kewpie Doll but after the last 15 or twenty years it's a tossup now. They are both 175 tons of shit in a 150 pound bag.

Think about what it takes to walk up on a stage somewhere, over and over again and let promises flow out of your mouth like dirty water from a broken sewer pipe, or the effluent channel running from a manufacturing plant into some state river or stream and... and... never follow through in a single one of them and then... and then... come right back and promise the same things, with some new additions and then... and then... never follow through on a single one of those either. Meanwhile you spend all your time recreationally felating both the K Street and J Street, lobbyists and Zio's in consideration of favors to be granted, once you get tired of milking the public till and you've made enough contacts to ensure being a worthwhile asset in the aftermath. So it is important that you get to sit on the right committees and this you accomplish by agreeing to ANYTHING requested by the mercantile overlords who run everything.

They are not like you and I. This has always been an advantage for them because most people can't comprehend that they would actually do the things they do. They are simply not qualified to believe their lying eyes. It escapes their capacity to grasp the reality of these creatures. They find it hard to imagine that these people would routinely and daily commit more awful and depraved crimes than any entrepreneurial, non political, serial killer in memory. There has to be some other reason besides mere personal gain doesn't there? Well there are a few accessories before and after the fact; blackmail and fear of torture, death and the unpleasant departure of those you love, that might come into play here and there but mostly, these people are primed for it. They were cruising for this kind of thing before they even got here and in some cases before they even got there too.

Yes... we are about to be hearing a whole lot of self serving double talk, as well are various threats against anyone and everyone who gets in their way or has something they want, or comes to their attention when they're bored. We're not going to be bored though... are we?

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Doug Pearson said...

Hey man, you forgot Leonardo DiCaprio, or whatever his name is. He even grew a beard to look more sincere and insightful...oh yeah, and honest. I was pointing this shit out a while back and all I get is blank stares of disbelief. I don't even try to get people to see that it's just one big joking party anymore. Dumbing people down don't take much effort when there's not much there to begin with...Ah, the delightful realities of a brainwashed, la, la, la...I don't even know what it would be like living in that place anymore and could care less.

Visible said...

Hah! Someone is reading me in Iraq! I like that and my counte is back to normal too.

People... you got to see "Guardians of the Galaxy" if you haven't. "My name is Groot." There's so many good lines and some of the characters are unforgettable. the writing and direction are top notch.

It's even inspired ideas for my next work of fiction. I am seldom inspired by anyone working today. Usually it's people like Joseph Conrad, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Somerset Maugham, Shakespeare, Saki, Rudyard Kipling, T.S. Eliot and people like that.

I'm always looking for signs of a new day dawning, especially in times like these; got to happen sometime.

Anonymous said...

Jesus transformed water into wine but Mr. A. started boycotting SodaStream before it was cool and turned wine into a fucking mess. We can probably expect stuff like that at grown-up scale.


DSKlausler said...

Hey Visible,

I usually try to locate and view the movies that you mention. Of course I have disagreed on some, but I laughed out loud yesterday during Guardians of the Galaxy... gladly, so did the ten other viewers in the cheapo theater.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Robot Catamites, Open Border AND Programming your Subconscious.

josey said...


Your writing lately has been so graphic and riveting that I have to read it over several times and then look up words I don't know but somehow understand the meaning of without looking them up.

josey said...


Also, I've heard rumors of Congress being sent to Florida on Monday, and retained there after being told it was a day trip.

Not sure what to think, but something BIG and unusual is afoot, with MAJOR implications.

Mr. Apoc may be more active than we thought.

Visible said...

Josey; what's your source on that?

josey said...


Can't remember where I read it, I'm all over the place. But I know I read it. Sorry, not trying to BS anybody, will try and find again.

wiggins said...

Yep....these lying scumbags make the greasy car salesman in "Fargo" appear respectable....

mikem said...

@josey, not this this?????

Old news.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

All the Houris Dance to the Thundering Drums of trivia.



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