Monday, December 19, 2016

Wheels Within Wheels Within Holographic Chinese Boxes

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It's on the news everywhere about Putin hacking the election. If the election is hacked it can only be hacked inside as it is not connected to the internet. Then we find that their argument is that Russia was really hacking into temperament and trends which, every nation does. There was no mention of George Soros- Little Georgie Sorrows and his electronic voting machines (the comments are interesting).

Now they have shot the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Putin says it was done by the secret services of a NATO country. This is what Obama meant about payback for the alleged hacking?

There is an anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria being generated by departing psychopath, Obama and his mysterious handlers. He intends to shit the bed, prior to leaving and there are a number of sinister plans at work; seeking to influence the electoral college when it votes on the 19th. I imagine there is some sort of martial law considerations and all sorts of malefic ideas being drummed out on the table, where the boys in the backroom sit. However, everything is under control ...and the ineffable will have his way with all of us. The more you love the ineffable (treat him like your best friend) the more his love will be allowed to be effective for you. We all have the freedom to see the ineffable as we choose to; Mother, Father, Lover, Friend. Friend works best for me and gives me the latitude to see the ineffable in all of you.

Let me tell you what won the election for Trump. He said all the right things on Veterans care, restoring the infrastructure, tax reform and thank god! Restoring the manufacturing base. But I think there was one prevailing feature that impacted more deeply in the hearts and minds of the public and which never came up as an issue. I believe it concerned the transsexual bathroom push. I think the whole splintered gender identity thing started to look like a runaway train and the people felt they were tied to the railroad tracks, ♫and then along came Jones♫ You can only stretch the rubber band so far until it snaps back. Basic human decency is the issue. It's really out of control in the UK, where the Satanists are raping childhood's sexual identity and every tricycle it rode in on. Children shouldn't have to think about these concerns. Prior to puberty there is a sacred duty of protection. As the good books states; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

They don't care, it's all about harvesting the souls and they are damned, so they want a good spot in the pecking order in the Infernal regions. They're like the neighborhoods here, but of different kinds and qualities. As above, so below. Yes, it works in both directions. You got to remember that the devil is the Father of Lies and I suspect he has an ingenious system, where he follows through on his promises and leaves out certain cardinal amenities, which leaves the recipient with the sincere knowledge that yes, he is indeed in Hell. Oh it's a small thing to give you all the inducements down here, make you pliable and willing, until the truth dawns on you, in a place where there are no options for escape, for what seems like a very long while and... as I said, there are different neighborhoods, or levels, would be more accurate and there are drastic changes in circumstance and environment and that is determined by what you did to get there. Let us imagine; “every jot and tittle.”

The Devil is the deceiver and even when he is telling the truth, he doesn't tell the whole truth, leaving out the really important stuff. The stuff you wished you knew then but only know afterwards. Hell is the absence of the divine. The Tibetans and Buddhists have a very graphic way of presenting the construct. They're more scientific about the whole thing. That's the telling reality of having 5000 years of tradition. People who study religious history know that every bonafide religion comes out of India. They also know that there is heavy metaphysical science behind it all, if they bother to inquire. So many people have opinions about subjects that are as thin as, well... really thin. We're all about fitting everything into our own projected world, formed around what we want and do not want to be true, rather than taking the truth as something that informs us and to which we adapt, without question. We allow ourselves to be changed by the truth. We do not seek to change the truth. What would we change it into? Uh huh.

We can learn a great deal allowing the truth to change us, regardless of our subjective way of seeking to form it closer to the hearts desire, when our true desire is for it to be formed into a tireless warrior for the same. Total objectivity is a form of awareness, much unlike what Charlie the Manson said; “Total paranoia is total awareness.” The secret of seeking the ineffable is that with a total commitment, it is possibly the easiest thing in the world. A perfect love affair, based on a perfect counterpart, that turns you into a dwelling place for it, realized along a convoluted or straight route, based on its perfect knowledge of you and all it takes is your acquiescence. How hard it is for us to surrender and how easy it is when we do. That's the punch line. We are always afraid of what we don't understand and we will never understand the ineffable but we can trust the ineffable to do the right thing. We can't always trust ourselves to do the same and therein lies the problem. We forget, or we never knew, that the ineffable loves us. The ineffable is pure sweet love and we can't match that but we can reciprocate to the limits of our ability. The ineffable knows more about us than we will ever know about ourselves and we can have limitless confidence in that. We don't trust the ineffable, because we don't trust ourselves. Everything is fine if we simply adapt and adapt and adapt. Life will force us to anyway. I think this is by far the easiest course, no matter how difficult the way. One is commensurately rewarded for their degree of difficulty.

Yes, it seems that there are a few cardinal qualities that will take you incredibly far. Perseverance is one. Humility is another. Gratitude is fantastic and Love, Love is the sum of them all. It seems so easy put like that. Then why is it so hard? We are divided against ourselves. Unify yourself with a single focus and watch what happens. We are more often pulling in two directions, at war with ourselves and that automatically brings us into conflict with the world around us. That doesn't have to happen. I've been rattling around in the same puddles for awhile ...because it wasn't the most important thing. Luckily it got there somehow and nothing is easier after all.

We have the idea that the world is so powerful and that we are at the mercy of its whimsy. This is because we do not have control over our minds ...and that is the industry that the world exists for. To divide our self from our self. That is its primary function. “If you would leave it alone it will leave you alone.” That is something Guru Bawa told me. I tend to take his statements to me as personal and literal and he was... right. Once I grasped that, not long ago, in its fullness. It all made perfect sense. Step away from the conflict and into the Love. Love has one endearing and wonderful aspect. It increases with use. There are many positive ancillary benefits to this. Darn, this is starting to sound like an Origami again. Oh well.

It's the new feature and tis the season after all. Perhaps it will pass (doubtful... but who knows?) Tis the season and we will celebrate that in our peculiar fashion, such as it is. You'll have to bear with me (grin).

Trump is making some very interesting statements, juxtaposed with some very interesting nominations. It's like that line from the poem; “East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet.” Kipling I believe... and that was something he knew about. I will be surprised as anyone to see the East meet West in this particular dynamic, given the pedigree of the pack. It's either the set up for a polished demagogue, or the sincere conviction that he can really do all of these things, or something in between.

He mystifies me so I will wait and see. There is the slim possibility that he doesn't get into office. They are working overtime on this. Oh there are some number of worlds in collision. I suspect that an amount of it is going to be frightening (for some people) and some of it is going to be a formula that results in 'strange brew'. Many predictors are saying that 2017 is going to be a most unfortunate year and if that it true it will be the fruit of the international bankers. They are the spider's eye in the eye atop the pyramid. Of course there are more ancient forces behind them and a destiny that accompanies the whole of it because the whole of it is in the hands of Mr. Apocalypse, for the purpose of demonstration and that is why we all need to be super attentive and focused, at least that is how I am feeling. Somehow I get the sensation that a whole lot of strange events are coming our way due to the warfare of various evil forces coming against each other. This would apply to those swayed by these dying gasps of the doomed. It's all about what you align yourself with. Great change is sweeping the Earth and the segments of progression are not seen, due to the magical acts of the band of deceivers, while the world collective awakens from a dream and the powers of the deceivers abandon them. It really has a Lord of the Rings feel to it.

I suspect that there is a great deal going on in the invisible. There is a massive power shift in times like these and the Aquarian Age is called The Age of Brotherhood. In order to get there -and the particular dynamic is not to be denied- so we will get there, then great changes must take place and it seems that the most obvious route is that the agents of darkness will be exposed and this requires an awakening of the masses. If I do the math there are only a few reasonable possibilities and this is an apocalypse. Of course ships could come out of the sky. The mists could depart and the armies of Shambala march out to war with the darkness on this planet, or certain arcane forces could suddenly be revealed at the appointed time. I don't know how it shakes out, but I know its going to shake out, one way or some other. The stage is set and now we shall see what we shall see. On their part they could create a world wide financial panic but will they be allowed to? There is more going on than meets the eye. But somehow I suspect, the eyes will see.

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My friends, the elf is indefatigable in his assistance and support of me. Maybe it is only right that someone says the things he says and I am grateful for them and would never say them. It confuses me as to what to say and do. He has autonomy and that is a portion of our agreement. He means well. He really does and I love him for it but I suspect I will never be entirely comfortable with appeals of this sort. Still the reader is free to respond or not and know it will not change my level of industry or affection for you at any time ever. I just don't want the reader thinking I am moving on to shaky ground. We believe the ineffable has it all in his competent hands and we are not inclined to doubt this, ever.

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And We Could all Be Free

There was a foreign writer who wrote about his land
The government objected and cut off both his hands
She dreamed she was a dancer who never wore a veil
They took her somewhere private but we never heard that tale

The tiny whores and soldiers, you’ve heard it all before
The virus killed their parents along with genocide and war
Millions without medicine, my god that sure is cold
The bankers took the diamonds, the women and the gold

And we could all be free
And we could all be free
We could all be free

You can buy a boy or girl as young as you might wish
In many cities of the world, they’ll serve them on a dish
And you can have some sex with them and you can beat them too
And you can even kill them, you know some people do

In London there’s a mile square that regulates the wealth
A black hearted nobility they think of nothing else
They stir up every conflict then they blame it all on you
While pocketing from every side, yes it happens to be true

And we could all be free
And we could all be free
We could all be free

The priests and politicians all got Jesus on the phone
There’s so many more like Jesus that get to die alone
Love is the greatest power like the truth it makes you free
But Love and truth and freedom they are very hard to see

I’ve been listening to our leaders but some things don’t seem that clear
Like how all the good that’s coming, why it never shows up here
And all the good we say we’ve done that we did not achieve
When we packed up all our garbage and shipped it overseas

And we could all be free
And we could all be free
We could all be free

I suspect that something’s coming cause it can’t go on this way
There must be some accounting at the ending of the day
We’re all judged within our conscience by the lies that we embrace
Then we look into the mirror but don’t recognize the face

Yes where there’s life there’s hope but you’re running out of time
Now what was that guy saying, don’t you pay that fool no mind
How does it feel to be so right and find out you’re so wrong?
Well you’d better think about it, cause soon you may be gone

And we could all be free
And we could all be free
We could all be free



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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