Monday, March 3, 2014

Pop Tart Philosophers and Wallabies in Camouflage

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The banker wars against humanity continue. Here we have an exhaustive example of the greatest expression of irony in some time. Satanic Tool and Banker Butt Boy, John Kerry gives us one of the most dramatic examples of what lengths a person will go to when they are no longer a person but have become a totally, completely and absolutely sold out banker whore. The Unified Nations of the Satanic Rothschild Banking Empire have come together to push for world war with Russia. Slander is piled upon slander. The proof of banker involvement is right there for anyone to see. Here’s a great symbol for something relevant. I’ll leave it for the reader to provide the context.

In today’s posting we’re bypassing the Tribe orchestrated Gay Political Agenda for the Destruction of the Family Unit and Full Court Press to Establish Atheism as the Operative Philosophy of The Western World with Satanism as the State Religion. That title is too big to use for this posting, besides which it not being entirely relevant, because we aren't going to link to the Satanic Tribe inspired Gay Media Patty cake. They took over world media for this purpose, as well as other anti-human intentions that are all about plunging humanity into an even more ugly repeat of what they carried off in the First World War and the Second World War and, of course, The Bolshevik Monstrosity which they were behind. Let’s not forget to mention their near exclusive ownership of all the slaver ships that brought black people in shackles to operate as whipped beasts of burden.

In these days of perpetual moral relativism, you get Pop Tart Philosophers coming round here and elsewhere, snake walking their way around all these things, regardless of the hard cold proof and attendant overwhelming circumstantial evidence; as in their commission of the 9/11 attacks and similar efforts like 7/7, The Madrid Train Station Bombing, the Mumbai attack, The Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook. These people are usually working for them or are them. Always keep in mind the glaring proof, the incidence and events across so many, many years of one terrible activity after another. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is not a wallaby.

It’s not easy living in a world controlled by the central bankers and interpreted by their suffocating media, where everyone around you doesn't want to know, or only wants their piece of the action. One of the main reasons for creating an economic squeeze on the population taking place in a climate of fear and suspicion, is to militate against organized resistance to The Monsters in our Midst.

As cannot be stated too often, there is only one war worth fighting in and that is a war against Bankers. There are all sorts of warfare. Obviously, going up against these fiends in a paramilitary sense is not advisable. Since this is the information age it makes more sense for it to be an information war. This is precisely what Mr. Apocalypse is all about; hence, uncovering, revealing, exposing. It’s all going on. Their appearance of irresistible power is fraying at the seams. All it takes is for the public to refuse to patronize these banks but... that seems to be more than they are capable of becoming aware of, so change must come some other way. I can’t tell how to look at it all. It is so complex. I am not a war time consigliore. I am not a Napoleonic strategist, or any kind of expert on counter insurgency. I’m only a semi-skilled metaphysician and mystic. My activism is an activism of ideals and spiritual practice. This is not to say there is no danger in this route. I got thrown into prison twice because of it and all the usual routes for success at the things I do are closed off; fine with me.

The thing is that activism, whether it be direct and in your face, or that expressed in ideals and informational exposures, comes at a cost, unless... unless, it’s one of those orchestrated activisms that serve the purposes of the hidden and not so hidden elite. Then, then, no matter how perverse or how great a travesty it may be, it’s got the official stamp of approval and celebrities, artists, sports figures and everyone feeding at the trough of paid for illusionary and transitory status, line up to give face time to whatever it is. A perception is created that this is right and that is wrong. It operates in stages so that most people don’t remember how they got from Point A to Point E. The degrees of conditioning are subtly and incrementally changed. They are applied in the schools, in the culture through music, entertainment and literature, in the military and in the workplace.

If you want to be a part of this society as it exists today, you got to give up a piece of yourself and you’re not likely to get it back. You’re going to have to sacrifice things like personal autonomy, honor and dignity. These things seem mere trifles when stacked up against survival and social status. One of the most difficult things in the world is to be in the right and to maintain your awareness of what is right, in a world gone wrong. One of the most difficult things to endure is social opprobrium for the simple maintenance of an objective viewpoint.

One of the great dangers to the crocodile swine, banker elite, is a public where too many members are in possession of an objective awareness. Though it might be difficult to see the relentless assault on objective awareness that is taking place, since it is coming from right angles and wrong angles of indirect actions that work to suppress or redefine states, conditions and objects that are connected to whatever is under attack. If you can delegitimize something that is associated with something else, then you can, by association, delegitimize the something else as well. As obvious as these characters are, they are not without a level of cleverness and they seldom come at something directly, especially if it happens to be true, to the contrary of whatever mendacious lies they are trumpeting.

Is one really a good and honest person by keeping silent about what they know is wrong? How do crimes of omission stack up against crimes of commission? Is it true that a coward dies a thousand deaths but the brave man dies but once? Is it? Two of my favorite thinkers are Montaigne and Montesquieu. There are quite some number of people that I admire and sometimes I think about what it would be like if any of them lived in today’s world. I am hard pressed to find anyone in any position of authority, or public prominence with the stones to tell the truth. Either they didn't get into position to begin with unless they sacrificed all association with it, or they live in fear of the loss of their position or employment. At some point, every single one of us has to make a decision. Either we compromise whatever we might believe, in order to survive and get by in this world, or one throws themselves upon the embrace of the invisible, trusting that they will be fed and nourished by hidden springs.

It’s not the people that change; it’s the laws and rules of the society that change. It’s the way existence is impressed upon the consciousness that is different from one period to another. If this were not an apocalypse our situation would be far direr than it is. As it is, we have to trust that everything is part of a larger plan, or not. As it is, we have to decide what parts of ourselves are too valuable to sacrifice on the altar of conformity. As it is, we have to decide whether to be what we are or what we are not. The world and all its artifice and devices is not more powerful than we. No darkness is so great that a single light cannot pierce it and illuminate ones path. Of course, if one’s path is into the darkness, no light is required.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Tribe's stranglehold over the MSM, the movie "12 Years a Slave" won best picture of the year at the Academy Awards last night; the title of it may contain a stylistic misspelling (it should be "Twelve") but hey, whites have held the black people down for so long, they have not yet had time to learn how to read or write properly. Or so the MSM would have you believe.

The mainstream media, here in the USA, constantly portrays blacks as being intelligent, non-violent, well-dressed, strong, and extremely talented. They also portray them as being the victims of oppression at the hands of the evil, scheming, racist, non-Jewish white man, in much the same way that they portray Jews as being similar victims (think "Holocaust" here).

Turn on the TV at any given moment, and watch any Hollywood movie or episodic TV series, and you'll see blacks being portrayed as everything good, righteous and hard-working, and whites being portrayed as stumbling, bumbling, scheming, evil fools.

The MSM news channels and newspapers are constantly filled with incidents of "racism" and "murder" committed by whites against blacks, the latest example being the white man in Florida who allegedly gunned down some harmless black youths who were sitting in their SUV, innocently listening to a rather loud car stereo, down in racist, hillbilly Florida...

Meanwhile, in reality, here in the "racist" USA, whites are being murdered in record numbers, just for sport, by black people, and far more frequently than in years past - just as the controllers of the Tribe-owned MSM have planned it all.

According to Department of Justice and FBI crime statistics (which the Tribe-owned MSM would not publish in any of their newspapers, nor talk about on any of their TV programs, when the reports were first released a while back), blacks are seven times more likely to murder a white person, than vice versa. In terms of of overall generic crime, whites are 39 times more likely to be the victim of a crime committed by a black man, than vice versa.

There are an average of 35,000 black-on-white rapes reported every year in the USA, and only nine (not a typo) white-on-black rapes reported every year. There are an average of over 3000 black-on-white gang rapes reported every year, and the incidence of white-on-black gang rapes is so rare, it doesn't even show up in the statistics.

Black people, who make up just 12.5% of the population, commit 55% of all the murders in the USA. They also commit 61% of all the robberies.

My point here, is that very few people know the truth about these statistics. The Tribe-owned MSM continually covers up the race of the perpetrators involved in violent crimes, whenever the perpetrator is black, as a matter of routine. And because of this, many white people naively believe that blacks commit very few crimes (because they are just like they are portrayed in Hollywood movies and in TV sitcoms).

The latest fad for white women here in the USA, is to date and/or marry black men. They have been taught that this is, "cool", because black men are strong, smart, talented, hard-working, and big where it counts (another myth peddled as fact). But here's the juice - white women who date or marry black men are over 100 times more likely to be beaten or murdered by their black partners, than is the case for them, with white partners.

But nary a peep about these facts can be read, or heard, virtually anywhere in the Tribe-owned MSM.

We're all slaves when you break it down, but the truth is still the truth - it isn't racist - and if you are a white person here in America, you had better watch your back, because it is open season on white people, and the Tribe-owned MSM is fanning these flames to foment a race war, and if you don't know it, you are an ignorant, brainwashed, hopelessly misguided, sitting duck.

wiggins said... would appear the Tribe are not keen on schwartzers in their own stolen country......Do as I say and not as I do.........hypocrites.

Maya seri said...


I can not let the hogwash that the above poster is trying to pass of fact that troll is definitely tribe sponsored to bring in their wet dream of a black and white war this poster obviously lives in a bubble somewhere with no connection to reality

Thank you Visible of another serving of from the holy grail may you continue to be blessed abundantly


Anonymous said...

An acquaintance suggested reading "Song of the Reich: 'Mein Kampf' in Translation," by Richard S. Hoehler. The book is, of course, out of print. This book really is excellent. The frontispiece dedication is: "To the Universal Pursuit of Truth and Beauty." It is more than just a translation of "Mein Kampf." It also includes commentary by the author/translator and many fine photographs of Germany in the 1930's.


est said...

ignoring the divisiveness
of the first commentator

i have to say that here,
we have the essential

schematic of what's wrong
with society and each of us

if we only stood up for
what we know to be right

we would have no shame
and no reason for recrimination

it is up to us in every way that matters
we have but to realize that and act in accord

i could not be more serious
our continued existence depends upon it

Anonymous said...

To Anon, March 3 3:20 pm

Are Ya Skeered Yet ?
Controlled Also ?
Lose The Fear !
Shed the Darkness Within !

Co-Create With The CREATOR,
the World in which you want to Live.

walking hawk

the gardener said...

RE: "12 Years a Slave" year of release? 2013. minus 12... the '12' hits home subliminally much cleaner than 'twelve' would have.

TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE!!!! now 13 years a slave. Got to bust those chains off that aren't even attached to anything other than our own or another's psyches.

There is a now dim shimmer of a veil to be undone... that chain that binds us to this slavery. Bewitched by that imagery of the 'plane cutting through that building like a hot knife through butter'? Many many layers of trauma based bewitchery by those who wear the skull and the bones as emblems of the elite.

Anti-life as elite... who would have ever thought anything like that would ever be elevated, celebrated or successful? The Anti-Life.

PS-Best Actress, of course, a graduate of Yale drama... lol but to the bewitched dummies she's a cotton picking downtrodden.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Great song!
Any word from The Ineffable with regard to a release date ?

Cici said...

I wouldn't be here if my small town white judge grandaddy hadn't raped my native american teenage grandma and spawned a half breed who then proceeded to marry my black mom spawning the who knows breed that is me. Maybe you should check your a book...
oh and a teeny tiny fuck you, you're the problem...demonstrate that...oh, wait - you just did

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Thank you for the reminders interspersed through the various paragraphs.

Be well, be Alert,

David V said...

I hate to say this, but...Anonymous #1 has his statistics correct, according to what I've read. Being consumed by hatred over the race issue is another matter. I don't consider myself a racist or a bigot, just someone who doesn't shy away from facts that may be unpopular.

I used to work with a number of blacks who were fine people in every way. A couple of them worked for me, and were model employees. But...almost every day now there is another gang-related shooting or two, another robbery, another carjacking reported down in the city. The news people never mention race, but just looking at the street addresses tells all you need to know. There are white crimes in the news, too. But the relative percentages are something like 5-to-1, maybe worse.

As for the latest war whoop hooplah...Quoth John "Heinz 57" Kerry: "And the reason for this, David, is because you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests." I had to nail both hands to the seat of my chair, just to keep from ripping my ears from my head at the sheer irony of that one, plus the stupidity of US MSM consumers who sit complacently chewing the cud while such blatant zingers sail over their heads.

How do you nail one hand when the other one has already been nailed? You need help, I guess.

My wife and I were just talking about why it is that things which appear blindingly obvious to us, especially regarding the cause-and-effect nature of where everything is headed, do not appear obvious to anyone else. She talked about people not wanting to see or hear, or being too busy with the daily minutia of their lives. I still don't get it though. At SOME point they HAVE to wake up, just a little bit. Don't they? Is it really this bad?


Anonymous said...

Hey what do you know..."Purim" - that unique jewish holiday which celebrates death and destruction of non-jews is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Once again - the jewish racists get their holiday gifts of death and destruction of yet another non-jewish nation - Ukraine- and revenge, sanctified by their "religion", against their current enemy number one - Putin (and Russians in general - the current barrier to the establishment of the Jew World Order).
Reject the Judeo-World Revoltuion!
Resist the Jew World Order!

Ray B. said...

Vis: "The degrees of conditioning are subtly and incrementally changed."

One of the (semi-trivial) ways I watch this is in the blurbs for new TV shows each year. Since I still have long-term memory (mostly -grin-), I contrast current offerings with those running back. There has been a subtle darkening over the years, but the last few years have been a full-court-press for the bottom. I am horrified for those who simply sop it up. Personally, I am reduced to cherry-picking mostly older shows that still had light. I fear for the young...
Vis: "As obvious as these characters are, they are not without a level of cleverness and they seldom come at something directly..."

I am reminded of the SF movie, "Serenity", where Mal (the Captain) is talking to Derrial Book (the Shepherd), who was a crew-member in the TV series. In an unelaborated back-story, the Shepherd often implies that he worked for the intelligence-community before 'seeing the light'. He tells Mal that the baddies are coming after him, but Mal will never see them because they will come at him sideways - like a crab.

(In trying to find this quote, I visited several "Serenity" quotation pages [imdb, Rotten Tomatos, etc.] and found loads of familiar quotes - including by the Shepherd. But, this one quote is never found. If I were one of "dem dar Conspeerasee nuts", I might suspect that this was a 'sensitive' area for intelligence types and was censored out...)
The following was evidently not sensitive enough (grin):

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: "It's of interest to me how much you seem to know about that world."

Shepherd Book: "I wasn't born a shepherd, Mal."

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: "You have to tell me about that sometime."

Shepherd Book: [pause] "No, I don't."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#11--Yeah, I'd say ghetto trash is ghetto trash, regardless of what colour. It's just more blacks live there due to circumstances and irresponsible attitudes fostered by government policy. It's hard to get out if you're born into that, and the good guys have to suffer for that. Example:

Nigerian Law Student Gets Plastered By Worthless Caged Gerbil Shooter (cop) For No Reason

And I've had tons of black co-workers tell me of getting 'profiled'. And I must also say two of the best systems analysts I ever worked with were black. (Dallas, TX.) Though I do NOT excuse the 'knockout' players and all that. Looking at human psychology, I'm not surprised, though. If you're pissed, have nothing to lose, most tend to cast the blame somewhere, and eventually something blows.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. And guess who's the most terrified of being targeted?! Rightfully so, I might say. Maybe later this year?


Anonymous said...

David V -

"I still don't get it though. At SOME point they HAVE to wake up, just a little bit. Don't they? Is it really this bad?"

I've seen situations like this only on a smaller scale. Some people just never do get it. During a recent visit to the US I encountered a person claiming that if only they'd hung on a little longer, they'd have whupped-ass in Vietnam. Defeat was due to the war protesters.

I'm convinced that many people will go to their graves ignoring what's in front of their faces, believing only what they've been taught to believe.


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me, the sheer depth and scope of poorly thought-out, typo-infected comments that appear at these blogs. It gives me great hope that one day, all of the people who believe they are awake (while being unable to write, or express themselves, in any coherent fashion) will be no more. I think the Masons call them the "Profane"? Whatever they are, they aren't worth exchanging barbs with. It would be kind of like exchanging barbs with children who have Downs Syndrome. With that being said, everybody on this earth is in a particular location, awareness-wise. If you aren't in the upper tier, you're wherever you are. And wherever you are, you can't possibly refute the positions of people who are stationed at a higher plateau. No matter what you say, it only serves to make those who reside on the rungs of the ladder above you, realize that that they did indeed come from where you currently reside, and they have no desire to back up on the pathway of awareness, and explain to you, exactly why you are hopelessly lost. Y'all have a nice day now.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

Troll City. If you can't tell which ones they are, look for poor grammar, lack of logic, questionable relationships to truth, beauty and goodness. Yes, it's really this bad. People can stay afraid and dumb seemingly forever. It's scary out here. Yet I will "Fear not." As best I can. "Make me an instrument of your peace, Lord." As best I can. "Where He leads me, I will follow." As best I can. "I'll go with him through the garden." As best I can. "Love your neighbor as yourself."

As best I can.



jeff said...

How do crimes of omission stack up against crimes of commission?

Wow. What a way to ask for everyone to inventory their personal MO.. Love you man. You have something with words. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Most "White nationalist and/or "White racialist" sites, particularly in the U.S. and Western Europe, are covertly run by Kosher KKKlowns. Anyone who cares to can google "Jews pretending to be White Nationalists" for further clarification.

JerseyCynic said...

"It’s not easy living in a world controlled by the central bankers and interpreted by their suffocating media, where everyone around you doesn't want to know, or only wants their piece of the action."

...and here I remain....stuck in the middle with you, Visible

"nice driveway"

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

All is not Quiet on the International Front of Selfishness.

10th Dentist said...

The initial post here is reflective of the anger the early stages of awakening conjures. I find it amazing that his post has met with such intolerance when everything stated is true. Being labeled a troll after citing exactly what the sab's don't want out in the mainstream is very telling as well. If we're all so fvcking enlightened here perhaps imparting some of your illustrious wisdom to help him get beyond the anger might be in order. Naw!!!! that would require compassion and grace.

Anonymous said...

Comrades don't bee wayciss. Chicago Jesus is the one who loves the world and will save us all. Oprahpottamus told me so and it must be true. America bee so wayciss there will never be a halfrican queen for president or high yellow flim flam for attorney general.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to reply to comment #16:

Smart people aren't always right. Stupid people aren't always wrong. And people who have severe mental and emotional issues are not always devoid of insight.

Courage is more important than brains and kindness is more important than courage.

There is no wisdom without humility. Certainty is for fools.


Anonymous said...

10th dentist....good point. I would like to point out that people are more likely to commit suicide than be murdered. People are more likely to hurt in an industrial, recreational or car accident than be injured by an assailant. If what I have read is correct then the probability of one being injured by criminal assault is less than 1 in a thousand.

But, then again, as Mark Twain pointed out: there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we are all victims of social engineering. Such a thing as free choice? Nietzsche and Tolstoy didn't seem to think so.


10th Dentist said...

McCob-From the 1920's on there have been very few individuals who have escaped social engineering. Check the list of Guggenheim Fellows and the Frankfurt School Alums. It's what they do, it's all they do!!!!

There are times I envy the boy raised by wolves. You know the kinder, gentler wolf.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I believe Tolstoy was excommunicated for his choice.

Anonymous said...

It is actually economics that is destroying the Family Unit, not Gays, sir. Amazing how "opting out" of traditional "family" is seen as an act of aggression. It's not. It is just people doing their own thing. Live and let live.
And, remember, we are all being forced to do the Viley Cyrus together, blacks, whites, hispanics, middle class, gays, women, etc.
Your divisiveness is stunning.

Visible said...

Maybe if you paid more attention to what you were reading you would know that what is being argued here is the offensive totally Zionist pushed Gay Political Agenda and has nothing to do with gays. If you are so compromised and devoted to your lifestyle being more important than that of the vast majority, that's known as sexual fascism. Political Correctness is a monstrous thing.

Economics? Bullshit. They're forcing kids in kindergarten and elementary school to learn what no child needs to be exposed to. I stand by what I say and you've no real argument to counter any of it.



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