Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Infinite and Complex Symphony of Shiva's Drum.

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The rot that has claimed the west (the east too, of course. The East doesn't handle runaway materialism as well as the west.) is deep and forbidding. Besides the wholesale 24/7 deception of the media and entertainment sectors (we know who owns those), there is an insidious rot that has been injected into the educational system, incrementally increasing by the year and it's all been under the cover of celebrating diversity, being politically correct and making sure that parity is extended to all, regardless of any previous social and religious prohibitions that might have existed in respect of certain behaviors and mores. so you get operations like this in every college in the country. You get things like this AND you get things like this. An army of amoral termites have burrowed into the infrastructure, everywhere that policy is made and a new breed of strange being is manifesting in the hundreds and the thousands, out of the ranks of the relentlessly conditioned. This is the... the ... uh... never mind. This is the uh... individual who was behind the 'no whites' invitation for the diversity Unhappy Hour. Scroll down below the celebration of Native American Lesbians just a short way and notice the posting that says, "Today is my last day at Bothell. Quite the trip." There's no explanation of it. This is the university where she set in motion the 'no whites' Unhappy Hour. It appears she has been let go.

The unctuous and skin crawling policies like this have been coming along since the late sixties, in concert with the world wide recognition of certain historical fantasies, the public expression of Satanism (First Church of Satan= San Francisco) and the very public rise of alternative sexual expression. Just as a prepubescent child might be 'groomed' by a predator, the public has been 'groomed' to accept ever wider and broader definitions of what is good and what is moral; what is not politically correct and what is no longer tolerated in 'polite society'.

Who is making the most noise about all of these things and who owns the mediums through which noise is made? What is the population percentages of noise makers and information manipulators, alternative sexual practitioners; in other words, those about whom noise is made for the promotion of particular agendas? Who is being groomed AND by whom AND to what end? Are these not the same operatives who are behind what's happening in The Ukraine and what has already happened in a lot of other places, where the body count is uncountable and where the continuous torture of people who don't know what you are talking about takes place in a Kafkaesque Dance of Depravity? It's a sick circle of psychopaths in service to The Prince of Darkness. How sick are they? They are the ones who committed the acts of terror for which they are interrogating others who know nothing about them.

How sick are they?

I don't have the right or the inclination to pass judgment on people who are working out the meaning of life in their own fashion. I'm just passing through, doing what I came here to do and working out my own salvation with fear and trembling; metaphorically speaking. There's no actual fear involved but that probably because I'm doing the best I can and due to certain reassurances.

I've said a lot of the same things recently, in a lot of different ways, for a very good reason. We're about to come up against it, each in our own way, depending on who we are (according to who we think we are) and where we are and both of those things are determined by Karma and Awareness.

The people involved in manipulating the culture are well informed about the astrological significance of these times. They are deep into the occult, by way of the backdoor, which also describes how they go about the usual business of life that we all engage in ...or control, or engage in, in a controlled fashion, or are simply controlled by. They are aware of the feminization of the mind that is taking place with the arrival of the Aquarian Age. The purpose of this is to awaken spiritual powers that are promised to humanity (those capable of advantaging themselves) in accord with the movements of the cosmic clock. What the occult manipulators of human perception are involved in, is the subversion of the feminine on a physical level, in order to compromise and corrupt the evolving nature of humanity. According to the movement of the cosmic clock and the laws of slow evolution, at various intervals, we are gifted with new abilities, rather, the potential for them. Those who are engaged in yoga and any of the reputable sciences of light, are seeking to advance their evolution through the practices and wisdoms, given to them by the higher guides, as they are earned along the way. Certain austerities are required, in order to come to the state where one has earned greater wisdoms and abilities. These austerities are pretty much the same; terms may differ, colors and sounds may differ but they are mostly the same for all that.

The forces of light are the keepers of ancient traditions and and the repository of ageless wisdom. The forces of darkness are the repository of perversions of ancient traditions and ageless wisdoms. This is what the term, 'reversed Kabala' is all about. Both repositories are expressions of one or the other manner of how the sex force is utilized. It's all about sex and who and what you have sex with and the mindset that is present in the act. Blood is powerful magic so... it should go without saying that sexual fluids are too because they are permutations of the blood to a specific end. The force in them has all kinds of uses. The power of the mind is virtually limitless but it is conditioned and controlled by those who also control the social and cultural circumstances, in which the conditioning and control are applied.

At this moment there are orders of light; keepers of traditions and repositories of ageless wisdoms, which are radiating from particular frequencies, no different than AM and FM radio frequencies. Everything is vibration, varied according to whatever the application is. I like to call it The Infinite Symphony of Shiva's Drum. They are radiating out of The Himalayas, the Andes and other locations where there are esoteric bases of collected consciousness brought together for their specific purpose. The forces of darkness are gathered in other locations and they are transmitting as well, both in obvious fashion and subliminally. The mass of humanity is more predisposed toward the influences of darkness, given that it is the material world that surrounds them and it is the material world which demands their focus AND it is the controllers of material conditions that tense and loosen the living conditions, depending on what direction they want to herd humanity in. There's a lot of that going on at the moment.

You need to know these things and not get into the headspace that this is all some kind of vague and generalized truth that may or may not apply to you. It applies to you. It applies to all of us, except the exempt and it especially applies to those who prefer not to be concerned with any of this because appetite and self interest are more compelling and either of which put you immediately under the sway of the conditioners. It is especially intense at the moment because there is a great deal at stake. People are a lot happier (they think they are) when "Margaritaville" is playing in their heads. Eventually though, they fall off the barstool and break their leg like Jimmy Buffet did (about half a dozen times from what I hear). Ah well...

I don't pound on the subjects and circumstances that I do because of any ingrown or genetic dislike for particular sexual practices or particular groups of people. I pound on these subjects and circumstances because it is a matter or awareness. Awareness is power. Awareness comes and goes; usually it goes because of distraction and this comes about through the other guys hammering on your appetites and interests and unless you are proceeding with an awareness that this is happening AND it is happening, to you, you're on your way to being toast.

What people do to and with each other, is a private matter that is initiated by Karma and conducted or avoided because of awareness. Awareness is important. It is the quality of what one does and the awareness involved that determines outcome. Someone said that "There is nothing right or wrong, only thinking makes it so." It was probably Shakespeare, it usually is. This is a powerful, extremely powerful truth and it accounts for why some people can do all kinds of things without penalty and others cannot.

Most important is to make contact with the forces of light. It is most important to engage in a positive relationship with a particular representative of the forces of light. Any well placed entity will do. How do you do this? You call out as often as you can manage and you call out with all the sincere intensity you can muster. This is also what I have recommended in terms of connecting with Lady Nature. She is a most formidable ally. Fortunate indeed are those whose names are known to her. Truly unfortunate are others whose names are known to her.

I will close with an admonition and an affirmation. No matter what you might think about what's going on and no matter where you think the power lies, it all comes from one place and is adapted to the intentions of the ones employing it. This means that the one from whom the power is borrowed, has full control over its use and whose hands it is in and for how long it remains in those hands and that also implies (and you can take it to the bank) that the source of all powers, ties together the ends of it all ...and routes that power, long term, to exactly the conclusions it intends for it and this is why "all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Do not despair. Do not be fearful. The ineffable is essentially and endlessly benevolent. You are loved. The problem with that is being able to accept it as true and to rely on it utterly. It is ever so much less painful to pursue this state of being than to be reduced to it; as everyone will be, sooner or later. "all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Ask yourself why it is that the sun shines with such power and light. Once you have answered that, go and do the same.

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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Ahrooo, woof woof.

The wings are flapping even more, and feathers have grow. If this continues they'll have a condor-like wingspan.

Bye Bye ball-and-stick, hello sky.

Be well. beAlert

Visible said...

Here is something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Thank yOu Visible...much needed.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I also remember this - first initiated 10 years ago.

"In February 2007, the ABL began a series of flight tests, which included the first in-flight firing of the TILL targeting laser at a simulated target, in March 2007."


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Things are accelerating indeed. Condor wings and the collibri snugly in the neck.

keshe foundation just released files through Taiwan. puts out more data.

Paul Levy's book 'Wetiko', interesting reading.

Full moon, high energy?

Be well, be Alert

galen said...

So the campus "safe zones" are really saying, "You're safe to be controlled. To be watched and hovered over. To be suppressed from saying what's on your mind. You're safe to be forced to accept the agenda of perversity masquerading as diversity." Let the true gay humans see behind this farce where the impressionable and programmable are made cool and cooly different because being hetero is so very boring and limiting, and pass'e, donchaknow? We know Kafka isn't drooling; he's cringing!! The overbearingness he abhorred comes in spades and wears an androgynous quirk seeking to be safe in its contrived aberration. If we look 20 years forward, what will these parodies look like? The circus is bulging out from the tent and spilling onto campuses everywhere. "Compassion, compassion. What about compassion, you say?" Young people of the world, embrace your soul and your freedom. Just make sure it is really your own, and not what the current culture is laying on you. 

"Don Quixote's misfortune is not his imagination, but Sancho Panza."
-- Franz Kafka


Anonymous said...

Great Post! It's a bit weird to hear about the stuff at the SPSCC in Oly. Had it been Evergreen College, it wouldn't have been such a shock. Much has changed since I was there 17 years ago.....and it was strange then. The rest of the post is spot on. I really like the info you've been posting lately! Keep up the Great Works! Heretic

Anonymous said...

Read this. He has had similar experiences to yours? Its a concerted effort at all the great freet hinkers and plain speakers out here. I cannot hotlink, i am on a mobile. I apologise.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. The Malaysian jet goes down, the Rothschilds score big. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. Guffaw.

Visible said...

Imron; I am expecting to receive very good news concerning you shortly.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Les, it tickles me that you continue (rightly, in my understanding) to put Mani and his theology of division to shame.
Yes, the darkness can never put out the light, never was meant to.
Another who rejected the idea of the essential equality of and eternal war between light and darkness was the Catholic monk Thomas Merton who wrote "And for anyone who has seriously entered into medieval Christian, or the Hindu, or the Buddhist conceptions of contemptus mundi, Mara, and the 'emptiness of the world' it will be evident that this means not the rejection of a reality, but the unmasking of an illusion. The world as pure object is something that is not there." - essay, 'Is the World a Problem?'
Well, off to church (Methodist, I'm ecumenical)..."A person can be completely spiritual and not share with others. Yet the Gospel of our Lord always indicates that we belong in the Christian community. This was so strongly a part of a part of the early Church understanding that some early monks could not accept a hermit vocation. The question was simply this - whose feet will you wash?"
- from the Abbott of The Monastery of Christ in the Desert (Benedictine) in New Mexico. Look it up!
I consider northern NM to be another highly spiritual location, like Himalaya or Peru.
Thank you,
- the beggar (among Saints)

Visible said...

I only repeat what I am told and express what I have learned through the boundless generosity of my invisible friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis~
Spot on as usual, you are.
Things are really on the upswing in both bad and good ways.Evidence abounds if one has eyes to see...exponential gratitude.
So many people who previously refused to believe are coming into the light as the darkness reveals itself more and more blatantly.The inverse is also true but that is to be expected and is not 'long for this world' as my Grandma used to say. Grin
I read your blog first thing in the morning and it shines a light on the path for me each day.
Be well everyone; sending much love to all,

Anonymous said...

How quickly clueless turns to certainty in the immediate aftermath of most 'engineered' catastrophes, as so called 'authorities' are first to cry "terrorism".

Finger pointing, dark conjuring of political boogeymen, the de riguer of modern misdirection?

Conversely, as in this most recent 'case of Malay flt 370', how long msm drags its cloven feet coming to terms with the obvious!

Contrary to the 'official 911 account', did I not hear the argument posited this past week that al-quaeda type groups weren't sophisticated enough to pull off this type of hijacking and, anyway, what would be their motive?

I feel my eyes spinning in their sockets (like the bowery boys dog, Petey.)

Could it be, simply, that any nefarious event not specifically author-ized by their corporate 'sponsors' comes as a (true) surprise?

Anonymous said...

Let your Heart be like the Sun -

Shine alike on Every One.

Ray B. said...

Vis, that was a good column on what I might call 'applied esotericism'. Good-reasoning for those who do not yet have 'close encounters' with the otherside.

I read the Leuren Moret article on Flight 370 that you mentioned. It may have some truth to it. I also want to bring up the J1m St0ne version, as he has two hard pieces of evidence to back up his assertions.

First, when F370 vanished from civilian radar, Malaysian military radar tracked it for another hour. Right after it disappeared from civilian radar, it did a rough U-turn and headed back southwest on the military radar. Then, it vanished. Malaysian military sources confirmed this for over a day before they "retracted" (uh-huh) their observations.

Second, The Boeing Company confirmed that their satellite - which receives engine-condition monitoring signals for maintenance purposes - had continuing reception of F370 engines operating normally for another five hours after the vanishing. (We'll see if Boeing gets pressured out of this acknowledgement.) Add to this no black-box signals and passenger cell-phones connecting when rung, and you get serious questions.

(I must add that I have not independently-checked JS's sources. I am presuming he would not lie on something so easily fact-checked.)

JS has made some deductions as to motives and methods, but these are on the speculation-side (though possibly true) and I am not including them here. If you want to get a non-mainstream-media view on what facts are there on F370, check out his site...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. And yes, Vis, I do see some 'grand-standing' as you noted. I try to filter this out for the factual background, as he has some amazing, fact-based viewpoints.

The 3rd Elf's Butler's Valet's Footman's Lady in Waiting said...


Sunday's Radio show is now available for streaming and download.


David Fiske said...

for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Dodgy One said...

lofty rhetorical snake shit lol very concise terminology

Hell hath no fury like a snake that gets its Syrian prize denied

And then misses out on the Black Port for after dinner drinks, thanks to a crafty old bear.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

On Being Able to see Around Corners.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les V.
Like another reader, I look to your posts for practical tips on balancing and modulating steering during these parlous times.
Your stance reminds me of more from the Bard; again from Hamlet: "A man Who Fortune's smiles and blows hath ta'en with equal thanks"

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Weekend Warblers whose Character is Fate.



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