Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Down the Liars Highway to Hell at Turbo Speed.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques, interspersed with music (technology permitting) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Pressure finds all kinds of outlets, when general pressure moves to a particular point on the gauges. You know, the end of things as we know them, must be close indeed when the hypocrisy reaches a level like this. Just think of the awesomeness of the figurehead of the Justice Department talking about cracking down on Heroin when the government he works for, is providing the military protective details that guard the place the heroin comes from and which they invaded the country to take possession of. You got your scumbags and you got your sleaze balls, you got your skells and skanks and all of them have high profile jobs in the Zionist occupied American government. They head up the Justice Department= Holder. They’re in Howdy Doody’s cabinet; Susan Rice, Samantha Power at the UN. Howdy Doody, I’m not going to call him by whatever name it was he used to go by. Now, he’s Howdy Doody.

Tribe Media is barreling down the Hell Highway of Lies at Turbo Speed (forget Turbo Speed, this is Warp Speed) concerning Syria now. It’s overkill. There’s at least half a dozen individual articles and maybe closer to a dozen at this Israeli propaganda site. Why are they jacking this up? Of course they’re all about OVERKILL to begin with; Purim is coming up soon and the blood hunger gets very strong around any one of these satanic holidays. They start getting erections every time they think about the blasted limbs of dead children or some kind of mass kill and all their little Tribe helpers (who really work for the men in the shadows, who we never see and whose names we never get- and who are probably Tribe too (grin)). Hey! Two of those look like a double chin grin, if I were to put a colon before them.

The reason they are hothousing the Syrian thing with all kinds of sick, faux humanitarian sops, is because they think they got Putin preoccupied with The Ukraine.

Today, Mr. Visible is watching some Military Industrial Murder Porn that’s right down there with Zero Snark 30 Minutes or Less (but it’s not pizza they are delivering) and Affleck and the ARGO-snots, called Lone Survivor. I’m rooting for The Taliban. That’s how despicable my country has become in my mind.

Here’s a curious article. It looks like this site works for The Darkside, which I pretty much assumed all along. What a badly fabricated piece of disinfo this is. You’d think they’d go after something a little slicker. He attracts an unusual audience; I’ll say that for him; given the comments you often see there. You would really need to have an IQ south of 100 to believe this kind of shit. Meanwhile, Putin hasn’t done a damn thing. They just want to fuck with him because he’s the only person with a conscience or who isn't an owned catamite of The Talmudians.

This is the hardest part of my job. Given the prolific output; the sheer volume and the general subject matter (except for Origami) it’s hard to avoid giving critical takes on things. What I have to say about that is that any legitimate criticism of myself is also far and well and when something is ‘relevant’, I take it to heart. You don’t get very far up the road if you are unwilling to address your blind spots and shortcomings. Generally, it’s just ambushing from the underbrush by, low to the ground sidewinder weasels, fueled by resentment or paid for the task and just want to throw me off stride. There’s seldom any constructive criticism involved, just a lot of baiting and cursing me out. It’s the result of not reading what gets said here with any care, so that a person who generally doesn't pay the kind of attention it takes to get the specificity of what’s being said, doesn't get the picture. Ergo, one who is like this, or too heavily invested in the subject matter to be objective, would come to think I have some kind of a hardon for the Gay Community (now there’s an interesting turn of a phrase.) when I have most enjoyably socialized with them all my adult life and count some number of them as friends.

It seems that these days there is a new kind of gay running around, programmed to the agenda and with a kind of exclusivity elitism that I haven’t seen before. They're kind of like backdoor sexual stormtroopers. The gays I know have zero interest in gay marriage, or any of the Tribe issues that are shoehorned into the program. It should come as no surprise that Tel Aviv is the top tourist spot for gays in the world, surpassing even New York and San FranCrisco. It really makes you wonder about that place, especially when you got things like this. There’s a telling little soundbite in there that says, “Despite the fact that Ultra-Orthodox Jews make up ten percent of Israel’s eight-million strong population, the majority of them refuse to work, and instead study full-time in religious institutions.” It shouldn't be hard to guess who pays for that. It’s the same people who provide the canon fodder for their (cue Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross)), ♫my endless war♫

The world cannot continue as it is. The Invisible Powers that Be, are not going to allow it. You can see the subtle emergence of many things, designed toward influencing the culture and redefining the moral code. They like to tweak it a little at a time, so as not to notice. Well, the sleeping dead are going to start noticing at breakfast. This is the kind of subtle I’m talking about.

A lot of this is because Mr. Apocalypse is turning events and attention to the detriment of the sons and daughters of chaos and darkness. You got to admit, this guy pulls no punches. The level of double speaking absurdity has moved past the formerly comical into an area no longer possible for definition by words. In order for human intelligence to drop to a level where this kind of garbage can be viewed with something other than ridicule and contempt, the bar has to be lowered by any means necessary and of course, when intelligence and discipline go down, the general behavior of an entire culture, steeped in material excess, acts out in the most contemptible, indifferent and ignorant manner possible. What was formerly known as a shit sandwich has now expanded into club sandwiches and foot long subs.

God! This is a terrible movie. The glorification of patriotic bombast and pointless self sacrifice performed in foreign lands, where Banker Wars are fought to maintain Banker drug empires is nothing short of amazing. God bless Broad Daylight Awareness. To be able to see things in all their shameful splendor is an experience indeed. The perks to seeking, speaking and observing the truth are massive and you would think this would appeal across the board to us all but... there’s that cognitive disconnect again. That there is such a large number of millions who support Howdy Doody, short circuits the mind. By what exercise of perverted logic and twisted reason do they continue from day to day, accepting what is demonstrably true right on the surface?

Of all the things it is difficult for me to understand, this has to be at the head of the list. It seems that it must be truly thick samskaras and they must be being kept in place by the will of the invisible hierarchy. It must be karma of some kind; collective karma. Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is banging on those giant Taiko Drums that are pulled by fire breathing dragons in harness, on enormous wagons. Slowly, at times, seemingly, all too slowly, eyes are opening. I can only imagine... because all signs point in this direction that... for the majority, breast stroking in the Waters of Lethe, awakening is not possible without the necessary special effects. So it is that epic tragedy comes on to the menu and we see the signs in the widespread western drought, the drought in Brazil (that’s a biggie) and the dying honey bees. We don’t have much better friends than those tireless worker jewels in the crown of Lady Nature; the humble honey bee. What an expression of her magnificent generosity they are but when we have lost our generosity, Nature begins to withhold her own because Nature is a mirror. This is an immeasurably powerful reality for one who understands what that means.

We see the emerging troubles in conflicts around the world. We see a level of corruption in our leadership, the like of which has not been around since who knows when. It’s never been good but... now? It’s horrid. ♫strange days have found us♫

I get up every day and I’m near always in a good mood but today, there has been this nervous energy that is difficult to process. I think it’s why I have the champagne in the icebox. I just pulled it off a shelf as I went by and I don’t usually buy that item more than once a year at the obvious time. Something is going on I think, ♫something is moving, under the scenery born in the darkness deep in the depths of the sea♫ etc. Something is going on to make the atmosphere vibrate as it is doing.

My god, how I wish I could bring the good news and... I try. I dedicate my mind to that effort but what is at the moment, still is at the moment; the deception of appearances aside. My friends... we must yet struggle a little ways longer. We cannot know what waits around the turn but the ineffable knows our names and the ineffable knows our hearts and the ineffable is marching right alongside us; is the source of the energy that allows us to continue. Knowing this, how can one fail to continue in optimism? All it takes is faith, certitude and determination. Of all the things Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was fond of repeating, he mentioned those three things as much as he ever did anything else. Look at his pictures. He was over a hundred years old at the time. When they found him in the jungles of Ceylon (which it was called at the time), forty plus years before he came to America, he had a white beard. He was sitting up in the crotch of a tree. When he spoke, there was an incandescent light all around him. It was visible, at least to me it was. He radiated. The very existence of such souls should be proof positive that there is a hidden kingdom of great power that shapes our destinies; that can shape our destinies should we permit it to. He is living proof of what we can be, if we walk in the footsteps of any of the great ones.

Now "The Green Zone" is playing. I must be a glutton for punishment.

Anyone still on the fence about certain things needs only to read this article.

End Transmission.......

Sunday’s radio broadcast is up for streaming.

Many thanks to that tireless warrior for Truth, Manfred Petritsch, also known by his screen name, ‘freeman’ for publicizing the event in Zurich.

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Mick Hoss said...

Have you seen/heard of this book? Blatant propaganda and indoctrination in our schools. Google the 2004 book title and you'll find words like "curriculum" and "lesson plan".
Read the reviews! Here we witness the creation/perpetuation of a myth:
"During the reading, near the end, on the page that stated quietly "Now the towers are gone," I had very quiet acceptance of the missing towers. The author tells the story with such reverent delight (if it was ever possible to combine the two, Gerstein has) that children naturally fall in and accept the story as is. "The Man Who Walked Between The Towers" has become one of my favorite children's books and has earned a spot in my teaching "bag of tricks."" Abracadaver.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Vis. Sounds like you are having a rough one today.I think the cure is to grab a beer, pop a prozac, and watch a little TV,(Grin). Impossible to go back isn't it. I lost the reverse in my motor years ago although I can't imagine ever using it again. I give you a lot of credit, saying what you say.If I tried that here in the US the people would beat me up before TPTB took me out. Hope the day improves.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Last paragraph. Yes, read your article, and watch 'Chekist':


Yo, and bad news is good news, because as it gets worse; time runs out for the wrong side of history and more things get exposed, and the Physical Realm is just a passing phase anyway, and everything is as it's meant to be since it can't be anyway else, so slowly we crawl to the end of Kali Yuga for those who still need to reincarnate in this realm to experience a new golden age, whilst the rest of us move on, so it's all good, and in the long run after we are out of here, who cares?

I do NOT spend my time reminiscing my time in grammar school, and in the Cosmic Scheme of things, what's the difference? Man, and is the above a run-on sentence, or what?!

Anonymous said...

There is a very weird vibrational energy everywhere, Vis--it's equally noticeable in 'real' life as well as online--forums, blogs, etc. People are certainly showing their true colors.Painful to behold and holding space with the Ineffable takes much more energy lately.
May all our lights continue to shine, despite the difficulty in the allowing.

Anonymous said...

the energy is sizzling.....fer's all happening in the zoo.....zew york? hmmmm...buildings dropping on the east coast...flames a mile high on the west....this town is crazy.....eyes spinning like slots filled with cherries....hmmmm.........6.9 off the coast of northern cali...hurrah cry the inlanders! funny shit to be celebrating such things but that's the self-loathing humanity we have among us this day, this year....
time for a skip through the park to sniff the spring flowers and cavort with Lady Nature.....i'm mad mad mad i tell you and i've never felt so free. cheers to you and i hope the champagne gives you a lift.
raucously yours,
liz on the despised west coat of the despised country formerly known as the new world

Truthman said...

Vis, are you hip to John Kaminski? You actually replaced him as my favorite writer some years back. I actually became a little frustrated with JK's jewish position (at the time) but have most recently come to mostly agreement with him. And for no better reason than my admiration of pieces of his like this:
Check it out should you so desire. Keep swinging for the fences, Vis!

Ray B. said...

Vis, your column brought up for me the words/scene from the second LOTR movie where Gandalf says to Aragorn, "Watch for me at dawn on the third day." And we know how the good-guys fared from that point on, until the appointed time. It kind of feels that way for me, now. On the surface, the bad-guys have it all but wrapped up. But underneath, there is SUCH a surge coming...

Speaking of which, what I call the 'Turning' is still moving. Pretty much at a steady pace into earth-plane, whatever that means (grin). I got a bit more info about it. It will not affect (real) faerie, (real) elves, etc., a few humans, a few humanoids, dolphins/porpoises, or whales. It will affect plants & animals (in general), nearly all humans, and nearly all humanoids. And, I repeatedly get informed "this lifetime," meaning not some amorphous time in the future. I am still refused answers on time/details/means, etc.
This may have been posted already, but I just ran across it last night. It is a transcript of an hour-long interview Putin gave to reporters on March 4th about the situation in Ukraine. Well worth reading. Even factoring in politics, diplomatic-speech, etc., I was impressed. Sober, reflective, factual. When I contrast it with the antics of certain Western 'leaders', I feel sad...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Oh... my days fine. It's just, or was, nervous energy. Champers is still sitting there. I think I'll go get some ice cream. Sorry about the wait to post your comments. I fell asleep for four hours... heh heh.

Visible said...

Sorry, people were talking to me here and I was still a little dream groggy. Yes, I know John. I'm not sure he's all that fond of me. There are a lot of people who get annoyed cause I don't use the Jew word all the time but I prefer to do my own definitions and Tribe is more accurate since it's not all of them.

He's a fine writer. I'm pretty sure I saw that latest article of his.

As for everything else; noted, noted, noted (grin). There was a documentary movie made about the high wire guy who walked between the towers. It was a brilliant film. I believe it won the Academy Award. I don't know about the book.

zhaburbs said...

Thank you for bringing attention to Bawa Muhaiyudeen - one of the greats in our lifetimes (and a couple before ours); I always noted a similarity in the message conveyed in your writing with his teachings. Made my day man!

Visible said...

That's high praise because I'm not worthy to be in the same room with him.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is connected to #3, and I just found this juicy little tidbit for your reading pleasure.

"The Atrocities of Jewish Bolshevism"


And who knows what will happen in the fema camps if they take you alive, huh?

Have fun, and maybe you ought to spread the information? So few know about this, statistically. In the u.s., is it as high as one percent? Maybe, and they're all Russian, huh?

Visible said...

LTPTB; This is why, as you will note, they later claim these things happening to them to cover that they had in fact done it to others. These are some dark dark sightless holes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Yeah. And note they don't teach any of this in school? I found out about it in my 40s. Oh well. Better late than never. These guys make Elizabeth Bathory seem like a saint. Even 'the buried' Roman emperor 'Heliogabalus' wasn't 1/10 as bad as the Chekists. (Another one you're not gonna find out about in school.)

Anonymous said...

In the Shadow of Hermes - Juri Lina


Visible said...

Yes, that's an informative bit of writing.

Flecker's Magick said...

Paul Craig Roberts with Greg Hunter on Ukraine latest. For all naysayers listen to Robert's "The Neocons are married to other Neocons (Victoria Nudelman and Kagan etc.) and they clearly stated what the want, total world hedgemony under US control". Roberts stops short of explaining that these Neocons are Jews, but he has started that line of thought lately. I suspect very soon PCR will take the gloves and say "Look the jews want a new world order run our of Israel.." we are edging towards that reality.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons & R4ev, March 13, 2014 12:00:00 AM

I mostly-read two books by Juri Lina - "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" & "Architects of Deception." I actually had to order them from overseas; even wouldn't stock them. By 'mostly', there were some sections that I literally couldn't read because of the extreme brutality used on the populace - and I used to read books on WWII combat. Eye-opening indeed...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Hello Les.

Another great piece of writing. Love your posts. 'Been following them for years. This is my first comment on your blogs and it is some trivia i always thought of and i find it funny. Let's say that there is a link to your post on wrh or rense or anywhere else and it is a fact that it is 99% chance that i can GUESS from the headline alone that it is your post before i even check the url. It is the choice of words and the sentence alone that gives you away. Really fascinating. Well that is all...for now :) Stay safe and carry on. Love and peace. To all of humanity.

Visible said...

Any attempts to lower the tone here, by any means will, by no means, ever appear on this page. You're free to spend your time writing them, just as I am free to delete them long before they've been read. Hopefully you find this as satisfying and fulfilling as do I. We're at Zero Tolerance here so; if you can say something intelligently and with the obvious intent toward improvement of whatever your focus of interest may be... wonderful.

In the more likely event that you have coals of fire on your head and are twisted into knots of raging impotence and resentment, basically because you lack the talent and wit to do anything like this, you now have the opportunity to do that somewhere else. Moving right along.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

How to Bypass a Directed Darkness.

Le Mousör said...

"These are some dark dark sightless holes."
I think I almost caught a glimpse of them in Amsterdam when the window rooms' power went out heh, heh.

Eileen K. said...

I read and re-read Juri Lina's book UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, and parts of it chill my blood a bit - the description of what the Chekists had done to members of the Russian Orthodox clergy, especially to one Archbishop. This was Jewish Bolshevism at its worst, I agree.

Keep the Faith, Vis. Better days are coming.



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