Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Pinhead Infantry of the Ignorant Armies of Night.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I am wondering... seriously... how stupid do you have to be to be seeking a career in today's second most amoral army on the planet? Maybe they aren't stupid. Maybe they are desperate and of course, in some cases, they like the idea of playing out heroic fictions. If it's a case of them thinking they are the good guys; that is stone cold, immovable ignorance. You've got to be as dumb as The Palin Family or a member of Congress to believe something like this. Of course, the congressional members are sanctimonious demagogues as much as anything else. They're actors who play a part while actually being apart from the act. They got a bonhomie machine that cranks out the feel good vibe even when they're not taking your hand and grabbing your elbow at the same time.

The CIA, NSA and other black bag bunnies are of a different order. Whereas in the military they test for psychopaths and then train then for special ops, in the Alphabet Agencies they screen out all normal people, or simply route them into the clerical side of things. When you wonder why the people in so many critical locations, that impact upon the lives of such a large amount of people, all turn out to be close kindred to the creatures who live under a rock, you need not wonder. They are chosen for the posting and grooved into position. The ones who select them got the money and money buys force and it buys silence and when that isn't enough, there are other persuasions which money will also purchase and that is why it is always recommended that you, 'follow the money'. This is also why the most venal and materialistic among us work tirelessly to gain and maintain control of the money supply. You want to know who the bad guys are? Investigate WHO controls the money supply. There is no wiggle room on this certainty.

Then you have your professional morons. There are no amateurs here it takes a very specific lack of skill sets to get into this relatively exclusive company. You have to be willing to believe anything at any time. In the same way that special forces soldiers have to be ready to night drop into any location where Israeli business interests may be in need of them, these intrepid pinheads need to be able to contort into philosophical asanas that would make a Chinese acrobat cry 'shushu!' or 'bobo', depending on age and relevance.

On and on it goes and all along the way, Mr. Apocalypse is tapping the boards with his walking stick. He's tapping people on the head too. He's only just begun (cue Karen Carpenter) to tap on heads. He's going to be tapping on all kinds of heads and provoking all kinds of actions. As is the case with the German journalist he's tapping on that area where the conscience is supposedly located, except when it's missing altogether. In other conditions, with other subjects, he is going to be tapping on that location where fear resides; resentment, guilt, remorse and many another colorful emotion AND... well, it all depends on which of these 'levers' is likely to be the most productive, in terms of getting the results he is after and he will get results. Mr. Apocalypse is all about getting results.

One of the most important things for anyone who gives a shit in the first place to keep in mind is that the changes coming about are inexorable. There is no army and no amount of money that can change what's coming. There is no political structure and no religious system that will alter any of it and in many cases, survive it. You see it all around you at the moment or you don't see much of anything because your eyes only function as extensions of your stomach or your crotch. You see the long resident power bases scrambling and flailing all about. They keep making massive mistakes and every time they do they look more and more like the boy with his finger in the dike. No matter how you strategize on it, the boys arms are only so long and he only has ten fingers.

There's one thing I notice the most when I occasionally step back and look at the passing of history moving on my minds screen and that is how the mighty fall. I can usually hear Ozymandias reciting itself in the background:

I think about those vast (and they were vast for their times) empires. I think about the libraries of knowledge, the esoteric arts, the sweep of pageantry, the acts of courage and cowardice, sacrifice and treachery; the derring do and nerring do. I think about the lives of the simple people that went on, generally unrecorded, around all the pomp and circumstance. If you read people like Tacitus you get a feel for the tone of the day when it came to the hoi polloi and the lumpen proles but... how many people read Tacitus?

Yeah... if you can generate the necessary presence of mind that cancels out the impact of the present; no easy feat... you can sink back into certain slipstreams that carry the echos of time and you can hear the sounds and see the sights of other times long past. There are people who do. Of course, this and many another curious ability are available to all who invest the necessary industry in the acquisition of them. You don't just put together S&H Green Stamps like credits and then the home office ships it to your house. You need the necessary permissions from The Guardians but... you really shouldn't have any of these things anyway unless you got those permissions. They're in place to protect you AND everyone else.

It's true, the evil spawn has been into acquisitions and mergers of this type, meaning occult crescent wrenches, human skin Leathermans and pneumatic all purpose utility items for some while and these past centuries, they have been given a lot of latitude with their thefts and robberies. Given how vastly outgunned they are, maybe it's all in the spirit of keeping a level playing field but I think it is also to up the attraction factor as an intensification of the testing pressures placed on most of the people who have been coming and going here. It's not the evil that troubles me as much as does the self righteous good; meaning the fundies and sundries. They are the ones who make it possible for the dark side to be so successful. They are the Pinhead Infantry of the Ignorant Armies of Night.

It's the True Believers who make so much global suffering possible. They are the Footsoldiers of Fecal Forensics. The deeper they look into shit, the more they like it and the more it explains itself to them with the same kind of logic they use when they cheer on the massacres of their brain damaged soldiers and flyboy video game freaks, as they slice and dice goatherds and subsistence farmers. It's all god's will. That particular god doesn't exist but you can find a comparable entity by putting horns on it. A red flaming lidless eye wouldn't hurt either if you're looking for relative authenticity; the kind that comes when you match something or someone up with the things that they do; as in, “by their works ye shall know them.” You match them up with their pursuits and the cosmic 3-D printer sends them out of Door Number 3. I guess there's a word for people who generate gods in their own image and I'm pretty sure we've posted it here any number of times.

True, the bad guys are bad guys and they work non stop to spread misery world wide and make a tidy profit at the same time but the biggest problem is all the people they have convinced about the value and meaning of the Baskin and Robbins varieties of bullshit they sold them on. It's all those endless neighborhoods of Walmart Junkies, the millions of college football fans, the cellphone thumbhumpers, the processed and fast foot food eaters and so many many more types and sub types, on and on, on and on (cue Stephen Bishop).

I don't want to come off all disparaging on the mindless eaters and rutters, all wound up in a syndrome of repeats. Maybe there is some as yet unknown beauty and redemption in this particular manner of existence. Maybe those of us caught aghast and apart from this awesome and awful porkfest are nothing more than malcontents and misfits who are incapable of integration with the rational masses. I suppose anything is possible.

I've been hearing over the last couple of days that Kenny of Kenny's Sideshow has passed away. I have no definite proof of this. If it is true then we have lost a truly great warrior from among our ranks. For myself, Kenny was one of the first people I met when I started out on this course and has remained a much loved, though distant, confidant over the years. As I said in another place, I've no sense of sorrow concerning his migration, if it happens to be true. He is one of the good guys and I can only be delighted for him at his passing, given the end result of that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm quite saddened to learn of the exclusion of S&H Green Stamps to purchase my spirituality. Plaid Stamps?
Remember those?

Visible said...

Wow! So it is true. He was one of the finest people I knew and I wasn't shy about saying so; much to his chagrin. He will be sorely missed but I wish him only bon voyage. I KNOW he is in a finer place.

Ray B. said...

Vis: " can sink back into certain slipstreams that carry the echos of time and you can hear the sounds and see the sights of other times long past."

Whether it's past lives or me picking up on old events, it is interesting as we go through life:

Around 1990, I was with a group about to visit Pompeii. On the last-leg there in a bus, I opened up a map of the city and was casually browsing it. From somewhere, I became very anxious about "where was" (meaning what kind of shape it was in) "my house." When we got to Pompeii, I literally fast-walked right-through the city and out the other side. A short way from the city proper was a mini-villa that I rushed into. Then, I relaxed. "My house" was okay. Very strange. (In later inner questioning, whoever I was being influenced-by had lived and died before Pompeii got toasted.)

Another time, I had climbed to the top of the main Chichén Itzá pyramid. I was casually investigating the 'temple' on top when an inner voice clearly said, "It's good to be back." 'That person' said it with great satisfaction.

When visiting Macchu Picchu, somehow I 'knew' the layout of the place, and could walk the city like you'd walk your neighborhood. I even had a sense of what each structure was for, and it frequently did not match up with what tourist guides were saying.

Touristing Rome, when I got to the Roman Senate (building), I had this immense sense of pride (in a good way) come over me. It was a kind of 'we did this, we built this, we governed this way' montage. It came right out of nowhere, and was very strong. I would have loved to go inside, but it was closed at the time.

Walking into the Luxor temple in Egypt, I became 'happy' in a very strange way. It was kind of like being 'immersed' in how the Egyptians might have felt when the temple was active. It was a combination of pride of accomplishment, general well-being, and love of the gods. It definitely had spiritual overtones. No words, but a definite 'bleeding through' of 'something'.

Quite a few other 'happenings', but enough for now. I wanted to let others know not-to 'blow off' unusual knowings, feelings, etc., when visiting places...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Jeffrey J said...

Who do voodoo like Joodoo?

est said...

yes ray b.

i believe what you are sensing is the one mind
i believe what we really are, is pure awareness

this thing we call the body, is a vehicle
it is designed to bring us back home

to me, the ego, is the mistaken belief
that we stop and start at our skin

there has never been any separation,
nor will there ever be, no matter what we think

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Re your comment "It's not the evil that troubles me as much as does the self righteous good, meaning the fundies and sundries."

There is one thing that these people all have in common, they are wonderful vehicles of ignorance that allow themselves to be controlled by lower dimensional forces. Don't forget they have a lot of help from TPTW!

This is why Jesus said, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, " but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

Jesus also said many shall say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles.' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' (Matthew 7:22-23)

When Jesus was asked by Pilot "what is your name" he replied 'by what name do you say I go by', because he would not adjoin himself to a corporate fiction, because he knew if he did this he committed fraud against God, and that would have removed him from his Father's Will and protection, and it is for this reason I do not adjoin myself to the corporate fiction given on the birth certificate, which is really an Intestate Estate/Cestui Qui Trust!

The Father has shown me the true history of Mankind as far back as 3,500 BC to the present time.

Ray B.

Luxor Temple can activate one's light body to clear and open their divine connection to the Enlightened plains. I too have been there :o).

As I have mentioned in a prior post I also visited the Vatican, and I was forbidden entrance to this demonic place by the Holy Spirit. It yelled at me in a voice that I could not ignore 'do not touch even one toe to the other side (onto the Vatican City soil) or you will be tainted.' I tested this inner roar by twice more motioning toward the ground on the other side, and twice more I was roared at not to enter. At the time I was clueless as to what was happening in this world, but I was a well seasoned traveller who knew well enough to pay heed to my voice within. It has saved my little behind more times then I can remember.

The War we are fighting, which we will win is a spiritual battle. It is to be won in the courts. To battle you must first learn how to put on your spiritual armour. There are those among us who are already waging this battle and we are winning!!!! It is only a matter of time friends :o). Praise Jesus Christ for his sacrifice so all mankind could be freed. Learn his words and you too shall know the truth, which really does set you free.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Man, the comments here are going all New Agey and shit...time to clear my light body, get in touch with my higher self, and read the latest from JZ

Ray B. said...


I agree with You. Very astute statements. It cannot be any other way. Unfortunately, in day to day life, the 'veils' are still up... (ironic grin)

I often have a feeling of a 'presence' of others, verging on 'crowding', even when I am physically alone. I wonder if I am touching the edge of "one mind"? (Might be the downside of being an empath-type...)


Karen Norman / Kazz:

First of all, Happy Birth Day! (belated). I have been meaning to say this for quite a while...

Luxor was also interesting in another way. At one point, the group I was with broke-up for individual 'explorations'. My ladyfriend and I wandered around, and ended up way back into some covered rooms within the complex (near pitch-black).

In one room, there was an immaterial human presence! I could 'see' a shape and feel the life. I suspected it was some level of Egyptian priest, remaining around. I went over to him, with my hands raised in the darkness, and we actually 'touched' hands! At that point, I began to intellectually-wonder what I was doing in a pitch-black room with an unknown being, and my fear came up. (It was around 1990, and I was still relatively-inexperienced.) So, I broke it off and exited. Oh, well. Now, I would probably call in 'protection' and have a conversation... (grin)

I did visit the Vatican, also around 1990. I did not get any 'warnings' like yours. However, I did not get any strong, spiritual, 'overlighting' presence, either. I have felt different beings overlighting or 'taking care of' different places, so I was puzzled about that. In the end, I just admired the architecture and paintings, and left.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

EXCEPT that, Jesus didn't say "we fight principalities and wickedness in high places...", Paul said that in an epistle. Pilate asked him "Who do they say that you are?". Pilot? Are you sure you read it, or did you get a Talmudic interpretation? Once again, pseudeo-christians botch it.

When Pilate asked Him "What is truth?", what was the answer? Did Pilate know the answer? How did Pilate know the right answer? What was that answer?

galen said...

Anon @ 2:24, though I occasionally draw from it, I too, share an aversion to New Ageness. I think that's because it's often delivered fundamentally. To cliche': I don't want to throw out baby with bathwater, but I'm on-guard against too much speculation and not enough realism/logic/practicality/common sense. And yeah, that's all objective 'cause what's real for one might not be real for the other. I can only go by what I resonate with, what attracts me, and these days, most New Agers turn me off. It's like the false left of spirituality. And what do we do with it? Okay, we transform our inner selves. But does it feed the hungry and end war? Does it expose tyranny? Maybe in some ways, but it's like tying one's shoes with thought and good vibes instead of using one's hands. And I have them around me and it feels yucky. I find myself running away looking for Henry Miller types, salt of the earth, big heart, not afraid to make mistakes. And there's no anger in it. That's a sure sign of programming/compromise. And seems nobody values imperfection anymore, or maybe I should say the perfection of imperfection. I'd sure like to see some of those famous new-agers get pissed off, give the finger to the BS, have at it with the oppressors. Oh boy, it just came oozing in: Tribe co-opting of New Age movement. Steering beyond belief, takes several generations into hot tubs and covers their eyes with superiority disguised as humility.

I've not worn Birkenstocks ever.


Mo visible said...

Thank you Les, I haven't gone away, just subdued lately.
Mo Visible

Visible said...

Is this you that this very moment I was thinking about and considering contacting, since I haven't heard from you but then I thought, just let it ride (grin)? Wondering why it would appear in a comment and not an email but whatever... heh heh... be well, things will improve shortly.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Consciously Hosting the Already Resident

Visible said...

You know, you and I need some kind of secret word (grin), so as to identify.

Visible said...

An interesting article and what i have long believed



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