Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Certain Denouement of the Dark Lord.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Does something like this deserve a comment? Let us say the heat is definitely on when they start lampooning themselves, however unintentional it may be. Things like this prove that there is no need to deny their special holocaust. All one is required to do is to mention the tens of millions they killed in Russia, The Ukraine, Armenia and other places. Then... it becomes a matter of Karma. Certainly the Karma was minor by comparison but this whole sordid mess of contemporary life ain't over yet. Apparently underneath these structures they have also found The Ark of the Covenant, which is a force generating object that disseminates lies adapted to any time zone it operates in. I'm glad I cleared that up.

Yes... they are definitely feeling the heat and when they feel the heat they take the usual steps to contain the outrage they inevitably generate by their hostile actions against the rest of humanity on and on it goes as it heads off to dreadful epiphany.

It should be pretty clear what is going on though the mass of the public refuses to see. I have witnessed video tape of poll workers putting Yes votes in the No pile. During a conversation the day before the vote I remember saying to someone, “The vote doesn't matter because the results will most certainly be rigged and there is only one reason to rig votes and that is because if the votes are not rigged, the outcome will be different.

Given who is behind the disarray and disorder of these times, you know that they will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo. Keep in mind that if you are hearing about these things, much worse has taken place and is taking place.

In America, that branch of Satanic Control International, is busy importing new voters so that a rotating automat of replicating faces can become dictator for life. One figurehead replaces the last. All sense of propriety and decency have fled can one expect justice in environments like this? It cannot end well for many.

I sit high on the mast in the crow's nest of my life and I look with my spyglass in all directions. I am looking for land. I am looking for a place to land; somewhere to wait out the Denouement of The Dark Lord. I find places and Whoosh... they are rife with enemy agents whose efforts are directed toward getting me to land there or... because of this feature, a host of other opportunities are rendered questionable. Does one dare to tempt fate, when fate has been routinely displaying a vicious and convincing backhand? Does one return to former environs (presently on the table), which one departed from for reasons that are now much more prominent than they were? Given that ones capacity for trust has been severely violated and given... that doubt and distrust are two of the chief conditions being internationally distributed from the ghost/wraith conning towers, transmitting waves of dark narcotic subliminal sound into the collective subconscious... well... one must step back a pace, draw in ones breath, exhale slowly and ponder the paucity of good guidance, as communications from both the visible and invisible realms become muted. Is this the result of internal filters (hardly possible) or the final punishing last gasp of a dying regime of tyranny; tyranny of the soul, tyranny of the mind, tyranny of the heart, chained and subjugated in the dark, perpetually broken on the wheel of mysterious fate... to bleed out into gray pastures in need of color but... for that you need light.

You know what I often think of? I think of what happens when white light is shot through a prism. At the other end, these brilliant colors emerge. It seems that all of these colors are contained in the white light. This then, logically, takes my mind to the snow crowned heights of the Himalayas; the Andes, the Alps, the Canadian Rockies. During their brief summer, the heat of the sun (think metaphor) causes the white snow of pure mathematics to melt and run down into the valleys, through all of the multitudes of tributaries in search of the sea. They overrun their banks in the valleys and from that congress of Sun and Earth and water there comes all the colorful profusion that composes the natural world.

In times of darkness, the natural world is made unnatural. Study if you will, the naked male and female forms. Note their conjunctions and the potential of their connective interplay. From this dance comes all generative replication and all technology. Consider the emotions as technical demonstrations of hot and cold conversions of The One Thing. From the conclusions he gains, Mr. Visible is convinced that he knows shit. He is also convinced that he knows... shit. Presently, The Zero Theorum is playing alongside of the posting in progress. You have to give it to Terry Gilliam, he is both entertaining and educative; one of the good guys, like my beautiful departed brothers; Buckminster Fuller and Terrance McKenna, of whom it may be said, on the one hand, the work of positive imagination created dream worlds of possibility that have been summarily ignored and on the other hand through ingestation of the spirit of Nature saw similar in a differential aspect. “Oh... I ain't got no body... yadda yadda yadda ya.”

You know that you have entered The Dark Night of the Soul (which definitely doesn't last just one night) when the appearance of all support has been removed and you are left with the impression that you are going it alone. It's at this point that things like suicide and portals of possible escape present their luminous lies of release, where release is by no means possible. This counterpoints the 'footsteps in the sand' poem of which most readers are familiar and for which no link will be given; no footprints? No link.

You go right and you got Hank Williams. You go left and you got Ozzie Osbourne. You can't go back but if you did you'd probably find Stephen Foster and ahead, you might find me or any one of the rest of us that don't give up. I thought I knew what heavy was. I had no idea. I suppose the treachery angle cuts the deepest. It's primarily because it wasn't really necessary. It accomplished nothing but to add weights to the heart. However, since the heart is already sinking into a sea of Love well... Bon Voyage.

I hadn't had all that much up close and personal experience of religious and philosophical hypocrites, so maybe that is a necessary part of the learning. Sometimes... I suppose, given the severity of the highway traveled, one tends to trust too much. That seems to be the very opposite of what one might expect on the surface but... all that grief has been very much like a sword cutting deeper into the reservoir of being.

I'm getting a lot of communications that tell me this viscous sludge through which I trudge is everywhere to be found and... as such... difficult to avoid. Forget the maps and charts, the GPS systems, the traditions and systems that, at any other time, might well have proven useful. True North can no longer be found on any gauge. One must move on faith and instinct, knowing... knowing that when all the guiding signs have been pulled from the side of the road and all of the fixed stars moved for mysterious purpose, perhaps one finds that continuance is truly an internal affair and in truth... there is nothing 'out there'.

End Transmission.......

Radio broadcast at the usual time and place.

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insiam said...

When we find somethings too heavy to carry we should lay them down. Look at them and know them for what they are - but not be burdened by the weight.

There is nothing out there. Everything is to be found looking in.

Insiam :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered becoming a sailor.
Older Medium size (30ft-36ft) boats can be had for cheap these days. Hang in the Caribbean and if you don't like your local you just change it.

Visible said...

I have done some sailing with people who knew what they were doing and so I know not to do it otherwise. I could, possibly be an okay First Mate and cook but it would be better that a real sailor had the controls overall.

If I knew someone who wanted to buy a boat and was seaworthy I might consider it. I've certainly thought of it. I do have somewhere to go and it is a beautiful place and I should be okay for the months needed to establish myself. I wonder why I am here an extra 2.5 months and then I realize the American elections are looming and something will most definitely happen in that time. That could profoundly change everything

Lance said...

"Mr. Visible is convinced that he knows shit. He is also convinced that he knows... shit."

Geeze, and I just ordered your book through Amazon. :)

Visible said...

Well... you don't have to believe both of them and... anyway... there's the entertainment value.

Visible said...

Davy... I love that portion from The Way to the Kingdom that you reference

Josey said...


There are SO many dire predictions, a constant flow. I'm not talking about you, just everywhere you turn.

But,but, I've been following the case of Leo Emil Wanta, special envoy to Pres. Reagan and the whole currency trading endeavor he embarked upon for Reagan. This led to the Fall of the Soviet Union back in 1990.

So, it seems that he accumulated VAST sums of money, in the amounts of $27 + TRILLION, some estimates, with interest earned are much higher.

Reagan wanted this money to be used to retire the national debt. Wanta has been trying to repatriate the funds, pay his taxes, and follow the original directives, set out by Pres Reagan.

At every turn, there has been harassment, roadblocks, even imprisonment, and death threats. Recently, he was being shaken down for bribes of $5-30 Billion in order to get a portion of the money that the Courts have ruled on. He wants to pay taxes on it and use the balance for a high speed rail system across the U.S.

This windfall could change the economic situation in the U.S. and quickly. It would give new hope and potential for millions.

Why has this NOT been talked about or considered? The resistance to his good fortune and attempts to solve our economic problems are and have been UN-believeable.

missingarib said...

Vis, you're tough as nails.I understand from all you have shared that your spiritual skin is well oiled -(as it were)-your sense of direction will always point you in the direction that informs .

In White Light Shields Robert Bruce puts into words a known manifestation that arises for those along the spiritual path:

"The more pure and spiritually developed a person is (especially if they are actively working towards real spiritual advancement) the more attention they will attract from the negatives to pull them down."

live long

TRON said...

Here is an article which catalogs many of the historical Jewish crimes from the perspective of a French Jewish historian That fact that it was included in a letter to Stephen Spieilberg whose Shoah Foundation has been otherwordly in pushing false narratives, places this in further perspective.

Ray B. said...

Vis: " communications from both the visible and invisible realms become muted. Is this the result of internal filters (hardly possible) or the final punishing last gasp of a dying regime of tyranny..."

I have noticed this, too. It takes more effort to 'punch through' to Higher Self. As I am not doing much different, it would seem to be from outside. It feels more 'general', like radar jamming, than any specific 'attack'. I wonder if this is some kind of negative psionics/radionics? At any rate, it's recent appearance must mean that TPTB are under some 'pressure'...
Vis: "You know that you have entered The Dark Night of the Soul (which definitely doesn't last just one night) when the appearance of all support has been removed and you are left with the impression that you are going it alone."

I am taking various "The Dark Night of the Soul" aspects as proof that I/We are reaching some form of 'boundary'. Whether from internal or external sources, the downward/backward forces are giving it their final gasp. It kind of reminds me of the end-sequences of the Buddha's enlightenment-journey under the Bodhi Tree. If our internal-strength and intentions hold out, there can be only one conclusion...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

i was googling "shaktipat" and was pleasantly surprised to find your comment on one of the articles here:

"I received what must have been shaktipat on a beach in Big Sur California from what I later realized was a superhuman type of being. I have never met his like since and I have been around real spiritual teachers. Several months later I was in the woods on the opposite coast and during that evening. I had a massive kundalini uprising that lasted for 3 straight years at a constant level. My experiences during that time are well known to many people and the supernatural events were a regular affair. I was 21 at the time.

Since that time, over the decades it went into a kind of slumber, only to awaken again in recent years and cause some very intense experiences. I never met that man on the beach (if man he was) again but I suspect I will. Thank you for the article."

Can you talk more about your shaktipat experience in upcoming blog posts?

Anonymous said...

matchless and masterful prose. the thing with your writing is that regardless of the subject matter and even when it could seem dark or depressing it is still resonant with a positive and powerful light because of the way the words are woven together. I don't believe any human writer is capable of this with this kind of consistency. you have to be hooked up with or hooked into something timeless and so very much aware.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're right when you say that the release of suicide is a lie.

I grew up in an unloving family where it was obvious from my physical features that my mother had me from an affair and as a result neither my father OR my mother had anything but barely tolerant contempt for me, and as a result of that I wanted to die from when I was four years old.

What kept me from doing so was being taught Catholic theology about Hell as a place of eternal torments, where suicides are sentenced the same as murderers. Now that I know the Church and all its unholy works are lies, I've asked myself about that one particular assertion too.

I can see that if suicide is a valid means of escape, it would certainly screw up the plans of certain domineering soulless types who are bound to this plane of existence and need us to stay bound too in order for them to parasitically derive psychic energy.

What if this particular world is just one of an infinite number of realities, and our souls came here during our infinite eternal wanderings between realms to experience and enjoy, but everything has gone horribly wrong because our initially gracious hosts have turned out to be sadistic monsters.

But what if we are trapped only if we think we are trapped? Then suicide is not a false escape, it is in fact the only valid means of escape. Otherwise, you're trapped here forever, recycled in the lie of karmic reincarnation.

And that's maybe a lie too, because here's something to think about. We're supposedly living in the most momentous period in history, known as the Singularity. Now, how likely is it that of all the times to be alive, in the million years of human existence before this and the perhaps billions after, that we live just prior to the most important event in human history?

Well, the probability is pretty close to zero. Which tells you that this existence is a lie and we're just being strung along with false hope and anticipation. And I'll bet that if you die the natural way and submit to be reincarnated with a memory wipe, you'll wind up in the 'same year' you were born in previously, living the same life over again, awaiting the promise of a liberating Singularity that will always be just out of reach. Of course I could never collect on that bet.

So many strange things have happened to me that I can no longer believe in even the logical consistency of this reality, and I mean that on a level far more fundamental than merely political or religious nonsense. The way I continually get screwed violates the law of averages AND the laws of physics.

You may regard suicide as being defined as ending one's life, but I am starting to think it's more in terms of, "Computer, end program."

I think it's time to quit this game gone sour and get on with my true existence. See you in another reality, because this one stinks.

GrimFandangeo said...

We all have a sense that this so-called "antisemitism" has played out before, over and over again. But it is shocking to see a comprehensive documented list of these pogroms in toto.

The following Judaism culture and history site, created and maintained by Jews, is a perfect example:

The most amazing thing to me about this list is the authors' complete lack introspection. What is the common denominator of all these events, spanning thousands of years, in hundreds of villages, cities and nations, perpetrated by countless disparate peoples?

Unless and until the genesis of antisemitism is identified and rectified, history shall continue to repeat, regardless of the empty and thoughtless demands of "never again"

Visible said...

Boy... I have heard some dumb and ill thought out reasoning in my time but this takes the cake. It is not my desire or intent to be harsh or abrupt but man!!! I may never ask again how people can convince themselves of shit the way they do. Unreal.

galen said...

Yeah, another case of stomping on the present.


Anonymous said...

Thanks as usual.
as to 'don't know shit'
The more I learn the less I know.
Eventually I might learn everything, and so know nothing.
Probably won't happen.
Please secure your donations page,
I have a donation
(and the thought,while counts
is not bankable).
I cannot password in to an unsecure page.
I see that as an exposure, not likely, but too possible.
Best to You.

Ray B. said...

"When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So, a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind."

~J. Krishnamurti, "Freedom from the Known", pp. 51-52

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I'm supposing you are being serious in saying: "The Ark of the Covenant, which is a force generating object that disseminates lies adapted to any time zone it operates in"...I'm supposing some effort of remote viewing led to that assertion, given I've "seen"/RV-ed something along those very lines, and yes, it is to manipulate space and time and buoy up sick shit, though it does have a good side...if used that way. It directly interacts as some sort of universal capacitor of sorts; all still speculation about its arcane, occult capacities of course, but I really do figure it exists and is, sadly, still in possession by idiotic black magic practitioners who will rue many a deed once they start living out their karmic liabilities. I think you've said it before too, and I've believed what I'm about to say and for a while: black magic is the lowest form of any type of magic, relying much upon lies and the darkness thereof and the thralls that believe lies to be truths. It's a big part of what I intuit the akashic recording system does too...

est said...

suicide solves nothing
permanent solution
temporary problem

why would you seek death ?
when it constantly stalks all of us ?
make it your friend not your enemy

some believe there is nothing to die
the soul is a construct and so cannot
be born nor killed nor in any way compromised

what we really are
is eternal for all time
absolutely no division

we just can't see it
could be looking
in the wrong place

galen said...

I don't know, Ray, I'd take Krishnamurti to task here. I mean to say we can't honor what forms we identify with because that is violence, well that's pretty harsh. Even concerning the individuals who define themselves by their total make-up, I just do not perceive that as violence. Proclaiming what I identify myself with doesn't separate me; it just makes me a unique part of the whole. Each has this right, this essence. 

Now I imagine myself with a group of other humans and we're temporarily in some ultra heightened state of oneness and I blurt out: "I'm from Jersey and I'm a Presbyterian democrat." -- Well, this could likely result in uncontrollable laughter. I doubt I'd be judged as "violent." I celebrate these differences, even if they're tinged with a bit of ego. And really, homogenization scares me; and separation is impossible. I mean where would we go?  


galen said...

"The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward."
-- Igor Sikorski

"All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity."
-- James F. Cooper

"If a man is not faithful to his own individuality, he cannot be loyal to anything."
-- Claude McKay

"Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself."
-- Carl Jung

"Whatever crushes individuality is despotism, by whatever name it may be called and whether it professes to be enforcing the will of God or the injunctions of men."
-- John Stuart Mill

"The secret of living in peace with all people lies in the art of understanding each one by his own individuality."
-- Friedrich Ludwig Jahn


Anonymous said...

I emailed about 15 different "shaktipat gurus" and about 80 percent of them are asking MONEY for it. I was like WTF? How can you put a price on spirituality?

I'm unemployed and can't afford such stuff anyway. Guess I'll have to raise shakti myself, through the kundalini yoga. Benefits of having no money, you can't get cheated by anyone, LOL!

Skepticfrog said...

My two cents worth...
I believe you're running into walls b/c you are actually guided, but not by hand, but by obstacles - like in a maze. I sense you're yearning for a more positive guidance, but it seems this is what you get - for whatever reason - although I do see a purpose of the method; forcing you to think outside of the box, or out of your comfort zone.

My impression is, that you are looking at/for familiar places, or familiar-like places (example: Hawaii - Madagascar).

I believe, the hidden hand is trying to steer you to consider places you haven't considered going to - yet. Some may be relatively close...

I would not suggest anything or any place, I believe you alone have been tasked to to find the RIGHT place. Frustrating, it is. However, growing can be uncomfortable - even painful.

This pattern is typical of the ineffable. Once you've got the RIGHT place/location, it WILL go like clockwork.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 11:55

It simply means that AT LEAST 80% are charlatans.
Those who are not asking for money (yet), may be just clever, and ask for it later.

I'd be surprised, if more than 5% are legit.

Ray B. @ 1:04

So the Scotts, the Catalans, the Basques, the Valloons, the Galicians, the Venetians, the Bavarians, the Tyrolians, the East-Ukranian & Crimean Russians (current list of wanting to separate people)ar violent?

What about the recently separated people (deliriously happy to be in their own new nation-state) like the Slovenes, Croats, Slovaks, Czechs, Bosnians, Kosovars are also designated for the same pejorative label?

Unfortunately for you, you have no national identity. You're an "American", which nowadayssimply denotes citizenship, not belonging. So you cannot relate at all to these people.

Unfortunately, outside of the identity-less white populace, the blacks, the Jews - especially!, the Chinese, Koreans, Hispanics all have a natonal/race identity.

Of course, the Jews have systematically stomped out the (Christian/white/ex-European) American identity, which did exist way back when... They just became a HERD with a citizenship; and the Jews are the herders.

The sheep get shorn, and eventually killed and eaten. The herders of course, go on merrily with their lives, drinking sheeps' milk, eating sheep cheese, wearing sheepskin coats and wool garments, and lamb and mutton is good eating - especially young lamb...

Anonymous said...

When I was 16 years old I died for a brief period of time. It was probably no more than a minute. I was holding my breath and swimming underwater laps in a swimming pool in my backyard. I blacked out while doing my fourth or fifth lap...

Immediately I entered this realm where it was indescribably peaceful and beautiful beyond words. I heard people talking to me, but I was mostly spellbound by the new location, just drinking it all in. It was just incredible. Filled with bright warm light and peace - it felt like home, in the truest sense of that word. And suddenly someone told me that I had to go back, it wasn't my time yet. And at that point I inhaled some water, and came back to life, coughing and sputtering.

I felt cheated; I was so upset that I had come back to this life. But the one thing it convinced me of, is that death is just the beginning, not an ending, and it is the entryway into something marvelous.

Since that time I have had zero fear of death. I fear the manner of death, sure - suffering, pain, etc. - but not death itself. What's in store for us is a veritable picnic compared to this life.

So I admire the outside-the-box thinking of the poster at 10:54:00 PM. Yes, something is feeding off of us, like a parasite. We all know it. Something is holding us hostage here. And it derives its sustenance from us. And we are all trapped in this way station, we are asleep in someone else's dream. And everybody senses this way down deep. We are all trying to remember who we really are; we are all trying to figure out how to get out of this prison of mind/body/spirit and get back home; we are all trying to figure out how to wake up.

And someday we will.

Anonymous said...

The Internet far outstrips all the libraries and universities ever.

Visible - Best Writer, without exception.



Anonymous said...

I'm going to concur with that Magdalena. Far and away the best writer. Others have flashes of brilliance but in terms of consistency and the incredible panorama of inexhaustible diverse subject matter, he is nearly always brilliant. It is a shame he is not more widely read but he will be, more than he or anyone else may realize at this point.


Ray B. said...

galen & Skepticfrog:

I meant no disrespect to any ethnic group or creed. To see the 'intention' of the quote, you have to step into Krishnamurti's 'head', so to speak. He witnessed one of the most violent periods in India's history...

When the British partitioned greater India as part of their pulling-out, the Hindu and Muslim factions butchered each other. It was a bloodbath in the name of each culture's 'god' and cultural identity.

Krishnamurti witnessed this in his native land, whether he was physically living there or not at the time (I don't know). It was unquestionably traumatic, particularly for one of a spiritual inclination. This is probably the background for the quote, and I support him in that. Violence WAS a result of 'Identifying' too strongly with a subgroup of all-God. (I am not a Krishnamurti devotee.)

In my own life, I am primarily of British and German 'roots', immigrating several generations back, with other admixtures added along the way. I am of Protestant upbringing, although that was long ago.

The way I view things is partly physical and partly spiritual. This is probably the result of many lifetimes. To be specific:

Once, in the early 1980s, I was meditating in the Seattle area out on my deck. I had the thought to ask about how many lifetimes I had had. To be specific, I added "on earth-plane" and "human".

Immediately, a strong 'voice' came back - sounding slightly amused - and said, "One hundred thousand to two hundred thousand, depending on what you mean by earth-plane and by human." This was no 'whisper'. It was like you and I were having a conversation. I was blown away by the directness...

In that regard, I have probably 'been' most races, creeds, religions, sex, etc. (Good, bad, and ugly...) I love walking into an area I am visiting, and feeling the 'vibe' of the particular culture awake in me. Deep knowings. Very cool.

So, to sum up, I prefer wearing a culture, religion, etc., as a 'cape' rather than an 'identity'. They are all wonderful, when 'felt' that way...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

I don't know, but that commenter about suicide seriously smells like an agent of darkness trying his best to tempt you into taking your life, Visible. If not, then, Dear commenter, no, you are wrong, it is not the answer, and you will suffer for it.

Anyways, thanks Visible. Even when your writings are dark, they are beautiful.

I wish for you that things work out to your satisfaction. I believe The Divine must have a very good reason for what happens. Some day we'll be wiser.

May you all find peace, inside.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about an agent tempting Visible into suicide. These are real concerns and I for one hoped Vis would respond to the comments of annon 54:10. How deep does the matrix extend? Are we safe here in our souls, or are they up for grabs? Should we swallow the karmic reincarnation narrative? Is there something else going on? Should we scrutinize the light at the end of the tunnel? Vis has said that uttering a few choice words or holding a thought in your mind is good enough to grant you passage to greener pastures.....

With all honesty and humility, I for one don't know. These are important questions.

And yes, Vis is the most inspired writer I have come across. Indeed, many great writers have come to me by way of Vis.


galen said...

Thanks, Ray, and. . .

"It's dreadful what little things lead people to misunderstand each other."
-- L.M. Montgomery

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said. The art of reading between the lines is a life-long quest..."
-- Shannon Alder

"I'm standing in misunderstanding. I must have just stepped in it."
-- Jarod Kints

"Have you ever considered, beloved other, how invisible we are to each other? We look at each other without seeing. We listen to each other and hear only a voice inside our self. The words of others are mistakes of our hearing, shipwrecks of our understanding. How confidently we believe OUR meanings of other peoples' words."
-- Frenando Pessoa

"Misunderstanding must be nakedly exposed before true understanding can begin to flourish."
-- Philip Yancey


Anonymous said...

what do you think of Richard Sauder, Les?

Guy is just constantly promoting fear, saying we are all going to die soon from nuclear war, environmental destruction, and so on. And he demands that we should do something, like go protest at nuclear silos or whatever.

If the guy had a single spiritual braincell in his brain, wouldn't he figure out the logic "Well if we are all going to die soon, why waste our time in external activities like protest? Better to go absorb yourself in a spiritual practice and try to become liberated as soon as possible, since we are all going to die soon"?

Anyway that's my take. If the apocalypse is coming, protesting against it is retarded. Better to use your time and energy trying to attain eternal moksha.

Visible said...

There are plenty of things I don't know the answer to, or things which, in the attempt to answer, I would make less well understood, not better. For the moment and... no doubt... the foreseeable future, so it is.

Anonymous said...

bodhati at 6:06:

Led did commen, tI think, on the apparent suicide troll, at 11:15.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Oooooooh it's Lonely at the Top.

robert said...

@Ray & Galen:

I certainly understand the pushback if what was discerned seemed to align with the general satanic agenda of group-think uber alles, which is seeping into the groundwater and stinking up the place!

As Ray elucidated, the potential violence from Identifying with abstract labels, is due to the potential our own personal mind has for killing ourselves, body, mind and spirit.

By now, due to exposure to Visible’s daily work, all here recognize that the only enemy we face is our own mental mindset, rigid and ignorant by definition, in comparison to the MIND we all have access to, should we so choose!

“We have met the enemy and he is us!”

“We are our own worst enemies”

“We are the only ones standing in our own way!”

Our miasma and cosmic myopia is down to a lifetime of concentrated effort to DEFINE OURSELVES AS AN IDENTITY, or whatever stripe, ilk or flavor. We construct blinders in our perception, poison pills in our emotional processing systems, and veer instinctually away from the only identification which actually bears edible fruit:

Identifying with the ONE, removing all disempowering distinctions between the Eternal and our temporal expression of Eternity, realizing that there IS NO OTHER true identity, other than the Ineffable alone!

Deep down, we have access to the akashic substrate holding all information ever created in perfectly preserving stasis. We know that to aspire to be one with the ONE, is a very risky business for the limited self, as by definition, that limited self must die to make way for the ONE.

So, with the help of the life-boat cult we are immersed in, we willingly learn tactics of distraction and ways to preserve our personal prerogatives against the power of truth, to ignore the murmurings of our dear heart’s desire for more life than just
taking a beating for granted.

We learn to turn off our inner senses and all conscience, in favor of what seems reasonable to a finite particle. In short, we have trained ourselves to be the Identity we have constructed from the junk and detritus of all the many other seeds which have failed to germinate, we clothe ourselves in the familiar ashes of our antecedents’ funeral pyres.

First, it is violence against our own potential power, to settle for the mundane labels which are approved by our mortal-frenzy-farmers, and swallowing whole the permitted identification, to go forth in self-righteous/un-righteous zeal to enforce differences among the identified, by force if necessary!

Second, we actually surrender our individuality to the WRONG ENTITY, the illusory shadow, when we settle for ANY superficial label or boundary constraint upon our unlimited Being within.

Third, our limited understanding of what true individuality consists, is comically demented! Any human expression of individuality is an adorable but ludicrous caricature of the INVIDIVIDUALITY of the ONE. The standard deviation from the inertia of the mass mind is but a baby step toward an almost inconceivable power, the total freedom to exercise it and the infinite tenderness required to make the exercise a true self-expression.

The deeper we trust ourselves to go into the nature of phenomena and our own living being, the more congruent the reports, from all sources throughout our acknowledged history, about What-It-Is. And the summary of those reports are: THERE IS MUCH MORE THERE, THERE!

Why settle for the superficial, that which comes and goes, births and dies, leaving nothing but unsatisfactory memories of failed promise?

Identifying with anything less than the ONE seems to be a childish thing, which we must grow beyond or perish in our willful ignorance.

Love is ALL THERE IS, so stop talking falsely now, about what you can make out of dead love leftovers, using your limited thinking and chained feelings!

Love to all seekers and finders!

galen said...

Robert, I rather you spoke in the first person than repeatedly using "we." You do not speak for me. There is much to address in your comment but I'm off to work and will do so more later if spirit asks me to. I'll just say, I won't accept your blame ("... the potential our own personal mind has for killing ourselves, body, mind and spirit"), even owning that I've always more to learn. Nor will I accept the limitations you offer regarding "identifying with the ONE." The One is in the macrocosm as well as the micro and like flowers and trees and mountains, expresses individuality. Please do not limit in to only that which is unmanifested. And one cannot judge another's transcendental experiences. There may be inner directive to identify with form or with a certain path because it can attract those who might identify with it and ultimately bring greater awareness/love.

You write: "In short, we have trained ourselves to be the Identity we have constructed from the junk and detritus of all the many other seeds which have failed to germinate..." True for most, BUT. . . Many have also opened to the greatest teachers and philosophers of recorded history and beyond, and have been nourished with compassion and insight. Please do not discount that in your assessing of we humans. And re your conclusion that " is violence against our own potential power to settle for the mundane labels which are approved by our mortal-frenzy-farmers, and swallowing whole the permitted identification, to go forth in self-righteous/un-righteous zeal to enforce differences among the identified, by force if necessary!" Please Robert, don't lump me in with those who use force. And how's this? I am utterly different than you, and we exist side-by-side in the oneness, NOW.

And your: "Any human expression of individuality is an adorable but ludicrous caricature of the INVIDIVIDUALITY of the ONE." Robert, this is condescendence on steroids. I will not accept your diminishing of all the glorious uniqueness that is us.

You accuse the readers of settling "for the superficial," and you call us "childish." Ad homs addressing children of the ONE disrespectfully, and threaten us with perishing if we don't grow beyond our "willful ignorance."

And lastly, your offer Love to all. What the hell kind of love is this? It slams and insults; it threatens, judges, limits and mocks. Not the kind of love I'm interested in, Robert. I like the kind that helps me value my uniqueness and sees it as a way to bless the whole. Please rethink your judgements.

Question: If you're thirsty/dehydrated, do you reach for a glass of Oneness? Or is it H2O that grabs your attention? Hungry, how about some some love? Oh, what's that you say, you'll take the bowl of soup? Point is, the Oneness and the Love are in the water and the soup. We don't have to wait for them to disappear. Same with humans, just as we are, unique, individual, free, and one with everything.


galen said...

Thanks, Long John. I will listen soon. And how wonderful it was that George Harrison gave a whole generation of young people sweet permission to love God.


galen said...

Ray, yeah, the tree. Roots, leaves, bugs, twigs, bark, branches, boughs, berries, even the lonely tire swing and the heart-encased initials carved into the trunk telling of a great and innocent love. . . Kilmer forgive me, but. . .

I think that I shall never be
near as lovely as a tree

And Ray, I got to thinking 'bout Krishnamurti dropping in on this blog, amused that near a century later he gets to stir up the pot. Maybe that was his plan from the beginning: "Hey look? The new millennium humans are actually thinking, and they're challenging each other. "Glory be!!" And maybe he's doing this while sharing a beer with Bill Hicks. Now that's a table I wouldn't mind sitting at. And God's pickin' up the tab. Okay, just playin' around, but really, is not the blog best served when different perspectives take us places? I learn so much. Visible's generosity be blessed.

Now I must redeem myself. Behold:


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair

Upon whose bosom snow has lain
Who intimately lives with rain

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree

Joyce Kilmer, 1913


Anonymous said...


Robert's theme sounds a note that is perilously close to the idea of the necessity for ego eradication.


galen said...

Not that it's even possible, but I wonder if one's ego WAS fully eradicated, would one care more or care less about the current, vicious pounding of Syria. I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Yes a tree of life...

But it is not enough to call on the branch,
on what pushes it outward toward the light...

To call on the One, the branch: 1

You must also connect to: 0

If you want to reach the library in the sky...

You see every branch comes from a 0

Everything that lives on this realm must pass through its door: 0

All must be created from 0

A seed 0 A shoot 1
A baby 1 vagina 0
Love : Heart 0 an arrow 1
An owl 1 a tree hole 0

So if you want to enter her dominion
You must connect to the door, to the passage 0

You cannot BS your way there!
That same passage we will eventually take to go back to the source!
Oh! Behind the door veil...
Once you pass a certain threshold
Their is no coming back...
And if you do
you are never the same!

Our ancestors learned many things from 0
Often they fasted for so long they reached 0
but they had to pay a heavy price!
Because you are never the same when you come back
Better or more likely worse!
You must be pure of heart or watch out for the evil dog who guard the door: 0h! Elle est la Layla!

That veil, that prism is like water
It washes...strips out your memory!
In France water is: Eau: pronunced OH!
The veil door that split us all
The prism who divide us
The prism of the peacock!
The prism flute!

You must connect to 0

So you can know yourself better.

The one, YOU, must fused to it!
Pure of heart
Light and shadow!


Ray B. said...

Galen, thanks for the poem. Kilmer's always nice to read...

Mandocello: "Robert's theme sounds a note that is perilously close to the idea of the necessity for ego eradication."

There is a curious facet to this: When I was doing all my initial 'meeting' of unseen entities, I noticed an unexpected 'correlation'. Down here, the ego gives us kind of a 'focusing' mechanism. As you go 'up', there are more and more raw 'abilities' at a level of entities. But, there is less and less natural 'focus', resulting in more of a drifting, nirvana-like state of mind. Ironically, the more the abilities, the less the 'inclination' to use them.

I suspect that the development of the ego is a way to 'stay present'. To 'notice' things. That this is more of it's 'proper' use. Whether this was present in some original 'plan' or is simply a surprising 'emergent phenomena', I have no idea.

When regained higher states are combined with the ability to focus, that could be quite a potent combination...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

i believe ego is the false belief
that we stop and start at our skin

every single thing is connected
as shown by quantum physics

i just saw a monarch butterfly go by
headed down to san juan

i of course wished it luck
and reflected on my frail attempts

est said...

Audrey - nadia,
very nice poetry

here you have brought up the central equation

how does a man
relate to the woman ?

as a lover, as a friend, as a partner till the end ?

someone to protect and provide, stay by their side ?

robert said...

Nonsensical, we are being.

Note to lower self: no more riffing on deep topics, for the sheer joy of expression!

The latest expression was intended to be coherent with the theme of Modeling the Ineffable.

Which would your focus engine (ego) prefer to serve?

The ego itself? Not interesting for very long, unless you are still learning to be human.

A petty mental tyrant implanted by bad habits, accumulating power from the acquiescence/complacency of the Observing mind and encouraged by the sinking life-boat cult we were born into?

Or would the ego rather serve something much, much larger than itself in scope and dreams, the unlimited Being within each creature with a soul?

When we fall in love, do we not desire to serve the higher being we can see in the beloved, a being bringing us greatly expanded vistas, at least while our love light is burning brightly?

Modeling anyone whose mastery is superior to ours, leads to growth. Modeling is not equivalent to imitating mindlessly, but more akin to taking a master class from a proven master of musical technique: at first we imitate, as a leg up on the skill. Then, we make it our own by integration.

The learning process for complex skills resembles an ongoing mental mirror polishing, a continuous de-bugging, burnt skin de-braiding process more than a simple accretion process like building a house. As such, the greatest boost to the ego’s confidence is to model the Creator, as interpreted by our own higher being. This acts to shatter superficial illusions (are there any other kind?) and allow the natural expansion of Creation to carry us forward.

To deflect any opining that it would be an error to think you are “God”, because you might start acting like one:

The cult stereotype of “thinking/acting like you are God”, merely egos under demonic influence, writing impulse response large, acts like a gatekeeper to the real power which all of us living souls possess.

As we have evidence from many examples of human beings realizing their true nature, “God” never truly acts merely as our little minds conceive in reaction to their perceived inadequacy, like an idiot supported by a gang of fools!

The Universal Child would be bored and restless in such a zero-sum game and seeks much more interesting play, as did we all at one time, when we were yet unbroken to the harness. Activities which require cooperation among peers is the ultimate sustainable fun; bands, orchestras, dance troupes, Theater groups, physical union, etc, etc, building and creating and harvesting together.

The main risk to people expressing their higher being, with its concomitant potency, is the triggered over-reaction of the sleeping dogs around them, trained to instinctually oppose any disturbance of their fitful dreams, to the point of betrayal and violence. Not the few in number vampires and psychopaths, but the large mass mind, with its inertia automatically opposing any movement of Spirit, presents the risky business.

It is that fact and the wisdom it engenders which highlights the ongoing requirement for an agile focusing engine (ego), as we (those who are seeking to grow out of our cocoon, that is!) balance ever greater contrasts between our formerly pinioned imagination and the actual infinite potential in every moment.

Anonymous said...

Really loved many readers comments...
Some force is showing us the why and stirring our soul...
And it shows here!

The first thing that came to my mind when I had epiphany
Is to reject birthday
Not emphasise my children one
Because it promote so much the little ME
I understood why American Indians gave names to their children representing nature
And why they were killed en- mass
they could not be turned against nature
When you see their dream catcher
You know they knew the fundamentals!

Woman and man
It is a pity we have been turned against each other
And made a business out of sex!
No wonder we are messed up
The most important drive
0+ 1
In motion
Creates equilibrium!
It is sacrament!
Guess why Satan loves homosexuals
Because their 0+1
Reversed kundalini in some way!


Ray B. said...

Robert, a good, deep piece! Thanks!

Enjoyed your Yoda-ism:
“Nonsensical, we are being.”

“Modeling is not equivalent to imitating mindlessly, but more akin to taking a master class from a proven master of musical technique: at first we imitate, as a leg up on the skill. Then, we make it our own by integration.”

I am glad at your distinction of the 'process' during Modelling. I have often seen people stop at the imitating, and then convert it (whatever it is) into dogma to be defended. It has become ego-defense at that point...

The “thinking/acting like you are God” part is a tricky part. There are innumerable examples of where a religious/spiritual leader let it go to his/her ego-head, to the detriment of the 'flock'. On the other hand, some few who (as you said) achieved genuine growth towards all-God were genuine boons to those associating with them.

" we (those who are seeking to grow out of our cocoon, that is!) balance ever greater contrasts between our formerly pinioned imagination and the actual infinite potential in every moment."

That form of 'growth' has been a real revelation to me. I have finally come to the 'conclusion' that all-God has a greater imagination than mine (Ray's). (grin) By this, I mean that my actual actions in life have fundamentally changed. Rather than jumping out with my first conclusions, I 'offer up' the situation to Higher Self and watch to see what happens. Often, the results are far more imaginative and all-encompassing than Ray could come up with.

Unknowingly, I had been 'sub-optimizing', based on what I had internalized from my environment. But, the ego does 'learn' (ironic grin)...

Thanks again for all the material to chew on!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Talking heads; sometimes it all just sounds like talking heads. Could it be that the head/mind/intellect frequently tends to overtake the rest of the human? I might be alone in this, but sure am needing a break from left-brain spewing, my own included:

Right-brain: "Go away."

Left-brain: "You need me."

Right-brain: "Not all the time." Go, at least for a while."

Left-brain: "Let's analyze your dismissal of me."

Right-brain: "No, you over-complicate things."

Left-brain: Life is complicated and complex."

Right-brain: "Depends where you're looking from."

Left-brain: "The nature of God is. . ."

Right-brain: "Stop right there! That peacock just opened it's wings. I'm gonna paint it."

Left-brain: "The near circular formation of its fully extended feathers influences the atoms it comes in contact with altering forever their atomic play thus transforming the universe in all corners and/or non-corners. One is left to speculate: Did the peacock know what his sheer act of being himself could affect and to what a degree?

Right-brain: "You make me tired."

Left-brain: "Maybe the peacock is to blame."

Right-brain: "No, it's you."




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