Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time Lapse Photography out of the Timelessness of Now.

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Sometimes I wish I didn't see things the way that I do. Later on in that same day, I am striving to see and corroborate what I see with even more intensity, so I guess I am stuck with myself and the inevitable probing... probing... looking under rocks but probing with a stick. We don't want one of those Gila Monster episodes. One of the reasons that Truth, were it to be characterized as a personality, is seen as standing alone, afar off, unto itself, is that the truth takes you places you might not have wanted to go. You come around a corner and you see it. Then you see what it is illuminating for your pleasure or distaste. Sometimes you tell yourself, “I wish I didn't have to know that.” But you do know that, now. As is the case with that never ending porno film, The Holocaust or the reality that Israel did 9/11. It is something to know the truth of these matters... and how can you not if you have spend any amount of time looking into them? This is probably why most people will not look deeper into the mix. It's why they would prefer not to know how the sausages they eat are made. The deeper you look into anything of any magnitude, the deeper you also have to look into yourself and discover whether you are up to the task of knowing or not.

I forget when it was. It was a few years ago. I clearly remember it happening ...but I do not remember where I was or what was going on around me. I was in a conversation with the ineffable. At one point, the ineffable said to me, “sometimes I am lonely.” Here I was in a conversation with the ineffable and I heard this. I pondered over and thought about this many times since it was said to me. I tried to comprehend how this could be possible when the ineffable lives within each of us. Is the animate spark of life, the glow, the candle, the fire and flame and the hunger of life itself, also in search of the discovery of itself. So I often, not often enough, go to the ineffable and ask, “So, how is it going? You want to talk?”

It should be obvious in a time of materialism that the ineffable would get short shrift. If you add in to that the redundant chanting and repetition of every kind of prayer and mantra where the ineffable feels that he/she/it is being talked at instead of to, well. I'm not opposed to prayer wheels. For all I know, they may do some good and certainly an impassioned chanting of the Lord's Name has it's moments. Of course, the ineffable is moved by a passion that has Love at its deep and driving core; given that the ineffable would be that love in the first place. For whatever the reason, the divine likes to have a chat now and again.

I can remember moments when the divine came upon me, always unexpectedly. There was a cautious probing. You had to be careful then or the ineffable would recede but if you got past that, many good and remarkable things could happen and have happened from where I am. Everybody needs a friend.

So Trump wants to build a wall and Trump wants to bring back coal. Given the behavior of the previous administration, the wall is a good idea and coal? I think a lot of this global warming fever is a scam. I'm not saying we don't pollute. Good grief, I walk the world. I've been in LA and I have seen film on Beijing. I'm watching. I feel like I can hear sabers rattling, off in the distance. I've not seen a time where there wasn't some war or another, nor have I read much about times, before I got here in my present form, when there was not war and rumors of war. Trump is pro business. Okay. War is also a business and larger business interests make a fortune during a war; some of them do, anyway. It's all for the public good.

Closing in on seven billion people now. Pressures are being made on resources. There are millions upon millions of men and women in uniform that need engagements. Isn't that what the military does? I can understand needing a militia of some sort for protection from hostile types but it all seems to have become routine. It's a mere formality now. The costs of war are immense but it seems that the same people profit from this angle as well. Far more people are maimed, injured and damaged than who die. Gorbachev says the world is preparing for war. It seems that you must always prepare for war in some fashion; prepare to serve, prepare to oppose the doing of it, prepare to ignore what is taking place, or prepare yourself to suffer in silence at the news of it, being grateful that it isn't happening to you.

I know a golden age is coming but I do not think it will encompass the planet. It's more like a mini golden age; some kind of extended Indian Summer or a false Spring. In truth, I do not know what it is. I know what I sense and what I feel and there is no dread or great apprehension. Maybe that is just me.

I've been here before lately and made mention of it; not quite knowing what to say, being afraid of mailing it in but still wanting to say something. Tell people it is going to be alright... when I don't know that and certainly not in every case. I suppose it is more about telling people how to be alright and that inevitably leads back to the ineffable. Whatever you are facing, intending, thinking about, the ineffable is the zero sum game across the board, as everything is reduced, or manifested into what it is demonstrated as. On one side of the equation you are slicing cheese. On the other side you are the cheese being sliced. In consideration of everything, the ineffable is all of this and so much more so... given this is what I come up against, no matter what direction I go in, no matter how I might handle or not handle anything, yes... there is the ineffable again.

I remember when I got the understanding that god and the devil were the same, despite the opposite, terribly alarming outcomes. It had something to do with, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” and then there was that line that has become so obscured in the reinventing of the texts, over recent decades, that says, “be not deceived, even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment,.” I remember the ineffable being right there when I got it and later telling me, “don't worry about any of it, you are beyond good and evil now.”

I surely wish I knew more but I do not and I am certain that a good portion of that is resident in the fact that the wheel is still in spin, the outcome is indeterminate. Evil is not a singular thing. It is composed of many factions that are all at war with each other. Evil is probably best expressed in that encounter between Jesus and the one called Legion. I believe you get a great deal more by looking into things than at them and ever so more by continuing to look into things. The very pressure of your focus upon anything will cause it to reveal its inner nature to you. Sustaining your focus for the necessary length of time to achieve this is the hard part. Some of us do though and that is, I suspect, how we find out about these things, unless, of course, someone tells us about it and we just accept what they tell us as far too many people seem willing to do. My perspective, gained by sorting various qualities of bullshit from what may or may not have been concealed beneath it, is to see for myself whether something is true or not. Sometimes, your best efforts still leave you less than completely convinced about something but... you do, or do not do, your best.

This year coming into play is unlike any I have seen before. Dramatic changes are afoot, attempting to get afoot, stumbling, falling into a sea of grasping hands, or going sideways seeking the true horizontal; a bit of a side note here... true horizontal does not bear any relation to true north. This works well for me because I am not going north or horizontal any time soon but let us take from this that the world is going to be rising and reaching and moving in many directions at the same time without actually getting anywhere and from what I can see, it's best to find somewhere you like to be and be there. Massive transformations are underway. They cannot be gotten around. Maybe they will go by like large freight trains in the night. Maybe they won't. What I have come to see the reality of one's engagement of life as, is what concerns you will find you and it is better to only have to do with that which concerns you. I say this assuming that you are all good people.

It seems that everything wants to express itself in conflict these days, be it religion, culture, commerce, conversation... even war (grin). Music is no longer music but angry declamations and exhortations of rhythmic ignorance channeling through base desire. Entertainment is a competition of explosions, interspersed with increasingly kinkier sexual congress, devoid of meaning. It's hard to see how some righteous and beautiful existence will manifest out of this toxic melange but I suspect it will happen in the places it is meant to. I know that it is always a possibility in the heart of any one of us who sets out to realize it and I suppose we will leave it at that.

We attain to what we attain to. We acquire what we acquire, whether we like it or not, once we have it. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get rid of things. How did it get to where so many people no longer know what is meaningful or not? Huge corporations wield immense power without providing a really useful item. Maybe it's fun while it lasted. Container loads of garbage... actual garbage and manufactured shrink-wrapped cross the seas going here and there. Things can appear instantaneously and still might take months. Waiting to be taken care of in the bank, or the DMV, or Social Security has not improved on the speed of the process. I thought computers were supposed to make life easier, more efficient, solve those problems, accelerate the red army ants of brevity in circumstance but it still takes as long as it used to take before we got to where we are.

I've minimized my life. I rarely go anywhere. I watch the world through all these windows that are afforded to me and can't imagine that I would have a better time of it out there because these days there really is no there there. The only there is here and if you can be self contained, even should you be compelled to migrate, it will be okay as long as you carry what is important with you when you go. Invisible security is always present and sometimes when the bad guys come looking for you, you are already gone.

That is one of the features of the ineffable that I love... perfect timing. Don't go before you should and don't arrive too early or too late, the perfection of existence is defined by your accompaniment.

Meanwhile... count your blessings.

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