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Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Celebrate the Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USA. USA! USA! USA!!!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today is here and today is the 13th anniversary of Israel's 9/11 attack on the United States. If it happened in 2001 and this is 2014, it would be 13 anniversaries, correct? Ah... the number 13. Today we celebrate many things. We celebrate the incredible corruption of the American government, following 9/11. It was bad before that but it got much, much worse. We celebrate the transparent and obvious fact that Israel controls American foreign and domestic policy, via their control of the money supply and control of the fluctuations of that money supply, in order to control the state of the culture and the basic elements of life. Today we celebrate the transition of a domestic police force that has been turned into a military force, designed and developed by agents of Israel, in order to strike fear into the hearts of the populace and to both control and frustrate the movement of ordinary people no matter what direction they may seek to travel in.

Today we celebrate the incredible and mind blowing ignorance of the American public, not only their ignorance but also their cowardice and arrogant sense of entitlement. We celebrate the many wars generated by the dual national Israeli neo-cons who used the lies woven around 9/11 in order to justify attacking one country after another in the Middle East to fulfil their Ersatz Israel Zionista fantasies. Millions have died and millions more displaced. There was no reason for these wars because these wars all came out of a ridiculous presumption that a handful of stone age Arabs had masterminded this colossal event, when, in fact, it was masterminded and carried out by agents of Israel and compromised and corrupt intelligence agencies.

Today we celebrate denial and we celebrate indifference. We celebrate the dumb gentile who sends his children to die in Israeli engineered wars and who also expose (as military combatants) them to the performance of cold blooded murder against various peoples who had nothing to do with this attack and no connection to any terror organizations. The only terror organizations killing and torturing and operating with impunity around the world are Israeli constructs and are funded by the governments of the west.

Today we celebrate the reassuring knowledge that the same people who did 9/11 are also planning yet another enormous terror action against some unsuspecting part of America and possibly also other locations in the west. They are doing this to further their ambitions of destroying Syria and Iran. They are fomenting turmoil in The Ukraine and certain tiny countries that border on Russia because it is also their intention to destroy both Russia and China as well. They are monsters whose hearts and minds have been co-opted and possessed by ancient demonic entities. The mass of them are being manipulated in various ways, that spell nothing positive for the human race, by the Chosen People of The Prince of Darkness.

Today we celebrate the truly remarkable disconnect in the minds of all the useful idiots who somehow, beyond the reach of all common sense, somehow believe there is a profit to be realized by them in serving certain forces who consider them completely expendable and will ruin or destroy them at the drop of a hat. We celebrate the legions of deluded and clueless fools who have made all of these things possible by being... well, by being deluded and clueless.

Today, we celebrate the extreme (timewise) downward slide of the American Empire. It seems that it will be accomplished in less than a generation. Today we celebrate confusion, turmoil, disorder and porn. It used to be that porn was something that involved explicit sexual activity but today... porn is something that involves everything. In fact, you would be hard pressed these days to find something that has not been rendered pornographic.

Today we celebrate all the tomorrows that are now guaranteed to be like today. We celebrate all of the yesterdays that have been rewritten so that they no longer bear any resemblance to what they were. Today we celebrate the ability to look right at something and not see what it is we are looking at but actually see something else because someone else told them they were seeing something else and they bought it. Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Today we celebrate the rise of the corporations over the needs of the public and we celebrate the corporations paying nearly zero taxes so that the burden falls on the public. We celebrate all those things that only a moron would celebrate, such as clapping when it is announced that they will be shot at dawn. We celebrate things like this (please flash back to all that has been said earlier in the post) and regardless of hard proof, other than the testimony of someone reputed to be in possession of this knowledge, we know these things are true. We celebrate the celebration of absolute triviality over things once more important but now... not even remembered. We celebrate the coronation of crap as the essence of the meaning of life.Yes... we celebrate the veneration of the pointless.

We celebrate the rise of Satanism as the logical outcome of the triumph of materialism over human consciousness. We celebrate in the midst of this madness, the fortitude and determination of those courageous and unintimidated souls who press on and press on and look what you get. We celebrate the fire and force of the human spirit in those few who are not yet brain dead or cellphone thumb junkies.

The writing is on the wall everywhere and the lunacy is off the charts; on the wall and off the charts We celebrate what has to be the certain knowledge that the largest percentage of the human race are on rails. They are like trams moving through time on city streets, hardwired into the Cradle to Grave Express. Nothing moves them. They go on and on and on until they disappear into the unknown from which they previously emerged unknown. “Stop that train, I want to get off!”

We are born dying and at the same time incapable of life in any meaningful sense. We shop without any particular item in mind. We cannot see and we cannot hear. We are blind to the truth and deaf to reason AND... we celebrate that. “Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the delusion!” Yeah Baby! Nero is fiddling, Obama is diddling. Have another round of Bread and Circuses on the house! Disappear into the Big Box with teeth for your big box comfort of living life on the cheap. Celebrate as you disappear! I celebrate the incredible replicating irony of life defining life as life is presently defined... as life?

I celebrate the influx of undocumented aliens, who by Shake and Bake instant law; just add water... are not to be checked for health concerns and we celebrate the influx of Ebola into mainland USA with only one possible intention / We need more electronic billboards like the ones for WTC 7 but they should be flashing; “WTF!!! WTF!!!”. They should be everywhere! They should be joined by other flashing led statements like, “Help us!!! Help us!!!”

On this day when we celebrate an attack on the United States by the people who have also looted it down to the nails in the two by fours behind the sheetrock, let me take this moment to say how proud I am of all of you. Let me celebrate how proud I am that it was possible for you to dumb yourself down to the point that you were able to convince yourself that Bin Laden, living in a cave in Afghanistan, orchestrated these attacks and carried them out with people who couldn't fly planes and were armed with boxcutters. That! That is fucking impressive! Israel did 9/11 people. They did it with the help of critical individuals in critical agencies that they paid off with money they looted from the public coffers via their control of The Central Banks and... by extension their control of the currency printing presses. If you are so incurious that you won't check the hard cold facts that prove this... I celebrate that! If you are such a coward that you will not accept responsibility for knowing what is so and prefer to believe what is not so... I celebrate that! If you are indifferent... I celebrate that. You will not be here much longer and I celebrate that too. You can have no part other than compost in this coming age which requires... curiosity, courage and an absence of indifference. It is an age of universal brotherhood or... haven't you heard?

Today we celebrate Israel being exposed for her heinous crimes against not only her alleged best friend but also against humanity around the world. We celebrate an end to ignorance and denial. We celebrate a universal awareness of this Satanic entity that preys on all other life forms. We celebrate the coming of the light into this vast theater of darkness. We celebrate the work of Mr. Apocalypse in uncovering what must be revealed to the eyes of the world. The clock is ticking and all the plots and convoluted agendas at work are all working toward the definite and certain demise of those so involved. We celebrate that. We do...

We await this next false flag that is front and center in the Event Horizon because we know they will be caught out at it. They know this too but their madness is so extreme they are incapable of reigning themselves in. So it is that all of the multitude of bewildering obfuscation is taking place in an attempt to fog up the landscape while they set about yet more murder and mayhem. Their time has come.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

unbelievable . . .

celebrating the end of insanity
"JEW" worshipping and BRAINDEADGOY navel gazing...an idea you have made

----> GOOD FAITH <-----

for even the most timid yet curious just coming of age...

I've known dung beetles with more common sense than all the TV watchers combined...




jennifer scott said...

Party on down here in the nations sewer...all the fools are remembering that fateful day. Davy has a great comment on this post- it is perfect! Thank you for your writing this Vis-take care-jen

Greg Bacon said...


Shouldn't that be "JEWSA! JEWSA! JEWSA!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Less than a generation? Uh, yes. 2 or 3 years is less than a generation; and from the looks of it, that's about what the u.s. and the rest of the world has of this 'era'. I'd say 3 years is stretching it, from what I'm reading.


I read that was Chaldean. Literal meaning they were denominations of currency, theoretically symbolising the empire being numbered, weighed, divided, and falling short; all in all. Or something like that.

Though I must say, if you are in the world and not of it, it's just a slum where travelling through for our self-imposed life sentence. . .shouldn't you be looking forward to getting out of this HELL HOLE? I know I am, but I've had the mixed pleasure of seeing the next world and missing it and a few of its inhabitants like crazy. Then again, maybe the pleasure is not so mixed for I am aware I have no further use for this shite pile with all it's annoying limitations, and annoying everything else (car's in the shop), so at least I can see the light. . .which is getting brighter every day.

I can't wait to see what this day, not to mention the rest of this month shall bring. Now about that incoming CME that's due here any time now. . .

I gotta look up exactly what X 1 .6 means.

Kurt said...

From ODIGO to the Dancing Israelis in New Jersey there is no doubting the truth, that the Zionists did 9-11.

You write as a poet, as a prophet. Reading you gives one HOPE. The TRUTH, crushed to earth, shall RISE again!!!

Dr Kevin MacDonald suffered for writing his Culture of Critique. Another voice for truth. The Enemy of Humanity may have the power, the money, but TRUTH as warriors such as you and Dr MacDonald. TRUTH will win!!! Thank you for telling the TRUTH, over and over and over again.

Obama bombing Syria, to the delight of his masters.

As Christopher Bollyn wrote November 6, 2008:
"When one considers that Obama has been financed and supported by the biggest Zionists in America since 1992 it becomes clear that John McCain was merely playing the role of a presidential candidate, i.e. he was a fake candidate whose real purpose was to allow his opponent to win. This can only be understood when one realizes that both political parties in the United States are completely controlled by Zionist money."

Ray B. said...

Some of the Americans that Vis 'celebrates' are around me, so I overhear TV that I wouldn't otherwise listen to. Recently, one was a morning "News" show where - I kid you not - the topic was whether toilet paper rolls should be installed so the free-sheet faces the back or the front. They even did a poll on it. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I just shook my head and walked away...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#6--Depends on the habits of the cat that lives with you, if you have a cat. I'd say paper pulling it toward you from the top is easier, but if it is considered a cat toy by any feline that lives with you, go the other way.

Thank the gods, the ones that live with us only had to do that once, as far as unravelling a total roll goes. Well, twice. Once with the toilet paper, and once with the paper towels. And you have to let them do the whole roll, or they they go back and do it again until they can do the whole roll without interruption. I think they consider it part of their job or something.

Yeah, now you have to pick up your jaw again.

Oh well. Not my problem.

est said...

to the front, obviously
now i'll read the post

happy nine/eleven
[the day we really saw,
what was going on]

Anonymous said...

Duffel Blog is a satire site, and that piece you linked to about Lee Harvey Oswald is straight-up satire.

Anonymous said...

Great tribulation on Earth is coming.

est said...

yes, the church bells just started ringing
i can't make out the tune, something peaceful

what is to become of us
if we carry on this way ?

don't we know any better,
by now ? the best we can do ?

stop killing each other,
is what i would say, if i was god

Visible said...

Duffel Blog uh... duh...No, really? We're known to do things like that around here just because they seldom get noticed. Every site linked here gets tossed through a filter first; lessons learned early.

Dawn said...

This cat thinks thinks the free sheet should come from the back!


Great post, Vis! Greetings, all!


galen said...

The Oracle has opened
and from all visible evidence,
les is more

The tongue,
at the service of the brain,
hosting the mind,
attached to the heart,
open to the overview
and nothing isn't naked

on the ears of the attuned
good news rests
with comfort and relief
while worn-out lies wither
and deception deftly dies

Humble is the prophecy
that declares in modern-speak:
Now we know, we now know
And much can come of this

And though
there's always more to know
Until the well is visible
one simply cannot drink


flyingcossack said...

if jews wanted to destroy russia, the fighting would be in russia

jews plan on running the world from russia (scion) ... and blame all their sins on america (zion)

spiller233 said...

Amazing Vis. Couldn't be any clearer. We cannot be held responsible for those who refuse to see what is right in front of their noses.

Until today, I used to visit this idiot's website for financial/economic/political commentary. Not regularly, he is often full of shit on some topics, but occasionally.

Never again will I go there or read any of this retard's ignorant deluded crap.

I was tempted to email him with your WT7 link and tell him to wake the fuck up but gladly realised it would be a waste of my time.

For someone who purports to have researched all the "conspiracy theories", he singularly fails my litmus test. Anyone who is presented with all the hard truths behind 9/11 and yet still proclaims it to be a lunatic conspiracy theory is either:
a) a mentally disabled individual with a sub-60 IQ.
b) in on it and/or benefits from it.

Direct Quote:
"9/11: Just Don't Do It (Be a Twit)

It's 9/11, and once again we remember.

I've written several treatises on this disaster and terrorist attack (and yes, it was, you loons) and I will just observe this:

Do not, on my system anyway, run any of the usual crap that certain people run about 9/11.

If you want to get banned, go ahead and do it.

If you want to be un-friended, do it on Facebook, blocked on Twitter, or whatever where I can see it. You'll have marked yourself as a weak-minded fool.

I'm so tired of the crap. Really. I've looked into all of the usual conspiracy garbage, and have spent a lot of personal time on it. It's crap. It's outrageous crap. And if you're still hung up on it you need psychological help.

Lots of it."


Visible said...

There are a lot of theories but very little that I know personally for certain. one thing I do know is that evil fails and it fails especially in times of apocalypse and judgement. We'll see.

missingarib said...

Vis,our hearts sing in your choir
I cry and I sigh
search for signs in the sky
emotionally numbed often transfixed
by stories and images songs and chants
written on pieces of unleavened bread
stuffed in cork topped bottles
and cast in the waters of the river styx
litter the banks some buried in sand

Where the gondola merchants have set up shop
washington to tel-aviv non stop

I lose myself to the sounds of laughter and din
of children and cherubins, of sinners and saints
praying to be delivered from the
"We are born dying and at the same time incapable of life in any meaningful sense. We shop without any particular item in mind. We cannot see and we cannot hear. We are blind to the truth and deaf to reason AND... we celebrate that. “Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the delusion!” Yeah Baby! Nero is fiddling, Obama is diddling. Have another round of Bread and Circuses on the house! Disappear into the Big Box with teeth for your big box comfort of living life on the cheap. Celebrate as you disappear! I celebrate the incredible replicating irony of life defining life as life is presently defined... as life?"

I suffer with you in this age of chaos
live long
much love

Spiller233 said...

Here here to that ^^^


Eileen K. said...

What's to celebrate? The Mossad did 9/11; Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH knew right away upon seeing the Towers fall that it wasn't planes that caused it. The Law of Physics is quite clear; satchels with micro-nukes brought them down.

Great Job, Vis. Keep up the good work. I hear you loud and clear. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

The biggest 9-11 conspiracy is the ongoing, operativie, "official" explanation of it.


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently the New York Times thinks its time for lucifer. Just take a look at Obama over here . . .


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:17,

The NY Times is little more than the house organ of zio-agenda.


spiller233 said...

I just wanted to see if "that" guy had received any abuse after this 9/11 horseshit yesterday. Nope.

Dismisses the WT7 issues and inconsistencies today.


Anonymous said...

Obama is a piece of shit,
there's no getting away from it!
Americans are scum who accept rule by such dung.
Obama is a piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

Spiller 233, the expression is, "hear, hear", not "here, here". Most people appreciate it when they are taught something new; others pretend they know everything, and rail at anyone who insinuates that they don't.

Visible, a couple of questions: If everything is for purposes of demonstration, and everything is under control, and we should give into the will of the divine, as we have no power ourselves or anything else, why do you so vigorously bash "Israel" and "the Satanists" on a continual basis? Isn't what they do, for purposes of demonstration? Isn't what they do, completely under control? Isn't it the will of the divine, that they do what they do? Isn't everything part of the ineffable's plan? It's all too confusing to me, and I'd like to know what your take is on that.

Visible said...

Ah, I see, you feel I am being harsh and judgemental with the Satanists (who are obviously misunderstood and basically decent folks; like yourself for instance) and you're using that usual trolling double speak language out of which political correctness was born. It's the same kind of argument they use; ergo, you come out of the same camp. Reasoning with you would be a waste of time. Answering you is a waste of time. You have no desire to understand... here! here! So why don't you just get that I get you, completely as it were and fill in the blanks as far as what my real response is to you 'anonymous' and courageous warrior for truth. You don't have a name right? Or would that put some sort of undesired punctuation upon your little offering here... here?

est said...

12:50 > 2:01
now that was funny
i needed a laugh

as some fool took my bike,
right off the front porch

while i slept, i guess
needed it more than me

i'm a little discouraged
as that's how i got around

Ppl said...

Clearly spoken truth. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Visible, you must have missed my point. You have a habit of doing that, so I'm not going to be judgmental about that.

My question, again, which you ignored (and I don't blame you for ignoring it, as answering it would only make you look like a bigger tool), was:

"If everything is for purposes of demonstration, and everything is under control, and we should give into the will of the divine, as we have no power ourselves or anything else, why do you so vigorously bash 'Israel' and 'the Satanists' on a continual basis? Isn't what they do, for purposes of demonstration? Isn't what they do, completely under control? Isn't it the will of the divine, that they do what they do? Isn't everything part of the ineffable's plan?"

(Visible's response - ***Crickets***)

galen said...

Hair, hair!! Vis, you so good at clock-cleaning. (Cheshire grin)


Visible said...

Apparently you don't know the answer to that question although, obviously I do. Should I tell you? You know how to keep an asshole in suspense? I'll get back to you on that. Gee... I guess I'm not manipulable by you, am I, ANONYMOUS?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Waiting for the Dawn to Rise on the Beach of Last Resort

Anonymous said...

Like I said...Visible's response to the question - ***Crickets***. Attack the messenger. Yawn. Same old shit, different day.

Visible said...

Ah, anonymous, do you feel attacked? Oh darling (whatever your name is) I am soooooooooo sorry. Try to do better than psyche 101 with me. I am fearsomely better informed than that. Be creative, regardless of your lack of connection to the muse., try... you never know.

Anonymous said...

So the anonymous ziotroll feels attacked. Well at least he's consistent. ...They cry out in pain as they strike you....their stock-in-trade.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Long Way, the Short Way and the Right Way.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up.

Anonymous said...

In tandem with,
“We celebrate the celebration of absolute triviality over things once more important but now... not even remembered. We celebrate the coronation of crap as the essence of the meaning of life.Yes... we celebrate the veneration of the pointless.”

Banana Peels and Pork Strips Earn Ig Nobel Honors
The winners of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes have been announced, and included among them are a team studying the slipperiness of banana peels, another investigating the ability ofpork strips to stop nosebleeds, and yet another gauging howreindeer react to humans in polar bear suits. The aforementioned honorees took home the physics, medicine, and arctic science prizes, respectively. The award in public health went to a team investigating whether it is mentally hazardous to own a cat, while the psychology award went to a team that found that night owls tend to be more psychopathic than early risers. Prizes were also awarded in several other categories. More... Discuss

Karen Norman said...

Hi Vis,

I found it very interesting that on the same day 9/11 occurred there was a huge solar flare emitted from the sun. Many scientists pondered as to whether the solar flare somehow contributed to the event of 9/11, but my intuition tells me that the combined human emotion, in response to the broadcasted image of planes hitting the Twin Towers, is what caused the solar flares. Therefore, as much as we depend on the sun for our physical requirements the sun, stars, and universe, that we perceive when we look out to the stars, are just as affected by humanity as we are by them, because ALL is ONE.

It also occurs to me that the constant shock and awe attack upon humanity by the global elite could be being played out in the hope that humanity's heightened emotional state will cause the earth to be scorched by the sun, as mentioned in Revelations. Just a thought.

Cheers Kazz

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