Friday, March 14, 2014

The Evil Scourge of Zionist Hate; Anti-Gentilism

My talk in Zurich has been cancelled due to a complaint from the Swiss Israel Association.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Apologies for skipping Visible Origami this morning but something happened that should be discussed at another location with wider reach and that location would be Smoking Mirrors. I will head directly to Origami tomorrow.

Before we get to the real news of the hour, let's play a video of the cancelling of the 'No whites allowed at diversity event'.

As you are watching the video you are thinking, "what Zionazi robot was behind this"? Then, toward the end, this bull dyke comes on and lets you know who that Zionazi robot is that was behind this perversity unhappy hour AND... AND... (drum roll) she's white!!! Amazing! It's pretty much the same mindset of that waitress who wrote the gay slur on the restaurant receipt and then got caught and subsequently fired. This behavior is a direct mirroring of all of the so called anti-Semitic events that turn out to have been actually committed by the very people complaining about them. A few years ago an investigation in France revealed that the majority of anti-Semitic attacks were performed by the people complaining about them.

Mr. Visible's speaking engagement at one of the Central Banker Central locations in Zurich was cancelled due to the usual whining by local AshkeNAZI heavyweights from the Swiss Israel Association. Here they are.

As anyone knows, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are the two locations where the Zionists keep all of their stolen money. This is where the money sits until they decide to fuel a new conflict somewhere in the world, such as The Ukraine, or Syria, or Libya, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Iran, or any of the places where they are the moneymen and ideologues behind the conflict. They start these wars for two reasons. One is to make a profit and the other is to maintain discord in world affairs so as to also make a profit. Like the famous Satanist, Mother Rothschild said, "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none" This is right from the mouth of that deranged Wombat. She said this. Here's a little history on this Nazgul Dynasty. Let us not forget what the infamous Satanist, Mayer Amschel Rothschild said; "Give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes the laws". I've also seen, ""Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws". He said this. He said this and it verifies what rules the mindset in Banker owned nations, or nations where banking is the main industry.

When I was informed that I had become a victim of one of the latest forms of virulent racial hatred, the scourge of Anti-Gentilism, my mind didn't register anything, I just said, "Oh... Okay". I am proud of myself and my increasing control of the reactive mind. In fact, I wasn't actually going to say much about the Zionist Anti-Gentilists and their responsibility for 9/11...

Israel Did 9/11

...and all of the false flag attacks on the planet, or the genocide of the Palestinians, or their gratuitous and cavalier mass murdering of people across the Middle East, in the pursuit of absolute hegemony and iron fisted control over anyone and anything; not to mention the performance of the most heinous tortures, well past anything the Nazis got up to, in my talk at Zurich. I intended to focus on personal practices you could perform to separate yourself from their tactics of pervasive mind control through their ownership of the media, entertainment, music, publishing and art spheres.

Their treatment of the Ethiopian Blacks and Bedouins in the lands they stole from The Palestinians is made all the more reprehensible given that they were the primary force engaged in shipping slaves to the new world.

All these things are known and all these things are true and that is why they are tirelessly engaged in suppressing people like myself and others and relentlessly in opposition to Truth in any of its forms because the truth is anathema to them, inasmuch as they are The Chosen People of the Father of Lies.

The time of their judgment is coming, as it has long been fore-ordained. They know that they do evil for the sheer joy of it and they know that they are agents of the darkness, with one manic, driving ambition and that is the pursuit of self interests by any and all means necessary. This is why they have an international network of the dedicated, who seek out all opposition everywhere and engage in slander and suppression of that opposition, as is the case with Dieudonne and many another. This is why they have that McDonald's like franchise of Holocaust centers all over the world. These exist to turn humanities attention away from their being the orchestrators of the greatest holocausts the world has ever seen, in Russia, The Ukraine and Armenia. They owned the banks and politicians in London which caused the Irish Famine. They were behind a great many other crimes as well.

We are all Palestinians these days and these worker of evil, spread racial and cultural hatred of whites thru all of the gay and black organizations that they run. Once again all of this is true and one only needs look at who finances or runs these operations. There's nothing speculative here. There is no artifice or fanciful creation going on here. These things are true.

Were it not that most of the world is a seething mass of fearful cowardice, or so immersed in superficial distractions, the perpetrators of Anti-Gentilism would be easily seen by all. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse is on the job and awakening is proceeding. There was a poll conducted in Germany (which they closed down once they saw which way the wind was blowing) where 78% said it was hypocritical of the west. Read the link. It says it all. Mr. Apocalypse will not be stopped

I'm not concerned about the Anti-Gentilism that was behind my speaking event being cancelled. Even though I am a victim of racism and a victim of the war against free speech and truthtelling, I'm not distressed. I can give that talk in my office here on video and put it up for everyone who was going to attend. I don't have to 'appear' anywhere. Even though YouTube is also owned by this force, there are many other places to post videos. It would be far better if I could find a videographer to shoot it for me, given that I move around and all but we'll see about that; all things at the proper time.

You can, perhaps, silence a particular representative of Truth. You can marginalize and slander a particular source of Truth ...but you cannot silence Truth itself. It can't be done. The force for Truth is greater than all the armies arrayed before it. The power to oppose Truth comes from the same single source as the power to express it. That source can affect either in any way it chooses at any time. They have the 'appearance of power' but those who legitimately represent the Truth are in possession of real power and not just the appearance of it. Should they eliminate any particular individual expression, that act will exponentially amplify the words and actions of the one so eliminated; keeping in mind that they were not eliminated so much as promoted to a higher plane of existence.

They can bring forth their battalions of lying lawyers and soulless bureaucrats. They can pound the podiums around the world and they can jabber like the retarded goblins that they are. They can fill a thousand rooms with noise and demand that politicians the world over, bend over for some infernal sodomizing at their command, or rise to applaud their insidious lies in the houses of government. They can mutilate the school books and attempt to socially engineer the public into twisted travesties upon themselves but it will be to no avail. All of this is for the purpose of demonstration and the time is coming... the time is coming when their day of judgment will arrive.

These screeching harridans from Hell can squeeze every ounce of malice from their contorted and grimacing features, in manufactured outrage and false victimization. It's a hard argument to make when they own most everything and are presently industriously engaged in getting their hands on the rest. It's an impossible argument when the facts show that these neo-cons were behind the run-up and cheerleading behind every violent conflict in recent memory. The first thing they did in The Ukraine was to take all of the Ukraine's gold and ship it to New York, along with appointing Oligarchs to the governorships in Eastern Ukraine. Could it be more blatant? Could the motives be any more transparent than they are? What is the usual genetic background of an Oligarch? Duh...

Yes, these days, the most terrible social plague in operation is Anti-Gentilism. It's going on full time nearly everywhere, as those so inclined, spread hatred and dissension around the world, with the single intention of raising Hell on Earth. For those frozen in cowardice, or immersed in whatever distractions occupy their every sleepwalking moment, a similar fate as that which awaits their controllers is right around the corner. It only differs in degree.

For some of us, what is right and good and true, is far more important than our personal dreams and ambitions. These things are meaningless when the world is not right, or good, or true. Far too many can say to themselves, "Well, that's just how it is. I might as well get mine while I can. You got to look out for Number One. You got to treat yourself right and it doesn't matter whatever it may take to do it, or what the cost to others might be. It's everyone for themselves." The state of the world at this time and the general mindset that one encounters should raise all kinds of red flags that we are most certainly in a period of cosmic demonstration.

We shall all too soon, unfortunately, see what the consequences of such attitudes will bring. Let the fat cats squawk all they want about their injured rights to run roughshod over the rights of others. Let those who are steeped in iniquity continue as they will and let all define and demonstrate what it is they are, by their every word and deed. The recording angel is recording. The silent witness is witnessing and the prosecuting angel is getting fitted for his robes. ♫It's going to be a hot time in the old town tonight♫

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Am sorry your talk was cancelled, we live in a very dark world still. However, thank you for suggesting the singing detective was worth watching, am enjoying it! I didn't appreciate it when it first was released. best wishes andy of sydney

zhaburbs said...

Had a chuckle or two at seeing news about the flunkier of the two flunky colleges (actually that's debatable...) here in my neck of the woods. Believe me, there would likely be a mile-long conga line of other bull-dyke nitwits just as painfully oblivious to irony as the one in the video lined up to fill her boots. Of course these are of the same breed as those one may casually witness about town sporting kuffiyehs and talking BDS over a steaming hot cup of Starbucks, or chatting up the little Tribe troopers hawking junk wares at every kiosk in the mall because everyone deserves a chance, right? Olympia is a moronstrocity, for lack of a better term, but at least it's had Clif and Rachel.

I hope your speaking engagement will be swiftly rescheduled - people need to be exposed to the truths written of in this article all day, every day. Good thing you're relentless in writing these things; sometimes I feel like I'm barking at trees, and barking at trees can imbalance the cynicism and certitude levels.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, one can always do their videos on the less censored Vimeo, or Truetube or Trutube. What amuses me is that whenever youtube does take something down, if always comes up somewhere else later. Someone saved it, reposted it, or what ever. happens all the time, with a note: SAVE IT SINCE THEY'RE GONNA REMOVE IT AGAIN, but eventually somewhere it stays up. The truth can be postponed, but not stopped.

Also, if the wrong side of history knew anything, 'dead' is the wrong place they would want the opposition. I assume there isn't more inter-planer intervention because most let go of this place after they've moved on. I mean, you think I'm gonna stick around for petty vengeance? Huh! My vengeance is exile from my worlds after I get there, if I'll even be so inclined; which I might not be; though my head space is NOT there right now. There are several individuals who I really don't want to see again, much less show off my 'art' to.

seri maya said...


You have always reminded me what the prophets of old would say and do.

Rage on Prophet of the one True Devine Creator Please Rage on.


Lance said...

Not only is this organizer white, she appears to be of the gay persuasion.

Visible said...

Lance; Ya think? (grin)

Visible said...

I thought I would share this video I just discovered from one of my favorite jazz bands, "Stuff". In the process of finding this I discovered that Cornell Dupree died almost 2 years ago and I never heard about it. These guys really had the groove in their day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,the link didn't work the last time I posted it..
A must watch-

In the Shadow of Hermes - Juri Lina (Full Length) Genocide of 65 Million


Visible said...

Jesus! I was just over here Check it out! This is where that neo Nazi Bull Dyke operates out of. Unreal! Check out the slide show. Feel free to tell them what you think, I definitely did.

Too busy to hotlink.

Anonymous said...


"Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Dylan Thomas


Anonymous said...

This sounds like the video that wouldn't load:

Never seen such a self-hating-white-bleeding-heart-liberal-bull-dyke in the wild before.

DaveR said...

Well, what did you expect from a bunch of Neanderthals anyway? Sorry, no active link. Copy and paste my friends:

Visible said...

Dave; they had me listed as a neanderthal a few years ago, probably because I turned down a radio interview with them. It' probably still out there somewhere. I know it's linked in the comments of one of the posts somewhere (grin).

Moving right along.

Visible said...

Like Dr. Chilton said in one of the Lecter films, "It's so rare to have one in captivity".

Anonymous said...

"Come away for a while, from external things,from the pleasure of the senses,from the arguments of the intellect, from the noise and the excitements of the world, and withdraw yourself into the inmost chamber of your heart, and there, free from the sacrilegious intrusion of all selfish desires, you will find a deep silence, a holy calm, a blissful repose, and if you will rest awhile in that holy place, and will meditate there, the faultless eye of Truth will open within you.
This holy place within you is your real and eternal self; and only when you identify yourself with it can you be said to be "clothed in your right mind." It is the abode of peace, the temple of wisdom, the dwelling-place of immortality."
James Allen

How about the greatest mystery in aviation history? We have an entirely compromised "1 + 1 = 3" media feeding us....fudged pictures of...IRANIANS (booga--booga!) Transponder turned off...ala 9/11. :)
I'll venture those passengers have been "ritualized" as a portent of the bloodshed to come.

Find that space within your heart!
All the best!

Ginnie said...

Hey! Years ago I watched David Copperfield make a commercial plane disappear on TV.

Magic! It's a gas.

"What'a bunch'a maroones!"

They can't even be original in their lies...and the sloppy work!

Igor! Back to the underworld laboratory!

Or they could call David.

est said...

@ 10:58


DaveR said...

Well, I have had some neanderthal friends. Good friends ... close and personal friends!


Ray B. said...

Vis: "Should they eliminate any particular individual expression, that act will exponentially amplify the words and actions of the one so eliminated; keeping in mind that they were not eliminated so much as promoted to a higher plane of existence."


Darth Vader: "Your powers are weak, old man."

Obi-Wan: "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

In case anyone needs a cathartic purge. . .

Ed Norton's monologue in the mirror from "25th Hour" released 2002. He'd probably go even further in 2014. Link:

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Whenever you hear the words "fake/stolen passports" who springs to mind? Yep.

They're not called "the usual suspects" for no reason.

marilyn said...

les, it another way. i liked your last saved me from riding on one of their sinking ships, like those big boats and falling airplanes..
got into a discussion the other day about love being enough versus violent destruction of the evil ones...boy, was i outnumbered.:) anyway, love releases the imagination and it's awesome what you can do with that.
fear and cowardice keep people in their little boxes..i'm free-ranging..:)
love you, les and everyone else.
ps..i think i need a unique ad to search for workers/helpers.

Anonymous said...

That obscenely freakish girl is a jew.

Am I supposed to respond to such child psychology? Dissed by uninvited party crashers in my house? They follow white people everywhere. It's all white people can do to avoid them, and that's almost against the law.

Sir Lee Ness

Peaches said...

Has anyone else gone back to this particular blog of Vis' to find that it has disappeared?

Lucky I saved the page. Wonderful as always Vis. More confirmation for the truth. Bang, Pow!

I also wanted to thank poster above who suggested the video by Juri Lina.

I'm about 40 minutes into it and it is very interesting with can't be beat historical footage.

Love, Peaches

10th Dentist said...

I didn't see things going well for you in Ziotropolis. Just further proof of the intolerance. I read Burgess's novel "The Wanting Seed" in high school and it opened my eyes to the real nature of the dystopian application. This was written back in 62' and described a world where gays had become the preferred citizen due to the threat of over population. They held virtually all upper level management positions in government and the corporate world. This was all initially laughable to me back in the 70's. One of the main characters was straight and married , but had to pretend to be gay to keep his job. Burgess was along with Orwell, Huxley, Toffler and many others were predictive programmers who through Janus and the Fabian Society had gotten a tutelage and privileged treatment to roll out the playbook.



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