Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies Melting in Macarthur Park.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Karma and seeming coincidence and other imponderables can be fair surprising. This is why I recommend one leave good footprints; keeping in mind that none of us have been totally consistent about this but that NOW is always a good time to make that house policy. I know many a tale about people thousands of miles from where you might expect them to be, who ran into someone they never expected to run into and which might have been the reason they were thousands of miles away from where you might have expected them to be in the first place.

The point is, you can’t run from what’s coming for you. All you can do is change who you are and that might change the shape and potential of whatever is coming for you. It’s kind of like throwing a ball at a wall. The ball has left your hand. You can’t bring it back. What you can do is race toward the wall and catch it as quick as possible; given that each bounce is a mark of Karma on return.

Yesterday I wrote a posting about forgiveness. For some reason, people got the idea that this was somehow connected to Michael Vick. People do this sort of thing. If they have a strong opinion about something they will conspire in their own minds to find a way, any way to tie events and people together to suit their outrage about something. My posting was completely independent of Michael Vick other than him being a member of a certain football team. It was inspired by the spittle flecked venom (metaphorically speaking) of a commenter who is filled with hatred, not just for Michael Vick but for all kinds of things; at least that is how it looked to me, while using my intuition in the experience of reading the comment.

I guess I can see why people might have tied Michael Vick into the mix. He was the object of the fellow’s anger but… it would be obvious to any objective mind that his hatred wasn’t just about Vick. It was fueled by all sorts of things unspoken. What I was attempting to address was this person’s general state of mind, of which Vick was only a symptom. I wanted people to understand that all of the resentments and rage they carry with them is a circulating poison that will eventually prove fatal. I’m not asking people to forgive Michael Vick. I’m asking them to dig themselves and see if it might not be more healthy for them to release all this pent up rage and tension that is running around looking for a face to put to their anger; they don’t know why they are angry; not really and that is because they don’t know who they are.

I’m not angry. I don’t know how I got to this point. Certainly I was very angry some years ago; angry about things that happened to me that made no kind of sense. A lot of bad things that happened to me came about because I trusted the wrong people, or helped the wrong people. It’s always been a natural portion of my repertoire to help. In this sense I lacked discrimination. I have some amount of discrimination now. It came at a cost but… everything of lasting value does. It is my belief that I was able to release my anger from the hold it had on me by exercising forgiveness.

It isn’t my job to forgive Michael Vick. It isn’t me that he injured but… truth be told, I can forgive people for much worse than that. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean I condone what they did, or that I find their crimes insignificant. Forgiveness for me is exercising a portion of the compassion that has been exercised on me. I believe what Lao Tzu said; “compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

Every one of you is welcome to hold on to your memories of past offenses and injuries; your resentments and suspicions. These things are your business. They are not my business. You are welcome to believe what you like about me or anyone, for that matter. If what you believe is true, Whoomph! They it is. If it is not, what has it got to do with me or anyone else? It has only to do with you. I don’t want any part of moving through this world with a writhing bag of snakes in my heart. I’ll learn as I go and you will learn as you go… or you won’t and sure as night follows day, you will be delivered to that place where you WILL BE informed about what is what. Perhaps that will be right where you are now and perhaps it will be thousands of miles away at a place you never expected it to happen in. Regardless of the location, it WILL happen.

Mr. Apocalypse keeps right on rocking. You know that things like this were never meant to see the light of day. Can you imagine what those moving through the corridors of power must be thinking as they get advance notice (and they are getting advance notice) about what is coming for them? Can you imagine their panic as they scramble to secure both their reputations and their safety, as their minds are flushed with the knowing that this is not in their hands?

Opportunistic fools just can’t help themselves in their search for personal grandeur. Mr. Apocalypse has no problem helping them get there though. Of course, then you get conflicting tales which is what always happens when both sides are lying. The search for personal grandeur completely blinds people to how transparent they look as they wriggle and squirm, never knowing if they are going to pee or orgasm first, while they leave those all too telling snail tracks of ambition on the way.

Those snail tracks are like a hissing radioactive slime to the eyes of The Lords of Karma. What these fools see is Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies pirouetting in their minds with visions of a reality TV show; maybe an invite to Dancing with the Stars; a book deal, possibly some touching fluff and puff piece like this... this odious putrescent piece of slime. Whatever it will be, you may be sure the script will possess dialogue worse than the lyrics to Macarthur Park. retch)

It seems to me; course, that might only be me …that when people like this nurse and Mr. Strong and Not so Articulate get all hot and bothered about their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, they are not headed where they think they are and what is worse …AND this happens to a lot of people, who are more concerned about getting on stage than they are about what they will do once they get there- AND subsequently embarrassing themselves in front of the whole world, instead of just the few people who already know them for what they are, well… the possible downside never occurs to them. They’re like the monkey with his hand in the vase, gripping the avocado or mango. The monkey refuses to let go and it costs him his life.

Finer minds will spend their lives honing their craft, just in case they do get an opportunity to display it. Never were wannabes, have no such restraint. Eventually, I’m guessing they get on stage somewhere or in front of a camera somewhere …and get transmitted to an audience as clueless as themselves. Imagine the sort of fans you attract. You have to live with that and for some… it is enough because there definitely is no accounting for taste. Surely it is not politically correct of me to use this as an example. Political Correctness means that this is going to be the babysitter for your world view. Political Correctness is a bent kaleidoscope used under the influence of PCP. You find yourself getting angrier and angrier in the process but don't know why. Finally it leads to a situation where it takes six cops to bring you down.

Given, I don’t know much but there are a few things I know and one of them is that somewhere in the past, however distant (grin), I was like these people in one way or another and I should not let my present, great good fortune go to my head that I am not like them now. This is why Pity and Compassion and Forgiveness are more and more a greater part of my makeup. Like the American Express card (which I don’t have), I don’t leave home without (it) them, nor do I have a home anyway. I might be temporarily stationed somewhere but only for so long as needs be. That bouncing ball and all that seeming coincidence relates to something that remains a mystery to most people who are here and in most cases it is a mystery because, if it were not, they would have to change all kinds of things they are unwilling to change.

I should have expected the reactions. It’s an unfortunate part of human nature. What surprised me was how people associated the mere mention of a name with a plea for forgiveness. That was never on the table. People are all so ready to condemn and judge; though they cannot possibly know all of what was involved in whatever brought anyone to so many of the unfortunate moments we hear about every day. Certainly, I still fail at this sort of thing; not like I did in former times though. Heck, the evidence of my judgmental nature is right here in this posting but I implore you, for your own sake… move forward expeditiously and catch that ball.

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Anonymous said...

what a pep talk...

surely there is a multitude
in search of real meaning...

somewheah...on this spinning orb

in Genesis 49 that DUDE had a
HIP problem, too !

that was then...and this is NOW




Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, any alternative news read forever knows Bin Laden died in December of 2001, as well as Sandy Hook being a bunch of garbage to generate gun control. Crisis actors unlimited. Happens all the time, and none of them can act.

Funny. I haven't thought about the twat sausage form awhile, I do think of it passingly yesterday, then you post on it. Same thing happened with WIPP, which hasn't been in the news, and this morn', lo and behold!

But I must admit the twat sausage does have a good voice. Not a bad lookin' critter either, though I find it hard to take it seriously.

How's that for politically correct?

Oh, and speaking of. . .how can I NOT post Fred Reed's latest, which holds a greater place in my heart than usual?

In penance, I will carry packets of garlic and other seasonings in case I am hit by a truck. If I cannot serve my fellow men, I can at least let them serve me.

Doug pearson said...

Michael Vick! Ain't he the one killed all them dogs? Git em boys!
Just kidding old sport.
You gotta lotta good points there Vis. What also is interesting is how the bad guys never get enough punishment. I mean, they set the penalties for various stuff and then you do your time if caught and the game is supposed to be even, no? But that sure ain't the case. Ain't no clean slate.

Anonymous said...

My sister worked in the nuclear medicine department at a hospital where she met cancer patients coming in for treatment. She noticed they all had something in common: they harbored deep seated resentments against people or situations over which they had no control, but refused to forgive those they felt had done them wrong. Quite the opposite, in fact, they made sure she was aware of each and every "wrong" supposedly done to them. It was her opinion that their seething resentments eventually festered into cancer, and their inability to forgive eventually killed most of them.

No way to prove this, but it makes a lot of sense.


Visible said...

That is quite accurate and what I meant as far as it making people sick and being fatal, eventually.

Anonymous said...

That forgiveness thing. What cured me was realizing that I had no business judging in the first place. I am a nobody and I don't know. If you don't judge then there is no need to forgive. Except our corrupt government, go ahead and judge and I'll be dammed if I am going to forgive them. :)

Anonymous said...

This post is my favorite out of all you've written, Visible.
Thank you from my heart to yours,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

4 & 5:

Dayam, I'm still here. I must not be trying hard enough!

Visible said...

Buttons; heh heh... Fred on Everything. I still HATE Political Correctness. It is, dare I say... bullshit created by the Tribe in pursuit of managed stupidity, with them as the managers. they already tried it out in Russia and Ukraine, using it to kill tens of millions.

Fight Russian Holocaust Denial!

galen said...

Okay, I might be signing up to get punched but just have to say a few things about the forgiveness issue.

A few months ago I heard Jeff Rense in conversation say something like, "No, you do not have to forgive." Of course it's out of context and paraphrased and if I could remember more I'd bring it, but, it is as it is. Point is, when he said it it connected with something deep inside me and it was the first time I heard a public and mostly respected figure say something like that out loud. We know his audience is very diverse so he wasn't addressing a specific faction but, as I see it, just stating his belief about forgiveness and that it wasn't always required. And you know Jeff seems to be the kind of guy who works on himself, so it got me stirring.

Several years ago I took a 6-week class, once a week, on forgiveness; it was based on the book "How To Forgive When You Don't Know How." Some very good tools with a strong point being that you ultimately forgive for your self, so you can move on and take your next step. Also, forgiveness didn't mean that trust was fully restored with the offender or that you necessarily want to hang out with him/her/them. A few weeks after the class I gave a class I titled: "The Dangers Of Premature Forgiveness." We explored some of the pitfalls of automatic forgiveness and how it could lead to enabling, further perpetrating of the wrong done. How it might send a wrong message to the offender, and how it had to be a very conscious and sincere act.

Someone asked me, "Do we forgive the rapist while he is raping, the murderer while he is murdering?" Some would say, "Yes." Maybe they are the saints, who knows. And maybe it's all semantics and forgiveness is beyond the act of saying or doing but just there in the heart. How do we say, "What you did and are still doing is not okay with me, yet I forgive you?" I want to be okay with holding back forgiveness and not be judged or demonized for that or seen as harming myself because of it. I keep my eye on the situations and bring to them what each moment calls for. Maybe forgiveness is overrated? Just maybe, other responses carry something good and transformative.

I don't like to rock the boat; would rather lie low, but sometimes the boat sails where I can't go.


Ray B. said...

Galen, you pose good questions. I'll just browse about in me, since so-many books have been written on those deep questions.

I remember a particularly-vexing episode of "Dharma and Greg". In it, an anger-filled self-defense teacher (a woman) repudiates Dharma's philosophy of life and then beats her up (and later Greg). No 'resolution' was offered in the episode. It challenged me on 'how do you fight evil without descending to their level' terms.

I have wrassled with that question - both on personal and world terms - ever since. My response has been on several fronts:

In these blogs, I mentioned the Old Welsh translation of King Arthur, where Saxon chiefs were granted forgiveness and then plotted and carried out the killing of their Welsh forgivers. So, in on-the-ground terms, I would not grant forgiveness to all comers. Some folks just need to be killed. (And maybe, after that, forgiven.) Here is where I firmly believe in intuition and foresight, rather than a rote response.

If I am not in the immediacy of an event, I am a long-range pragmatist. I know that strong emotions - whether positively or negatively-oriented - 'bind' two people. When you get energy-sensitive, you can actually see/feel these cords or pipelines. So, I actively work to reduce my contribution to the negative cords. Feeling through the held-emotions and the pain underneath does just that. In effect, the cord drops off me and either fades away or fastens between my former-opponent and another, similar person. The former-opponent just drops out of my life. Call it "pragmatic forgiveness". (In a certain sense, my Karmic-response is greatly diminished.)

There is another aspect to feeling-stuff-through that borders on self-forgiveness. Every person on Earth intuitively knows when they are holding old stuff, and subconsciously moves themself into situations where the emotions can be discharged. Think of the stereotype about Italian marriages. Or maybe LA freeways. The problem is that these 'encounters' frequently leave additional emotions or regrets.

By conscientiously working-down held-emotions, I am preventing these situations from 'manifesting'. Have you ever just walked past a street where you later found about bad events happened there, just around the time you passed by? Like that. Life gets much 'cleaner', which I like. So, in a sense, I am forgiving myself "in advance" by un-manifesting these encounters.

On a global scale (if it is true) others and I are working to Clean those folks that, collectively, may be subconsciously looking for a really-Epic way to discharge their emotions. Perhaps that is a form of forgiveness, too...

This is a really deep subject. Thanks for the opportunity to wrassle it around again (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

flyingcossack said...

with mass genocide, mass theft, and mass deception going on, im surprised people get down the list to dog fighting ... then again, it is probably the people engaged in genocide, theft, deception, that want the attention on a pro athlete and dog fighting

Visible said...

I was quite clear (grin) about forgiveness being an internal matter of the liberated heart. This is why I mentioned discrimination. It's one thing to forgive. It is another to convey trust as well. Trust, I have learned, must be earned.

galen said...

Thank you, Ray, and often when you speak it's like a power point presentation, complete with marker pens and mounted poster paper. Words are circled and underlined in different colors. I am forced to pay attention and like it or not, expand.

I will have to say though, I did not think Dharma was a real hippie. Too many empty stereotypes and not enough soulful substance. I know that wasn't your point but it felt good to say that after all these years. Didn't realize how much that bothered me. Guess I'm protective of hippie culture, the best of it, that is.

To see your words: "I would not grant forgiveness to all comers" in print was very refreshing for me and mysteriously spiritual. I know you do not come to your conclusions lightly but only after much consideration and introspection. I feel I have more to learn here so am glad the topic got opened up. I feel Christ around and sense a discussion is at hand on this very matter.


insiam said...

as the old saying goes: 'we can forgive but we can not always forget'

a certain wise person told me over and over that the first step is to forgive oneself. forgiving others is easy. although both acts bear instant fruit.

if one can not forgive others then one is stuck!

insiam said...

I'm confused :) Confused about the 'White Widow.' She is that white girl from a midlands town in England. She went from working in a fish and chip shop to training terrorist fighters in Syria and Africa.

Seems that she was shot and killed by a Russian sniper 2 weeks ago whilst fighting for an anti Russian Ukrainian group in eastern Ukraine .

I'm confused because she apparently went from fighting against western interests in Africa and Syria to fighting for western interests in the Ukriane. Hmmmmm!

Seems that few of those commenting on the article have noticed this anomaly. Well it is rather confusing :)

Kazz said...


I agree, forgiveness is essential for our own well being. I have had to forgive a lot in my life and I found that it kept my heart loving. Without forgiveness one's heart hardens, which is when bitterness sets in, and that is never a good thing.

I once read that political correctness is the belief that you can pick up a dog pooh from the clean side. I am an Aussie and political correctness is not big in the mainstream here, because by nature we generally say what we think and mean. I like this about Aussies and see it as a strength so why would I change it? If a person doesn't want people talking about something that they have done or said than they should not do it. It is simple, it is called self restraint. Where I live the entire island knows who you are and what you have done, so you either learn to love yourself, grow a thick skin, or pack up and move. We have been here for 25 years :o). I worked out a long time ago that if you don't like the rumours people spread than spread the one's you do like about yourself (grin).

Another good characteristic about Australian's is their anti authoritarianism, which I also see as a plus :o).

I found out that I don't like being judged by others because they have not had to walk in my shoes, so it only follows that I should not judge others because I have not walked in their shoes.

Cheers Kazz

DSKlausler said...

Thank you All.

insiam said...

@Kazz ...

I worked with a few Ozz guys some years back and i found them to be very similar in outlook to what English guys were 25 years ago. They just spoke freely and said what they thought. They didn't give a feck for any PC nonsense.

Lets hope they dont' catch up with the Brits :)

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting synchronicity. I have it on good authority that Michael Vick reads Les Visible's blogs. Yep. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

"The duty of a brāhmaṇa is to culture the quality of forgiveness, which is illuminating like the sun. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, is pleased with those who are forgiving."

SB 9.15.40

Visible said...

I have it on even better authority that anonymity is often the preferred cloak of a c_wa_d. You can fill in the blanks

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness is a process not an event. Mccob

Ray B. said...

Galen, thanks for the kind words. I am afraid my semi-formal style of writing is a leftover from my old engineering days. If you were not totally-clear in your communications, including trying to figure out in advance how you might be misinterpreted, people might die in a horrible fashion. When I read Vis' work, I am slightly envious of his freewheeling style (grin).

(It is also 'funny' because I have never given a Powerpoint presentation, and don't even know how to use the software...)

On Dharma and your observations about her, I would have to take that as given, because I 'awakened' too late to be a hippie. By then, the communes were mostly gone, and the yuppies were on the rise. Oh, well. I would recommend one early Dharma episode, "Dharma and the Store" or such, for its 'enlightenment' value - at least for me.

As an aside, my last posts must have ticked someone off. I awoke before dawn with a loud 'buzzing' in my right ear and no sense of Higher Self. Turns out it was a typical (injured/programmed) human guy, who was 'dumping garbage' on me. Well, he got Cleaned. It was interesting in that he had more held-pain in past lives than this lifetime. (Those got Cleaned, too.)

I have heard that this is really 'uncomfortable' on the receiving-end, if you come-in as a 'bad guy'. (Good guys get gently 'massaged'.) So, if somebody out there has just had a 'miserable' time, don't worry; it will pass. After you recover, you will probably feel lighter and - more importantly - will likely be 'drawn' in the directions your soul wants you to go. Good luck!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Apocalyse gave Bono a wakeup tap in his private jet.


Visible said...

Even more interesting is where Bonohead was headed at the time in his Lear Jet.

Anonymous said...

Mccob, forgiveness is both a process and an event. A very grand event!

Anonymous said...

Well said, McCob.


Ray B. said...

"Philae remained attached to the Rosetta spacecraft after rendezvousing with comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko until 12 November 2014.
A series of four Go/NoGo checks were performed 11–12 November 2014. One of the final tests before detachment from Rosetta showed that the lander's cold-gas thruster was not working correctly, but the "Go" was given anyway, as it could not be repaired. Philae detached from Rosetta on 12 November 2014 at 08:35 UTC, landing seven hours later at 15:35. A confirmed landing signal was received at 16:03 UTC.

An analysis of telemetry indicated that the landing was softer than expected, but that the harpoons had not deployed upon landing, and that the thruster had not fired. The harpoons contained 0.3 grams nitrocellulose which were shown by 'Copenhagen Suborbitals' in 2013 to be unreliable in a vacuum. Further analysis indicated that the lander had bounced twice and landed three times; the first bounce lasted two hours and may have been one km high; the second lasted seven minutes.

Philae sits askew on two legs, leaning on a rock in partial darkness as much as a kilometer from the first landing spot. The limited sunlight will constrain Philae's activities, at least in this region of the comet's orbit, since the battery cannot power the instruments for long without illumination of the solar panels."

galen said...

Thanks for the belly laugh, Ray. I understand how "people might die in a horrible fashion." No doubt. And thanks too, for helping me to solve a conundrum I've been wrestling with. I FINALLY figured out what to get you for Christmas: A pointer!!



insiam said...

end of the cycle!

when a 'song' such as this has close on 300 miiion hits we know the change is upon us. (it is basically marketed to teenagers and the lyrics depict getting f****d and givng bjs in a car as well as consuming 'tablets')

but the new and improved 'evil stick' beats the hell out of the above (pun inteded)

wtf: (make a nice sticking filler for xmas)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Precognitively Vibrating Nose Hairs of Nostrildamus.

galen said...

Oh boy, Insiam, that Nicki Minaj video is the pitts, a true portrait of what we're up against. Watching it I felt slimed and kept wondering how to escape this onslaught. Fewer and fewer places to run. The other thing that struck me was the ugliness of the piece (pun obvious). And why was it ugly? It wasn't just about slutty dress and sexual gyrations. No, it was ugly 'cause it was pushin' 2nd chakra as grand reality. And it cut off all the other essences of heart, mind, spirit. It was like, "Over here, baby, crotch and booty, that's where all the goods are." I wanted to be unaffected, or to rise above the program, but alas it got me, sickened and saddened, I realize I cannot protect the children. It's too pervasive.

Then I read today's Petri and remember that my work is my own, regardless of an external advancing threat. And I wonder of my contribution to all this; surely I cannot call myself innocent. And totalitarianism has to break down decency and degrade us into controllable body-robots while we wait for (help create) as Vis terms: "...a simultaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity," one heart at a time, with several billion to go. What a road ahead, but there is none other to walk. A good thing there are a few hands to hold onto, either physically or spiritually. The support of someone who sees is beyond measure.

Perhaps there was some group agreement/soul contract, to take on evil incarnate and put it to rest. Okay, maybe. But Dear God, please free me from having to look at Nicki Minaj's butt selling me my slavery. Please bring that heart-awakening soon. Not sure how much more I can endure even though I'm willing to keep going, standing.

I wonder if any teenagers are seeing through this? They themselves may be able to help. It will take some very "confident" souls to come forth and yesterday would be fine.


Anonymous said...

Well, you'd know all about being a coward, wouldn't you, "Lord" Visible? Faking a hip injury to suck money out of your devoted followers, because you can't cut it in the real world...well, now - that's the ultimate form of cowardice, isn't it, Loser Boy.

Visible said...

I had to let you see this. heh heh. Yeah... and the people who visited me in the hospital and rehab? I orchestrated all of that with those ill gotten gains of mine. And when Susanne announced that I had been hurt, she must have lied and was in on the scam.

And all those hospital and rehab records were forged. And the scar at my hip, I must have had that put in.You craven little angry and jealous children; the one big disappointment I have about you is that you are neither imaginative or very bright. Garden variety ordinary garbage in and garbage out.

(laughter) I'll be gambling in Monte Carlo if you need me. You need something.

Visible said...

So... it was bugging me (meaning there was an answer if I went looking for it) how this person? I can't find the word that describes this cat except to use something brutal and I won't do that- I couldn't figure out how this whatever got the idea that I faked my hip injury and where did he get the idea that I got any donations for it? Nothing like that was publicized was it?

Then it hit me; that video I made with that greasy sociopath who went on to cost me significant resources on top of what the guy in Annahutte cost me. We were supposed to be making a mmockumentary. I had this wig so in the first segment I came on and said that I never had a hip injury and that I used it to get all kinds of donations which I then spent on an expensive hair transplanting process in Switzerland. To even an ordinary intellect this would come off as satire or something comical but... but...

I have discovered something in recent times. There are people(?) out there who believe everything I say and I mean EVERYTHING. It's hard to believe but it is true because this is not the first time I have run into it.

There's some number of people(?) out there who have zero sense of humor, zero discriminating intellect and zero capacity for objective reasoning.

This sociopath recorded a lot of scenes with me and when he got pissed off at me for not immediately jumping into my car on my birthday to drive him 50 kilometers for no good reason at all and who left the request for the last minute because he is a spoiled rich kid and is used to getting his way and when he doesn't he turns mean and nasty. So, once he got pissed off, he went to my Facebook page and posted 3 of the videos on every single post on my Facebook page. To give you an idea of how many that was, it took me half an hour to get rid of them. He did this with the intention of causing me harm and then when he brought my stuff down from the north he stole a number of items including something quite valuable that was secreted but apparently not well.

Anyway... as a result of promoting these videos on Facebook and my Youtube page he reached a lot of strange individuals that believe everything I say. I've been, what I thought, was obviously intended as humor, only to have people come back at me about it as if it were real. I almost don't have the energy to explain it to them because if they can't tell the difference between an obvious spoof and the real thing... I don't know what to tell them.


Visible said...

I had a woman doing the internet version of yelling at me about one of these things; I can't remember what it was now. Then I remember asking, "Couldn't you see I was joking?" Then she says, "Of course" when it is impossible for that to be true and for her to go off on me. There are some very strange people out there.

To anyone reading this, not everything I say or talk about is actual and factual. Sometimes I am pulling your leg. It should be apparent when that is but... I guess not.

This sociopath, who has no real talents that I know about except the possession of a criminal mind was angry with me from the getgo because he couldn't do anything and he blamed me because I could. All this while I he was supposedly trying to help me and where I sacrificed a lot of my possessions in order to accommodate moving with him when I had a truck coming that would have cost much less than he cost me but I was trying to acknowledge his having driven all that way to help me and which turned out to be quite the reverse. I must say that I learned some powerful lessons this year and NO ONE is going to get the sort of latitude I used to dispense without thinking about it. There really are some bad people out there pretending to be something else and apparently... there are some number of people who believe everything I say.

I had done videos mere weeks before I broke my hip and I had a bald head. How did I manage to get a hair transplant of hair that would have taken months to grow to that length?

This is a very strange planet and there are some very strange people on it. For those of you out there who may possibly believe I went to Switzerland to an expensive clinic to get some impossible hair work done on my head; it didn't happen. Good grief!!!

Eudoxia said...

I had a recent visitation Ray B - I woke up during the night because I thought the cat was trying to get under the covers, then when I reached down to push him away he wasn't there. Then I hear this high pitched screech that sounded not dissimilar to the screech of the wraiths in Lord of the Rings to see this black etheric creature standing on the right of the bed trying to attack me with what appeared to be a coat hanger. I got rid of it by yelling at it once I was able to muster my voice to get a sound out, which was incredibly hard. Not sure where this charmer came from but it was a couple of days before the San Pedro ceremony - possibly sent as a deterrent???? I'm not sure which is preferable the cat under the covers trying to murder my feet or a screeching wraith in the middle of the night -grin- At any rate it's now gone and I'm not expecting it back any time soon.

Eudoxia said...

Sounds like anonymouse is getting visitations by Golden Eyes - boy he sure knows how to infect a lot of people. They're out in force at the moment. Jezzuzzzzzzzzzz

They are surely on the rampage. I recently looked at some pics of Abbott and Putin, something very nasty about Abbott's DEMON ure - indeed there is. Anybody else see it?



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