Monday, July 29, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse is Dancing in the Meringue of the Doomsday Cake.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Less and less occasionally and more and more frequently, seriously, seriously outrageous news items are floating to the surface. Anyone who doubts the actions and presence of Mr. Apocalypse, is living in a dream world. Dream worlds are fine for so long as they last, however, they are dream worlds and that should tell you something. It would tell you something, if you were not enmeshed in a dream world (I’m not talking to the regular reader. I'm talking to the people who don't come here, which, no doubt, certifies me as a nut-job, grin).

We've talked for ages here about international, organized pedophile rings. These are recreational and devotional extensions of the Satanism that generates them. These pedophile rings go all the way to the top of the food chain. There is an enormous network of skells and assorted lowlifes, who have acted with impunity for decades. Mr. Apocalypse is here now and there is no more impunity. Word has come down, from wherever the words originated, that those formerly immune are no longer immune. What we are told about those involved, is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The files and information that Snowden has, are much more revealing and incriminating that what we are being led to believe. It is to be presumed that Russia now has these files. Mr Apocalypse is dancing on the meringue atop the Doomsday Cake. Mr. Apocalypse is lifting skirts with his walking stick. These are metaphorical skirts that have hidden the criminally private parts of the plots of monsters. Mr Apocalypse started out slow; a revelation here, a revelation there but... that's not all he does. He activates within the minds of the corrupt and compromised, from where he has been watching and waiting, for some long while, waiting for the time that is now, to come around and... it has. It has. So, Mr. Apocalypse has come alive, activated in the minds of those he has targeted, to motivate into crazy, over the top, reckless behavior. Inside their minds, it all seems rational, circumspect, measured. They think they are balanced and aware. To those of us watching, they are loons, howling at a moon that only they can see.

Mr Apocalypse is cranking up the volume, inside the heads of the certifiable. Nobody sane behaves the way they do. Their heads are swollen up like zeppelins. Their egos are bouncing off the roof of the sky. They are high on themselves. They're self interest junkies. Some of them got billions of dollars. They want more. The degree to which the public is being pushed around, is beyond ridiculous. Is this not madness? Is this not madness? The writing is on the wall. The arrogance and hubris are no longer measureable. These are the same clowns that demanded bailouts for their mismanaged banking system, which was brought to the eve of destruction, by the relentless practice of their unrestrained and uncontrollable greed. “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. That is what is known as non negotiable truth.

Things are happening in these times that have not happened before and they are happening in places where you least expect them. Conversations as strong as Turkish coffee, are taking place in the rooms, where powerful and self important people gather. For them to make a collective statement like this, means that a whole lot of what we are not hearing is getting said, if that makes any sense. It makes perfect sense to me. What I am trying to say is that a new and undefinable wind, is blowing through the crypts and sarcophagi, of the long dead and recently departed, who are probably still unaware that they are dead, this ties right in with their being unaware that they were alive when that was operational so, it all works out from cradle to grave, without some being able to tell the difference between them.

You might well ask yourself, those of you with a conscience and faith in a supreme being; you might ask yourself, “How is it that these people can commit such horrendous crimes and not be affected or... concerned about judgment and payback”? That is easy to answer. The pending consequences and all of that cosmic retribution syndrome? They laugh at that, just as the archetype waiting for them, at the end of the line, laughs at them in a sort of mirror reflex way .The truth is hidden from them, ironically, very ironically... wait for it... 'for the purpose of demonstration'; bonus points for me if you laughed when you read that.

'We few, we happy few', members of that small consortium, the human race, which, in a larger sense was lost, not by a nose but by several lengths, we few are apprised of what is actually taking place and we watch with wonder and awe. We are convinced of our inland path and rather miles to the left of 'bemused' about the low jinks of the high rollers.

Why is steam escaping from Bwak! Howdy Doody Obama's head, when Edward Snowden is mentioned to him? Why did they go so far as to ground the president of Bolivia's plane? Why is Obama, behind the scenes, working contrary to the ambitions of Israel, though no mention of this is made in the media? Why is there a mounting, international reaction going on, where Israel is concerned? It's all Mr. Apocalypse, folks. The hard thing for most people to get their heads around, is that a good portion of existence is scripted and the less aware you are, the more scripted it is.

Whenever Evil launches a serious threat against humanity and goes all the way to becoming standard operating procedure, as it is in these times, it looks big. It looks powerful. It can seem overwhelming and something none of us have the power or capacity to do anything about. This is all appearances and appearances lie. Appearances are fundamentally a lie and that is all for a very good reason and it is why people get taken in ...because they buy into what appearances tell them and then they are rendered into the bondage of their false identification with the unreal. It's been going on for centuries and many of the elements that make us human are engaged in a conspiracy, against the life-form they are components of. These components are, some of them are; 'vanity', 'ego', 'pride'... well, you should know the litany by now and if you don't know the litany, it is because these and other fellow travelers have copped you head and now lie concealed, in the woodwork of personal delusion. Some of these people are very smart and... oh so clever. Some of them went to Harvard or Wharton. Some of them are lawyers; doctors, businessmen, scientists, politicians, religious cross dressers, 500 watt entertainers. They run the gamut of the professions. You can't tell them anything. They already know everything. They are remarkably stupid, for being so smart and clever. They can explain themselves to you in detail. They can play complicated games with numbers and move resources around the world, for their personal profit. They can make war for no other reason than personal profit and get away with it. The bogus rationalizations and fraudulent excuses, given for their behavior, are lapped up by the masses who are not so clever by half as they are.

The logic in the shallow brains pans of the masses, computes to exactly what their overlords tell them the sum should be; so many million of this or that, for so many years and then they change it to a lesser or greater amount but it still adds up to the same amount that it was before, they have no problem with that. If they are told there are weapons of mass destruction and there are no weapons of mass destruction, they still believe there were weapons of mass destruction .'..and neither the truth nor irrefutable facts will alter what they see. If someone tells them Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks and half of the population believes this; the same population that cannot find half of the countries in the world on a map and cannot identify half of the members at the top of their government, well, that is of no consequence, as long as it doesn't come between them and their (sadder) Bud no Weiser beers and racks of pork ribs; the taste of which is indistinguishable to what their own would taste like.

Many of us are mystified, as to how the public can be as dreadfully ignorant it appears that they are. If you really want to measure the degree of collective stupidity, then you should watch several of these videos. These videos tell the sad tale of human awareness and learning in this day and age. In some cases, those being queried are in high school, so they are no great distance from the information they are being questioned on. These information should be fresh in their minds. The proper reaction on all of our parts, in respect of what is revealed here, is properly, shock and awe. “Yes”, we tell ourselves, “I knew they were not all that bright but... I had no idea they were that dumb. It doesn't seem possible. It just doesn't seem possible”.

It appears there is a vast difference between some of us and the rest of us. It seems to me that those of us, so engaged in the pursuit of ever greater awareness, should commit ourselves to a greater intensity with every new day. There is nothing back the way we came and there is nothing to be found or learned in the appetites and pursuits of the masses; lest it is your intent to share their fate.'

Last night's radio show is available for download or streaming now.

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the gardener said...

We have an astro 'stargate' event occurring right now-July 29, 2013... I was feeling something big coming into view yesterday-just found out about it right now.

Involving the Moon in Taurus, it will aspect the following planets EST today thusly:

1:43 am Moon into Taurus
9:45 am Moon sextiles Jupiter
Star of David aspect activated
10:41 am Moon opposite Saturn
1:43 pm Moon squares Sun
Star Tetrahedron activated
3:12 pm Moon sextiles Jupiter
5:58 pm Moon trines Venus
Mercaba aspect activated
7:17 pm Moon trines Pluto
10:09 pm Moon sextiles Mars-
Stargate closes with that aspect... Moon in Taurus all done activating energies of planets.

So huge energies activated today with many of these aspect formations taking decades to complete with this last activation of them for the next hundred years.

Shine on Mr A!!!

the gardener

dirtykid© said...

We had our own version of Jay walking: Talking to Americans:

Granted I won't fault Americans for some things that they don't know about Canada, like that the trans-canadian bridge from Halifax to Vancouver is a joke, or that our prime minister Jean-Guy Poutine never existed, but signing petitions for us to stop putting senior citizens over the age of 70 on ice floats is a bit much... Of course, They also were not talking to the average dude on the street, but often to senators, and university professors, and people who should probably know at least a little bit about their neighbour across the largest land border in the world, but I digress...


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that Edward Snowden is anything but a witting (or unwitting) participant in a game of smoke and mirrors. Consider the following - the military controls satellites that can identify a man's face from hundreds of miles in the air; they maintain surveillance cameras on virtually every street corner; the NSA is monitoring everyone's phone calls, text messages and emails; any cell phone can be triangulated to pinpoint the exact location of any human being who carries one; in short, they can find anybody they want to find as easily as you and I can find our dicks in the dark. And yet, somehow, Snowden got away with all the goodies and escaped their clutches? I think not. I think it's obvious that he is part of the latest MSM "faux television news" mini-series. He is playing a role. Once an agent, always an agent. His tale is designed to scare the piss out of people who are contemplating blowing the whistle on the Evil Empire. And if Snowden were really trying to break away from the Dark Side, well, explain how the hell he got on a commercial air craft and flew over the ocean to "sanctuary"? Did he slip past the TSA agents using secret James Bond tactics? Was he a stow-away in a baggage compartment? Is it not a fact that the puppet-masters use missiles, or hidden bombs - along with the cover of "pilot error" and/or "bad weather" - as a last resort, to bring down people who actively try to thwart their will? I suppose we could ask Senator Paul Wellstone, or Senator Ron Brown, or Gary Cadori (of Franklin Cover Up fame), or myriad others, about that...except they all died in mysterious "plane crashes".

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

One of the best, lately, inspiring indeed. Your rather funny and self-effacing humour coming through again.

Also wonderful to read acticles (sic) where the 'i' is not found 25 times per paragraph. Even more refreshing when the comment section has no 'ad-hominem attacks' to valid observations.

Button - pushing, 'stepping on 'corns' ', a favourite tactic of Granpa's and occasionally others of his family, for purposes of demo-stration of what is underneath the facade, is best performed orally and in the face, allows for skeletons in the closet to be exposed and - buried. Otherwise the skeletons come out of the closet, dripping the various body fluids, most of them bitter, yet tasty for the pork-chop crowd, start to get a life of their own, maybe even dressed up in the latest fashions, on the move to 'somewhere else' where they will continue to be housed, fed and sheltered in new closets.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always Be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew, the pollen worked by the Bees into the sweetest Honey any Bear has tasted.

Be well, Be Alert

Visible said...

That argument concerning Snowden is seriously wild conjecture and projection, lacking any and all facts and details. I'm glad I don't live in a world where I attribute that level of power to anyone except the divine.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Bud no Weiser beers and racks of pork ribs; the taste of which is indistinguishable to what their own would taste like."

(what their own likely WILL taste like - or perhaps like chicken..)

Anonymous said...

Visible, are you kidding about the argument I made concerning Snowden? I mean, is it some sort of an April Fool's joke? I am confused here, obviously.

Are you saying the mainstream media is telling the truth (for once), and there is absolutely no way that the Snowden story could be a carefully crafted ruse?

Are you saying the media, in tandem with the intelligence agencies of the world, and various Zio-ogres, never do this sort of thing? They never make up bullshit stories, for nefarious purposes? Please explain.

And, barring a more careful explanation of your position, can you please explain to me how the U.S. "couldn't find" Snowden, how they allowed him to get past TSA agents and board an air craft and "get away"? Can you explain to me how they couldn't find him with all of their high-powered intelligence gizmos? Also, maybe you can explain to me why this story is all over the MSM - the MSM being a conduit which only deals in lies, 24 hours of the day?

I am confused here, obviously.

Please set me straight, as I clearly don't know everything...

the gardener said...

wellll as I'm focusing intent on this stargate opened this morning-praying for 'only the best and the brightest to come my way' via the Moon in Taurus in my 11th house... who should spontaneously appear but two Jehovah Witnesses! wanting to talk about: What IS the Kingdom that awaits us, what kind of entities surround us, and a few other juicy morsels for me to sample. hmmmmm?

The lead JW was interested in telling me how many 'times we are told we have angels protecting us when really...they are demons etc'

So far so good with interesting different day.

love to all,

the gardener

working with Moon aspecting so far: Neptune and Scorpio-Moon in Taurus squaring Sun in Leo next up... *grins*

mike m said...

"Rising numbers of Republicans are declaring that the city has dug its own grave and does not deserve federal help. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) declared Thursday that Congress must not, under any circumstance, “bail out Detroit or any American city that mismanages its public finances.”

Yet, when Wall Street took a hit from its self-made 2008 financial crisis—which devastated towns and cities across the US, including Detroit—Republicans and Democrats stood behind a massive federal bailout of big banks, pushed forward under George W. Bush, with President Obama picking up the baton."

How much you wanna bet that if Detroit had a large jewish population instead of Muslim these asshole would be playing a different tune?

Visible said...

Jesus! Do you see where I said ANY of those things you are now attributing to me? What I was saying is that TPTW are not nearly so comprehensively attuned to everything as one might think they are. I don't give them anywhere near that credit. As for Snowden being a shill, that's not the intuitive hit I get but, I don't know, do I So... I don't presume in either direction. I try never to state or believe what I have not been able to convincingly prove to myself and I find that invaluable in my journey.

The bad guys are going down. I don't care how many guns and goons they have or how many big buildings they build, they're going down and I affirm that daily.

I don't want to get into an altercation with you or an argument but I do want to point out that neither of us know. I do know Assange is a phony. No doubt so is that lady that he sent to shadow Snowden. I'm thinking they were trying to get their hands on his papers. But I don't know, I just don't know.

Richard said...

Re: activations for today

Much thanks to the Gardner for the precise timings of the conjunctions for this 29th of July.

A word of awareness for those so inclined: The Mer-ka-ba activation of today is NOT about the Star-tetrahedron geometry that has been active for so many millenia, the new geometry active for nearly three years now is more complex. Allows for change into the new frequencies operational once Mr. A is through with his walking stick.

Reception and activation of Mer-ka-ba is through the Heart. If one's mind forces the presence of the star-tetrahedron as the active mer-ka-ba geometry in one's field, an incredible opportunity for receptive ( feminine) change will be missed.

Be well
Be alert

Visible said...

Yesterday's radio broadcast is now available for streaming and download.

mary clyde said...

Re: Snowden as the real deal. The first whistle blower that spills hard evidence as to what countries and/or individuals were really involved in 911 gets my seal of approval. Sybil Edmonds comes pretty close, but a verified communication from say Cheney to Bibi saying "Let's do Pearl Harbor Redux" would be nice.

Visible said...

Bob Hitt just sent this in to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:11,

If TPTW are so omniscient and omnipotent why didn't they anticipate the clusterfuck that Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria is turning into for them? Why can't they plug every leak in the information dam?

Their gig works smoothly for them as long as enough sheeple agree(either tacitly or enthusiastically) to be sheep.

As today's post emphasizes, it's all about appearances and how agreeably one buys into the appearances they seek to impose.


Besides, didn't Snowden leave for Russia from Hong Kong, thus rendering your TSA argument moot?

Anonymous said...

you just do it.

"to thine own self be true"...

and you do.

do it, . . . more today -

than yesterday !

"Tibi ipsi esto fidelis"...


thanks man


Randy said...

I have been reading your posts on and off for a good 3 years-ish. I love it, finally, a voice for the voiceless, one of the number which I am. Keep doing what you are doing, you will have that audience one day, and if not, I am quite sure there is a special place in the Worlds to come for men such as yourself. Peace, Love and Light!!!! :)

insaim said...

anon at 4.11

i wasnt aware that the TSA operated out of Hong Kong as well - pfffft.

also, here in Thailand amerikano intelligence sorts are to be found on many a street corner bar or restaurant. they are by far a laughing stock as they act like they are players in some b movie. thick as fuck is the only way to describe them. intelligence - by who's definition.

ironically, considering you think snowden is a shill you believe all the james bond stuff being leaked from his direction. me - well i jut dont know so it would be pointless to assert my opion with any kind of 'attitude'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mandocello, you and Visible and whomever else chimed in, are correct. There is no way, absolutely no way, that the Snowden Mini-Series is a choreographed, made-for-TV cluster-fuck. There is no way that a media event as big as this one, can be anything but 100% truthful. As are all MSM events that are broadcast on all channels, 24 hours a day. And it makes total sense that the NSA simply screwed up and let Snowden slip through their clutches - any fool could do this, especially if they are "wanted" by all of the major intelligence agencies. There is no way they could whack him at an airport, or blow his plane out of the sky, or get to him - absolutely no way. There are no ulterior motives here. Everything is exactly as it seems. And the Evil Empire definitely will not benefit, in any way, shape or form, from having this story pasted all over the MSM. They are definitely not doing this to ratchet up the fear, among the general populace, in an effort to dissuade future whistle-blowers. Yes, you are 100% correct, it's all on the up-and-up. It's all in the hands of the divine. Israel is the root of all evil. The Masons and the Catholic Church are great institutions. Mr. Apocalypse is going to save the day, along with the Easter Bunny, and his good friend Mott the Hoople (or maybe Tonto). You are all in search of the truth here, none of you is a shill. And that's why I come here, for the unvarnished truth. Thank you so very much, for making such lucid, obviously dead-on arguments. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Do not publish, for your eyes only, above top secret; something will turn up.

Farmer said...

These child loving freaks of assholes nature are eating the insanity of their half baked over lord dreams, while realizing the taste is not like last time around.

Cant wait until Mr. A fires up the vacuum cleaner, and sucks all these dimple dorfs into maggot land.

Skepticfrog said...

"Mr. Apocalypse is lifting SKIRTS with his walking stick. These are metaphorical skirts that have hidden the criminally private parts of the plots of monsters".

Skirts? No, they're not skirts. Wrong description of item.
They're caftans.
You know, worn by those ones with the black hats and the curly headlice-swing in front of their ears...

"They are remarkably stupid, for being so smart and clever."
"Smart and clever" (you can add sly) are in essence are the OPPOSITE of: Intelligent and wise.
It never ceases to amaze me, that most people don't recognize it, when it's so plainly, in-your-face obvious.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon #3

Lotsa wild speculations.

No face recog. from space - only in Hollywood movies. Sats orbit and move. Tops of people's heads are only visible from up there at best; real hard to make an ID. A sat cannot even follow a car as they BOTH move, and the car moves "randomly". Try to follow a car with a simple 1000mm optic on a tripod. Good luck. Real time download at that resolution - say at a low 15fps - is a massive technical challenge, they don't have the bandwidth. How many objects can a sat follow? Each needs a separate cam/optics at that ultra-high focal length resolution (for following tops of heads - or even cars).

If batt. removed from phone, it's useless for tracking.

I believe, passport control is not TSA but Immigration.

As for monitoring? Machines only record. Algorithms can spit out stuff, but at the end of a chain a human is needed to evaluate.
All this recording is not for real/current time. The data overload is horrendous. It's for the future, to be used for various (nefarious) purposes against the targeted or surveiled person or groups.

Even East Germans were able to get out back then out of East Germany (was not simple or easy, but it was done in numerous occasions). The CIA had ways to get people out of the Soviet Union. I personally know some people who escaped from a Comblock country through Yugoslavia into Italy, all sneaking through one border, with guards with orders to shoot to kill. However, the Yugoslavs were not that nice either...

For guy like Snowden getting out of the US was a piece of cake.

I think you've seen too many James Bond movies...

Visible said...

Anonymous (typical) 5:23 AM Please stop using my comments site to embarrass yourself with Junior High School arguments. They weren't looking for Snowden.

This-"NSA simply screwed up and let Snowden slip through their clutches - any fool could do this, especially if they are "wanted" by all of the major intelligence agencies"- is pretty stupid. They weren't looking for him before they were looking for him. Does this register at all? 'When' was he wanted by these intelligence services?

Furthermore, given that your raging ego is out of control and given that you are quite possibly a Tribe member or Hasbara since you want the Catholic Church to be in control. of everything, though you have NO INFO, you're not going to make much headway here.

There are too many intelligent people who come around here, though (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) we do occasionally get people from the 'special school bus' getting off at the wrong building.

Did you someone how miss where I said "I DON"T KNOW"? I understand when one's ego is flaming out of control that one misses everything because they are all knowing and facts and all else be damned.

Try to read more carefully and you won't find yourself in the position of having exposed yourself as an object of ridicule (no doubt you have some sense of this which is why you are anonymous).

I made no claims here one way or the other about Snowden. I, unlike you, in those Olympian heights of all seeing illumination, freely admit that I don't know what the truth of the matter is. You'd be doing yourself a big favor if you did the same and got your head out of the ass of Art Bell-land. You don't know. You don't know. Admit it. Stop running around with a lampshade on your head and looking like a fool.

For the rest of the readers; keep your eyes open for the locust like plague of Israeli apologist-bots who are looking to deflect the attention away from their being the primary source, besides their father Satan, of all of the world's ills. There is more and more of this kind of crap every day.

Once again!!! I don't know what's what with Snowden and neither the fuck do you (pardon my Romanian)!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:23,

Whether or not Israel is the root of all evil is up for grabs. However Israel itself is little more than a front for evil. Israel is, superficially, a legitimate operative sovereignty set up to grease the skids for a whole lot of illegitimate behind-the-scenes operations.

Sovereign Israel is analogous to the front office, window-dressing cadre of stooges who ran the casino in the movie 'Casino'.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children of the Father of Lies.

Visible said...

Mandocello, that guy is Cointelpro all the way. He just showed up at Petri Dish near immediately after I put up the posting, check out the way he presents his case. It couldn't be more obvious.

Lee said...

Romans 1:22 "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".
I thought the verse seemed appropriate for the topic.

Anonymous said...

Regarding surveillance, the data is only so good as its human evaluator. Like Tom Metzger says, human quality is declining; so the tech will be far less effective.

The Snowden Affair will create enough credibility to keep budgets high. State on state warfare is passe. The new action is intra-state warfare. Banks control most states; the banks aren't going to destroy their own assets. Dense, tech savvy urban populations contain substantial numbers of discontents. These could coalesce into powerful anti-system combatants.

Thus the rise of: prison, mercenary, surveillance, intelligence, reconaissance industries. All internal budgets. Just think of the Mex.-U.S. border, the trillions of dollars that could eat up. That alone.

Media will create specters of "homeland terrorists". A charge of "racism" against a white person will be like the charge of witchcraft in 17th century Salem.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Orcs in the Rafters and Trolls in the Woodpile

Anonymous said...

Is Tom Metzger still a big fat idiot, or did he lose 80 pounds too?

Al Franken



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