Monday, September 29, 2014

On a Clear Day you can see Armageddon.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The Zio Satanic Mass Murder Cabal is the hardest working junta in show business. They are the James Brown of gratuitous slaughter and applied genocide. They don't normally give out awards for this kind of thing but if they did, the walls of the Zio-Satanic clubhouse would be lined with trophy cases on all sides. Wait a minute... they gave Howdy Doody the Ignobel Peace Prize! They gave it to that porcine Nosferatu Kissinger too. How amazing is it that things like this can go on, that absurdity can be heaped upon absurdity, until the Tower of the Ridiculous disappears in the clouds? On a clear day it shimmers in the Chemtrails. There are no more clear days. On a clear day you can see Armageddon, cue whoever it was that sang that insipid song; probably the same person that did, “Feelings.” 'nothing more than feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings'.

Yes... this is one of the greatest wonders to me, that this whole triple tractor trailer load of weasel shit can just keep steaming along like those behemoths on Australian highways, except, instead of dead kangaroos littering the sides of the road, it's dead people. I'm guessing that people just aren't that curious. They don't go looking to see what really happened. They don't want to know. I imagine if you laid it out step by step about 9/11, many of them would say, “Yeah, I see what you're talking about but it can't be true because otherwise everyone would know.” Well, they wouldn't actually say that but it would be some kind of a permutation on one theme of denial or another. “Can I have another Sir!!!” “Hurts so good! C'mon baby now it hurts so good! Sometimes sheeple don't do what they should, yadda yadda...”

Here's a classic example of the kind of mealy mouthed double speak that comes out of the 'seeming' alternative end of Tribe-Speak. Look at the way the language is shaped and the little kickers stuck in here and there. The best part is at the end when he hits the reader up for money. Heh heh.

There's me and all those other bloggers and people lecturing and doing that word of mouth thing. You figure that gradually, enough people would have tumbled to the transparently obvious lies doing the Hokey Pokey all over the planet but no... they just keep sticking their right foot in and taking their left foot out and shaking it all about, hoping someone notices how good their ass looks in those tight jeans, given they are in that minority. This is the thing about Materialism and those who are sucking on the tit. There's some kind of chemical juice that comes through the tit and it creates a mindset like induced coma. That's not really a mindset unless you think of it as a mind set in concrete. Point being, after a certain point, there's that body of the public that WILL NOT wake up and so... catastrophe and massive trauma is required by the cosmos to get their attention which, at the moment, is busy thumbfucking their cellphone, eating one of those pizzas that have cheese and bacon baked into the crust, or spanking the monkey to pedestrian porn, except when it's not so pedestrian.

The mind, when unprotected becomes a hothouse for astral bacteria. After awhile it is the strongest life form in that location. This bacteria vibrates to mundane and banal crap like it had an antenna, which it does. I suppose it's kinda like Zippy the Pinhead, where the skull comes to a point. Yes... awakening can only go so far before it hits a concrete wall, metaphorically speaking. It is so cringe making to watch the mass of the population chasing after cheap attractions and feeding troughs for the bottom three chakras. One part of me says, “So what, that is, decidedly, what they want.” The other part of me goes, “Yeah, that's one thing but they are all over the place and your odds of not running into them on a regular basis are slim and none.

So... I was in the doctors office today, just a few minutes ago actually and I was looking through a high fashion magazine. The kind of thing I would never see at any other time and you get a sense that there are millions of prosperous and semi-prosperous people. This probably includes a goodly number who wish they were and scramble in all kinds of ways to become prosperous. These people are addicted to the idea of spending $400.00 on a blouse, $800.00 on a pair of pants and over $2000.00 on a pair of shoes, designed by men who hate women. The models all have these dead eyes and the zombie persona enhanced by goth mascara. There's this air of indifference to anything but their own vacuous facsimile of being. They're simply items for purchase just like the things they are wearing and they know this. They hope they will be smart enough to be purchased by someone who can afford them at the level they want to live on. If it's some geriatric business mogul well, that's probably okay. They can lounge about the big empty house and listen to that song by The Eagles, “Lying Eyes” all day long and plot on how to make that happen.

I guess I forget that there is a whole other world out there than the one I live in, since my world is a projection of my mind just as theirs is. I'm not exposed to the stimuli they encounter and if I am I don't have the same reaction anyway. These days when I see a pretty young lady gliding past, what I notice is all the personality accessories that, no doubt, come along with her. Even when I was younger I would think to myself, “Oh... that looks pretty easy to get into and I expect, not so easy to get out of.” Human relationships in the Kali Yuga are a lot like being caught in the brier patch or trying to do the breast stroke in a tar pit. The force of self interest is sooooooooooo great that complications naturally ensue. One has to learn how to read people and that definitely entails having Broad Daylight Awareness. I have officially put the idea of any human relationship, of the type, into the coffin. Man! It smells like freedom!

A friend of mine took it upon himself to travel many thousands of miles to somewhere around Portland Oregon at the invitation of this lady (a reader of these blogs). He was looking for somewhere to land and the hope of a respite from trying to hold it together in today's mercenary climate of existence. He was there no more than a few days when the lady just threw him out because her only reason for inviting him was to make her ex boyfriend jealous. Now he's on the street in a strange land without much money at all, trying to get back to where he came from. I'm pretty much bound to help him and I see my resources dwindling as they have across these past months with my own encounters with sociopaths. It feels like being in a hole in the sand dunes. What kind of a person invites someone across such a distance and then expels them into the toxic atmosphere of today's world? This is why I am trying to be oh so careful in my next foray outward, coming up in about two months.

These days it can be precarious to be dependent on others when people are so fickle and self involved. I mean... you kind of have to have abandoned your humanity when you can just pitch a hissy fit with no cause and throw someone to the wolves. This friend of mine is a basically quiet and unassuming person. He's a good guy but... these days good guys are getting hammered. It used to be that I had to do something to get hammered, now... it happens regardless.

I ask myself, “how many good and decent people are left?” The highways and the supermarkets give me telling evidence. On the highway it seems that most drivers are in a big hurry to get nowhere. They're racing to some destination point where they will likely sit on their ass. They aren't driving. They are driven. They are unconscious automatons being motivated by infernal entities. In the supermarkets, one of the things you notice is that people are unaware of the space they occupy and indifferent to the consideration that other people are moving around them. When you look into their shopping carts you get a clear look at their physical food sources and it ain't pretty. Another thing you notice is that every obese person you see in the supermarket, or any generic stop and shop, are all humping two liter bottles of diet Coke, sometimes in the multiples and sometimes it's not Coke but some other foaming toxin.

Now they're bombing Damascus while using their Banker financed terrorist group ISIS, which was the simple pretext for them to be able to attack ASSAD, who has nothing to do with ISIS. It's been clearly established by now that ISIS is a CIA-Zio-Banker construct designed to be used as an all purpose fear escalator and a cover for whatever massive false flag The Mossad and CIA seek to carry out. They're creating huge camps of displaced people all over the map and my guess is that they will send in people infected with Ebola at some point as part of the Rockefeller eugenics program, which usually follows Little Georgie Sorrows color revolutions, so that the bloodthirsty god he serves can be appeased with all the human sacrifices delivered up on the dark altar of his eternally damned soul. I need one of these.

I'm left with the unshakable certainty that I have to maintain a positive mind frame, regardless of appearances because, after all, this is for the purpose of demonstration. The whole of it all is of such intricate complexity that one must accept their helplessness at instituting any change in the wider world around them but rather focusing on personal changes that may eventually have some larger or smaller impact on the world.

I don't know how permanent or safe my next port of call will be but at least I won't be dependent on anyone else's good will or lack thereof. It seems eminently doable and even if it is technically in The Dark Lord's Realm, his reach is international so I don't see how here is all that different from there. If what I believe is true, that he only has the power we give him, then I feel confident enough. I have some distance of hindsight concerning the circumstances of this life and I have never been so well prepared as I am now.

You have my sincere wishes of good fortune, dear reader. I can't shake the premonition that somehow, somehow, it's going to work out, not everywhere and not for everyone but somewhere and for someone. May it be so for us.

End Transmission.......

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Jenny said...

Vis- It shall be so for us! I wish I could help your stranded friend....what a predicament. I have given up on finding a "soulmate" as well and yes it does set you free when you understand it is not necessary anyhow!- be well-jen

Visible said...

Well, hopefully someone in the neighborhood will take pity on him. Maybe the right person will read this. You never know.

Stefan Verstappen said...

I was in a store the other day, and a woman was in front of me, I'd say 5'2" and 300lbs, and of course she has on skin tight stretch pants, and she suddenly bent over, and I nearly threw up, seriously got sick to my stomach, because even her private parts were so fat that they protruded through the skin tight stretch pants when she bent over and I could clearly see it all.

I looked in her shopping cart and there they were 32 1-litre bottles of diet coke, and 4 giant bags of Doritos.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think it's racist when Jews use that word but if people from other religions use it, that's when it becomes racist"

I wonder where that concept originated from?

Anonymous said...

I think the best we can do is to be sympathetic for the masses. Given the assault on them with vaccines, food, water, education, TV,and air, I'm surprised they can function at any level. Once we assume the role of observer, they can be rather entertaining. I feel bad for them, but I cannot wake the up to what is right in front of them. I hope you are right and things will improve. Have a nice day.

A. Dundee said...

Thank you, Vis.

galen said...

I think it's also getting harder and harder to rely on each other for support because people are spread so thin, financially I mean. That's what totalitarianism does. Struggle so you won't have time to be involved in the issues affecting your right to a decent life. Struggle and strain. There are the lucky who have solid prosperity, and the creative who can bend their way out of this, but so many are just getting by. You can feel it in the air. Now we read 1 in 4 in U.S. not working. It's gonna get tighter. It's now that all the spiritually philosophical tools are becoming urgently necessary. All the teachings on Abundance and "Your heavenly Father knows all that you need," these will carry the person of faith. 

Once at an anti-austerity protest I carried a sign that read: SCARCITY IS A FALSE CONSTRUCT. I know there's enough for all. Those who steal with tax and fees and licenses and inflation (the hidden tax), etc. mess with the order of sustenance 'cause they take so very much more than their share, and they do it ruthlessly and covertly. Personal hospitality is affected. Who does not like to be a good host, to offer food and rest? Most do. But struggle is getting in the way and it's cutting up everything from personal health (physical and mental) to healthy relationships. When you don't have enough, isolation becomes an option.

Yeah, this has to be faced down. Jobs, and decent pay for decent work. And the conditions for success expanded and fortified. There is enough for the almost 8 billion. It's all in the management. If only the tippy-top of the Ivory Tower didn't have an epidemic of insecurity. There would be no need for Grand Theft, Planet.


Thomas said...

Thanks Vis, for your writing, and for your compassionate wishes for us all. I can't help but laugh at your descriptions. Perhaps it's a phsycological quirk to laugh at the horror of it all, some kind of defense mechanism. But it does help. The world is utterly fucked up, and probably it will become even more so, but I too can't shake the feeling (actually I feel rock-certain) that somehow it's going to work out, either here or in the here-after. But God! it's difficult to stay positive. Haha! I guess I should take it as a challenge instead.

May you all be well, at peace and happy, at least internally :)

Anonymous said...

Great post,Les !

(Arm-a-geddon-outa here !)

Kazz said...

Yesterday I was travelling in our mainland beast, which broke down 8 times in the course of a 2 hour journey, into the city no less, so it was doubly dangerous and frustrating. Even though the car dying on me met that I had to cross over in front of other cars, buses, trucks, etc in a most dangerous fashion, just to get off the road, not one motorist blasted me. It was as if all the other drivers were aware I was having car problems. Car problems plague me because we are not rich so we only drive bombs, therefore breakdowns are not uncommon. One particular breakdown comes to mind, which occurred just a few years ago. I broke down on a main arterial road, but luckily there was a section of road out of the traffic, which coincidentally was under the shade of an overpass, which allowed me to park the car out of the midday 40 degree heat (gets hot in sunny Queensland Australia). I had no mobile, and no shops were in sight so I put up the bonnet and went and laid down on the backseat and had a little snooze. I knew the solution would arrive :o). It did. This really nice man showed up, he put water in the radiator, and the car still would not go, so he went off to contact a friend who was a tow truck driver. He returned, to my surprise, about half an hour later, to inform me that his friend was on another job, but he would cruise past my location after he finished and if the car was still there he would take me to a repair place. This kind man even brought me back a cold drink and refused to take any money in return. Yeah okay so my arse does look good in those stretchy jeans, but he was doing what he did because he was a nice guy. He did not know who was in the car when he pulled over because I was asleep in the backseat. My point with this story is that I help people out and when I need help God always sends an angel to help me :o). I think it would be advantageous for everyone to realise at the core we are eternal souls, so your sex does not matter at all. If you are anal than you are anal.

As far as your friend going all the way to Canada to meet up with some internet idiot, how desperate does it get? He is where he is because he tried to make a romance happen. My experience with this is that your soul mate finds you when you have found yourself, and when you have found yourself you really don't need anyone else. If you are not complete on your own, you are not going to find what you want in another. For the Yin and Yang to work correctly it takes two souls that are fully realised.

For some reason God shines on me. Even when I got locked up for the night, because I refused to adjoin my living being to the dead corporate slave entity, God organised good companionship. I spent the night with a lovely little Christian girl and we made the most of it by pretending we were having a slumber party with a jail theme he he he. Even though they made us sleep on the floor of the toilet we had a lovely time talking about God, the meaning of life, and creation.

I have to say even the police were really nice, even though one in particular tried to intimidate me (which was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!). The Indian policeman in charge was really funny because he kept bowing to me like I was royalty, he couldn't have been any nicer, unless he let me out of course he he he. The point is guys most people are really nice to me, even though I get right in people's faces about the situation we are in. The few anal's that do get in my face I just walk away from.

So please guys enough with females this and females that, because I am a righteous soul, who does not screw other people over, but I have been screwed over by more guys than I care to remember, and what do you know, I don't hold it against half the world population, that just so happen to be male, because I realised a long time ago that if I pick an arse hole the problem is with me, not them, because they were an arse hole all along. You see the problem was that I PICKED THEM. As soon as I realised this I made better choices :o).

Cheers Kazz

mothman777 said...

Lord Krishna's material maya potency is performing all these material actor's parts, attempting to demonstrate before all of us here in this world of the utter insanity and pointlessness of their impotent attempts to Lord it over all others, when they have not realized that they are just tiny jiva souls and not constitutionally up to doing and being what the true Godhead alone can perform and be, so effortlessly for all who maintain relationships with Him in the true world, Vaikuntha Goloka.

est said...

that is funny
every one alive now

will die, one day [sorry]

but between now and then,

we are alive, so let us live

and take it all in, every single

'damn' thing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about that Zippy cartoon, Les. I used to love that comic strip. Haven't seen it for

Cali Jen

Sean Edwards said...

I find it's best to ignore and avoid the evil shit brokers who are presently in charge of of this madness. As for putting forth an effort to enlighten the unenlightened, fuck that bullshit. I gave up on that long ago. To be honest, I feel good about it. Don't get me wrong as I do lend a hand to those in need whenever I can. It's getting harder and harder though.

Anonymous said...

[quote]because even her private parts were so fat that they protruded through the skin tight stretch pants when she bent over and I could clearly see it all.[/quote]
Mumbles Pants... Named after Dick Tracey's sidekick "Mumbles".
Why? (I hear you ask)?
Well just like "Mumbles" can see their lips moving, but you can't make out a word they are saying!
Your welcome.... Mumbles Pants remember you heard it here first!

galen said...

Oregon is not in Canada.

On the friend of Vis who went to Oregon. . . We don't know, or I'll say, I don't know his full story, what he needed to do, to try. Fact is, he went, and likely with a good heart, toward something that might work out for him. It did not (temporarily) and he finds himself having to choose door number two. I credit him for going after that experience. Much learning and growth, I'm sure. Sometimes life makes us feel like a fool, and that's really not so bad; I think of the fool card in the Tarot deck: Always a chance to begin again. What Wikipedia told me:

"The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world."

And though one may choose only a brief stay there, Oregon is beautiful.


galen said...

Seems to me, two broken people can help each other get unbroken. And even though we don't need another to complete ourselves, when the right one comes, for however long, it is as if heaven itself said,

"Here, have a go in the great dance-hall. Let yourself be carried away. Dance fast, and dance ever so slow. And by all means dance close, real close. Feel the breath of the other on your skin, breath that may come from sweet words whispering, 'dance better; learn new moves; surrender more grace. Flow, balance, fall. And then accept a hand up'"

Sometimes, such a dance partner shows up and even the weirdest music can be danced to. Cacophony has its own reason for being.

Honey, have you seen my keys? And oh yeah, you forgot to take out the garbage. See you tonight. I'm making tacos.


insiam said...

Late Russian General, Petrov .... outlines in one of his lectures the five categories of humans - as noted by TPTB (or as he puts it 'World Mafia)

1) Sub animal: those that destory themselves through alcohol, drugs, bad nutrition, sloath ...

2) Animal: those that operate by instinct only. eat, sleep, fuck, rape, kill ......

3) Bio robots: those that operate by insinct and habit. work, drink beer, watch sport, fuck, sleep .... and on

4) Demons: those that operate by both instinct and intuition. Can belong to any walk of life - although often in positions of power. Highly intelligent, they use their positions knowingly to the detriment of fellow humans often causing deliberate suffering to otheres. (Politicians, Bankers, Social Workers, Police, etc.)

Person: highly intuitive with good instincts. Operate for the good of otheres and society as a whole. (Unfortuantely only 3 to 5% fit in to this category)

So Dear readers. where do you, your friends, and family fit ??

Anonymous said...

On a clear day
You can see Armageddon
On a beer day
You'd be better off sleddin'
On a queer day
Who the fuck are you beddin'
Only the shadow knows...

Anonymous said...

Straight to the heart…in this case, literally (for once). I felt it and I’ve been sending it around as best I can every day. Sky to earth; earth to sky; through me and out to whoever is receptive.

I have often commented to my family about obese people I see in the grocery store.

Some years ago in the early 90’s I picked up an order from an outlet store and I was the ONLY normal sized person there. It was difficult for me not to laugh until it hit me how pathetic is was.

Or the time in the late 70’s when I worked at a gas station (yes, full service) and a family of obese people pulled up in a station wagon. I actually laughed for about 15 minutes after they left. I had no idea at the time where that was going.


Anonymous said...

Ray at 9:49

It looks like the CIA & Co. is trying to stir up a color revolution thing in Hong Kong. They're just dumb enough to believe that the Chinese is as easily destablized as Ukraine was.

As if the ziowest can make China 'pay' for supporting Assad. Apocalyptic stupidity seems the order of the day.


galen said...

Don't want to, but guess I have to say: I'm fat.

Shall I now be cast into the pit?

Mumble, mumble.


Visible said...

FYI; I have to get up a little after 6:00AM each Tues-Thurs Morning and drive 40 K to my language school and this takes a lot out of me, or takes a lot of time, however you define it so there won't be any postings on those days until after the first week in November.

Kazz said...

* During my studies I studied a philosophical ethics unit. One of the core discussions was whether the elite had the right to make super babies with their (stolen) wealth by fine tuning their unborn children. It actually goes further than that though because while they are fine tuning their children they are filling us with toxins and feeding us crap to make us a fatter, shorter, dumb working serf class, I kid you not.

* When I was backpacking overseas, in my youth, I met a lovely friend called Linda. She was a kindergarten teacher. One day while we were having lunch at her flat I picked up an old photo album of hers and took a quick glance. I was surprised to see that when Linda first arrived in London she was as thin as me (Linda was now what I would call a large girl). Over the course of our friendship Linda told me a story of how a man crawled into her room in their flat one night, tied her up and gagged her, then he went and tied and gagged her two girlfriends up. He repeatedly raped the 3 girls all night. First going to one room and then another. Linda told me that the worst part of the experience was not when she was being rapped but when he was with her friends rapping them, because she did not know what he was doing to them, or what he would eventually do! After hearing this story I got the strongest intuition that Linda had actually deliberately overeaten to reduce contact with males. You see fat chicks don't get hit on nearly as often. I told her that I believed her weight (problem - her words not mine) was due to what had happened to her that night in the flat. She pondered and concluded that although it had never occurred to her she believed I was right. I don't know if Linda ever dealt with this issue because I never saw her again once I left London. FACT - 6 out of every 10 woman are raped in their lifetime!!!!!!!!!! I like to be fit and healthy, and I like to travel and go places on my own, so I studied martial arts and became a black belt. Had a very nice gentleman, an angel, not intervened in the spice markets, when I was in Turkey, I would most probably be in a much darker place today, because I was unable to make this very large Turkish man let me go (he had decided to drag me into his store, which was never going to be good for me). This time it was a real angel too, not a flesh and blood one. It took me 20 years to work that out, but I am quite sure it was an angelic intervention (purely because of the events that occurred).

Next time you want to make fun of the fat lady in the supermarket with all those bottles of coke in her trolley and her extremely tight jeans showing that overweight camel toe, just remember that she is more than likely a VICTIM! This is why Jesus told us NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS, NOT TO DO WHAT THE PHARISEES AND SADDUCEES (SATANISTS/ZIONISTS WHO POSE AS JEWS) DO!

Remember too that many men were raped by these toads as well.

Please try to understand that we, humanity, are ONE. When you look at others weaknesses it reminds you of your own, and that is why we feel animosity towards others at times, but the truth is it is us who we are really lashing out at. LOVE YOURSELF, and take the time to LOVE others, in a brotherly way, not sexual.

Cheers Kazz

Dawn said...


You are beautiful!



flyingcossack said...

who ranks higher in consciousness? ... a man with a home, family, job, in a world run by murderers, liars, thieves ... or a man who rejects a home in such a world

it is why jesus found funny those who would mock the homeless and demoralized

insaim said...


"6 out of 10 women raped'

Funny that because i have 6 sisters, 3 daughters, and 2 granddaughters. I also have had dozens of girfriends and a few long time partners in my time. and guess what - not one of them have been raped. and guess what of all the friends and aquaintences i have known, and of all my extended family and their extended familys and on and on - it is unheard of. So i am calling complete feminist BS on this one.

Western women in general have been brainswashed to hate men. They are fat and unatractive due to low conscious awareness. Men find them repulsive and in turn the hate men - a vicious cycle.

Go to any UK town or city or village and you will see 90% of the girls and women are obese - many extremely obese.

Maybe you definition of rape is even beyond the ridiculous standard currently defined in Sweden.

Belive me kath - i have traveled this planet far and wide and can tell you as 'fact' that western women are totally fucked up. I am not laying the blame with them as they have been destroyed mentally by feminist programing.

6 out of 10 - hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

"Giant Thighs"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Lyin' Eyes", by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, made popular by The Eagles.)

City girls just seem to pork out early
They dress like sluts and prowl the grocery aisles
A ghetto man and she won't have to worry
He'd bang her if her ass measured a mile

Late at night, her big old gut gets lonely
I guess all forms of self-loathing have a price
And it breaks her heart to think her love is only
Given to a glass of Diet Coke and ice

So she tells him she must go out for the evening
To comfort a fat friend who's feeling down
But he knows where she's going as she's leavin'
She is headin' for the fast-food side of town

You can't hide your giant thighs
And your smile is blubberized
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your giant thighs

On the other side of town a burger's waiting
With chili sauce and cheese - oh, so congealed
She drives on through the night anticipating
'cause it makes her squeal, like wart hogs at a meal

She rushes to the food, they fall together
She whispers that it's only for a while
She swears that soon she'll be dieting forever
She pulls away - and pukes up yellow bile

You can't hide your giant thighs
And your smile is blubberized
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your giant thighs

She gets up, and pours herself some A-1
She stares down at her cottage cheesy thighs
Another night, it's gonna be a long one
She draws the shade and wolfs down curly fries

She dreams about warm donuts, soft and glazy
She thinks about a chocolate swimming pool
Did she buy cheese? - her memory is hazy
She's so far gone, she belches while she drools

My, oh my - you sure 'nuff are a deranged thing
You still have room for spare ribs and Hi-C
Ain't it funny how that half-rack didn't change things
You're still the same fat slob you used to be

You can't hide your giant thighs
And your smile is blubberized
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your giant thighs


Anaughty Mouser said...

Visible, two really fine posts in a row - you're hot man!

Kitty Kazz, always give credit when it is due; that was beautiful what you wrote, it was bona fide ;)

robert said...

When the Time is Now

When Humanity awakens from its drugged stupor

When innocence can breathe freely for more than a minute

When I can see you with love in your eyes

Then will the Mystery be solved

Then the music of the spheres will be heard and felt

Then will Joy return to its throne in the center of the Heart

How may I help You find all the lost children?

How may I join in the celebration before it has begun?

How do I keep my balance through the long walk home?

By holding on to nothing except the feeling of Your Presence

By seeking anything but my own idea of how to play

By listening only to Your message of Eternal freedom

Blinded by your Light, I learned to see life dimly

Deafened by your Sound, I found a way to keep silent

Devastated by rejection, I cringe in my solitude

You can redeem me if only I will allow it

You can make me bloom if only I can handle more Spirit

You can bring me home if only I bring others along

Anonymous said...

flyingcossack makes a good point

and 'your smile is blubberized' !?!


western women mostly bring me sadness and embarrassment. A few times I have made the mistake of trying to tone down on my judgement and try to co exist with this creature. You know, not rock the boat and such. Always a mistake in the end.


galen said...

Thanks much Dawn. And Karen, though I often disagree with some that you say, your point about trauma is well taken.

I was thinking about a few other fatties. Yogananda was chubby. And in Japan we have the Sumo wrestlers, big but muscular. I hear that in Hawaii there is a yearly hula competition for Miss Big Big Island. Requirements for entry are that one must be graceful, healthy, and over 200 pounds. And then there's Lord Buddha, sometimes represented in a svelte body but mostly presented with his iconic Buddha belly, pouring out of his front to greet you. None here is ugly to me.

Somehow the weight issue usually brings up the male/female issue. Have been noticing the divide and conquer phenom all over that one lately. I hate it, 'cause anyone with half a brain knows both are essential for life to fully work. And it's currently bearing extremism with some in the men's movement calling women parasites and on the other side the late supreme feminist Andrea Dworkin saying that all sex is rape. So I'm on guard for that polarity and how it sets us up to demonize the other.

Well, anyway, what does cruelty serve? Do some think of it as motivational, a way to spark the other into confronting and overcoming his/her challenges? Is shaming a viable road for transformation? I guess it comes down to what is in the heart of the shamer, what results are expected from the shaming. We are told by so many sages to look with compassionate eyes. To stand in the shoes of the other. That doesn't have to be humorless: maybe the Buddha had too much tempura. (grin) And can there be a double-edged sword with compassion where it is disguised as enabling or co-dependence? Only the heart knows and only question I get to ask myself is: What am I bringing to the table? Donuts!! Ha ha ha, just kidding. But really, what am I bringing? I hope not to add insult to injury.

And who wouldn't want to hold onto this:


Anonymous said...

Well, whaddya know, I just rembered today is my birthday. Didn't remember to forget it.


Ray B. said...

Galen, October 01, 2014 7:49:00 PM :

I enjoyed your reasoned response to all the male/female dividing tendencies.

In my readings of old history, it seems as if the patriarchal 'disease' goes at least back to the Hittites. The 'shutting out' of females from the power structure and the view of females as only 'sperm receptacles' began early. Before that, it was more equal. This is in the 'mainstream' press.

When you look at the Anunnaki power structure, however, there is a clear male-dominant component to their culture. Males got all the leading positions, and females were usually only 'wives' or possibly scientists. Being a 'Priestess' was okay. The only Anunnaki female, Inanna, to take a run at being a serious 'god' - in the Indus Valley area - was subsequently killed by one of the Anunnaki's most-posturing male-offenders, Marduk.

I wonder if some of our male/female 'worst' tendencies were 'imprinted' upon us and/or culturally 'modeled' for us by our Anunnaki 'benefactors'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

sage691 said...

Well, I'm a little disappointed at the unfortunate turn of the comments here. A couple of you are regular commenters on this blog and I usually come away after reading those comments feeling like a better person for it. Galen, you have always been very kind in your comments and have remained so even through some very insensitive remarks - and I respect you all the more for it. It's kind of sad to read such divisive drivel.

Insiam, your family is most fortunate to have never experienced the violence and degradation of rape. Unfortunately, many rape victims never tell anybody or refuse to report it because of the shame they feel. Is the number really 6 out of 10? What if it's 1 in 10? Or 1 in 100? Who cares what the numbers are - there shouldn't even be one!

Kazz said...


Maybe you live where the woman are locked up and have to cover themselves from head to toe. I don't know so I won't say all the men where you live are fucked, because I don't generalise like that, because I am not an uneducated, judgemental person.

I can only go from my acquaintances and that is certainly the ratio I arrived at. Has it ever occurred to you that even if a woman who is close to you was raped she would not tell you, because you, no doubt, would tell her it was her fault. That oozes from you!

I am not a feminist. I believe in being who you are, who ever that may be, and I am not that hung up on stereotypes that I feel the need to categorise half the world population into a specific archetype.

I am a Western woman and I love men, because I love humanity and they are half that number. Good men are my knights in shining armour. As a matter of fact I have more male friends then female, and I do mean friends. You pointed out in your post that you live in the UK. That means that you think all the women in that country are fucked? And you have arrived at this conclusion without even knowing them. Way to go.

My conclusion is that Western women today are representative of every kind of woman on earth, because to be a Western woman you can come from any religion, race, or demography, therefore you have ignorantly claimed that all women are fucked. Way to go loser.

Since one's outer world is indicative of one's inner world I can only imagine, from what you have stated, that none of the women in your life would trust or respect you enough to tell you anything of value, because they would be too afraid of what you would do to them.

Men like you are the reason I became a black belt.

est said...

the guy that let her go
is an idiot,
i'll leave it there

insiam said...

way to go Karen .... ad hom certainly helps make your point :)

i copied your post to evey woman that i know and the general consensus is that you have some deep emotional problems. they also feel discusted that you would dare to suggest that they are all somehw (well 60%) victims of rape.

galen said...

Happy Birthday, Mandocello! 

Thanks, Ray and Sage. Who knows, Ray, you may be right about some of the origins of dominance. I only know there's this inner meter inside that goes off when there's any type of abuse or disrespect. It even goes off if I'm the offender. Maybe it can be named "The Stray From Love Meter" 'cause it makes known anything that's not loving. And Sage, it's okay, sometimes there's a dive into the yuck. Would that it was always clear water but there's a lot of mud. It seems a grand opportunity to learn more where people stand. 

Est, you're always there, in that outer room where poets meet and telepathy lessens their words. She would have given you her kerchief to fly her colors at the tourney.

Mercury Retrograde most of October. We're off to quite a start. Should be an interesting few weeks. What other challenges will be launched? What other secrets confessed? Confession is very purgative/cathartic.

Now, can we get back to saving the world? (grin)


Anonymous said...

Women are definitely more important than men in the scheme of things. Biologically speaking sperm is a lot cheaper than ovum. One woman might be able to produce 20 children in her lifetime but a man could conceivably sire thousands of children; and many of us would be happy for the chance to do just that.

If King Kong would have carried a man up the Empire State Building people would have said, "Let's just wait for the beast to get tired and come down on his own." It really wouldn't have been nearly as good of a story. But it was a beautiful chick, thus, send up the planes and shoot that beast down and save the girl! Nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman and nothing stirs a man more.

Women probably invented mathematics, agriculture and medicine. On the other hand the biggest, strongest, fastest men are bigger, stronger, and faster than the biggest, strongest fastest women. To my knowledge there has never been a world class female chess player. Overwhelmingly, the great artists and mathematicians have been men. This is not just because of social expectations.

Most victims of violent crime are men. 90% of the people in prison are men. Men don't live as long. Most victims of suicide are men but women tend to attempt suicide more often. More men suffer from debilitating mental and emotional problems than women and most patients in mental institutions are men.

The Bible is very anti female. All the women in the Bible are either scheming whores or feckless. Except the Virgin Mary of course. A virgin who had more children after Jesus. "Son of Man"! Bullshit. As if women have nothing to do with procreation. Jesus may not have been the Son of God or the Son of David but He was surely the son of a woman.

"God" used to be a woman but the Bible changed that. Innana, Hecati, Isis, Ishtar,..., etc all mean Queen of Heaven. Or so I have read. Women are the gateway to eternity. They create the future. They are the branches of the tree of life.

I enjoy the company of women much more than the company of men.

Ray B. said...

Happy Birthday, Mandocello!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-


A new Petri Dish is up now-

Send them to Plum Island with Hannibal Lecter.



Kazz said...


Your words

"Western women in general have been brainwashed to hate men. They are fat and unattractive due to low conscious awareness. Men find them repulsive and in turn the hate men - a vicious cycle.'

'...can tell you as 'fact' that Western women are totally fucked up.'

Yeah Siam it really looks like I am the one with the emotional problems ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

You also stated, 'I copied your post to every woman that I know..'

Let me take a wild guess here, I bet you did not show your lady friends what you said about women!!!!!

You sir are no gentleman, unlike many of the wonderful men who post on this site. After the terribly offensive things that you have said, which were totally unprovoked, I will leave it up to my fellow readers to decide which of us has the emotional issues, and let them decide who they think the LOSER is!

Have a lovely day and God bless you, because Heaven knows you need all the help you can get.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Mandocello,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE 3RD, it is my birthday tomorrow :o). Rock on my fellow Libran, and may the scales of justice weigh in our favour.

Luv from a fellow lover of justice and peace :o)

insiam said...

indeed Kaz let the readers make there own minds up. Says the 'woman' that thinks that 6 out of every 10 women have been raped! and became a black belt to protect her self from men. ffs

your views are dangerous to all of humanity. ignorance in its highest form.

PS as i said - western woman have been fucked up by a deliberate agenda (feminism) and i do not blame them. they are victims.

galen said...

Insiam, I was thinking of a video you (well, almost certain it was you) shared here a while back. It was of your home. I remember thinking it was such a lovely and unassuming thing to do. You invited us in. Your place was simple yet elegant. Clean and welcoming. There were deep blues and other vibrant tones, and there was lots of fresh air. I did not see the mango tree you said you have. Surely having a mango tree is one of the greatest blessings in life. Nectar at your doorstep. Anyway, I visit this because in viewing your home I believe I got a glimpse of your soul and it got me thinking that our personalities go through all kinds of manifestations. We have issues and opinions (many that are not always welcome or understood), and the personalities show the world some of our convenient faces. This one for here and that one for there. But soul, it shows the real self, and that day in the video I saw yours. It was good. It was kind. It really liked to laugh, and it was ever so generous. So, just had to say. 

Well, maybe I'll use this retrograde period to be more in a noticing place. Even in the midst of all worldly challenges, there really is a lot of good to notice. 


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Not your Usual New Age Bad ET Advice.

insiam said...

Thanks for your ever so kind words Galen. I feel humbled and touched and .... informed :)

Anonymous said...

"I have officially put the idea of any human relationship, of the type, into the coffin. Man! It smells like freedom!"

Welcome to MGTOW, brother. "Men Going Their Own Way". And no, it's not about "hating women". It's about remaining free from such attachment so that you can pursue your higher goals. Many great, actually MOST great men in the past were default MGTOW, and avoided relationships with women, like Nikola Tesla.

After I stopped dating American or western women and only had relationships with Indian women, I felt a LOT more free and alive. There's something about the pure feminine energy of an indian woman that really energizes a man.

Anonymous said...

"Lord Krishna's material maya potency is performing all these material actor's parts, attempting to demonstrate before all of us here in this world of the utter insanity and pointlessness of their impotent attempts to Lord it over all others, when they have not realized that they are just tiny jiva souls and not constitutionally up to doing and being what the true Godhead alone can perform and be, so effortlessly for all who maintain relationships with Him in the true world, Vaikuntha Goloka."

Fucking AMEN!

Kazz said...

If I have failed to comprehend your true meaning then you have my sincerest apologies Insiam. Galen makes a good point in making the observation that our opinions are not always welcome or understood. I accept that there was no ill will in your observation, but I still believe such generalisations are ill advised.

Let's just say that we both live in very different world's. I accept that my reality is not yours. As a philosopher I have studied a wide variety of topics, and among these was Sociology. I am well aware of the NWO feminist agenda, and assure you I am not at the mercy of such indoctrination.

Let's just say that the Divine has trained me well for whatever may lay ahead :o). and where my training falters my faith and love for the Divine will carry me through.

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

To Infinite Light,

(Who sent me a private gmail/hate mail).

Thank you very much for telling me what a vile CUNT I am. Pity you could not have shared your message with the rest of the guys so they could see what us gals really do have to put up with.

As I was saying Insiam, not all men are good guys.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I am off for a ride into the mountains to get some fresh air and feel the breeze on my face. Helps to clear the cobwebs out of one's mind.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Judging from a lot of these comments, it's pretty clear that both men and women are sexually frustrated and thus there seems to be a never ending cycle of bitterness between the genders, aka feminists vs antifeminists, and so on. Jews created both the feminist and the antifeminist movements (most of the Pick Up Artist gurus who teach you how to get laid are jewish):

What is the solution? HEALTHY SEXUALITY. It's time for men and women to stop fighting, stop engaging in the JEWISH GAME (they profit off of men and women fighting), and learn how to engage in healthy sexual relationships with each other.

And this is where tantra comes into play. I'd kindly request Les if he could speak a bit more about tantra and how we can experience divine heavenly orgasmic bliss through it. Mostly it involves visualizing the male as the God and the female as the Goddess, but there's a whole lot more to it than that. Has anyone here studied tantra in depth? It's something I definitely want to learn, but from a real indian guru, not from some new age hodgepodge western "guru".

Les, teach us how to enter into the Ninth Gate of Divine Heavenly Orgasm into the Realm of the Gods.

Visible said...

The essence of Tantra is to engage in every act with reverence and at the same time as if the divine were experiencing it through you, which must be the case whether conscious of it or not because the facility to do anything or experience anything comes courtesy of the divine.

Now... as far as the technical end and all the various colors and lengths of breath, not to mention frequency and intensity, that one can only acquire through the good offices of a competent guru and of all the disciplines, Tantra has the fewest masters. It's without a doubt the most difficult and at the same time most dangerous of all courses, specifically so because of the age we reside in.

However, the highest fruits of this particular path are realized by simple devotion and reverence along with visualizing the divine as being present in the commission of every act.

Anonymous said...

"and at the same time most dangerous of all courses"

What dangers are you referring to? At first glance, it seems the worst it could degrade into is just a mundane sex orgy cult type of thing, right? Or could it turn into something much darker?

Anonymous said...

You are a fool the points that you bring up are just flat out wrong

Please refrain from this stupidity again

insiam said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry for our disagreement, and if my words seemed a bit harsh. I never bear ill will or hold a grudge. I may be a bit quick of the mark at times but i am also quick to let go :)

Have a nice weekend. We are all entitled to our opinions and i am sure in reality you mean well - even if we disagree.


Ann Svint said...

Just to let you know as a woman I think that feminism is a crock of shit, seriously.

Anonymous said...

8chan will come to you.

Anonymous said...

feminism is a disease

David Mupkips said...

I read somewhere about if ur dating someone and they say no, then its still rape. Now my girlfriend said no a few times, but she was into submissive stuff and it was roleplay and we had a safe word. so thats not my issue

but I said no to her a few times when she was drunk... and violent

I get mixed responses from feminists. which is why im not one of them. it seems that, ill give credit, most understand that i was raped. but there are still very prominent voices who believe that i wasnt. and even fewer feminist voices that will call out these radfems for being incorrect.

my question is which are you? Was I raped?

I have no support group to talk about this with. I feel very alone in this aspect because of my gender.

Visible said...

I didn't post a couple of comments because they were anonymous trolling efforts and one of them implied that I was censoring the interplay when I am, in truth, not even paying attention, except cursory reading of what I post prior to. Very seldom do comments not go through here. Usually it means you have convinced me you are a jerk.

TheFeminismH8r said...

Your idea of feminism is the same as being a nazi

galen said...

David, did you really need to read "somewhere" that no means no?

Anyway, my opinion: yes, you were raped. Aggression is aggression regardless of what gender is executes it.

Everyone feels alone sometimes; at least you reached out today. Reaching out opens doors. And thanks for your honesty.

Much healing to you, and protection, and ownership of your own body. May respect find us all.


Anonymous said...

@Karen Norman

Good girl, you claim to be a philosopher, but do you even know what they're doing? Let me tell you a little secret - they think.You claim not to be a feminist, yet you use that 6 out of 10 statistic and you keep telling that almost every woman I know was raped. Have you thought that it might just be feminist propaganda? It surely sounds like it, almost every woman is a victim, almost every man is a culprit. Also, you claim that you don't stereotype and, in the same comment, you say that 'good' men are your knights. Where do you know whether they're good or bad? To me you are a sensitive girl who lives in denial, telling yourself that you are a philosopher, you don't stereotype. And I have nothing against it, living as an insignifiant human being seems more bearable when you make yourself believe that you know something others don't, but, as one of my pals said, self proclaimed philosophers are usually the worst ones. Remember that and don't quote things you haven't confirmed as true through your own thinking.

Visible said...

I'm not posting abusive anonymous comments. Forget it and I'm not going to post anymore abusive comments after whatever just went up here. Quite often people get what they deserve. For some reason I never run into feminist nazis. I'm thinking there are parallel universes and what applies to people is what applies to them and what doesn't, doesn't.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Tantra? Tantra!!? Hahahaaha!

It would more than likely kill (insert name here) you..

At the least(gulp), pimples. Yuck.

galen said...

Oh yeah, happy birthday, Karen!


galen said...

Femi-nazis - Maybe they don't have 'em in other places but we certainly gots them here in the states.

The cursory comment surprised me. Surprise!!

It's each blog-owner's prerogative to manage the blog according to his/her liking. Just want to say that most times I find the abusive comments to be a door to pass through and a way to dissect a certain mind-set. Unless there is some kind of direct threat, I say censor nothing.

Hmmmmm...... Why do I feel like I have to go into protection mode now?


Get your own blog, galen.

No, I don't want to, and I like it here.

You're bothering me.

What, I should give you a false self?

You're overbearing.

I'll work on that.

Yeah, sure. . . When George Soros takes vows of poverty.

Back off, shithead!!

How crass.

You're censoring me.

End stream.

Can I just blame this on the waxing moon?


Anonymous said...

unless I surrender to Prabhupada, I'm gonna burn in hell forever, right Homer?

And of course, you should NEVER, EVER try to visualize Radha and Krishna's sexual conjugal pastimes. NEVER DO THAT!

In all seriousness, I do agree that tantra is probably something meant for the people in satya yuga. In the Kali Yuga, people are so petty minded and full of envy and attachment, that sexual tantra is basically not possible except for maybe less than 1 percent of the population.

est said...

not sure what that's about

but, in my view, tantra,
at least with a partner,

involves perfectly syncing the spiritual and sexual desire

you may never move
but you get there, none the less

Anonymous said...

Karen, stfu unless you want your pointless little account hacked. Anonymous is here from 8chan.

Visible said...

are you speaking in the third person? Cause I didn't omit any of your comments.

Anonymous said...

from an esoteric point of view, feminism is satanic because it promotes hatred between men and women and wants to stop men and women from uniting.

compare that to hinduism. whether you're a devotee of Shiva or Krishna or both, bhakti is all about trying to be a SERVANT, and trying to serve Shiva-Parvarti or Radha-Krishna by helping them unite.

In Kundalini yoga, you are trying to serve Shiva-Parvarti by getting the Goddess Kundalini Parvarti Maha Shakti to rise from the base of your spine and unite with Shiva at the crown chakra.

Or in Vrindavan, you are trying to act as a manjari (young servant girl of Radha) and help her meet Krishna and it is said that the manjaris experience thousands of times more pleasure watching Radha and Krishna unite than even Radha-Krishna themselves experience.

This whole universe is about trying to unite the Male and Female polarities. The whole universe is operating according to sex. The question is, will we try to enjoy and be an enjoyer (purusa) or will we become a humble servant of the Divine Couples and help them with their enjoyment?

Anonymous said...

I heard there is some woman who forgot her place: since when does a microwave goes on the internet?

Anonymous said...

"...rather focusing on personal changes that may eventually have some larger or smaller impact on the world."

As one of the founders of the 'radical hospitality' group called Catholic Worker once said "We need a revolution of the heart first".

mothman777 said...

Of course, all living entities, all souls must also enjoy, but as you say, the only way for all to enjoy is to ensure the highest enjoyment of the Godhead first, as his light is the light by which we all see, just as only by the light of the sun in this world can all beings here see and live.

In this world, we are actually dwelling in an artificial environment. In Vaikuntha Goloka people do not inhabit any external regulatory bodies, as they are perfectly liberated there and totally free to act as they wish, in perfect harmony with the communal pastimes of Lord Krishna there, which all society enjoys partaking in.

In this material world, the very fact of a physical body existing as a covering around each soul is an indication that we are trespassers on the soul of another being, and hence the constant trouble we all experience in this material world, as all materially incarnated persons are essentially acting only in a parasitic role here, and the material environment is always giving people trouble, because they have attempted to usurp another soul as their very self, and so, some degree of dispute is in evidence as to who is who, and as to what are the boundaries of each soul, so the reaction, which is the indication of someone else's discomfort due to our presence here in our material roles, is being conveyed to us by maya, which ultimately is actually the soul of Krishna Himself, this being registered with us in this fashion, of suffering in the form of birth, death, old age and disease, which are unavoidable to all the would-be pirates of the soul of Lord Krishna and His position as the communal Godhead of all souls.

It is all about assuming a gentler attitude towards Krishna and each other really, that is all it takes, just a little more kindness and consideration, and we can all wake up back in Vaikuntha. One little known or appreciated fact about all this is that no souls ever actually leave Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, as our material bodies here are only a dream extension of our awareness, a little like an astral body in our dreams whilst we sleep in this material world, after which we wake up safely in our beds once again, even after being eaten by a tiger in our dreams, and our situation in this world is exactly like that, as our real selves are still 'safely in bed', actually dwelling right now in the spiritual world, as they always do, eternally, without ever leaving. The material heavens and hells really are just dreams of one sort and another.

Kazz said...

Oh I have upset some of you haven't I :o).

A good Christian can do that you know he he he

So many people here have labelled me a feminist yet I have not seen one clear definition of what any of you think a feminist is.

Let me just recap. If I am married I am still a feminist because I am married to a Beta male ha ha ha ha. My husband is 6'2" and men do not pick fights with him ever. First reason is that he is one of the calmest people you will ever meet. Still water runs deep. The second is that he is a big tough bikie. Most of the men I am surrounded by are x military, naval captains, or bikers. One of my best male friends requires no less than 4 police to approach him, it is marked on his license.

I cook, clean, and wash for my husband, who goes out and earns a living to sustain his family of, no less than 5 children, all of which were conceived with me, his wife. My husband and I have been married for 26 years next month. I have 4 big strapping boys, any of which would more than likely put any man posting on this site on his arse if they spoke to me rudely in front of them, and I have one daughter which would most probably also put you on your butt if you were rude. My husband, on the other hand, would stand back and let me defend myself, unless I got into trouble, in which case he would then step in. He does this because he knows I am more than capable, and he likes it that way because he cannot always be at my side.

The women where I come from love their men, and we are willing to die taking their back. We stand behind our men in battle so our men have a greater reason to get up if they are knocked down.

As for being a philosopher and not knowing anything - well the police no longer seem to want to arrest me and the judges do not want me in their courts, because I KNOW WHO I AM! I AM NO SLAVE, OR CORPORATE FICTION, I AM WOMAN UNDER GOD'S NEW COVENANT!

My husband's and my sex life is incredible, which is why we have 5 children lol. He is a wonderful lover, which is why I married him he he he.

I was molested at the age of four, by a friend of the family, and I told my mum, but she told me never to tell my dad or he would kill the man and end up in jail for the rest of his life. I knew this was true so I never told my dad, whom I loved very much, so he went to his death bed never really understanding why his little girl had anger inside. That anger increased when my brother was killed a week before my 12th birthday. From that moment on God never left me, and never has. As far as the 6 out of 10 women who are raped, that statistic is consistent with the women I am surrounded by. Women do discuss such things with other women, but rarely with men. We fear that men will kill the bloke and end up in jail, or get killed himself. We fear that our man will feel emasculated because he was not their to protect us, and this will destroy the relationship. Some men simply cannot handle the fact that their women has been violated.

Those of you who wish to threaten me over the internet are keyboard warriors, you wouldn't have the guts to look me in the eye and say what you have said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most men tell my husband he is a brave man to be married to me, because they are not man enough to handle a REAL WOMAN.

Have a lovely day slaves. God has shown me how to free myself from slavery, but it seems all you good people want to do is prattle on about men and women. Gee I just thought we were all people. My friends and I don't get hung up on such stupid shit, we just enjoy each other's company.

Love to you all. I hope you work out who you all really are soon, because they are exterminating the slaves!!

I tried to help, but it seems many of the men here are too good to accept a life preserver from God, just because a woman threw it to you. How sad :o(.

When the action starts my friends and family already have solid plans, because God has been guiding me for some time.

Hopefully some of us will meet up in the new world.

Love to you all.



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