Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Snake Handling Tent Revival with the Gaboon Vipers of Zion

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You think you have the measure of the Gaboon Vipers of Zion. You kind of know that Bill Gates is a bloodsucking vampire bat but you probably didn't measure him for a screaming child murder headline; meaning many, many children, dead... or worse. You probably know that all these so called philanthropists are not philanthropists, that George Soros is an epic serial killer; that most of these people giving away the stray nickels from their bottomless pockets are employers of torture squads, death squads and even cheerleader squads of PR whores that they dress up for whatever lies they want told. It don’t matter. If the money is right we can talk all night.

Now that the Republicans; the party that starts wars, as opposed to the party that fights wars, are sitting center stage and dreaming about strap-on action over at the Mayflower Hotel, well... As we know, generally The Republicans are alcoholics and The Democrats, although they have plenty of drunks on their side of the isle, are the ones most likely to be behind marijuana reform. Now that the other guys are ‘seemingly’ in power, you’ll see more of this kind of hysteria. The level of hype is so great you can outright feel it.

Of course, the Republicans are not in charge and neither are the Democrats. The Bankers are in charge. When Holy Wars get launched, it’s The Bankers doing it. When Race Wars get instigated it’s The Bankers doing it. When The Shmoos at the media circus start howling about the Russians, it’s the Bankers that are paying for it and all of it is managed distraction because their mismanagement of the economy has gotten so bad that they are torturing perceptions in a non stop frenzy to protect themselves from public rage and their theory is... if they create the impression that someone else is the problem then they can take the heat off of themselves for the moment but... the problem is... The Bankers. The Bankers are the problem.

When Zio-Ogre, Poroshenko, greenlights the massacre of Eastern Ukrainians, being front end loaded into anonymous mass graves, it’s the Bankers that are behind it. Until the Bankers are brought to heel and rendered powerless in all of their activities, there will be no justice and no peace. Monsanto does nothing without Banker authority. Monsanto was founded by Banker Kindred. Presidents, lawmakers, highly placed members of the judiciary, military brass, intelligence agencies; none of these do anything without Banker go ahead.

Public perception is everything. What the public is convinced of becomes the atmosphere of reality. It isn’t real, of course, but it appears to be real. Perception sends thousands of deluded men into bloody trenches. Perception is the cause of men hanging on the wire at arbitrary border lines. Perception sets everyone against their neighbor. Perception turns those entrusted ‘to serve and protect’ into those who plunder and abuse. As long as people can be convinced that they have the law on their side then there is no law, there is only the triumph of material gain over the needs of humanity. There ceases to be humanity. Humanity is adjudged to be against the law; feeding the homeless.

The level of corruption and abuse in operation, from coast to coast in the first world, is truly impressive. Bankers, operating through government agencies, like the IRS, can literally steal the resources of small business. They’re doing it AND where does this money wind up? It winds up in banks. Government is nothing more than the enforcement arm of the banking industry. Everyone serving in government has been vetted for their position by The Bankers.

When Palestinians are set on fire with white phosphorus, or herded into buildings at gunpoint and are then blown up by IDF munitions, it is The Bankers who give the orders. When legislation comes on the table to give out mandatory sentences of 20 years for throwing stones, it is The Bankers who set that in motion.

The founding of the Central Banks was the number one goal of The Bankers. They set that in motion early. They lost it and then they forced it back into existence. Presidents have been threatened and also assassinated over it. Powerful men and women in important positions tremble when bankers speak. They know what might happen; what will happen, if they do not follow orders.

Out there... out there on the surface... the high rollers in the high life gather at those exclusive and expensive watering holes. They talk a whole lot of shit, while they preen and pose in their imagined importance. They wine and dine. They copulate with the soulless husks for hire. They turn on each other. They plot and strategize but none of it means anything without Banker Imprimatur.. Banker Imprimatur comes down on the spiritual being of the damned like a branding iron. The spirit is seared. It is the indelible imprint of the hijacked spirit informing matter.

If it were simply a matter of what people could be convinced of, it would be, ‘game over’ but... The Archetypes have the last word. When the cosmic clock turns, the automatic changes flower into reality and they take no mind of Bankers or Armies. They take no mind of wealth or temporary power. The times in which these things flourished, to the advantage of those empowered to milk the system, are passing and no one and nothing can compel the times to stay and continue as they were. That time is on its way out the door and with it goes all that the once mighty depended on. They will find themselves alone in an empty field with no one but Saturn to keep them company.

If you are distraught by the heaviness and confusion of the times, do not be alarmed. Do NOT let the power of appearances act upon your belief of what is real. None of this is. It has pumped itself up into a bombastic creature of empty sound and fury and in the end it will, truly, signify... nothing. All of this has been a long time coming. Those whose fierce and taloned grasp of the public's perceptions; their resources, their sense of well being, their hopes and fears, which has been, for so long, a fabricated illusion now in tatters. The cosmic clock ticks inexorably toward that destined denouement. Try as they might they cannot hold back the tide of change. A new world is coming and an old world is going and both of these are attended by the faithful who have put their trust in either.

The Gates of Hell have opened wide, to suck the Bankers down inside. The Bankers and their demented kin are walking in. Across the vastness of history, barely a footnote remains as evidence that any of the long forgotten empires ever were here. Hundreds and thousands of years of power and glory are now nothing more than compressed coal, frozen in the dark places of the world. A handful of books remain that speak of civilizations of which no physical evidence remains. Gone... all gone. It’s a mystery to all of those who are a mystery to themselves and it is no mystery at all to those who understand the nature of cycles and the natural order of coming and going. Like The Prophet said; “to every time there is a purpose under Heaven... yadda yadda yadda.

Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

When potheads aren't criminals anymore, it isn't a given that they will side with democrats. In Colorado, a hard right winger beat the incumbent, Mark Udall, for the senate and that one was called early. Mark Udall made his campaign about women's issues. People are sick and tired of seeing noisy women defend their dead babies and the feminist flogged Mark Udalls toeing that line.

Another hard right winger who would like to outlaw abortion came within a hair's breadth of winning Governor.

Other states will have to start legalizing pot, or start losing their citizens to Colorado as they already are.

By rights, going by what words are supposed to mean, pot reform should have been a republican issue.

I don't see as many brainwashed Wal-mart zombies out there as this alternate mainstream media claims. That's demoralizing bullshit psyops from the same psyclops. The internet is full of shit too.

Anonymous said...

that was cute...
beaning the bankers and then draggin the line for the ya ya's


have you seen that documentary on
Bobbie Fischer

in flanders field where poppies grow



Anonymous said...

Hello, Les, A good read today! Money is the God of our world. Money can buy anything but trust and genuine affection. Outside of music and art money is the most powerful motivating factor in human relationships.

Music and art are what separate us from the critters and money itself is art.

Maybe I read this on this blog but I didn't make it up: "There will not be world peace until the last King gets strangled using the guts of the last priest."

Thanks for giving me a place to air out my thoughts.


L.L.O. said...

Hey Visible,

Great post! I've been really getting some blatant messages from 'The other Side' lately. Impossible coincidences and synchronicties and what not. After one such sign I literally dropped what I was doing and had to chuckle at the universe and say 'okay, you have my attention'.
Really been working on some of my sense of mindfulness lately. Think it may be helping out a lot.
On a side note, have you seen the movie 'Snowpiercer' yet? Holy symbolism Vis Man!About as much an in your face message as you'll ever get from the film industry.
Well, I'm off on a hike down to the river.
Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder's Legacy: the Divine Right of Criminals

Published on Nov 6, 2014
The abject failure of the nation's top law enforcer to enforce the law against bankers of any significance in the wake of a $10,000 billion crisis is notorious. Less well-known are (1) the astounding lengths to which Eric Holder's DOJ has gone to protect criminal banks, which just so happen to be clients of his law firm, (2) the degree to which the rule of law has been subverted (it's been destroyed; we have been living under the rule of man, officially, for some time), and (3) the broader implications of Holder's reign on U.S. national sovereignty (grave).

This video series explores all three topics and more.

This is a short but legally solid film and I hope you take a moment to watch it.

Anonymous said...

One more for you.

I found these two items regarding the possible new AG. This blew my mind.


New York federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch, the new nominee for attorney general, has a career filled with high profile cases -- and she was a member of Bill Clinton's defense team during the 1992 Whitewater corruption probe.
As he made his announcement Saturday afternoon, Obama called the two-time U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York a "tough, fair and independent" lawyer.
"It's pretty hard to be more qualified for this job than Loretta Lynch," Obama said.
Indeed, the prosecutor has a long career built of some high profile cases but there is one case Lynch was involved in that few are talking about. Lynch was a part of Bill Clinton's Whitewater probe defense team in 1992.
In 1992, the Clintons came under fire for investing in a perennially failing Arkansas real estate company known as Whitewater Development, a venture heavily subsidized by Clinton friend Jim McDougal in an effort to soften the losses the Clintons were experiencing as investors. The probe was widened to look into the failure of the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan to which it was connected. Eventually the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission won several convictions handing jail time to the McDougals as well as Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker.
The Clintons escaped any convictions in the probe..


expect more whitewashes….

This flashback goes back to 2001...

White House Seeks Resignations Of 3 Prosecutors in New York

Three of the four top federal prosecutors in New York State, all Democratic appointees, have been asked to step down by the Bush administration, the Justice Department said yesterday.

The only United States attorney in New York who has been asked to stay on is Mary Jo White, who is prosecuting the ongoing terrorism case involving attacks on two American Embassies in East Africa in 1998. Ms. White is the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, which covers Manhattan, the Bronx and much of downstate New York…

...Ms. Tucker said that only about a dozen of the 93 United States attorneys had been asked to stay on, generally because of the cases they were working on. The rest of the prosecutors, including Ms. Lynch, Ms. O'Donnell and Mr. French, will be asked to leave sometime before June on a timetable that is still being worked out, Ms. Tucker said.

On Wednesday, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Ms. White would remain on the job indefinitely, primarily because of her involvement in the embassy bombings case.

Ms. White has also been put in charge of all accusations of criminal wrongdoing related to pardons granted by President Clinton, but Ms. Tucker said last night that the decision to retain her had been made before the pardons were placed in her purview.


Note Mary Jo White in the above post. Then read this article DB did awhile back:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a most excellent radio show this evening, Vis!


Wanderer said...

The darkness comes before the light.

Things have been dark, but darkness has yet to arrive in full dress.

Unknown said...

Truth is George Sorrows put up major financial backing to ram 91 up Oregons nether side.

Stick that in your pipe and puff it.

The whole phony legalization ruse is a huge corporate sponsored control game and government tax money grab. Of course you all believed in Obama when that was trendy so this is pointless.

Rain Waters

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great les Visible.
You are a master of expressing the truth.
Thank you for putting into words what many of us have felt in our hearts and known in our minds to be true for many years now.

Denouement of the bankers and their kindred.

Bring it on I say. 'Bout time.

Peace and love

insiam said...

As a keen observer of political shenanigans currently unfolding on a daily basis in the UK. It occured to me that all of the main political partys have become caricatures of their former selfs.

Everytime they pull a stunt eg. - a photo op., statement of intent, promise of this that or the other. They are simply laughed at and/or ridiculed. One particular meme that has gained massive traction over the past year or so is - lib/lab/con. In other words people have woken to the fact that the three major partys are one and the same.

I digress :) My main point is that because of all of their dirty little (and big) secrets they have been obliged to keep their ranks very, ever more, tight. Which has consequently resulted in them being advised by the same type of buffoons as they have themselfs become.

In other words due to a sort of political incest they have lost all touch with reality. I guess this is what normal happens at the end of a cycle.

Just my 2 bahts - for what it is worth :)

Dodgy One said...

When your fresh out of Visible's words of inspiration you could go play with the exciting new Smoke n Mirrors game. ->

No blog is complete without a game named after it :)

Hundreds more n all ->

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

America with Beats Headphones, Listening to the Bad Drugs Dysfunctionata Sonata.

Kazz said...


Since it is the 11th of November today, Rememberance Day, I thought this article was very pertinent.

Recently I posted that all we need is love, but most of us know that this is new age dribble to stifle discontent. What we really need to do is rise up against this Luciferian system and put God back in the drivers seat where he belongs. For nearly 6,000 years people have been being led by Lucifer/Satan, now is the time to throw off Satan's shackles and free ourselves by embracing the Divine.



Let us bow our heads in silence for all those brave heroes who were duped into giving up their lives and destroying their families so the satanic international crime syndicate could steal everything from humanity. Let us put our egos away and lay claim to our stupidity so we can stop heading down the road to hell!

I have to head into Brisbane today, so it should be interesting considering it is Rememberance Day and the G20 is on. One has to run a gauntlet of cops to go anywhere.

I will remember all the good men and women who died for the worst fiends on earth, while killing innocent men, women, and children, all in the name of greed, ignorance and ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you are able to produce such prolific output, Visible (sometimes two posts a day!). Your writing is exquisite (a true pleasure to read) and you hit the spot (truth) every time.

I stumbled across this today. I know what your opinion about Snowden is (I'm still on the fence). Would love to hear your comments.


Re public perception: falling over themselves to buy their poppies.

Visible said...

You need to email me Karen, someone wants to hook you up; like I said. You can find pretty much anything around here (grin).

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Power, Profit and Beauty of Forgiveness.



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