Saturday, October 25, 2014

George Soros and his Kind are Evil, Mass Murdering Monsters.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You got all kinds of evil running loose in these times. By definition, these are evil times, being as it is the Kali Yuga. The very worst of us profit without reserve and the best of us are hammered into the pavement. There's supposed to be some kind of justice in this but... those of us who are within the constraints of single lifetimes and lacking the panorama view of the realized, are hard pressed to see it. It's there somewhere. Of course, I'm speaking only for those of us that believe in something. For those of us that believe in nothing, except ones own blind, naked ignorance, the appearance of justice is nowhere to be seen. There's one thing we can certainly presume is true and that is that we will find out at some point, even if... in the cases of those who believe nothing, they find nothing. It might be that that is how it works; to each according to what they do or do not believe.

When one studies the case histories of after death experiences, there is a recurrent theme that is somewhat telling; unless one believes, as do no small number that all belief is an hallucination. This recurrent theme is that when people pass on, what they encounter is always specific to whatever faith they were followers of in life. They saw the icons specific to what they had believed. I don't know what that means or maybe I do but... that this is the case, well... one can go and look it up for themselves. Anyway... this is not what the posting is about. This is just one of those digressed intros in a pre-crime kind of a way. Let's take a look at some of the things that are happening today-

The unctious and odious psychopathic hypocrite, George Soros is at it again. As we know, this man has been a venomous liar and a 24 carat sonofabitch for as long as he has been here. He is a mass murderer who has performed murder in various countries around the world. At present he is accusing Vladmir Putin of precisely what his kindred in Israel are guilty of 24/7. Soros is the guy behind the color revolutions. As you probably know, people die in his color revolutions and all of his revolutions take place in those locations where the Zionist run American government wants them to take place. It's past arguing about that he's tied in with Robert Kagan and Kagan's wife, Victoria Neuland, in their vicious banker motivated assault upon a segment of the Ukrainian populace where white phosphorous is being used and mass graves are being discovered and where people have been locked in buildings and then buried alive. This is all true. This is past doubt AND people like Soros and Kagan and Neuland and a supporting cast of too many are behind these horrors. They are behind the majority of the world's ills. Their marching orders come out of the Devil's throne room country established for that very purpose.

This is real. This is obvious but... for some reason it is near impossible for the toxic mass mind to comprehend it. I see it with no difficulty at all and I know others who do too but we are in a sad minority; sad in the knowledge that we are surrounded by blind automatons, on all sides, in the pursuit of material satisfaction and material gain. This is more important to them than every honorable thing, than the urgings of their conscience, or any good and decent thing.

As far as I understand the workings of Mr. Apocalypse, he comes on soft and suave and those so touched early are given the benefit of seeing, which, translates into stations of security of some kind, or so I am given to understand. Once he has gone as far as he can with the soft and suave methodology, he ups the intensity and gradually takes off the gloves and continues to up the intensity until, no matter how stupid or encased in the frozen amber of denial you may be, you get reached. I say this to hopefully inspire hope in all of the hearts like mine that are daily hammered by the demon vibes from ugly town. It is EASY to see WHY they took control of the mass media because ANY journalist with a conscience, ANY conscientious owner of print or electronic media would by decree of their humanity expose these creatures. These creatures are mass murderers. They are guilty of crimes of such a magnitude that it beggars the imagination to come up with a fitting punishment. All that seems fitting is the deepest circles of Hell. I don't know what's down there but that would at least do for starters.

These fiends have mightily profited from their lifetimes of crime. Observe the case of Kissinger and, of course, those already named and so many others whose names we are familiar with. Yes, let me keep referring back to those already mentioned. Let us keep them front and center in this posting. There can be no doubt that Soros is a major cheerleader for the pending Third World War. All he lacks for authenticity is a cheerleader outfit; an outfit designed to scare even the older children on Halloween. Soros reminds me of the clown in Stephen King's “IT”. He's worse than that of course and many, many times worse than that other clown, John Wayne Gacy. Gacy only killed about 40 young boys AFTER having his way with them sexually. Soros has done far worse but there he waves like a blood soaked flag of immeasurable shame, high above the world he torments. He is named a philanthropist. If he is a philanthropist then Joseph Stalin was the Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

Of interest and probably connected, since all the plots of these world shakers interconnect, is the continually increasing profile of Fast Eddie Snowden. Now... of course, I can not know definitively that Snowden is a tool but what I do know is that Israel did 9/11 and I know that Israel has done all kinds of abominable things and who would know more about that than Snowden's former employers? We are led to believe that Snowden had access to all kinds of top secret things and ONE WOULD THINK he would know who did 9/11. ONE WOULD THINK that would be one of the things anyone would want to know who had access to direct links... yet... yet? We hear not a word about this and strangely... we hear not a word from those other celebrated whistleblowers. We hear pretty much nothing about Israel from any of them. Why is that? What does it suggest that this does not happen, that mention is not made? Certainly it is puzzling. Why do we not hear about intelligence information having to do with Soros?

Yes... there is a blanket of suppression operative pretty much everywhere except in those places where people like us stick our heads up out of the gopher hole and make a little unamplified noise that might be enough to make the nearest neighbors call the cops but not much else. Still... the internet is a kind of coconut telegraph and sooner or later everybody is going to hear it and why? Because Mr. Apocalypse says so.

It's no big surprise who is behind all the economic turmoil as well as the majorities of all of the wars. I found this posted at the top of What Really Happened today; "The few who can understand the system (check money and credits, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no oppositions from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests." -- Rothschild Brothers of London and then there's this “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper-Turtle Rothschild.

One need not be a world class intellect to get what's what about what's what; to understand the concentrated focus of utter depravity on the part of this small group of merciless monsters in pursuit of nothing more than material profit, except of course for the part that has to do with the service and worship of their infernal master.

These things need to be said again and again and again. They need to be shouted from the rooftops, in the parks, on sidewalks and in food courts or wherever the spontaneous force of unbridled freedom is joined with courage and conviction, wherever that occurs, should it occur AND... it should occur. We must be quit of these lives of quiet desperation. We have to embrace the challenges of our humanity or we will cease to be human. Even today, all round about us, people are dropping onto all fours in time lapse action as a result of the most driving imperatives of their life. Do not let these be the driving imperatives of your life. Do not let fear put its hand on the tiller of your ship of life.

George Soros is a vile, vindictive and evil man and this must be said and it must be realized around the world in every place where there are people so hungry or so crazed that they will take his filthy lucre and betray their fellows and themselves for fucking money. These days, these things are seen as good business sense because we live in a world of moral relativism that has been subtly and not so subtly hammered into our minds by those who snatched up all the mediums for the arts and all the media that reports on them in order to control the definition of what art is, as well as what truth is and what Love is and what anything that can be defined is defined as. Men and women like this MUST be identified for what they are. There must arise from our midst a common courage that permits us to say, “J'accuse!”

If they are not stopped, it will not be all that long before our lives will not be worth living. In many cases that is already true. I've said what I had to say.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast Sunday night.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your steady stream of articles which I need more than ever. For several days now I cannot stop whistling One Tin Soldier which expresses exactly how I am feeling. Sad. Yesterday I watched about an hour of Putins Q&A session in Valdai and wished I'd understand Russian to listen to one of the very few voices of reason. Living in the midst of the most gullible people on earth doesn't exactly help in lifting me up. One of our "journalists" even has the superpower of posing such an idiotic question that makes Putin burst out in uncontrollable laughter. To appreciate this feat see this or this weakly contender. It wasn't always like this.
At least Black Jesus is a lot better than I expected. Watching this repeatedly might make for a funny NDE if the time has come.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Enil's brats, huh? All of those vile creatures. Though I can't see Enlil having any respect for his 'tools', for whores of the worst kind is all they are. I see Enlil as the use 'em and lose 'em type.

On the other hand, I do agree with him in the regard that we shouldn't have been created in the first place. Yet now that we are here. . .

One thing that puzzles me though. Why can't Enlil do his own damn work of wiping us out completely this time? Does he get off on the drama, or what?


Gods, I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!

galen said...

Hey, look at that picture of Snowden again. See a resemblance? Could he be the love-child of Chomsky? If so, who might mom be? Elena Kagan?

The fierce unfalseness of phrenology's facts,
taking the gene-pool way back

No mask can remain


Anonymous said...

to put it bluntly...

You Rock !

Jesus said emphatically -
"Round 'em up, and stick them in the Ovens" @ Matt. 13:39-42

perhaps you are one of the CHOSEN messengers...grin

as we all could be who love Truth



Visible said...

I'm watching a film called "A Most Wanted Man" and now I can figure out how Philip Seymour Hoffman came to be shooting Heroin and killed himself. I'm thinking he was basically an honest man (this has nothing to do with the movie) and he saw what a pit Hollywood is and couldn't live with himself. I've been following him since "Happiness" which is one of those films you never forget having seen' a truly gifted actor, not one dimensional like so many of them are these days.

The film lets you know right off that Mohammed Atta planned 9/11 Good grief. If you still believe that you deserve what happens to you.

Anonymous said...

The Four Horsemen

J'accuse indeed. Stop slime worship.

It is necessary for us to separate ourselves from the barbarians. Advanced people must form a better life and must shut out those who would destroy that. Australia would be an excellent landform for that if only it had a central mountain to provide water. When I am able I will order all the chemtrail pilots to ferry trash to Australia instead of spraying us like vermin. Soon a mountain would form (the English once built a mountain) and snow would fall on it and voila rivers. In the meantime, I'll require the implementation of the Ecotopia model. Weapons will be required. And before that, separate yourself from evil and stupid, even if you have to walk alone. I do not see any alternative. I think John of Patmos would agree.

Yes, that photo reveals new aspects of Snowden, making it clearer what he is.

missingarib said...

Vis, soros is making Sam Peckinpah envious .
Why the Soros of man knows,along with his maestro the kissinger of death how to stage a production. His stage hands are stars in their right ,easy to spot, either in uniform business suit or jeans , stalking the halls of govt,law,commerce,military,religion,and arts.
What do these men owe their longevity too? What alarm rouses the octogenarian bunghole to suit up ?
"could it be satan" as the SNL skit mocked?
No, we know-" One need not be a world class intellect to get what's what about what's what; to understand the concentrated focus of utter depravity on the part of this small group of merciless monsters in pursuit of nothing more than material profit, except of course for the part that has to do with the service and worship of their infernal master."
Universities , endowed by killers and psycho's ,their names prominent their deeds buried under the weight of stone and steel,and ink, swallow up fresh minds daily -
why don't more people "mind" what is going on?
much love -live long

Anonymous said...

I was in the depths of despair two days ago, Visible, after witnessing the Canadian reaction to the shootings in Ottawa (Rah Rah: True north strong and free, and all that crap). Not one word about how Stephen Harper's unconditional support for Israel was responsible for this.

Today I'm feeling buoyed after reading the 'comments section' in the Guardian following an propaganda piece by Soros. Don't know whether these voices are enough to turn things around. I'm more inclined to put my money on Mr. Apocalypse. I hate waiting, too!

Re. Snowden: He handed his cache of files over to Greenwald & Poitras. Whatever gets published is down to the gatekeepers. And we know for starters that the Guardian (which admitted: "We made very select judgements about what to publish") is firmly under the iron fist of the jewish lobby (Project Syndicate). Greenwald?

Have you seen Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Flawless"? Brilliant performance.

Best regards, Susan

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, I appreciate your occasional comments on Enlil. Nice to know at least some are aware of the 'deep game'. I wonder how many of Vis' readers have done the necessary-work to be aware of this aspect?


Vis, I like to track the 'intelligence' aspects as a monitor of the bad guys. Particularly the speed of it, in the sense of being inside the opponent's reaction time.

Nathan Rothschild set up a semaphore network during the Napoleonic Wars, which interestingly operated through both 'sides'. When Napoleon lost at Waterloo, good old Nathan used that network to know who won before the 'outsiders' did. He used that info to induce panic in the London Stock Exchange, and basically 'loot' it for personal profit. He emerged the behind-the-scenes master of England through this information-exploit.

After WWI, US intelligence-gathering was supposed to be drawn down. One maverick US intelligence-patriot refused to go down easily. He established an intelligence-gathering outfit within the system, but just below the discovery radar. In essence, he had an outfit running parallel to the Rothschild system. When eventually found out, his system was ruthlessly shut down by Rothschild-controlled insiders, with the famous phrase "Gentlemen do not read each other's mail." This left the Rothschild intelligence-apparatus in sole control of information-flow, in the run-up to WWII.

As 9/11 approached, several US-loyal FBI/CIA employees noted the danger and tried to sound the alarm through the intelligence system. Their efforts were blocked by 'assets' positioned to do just that. In my mind, this demon-strated just how long the 'rot' has been in place. Again, control over the flow of information and the ability to move inside the reaction-time of your opponent.

Now, we have the DOCUMENTED specter of the NSA monitoring/recording every form of electronic communication and sending an instantaneous 'raw' copy to Israel with no restrictions. I see this as just the logical progression of the Rothschild semaphore network. What a wet dream for certain interests...

If I knew nothing else about the world situation, this intelligence-history would be a 'red flag' that something is very, very wrong...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, it's Chris. Read How Should We Then Live from Francis Schaefer ( sp) for answers. Circa 1976 he was dead on about "democracy" and our current science.
Love ya

insiam said...

to see what Snowden really is simply add ringlets to that photo.

Of course, begs the question. Why is he being hosted by Russia. And why (as much as i would like to think he is for real) does Putin follow the offical line re. 911.

Hmmmm, .....

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show is now up...

Eudoxia said...

Anonymous Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, I appreciate your occasional comments on Enlil. Nice to know at least some are aware of the 'deep game'. I wonder how many of Vis' readers have done the necessary-work to be aware of this aspect?

Well I went into it a long time ago but found other sources outside of Sitchen which gave me another slant on things, not Enlil as Sitchen had a fairly accurate picture of this psychopath's tendencies. Yes Enlil cut down the cherry tree and caused the flood because he hated humans. According to Laurence Gardner in Origins of God, Flinders Petrie found the flood in the early 1900's as it was depicted in The Shining Ones (Christian O'Brien), but under the Memorandum of Articles of Association between Petrie's expedition, the Vatican and the Egyptian Antiquities he was only allowed to officially document only items/findings that supported the Biblical narrative not anything that didn't. Oh to gain access to the Vatican archives and other private libraries. But that's not my point, it would appear that Enlil clearly demonstrated psychopathic tendencies where Enki did not. I suppose at the end of the day, this desire to harm and enslave humanity then eventually kill them all off is well and truly embedded in the elite's cellular memory. Enlil's brats - right on! One question that has haunted me for years though and which I have never been able to find an appropriate answer to is this. The Universal blood type is O- which means anybody can be infused with O- but O- blood types can only receive their own blood type. The RH negative factor is Rhesus monkey negative meaning no simian gene. It is rumored this is the blood type of the elite. I really want to know if psychopaths have positive or negative blood, or at least a trend but so far zip. I'm not saying that anybody who is O neg is a psychopath but O neg types are different to other blood types and I've heard anybody of this blood type is usually a truth seeker, they have other traits as well some have an extra rib and and an additional vertebrae. Often have psychic abilities and usually can short circuit electricals - I now that for a fact I'm one of them! Anybody else?

BCii said...

To Anon 6 at 8:25...

This is exactly the kind of thinking that got us into this mess. It may seem counterintuitive, but the way out is in: into the heart we've ignored and neglected for so long. The heart calls us to break down the walls of judgment that separate us, to recognize that we're all part of the same deal, just playing different roles. The name of the game is awakening, nothing more and nothing less.

May the heart of the All guide you to your own personal awakening. May the ever-loving, infinite Grace of God find even those poor souls who now irrevocably seek their own destruction. Amen.

Anonymous said...

“We have to embrace the challenges of our humanity or we will cease to be human.” Dog Poet Vis

Quotable quote!

And well really, if you please, I enjoy my anonymity, even if it is used to pay compliments!


BCii said...

For the sake of clarity: non-judgment simply means looking at all things from that place, including one's own subjective judgments of good and bad. Not projecting one's own approval or disapproval upon reality as though they had anything to do with what's really there. God knows to what purpose and end each "thing" we perceive exists. We don't even have to know, we can let God take care of that end and simply do what we do best -- live as the beings we are created as, in this and every moment.

On the subject of Enlil, Wes Penre has some interesting perspectives based on his own research. His approach, though, once he goes past the bounds of established, provable facts and logical analysis, makes it impossible to pass judgment on truth value based on anything other than one's own internal compass...

Smyrna said...

Hi Eudoxia,

Yes, I'm O negative with old Army dog-tags to prove it. Been a 'truth-seeker' since I can remember. Very mildly autistic more so than psychopathic if I had to be pigeon-holed in that regard. Stats, numbers, trivia geek. I thought it was from reading MAD magazine as a kid. Wow.

Sister is Rh neg O neg. Gives blood to the hospital. Her blood can poison her offspring. Big believer and defender of consensus reality and the system. Definite Satan spawn, that one. I have seen the devil inside, literally, but that's another story.

My mother, O neg, is a phrenologist extraordinaire. And a talented 'quack'. 89 year old who has never been on any medication. Only quit smoking tobacco(which is good for you) six months ago when her hip ball joint broke. Was back up and getting around two weeks later.

Anonymous said...

I am O negative and have always been a seeker. My brother is also O negative and although he is empathic and perceptive, he is very much a supporter of the system and his eyes would glaze over if he came to any of Visibles' postings.

This blood type thing is really interesting and I haven't gotten my head around it yet. Apparently, mosquitoes and ticks prefer O negative hosts.

I understand there are some benefits to smoking tobacco as far as keeping the brain flexible in older age, but it turns everything else to shit no?

I have read about a study which confirmed O negatives are more susceptible to the negative effects of smoking tobacco. This had to do with the unique way we O negs metabolize oxygen. Anybody else see anything like this? I can't find it with google at the moment....


Hank said...

Enlil's brats? I prefer to think of 'us' as Enki's offspring. As with all stories there is always something lost in the telling and even more in a translation of the story, but I believe there can be no doubt that we, as a race, were engineered.

I choose to believe that those of us who seek enlightenment and quest for truth are more in line with what Enki believed we could become. It is why he gave us the knowledge of good and evil so to speak. He gave us the tools with which we could determine truth if we were willing to look at life with an open and inquiring mind and heart.

However, as with all engineered beings there is inherent genetic degradation and over time we, as a species have had to be tweeked, as it were. Thus the historical rises and declines of human society and levels of technology.

As for Enlil's attempt to destroy human kind, I believe he was more selective than the story we are told may indicate. I'm thinking that if he or they really didn't want us here we wouldn't be.

I believe that early on in our post engineered development we were monitored in a much more 'hands on' way, but as we have progressed technologically, 'they' have been more inclined to simply observe to see if we can 'walk on our own'.

That brings us to Mr. Soros and his 'kind'. As I said, we suffer genetic degradation and Soros and his kind are the product of that degradation, and I believe the kind that Enlil was trying to exterminate. They are the cancer that keeps human kind from reaching our potential as a member of galactic races, and 'they' are watching to see if our societal 'immune' system will overcome them of allow our race to fall victim.

One final thought before I take out the trash and mow the lawn. I believe that contained within that knowledge of 'good and evil' given to us by Enki was an understanding. Many....too many see those that engineered us as 'god'. They are not. But contained within that good and evil thing is the knowledge that there IS a creative force in the universe and it not only created us but those who engineered us. It is part of us and we of it and if we acknowledge it, accept it and allow it in, it will not only affect our lives but connect us to all others that believe the same. It is a force and our weapon against Soros and all the others who would reduce our lives to a dollar figure.

Peace to you all.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, tell me about the triad from Nibiru - Anu, Enki and Enlil. Wax poetic, Tribesman Sitchin. And don't forget to give me that Masonic handshake when you're done. Wink-wink. That whole thing was an intelligence agency mindfuck, just like all the other New Age horse crap. It works like this - if there is a book out there, that is highly regarded, which delves into esoteric knowledge, it's being pushed as gospel by the elite. There are no exceptions to that rule. Books don't come into the public domain, on a wide scale, if they divulge actual truth. They burn books, or hoard them for their own use, if they divulge actual truth. Have a nice day now.

Visible said...

I'm B Negative. I have no idea what that means except it's not very common.

As for all that other stuff I know just about nothing.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify that being RH negative in general seems to be the dividing factor regardless of it being A B AB or O.

Sorry to make you copy and paste but here is that study

Anonymous said...

I'm A negative. I'm not sure what that means, but I suspect it means something. Not the A bit, but the negative bit. Is it important? That is the question. I've recently become aware that my best friends (that is 4 people) are negative too, as are other people close to me (e.g. my father in law who is from Serbia, not much negative blood there). In terms of how many people on this planet are negative a disproportionate number of people close to me are negative. Summat to ponder?...or maybe to ignore? I'm posting this simply because I have been astonished at the prevalence of 'negative' blood in my surroundings relative to how many there are on the planet. Much love to everyone.


Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones, October 27, 2014 6:01:00 AM

"Well I went into it a long time ago but found other sources outside of Sitchen which gave me another slant on things..."

Eudoxia, I finally finished reading "The Shining Ones" (Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien). I'm gathering together an review, and will let you know when it is there. I appreciate the tip-off that it existed. O'Brien has a unique viewpoint, going more 'up' than 'out', as it were. He does fully-affirm that we were genetically-modified, just by somewhat different beings than Sitchin postulates. It is interesting that O'Brien dwells long on Enlil and barely mentions Enki, except in a minor supporting role. One could almost suspect him of Enlil-leanings... (grin)

I just checked my DD-214. According to that, I have O-Pos blood. No idea of RH+/-.
For anyone wanting to go in-depth on the Anunnaki, I second BCII's assertion that Wes Penre has some very good info in his Level I papers. Beyond that, use your own intuition...
Hank, some very good points. Thanks! I agree somewhat with you that we may be more Enki's offspring. If you stick to the Bible flood story of only one family surviving, there is evidence from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets that the Sumerian "Noah" was an offspring of Enki and a human woman. 'That' was why "Noah" was singled out to be warned and his family saved...
Anonymous, October 27, 2014 3:40:00 PM:
"That whole thing was an intelligence agency mindfuck..."

Well, you just can't deal with a closed mind, assuming that you are not paid to say that. The Sumerian cuneiform tablets, as well as "The Book of Enoch", are very clear as to the existence of the Annunnaki or Watchers. It is only the interpretation of the 'data' that is up for grabs.

"Books don't come into the public domain, on a wide scale, if they divulge actual truth. They burn books, or hoard them for their own use, if they divulge actual truth."

Very true, but it contradicts your argument. Since Constantine at the Council of Nicea (and his Christian lackeys) was so afraid of the "Book of Enoch" that he had it banned from the Bible, I can only conclude that the Watchers-theme scared him. The Vatican's pursuit of it into virtual extinction (unknown in Europe for a thousand years) also gives me a sense of it's importance to humanity. Yes, they burned it. We now have it, thanks to some intrepid explorers.

I would encourage you to 'wake up', unless you are being paid to put others to sleep...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

mikem said...

Looks like Mr.A and his Big Stick gave Bill Cosby a devastating blow. Good job Mr.A and a special shout out to Hannibal Buress.

"Bowman was elated when Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist on stage"

Asil said...

Hello Les,

In regards to the afterlife experiences this is an article that is interesting. The man who experienced this was a scientist who had previously only believed what was tangible. Sending along just in case you did not see it.

As always - all the very best wishes


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

By Enlil's brats, I referred to those who allied themselves with him. We are allegedly the creation of Enki who rather allegedly loves us, but I swear! What a mess we are, and in some ways the legends make no sense. Why would Enki and the rest take off, leaving our fate to the likes of Enlil that piece of shite; Marduk?

Oh well. It's all speculation like the rest of this illusory realm. Most of us are gonna have to get to the Otherside before we find out the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Surely to god it can't be true. The lawyer who has just completed a six-year term as United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights is an American Jew! I can't think of anything more grotesque.

Ray B. said...

I'll just add this to the Biblical & Anunnaki comments:

Dr. Joseph Farrell has defined a crucial time in human history that he calls "The Tower of Babel Moment." Something caused the non-humans of that period to actually fear the capabilities of humans. They were not fearing our ability to raise crops, tend sheep, or build conventional buildings. (No matter how tall you could build with fire-baked bricks. *grin*). Nope, something in us provoked enough fear that they had to 'bat us down' and disburse us.

Farrell postulates an ancient civilization reaching a scientific threshold. (Dimly remembered as the Biblical "Tower of Babel.) I wonder if it was an incipient global-raising of consciousness and subsequent 'abilities'. Whatever it was, it was not trivial. It provoked a 'first strike'.

Where this concerns us is whether we are approaching another "Tower of Babel Moment." Viewed within a modern perspective, are we at another 'make or break' point in our development? Slap us down, or stand back and take the consequences? Dr. Farrell brings up an important point...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...


I have posted here previously that mosquitos never bite me. A guy I was talking to at a BBQ recently reckons mosquitos don't like smokers. Who knows?

B neg makes up around 1.5-2.0% of white population Vis. My missus and daughter are B neg too. It's at it's highest around central Europe and she's half Hungarian.

Eudoxia said...

haha surprise surprise! Not -grin- I had a feeling that many here would be of the negative blood type. I had difficulty in my second pregnancy also. An RH neg mother will make antibodies during her first pregnancy if pregnant with an RH positive which will then attack and try to abort any further pregnancies whose fetuses are of the positive blood type, now I'm not sure if this applies to just O neg or all of the others. My mother and grandmother were Oneg, daughter is too. We all have have curvature of the spine, mine is probably the mildest, can barely notice it at all but my daughters is a bit more prominent. I am extremely sensitive to other people's energy and know when I'm being lied to. I used to read MAD too Smyrna LOL. My grandmother on my fathers side gave me a set of Tarot cards when I was 13. I hated dolls and TV. I preferred nature and animals. I had a thing about Praying Mantis for years, I'd spend hours watching them. It's interesting what you say about your sister Smyrna my former partner was O neg as well and he was also the devil's spawn, he attracted demons, one in particular was a frequent and hated me. I had to split up with him, he was too far gone. Demon's get mighty pissed when you can see right through them. It appears Enlil was a psychopath, perhaps that's where the gene comes from - I strongly suspect it is. Although I did read somewhere some time ago that the gene is on the matriarchal side but then that would be tribe generated no doubt. I don't think they have souls, how can they? I found some information here when I was searching yesterday. Good article very worth the read and great comments! It does appear though that all negative blood types are attracted to the paranormal and can detect they are different to others. Have you ever spoken to somebody who just shuts down when you mention something outside of their limited reality? I don't think they are able to process this information, cognitive dissonance comes to mind but I feel it's got to do with genetics and a lot more nefarious than most people think. Now here's food for thought - I wonder what blood types all those missing children are??? Then serial killers come to mind, apparently Ted Bundy was O negative, out of morbid curiousity I'm going to try to find which other notable psychopaths were as well. Did anybody see The Golden Compass? Recall the part where they are removing the kids demons? Just a little cut, so they couldn't assess higher information..........

Ray B I'm a bit confused by your blood type, are you O- the negative is RH negative regardless of blood type. Glad you picked up a copy of The Shining Ones. Christian O'Brien's thesis is very good, I also like how he gives the positive and negative hierarchy in his narration and provides cross references to the Book of Enoch – very telling.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hannibal Burrito is a lovely angel himself..

Ray B. said...

Here is my review of "The Shining Ones: An Account of the Development of Early Civilizations Through the Direct Assistance of Powers incarnated on Earth from the Materio-Spiritual Planes of the Astral and Causal Regions" by Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien. I gave it 5 stars.

Here is my review of "The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture" by Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith, posted April 8, 2014. I also gave it 5 stars.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...


Thanks for the link. Interesting.

I see that the Basques have the highest % of RH Neg. They also speak a language which is an 'isolate'. Not part of or related to any language family on earth, and thought to pre-date the Indo-European languages. A mystery really.

My mother has Spanish ancestry from a Chilean who came to Australia for the gold rush in the 1850s.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Of Prepubescent Profanity Tarts, Warming up for the Alternate NAMBLA Games.

Anonymous said...

Soros also funds anti-gun groups in an effort to disarm the historic American nation demographic.
Seems the Bolsheviks always want folks disarmed before they do their bloody handiwork.

Anonymous said...

And the AB+ dish ran away with the O- spoon (Gulp!)

All very superstitious..

Eudoxia said...

@ Smyrna

Yes the article is interesting indeed. My mother's side of the family is Danish and German. My father was a quarter Chinese.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Black Riders are Galloping on the Poisoned Wind.



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