Saturday, January 14, 2017

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

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Oh... I could tell some tales, were I of a mind to. I'm not inclined to lie. I am a poet though, so I do embellish a bit here and there. I guess you need to know that going in... and out. Can I help you out? Sure! Which way did you come in? Life can be deadly and worse than that due to the cost of time passing and resources you are losing. It happens to entire countries. It can certainly happen in a relationship between you and someone else.

Aye... there is the thing... are you fortunate in your possessions? Do you have nothing? Are you somewhere in between? You love someone. What are they worth? Really? Really. Are they true? Are they a scoundrel? Are they on a mission of some kind? Meaning... are they driven and do you like where they are driving? Are they driving you or are you a sluggish, hard to move individual. Complexities? Welcome to the game board of life.

There are two critical features at work always (unless you are alone ((you are never alone))); you have to get along with other people and you have to get along with yourself. This is stated in terms of creating harmony, if harmony is what you are after. There are other options and I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves what they are after. I will guarantee that you will find what you seek. I guarantee that what you put out will come back on you, or were you sleeping in science class? Math?

It's good to know your limits too. I am not gifted for things like chemistry. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten into. What I am trying to say is that for most of us, more of our lives is in our hands than we think it is. We can choose how it will be and I choose harmony. It can be difficult making the personal adjustments that are necessary to achieve this and one must be careful when it come to compromise, deals and arrangements. But you are in love.

Let love guide the way in which you do and do not do... compromises, arrangements and deals. Love can be seen in similitude with plastic. It is bending and obliging. It is also fragile and it can be harder than steel. Love is the perfect drug everyone is looking for or thinking of but Love is only made the most precious in its absence. Without love, what have you got? And surely, without love, what have you wrought?

It's a daily affair for me because I have found that God loves us to the degree that we love. It's the cosmic quid pro quo. Of course, it is always more than just that. Besides the bread on the waters thing, there are exponential after effects that can ring you round with the thunder of it and grant you the lightning strike within. Love is truly the candle in the window of your life. It is interesting to note that shadows increase to the degree that light decreases. Metaphorical? Literal? Assuredly... in both cases. Love and Light; don't leave home without them.

They say that brain surgery and rocket science are difficult arts. For me, the hardest art is that of becoming able to unveil people to themselves and I would say that the payoff is commensurate. It's the simplest thing really. All you have to do is unveil yourself, the other follows after. It isn't the doing of it that is hard. It is the getting to the place of doing it that seems so near impossibly difficult. Else-wise, I suspect it would be all the rage. It is all the rage in Heaven. It is what defines Heaven as what it is.

Pizzagate is a very big deal and we are now in a classic death tango of evil destroying itself. It is far too complex an issue for me to devote any time to. Let me just say that Podesta is like a department store manikin but the product line is considerably larger inside the store. It is not my place, nor do I have the information to say whether Trump or Putin are good or bad. They are what they are. I will say they are certainly not worse than these others and this is the reason they are trying to paint Trump and Company and Putin, with similarity brushes and when you get into urine and fecal matter sex, you can be certain it is the product of the stool sample god and those who are the main producers of scatological television and movie humor, whether it is actually funny or even quite the reverse is not the point.

What I know of Putin is that he loves his country. What steps he has taken in his leadership have certainly been far less egregious than his predecessors. He knows who the bad guys are. Is he a bad guy? I don't think that applies. He is a man of destiny. Some will like him and some not but that he is doing what is best for Russia cannot be questioned. As for Trump. I've seen him as one to the manor born. He's all about the material world and he loves luxury and the high life. He likes to have beautiful women around him and he likes to live large. That's a matter of personal preference. I can't really get on his case about that. This sort of thing will resolve itself as it always does but never forget that God uses people in power to enforce his will. Whether these individuals are successful at what they do depends on who they are listening to. It also depends on the state of consciousness of the public they are appointed to serve. Sometimes these things bring about horrible consequence and sometimes there is unexpected serendipity but... in the end, the ineffable is served.

There have been horrific wars and other states of calamity upon this Earth and yet there have always been other locations that are relatively untouched by these events. How you are personally handled in the process has to do with you. I will now refer you back to those things said earlier in this posting. Consider those things an extract from “The Handbook for Living”, appearing sooner or later from someone you've already crossed paths with.

Unless you were a child being led, or a soldier or a convict, or someone shuttled through procedures, you have acted on your own. Some part of you acted out in response to circumstance, or you were confused, or stood still. We all know what a dolt is. A dolt would not be reading this. Something moves in our consciousness with a higher awareness than our own. People have differing views on that; what it means and it expresses itself through the unique relationship we have with it. It is all things to all things. What will you make of it? What will you let it make of you?

There is lower Nature and higher Nature and one's impulse toward either will define you in that manner. Let us say in the one case there is a grinning devil, orchestrating over the landscape. In the other case there is an alternative image. Mirrors are involved and in a wider sense, the truth of the matter is a pulling or pushing from either point, going on in all of the surrounding lives. One has only to walk through the world to see the whole of it in action.

One of the things I appreciate about myself is that my intensity never diminishes. In fact, it increases. It increases because... in the beginning, as in love with the ineffable as I was, with all the passion and fury of youth, I only understood so much about the ineffable; pretty much like I only understood so much about myself. Time has passed and experience has seasoned me and the ineffable is ever more precious than it once was, because my understanding of it has increased. I have a far deeper appreciation of the value of it. I am deeper. My frenzy of attempted flight and following mishaps only intensified my continuance. I absolutely will not give up. You might think, with youth gone, vigor cooled, that some plateau or mesa would suffice. I think it is stronger now than it ever was. Because of consistency of purpose. So many attractions lie in wait to snare you when you are in flower. However, if you survive that, your parts coalesce and you bond together as one, alert, intended certainty. Possibly the other side terms this as, “take no prisoners”. The best of us and the worst of us share a common thing. It is how we go about it and what we are after that differentiates us.

I think I have heard them all; 'carpe diem', 'the hour is upon us', 'get it while you can', 'opportunity knocks', “he who hesitates is lost.” There is a room in my head that has more of these statements than Imelda Marcos has shoes to wear. The feet you travel on are your own and if they are not, I hope you are getting paid in the coin of your desire. I hope you got your price. I am not permitted that option because what I am after is priceless. It is what each of us carry , or lose on our way. Only when we get to the proper department can we learn the value of it or the cost of losing it.

I don't know what they are getting up to out there. I'm not a part of that scrimmage. I suspect that the essential problem of life is that so many misidentify what is important and what is not. The good news and the bad news, is that you will usually get what you are after, however long it takes you. The worst news is that in an apocalypse, the usual is not the usual.

As it so happens, I'll leave you with that.

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