Friday, September 5, 2014

Praise Ye the Psychopaths here Below.

On the radio today with Robert Phoenix.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The bigger the press and the limousine, the bigger the asshole. Sayonara Joan. This isn't speaking ill of the dead. This is speaking ill of the undead.

Irony alert; Joe Biden says that he will go to the gates of Hell with ISIS. I take it that what that actually means is that they will walk through the gates together, probably along with John McCain and a bunch of others. 550 million bucks they paid this US trained pack of ravening beasts to murder Syrian civilians under orders from Israel... under orders from Israel, whose bankers determine both foreign and domestic policy in the US, who control the judiciary with their Noahide Nazi Nimrods, who teach and control the local police and probably all of the police forces there. Cui bono! Follow the money!!!

The things that people will do for money AND... what they won't do for the money they will certainly do under the threat of blackmail for acts conveniently filmed during Tel Aviv junkets, under the influence of state of the art chemicals introduced into their cocktails.

I can see myself standing in hyperspace, looking across a desert waste and I see what looks like massive jinns woven out of a dense dark smoke. Then I see symbols and icons moving on the black curtain of inky iniquity (can't believe I said that) and I realize that this darkness is the manufactured souls of international corporation, animated out of their official personhood by agents of Mammon. I look deeper into this darkness; for some reason that is possible and a window appears, similar to what happens during the opening of the third eye and I see a room too wide to calculate the dimensions and a room too long to calculate the distance and in that room are endless ranks of desks inside anonymous cubicles. A man or woman is mostly seated at each of these desks and each of them has a flaming tattoo of a corporate logo writ large upon their forehead.

Some of them are on the telephone. Some of them are standing at the entryway to their cubicle and are staring into the immeasurable distance behind them as if there were something that they could see. I cannot see it but perhaps their brains are wired differently than my own. On their faces both terror and wonder change places. There is a sense of something long expected on the approach. If I listen closely I can hear a low, powerful snorting and snuffling, accompanied by an ominous thudding tread of heavy, heavy feet. Sometimes it seems I can hear a squealing sound, followed by the sound of rooting in the Earth. I imagine a large furrow is left in the aftermath of each rooting action. Then you will hear a horrific scream of something human being consumed in pain and fear.

In some of the cubicles the occupant sits transfixed, awash in a blue light that flickers from their computer monitor. If you look closer you can see that their hands are below the desk and are moving frantically, as if they were occupied with solving a Rubic's cube or perhaps simply attending to an ancient itch. Some of these are dressed in suits and also in the uniforms of soldiers and police. The more I look, the more strange actions I see taking place. I do not want to be here looking at this. I feel an imminent sense of something awful about to take place. One gets the impression that the whole scene might spontaneously combust or be flooded with toxic smoking sewage. Don't ask me why that came to mind, it just did. Whatever the case, everyone in this vast and enormous room looks doomed and one senses they know this. One senses they came to terms with this at some point, though at the time, it all seemed much different than it now does.

One feels that this room, as large as it is is very cramped, hot and stifling. I get a sudden swath of images from a play in progress. It looks like London of a few hundred years ago. Twisted creatures that may have once been human are seated around a dining table and it appears to be Christmas. There are decorations hanging from what could have once been a small fir tree before it burst into flames. Whatever that is on the table in the large serving dish, it's not a turkey. The door to the kitchen opens and a demented Gollum like version of Tiny Tim limps into the room on his crutch and cries out, “God Damn us every one!” Behind him comes Little Georgie Sorrows dressed up like Santa Claws. He is followed by a line of naked rabbis whose entire bodies are covered by blue tattoos of reversed pentagrams. Then comes the Balrog, a personification of Baal. He looks fat and happy and he's picking his teeth with a child's finger bone. He lets out with a massive belch. Obviously sacramental feasting had been taking place in the kitchen. I've seen enough. It's time to go... somewhere... somewhere? Where does one go to escape the images in their own head? I've got to learn how to loop and sample a little better. Remember, if you can't do it on your own, it will be done for you. Oh yeah! We've all heard about whose workshop idle hands are but... it's really all about idle minds and indifferent hearts.

These days, an expression of caring, especially if it's a choreographed action, is all you need when it comes to public service. It's not important that you actually help anyone. What is important is that you appear to be doing so and don't forget the lip service. It is especially important for you to talk about what you didn't accomplish, that you wring your hands with concern and maybe squeeze out an FX tear or two, such as one might imagine from The Walrus and the Carpenter, chatting up the young oysters.

They say that war is a racket and that's true. However, charity is also a racket. It's just one more way that the same people suck the life's blood resources out of the pockets of those with too little to spare, if any. Religion is a racket. The New Age is a racket. The music and entertainment businesses are a racket through which youth is groomed into varieties of indolence and perversion. Say anything about sluttish behavior and Zionist and government brainwashed stooges will flash mob all over the place with “I'm a proud slut” painted on their naked chests. They'll be screaming about hate crimes against sluts and their rights to be a slut because license really is liberty, just as notoriety is fame. Now... the slut business is none of my business. I just know what happens any time someone is unwise enough to call attention to anyone exercising their personal freedom of expression; whether they're butt-packing gerbils, or asphyxiating swans in orgasmic leg-locks where the force of orgasm is amplified by the knowledge of the death of an unwilling partner, it's all about being 'born free!!!'. Let anyone criticize any of this and college professors and all sorts of learned professionals will leap to the lectern and let you know that none of these things are any of your business.

Behind the scenes, Zio-funded paedophile orgs are screaming that the age of consent should be lowered to 2. Bought and sold psychologists are arguing about the benefits of this for all concerned. Commentators with faces that look remarkably like Niki Minaj's butt implants are talking about the social good that such policies will bring. As absurd as all of this may seem, it's just how it is. Meanwhile... meanwhile the once fertile earth of the California agribusinesses is cracking and splitting from the drought. I see a desiccated Bugs Bunny crawling across the powder dry landscape croaking, “What's up Doc?” gurgle... “What's up Doc?” Haven't you heard Bugs, down is the new up?”

So... when things get desperate, as they always do when a tiny minority of psychopaths controls public policy, there's nothing like world war to get the engines of finance cranking. Insane is as insane does.

Lab manufactured Ebola is devastating the Dark Continent so as to make it all the more easier for human featured anthropomorphic corporations to harvest the resources and minerals that are everywhere to be found. No one knows how many minerals and resources are buried in the Caucasus and Ural mountains, as well as Siberia but we certainly know why the Zio-owned EU and the Zio-owned US are beating the drums of war. Geo-political madness makes for strange bedfellows and that explains why the world's biggest consumer nation (China) is signing up for slices of pie from the world's largest resource rich nation. It's all a textbook case for a world in which no one reads textbooks any more and where 40 American states now no longer teach elementary school children cursive writing.

Arrrrrghhhh!!!! Here it comes. Here comes that long anticipated winter of our discontent. Food shortages? Expect a fuel and heating oil and gas shortage as well. Do they raise the prices due to manufactured shortages? What that means is that they then raise the prices on everything else as well.

Hold fast my friends. Seek within yourself for the strength necessary to carry on. Succor is there for the persistent and the whole of one's existence is a trial of faith. The Zio-owned press is awash with fecal laced praise for Joltin Joan Rivers who has now departed this plane via the down escalator. Don't look in that direction for help or inspiration. Look within yourself. Find the inner self which automatically rules the outer world.

Remember, money, big money, corrupts, regardless of who you are. In this case, the Muse packed her bags and headed back home. Gucci Gucci goo! Who's you're daddy!!! Satan! Ahahahahahahah.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From the political research I've done which matches what you've written, why does me thinks most of us will have our mortal coil shuffled off in about two years?

Anonymous said...

Bhaktivinod Thakur was a collaborator with the British

We are all familiar with the story of Bhaktivinod Thakur and how he arrested the yogi Bisakisena. ISKCON claims that Bhaktivinod arrested Bisakisena because he had been using his yogic powers to seduce other men's wives and have sex with them. But is this true?

From's official biography of Bhaktivinod, we learn the following:

"Bisakisena declared he'd drive off the British from ruling Orissa and would himself become king. He published such statements, which were circulated all around Orissa. The British thought him a revolutionary for speaking out against the British rule, so the district governor of Bengal drew up arrest orders."

After Bhaktivinod arrested him, "The fearless Bhaktivinod tried Bisakisena in Puri. The trial lasted 18 days... Bhaktivinod pronounced the man guilty and sentenced him to 18 months for political conspiracy."

Note the last part, "sentenced him to 18 months in jail for POLITICAL CONSPIRACY". NOT for "having sex with other men's wives". Bhaktivinod persecuted an innocent person simply for having anti-government political views.

Bhaktivinod was a British collaborator, and a traitor to India. The British committed unspeakable atrocities in India, which you can read about here:

If the British were evil people and Bhaktivinod was a high ranking magistrate in their government, a collaborator with the British, is it incorrect then to say that Bhaktivinod was also an evil person?

Bhaktivinod was also rejected by his guru Bipin Bihari Goswami for falsifying evidence in order to claim that Mayapur was the real birthsite of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, which you can learn about in the following book called "The True History of Bhaktisiddhanta":

Also noteworthy is that Bhaktivinod was eating meat, fish, eggs, and using opium.

The "parampara" of Bhaktivinod, Bhaktisiddhanta, and Bhaktivedanta is invalid and not bonafide because they have no connection to any real Gaudiya Vaisnava parampara. The two leading scholarly disciples of Bhaktisiddhanta named Ananta Vasudeva and Sundarananda realized this after Bhaktisiddhanta had passed away and because of their preaching, they convinced at least 50 percent of the Gaudiya Math to reject Bhaktisiddhanta and go take sheler of the bonafide Gaudiya Vaisnava paramparas. Sundarananda even wrote a book where he refuted all of Bhaktisiddhanta's wrong ideas, and you can read it online here (it is in bengali and has not yet been translated into English yet):

If you are actually serious about attaining Radha and Krishna, you will have to accept a bonafide Gaudiya Vaisnava guru coming in an unbroken diksa line from the time of the Six Goswamis. Plenty of such gurus exist even to this day in both Vrindavan and Navadwip, so you can find them there.

PS. Prabhupada mentioned that the word "Hindu" never appeared in the Vedas and was a word created by the Muslim invaders, that they could not pronounce the "S" in the word "Sindhu" and so they called it "Hindu" instead.

The following link is a scholarly article written by Dr. Murlidhar H. Pahoja and he gives evidence that the word "Hindu" has been in use since at least 500BC. Remember, the Muslims invaded India in the 8th century AD, so that totally discredit's Prabhupada's claim about the original usage of the word Hindu.

Unknown said...

as always i sit and read your mighty pen and things become quite clearer and brother your on a roll. a slight bow to you sir, and a tip of the hat, i salute you Mr Visible. i'm very glad that you see the evil that is ISIS, and of course this tool of the fake it's-really-hell has every plan in place to kill are get rid of every and any obstacle that gets in their way from now and well past their global move to finally become the ruling class of all the nations. many unknowingly reject's this and down right scoff at the idea an as it's off as shear fantasy, but you see it, and many others whose job it is to watch, as watchmen on the wall. you Sir Vis, has been doing this i believe for longer than you even realizes. but you see that ISIS is a tool that the sick twisted Rabid Rabbi's will use to behead the disobedience un-righteous noahides. and you sir are a beacon that has help guide a many ol weary travelers to kinder and gentler calmer seas, to the peaceful inlets, coves and hiding places where those who are mindful and watchful can catch a breath and maybe get refresh before the next torrent storm that will surly indeed come. this what you see coming and really is already here, for in the sick twisted perverted Talmud it always says, that that evil one shall be revealed, so he is maybe already here, and soon to be revealed? this is what i think, and for some reason, i feel it to be true. an as many others do, i believe you to know this. as much as you write this very thing, i know you know it to be true. please i must say before closing, please accept my apology for my lack of writing skills. and thank you for suffering through reading my very seldom comments.

“It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

Anonymous said...

Alas the dawn of the third day..

when the inky iniquity fades away

well done



Smyrna said...

Joan Rivers (what's her real name?)is a seriously unfunny old hag to me. Yet she did tell everyone how Frank Marshall Davis Jnr is a faggot, and his 'wife' is a trans-vestite. Maybe she got bumped off for that. Exposing those types of secrets usually will. Sarah Silverman is next hopefully.

Anyrate, if you're still hard up for accommodation, e-mail me at brother. Thar be treasures for ye here in the south seas!

Anonymous said...

Great song - bring on the cd.

Unknown said...

"I take it that what that actually means is that they will walk through the gates together, probably along with John McCain and a bunch of others."

Yep, bunch of others. Its Amazing how they all gloat over it. Are proud. They have fully believed the lie of Satans, that they will rule in the like of fire.


Anonymous said...

Probably about 80 to 90 percent of the human race is evil. There's a 10 percent of pure evil people (politicians, lawyers, judges, police, military, etc) who are supported by the 80 percent.

When are all of these monsters going to be washed off this planet? They are all evil and need to be destroyed. This planet is becoming a literal hell on earth. At this point, I wouldn't mind seeing the destruction of the entire human race, that is how fucking disgusted and fed up I am with the 90 percent that supports all of this evil.

Goddamn them all to hell!!!!

Anonymous said...

When will this evil end? Les, one JEWISH lawyer who calls himself a "devotee" has just threatened to "track me down" because I dared to speak the truth about how Bhaktvinod was an evil person who was working for the British and persecuting innocent Indians for daring to speak out against the fascism of the British govt of India.

World War is probably the only way this mess can be fixed. These satanic scum simply need to be wiped off the planet.

And it does seem that yes, world war is coming very soon. The satanic monsters are finally going to be washed off this planet. 90 percent of Jews are evil people.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...this darkness is the manufactured souls of international corporation, animated out of their official personhood by agents of Mammon."

You bring up an interesting question: What is the Otherwhere effect of being a corporation? I can easily see a 'thoughtform' being built up. After all, the humans who make it up have Power. The question in my mind is whether that thoughtform will ever have any 'life' to it (or whether it is nothing more than a 'bag of sticks' that will disassemble as soon as attention is taken off of it) ?

Asking inside, I get 'No'...


Lee/Gene, September 05, 2014 7:11:00 AM (VO)

On your 'weird' dreams and associated phenomena:

I have found that I need to investigate and separate-out where my 'dreams' are actually coming from. Mundanely, I have my own unresolved 'stuff' coming forward to be processed. I need to take care of it to the best of my ability, so it doesn't repeat more strongly. That lies within 'normal' bounds.

There is also telepathic 'intrusion', benign or not. One friend of mine had her son 'come to her' as he was dying from being shot in Vietnam. Innumerable cases of telepathic contact appear daily and are dismissed by 'experts'.

Benign can be cool, but there are also types that 'like' - really get-off on - either 'dumping stuff' like their pain or 'hijacking' a dream and running with it. Key indicators are ramped-up intensity beyond all norms, topics that you know are not issues, strange symbology, etc.

The best 'defense' against this type of intrusion is to get to know what you 'feel' like. With this self-knowledge, you can immediately notice when something doesn't feel right, 'turn', and take whatever steps are necessary.

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm being "gangstalked" by Prabhupada's cult followers on email and am getting lots of very threatening emails.

I'm convinced that Prabhupada is one of the most evil people to ever exist. He broke the Vedic rule, that you are NEVER supposed to give Vedic knowledge to non-indians, and look at the damage it has caused. Hundreds of thousands of people's lives destroyed by the ISKCON cult.

Goddamn Prabhupada straight to hell. I curse the day I ever came in contact with his books. I hope Prabhupada burns in hell for all of eternity.

marilyn said...

fine commentary, les..and all true.
i cannot subscribe to the 90% thing...i hope and have faith that it is not that high. but, many do support the corrupt leaders and they do not want to hear the truth.
lack of love makes the whole world ugly.

Visible said...

I wasn't sure at first but now I am fairly certain that there is more at work about this Prabupad diatribe than there appears to be. More even than the obvious trolling aspect. Something is up here. I don't know exactly what that is but it is other than it seems. Nothing about it rings authentic in respect of the presentation.

Also, why would someone who can be reached by email and is said to be known by so many be anonymous here? Something is off about this whole affair.

And with whom is this conversation taking place?

missing munich said...

every time I hear our politicians say that they will take care of ISIS/ISIL/IS (whatever they call themselves)I have to think of Goethe's poem "Der Zauberlehrling" (my all-time favourite poem). It's hard to stop evil once conjured into existence. Here's a link to the original poem with English translation

Sean Edwards said...

It seems as though the world went on the fast track to evil when the shit smears aka Bush/Cheney
moved their gear into the White-house. There aint no stoppin it now though, we're all goin down.
Things have gotton so fucked up I really don't care anymore. It's gotta be better on the other side. Fuck the Zionist, fuck the Muslims, fuck the christians, but mostly fuck Wal Mart.

Sean Edwards

Anonymous said...

Prabhupada is a pedophile rapist

Early marriage. Boy fifteen years, sixteen years, and girl twelve years. Not twelve years, ten
years. I was married, my wife was eleven years. I was 22 years. She did not
know what is sex, eleven years' girl. Because Indian girls, they have no
such opportunity of mixing with others. But after the first menstruation, the
husband is ready. This is the system, Indian system.
-Prabhupada, Room Conversation, London, August 15, 1971.

Formerly, when I was married, my wife was eleven years old. So
(laughing) an eleven years old girl and I was at the same time twenty-one,
twenty-two. One day I captured her hand. She began to cry. A little girl,
you see?
Prabhupada, Morning Walk, Bombay, April 12, 1974.

There you have it. Prabhupada, in his own words, admitting that he raped a young girl who had probably not even hit puberty yet. Prabhupada was a pre-pubescent pedophile rapist. Is it any wonder then that most of his followers are also pedophiles? Over 2,000 children got sexually molested and abused in ISKCON and the root cause of this is Prabhupada himself. You become what you worship. If you worship a pedophile like Prabhupada, you will become like him.

"“A man is always famous for his aggression toward a beautiful woman, and such aggression is sometimes considered rape. Although rape is not legally allowed, it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape.”
(Prabhupada, SB 4.25.41, purport)

Prabhupada says that women love to be raped. Really? I wonder if Prabhupada ever went to a support group for women who have been raped and actually talked to them and seen the terror they experienced during their rape?

Prabhupada is a very, very evil man.

Visible said...

a new Visible Origami is up now-

Dancing with Lord Aya amidst the Wonders of the Apocalypse

Anonymous said...

I understand. Things are quite out of hand. However...neither war or charity or religion are necessarily rackets.
Defensive war (including 'people's war') may sometimes be necessary and just, the root of 'charity' is 'caritas' meaning love basically, and religion was and still can be simply an effort to show love and appreciation to the ineffable in concert with others.
That's just a reminder.
Your jeremiad is otherwise 99% right on.
No Pollyanna you. But someone needs to say what you do.
Thank you.
-the beggar

Visible said...

Exceptions, by definition, are not the rule. Sometimes is one thing. Most times is another and what a word is extracted from have no relevance to the use it is put to

Anonymous said...

Prabhupada was a racist white supremacist that believes that black people should have never been set free from slavery:

"The Aryans are white. But here, this side, due to climatic influence, they are a little tan. Indians are tan but they are not black. But Aryans are all white. And the non-Aryans, they are called black. Yes. (Prabhupada, Lecture, Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.6 -- Bombay, November 6, 1970)

Here, Prabhupada is clearly promoting the view that white people are superior and that black people are inferior. This is called white supremacism.

"Dravidian culture. Dravida. They are non-Aryans. Just like these Africans, they are not Aryans. Now they are mixing up with Europeans and Americans. In India, it was, one from the higher section, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, they will be fair complexion. Sudras, black. So if a brahmana becomes black, then he's not accepted as brahmana. Kala bahu (?). And if a sudra becomes fair, then he's to be know that he's not pure sudra. (Prabhupada, Room Conversation -- August 2, 1976, New Mayapur, French farm)

More racist white supremacist nonsense from Prabhupada. Prabhupada is such a subhuman barbarian, that he wants to judge a human being's value based on their skin color. Guess what? We evolved out of such primitive barbaric thinking decades ago, with the civil rights movement. ALL HUMAN BEINGS no matter what their race or skin color, DESERVE EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!

"So on the whole, the conclusion is that the Aryans spread in Europe also, and the Americans, they also spread from Europe. So the intelligent class of human being, they belong to the Aryans, Aryan family. Just like Hitler claimed that he belonged to the Aryan family. Of course, they belonged to the Aryan families. (Prabhupada, Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 9.3 -- Melbourne, April 21, 1976)

Prabhupada is now saying that if you have black skin, you are less intelligent than a person with white skin. He also comes out in support of Hitler, too. I wonder if Prabhupada supported Hitler's murder of the 6 million jews? As for Prabhupada's barbaric idea that "blacks are less intelligent". I have met plenty of very intelligent black people, and I have met plenty of very stupid white people. Sorry but Prabhupada's views don't add up to reality. Prabhupada is a subhuman barbarian from the state of West Bengal in India, a place that never really evolved into the 21st century. Most bengalis are still living in the 18th century.

"A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class negro. This is going on. You'll find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class negro. That's all. Is it not? (Prabhupada, Room Conversation -- October 5, 1975, Mauritius)

Prabhupada is saying that it's okay to kill people if they are less intelligent than you and he is openly justifying the mass murder of the native Americans by the white people who first came to America. Wow!!! Prabhupada is just such a loving person, isn't he (sarcasm)? Saying blacks and native Americans are dumb and deserve to be enslaved and killed. Prabhupada is a racist bastard.

Anonymous said...

Prabhupada's racist white supremacist views PART 2

"But his bodily feature, he was a black man. The black man means sudra. The brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, they were not black. But the sudras were black. (Prabhupada, Lecture, Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.4 -- Los Angeles, January 1, 1974)

"Sudra is to be controlled only. They are never given to be freedom. Just like in America. The blacks were slaves. They were under control. And since you have given them equal rights they are disturbing, most disturbing, always creating a fearful situation, uncultured and drunkards. What training they have got? They have got equal right? That is best, to keep them under control as slaves but give them sufficient food, sufficient cloth, not more than that. Then they will be satisfied. (Prabhupada, Room Conversation Varnasrama System Must Be Introduced -- February 14, 1977, Mayapura)

Prabhupada is saying that black people should be enslaved for the good of society. Prabhupada is saying that black people do not deserve freedom. This is simply insane. How the hell can anyone think like this in the 21st century? Racism is ILLEGAL. It is ILLEGAL to discriminate against a person based on their race or skin color. Why then hasn't ISKCON been banned as an illegal cult organization? Prabhupada is a racist person who hates black people. It's racist thinking like this that leads to innocent black kids getting shot dead by the police, like Trevyon Martin and Michael Brown.

"“(The dark-skinned races) are not allowed to live in cities and towns because they are sinful by nature. As such, their bodies are very ugly, and their occupations are also sinful.”
-“They are always engaged in sinful activities like stealing…”
(Prabhupada, SB 4.14.46, purport)

According to racist people like Prabhupada, black people should be banned from living near white people. This is called discrimination based on a person's race or skin color and this is ILLEGAL in America. Once again, why hasn't the American government banned ISKCON or at least put ISKCON on it's terrorism watch list? ISKCON is even more radical than Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.

"“…the higher classes of men are white (sukla), and the lower classes of men are black. This division of white and black is in terms of one’s white and black duties of life. Pious acts lead one to… acquire beautiful features. Impious acts lead one to… acquire ugly bodily features.”
(Prabhupada, SB 3.5.9, purport)

According to Prabhupada, white people are superior and black people are inferior. And the reason why black people are inferior is because they were sinful in their past lives and thus were born as black people. I am speechless. How the hell can anyone actually think like this in the modern age? Prabhupada is nothing but a racist, sexist, homophobic barbarian caveman from India. Fuck you, Prabhupada, you racist piece of shit!

Visible said...

Okay... I think that's all any of us want to hear about your rant. Seems to me you are just trying to stir the shit with Homer and he's not biting.

Your excessive reaching and unrelenting assault on this personage is more relevant to those places where people talk about these things. This isn't relevant at all to anything in the posts or in the comments. So... go to one of those places and you will find people as hot to argue as you are yourself. Both of you will then find what you are both seeking. You won't find it here.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Your suspicions are correct, Visible prabhu.

This particular demon normally goes by the name of - Gabriel Jones.

Lasha Darkmoon has long since banned this psychopath from commenting on her site due to her distaste of such profane entities.

Visible said...

ah... the intuition. What a remarkable device.



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