Saturday, December 31, 2016

And I Guess and I Hope -Happy New Year!

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Time stretches in the week between Christmas and New Years. We mentioned this in the last posting. It's still going on (grin) while some are passing on. I am of the opinion that either nothing happens or a great deal happens, depending on your number. I suppose a lot of people are aware of the fact that computers operate on the binary of 0's and 1's. With the proper combinations of 0 and 1 you can have complexities of language and on from there. It's interesting that Leibniz was influenced by the I Ching. I suspect that similarities abound in all the magical languages, thereby giving credence to the nuts and bolts of pure reason. It's all a numbers game.

People like to gamble. Life itself is a gamble, certainly this is so, given that you bet your life and all its meanings upon what you do with it. Some of us are left brain and some right brain. I myself am extremely right brain and systems of analysis, with equal precision, exist in both. Some of us have an intuition that is profoundly accurate and some of us are brilliantly empirical. Of course, it doesn't matter what you discover or find out when limitation is hardwired into ones process of discovery and analysis. Much of the time ones skewered values and survival instinct preclude any possibility of passing beyond certain timeless veils. Ultimately you can only know what you are informed of and that means the source of your information is the most important feature of it. It accounts for whether your information is true or false. I don't think I have to extrapolate further on any of this. The reader is well acquainted with our position on what can and cannot be known. Just as the reader should be aware of a marvelous caveat in the mix. If it is impossible to know certain things due to the limitations of what you are, then it is also possible to link up with that which knows all things and be summarily informed and transformed accordingly. In other words, you are no longer what you were. You may not even be human. Some understandings can only be apprehended from particular levels of awareness and some awareness are only available to those who are more than human.

The potentiality of this resides in all of us. The motivation to that end does not. We here always maintain that one should consider it the most critical of concerns; what sort of friends you have. Surprisingly, even many of the most advanced consciousnesses, far beyond that of human, are not ill disposed to us. They really only have one question; what is it worth to you? You may be sure they will find out. It can seem that some came into the process of manifest existence with truly favorable aspects in every area and that some have been faced with seemingly insurmountable difficulties of passage. We suspect that it is really an even playing field but that some have made the necessary changes and accommodations, during periods of previous visitation here. You go as far as you can from wherever you are and you do not stop until you can go no further, all the while reaching for what may well be beyond your present grasp but... it will be that much closer next time.

We love that powerful statement from Madame Blavatsky and it is never far away from us;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

We are referring, at this time, most especially to the last sentence. Sentence is a good word for our sojourns here in the land of dream, spun out of the web of Maya, illuminated by the false and- occasionally- exceedingly rare 'true' light of desire. This is one reason we believe that one's single most important decision is the answer to the question, “What do I desire most?” That is the determinant of one's destiny. You'd think that would be of paramount importance to everyone. However, when you look around you, you see that this is quite obviously not so and to a very large extent.

Imagine what the result would be if you awakened from a dream and found yourself surrounded by ambulatory sleepwalkers. Imagine that you tried to wake some of your fellows and you would find, very likely, that the reaction you would get, would be based entirely upon the degree of investment that any particular dreamer had in the dream they were, at that time, having. You don't want to awaken and rouse an angry sleeper, lest he injure you, or themselves, in their fearful thrashing about.

Nature seems to have the answer to all of this. Nature demonstrates how life and ideas proliferate. It shows you osmosis and the persistent action of the four elements, on their own and in their interactions with each other. Nature shows the working of certain laws, discovered by the objective wisdom ...and it conceals other deeper laws, known only to adepts. These laws are not come upon by accident. They are revealed, based on merit.

Today is New Year's Eve and we here at Dog Poet Transmitting, wish the reader a joyous, coming year of revelation and spiritual accomplishment. The world, as the world, is always around us, while we are here, but... who and what we are, determines what its influence and effect on us will be. Simultaneously, some are imprisoned and some in a liberated state and many at points between.. It is desire and the direction of it that determines our level of confinement and liberation. Since the primal mover is always in the direction of liberation- just as the efforts and intentions of the avatars are the same, to align ourselves with this force is the wiser course. To oppose it is a definite expression of insanity and we see that all round us, any time we are paying attention to the ebb and flow of hamsters on the countless wheels that abound in every direction.

Every new year's eve around the world, people drink themselves into a stupor and set off flashing explosives to demonstrate their faith and hopes in the year to come. It seems a rather bizarre way to go about it. Thousands will awaken in a jail cell come New Year's Day, or never awaken at all. This is even more strange given that awakening is the condition of greatest importance when one is, at that time, trapped in the bouncy castles of dream environs. Up and down, round and round. Up and down, round and round... it goes.

For those of us on the rim, who cannot be coerced or seduced into going up and down and round and round, we are left with managing to get by without buying in. This puts us up against stealth and that which is defined as criminal by those criminals who make the laws to protect their investments. Here we have yet another collection of information about 9/11. By now we KNOW who was behind it- group wise. Still... the world goes on and the apocalypse continues and uncovering and revelation continue and those who have been providing us with false news, are now labeling the truth as false news and supplying evidence of this by creating organs of alternative news to support this lie, while those of us telling the truth keep telling it and frankly... there's nothing they can do about it. They are going to lose and... badly, which... brings us to this new year in which more of what is and what is not are going to be rocking out on steroids and on a collusion course. The good news is that the truth is like a fire and it has the power to consume lies and it will. It has been activated for the purpose of demonstration and so...

even though it might get a little scary here and there, you are as safe as is whatever you are relying on. If you are relying on BS you should remember that BS is flammable. One should also remember that the metaphorical (and literal) fire that the sinners allegedly burn in, the saints rejoice and dance in. It is really all about your relationship to it. There are primary truths of life that surround us and are demonstrated every day but... because of accommodation we cease to notice and sometimes are afraid to notice because of the compromises we have made in deference to our processes of avoidance and denial.

New Year has the meaning we give it. Still, it is all about follow through. Otherwise we just repeat ourselves until we can go no further in the way we are going and are then claimed out of it for a new approach pending. It's good to remember that in any given life, liberation can be achieved and so long as one is sincere, committed and diligent, success is always a possibility. I wish for all of you a fine result in the pursuit of it and perhaps in some coming year we will find ourselves celebrating in new and wondrous environs that might have previously been unexpected. Such is the nature of serendipity.

Happy New Year!

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