Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Narcotic Humming of the Planetary Sleep Machine

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Don’t know what’s going on. I had to leave school early today because I was so uneasy. The thing with intuitive flashes is that you often don’t know what it’s in reference to. It could have something to do with you. It could have something to do with someone you know. It could have something to do with the wider world.

I've got this personal qualifying process, where I access a combination of trends, logic and intuition in separate lanes and then I merge the traffic in the roundabout. Once I come off the roundabout, I take whatever exit is headed into the wild (outside the false construct of the artificial world) and I look for a place to pull over to where I can give some thought to it all. Subjective introspection comes into play and I have this method where I ping pong my thoughts off of the presumed absolute and that trampolines on the subconscious, the way unruly children cavort in a bounce house. What this accomplishes is that it shakes the image making device and that causes all kinds of graphics to Rolodex across the mindscreen. It sounds like a system (is dis a system?) but there’s no guarantee of it making sense. It’s more of a food for thought generator. I expect this is all about as clear as mud but... it works for me.

It’s a couple of days later now and the whole atmosphere has shifted again. I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors; cue Charlie Rich but... Well, never mind the but; I don’t know and I’m pretty sure I know that.

If you look carefully at the news in different parts of the west, you might notice a trend that has been developing over time. Here’s an example of what I mean; the first person appointed to head up their in house proctology team. I suggest you tap into the picture of the woman being referenced in the article, with your inner phrenologist. Does she not look exactly like the kind of person who would be standing around a sacrificial altar in a medieval cloak with an upside down crucifix tattooed on her breast bone? Well, you probably wouldn't see that until the orgy following the ritual disembodiment... or whatever it is they get into these days. I’m sorry if I seem to cast a bit of aspersion on this finely aged thoroughbred from the titled aristocracy but... man! She looks the part.

Now... you scroll down to the next player. By this time we just assume they’re all in on it and that you don’t get to where they are unless you are in on it. Maybe I’m being unkind and overly cynical; I could have used that cynicism in my life this past year (grin) but... rather than call it cynicism, let us simply play by their rules of presuming guilt until innocence is proven and... as is the case with people like ourselves in their hands, the guilt is manufactured to begin with so... get the picture?

Moving along with the graphics version of onomonapia; or should I call that onomonapedophilia? In any case, when you scroll down on this link you get a profile picture of the guy who’s got this look on his face. I feel like I don’t even have to say what I think that looks like do I? This kind of thing has been going on for awhile now and given the appearance of firm control that this cabal of evil creatures has over due process, you’d think they would be more than capable of managing the whole affair. Are they only throwing a few of their members under the double decker bus? That begs the question of; who is responsible for it coming out in the first place? It ain't them; it has to be Mr. Apocalypse.

What this means is that there is a force on this planet that is actively going against the will of these corrupt monsters. Let’s do that logic thing again. If there is some force that is acting counter to the forces of darkness, that have been working in concealment and which are now being pressed into the light of day, it has to have sufficient power to do this or it doesn't get done. Obviously, these maldoers know that something is going on that is not a part of their blueprint for world domination. This implies that unless they can curtail the power of this force, they are going to be in ever increasingly greater degrees of trouble. If they would have been able to curtail it they would have curtailed it.

On other fronts they are meeting with all kinds of opposition to their global chess game. Now they’re turning a more focused eye to the internet. Maybe they see that as their big problem. My guess is that what they see as their chief problem is going to keep changing. Presently they are working overtime to head off they know not what at the pass. They’re tossing distractions right and left. They just orchestrated some sort of a botched train wreck in Canada; if it was botched. That the odious prime minister of that oppressed country came to no harm seems to suggest it wasn't the work of the good guys. Of course the argument can be made that there are no good guys and this is all just what happens in these times, where assorted bad guys in different club jackets go after each other and some large portion of the public gets sucked into the proceeding mêlée.

It appears to me that what we have is, imperious and arrogant denial, juxtaposed with incipient creeping fear, leading me to believe that behind the mask they are ‘running scared’; cue Roy Orbison.

Yeah... it takes me awhile to get around to what I want to say, because the country traveled in the process, serves as an environment to present the particular thoughts being arranged for view. Call it stage scenery. I find that this tactic on my part is imperative because the overall impact of appearances is frighteningly negative and many wander bewildered in these times and many are pressed in against circumstance; up against it economically, emotionally and not knowing where to turn. Basically, you might say, the dissonant tenor of the times is overwhelming. It’s a chaotic caterwauling of unfortunate souls in torment and a supporting choir of millions led astray. It’s not as bad as contemporary rap music but it’s a great deal more authentic.

In concert with this posting, we are watching, “Deliver us from Evil’. It’s supposed to be an account of real events in New York City. Given the way Hollywood operates, it is certain that creative license has been taken but... the theory that there are ancient forces of evil at work among the human herd is not a theory as far as I am concerned. Nothing else accounts for the terrible acts being committed world wide every day. Things like this are common. Without a doubt, archetypal evil walks this Earth. Once again, you can use simple linking logic to come to all kinds of inescapable conclusions.

So... here we are. We have these irrefutable expressions of evil and we have something more mysterious, moving through and alongside them, which seems to hamper the progress of evil intent. Are things only the way they seem or... is there more to what’s going on? If there is more to what is going on, then it’s possible that is good news because most of the other news is bad.

We are all responsible in this world, for what we have done, for what we are doing and for what we will do. We are responsible for the world around us as a direct impact of our acts upon it in our every day. If you are going about as an unconscious automaton with no other motivations beyond the satisfaction of basic functions, you are in a great deal of trouble. If you are a conscious automaton, serving the will of the darkness in its assault against humanity then you are in even greater trouble. If you are among the few who struggle mightily against the narcotic humming of the planetary sleep machine then you must remain confident. You must align your life and your will with that force that is working counter to the machinations of the damned and the possessed. You must believe that you are aided and that help will come. Better to go down with the knowledge that you did your best than to go down and down and down, as is the nature of it.

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George St. Amour said...

Thanks Again Vis

Anonymous said...

This is really excellent, Vis.
There are so many hurting, stunned people walking around wondering what the hell happened to the world we live in--please keep encouraging and promoting goodness.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Just saw this,too...
In U.N. Speech, Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel, Blocking Palestinian State.


Anonymous said...

Took this from WRH:

Canadian jihadi says Israeli Jews welcome in ISIS


A Canadian jihadist currently fighting alongside Islamic State (IS) in Syria said that he thinks Israeli-born Jews would be accepted to join the radical group provided they convert to Islam.

The jihadist, who goes by the surname Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi ("Abu Khalid the Canadian") made the comment earlier this week via the social media website

Al-Kanadi, who converted in 2010, responded to several other questions on the site and noted that he was born into a Canadian family but that it was easy for him to leave to go to Syria.

"They reacted mainly with confusion, not understanding why someone would leave Canada to go to a land of war," he wrote.

When asked on the website whether he would be willing to speak to a journalist, Al-Kanadi said that "journalists are responsible for the spreading of lies against the Islamic State. Is this journalist seeking to spread the message of the media outlets of the Jews, Christians, Apostates, and Hypocrites?"

Ray B. said...

Vis: "You must believe that you are aided and that help will come."

Funny thing that you should say that. I just had an example of 'aid & help' :

I woke up before dawn and attempted to contact Higher Self. No luck, after several attempts. So, I asked body-consciousness to head-out and ask for a (real) faerie to 'break through' whatever was interfering. Again, no luck. So, I repeated the process to ask for a (real) elf.

This time, it worked. The (real) elf took the interferer away and did whatever it did. Higher Self 'flowed in' with a combination of light and Presence. Felt much better.

As a 'review' of what had just happened, I checked on 'who' had been interfering. It was only a 15-level being, very non-human but from Earth. I remember feeling very sad that I couldn't 'beat' a 15-level being.

Immediately, the (real) elf started working on me, unasked. I could feel all kinds of things going on, including light moving around, directed 'power', 'ouches' coming out, 'roars' occurring spontaneously, etc. This lasted several hours.

At the start of this, I had an image spontaneously 'come up' of me being like a WWII destroyer limping back into a harbor after being on a long campaign, all torn-up but still afloat. Well, apparently, I was now being shipyard-ed (grin). Hence, the 'tie' to your quote...

At the end of this 'help', I felt more hopeful and energized. Somehow, I felt more squeakily-clean and 'sharp-edged', if that makes any sense. Higher Self spent some time getting used to the new 'me', and doing sprucing-up on areas that were lower than the (real) elf could reach. It was early afternoon by the time it all finished. Aid and help, indeed!

It will be interesting to see/feel how all of this sorts out (grin)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And what would this post be without this?

A Man Sentenced To Death Asks For A Child As His Last Meal

Considering I refer to most under 16s as food products, I had to laugh. (I make exceptions for the exceptional individual.) Then again, it takes some people longer to outgrow that stage of development. I was one of them. It took me until I was 32 to stop being a 'food product'. On the other hand, someone we invited to stay with us who we once admired was still a 'food product' at 50, as we found out to our dismay so hey.

Man, I gotta follow this story and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Ray, it sounds like you were talking to your Higher Elf...

Mick Hoss said...

Would love to hear your thought on this:

It's especially interesting to read the comments and the tremendous gulf between opinions.

I was annoyed and 'offended' by the video, and simultaneously conflicted - because political correctness is so pervasive, I couldn't trust my gut - that somehow by disliking it I would be in favor of rape and oppression of women. And I have 2 daughters. What a world.

Mo Raf said...

I haven't reached out for a while because the last time I did it caused you a rake of short-term trouble from the Invisible community. My apologies for that but it was not long before they were back in line. Also it's not wise to try remote viewing this author again. "But if you listen very hard, the truth will come to you at last."

To the point: Yes Mr V, there is a major change going on right now. The unseen Old Guard have officially been given their marching orders. Those that won't submit voluntarily (the Ifreet and Muraad) are being steadily compelled. The pockets of their resistance are much smaller than the time of my last update.

The force of truth, coming from tongues like swords, is the manifestation of God's ancient commands. The timing is His and His alone, as is the method of His bringing into manifestation this truth.

Remember this well: Once the Old Guard are fully vanquished a new type of evil will be released, worse than all of the Old Guard combined in the Sight of God. This is the false light of ages. The Old Guard arrogantly believed they had some say in the affair, but they were ever self-deluded. The affair solely belongs to Him, in all its aspects.

The Zoharites will remove their masks, cease hiding behind zionism and their new age cults. Their numbers will swell and burgeon under the false light and they will rule with a new spiritual deception. They will be the congregation of the false light and they will ensnare most of mankind; not through violence or bribery. They can be best likened to the People of Pan, although Pan himself was one of the first to be destroyed. His music was crap anyway (loud laughs).

The imminence you feel is the proximity of the events unfolding. We are dangerously close and we're all out of mercy; we are entering a phase of wrath. Such monumentally evil deeds and fakery cannot be allowed to go unanswered, it was never in the Justice of God to ignore, only to delay to grant time for repentance. The Mercy always proceeds the Wrath. Those who did nothing in the sight of oppression are by definition among the congregation of oppressors.

As for the child abusers: Jesus, peace be upon him and his mother said that it is better for them that a millstone be tied around their necks and they be thrown into the sea. So now God fastens those invisible millstones with invisible chains to the unseen part of the necks and now all 50,000 abusers in the UK are unable to walk or move without dragging their evidence with them. Finally, it is the command of God that He introduce these manacled human devils to the icy cold depths of the darkest seas.

And of course, Mr A does not sleep but little. And his quill will continue to write down the deeds and names of the guilty, inserting them at the speed of light through fibre optic cables around the world. He likes to announce the defendants before their public trials as it is pleasing to the Supreme Judge. So mote it be, for all is done for His pleasure only.

You are in our prayers Mr V. Keep preserving your soul through your works and we ask Him to guide, protect and heal you through these wicked times.

Anonymous said...

"You should never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel (Watch it for yourself on youtube.)
Rahm Emanuel is repeating a direct quotation from Winston Churchill. (And we all remember 'Whinnie'- too. He was the drunken psychopath who was paid something like 30 thousand pounds- a lot of money, back in 1935. "This is not a loan- we do not expect you to pay this back.
And there is only one thing that we want you to do for us: declare War on Germany!" (And if you want to know WHO asked that of Whinny- read David Irving's biography of Winston Churchill!
(One of the problems associated with 'revisionist history', is that when you learn it, you feel unclean- like you want to take a bath, but you know it isn't going to wash off.)
Kudus to You, Les!

John C (UK) said...

Wow, It's 6.51am UK time and you have 1058 visitors online and a total of 487 visitors today.

That is some Jewish maths!!

Visible said...

It's a narcotic humming machine. Interestingly it is almost as close to being so and what was happening before when it showed very little traffic. What is happening is it shows who has come that day.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. I've been warned there will be a serious uptick but... God has a different watch; very hard to synchronize to (grin).

Smyrna said...

I knew the cannibal pedophile story was a hoax when I saw that photo. Too good to be true.

Some interesting phrenological studies for your perusal on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice site nonetheless.

Visible said...

Thank you Smyma. I was going to put that in the next post AND hadn't thought to check for veracity. I should learn by now. Thing is, it is altogether believable; such are the times.

est said...

so i'm listening to
pastor arnold murray

he's gone now but his
words live on late night

the first half of the hour
he quotes the bible

and he knows it
back and forth

the second he reads
and answers letters

he is quite the ticket
and the only decent

'televangelist' is that a word ?

his son his doing the show now - he sucks

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Sailing on the Prevailing Wind of the Temporary.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Regarding the cannibal story. OOPS. So much for the credibility of Another worldnut daily? Well, I do ignore all their religious crap, and sometimes they do have real stuff. Maybe 2 stories out of 10?

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that!

I saw Pastor Arnold Murray say "the kenites are jews". I didn't know he died. He was a good teacher and a funny kinda turkey.

The arrival of Adam meant WAR and the serpent drew first blood. The house of Adam and the house of Cain are presented as the combatants. The scriptures dazzle, when you know that pivotal thing. The pseudeo-christian shepherds of the last days have it all f*cked up and you can read all about that in the bible too.

If you like having your spine chilled, check out the study of the minor prophets at

The 3rd Elf's Probation Officer said...

That freaking counter:

The "Today" figure is pretty accurate
('today" is configured to click over at midnight Central European Time)

The "Total" figure remains accurate too.

It's just that "Online" figure which has gone a bit haywire these last few weeks. It's counting people in as they arrive alright, but sometimes is forgetting to subtract them when they leave.

Working on a fix, just waiting on a spare part arriving from Botswana.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, October 23, 2014 1:07:00 AM

"Ray, it sounds like you were talking to your Higher Elf..."

Very good! (grin)

Seriously (grin again), I take all 'perceptions' of higher places/beings with a grain of salt. Even back in Jung's day, it was known that the brain/mind 'filters' WHATEVER is out there through our experiences of this lifetime. That is why Islamic near-death-experiencers (NDErs) experience Mohammed greeting them, Christian NDErs experience Jesus greeting them, Hindu NDErs experience Krsna (etc.) greeting them, and so on. Same with dreams, reveries, etc. So, I go more with the 'intent' than the imagery...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Robot catcher: "nsibscr Voyages" (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I assume this is a more realistic take on cnnibalism?

Meat Of Missing People Served In Many Small Restaurants & Army Stationed In Quetta, Pakistan

Good question on human meat being haram or halal. I read several different versions of the bible, and nowhere does it say, 'THOU SHALT NOT CONSUME THY NEIGHBOUR!'

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Concerning a recent Visit from a Dear Friend.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph sums it up very nicely indeed. We are surely responsible for the world around us.
Though forgiveness of sins is real, a balance must be restored. If that requires a bit of suffering, a "sour look or two at choking" as the pirate Black Bart Roberts put it, then so be it.
Let there be love in our hearts, and happiness.
A new day is coming.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

10-4, but is it a good thing that I.S. is the only ones resisting?



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