Thursday, October 30, 2014

Those Dancing Hypocrites on Invisible Wires of Compliance.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm guessing this Tuesday is Election Day. That should make this weekend significant, It is truly an experience for me to watch The Last Empire crumble into ruin. There are any number of factors which makes the occurrence memorable. Not the least of these occurrences is the level of maintained ignorance that attends it and without which, it couldn't happen. In this atmosphere of ruin and devastation I see art beginning to mimic life. That is... if you can call these things art; all those zombie movies, which I don't get the attraction for and the spate of apocalyptic films that have come out over recent decades. You can get a feel for what might likely come about by observing the awareness level of the generations and making comparative analysis of disparities between them in the areas where there are disparities. It is interesting to watch people's attention gravitate to the lowest common denominator, once the option has been set into place, as an overlay upon more superior choices. Dumbing down is a process, not an event. It happens in incremental stages. One who is not being dumbed down can see the process taking place, as well as see the logical outcome of the process.

It is a given that when a steer is born it will not be aware of the destiny that lies before it. It may be fed and housed and go about its daily affairs, such as they are and then... one day; quite soon if it is a veal calf ...but a veal calf will probably be begging for death by the time it comes... one day... the 'conditioned' steer makes its way to the killing floor and... is no more.

Exercising Broad Daylight Awareness, one can without difficulty see that no good can come as a result of being dumbed down. The greatest problem and the greatest danger that comes about and which allows for ease of passage in dumbing down, is what happens to consciousness in times of material darkness. The focus and attention is ever increasingly pressed outward. Self inquiry is given no shrift at all. It is because of this phenomena that the deceivers can manipulate the perceptions of the public by providing what it is that gains their attention and arranging the order of their understanding. One is drawn ever further and further out until one has no sense of real being any more; no sense of real self, just an artificial construction formed for integration with a sick culture. One's whole sense of self becomes based upon and dependent upon external circumstance. This is a very unfortunate state; far more terrible and unfortunate than a cursory contemplation might reveal. Your only real possession is your self and its components, most of which remain unknown to the flesh puppets manipulated by their appetites.

From the time that you are a child you are assaulted with images that appeal to your lower nature, Corporations and their products rule the visible world and there is no good intention to be found in the vast majority of them, with few exceptions. They are devoid of humanity and they suck the existence of it out of the nature of those who service them and this is how you come to hear that there are rules of engagement and “we are sorry but that is company policy.” It is what is known as the way of the world. For so long as one is tangled in its web by sensory attachment, one will suffer, that is also a rule but more specifically a law and that is why there is the admonition to 'be in the world but not of it” and to walk in all ways contrary to it.

Many things seem to be a mystery here but they are mysterious only to the degree that one is deceived by them. When the promise of gain clouds ones vision there are things you don't see because seeing them gets in the way of gain and the same applies to all of the other pursuits that capture the attention and many of which certainly consume you. The evidence of that is all around.

The world is filled to the overflowing with experts whose whole reputation for expertise is based upon their collaboration with the forces of this world. They are paid traitors to the human spirit; dancing hypocrites on invisible wires of compliance. It is a rare thing for one who tells the truth to be heard with any great volume at any time during this yuga. These are not ordinary times and the truth can be heard ...but it may be difficult to find. It has to be within you to begin with or the connection is unlikely to be established and certainly the motivation would be lacking. Many people are here for no other reason than to squander the opportunity. A lot of people came here precisely because the lures of sensation and the chance of experiencing so many of them are so readily available.

The truth is a burden that carries you. This is a riddle I suppose. Like I said, many things are mysterious for a reason. It also explains the need for compassion as you go about your affairs because most people just don't know any better. The conditioning really 'took' on them. It can be hard to understand how people get into the state they get into when you're not in that state ...but seeing yourself as someone extraordinarily superior to the common herd is looking for trouble because you will sooner or later be confronted with the limitations that got you thinking that way in the first place. There is a very good operating reason for why the wise are so exceedingly humble. Not only is it an indication of their awareness of something far greater and more powerful than themselves but... it is a shield on the road. It has a shiny reflective surface. I suppose that is another riddle.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do and sometimes there is only a little you can do. You do what you can. You rise to your days motivated by whatever motivates you. This is the case with each and every one of us and it is what motivates us that identifies us as what we are. It expresses itself in everything that we do and it follows us as surely as our course is set according to it. There are few among us that do not at some point ask ourselves, eventually, “What have I done with my life?” The recognition of the reality of this; the seeing of it, comes in the later days. It often comes in a stark awakening in the hour before dawn. Sometimes it is there to set a sad finality to ones life. It is there to grant the official imprimatur of mortality upon a doomed existence; ah... if only death were the end of it. Sometimes it is there to force an awakening. Strangely enough, this often isn't enough. The mind relegates the experience to the category of dreams; something that might not even have occurred. Then... soon enough, dread comes along and dread has its companions. The mighty, the powerful, the rich and successful, they do not rest easy, regardless of appearances to the contrary and in those times when they are blissfully unaware... there is a reason for that. Life is all about lessons and if you don't learn them one way you WILL learn them another. You will, in time, learn what is valuable and what is not. You will learn what is worthwhile and what is not. You will learn all manner of things in The Athanor of Suffering or... you will go right on suffering for however long that takes and it can take a really long time.

As frustration is generated by the untenable living conditions of so many people on the edge, RAGE is coming. When a mass of people are put up against it on the one hand and the squeeze grows ever tighter, on the other hand, the power of denied allurements comes into juxtaposition with that and you get one of those situations you sometimes see on the ocean when the weather whips the waves in all sorts of unpredictable directions. Whirlpools might manifest and the washing machine tumbler effect as well. You get ripples of powerful force moving all over the place and what happens is the weakest link in the chain syndrome so that all kinds of people find themselves propelled out of control. Those entrusted with maintaining order begin to lose it as well. I've morphed metaphors all over the place and painted a bit of a crazy quilt here but... that's what you got. This isn't stirring itself up. It's being orchestrated, just like this is.

The fecal freak Morlocks are on the move again at many levels. Very sinister characters are making an appearance.. In the meantime the collective suicide of the indifferent privileged goes on apace. In addition to these things, the administration is scripting other dramas with willing celebrity seeking dupes. I love the smell of manufactured self righteous outrage in pursuit of a book deal burning in the morning.

Like I say... the whole fractured multi dimensional picture of out of control forces, whipping in all directions is fascinating to watch and more than a little intimidating up close. Those familiar with the flash mob construct can expect to see a similar phenomena appearing that is not prearranged; it just starts happening. We've seen early signs of this in places as diverse as Lisbon and New York City where gangs of the disenfranchised descend on shopping areas in collective snatch and grab. On another level, 'the knockout game' is a sign of patterns still in the development. Those 'gifted' songwriters that I showcased in the last posting are banging their message of vulgarity and thug life into the stunted brains of everyone who listens to them. Slowly but surely, out of the hills where Hillbilly Heroin is the drug of choice and out of the gated communities of privilege where the youth are all about satisfying every craving and all learning is south of Cliff Notes, the nation is developing an army of Beavis's and Buttheads. The good thing is that they will never march in unison, that is beyond their abilities... and a great many of them will surely trip on their gun strap and impale themselves on the bayonet. Once again I am sketching something that is a mere example of something that will manifest differently but to more or less the same end.

It is the rare individual that seeks continuous change in the pursuit of self improvement. In uncertain times this leads to an uncertain life and most people don't want anything like that. Most people want stability and comfortable routine. Stability and comfortable routine are the death of continuous positive change. You have to be willing to walk that rocky highway. You've got to be enthusiastic about 40 miles of bad road. You have to be unflagging and unflinching. You may have no clear image of where you are headed but at least it's out of here, eventually. What's that line from the movie, “The Robe”? “We are going to a better world.” That's how I look at it; not as something accessible only in the invisible but wherever you are, you are making a better world if you are making a better you. When you possess the capacity to unerringly see where you have gone wrong, even if it may take a little longer than it should (grin) and your intention is to correct it immediately, there is practically nothing you cannot eventually accomplish. If one persists in this mindset, even though the world be in turmoil, that one will manifest a better world around themselves. The only real and persistent failure is a failure to try.

End Transmission.......

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Peter of Lone Tree said...

The Earth is a Mother.
The Mississippi is a Father (
Let us display the proper respect:

Canyon de Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

O you are so right about news of Nurse Kaci "Hickox" being propagated in purpose:

Miss Kali,
flaming red
At the bottom of the sacrificial temple ladder...
While standing out conspicuously
a protrusion!


Anonymous said...

what a precious and endearing homily of hope, for those who
personify the good Samaritan
and really and truly do care

I really hate to see the poop of chickens marginalized in such a vulgar manner,



The 3rd Elf said...

Visible has a new book out: The Lost Plays of Shakespeare.

Perhaps more accurately, it's not Visible's book at all, and nor is it "new". It's a collection of short plays - professedly written by Shakespeare himself and which only quite recently came to light after Visible was entrusted with the manuscripts by some mysterious stranger.

I have no idea if these new (old) lost (now found) plays are genuine, or whether there is some mischief involved, but they sure read like Shakespeare to me (then again, what do I know?)

We've set up the "Lost Plays" with their own website and you can read excerpts from each of the plays here. I guess that a number of Visible's readers will be moved to buy the book, and thank you in advance for doing so...

If what Visible presents within The Lost Plays is "the real deal" then it has the potential to make a massive splash in the literary world. To achieve this though, the book needs wider exposure than it is going to get by being advertised only on Vis' blogs.

Therefore I'm asking everyone who reads this - whether you buy the book or not - can you please at least ensure to visit these two pages on the Lost Plays website:

Shakespeare Acting Companies


Shakespeare Festivals

.... on each of those pages you will see around 20 image links. Each will take you to a different Shakespearean Company / Festival website; and can you please then click through to all those links, visit those external websites? (I'll be adding more links as time allows).

The aim here is that the owners of those sites will see significant - nay, enormous, traffic coming from; any numbers of those website owners and operators may then choose to link back to The Lost Plays site and / or Tweet, FaceBook or Pinterest it or whatever it is that so many social media centered people seem to like to do.

This is day 1 of a small campaign toward getting substantial traffic to that new website - and (with no apology) I'm going to persist as far as I'm able to ask / cajole the readers here to hit as many of those outbound links from The Lost Plays site as they can. Not just once, but if we can have hundreds of people clicking through to those other sites on an ongoing, daily basis, then wider exposure to The Lost Plays site is guaranteed.

Perchance to dream, maybe enough to see Vis financially secure, finally, and thanks for your help.

wiggins said...

Interesting take on Shakespeare in John Harmer's would appear that Christopher Marlowe's 'death' was another intrigue. By all accounts Shakespeare couldn't sign his name.

The 3rd Elf said...

Great start, those other website owners will be seeing (if they haven't already) multiple hits to their websites coming from Hawaii, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, London, Stockholm... and on and on.

Please keep that up, and every day for a few days at least, if you will (with the exception maybe of "SuperMouse" in Kentucky, you're going to sprain yourself if you don't ease up (grin).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words Les. And it's always a wonder, that old synchronicity...
I just read this yesterday...

"The challenge for anyone who wants peace is to create peace within. That is the first challenge. Saint Seraphim of Sarov said in one of his sayings that if we acquire a spirit of peace, and thousands of souls will be saved around us. We don't have to fight the world or to fight others. The first and really only battle is with ourselves. In much of the spiritual tradition, there is reference to the spiritual struggle, the spiritual battle, etc. That battle is always against ourselves so that we may have peace and love others without judging them."

Or, as Thomas Merton said, "Zen story: A monk said to Joshu: "What is the way?"
Joshu replied: "Outside the fence."
The monk insisted: "I mean the Great Way, what is the Great Way?"
Joshu replied: "The Great Way is the way that leads to the Capitol."

....It is not necessary to run all over the countryside shouting "peace, peace".
But is essential to stay on the Great Way which leads to the Capitol, for only on the Great Way is there peace. If no one follows the way, there will be no peace in the world, no matter how much men may preach it."

(That said, some like yourself are both on it and preach it. Thank you.)

-the beggar

Anonymous said...

Didn't see this one on the list of Shakespeare companies:
The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-on-Avon (the Bard's hometown). Getting them on board with "The Lost Plays" would bring the rest in, in short order.


Lance said...

Not long ago you wrote that you were convinced that "Mr. Visible doesn't know shit" but have just demonstrated that he actually knows a lot. This message was, in many ways, profound.

Unknown said...

Awesome "Smoking Origami" on the heels of a somewhat dismal "Visible Mirrors"

I agree with your observations of the dumbing down process. Once the 6 month old toddlers former mind is immersed in corporate programming, the physical addiction meme is ramped up by use of the toxic poison known as "sugar". Read labels while you still can and you'll quickly note how this heroin like refined product is in virtually everything fed to the mainstream population. As little as 5 grams of this shit destroys my grand daughters day within 5 minutes of uptake. There she was happily sing songing awesome poetic verse and then shes a monster. I know, I know your superior kids have sugar under control. A certain ancient guitar player in what was called the worlds greatest rock and roll band has heroin under control too. Do you wanna look like he does after all that "control"? Once addiction to physical stimulation is uploaded and considered as "normal", the child is already so stupified it can't recognize what hit him. Now the little thrasher is ready for public deaducation.. .

Thanks for doing what you do so well.



galen said...

Davy, I'm glad black people are waking up to the fact that the democratic party is no friend to them. Many native Hawaiians are also realizing this. But at the end of the video people are encouraged to vote, to vote as a way to end the problems they face. Could the speaker not know that just like the democratic party (most parties, in fact) the vote is fully corrupted, if not through actual distortion, then through gross manipulation. Just sad, that that means is sold as a method for positive change. But we do have this:

Daily Pearl:

"...wherever you are, you are making a better world if you are making a better you."
-- Les Visible, 10/30/14


wxman said...
(NaturalNews) Nurse Kaci Hickox, who has made headlines over the last few days by refusing to quarantine herself after returning from the Ebola front lines in Africa, turns out to have been trained as an "intelligence officer" under a two-year CDC program modeled after the U.S. military.

As you can see from the document below, Hickox graduated from a two-year CDC intelligence officer training program in 2012. This is the same nurse whose LinkedIn page was recently scrubbed to hide her ties to the CDC, an agency that stands to benefit tremendously in both political power and budgets if an Ebola outbreak sweeps across America.

The official intelligence designation granted to Nurse Hickox by the CDC was "Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer," and she is a graduate of the 2012 EIS program according to this CDC document (PDF). (See page 138 - 139 for her name and photo, or view photo below.)

That same year, the CDC graduated 81 such "intelligence officers" whose names and photos are also listed in the public document.

Visible said...

I knew there was something wrong with her right away when I heard her speak. Later on I was over at What Really Happened and I saw that. It made perfect sense. She's a really bad actress. She ought to be working the beheading circuit or the public school shooting scams.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "You can get a feel for what might likely come about by observing the awareness level of the generations and making comparative analysis of disparities between them in the areas where there are disparities."

Taking a step back, I see/feel an interesting 'picture' around your quote. Coming out of the post-WWII years, there was a collective shutting-down of 'inner knowing' both because of the pain of that war and the ongoing Cold War. I still shudder when I see "Father Knows Best", etc.

The period of roughly 1965-75 was like a blossoming of the inner spirit. The Beatles went off to seek inner knowing in India, triggering many to look inwards. Gurus were teaching everywhere, whether truly enlightened or not. Sensitivity groups like est, Lifespring, Psi, etc., bridged a gap between isolated intellect and inner knowledge.

Innumerable self-study groups like Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Family Therapy, etc., formed to sort out psychological blockages. A huge number of Body Therapy styles sprang up to resolve physically-held 'stuff'. Those drawn to pharmacological substances for inner knowing actually used them for same. Sexuality was being redefined as something more than simple lust. Etc., etc. The opportunities for growth were everywhere.

Then, something happened. From my later point of view, I see it as a deliberate 'counterattack'. The AIDS 'epidemic' produced fear of free-love. The medical establishment went for pills rather than processing. The unfortunate actions of Manson and Rajneesh were trumpeted to the world, rather than seen as isolated examples. Religions counterattacked, seeing themselves weakened. A 'lid' was clamped on everything threatening to status-quo in the media, from spirituality to UFOs.

Collectively, this reduced all the growth possibilities to 'fringe' status at best, and 'snickering' from the masses at worst. The baddies had temporarily prevailed. It felt like a 'fog' had slowly been drawn over the world. I sense that these 'machinations' were both willful and carefully-planned. Ugh.

Now, we see the results of this 'counterattack' in many of the downstream generations. Some have been strong enough to 'win through' the fog, but many haven't. We only had to 'go with the wind'. They have to struggle 'upwind'.

I am fortunate enough to know that Others have seen this, and we are not alone in fighting this - and successfully. Vis calls his understanding of this phenomena "Mr. Apocalypse." I am just glad this 'effort' is on the way...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Robot catcher: "endiutt Squash" (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Shakespeare? Or was it really Eddie De Vere who wrote those? I've been wondering for a long time. As for sugar. . .

GIVE ME LINDT SPRUNGLI HAZELNUT ANYTHING (As long as it ain't dark chocolate, which I can't stand), OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Though I can't eat the whole bag or bar anymore in one sitting.

The 3rd Elf said...

#8 at 7:59pm:

Thank you for that... I know that the absence of a link to isn't good.

I mailed them a week ago asking permission to use their logo (I read their terms and they're not keen on 3rd party sites using their logo without permission) - but no response from them. Yet. One lives in hope.

I'll look at just putting in a plain text link instead (for now)

Thanks again.


est said...

just want to say, 'est'
my moniker, is short

for esteban, my nickname

it is in small case 'cause that's how i write

it is not associated with the self-help group [est],
[now defunct]

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work on that lost plays website Elf!!

Anonymous said...

Mr A. Is has dropped his stck and using his 4" by 4"

Keep up the good work Vis.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post and great idea!

Here are Canada's top 5 Shakespeare Festvals



Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Money doesn't Kill People, Bankers Kill People.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, Visible. Lots to ponder. As for that...that, I don't know what to call him, but the man running for governor of california, that photo was scary; an ewwww scary. I wouldn't allow him to watch over my pet hamster (if I had one). I'd set the hamster free first.
Love to all, Serena

Anonymous said...

So you made it to the 'other side' I take it. That is some rather scary wordsmithing there Les. Yes, it is all the artificial world moderated by the fear of death.

Once we get a glimpse of who and what we really are, not the shadow of the man the alien enemy of humanity created for us to wear, it looks and feels a lot different.

I care...but then I don't because all the goodness in this universe shines like a thousand suns and the darkness the jew has created with its malicious, malignant evil vanishes like a rat scurrying away from the light. Or as Master Po would say, on the Journey Toward Life and the Light—LEAVE NO PLACE FOR DEATH TO ENTER!!

Stop by my place if you need some encouragement. QT.COM …I'll leave the light on.

-Alive and Free

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dead Brown Leaves and Green Flowering Truth.

Hank said...

It is awesome to watch the media pundits work their magic on the masses of frogs being brought slowly to a boil in their self made pots of water. OR as I like to call them, 'the American public'.

You would think that having CNN headline 'news' show video or live coverage of fire somewhere in the world EVERY day would be a clue, but not on your life. The frogs gather around their TVs in family groups, oooing and ahhhing over fire. "Honey! quick..come see...oooo! fire. Oblivious to the fact that they are cave people and dumb as a bag of hammers.

Politics is a more complex tapestry of bull shit, but just as banal. The frogs are oblivious to the fact that all the candidates are owned and operated by the same people and regardless of what comes out of their mouths, they are all working toward the same goal...BUT! it's important that you vote to indicate to those pulling the strings that their show is working.

For those of us that embrace change it is clear to see the effort to perpetuate the same old same old by those that own and operate the process.

The search for clarity and truth brings with it a certain wisdom which allows one to see clearly how much one really doesn't know. It provides a solid base, when embraced, on which to move securely through the only thing that is permanent in life...change. You learn simple truths that allow inner peace, which is itself a force. When you learn that evil does not exist in the world, but only within the human heart and mind, you discover the only place it can be defeated. When the fight against it goes well it affects almost every other life you touch.

I used to suffer great frustration with peoples inability to see the truth until I realized that it wasn't their inability, but their unwillingness. There is no weapon against elective ignorance, but the understanding helps me move on. People complain about their lives and their government with no clue that they have exactly what they have allowed or created. Until they wake up all the rest of us can do is enjoy the show.

Peace to all

Kazz said...

Dear Hank,

I hear a lot about how stupid the masses are but I feel sorry for them. After all they are being drugged with poison!

Please remember that humanity are the victims here. I get sick of everyone paying out at the victims!

Let us take my country for example. When many white Australians first arrived on the shore of this sunburnt country they were wearing shackles. This was for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving families because the greedy PTW obviously needed to create criminals to fill their colonies, so they did what they are doing today, legislated away everyone's rights and along with them everyone's ability to make a living, and then when they did the unthinkable, steal food, they were shipped off to a foreign land. These people were indoctrinated from birth by their own parents, and then sent to a social indoctrination factory (school) to be trained to be a good slave. Yes some of us have not succumb to the indoctrination, but I feel that has more to do with God than us. So please remember that there but for the grace of God go I. Most people are so busy just trying to exist that they do not have the copious amounts of time to study as some of us have, and even if they did many of them seem too stupid to understand, which is most probably due to the immense amount of poisons that have been ingested, vaccinated, or radiated at them, so please lets not blame the victims here.

The elite blame the masses for being stupid but if that really is the case then why are they going to the trouble to drug them???????????????

The criminals are the one's running the show, and their claims of superiority are simply delusions of grandeur. WE ARE ALL EQUAL UNDER GOD'S LAW!!! Please let's keep our negativity for those that hold no value on life, liberty, or freedom, because all they care about is how much money it will put in their pockets, and while I am called upon to love them, and will, I will despise the heinous things that they do.




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