Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Invisible Architects of the Evil that Pimps and Preens in the Universal Mirror.

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It is hard to believe that there are people tirelessly going on about how there is no truth about Pizzagate. As someone who put many hours, days, weeks, months and years into studying the Dutroux Affair, as well as the less than Great Britain pedophile disgustorama, including royalty, high ranking police pervs and political scumbags and... what is happening in Spain and Portugal and northern Europe and Jesus Christ!!! …everywhere that people with too much money and power and no moral sense whatsoever spend their time... I KNOW what these people are capable of and have done and do do (double scatological entendre?). I KNOW and they are the most despicable examples of less than human on the planet. I thank the living god I am not like these people. Thank you Lord!!!

If you need corroboration on any of these use any search engine and be prepared for more than you will ever find the time for.

Pizzagate is a reality and it has been one for quite a while now. Let us use a parallel logic device, like unto that of walking and honking like a duck. If there is massive precedence of this sort of behavior in the ranks of the high and mighty from many walks of life, previously, then the possibility that this is happening also is much more likely than it would have been.

Here is what I think is real and likely. Much of the information is reaching or fabricated and the latter done by agents of those who are engaged in these practices but... enough of it is true. If the whole affair was ridiculous, then those who are actually engaged in these activities would ignore the defense of it because those looking for the truth wouldn't find anything but... the pedos in high places have their spin machines running at a turbo clip, since the outing of yet another of their pedosex - child slaying, Satan worshiping, recreational periods.

Their usual thing is to attack the truth industry obliquely by multi referencing news like this. Concavely (grin), they are huffing and puffing in the Huffington Post and all the major, online, Zionist propaganda news organs, which print nothing except assaults and slander on those who oppose them and who write puff pieces on those they support and who give fealty to them. Let us not forget that something like 94% of the Crass Media is Tribe owned. To see who is controlling the thought processes of the larger majority of people, too stupid to think for themselves, you have only to look at who owns the mass information highway, the publishing firms, the entertainment industries and the art galleries. It's ALL tribe owned in LARGE percentages. It stands to reason they manipulate human thought and morality. You can't argue against the TRUTH that those who run anything, design and control the production of product. Even a stupid person should know that the person who makes something has controlling force over its appearance and function.

Because we are upset about being left off of the 200 websites who allegedly promote Russian propaganda (bear with me- I have reasons for bringing it up more than once and may not even be upset) we are constructing a video today that provides dramatic proof that the Holocaust is a fiction and that there is overwhelming evidence that Israel was the main architect of 9/11, I defy anyone to refute it or brand it as false news.

Why am I doing this? It is because of the Holocaust fantasy that we are submitted to all sorts of unpleasant conditions, due to a certain milieu being allowed to run wild with no constraints. It is because of 9/11 that airline travel has been turned into a paranoia fest of slimy frottage and gulag resort living AND this is only one of the unbearable inconveniences, forced upon us and the same people are responsible for both of these affairs and they are intolerable and must be exposed.

Now it is all very easy to call me anti-Semitic, until, that is until it is pointed out that these freaks are not Semitic. The Palestinians are Semitic. They are not Semitic and I am not opposed to Palestinians, I support the Palestinians, so I CANNOT be anti-Semitic. I will also add a phrase that I coined (visible buffs his nails); The Truth is Anti-Semitic.

It is easy to marginalize someone like me because MOST OF US are cowards and the lion's share of the rest are indifferent. The truth is that a large portion of humanity only cares about their own self interests and THAT IS WHY they are so easily led and manipulated via carrot and stick and seldom get the carrot but certainly get the stick. I see through this so I cannot be assimilated and so I must be marginalized. And I am left off that list because they KNOW I KNOW. I do not know every available route to THE SAME CONCLUSIONS but I know at least one route there.

As for the Holocaust, The Jewish Almanac clearly shows an INCREASE in their population across the war years AND The Red Cross Document give a number of 271,000. How do they get around the almanac? They say it was only estimates; an estimate that leaves out 6,000,000? Right. Bullshit. As for 9/11, please refute this.

We are suffering daily from this pigshit and if we don't watch out we are going to suffer more. I prefer to be proactive even if that puts me on the front line. There's Frontline for ticks on dogs, why can't there be Frontline for vampires on humans? The problem with lies is that they can be very costly if you buy into them or allow yourself to be intimidated by them.

The most pernicious element of both of these perpetuating falsehoods is the way the psychopaths hide in the crowd and any criticisms are slandered as criticisms against the whole. We here have never slandered the whole of the Jewish peoples and I assure you that should my case ever come to any public status, there will be many Jews who come to my defense. In any case, it is all in the hands of Mr. Apocalypse and I will rest my sanity and safety in his competent hands. Let's be practical here. Either God is real or God is not. If the former is true then what are you (or I) concerned about? “According to your faith be it unto you.” “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.” If God does not exist, you're screwed. God does exist! And according to your faith be it on both sides of the equation.

I don't see what the problem is with most people. Maybe they haven't suffered enough? They will. I have. Oh, I assure you, I have.

As for Pizzagate and all the real disinfo and all those who engage in it; “the lady doth protest too much.” Aye they dance a pernicious jig, pedosexting into the Satanic event horizon, of the old in and out. They cut and slash the untuned gash. They laugh and sing, as they do evil for the sheer joy of it. They are what they are and Hell awaits them.

I implore you all to have the spiritual cojones to stand up to the invisible architects of the evil that pimps and preens in the universal mirror. It won't go on forever and you will respect yourself in the dawn of that day that never comes to noon. You will dance with the angels in the morning of the world, when all the sons and daughters of god danced upon the mountaintops of the world; to paraphrase someone or other. It won't be Kali Yuga forever and it could well be (it is my opinion) that the existence of this state of affairs is a great opportunity for every one of us to acknowledge what is and what is not and thereby come into the everlasting presence of what is.

I don't know what I am risking by saying what I say today; what I have said so many days, what I said in Germany for so many years and which I was continuously (studiously) ignored about. I've never been timid about what I believe (know) and have the scars to prove it. I feel sure that many readers here do as well or they wouldn't be coming here more than once in any case.

Since there is a war against Christmas. Let me say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! You can find many many statements to this effect by using any search engine. I chose to use the words of my dear friend and fellow warrior, the eminent scholar Mike Glenn's take on it, since I know his feelings on Christmas most closely parallel my own.

Time goes by... truth emerges, gloriously or painfully ...but emerge it will. It is up to us in which manner it will express itself in our lives. I submit that even in most cases there will be some amount of both ...but in the worst of cases there will only be one. As it so happens, in the best of cases this is also true and... a good day to you.

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