Monday, March 31, 2014

Balling Charity and Haitian Mudsteaks with A-1 Sauce.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well... let's start off with something we didn't know already and listen to the reflex lies from those foisting such unpleasantness on others. The newscaster reports that maybe they drink the soda to compensate for other bad habits. There's something wrong with that statement. This goes hand in hand with the state of the unholy union as it exists in The Great Satan (grin) these days.

Of all corporations, I tended to admire Costco more than others for the way they treat their employees and for how they raised my standard of living when they showed up. That is, until I saw this obscenity. Those who waste food WILL go hungry; cosmic law.

As a followup on those charities that congregate and celebrate their own celebrity and then make it possible for people like The Haitians to eat mudpies, here's what looks like a photo op for what is also a regular event. Sun Dried Mudpies... why, that's not dissimilar to the latest trendy diet; raw foods. If only the Haitians could take comfort from being rendered hip by the hippest among us. Of course, Bono-Boy is there and Ms World Compassion, Sarah Silverman was also there. Did any of that money reach the Haitians? Was there even enough to get some A-1 Steak Sauce for the Mudsteaks? I know saffron is probably out of the question but... can you imagine some fine Spanish saffron kneaded into the Mudcakes?

Mr. Apocalypse is watching these people and he's not smiling. In fact, from my observation point he appears somewhat grim and furthermore! Gwyneth hasn't pledged a single $90.00 white t-shirt to the Haitian community. Everyone knows how good a Haitian looks in a white t-shirt. Maybe Gwyneth is concerned they'd get some Mudpie on those shirts, or blood, depending on whatever faction of the Tonton Macoute is still doing their thing. Haiti is in the subtropics. It's a no brainer that they could grow all the food needed, especially if these charity ghouls put the money toward cutting edge community gardens and other projects. Maybe God hates the Haitians. Nah... God doesn't hate anyone. He might be displeased with the courses so many people go off on but he doesn't hate the spark of his own being within them.

Never let it be said that there is not a generous talent pool for politicians in The Great Satan. I'm guessing by the look on her face that she wouldn't be up for my suggestion but... aren't the hogs most in need of castration located in Washington, DC? As something relevant by only the slimmest of margins but ... nevertheless informative; Errol Flynn used to make his living (pre-Hollywood) biting the balls off of sheep in Australia; how they did it back in the day. As far as desirable professions, that's right up there with boil sucking and jobs I dare not mention, lest the more sensitive among us have trouble containing their stomach. Interestingly, Flynn catapulted into Hollywood as a result of two producers, sunning themselves on the beach in Oz, seeing him walk past them. One of them said to the other, "that fellow should be in pictures" and so... then he was. One time during my extreme kundalini phase, I was at Rehoboth Beach and engaged in bringing the waves to shore on the mind reigns of my hands and a reporter from Time came up to me and told me he would like to write an article about me. I was way off planet for that sort of thing, in my own mind.

Later on in that day, a jeep drove up with several young ladies in it and they sat around cross legged in from of me and I could literally see and feel a dark red fire radiating from their crotches. It did not put me in an amorous mood. As difficult as those times could tend to be, I didn't realize how good I had it. I should never have stepped away and sought to integrate into the world at some level of basic functioning. Besides my being an undesirable, I wasn't equipped for the task, being as, due to arrested development I wasn't much more than 12 years old. Hindsight... hindsight... I can't tell you what a comfort it has been to intuit that it has all been programmed for whatever the reason was.

There is a frenzied pushing and shoving going on in the backrooms; false flag the Russians! False Flag the Syrians! False flag the Iranians! Kill! Kill! Kill! Ah... the blood lust is percolating like a coffee maker. The Zio-Ogre is hungry... feed me!!! Feed me!!! It is not unlike being a junkie in need of a fix.

There is that question that hangs in the air; what can we do about it? We've got no armies or nuclear weapons. They do though. We've no pervasive media to reach the sleepwalking dead, that we might resurrect them from their graveyard of terminal dreams. "How about a nice Coke Zero?" It's now available in the 55 gallon drum. All you need is a straw. Take one from the camel's back. Camelback... hmmm. You know, there never was any humidity in Phoenix until tens of thousands of residents put in all those swimming pools. Still... what to do? What to do? You do what is always the most effective; work for good and stand your ground and watch evil destroy itself.

Consider, if you will, the sheer magnitude and number of ongoing offenses against Nature. Was there ever a more patient and giving lady? Sometimes when I am walking in the fields around here, especially in The Fall, I will see the abundance of apples on the trees and think, "Look at all she provides! It is far more than we could need." I've come to the brink of tears on several occasions while in contemplation of this. All she does is give; the evil that men do...

I remember, in altered states, how she would appear at the bottom of meadows or in the eve of the treeline, holographically vibrating there; the shifting, shimmering colors and that voice from everywhere and nowhere that was comfort itself. There in her secret bowers one might lie for eons;

Sister Reflection, you've caught me again,
In your special mirror of love
and I'm wrapped in the arms of an old fashioned tale
that's both story and song to my ears
and the best is the rest when I hear
what you're saying.

Sister Reflection how long has it been
since that morning in Harlequin meadow?
where we talked about children and dolphins and death
and you laughed when you saw I was smiling
and bluebirds were perched on the piling
Of old fences

You come and you go like the high flying tides
You are the moon on my shoulder
and sometimes I turn and it's all mystery
and I am just one more look older
High on some rock like a soldier
with no armor

Some men were born fitters or folders or fools
I was born out of your laughter
to tame my desire and teach it to dance
To run and to sing through the branches of trees
and to lecture the wind through a kingdom of leaves
in some forest

I was born to believe this
what else can I do?
Love's all I know of religion
and words are just bricks in the cities of pain
and I'm just a pilgrim that waits by the well
and what do I know of Heaven or Hell
or the future
or the future
Sister Reflection, you're just a reflection
something I saw while dreaming.
Sister Reflection, you're just a reflection
Something I saw while dreaming somewhere.

No doubt an unnecessary digression... but thinking about all of these things puts me in a mood; sad for all that has happened, that didn't need to and nostalgic for all that is hidden because it would not be safe otherwise, not in this brutalized landscape of tormented souls, who can find no other release for their pain except to visit it upon others.

I don't know how it's going to turn out but I am aware of the sun in the sky and the sun does not seem too concerned. The stars continue to move in their courses and so do the planets and they arrange themselves according to the vibrations necessary for whatever the purpose of demonstration is meant to be down here. Events are not precisely choreographed. We are not set in stone. There is wiggle room. There is opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with The Cosmos, rather than to be in pursuit of the transitory in these times of intense transit. It's not a big step from Google Glass to Google Ass, nor from Yahoo to Boo hoo.

I've seen it said and recommended that one should have a light touch and not grasp anything too tightly. What is it that Lao Tzu said, "Let life ripen and fall, will is not the way at all, deny the way of life and you are dead."

Yes... they are burning up in the back rooms. They cannot contain themselves and that is always a recipe for disaster. The Laoster had a lot to say about that too. He's got something for all occasions and most of the time about how to avoid them. Some trick of the mind has taken place in my consciousness. I can now see the good in all that has happened to me and the rightness of my situation, such as it is, "How can a man's life keep its course. If he will not let it flow? Those who flow as life flows know. They need no other force: They feel no wear, they feel no tear, They need no mending, no repair."

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

This is why I am not a fan of Jim Stone. This is precisely what I have been suspecting and I figured it would rise up soon enough.

I especially like the part about sticking an iphone5 up his ass without lubrication. Details about why the picture is black is fishy too; if he could take a picture in the first place.

bullpasture said...

Obama has become "infected" with blindness by Mr. Apocalypse and is leading America into perdition

It seems that Obama is living in a world of prejudice and cannot understand that his own actions are inconsistent with his arguments making his opponent stronger not weaker. Obama will continue to escalate for he is just outclassed by Putin. Obama is becoming the evil empire and Putin the great defender.
This is like the story of the teacher at university confronting Gandhi who in this case is smarter than the teacher (Obama).
When Gandhi was studying law at the University College of London, there was a professor, whose last name was Peters, who felt animosity for Gandhi, and because Gandhi never lowered his head towards him, their “arguments” were very common.
One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room of the University and Gandhi came along with his tray and sat next to the professor. The professor, in his arrogance, said, “Mr Gandhi: you do not understand… a pig and a bird do not sit together to eat “, to which Gandhi replies, “You do not worry professor, I’ll fly away “, and he went and sat at another table.
Mr. Peters, green of rage, decides to take revenge on the next test, but Gandhi responds brilliantly to all questions. Then, Mr. Peters asked him the following question, “Mr Gandhi, if you are walking down the street and find a package, and within it there is a bag of wisdom and another bag with a lot of money; which one will you take?”
Without hesitating, Gandhi responded, “the one with the money, of course”.
Mr. Peters, smiling, said, “I, in your place, would have taken the wisdom,
don’t you think?”
“Each one take what one doesn’t have”, responded Gandhi indifferently.
Mr. Peters, already hysteric, writes on the exam sheet the word “idiot” and gives it to Gandhi. Gandhi takes the exam sheet and sits down. A few minutes later, Gandhi goes to the professor and says, “Mr. Peters, you signed the sheet, but you did not give me the grade.”
Obama is the idiot here for he fails to comprehend Putin. The more Obama yells and threatens him, the stronger Putin will become domestically. Obama is having the exact opposite effect than the pretend sanctions are supposed to create building Putin into a superstar against America that is being seen as the oppressive evil empire. Obama will ensure the crisis will turn into war beyond words and indeed we have an idiot in charge who cannot see he is outclassed in a battle of words he cannot win precise as Peters confronting Gandhi.

[The above text has been selectively extracted from a blog written by Martine Armstrong]

Visible said...

Heh heh... thanks for that.

Jeff said...

Not to mention the tens of thousands of swimming pools above Phoenix are depleting the aquifer below Phoenix...

Ray B. said...

Vis, I read the 'article' you referenced over at Truthseeker. It really is only a 'stub' article with a video and a long cut-n-paste from J1M St0ne's site.

In the interest of factual reporting, I do want to comment on the video interviewing Sarah Bajc, Philip Wood's partner, on BBC News. I watched it twice, because AT NO TIME in the video does she condemn the Philip Wood cellphone story. The MSM would be all over Sarah Bajc publicly denouncing the cellphone story. So, she obviously did not say this in any manner or form. That omission is very telling. (And this is factual. Look at it yourself.)

On the contrary, Sarah Bajc states quite frankly that she does not believe government stories anymore. And, around pilots and security-types who she is in contact with, Sarah Bajc states, "...and quite without reservation, all of them believe the flight was taken, not crashed." And, of course, on BBC News, Diego Garcia is not mentioned... (UK claims the island.)

Now, I have been following the Philip Wood story from when it broke. I am 'up' on all the for- and against- arguments billowing around it. I evaluated the various concerns. My main one is about the ten days between hijacking and cellphone transmission. That allows plenty of time for bad-guy concoction of almost anything.

That said, I note that the story did not originate J1m St0ne. A person discovered the cellphone transmission in the backup of a public messaging site. It was eventually forwarded to J1m St0ne, amongst others, who evaluated it and drew his own conclusions.

Again, the Philp Wood cellphone story did not originate with J1m St0ne...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

If the trendy and perhaps vain raw food diet takes a cent out of the pharma industry or western medicine in general, I am all for it. I would be curious to know your feelings on cheese and milk. I understand you eat fish.

Can a hunter just say a prayer and shoot and kill a deer and all is well? And eating once a day? How do you get nutrition? You must have a varied diet throughout the year, no? Just curious is all. I started vegetarian about 3 years ago.



Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article with pictures of some very evil women.
Wicked Women

Visible said...

I have no idea who she is or 90% of everyone else. All I know is I get that vibe and besides the fact that it sounds ridiculous to me, it's just one more of those tales he comes up with and every one of them is outrageous. People are welcome to follow who they like, I'm just not heading in that direction.

Jesus Christ... now he has no connection to the story? He's just standing on the same corner but they don't know each other? I don't trust the guy, AT ALl. that doesn't mean anything because I don't know one way or the other but he gives me bad vibrations. My antenna went off on him the moment he showed up and its never changed.

This endless litany of outrageous tales makes me want to go to sleep. I probably can't define yellow journalism but I know it when I see it.


Milk and cheese are fine, most food is fine for someone but every system has to be fine tuned to itself. Eating once a day is easy if you've been doing it for years. I seldom eat fish but I have been known to. I've got lots of energy all day long so, something must be working.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I have no idea who she [Sarah Bajc?] is or 90% of everyone else."

Vis, at the risk of provoking you, that is an 'avoidance' response. You brought up the Philip Woods cellphone brough-ha-ha, I checked out your source and reported on the details, and you blew it off with a one-liner. This is below your "show me the facts" reputation. I showed you the facts on the video. Please, do your own due-diligence checking on the video and report back...
Vis: "Jesus Christ... now he [J1m St0ne?] has no connection to the story? He's just standing on the same corner but they don't know each other?"

The 4plebs site was where the earliest known reference to the Philip Woods cellphone story was found. Note that it was controversial from the get-go. Also, note that it is NOT at all related to J1m St0ne...

From the J1m St0ne site, in explanation: "This got posted to 4chan and was pulled immediately, but 4plebs, an independently run backup of 4chan which is NOT controlled has the original on archive, and the date of posting matches the photo... This answers the question why the photo only surfaced recently. Someone surfing archives found it. 4chan would be absolutely a PRIME choice for someone in trouble."
Now, I have my own concerns over this story. I also am wary of J1m St0ne's hyperbole. The latter does not make the former incorrect. We will see over time where the story will lead, if we do not knee-jerk-react to one messenger...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

You believe what you like. You haven't shown me proof of anything. I am not going to be corraled into going along with anything I don't want to go along with. Just because people have investments in things and carry emotional weight with it does not mean that I do. It's more than passing strange that there's always some kind of excuse accompanying all these Jim Stone associations.

I don't have the time and inclination to chase down everyone's theories and beliefs. I don't click on most links. I don't know who any of these people are and I don't much care either. This is a direct and non emotional expression of what is true about me. It's not personal. I can't account for other people's egos but I know when it's rearing it's head cause it immediately translates into the kind of syntax and weighted statements I'm getting here. Practically anything anyone wants to know about anyone can be gleaned by how quick they turn adversarial; and get into name calling which I don't do.

Just as soon as certain people are opposed in their beliefs about something they react as if you were on the other side of the Maginot Line. There is too much questionable shit following along after Stone and he makes the most preposterous claims. I realize a lot of people believe that stuff, I don't.

I'm a bit more hip to what goes on here than one might think, like the different posters all from the same IP talking back and forth and other things of similar bent.

You want to escalate this you'll have to do it without me. I'm not operating on that wave length. I've got better things to do. That will be the last I have to say on any of these cartoon comic book fantasies.

Ray B. said...

Wow. Okay...

Skepticfrog said...

I've been following that J1m St0ne outing of that pic, ostensibly from Phillip Woods, the IBM guy. I don't know what to make of it, but one thing is certain, the shills and trolls are all over it like locusts.
That kind of makes it more "interesting" and almost plausible.

One thing we can be absolutely dead certain, that the plane was "taken".
Whether it was human or electronic hijacking is up for debate.

We can also be sure, that the passengers have been (or will be) murdered, down to the last girl, boy, woman, child, all 230+ souls. ("Dead men tell no tales"). This was obviously a very sophisticated, multi-level op, obviously by one or several governments. But since the perps are basically psychopath amateurs, I believe, they screwed up not knowing about the hourly satellite pings of the engines. That info getting out, screwed-up the whole op.
I'm saying "psychopath amateurs" b/c the PRIMARY paramount requirement to be in this tight club of monsters is to be a psychopath. Operational knowledge is acquired or learned, but they are not experts at a lifetime of experience and learning level. So they screw up with their shallow knowledge, but the real experts notice the anomalies. (Think of 911). Thankfully, it just cannot be helped; recruiting the army of real experts with the mental defect of psychopathy is impossible, and people with conscience will talk, sooner or later - unless they kill them after the deed is completed. That has been done too, just remember the Bin Laden Seal Team's demise through that helicopter "accident".

The lost plane was not meant to be found, and I have no illusions, that it will be.
The 777 at the Ben Gurion airport sitting since Oct. 2013 with the Malaysian Airlines paintwork was to do the satanic evil task - whatever it was supposed to be.
Thankfully - it seems - sand and rocks got into the gears of the machine of evil, and the operation had to be scrubbed.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a mention (via a comment on Vineyard of the Saker)of a Russian called S.N. Lazerev who has written a series of books called Diagnostics of Karma.

According to Wiki:
'The twelve books embrace processes in the personal life of a human being, in politics, economics, ecology, weather, religion, science. All the processes are shown by the author as inseparably connected.

According to Lazarev's research, our deep emotions directly shape our health and fate. As the author himself puts it, the quintessence of all his research can be reduced to one phrase: "The meaning of life is love for God."[4] The author has it that love (in the absolute sense, objectless and subjectless) engenders time, and, indirectly, space and matter;[5] that love is the absolute value.[6]'

There's no reference to an English translation, but the summary 'The meaning of life is love for God' seems to accord with what you say.


David V said...

"At the risk of provoking you..."

I have to agree with Ray B. I don't automatically believe anything, from anyone. But I spent close to thirty years working in hi-tech and the technical explanations Stone has offered have, so far, made good sense to me. Same for Fukushima. I worked on exactly the kinds of industrial contol systems that were sabotaged at Fuku, and I think he knows what he is talking about there. The cellphone thing may be going too far, I don't know. How could ANYONE stick a cellphone up their ass?

"I don't have the time and inclination to chase down everyone's theories and beliefs. I don't click on most links." Well, sauce for the goose, and all that.

Finally, I've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff posted at Truthseeker, and they have the same or less credibility than Stone does, IMHO. You have to separate the wheat from the chaff, no matter the source.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Phoenix! Hell on Earth. I could be down there making pretty good money if I'd gone with my company instead of being barely employed, but I declined. I mean I really love sand storms, 120°F+ summers, and Arizona 'caged gerbil shooters' (cops), NOT! Wonder how many they lose in lives every year when the power goes out? I wonder how much longer that city has?

I threw my fate to the wind, and it's been better than I could have imagined. I accomplished what I set out to accomplish during my precious discretionary time, though I could have done better I'm not redoing what I did. I'm not a perfectionist any more. I'm also in the state where nothing really matters due to having no vestments in anything, and I CAN walk away from anything and everything if circumstances so dictate, and not look back. After all, to whom or what do I owe my inconvenience, my discomfort, or anything else? I'm over that. I'll keep playing the game for as long as I must, but I have no REAL sense of obligation.

galen said...

"Sister Reflection" is a reflection of your soul. It's a beautiful honoring, and one can only wonder of what (whom?) it was born, especially verse two.

Anonymous said...

Seeking the truth, no matter who or what form it is "cloaked" in, should be the goal. I don't care about the catalyst, just give me the truth. That's why I read this blog(though rarely comment.). If one doesn't understand the implications of this recent catastrophic event in the larger scheme of things-then one doesn't comprehend the extreme depths of kali yuga. Not trying to change anyone's mind, but wondering why the over the top reaction. If one is interested in science at all, the disappearance of a plane into thin air w/gps & satellite technology covering every square inch of the globe should be a big huh?Plenty of investigative journalists have covered the twin plane parked in a certain country for several months.It's not personal so don't make it so. I want to know! I care.Everything matters.

Visible said...

Anyone can think whatever they want to think. thinking something and knowing it are two different things.

I believe, what I did was call attention to certain outrageous features of the tale which exacerbate the impression of Stone being a sensationalist. I draw attention to that ridiculous cellphone up the ass story and the black black picture presented as evidence; of what?.

If you are prone to finding things like this plausible that's your affair. The idea that I'm personally upset about any of this is ludicrous, i simply state my opinion. It has nothing to do with anyone personally. When you make it personal all you do is expose your immaturity and also, when you are so EASILY outraged and offended so quickly, it speaks to other motivations besides what is under discussion.

If you are determined to equate my plain speaking with being upset and angered, you are well off the mark. Anyone can watch the progression of comments and responses and see where acceleration and tension are being infused to whatever particular end.

I'm going to go right on saying what I think when and how I want. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are several individuals in deep cover around here, waiting to go off when circumstances are right and I can weather it without inconvenience.

Anyone looking closely here can see, if they are capable of subtlety, what certain intents are.

Far as I'm concerned, there's something wrong with Jim Stone. That's that. I have withheld the more dramatic reactions to his work because I figure that people dumb enough to listen to him are also too dumb to be reasonable and look deeper. People want woo woo, they want complex science fiction drama to spice up their lives. Enjoy yourselves.

Unlike some here, I am not an expert on all kinds of shit I read the Cliff Notes about. I go by intuition and vibration and for me, Jim Stone is just Greg Palast on a designer drug jag.

Given several emails I got this morning, there is more than one person who is aware of certain rivalries going on with some of the readers, who for some reason, in a patronizing and smarmy way seem to want to, regular like, point out where I'm wrong and where their superior, convoluted insights are the real deal. Of course, nothing is proven, it's just that old one upsmanship, with the usual, "I know as much as you do and I'm as important as you are, so there! stuff. I don't know anything so... you probably do know more. Surely, rather than fabricating calls for it, one could just set themselves up at this and see how much of the public flocks to it.

I've been watching Stone for awhile. He says all kinds of outrageous stuff and he has yet to prove any of it.

Try to learn to divorce the passion of persona from the point being made. People who dance around in engineered outrage and offense usually have more going on below the surface that meets the eyes.

I'm not involved in a popularity contest and I don't care if anyone likes me or not. I do what I do and then I do the next thing; nothing else enters into it.

Anonymous said...

Where did he charge his cell phone? Did he have a charger up there too? (And let's not think about the practical challenges of accomplishing that this time, Mr. Les Visible. I'll speak for myself when I say I don't need to know that)

If I saw a guy with a cord coming out of his ass, plugged into a wall, I would think he was hiding something. Besides that, if your cell phone is on, it's communicating with the cell towers, so they can find out where it is. They don't shotgun broadcast your cell phone call from every tower in the world.

I must commend the alternative mainstream media for doing their job of corrupting the toothpaste that's out of the tube. Trolled 10 ways, who can make sense of it now? The bumbling keystone cop signature is on some of this sleuthing.

Kay Bigh

marilyn said...

hello les,
you said, I'm not involved in a popularity contest and I don't care if anyone likes me or not. I do what I do and then I do the next thing; nothing else enters into it.
love that..god bless you.
wonderful post and poem and great comments..i liked ghandi's responses. lol

Laura said...

"I go by intuition and vibration".....way to go!

Intuition and vibration means we do not have to be filled with "facts and figures" or be a "font of knowledege"...freedom and space within....intuition far surpasses knowledge....

I am a work in my intuition and vibration fine tunes and expands....

Thanks, Vis

Anonymous said...

Les, not sure if my earlier message made it, was wondering what your feeling is regarding Israel closing all embassies across the world? Apparently striking due to wage disputes.

bigloner said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen PLEASE, no fighting IN THE WAR ROOM.

- Muffy Merkin

Anonymous said...

Speaking of woo woo, I just heard an interview today with Dr. Jim Garrow on the "The Common Sense Show" with Dave Hodges.

Caveat... Garrow spent 43 years working for the CIA. Supposedly he helped save lots of children's lives while working in China, but I don't really know for sure if that's true.

I just know that he worked for the CIA so its yellow alert when he's talking, as far as I'm concerned even though his info appears good, or at least interesting.

Now, to the woo woo! Garrow states that the 20 high tech geeks that were on the plane stole technology from the USA that can apparently "send light through solid matter." The breakthrough is done and it's now elementary to use that to create invisibility, eventually.

So if you're looking to bomb your enemy, making your plane, missile, etc. invisible is a really big advantage. So, the US made sure that that secret didn't get out. The plane was captured.

Rolls Royce tracked the engine transponders to Pakistan were the geek squad isn't loving life anymore and all other passengers were murdered.

Ok, guess I'll add all of that to list of theories.

On a side note, I became a little suspicious of Garrow when he was aked about the 777 in Tel Aviv with the same Malaysian paint job it he totally blew it off as not an uncommon thing to have planes like this in storage for spare parts in order to save money by not buying a brand new part.

Makes sense, I guess, but he really seemed to walk right past it as if it was a gospel truth with no reflection on how it might be something else. And maybe its not.

Were is Stone on this one!??? :)

The common denominator in all these stories is that they are all stories. Who knows, one of them might be right or maybe there is parts of the truth in each one.

Ha! All this typing and I went in one big circle. LOL!!


Visible said...

I have no idea about that Israeli caper. It's been going on for awhile now so if it were for something nasty, it might have gotten sidelined due to... well, due to all kinds of things.

It really does feel like something is coming to a boil though and they're wagging the Pollard again.

The Twelfth elf said...

Seems only Galen #16 and Marilyn #20 showed lord visible's the courtesy of remarking upon his (quite remarkable) poem; it's one I suspect that the lord himself is proud of - and so he should be, it's a work of beauty.


Skepticfrog said...

Kay Bigh,
Your knowledge about mobile phones is pathetic.
First of all, In "Airplane mode" the Iphone5 battery will hold a charge for weeks. In off mode it will be months, yes, months.

The phone has voice commands.

There is such a thing as "world service" for mobile phones it was available already in Europe more than 12 years ago; this IBM guy was traveling regularly in that area (Malaysia, China, and another country (I forgot the name) so it's reasonable to assume that he had this service. A local SIM card is unnecessary.

Diego Garcia has well over 1500 civilian employees plus families of them and of the servicemen. Consequently, mobile phone service exists on the island and to the rest of the world as well. Yes, you can call a mobile phone on the island from anywhere.

As you (and we) see, all your "comments" are bull and do not stand up to scrutiny.

Like I said, this story has created a veritable shill-swarm of epic proportions. Initially, the story looked and sounded implausible to me.
However judging by the shill-swarming and their tone of shrill, dismissive, sarcastic and often insulting commentary (including yours) I had to conclude, that something is going on, this over-reaction is verging on panic, and that just makes no sense, if this is all nonsense.

Thank god, that the shills (and their paymasters) don't get it, that the verity of the story is not necessarily about debunking (or discrediting) it, but their response to it as well. That (an overreaction) to me is more telling, than anything else they're trying to make or say to make it go away.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling Ash is involved in this somehow. The plane is in India.

Anonymous said...

Splentacularilliant, my dear chap.



wv: they omlestme

Visible said...

Thank you elf, it's a song actually but no matter. The music and poetry have been in the back of the bus all along. I figure that's the divine's call. I appreciate that you enjoyed it. these things, of course, mean more to me than these daily things,.


The plane is in India? We sure could use Ash on the set.

Diego Garcia or Bust said...

Jim Stone is a either co-intel pro or an internet lunatic. One way or the other, he's muddying the waters around the fact that the plane was sighted on its way to Diego Garcia.

The following article involves actual witnesses and constitutes the totality of what we know for sure.

Let's not allow "stone" to obscure the following facts:

Title: Maldives island residents report sighting of 'low flying jet' by Farah Ahmed and Ahmed Naif, Haveeru Online

00:41 Mar.8 MH370 Departed Kuala Lampur

01:07 Mar.8 Last ACARS transmission

01:19 Mar 8 Final Contact with other pilot/plane

02:15 Mar.8 Last Contact with Military Radar

08:11 Mar 8 Last Satelllite Contact

Article: Whilst the disappearance of the Boeing 777 jet, carrying 239 passengers has left the whole world in bewilderment, several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo told Haveeru on Tuesday that they saw a "low flying jumbo jet" at around 6:15am on March 8.

They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it – which is what the Malaysia Airlines flights typically look like.

Eyewitnesses from the Kuda Huvadhoo concurred that the aeroplane was travelling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives – Addu. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island.

"I've never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We've seen seaplanes, but I'm sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly," said an eyewitness.

"It's not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too."

Mohamed Zaheem, the Island Councilor of Kuda Huvadhoo, said that the residents of the island had spoken about the incident.

A local aviation expert told Haveeru that it is "likely" for MH370 to have flown over the Maldives. The possibility of any aircraft flying over the island at the reported time is extremely low, the expert added.

Satellite data suggests that the last "ping" was recieved from the flight somwhere close to the Maldives and the US naval base on Diego Garcia.

But the Maldives is not amongst the countries that Malaysian authorities had sought help from in its search for the missing jet.


Eudoxia said...

Not sure about Stone either.............from other sources I've read and intuit about the situation, the plane was definitely taken or deliberately crashed at any rate I believe it was done remotely. The whole thing could forever remain a mystery and I think it will. If we hear of a sudden terrorist attack using a plane in particular the same one that's missing then we'll know. However, I think the whole Zio -Ogre plan has turned to shit. All their plans are turning to shit. As for Obongo, well......that's hilarious he just keeps putting both feet in his mouth at once and showing the entire world what a deadbeat, bought out SOB he really is. I recently read a poll that showed just under 50% of the world thinks the US is the only threat to world peace. Different countries polled different numbers (sorry can't remember where I read this to provide a link) and most countries consider Russia, Iran etc no threat at all HA HA! The machine's bullshit, propaganda facade is cracking badly. Yes Mr A is in full swing.

Great article Viz as usual and lovely song.

The move went well, not without a few glitches of course but we have touched down in Nimbin and what a hoot this place is. The first day I went looking for psychedelics I found some so now I've got a stash -grin- Of course being primary farming and grazing land there'll also be no shortage of mushrooms.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

An Age of the Miraculous and a Gathering of Perfect Storms.

David V said...

Look, I'm not trying to prolong this argument, because I really don't have a personal stake in it, but it bugs the crap out of me when persons like DGorB make blind assertions about the veracity of other blogs without, apparently, having actually read any of it for themselves. Stone stated plainly and repeatedly that he thinks the plane went to Diego Garcia, starting a week or two ago. He also had made some comments about the Maldive Islands sighting. Who is the real disinfo agent here?

Similarly, someone claimed a while back (on another post) that Mike Rivero is a zionist shill and gate keeper because he (supposedly) never posts anything exposing the Tribe. Actually, he posts such material all the time, and has an extensive cache of written material about zionist Tribe activity. I have issues of my own with Rivero's viewpoints, but zionism is not one of them. He states repeatedly that he puts America "first, second, and third" in order of importance.

Can we at least stick to telling the truth around here? Or does intuition really trump fact, and is anyone's truth as good as anyone else's, because it comes from their higher self? If so, I'm at the wrong place.


Visible said...

Look DV, imperious attitude aside, I don't like Jim Stone and I have a right to my opinion just like you do.

I've given good reason for my reasons; self aggrandizement, sensationalism, cellphones up the ass, now posting a new 'enhanced' photo that is just a Jackson Pollock type creation. No one professional would do such a thing. Maybe you would like to list the things that Stone has had proven true?

If you didn't have a personal stake in the argument you wouldn't be personally engaging in it. You've yet to provide proof corroborating what Stone says.

I'm getting an interesting amount of combative commentary that always starts out with the teaser of not wanting to make me angry, when I'm not angry but in order to make it seem like I am.

I've never seen such support for someone who has produced so little verifiable truth.

In one case you are in the wrong place because truth from the higher self, by definition is better than any of ours. However, I am not attempting to speak from that position, this is personal opinion.

Your gratuitous attempt to diminish me and mock what I stand for falls away with no impact. I know when someone is winding me up. If the way things go here, with everyone having a right to declare what they think, is not suitable to you then what can I say. Before I started this, God didn't come to me and say, "Now make sure you tailor everything to David Vincent's tastes."

If you find Stone plausible that's up to you. People will say what they think here and not everyone is right but they can say what they like, within reason.

Lowering the bar with nose in the air sarcasm doesn't do anything but expose the weakness of argument, being as there is no argument. Provide cogent, demonstrable fact and you might gain positive attention. Explain the purpose and necessity of that all black photo and the following color speckled one. Explain the dynamics of that cellphone up the ass. Show corroborative proof of his Fukushima argument. It looks to me like the same kind of laughing at dumbasses that Sorcha Faal does.

I've managed to accomplish this comment without needing to get into name calling.

Anonymous said...


You grossly overestimate my concern. I don't care about these 7X the children of hell IBM workers anymore than I care about Osama Bin Laden's hit squad. When you work on the pharaoh's tomb, you make it your tomb too. They got their little pat on the head from the jew.

I'm not about to embrace any evidence that has such a weak link as a phone in the ass and a blank picture from the most unlikely of heroes. Just because the chain on each side is so hopeful.

You hope I'm ignorant about electricity, but I'm not. He's not going to pull a miracle battery that lasts a month out of his ass. They would have to add more parallel banks of cells, which would only make it bigger and thus, harder to get in the ass. For all you know about cell phones, you skipped over those ugly little details that don't fit HA!. And, thanks for sparing my delicate ears.

They have you running around plugging their holes (gyawd, holes now??? This little flap keeps reverting back to ass). Haven't you been fooled enough? Why would they shut down the internet, when they ""could"" BUY it? ..nudge nudge, wink wink...

Richard Gere just likes gerbils in his ass. (for one thing: you don't put gerbils in your ass. For another thing: you don't get caught). Make no mistake, I'm cool. Whatever a consenting guy and a consenting gerbil do behind closed doors ... live and let live... blahblah I know all the clichés. I extend that to cell phones. I wouldn't doubt for a minute, that IBM employees, in their politically correct environment, are encouraged to put phones in their ass, on vibrate, and have their friends call them. So, maybe they really do have that in their skillsets. Not to sound anal obsessed, but I can think of a lot of other holes in that story, just offhand.

Kay Bigh

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Salutations El Vee. NatGeo cancelled the 'Nazi War Diggers' series due to complaints about cavalier handling of the skeletal remains of war dead. I noticed something about one of the diggers, he used to appear on the ever so real (chuckle)Pawn Stars show on another network as a baseball card shop owner.
I'm one of those small details people and noticed it right away. Watching teevee is not for me but family members can't do without it and that is how I was exposed to such crap. Carry on.

Skepticfrog said...

Kay Bigh

Arrogant little prick you are, ain't you?
BTW: were you too ritually mutilated?
Your ghoulish attitude towards the victims, plus the tone and mannerism fits the profile - perfectly.

This is a new place (assignent) for you - evidently.
Eventually you'll learn, that your antics and uncouth demeanor without a modicum of decorum, is looked upon here with utter derision.

Readers, writers and visitors here as rule, are of higher caliber than you're accustomed to.
Suggest you adjust - if you can.

Skepticfrog said...

Kay Bigh

Ooops, I forgot:
You may not be ignorant about electricity - like vacuum cleaners, irons, wall sockets and such.
However, you appear to be quite uninformed about electronics, Li-Ion batteries and the iPhone5's operational characteristics - including battery usage under various parameters.

FYI: Electrics and electronics are two very significantly different fields. Knowledge of one doesn't bestow expertise of the other.

Anonymous said...


There's nothing "electronic" about a lithium ion battery, nor are they the latest technology. They're just batteries.

I'm glad you brought up the difference though. The power grid in the U>S> is 120V 60 Hz, but in Europe it's 120V 50 Hz. If your phone charger is designed for one, and you have it plugged into another charging your phone, the last place you want it is up in your ass. Another frequency would affect the impedance, which ,in turn, would change the voltage across the inductor and the current flow in any capacitor. You could get arcing. With staph, strep, hep A-Z up in there, you don't want any open sores. A staph infection could make the first day of the rest of your life the last day of the rest of your life.

Irons and toasters and light bulbs aren't affected by changes in frequency, only by voltage.

Just good advice there, smartypants

K, Bye
Kay Bigh

Anonymous said...

Comrades don't get mad and don't feed the trolls. May you have a nice day.

Skepticfrog said...

Kay Bigh

This is FUNNY.
European voltage is 220V., NOT 110V.
The 50 or 60 Hz doesn't matter for electronics, only for electrics, vacuum cleaners and such. (Dual voltage hair dryers run a little slower - they have brushless motors; 50 hz makes them slower). However, see, those electronic things all work on low volts, and DC current Kay boy. (Do you know what DC current is?)
I spend about 4-5 mos in Europe currently, and I plan 10-11 mos there starting this fall. (The rest of the year I plan elsewhere, but not in the US). My current smartphones (HTC & LG) have multi-voltage chargers 105-240V; only need the correct wallplug adapter. Ditto for my laptops, shavers, camera batteries. It gets better: I just took over (to Europe) a small laser Samsung WiFi printer; dual(!) voltage. Plugged it in with a plug adapter to 220V and viola! - it worked immediately. The feed to the phone - all Android smartphones' - is 5V DC on whatever continent, with USB - micro-USB ends. The IPhone also uses a 5V DC feed, but the plug to the phone is proprietary.

You say: "would change the voltage across the inductor". To the inductor? Really? The inductor? in an electric (or electronic) household device? What the f**k is an inductor?
And do you really know what a capacitor is?
I don't think so. Did you know that they can tolerate reasonable range voltage (potential) variations (but not current (ampres)) - unless sized for it?

Shit, I built transistor radios when I was only 13, yup, 13, from scratch(!) for fun, yes, using raw, individual transistors, diodes, rectifiers, resistors, capacitors and built my own circuitboard. I did use a circuit diagram, I knew (and still know) how to read it; I did not design the circuitry.

You are a total ignoramus, and not particularly bright one either.

You're talking utter nonsense - ridiculous, disjointed nonsense.

Your medical info is crap too. Strep(tococcus) infections are infections of the breathing passages. Staph is a bit more widespread, but it's still not an internal (organ invasive) infection.
Hep(atitis) is an infection of the liver(!), and are only A,B & C variants, not A-Z. You are really astonishingly ignorant about these things.
The big deal "there" would be the coliform bacteria, but you would not know that, based on your disjointed ignorant rant.

Skepticfrog said...

To the readers here:

Kay Bigh

I want to expose this fraud for what he is, that's why the ongoing:

Like this statement:
"There's nothing "electronic" about a lithium ion battery, nor are they the latest technology. They're just batteries."
This is BS from beginning to end.

The latest commercially USEABLE technology IS Li-Ion. From a practical point of view, it is the indeed latest technology. Liquid sodium (and variants) batteries have higher storage density and are the latest experimentals I know of, but they are at present impractical and unsafe.

Submarines run on Li-Ion, cars, phones, and a crapload of other stuff. It is not "just another battery".
To compare Li-Ion to lead-acid is plain stupid. It's like comparing a moped to a Harley-Davidson Tourer. Yah, both will get you from A to B on two wheels using gasoline, but that's it.

Li-Ion is "electronic" b/c for the most, it's used in DC current low-voltage electronic equipment. It has a very high charge density, can be charged faster, slow to fade (keeps its charge)(LSD type), and doesn't have the "memory effect".

I don't like bullshitting ignoramuses, pretending to be knowledgeable, throwing nonsense around b/c they figure everybody is even more ignorant than they are.

est said...

don't even bother with that stupid fuck, seriously
he is poison, just as a snake

an intellect, no matter
how strong, is no match
for superior intuition

and mine says > fuck that guy <

capice ? both of you ?

in light and love

Anonymous said...


You are a ton of electronic-electrics smart. One thing puzzles me with you spending so much time in Europe. I don't recall ever hearing that you visited Vis. 'Vis' 'vis-ited', coincidence or enemy action?

I made a pun I trust you do not take another meaning. Do you ever plan on visiting him if you haven't already? I'm thinking about it.

another elf

Anonymous said...

est said...

right now
i am looking [east] out a big window, waiting on the sun to rise

i see three trees [ten feet away] but the squirrels aren't up yet
but they will be, soon

i watch them through this window - greys and reds - the reds are much faster but i see the greys can jump six feet or more from tree to tree,

they actually do tree bending for the sheer pleasure, like we used to do,as kids

and birds > robins, doves,sparrows, blue jays
and a couple pilated woodpeckers, young
it is spring here, now

and all the earth is ready to burst forth with all the energy of creation in this garden of vermont and yes, it is eden

but don't come here unless as a tour-ass
'cause you can't handle the truth' [sorry jack nick]

i heard vivaldi wrote the 'four seasons' about vermont
well, he missed the other dozen

don't come here
you might like it too much, and stay
and god knows, we don't need any more flatlanders

i heard if you flattened vermont out, topographically,
it would be bigger than texass

'nuff said
don't come up here

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Shake, to Rattle and to Roll away The Stone.

Skepticfrog said...

Another Elf, #43

I would kike to visit Vis, however, I haven't been to Germany for years (except flight transfers). At my location there, I'm busy with family relations, playing music (hobby, not for income - but still professional level), renovations and refurnishing of two condos, one is in 110 a years old grand old building in the heart of the city; that's a tougher one with 13'-4" ceiling heights (and the more expensive). The second condo I bought last summer, that's much newer - thankfully - that's also a work in progress with having had to replace or refinish ALL floors, renovate the bathroom and the kitchen is yet to be done.
Renovations in Europe are a bitch, let me tell you - especially on two properties at the same time. Since everything is masonry and concrete, the attendant noise, dust and dirt is unbelievable, plus time consuming. Demo is really expensive too, for those very reasons. So, no travel, last summer I did not have any time for fun, travel or relaxation, as summer never even happened (except for the unusual, nasty heat waves - like 40 celsius).

However, the stuff available is light-years ahead of American, in the same price category. What's mainstream there, is high-end luxury in the US. A month ago I had the 110 yrs old outer wood windows replaced, kept the inside ones, as they are very ornate (and nice). The technology is terrific. Double seals, the operable wings both swing and tilt(!). (German tech, Vis can tell you about them) Motor driven aluminum roll-up shutters on the exterior. With the shutters down I now have 3 airspaces for insulation, right now it's triple glazed, as the new one has double pane glass, plus the old/existing inner window's single glass. Awesome.

I just put in induction cook tops. Incredible speed to heat a pot of water, yet no heat or flame. Have gas too, but induction is MUCH-much faster. A highly recommended technology - really. They cost only $50 each.
Induction cook tops are still ultra-exotic in the US.

LED lighting is becoming mainstream in Europe. In the US it's still an (expensive) curiosity. I do not have a single incandescent light in either of my places, and I'm at about 80% LED, 20% CFLs.

Hell, I can pay tolls and parking with my mobile phone over there and fill-up my phones with minutes from an ATM (I don't have a plan yet, due to my ad-hoc disjointed stays).

I could go on more, but there's no point. Vis knows all this stuff and much more - I'm sure.

I'm retired (early - due to the economy post 2008) so I have had the time to pursue these things.

When things (and I) have settled down and Vis is still in Europe, then I'll approach him if a visit is allright, albeit my metaphysical outlook is not as committed and strong as his; I agree with his general outlines and principles, but I just can't get into the depth he has. I read Origami, but he's way over my head most of the time - for which I envy him. That level of spiritual commitment and understanding is awesome to me, and could make my life a lot more peaceful and satisfying if I had it.

Anonymous said...

ISBN 0-07-025119-3

Basic Electronics, Bernard Grob
1989, 1984, 1977, 1971, 1965, 1959 by McGraw-Hill Inc

12-7 Lithium cells, p.280

Chapter 12 is titled: BATTERIES

NOT new technology

Stop worrying about it

Kay Bigh



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