Saturday, July 12, 2014

You and I and What Lies in Between

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sometimes real life can impact so greatly upon a person that the ability to comment on life external becomes limited. Maybe that's a good thing. What can one say about the world outside that isn't already known or roundly ignored already? Well, there's a great deal one could say, since the world external is only a projection of the world internal. It has to make you wonder what is real. It also might make you remember those haunting words that echo across time; “what is truth?”

I engaged in some of my most spirited metaphysical and philosophical conversations these last two days with Michael, who was kind enough to travel some distance to see me and to get me on the internet. He's a pretty amazing fellow who carries a certain amount of personal tragedy around with him as if it were an asset. I'm thinking that's the only way to fly. Though I have no idea why what happened to me happened to me, except to say that it came about through mysterious force, for the very purpose of its happening, I am assured beyond the reach of evidence to support it that it happened for a very good reason. Something feels very right about this thing that would ordinarily be seen as very wrong.

Anyway, I noticed something that I haven't experienced in some time and that is what happens when two minds in possession of a certain amount of information and available perspectives get together and catalyst occurs, producing something more than the sum of its parts. It makes you high. I'd forgotten about that aspect of human interaction, given the amount of time I have spent in solitude these last years and... there I was, going into even deeper solitude, it seemed, until this happened.

I'm left with a bit of a dilemma. Second guessing the ineffable, at least on my part, very often leads to teaching moments, attended by some degree of pain; even as has been noted most recently... a great deal of pain. Did I second guess the ineffable though? I can't see where that happened given that I had to go somewhere. If anything, I was hesitant in making any choice and knowing for certain whatever it was it would disappoint someone. So... now... I am directing myself to a place where I will be accessible to a pretty large number of people and where I can employ all of whatever skills there are that I possess, on a regular basis. Then I'm going to leave the door wide open to whatever it is that the invisible has in mind for me. It might be this very thing. One thing for sure, I will definitely be having a social life if this comes to pass and it is certainly doable.

I was riding a wheel chair down into the garden today, as opposed to using a walker, given the distance involved and I started singing. What a surprise! The accident (there are no accidents) had affected the quality and timber of my voice. It was noticeable. How does that work? Talk about mysterious ways.

I wish I could share with you the contents of the conversations that took place these last hours but I suspect they will find their way into the blogs as time passes because everything meaningful and useful does; that is, if I am any judge of what that might be. Let me just say 'meaningful' and 'useful' to me. One thing I remember and... I don't recall the context now but it had to do with awareness and truth, or as Michael prefers to call it, L'exactitude... anyway, I was saying, “You know, so long as we are manifest (except in special circumstances) we are engaged in some variant of subject/object, perceiver and perceived. We might even say, deceiver and deceived. No matter what, unless the flow of knowledge is of the sort of which Patanjai spoke, we're going to fall short of the deeper and more essential meaning of anything. However... however, so long as we are aware of this in the process, something of value, leading in the direction of the heart's deepest desires will result. That is to say that if we have achieved the state where we are in constant remembrance of our limitations, all of our limitations will work in concert toward a greater liberty. We don't have to know why that is or what that is, only that it is.

It's like that form of inexplicable confidence known as faith. You feel certain that something you cannot prove is more real than the seemingly real illusions that veil it from us. The closest one might come is to say, “I can feel it”. Of course, in some cases, we have some amount of actual experience that confirms our certitude beyond the necessity of concrete physical facts to substantiate something that doesn't rest on them to begin with. It falls back upon my favorite explanation for how I get from here to there, presuming there is a difference and that is to say, in lieu of explanation “I have no visible means of support.” None of us do. What we have is our idea of what keeps us in place, that holds us together but... that can't be us, right? I can find a dozen examples right off the cuff of why that just isn't possible.

On and on it goes. As announced here back when those 3 got 'allegedly' kidnapped, we said it was a setup. It appears now that is the case. Meanwhile the borders and boundaries of good taste and credibility have now been pushed beyond anything seen before with news anchors showing the bombing of Gaza to be happening in Crime Syndicate Banker Nation. At the world cup some perspicacious individual got behind the announcers with a Shoa-ananas and gave the quenelle. The level of public awareness concerning this sorry spectacle of predators is rising like the New Orleans levies back when Brownie was doing a good job. Absolute insanity is going on at the American border.

More and more I am becoming increasingly aware of something of which I am pretty much completely unaware (detail wise); meaning... what The Hell is behind all these crazy antics? Is there purpose? Is it the logical expression of the illogical using the closest escape valve? Is it the invisible herders, herding the herders who think themselves to be that, you know, wolves in sheep's clothing with faux Egyptian Pharaoh outfits from Central Casting? Is it the denouement of the inescapable progression into ever more chaotic madness, which is the certain result of materialism, as it reaches its particular iron lung stage? I don't know and I'm sticking to it. Man! You'd think with all this empty land and all these disaster film extras crowded into the cities that there would be some piece of land somewhere that no one is using that I and my associates could build a snug cob house on and wait out the zombie apocalypse. It hurts to laugh but I'm laughing anyway and... I'm not laughing because it's funny.

I cannot see what it is that is so organized in its opposition to our having a community on the terra firma to match the one we have in our heads. On occasion I thought it was me but... the two times I had active engagements in this very thing, they were a success, right up to where they transliterated into the next thing (I know that word is not appropriate but I'm using it anyway). There has to be some kind of a term for a word that sounds like it fits in a place where it doesn't; similar to a word that sounds like what it is ...say... 'mellifluous'?

Although there is precedence for it (cave drawings and occult records, as well as snatches of garbled history), I haven't put a great deal of stock into the possibility of ships appearing in the sky for the transportation of those vibrationally tuned for it, or the appearance of portals opening here and there and accessible for those who can see them, or dramatic quantum jumps in awareness, where one is the spaceship or conveyance or what have you. I've thought about these things. I've mentioned them in passing. I've certainly dreamed about them and hoped after them and thought to myself, “What else could possibly work?” Sure... we could hardscrabble our way up out of the flaming fields of Armageddon via some scenario like “The Road” or any number of those, drawing their particular portrait of these uncertain times, once real uncertainty gets hit, once the Ring Pass Not gets passed, metaphorically speaking.

I would love to see some sleek saucer appear in the sky as I hobble down the street. I can hear my name being called, “Visible... are you ready?' Ah... duh. I don't know what a New York Minute is going for these days or what it is composed of, but I am pretty sure it is one of those situations where I could say, “Keep the change!”

For whatever the reason, I am personally more calm and optimistically focused than I can remember being in some while. It's completely out of realistic association with, at least, the appearance of my present state. I can't shake the feeling that something very good happened to me but... that makes no sense whatsoever.. We've all had that feeling that something good is going to happen, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the 'something good' is a less obvious thing. It slips into us in the dark of the night and we don't notice or remember what it was that happened, only that things are significantly different somehow. One cannot say in what way this might be true. Perhaps it is just in the way that everything seems easier to handle than it was and so there’s just that much less stress and insecurity.

Of all the things going on out there at the moment... which of them is important or meaningful? Which of them will endure and come to something more than a place for pigeons to roost, underscored by a placard that no one reads...”Harumph... harumph. This statue is to honor some dumb shit that got a whole lot of people killed.” or... “wankers of the world unite, throw off your shackles and here, put these on. More comfy eh?” Why can't there be a statue that says, “this monument is constructed to honor all of those who walked away from the stupidity and confusion of this ignorant world and refused to engage in activities that harmed their fellows. That will be the day.

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Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all
Its really great to see you back in and in such high spirits. Its amazing considering all that is happened to you. The fact that you believe that all that happened to you is for good and for a reason unknown to you makes you very close to the ineffable. Thats was all what saints were about in the old days.

But if you continue to love, trust and rely on the ineffable you could soon become Saint Les Visible. Has a good ring to it. Usually what I have observed is that such situations where some of us in younger age and most of us in senior ages, go through this pain to correct our course our to expatiate our shortcomings in the sight of the Allmighty. I was surprised when I had learnt that you had chosen where to be and in what circumstances. I thought or had a bad feeling about the whole thing. The isolation, the cold, the construction and the cost to you. I mean I would not want to be in your shoes. But what to do when you had allready decided and moved and had allready started the work.
Really wanted to come and help but I truly wasnt in a position. I think I have multiple personallity disorder. Becuase one really wanted to come. In the next instant the other part loathed the very idea.
Well I am also in a state of flux, I rally want to be with individuals of like mind and in a community built for the purpose of riding out Mr. Apocolypse. Just cant seem to find anybody and dont have the capabilities to head out on my own. So ill be waiting until Mr. Apococlypse comes to me or somepeople get together to ride out the coming storm in high valley with river and a spring. Cuase the storms coming and its nearly here. Take care Amigo and thanks to Michel for representing and being there as a human and a friend when we cant.

Visible said...

I was aware of that bad feeling thing for more reasons than I can even state and especially via the "this makes no sense" conduit. It turns out it had to do with this; what happened

. Now... I suppose I can go anywhere. I'll casually head in a particular direction and be prepared at every step of the way to get redirected. At least now I can go right to the books and the music and several other ventures that are hanging about in the ethers.

Anonymous said...


WOW! Back on your game. Shining through.

Yesterday a friend said we may be the generation that does not die. We may be translated from this doomed space to another more fitting and viable, leaving behind the dross, the material-minded, and sailing into the harmony.

God bless us each and every one.

Thank you, Viz.




Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I'm about to ask a question and I'm not trolling, I'm for real.

How do we know that Jews are not the master race? If Jews are the master race, then why shouldn't we support them?

The following quotes come to mind:

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." - Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin. June 25, 1982.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. … In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. …Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”

“Non-Jews are uncompassionate by nature,”

If they are the Master Race, why not support them? I've personally noticed this. Non-jewish races are quite rotten at the core and non compassionate and violent people. Therefore why should we not support the Jewish Race?

Anonymous said...

Sorry les, in the last post I forgot to include the name of the different people who made those various quotes. Here they are again, reposted along with the names

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. … In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. …Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
-Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

“Non-Jews are uncompassionate by nature,” and should be killed in order to, “curb their evil inclinations. …If we kill a gentile who has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder. … There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”
-Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Visible said...

I'm about 99% certain I already answered the exact same comment some while ago. So...

David Alan McBride said...

Vis is back!? Wow. Just, wow. And right back in flow with a great post. That's just so cool!


You mentioned 'high valley with river and a spring'. That's very interesting. My girlfriend and I have been envisioning a very similar place. Some of the hillsides are forested. We've envisioned ourselves a little upslope, on a small plateau, with a river/creek/spring. Could we be seeing different parts of the same place? Anybody else having similar envisions/dreams?

Mr. Visible welcome back with lots o love. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

anon 4

What unworldly works have jews done to distinguish themselves as 'gods among beasts'?

What great and glorious work do jews have in mind that they need so many servants?

These are just some pivotal junctures that make them "go all leaven" on you.

Making them 'go all leaven' is pretty good sport.

Stef64 said...

Hello Vis, I'm glad to see you're back and that, despite what has happened, you're in a good mood. As you wrote, there is always a good reason why things happen, even those which seem terrible. I will not deny that I was worried, but not anymore. I don't know, sometimes we need a jolt to make us change our path, a path that we think is right but in reality it is not, I know something about that :-) Heal fast and welcome back, a greeting from Stefano

Anonymous said...

First, to Visible: Welcome Back! And still with all that gusto we're used to seeing from you! You sure they're not slipping you some psychedelics in with your pain meds? ;)

Second: You said, "... deceiver and deceived. No matter what, unless the flow of knowledge is of the sort of which Patanjai spoke, we're going to fall short of the deeper and more essential meaning of anything."

What sort of flow did Patanjai speak of??

Third: To the "Anonymous Not A Troll." How do I know? Because as I was reading some of your quotes I was so repulsed I thought I was going to throw up! I couldn't even get through all of them! YUK YUK AND YUK! If you weren't equally repulsed and could actually get through typing those quotes AND STILL ask that question, then BE GONE from here and be expecting a visit from THE MAN with the Walking Stick.

Fourth: David wrote: "Some of the hillsides are forested. We've envisioned ourselves a little upslope, on a small plateau, with a river/creek/spring. Could we be seeing different parts of the same place? Anybody else having similar envisions/dreams?"

YES YES AND YES!!!!!!!!! I'm selling my home and this is EXACTLY the kind of place I'm asking the ineffable to place me.

It's such a relief to have you back Visible. Not just back but I can feel that you really are in a different place. Sometimes as I've experienced, outward situations take a little while to catch up with inward change.

Much love to you.

Laura back in CA

est said...

yes, my friend
something very good, happened to you

you did not die
cold and alone, on that floor

the shock alone, could've killed you
not to mention your severe injuries

but no, god reached out and caught you
in his very own hands, then set you down

[little rough, i know]
you've more to do, here, with us, then to him

Anonymous said...

Les! Peace and blessing to you, I am so glad you are well! A number of years ago in great dispair I asked the question, where are you, how can I find my way again? The answer came back to me with incredible clarity"follow the feeling, the love is the current and the way." While most posters here are distant measured in miles you bring is together here in the heart, you've helped us to stay in that current. I think that every human on the planet is only acting in accordance with his nature. How could it be otherwise? Right now we are all of is on rigs planet gathered in this tremendous knot of opportunity to express our free will good or bad. And also given the chance to decide how we want to be in erelationship to any "evil" around us. Life is struggle and suffering by nature. It is also grief and gratitude, then joy for that current of love and feeling that will, hopefully, carry us all here closer to the Ineffible. Thak you again, Les, with much love to you and all who gather here.

Visible said...

Thank you all so much. As for what Patanjali said, you have to read his Yoga Aphorisms.

I've got a serious bandwidth problem at the moment so... might be slow hearing from me for a bit. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Anonymous said...

David its truly amazing that you have the same picture. I have been trying to locate this place for quite some time now. I have been having dreams in which I have seen exactly what you have seen. I am at a height, there are montains on the sides. One side is lush green sloping downwards. I saw the water/tsunami trying to climb it, but it could not reach me. Mother Gia came to me and showed me that the water would not harm me and that is "good morning" and not good evening as I had said in the dream. Whatever that means.
I have stayed nearly a year in Reunion where there are such landscapes and I might go back soon. Also went to Kasmir which I loved and would love to be there except that there are 800000 indian troops which spoil the ambience. Im trying to go to Morocco to check out the High Atlas and Riff mountains. I have recently seen in a dream that time is short and I would rather be up in the mountains living my dream rather than the nightmare in the city below. I have a wife and baby to look after as well. Please keep me updated on your search. Love and light to you and your girlfriend.

Thomas said...

anon #4 and #5,

I would say the qoutes you have given are a thunderingly obvious answer to your question, and an exact reason why there is no chance that they are a master race. What you mention abut non-jews is not exclusive to non-jews, but equally, and perhaps more, true for the jews. Thankfully, the waves are lashing against the shores, and there are good people in every country and race. It might be more helpful for you to try to look for and imitate.

But really, it's hard to believe you're not just a smug troll, wanting to inflame some hatred for the jews, so that we might burn with the same damning fire that is presently consuming them. Hate's not the way, no no & no.

anyways, Be well, Everyone (you, too, anon#4and#5), and may the Creators Love and Peace grow strong in you.

p.s. thanks Les, for a really good post. You seem more clear, somehow.

Hank said...

Les, good to know you're OK. Remember it's just a lot of pain, nothing to worry about. Your state of mind does not surprise me. Having faced my mortality and the possibility of transition a couple of times, I understand the grounding very well. It does seem to heighten ones focus

Yes, ones natural knowing can be a powerful force if given the chance, however turning off ones logical self can be difficult. It helps me to know that many of the things that don't make sense work and many of those that do don't.
We have a connection to that creative force in the universe that will allow us knowledge in ways we cannot explain. Unfortunately we have a tendency to negate the knowledge because we cannot logically answer the question 'how do you know that' when asked.

My natural knowing tells me some things and when combined with what is being reported about events around the world, I am encouraged. We seem to be getting more than the one sided reports about what the Israelis (I hate that my computer keeps capitalizing that word,I don't want to give them that much respect)..are doing to the Palestinians. More and more people are scratching their heads at the fact that there have been zero jewish deaths in Israel from 'all' those rockets, yet there have been more than 120 Palestinian deaths, women and children among them.
I also find it curious and encouraging that with the demise of Eric Cantor in his reelection bid, there is the real possibility of no jews in the US congress for the first time in my memory.
Add to that the refugee children pouring into the US over our southern border, slapping our citizens in the face with what we really believe, and having the worst of us front and center on the 'news', and we may be in for some real advances. Then again it may just be my eternal optimism. Either way it has my attention.

May peace find us all and once again, good to have you back Les.

galen said...

To anon, re "Not A Troll" -- Well I don't feel like being politically correct or doing it the way the psychologists of the seventies would ask of me, to not attack and stay with how I feel, but. . . that all said, I'll just go with: YOU'RE A JERK AND A LITTLE EXTRA STUPID!! Yes, I know there's a God-being in there somewhere, but it's covered over with a dark crusty crud looking like the stuff trolls sleep in. How the hell could you even ask such a question?!!! "Master race?!!" Anyone vibrating at the level of mastery is concerned with win/win, not with maintaining heirarchy and control or with dishin' unprecedented pain; and were this a collective of masters, all the more would be the manifestation of healing and glorious evolution. Look the f*&k around: war, torture, poison, struggle, oppression, starvation and more f*^$in' WAR. Does that look like mastery to you?!! I'm glad you gave me my dose of anger today. When Creator gave me that emotion I knew it was just for very special times and this is one of 'em. And besides, I don't want anyone mastering over me, and I mean NOBODY. Have a nice frikkin' day!!


galen said...

So I was thinking a break in the hip involves the energy field of the first three chakras. Many years ago someone taught me that the chakras have rights; I asked what they are but was encouraged to write them myself according to my own understanding of each chakra. While writing, it occurred to me that just like human rights, the chakras would always be asserting themselves to make sure that none of these rights was interfered with or blocked so the chakra could function optimally. So I made up the list of the rights of the seven major chakras (there are many smaller ones throughout the body and aura not included herein). Perhaps this can shine some light on the injury:

Rights of the Chakras:

1st Chakra--Your right to be here, to have a body and occupy space, to feel safe, to accrue understanding and maintain stamina, and to thrive

2nd Chakra--Your right to emotional wellness, to healthy relationships, sexuality, childbearing and/or child-rearing (inner-child included)

3rd Chakra--Your right to be creative/empowered (not over others but over your own experience) to make your life as YOU would have it

4th Chakra--Your right to give and to receive unconditional love, nurturing, healing, and compassion

5th Chakra--Your right to exert your will, and to receive or express clear communication (outgoing and in-coming) and to be at the helm of your dreaming experience

6th Chakra--Your right to clairvoyance (clear seeing), telepathy, intuition

7th Chakra--Your right to have access to and connect with Spirit, to divine knowledge/wisdom, to immortality


torus said...

Peace and healing to you Les Visible. The shock of reading about your accident coupled with "observe the walls you have built yourself" from a previous post of mine, leaves me....humbled.
I NEVER wished you any harm bro! And David Icke? I don't go there anymore.

tobeover said...


My next door neighbor is selling her place in Calaveras County CA,$255K - 10 acres, high valley on a treed slope, small plateau with a river tributary nearby.

Les, been thinking about you quite a bit lately. Sure glad you're back!


David Alan McBride said...


Yes, your dream place sounds/feels familiar. I keep getting a sense of not quite yet. A feeling that what we envision is a possibility for a near future. Sounds like Laura in CA is on board.

All I know is that as long as I have no control over anything, everything should work out pretty well. Soul and Soul's Creator are in full charge of my destiny. I am in complete surrender mode (I think). Wherever I end up and however I get their ain't up to me.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous kool-aid drinker that wonders if the jews might possibly be the master race, and if so, why not support them? (wow, it is SO difficult not to go all-out 'ad hominem' on you, just know that)
if you want to really know why jews are not the master race, and should be shunned like a plague, you should do a deep historical study on what other cultures who have been in contact with them in ages past, study their reasons for rejecting the "semitic imposters", go ask a pal....go ask a Torah Jew, do not ask a talmudic jew anything because it will be a lie. in fact go read the talmud! no, don't , it is a vile piece of trash not worthy of reading. NO ONE is "master" of anything! haven't you learned that by now? only God is , no one else. and to, uh, "serve" these filthy mongrels whose desire is to see us all dead? really???? nothing special about them, unless you think that being the first people to use their exile to invent something as evil as the talmud falls under the category of "special" Find out what they think of those who are not jews, read about what they plan to do to us after conquering the world thru deceit. To have accomplished the dubious title of master race due to mastery at deception isn't something one should brag about, especially to those one deceives..

Anonymous said...


Stumped as to your accident, glad you are healing rapidly, especially glad you are in control of your attitude because it's all we can control {c;)

Truth is coherent, beauty is attractive and goodness is stabilizing. If, I know anything it is these 3 things.

I once heard, "A good karate man only bruises on the inside." Not to be the case, eh?

Worry not about Mystery Babylon. Her demise was in the cards before she became a nation. In Revelations 17 the angel shows John what happens to the harlot (Statue of Liberty) sitting on the waters (Ellis Island and it's huddled masses). Be glad in your decision to "get out of her".

May your Chi align in perfection for quicker healing. Wish I could send you Dynamo Jack, but no one can find him.

Peace be with you,


Anonymous said...

As I have mentioned before can almost ALWAYS identify your items by the titles etc. Sorry for your bump. Sorry musta been our syncronicity when CD listening to Steinbecks book when the old guy fell through ladder. of the fruit tree. Please display for us an elegant way to complain for our ailes as we all are getting older and may forget what bothers us more ratbastards and their female versions. Certainly they are not keeping you down. Rode with club {champions all} reunion, after nearly 40 yrs same or better than. TU to U I know why.

Anonymous said...

Mentioned before almost ALWAYS know by the the header its U. Glad youre back, though was into Steinbecks book when the old guy fell from from the ladder and hoped thats not part of the syncronicity. Have to switch to something racier. Rode a reunion ride today {champions all} after 40 yrs they same or better. YOU could/have explain/ed why better.
This is the vortex thanks for squiring us to the other side

Anonymous said...

Accidents - like falling off a ladder - happen sometimes because you're momentarily out of sync and the opposition - the archons - see their chance. You are a light bearer of magnitude and they'd like to have you out of the way. Just a thought. God bless.

Anonymous said...


Would you email me privately please about your neighbor's property?

Although I want to move out of CA it's worth taking a look.

Thanks, Laura

garbanzo said...


This tragicomedy never was about our humble blue world only. A whole universe of players is in on this game.

That's why our bizarro show goes on and on...Lots of wheat and chaff getting separated. Big job.

You haven't considered that you're actually from Earth, have you? Goodness, I hope not.

When the ships arrive, make sure you get on the right one, and I ain't kiddin...


A. Dundee said...

Thank you, Michael! "Dog Poet Transmitting.......": Mellifluous!

Dodgy One said...

That master race would be the one chosen to be a demonstration of just how sick and evil man can be when the sickness and evil is their organized religion. That master race would be the one that when shown a deal for some land then killed the messenger and cursed the father that sent him, while still expecting that the deal was still valid. Organized moronic self delusions of grandiosity becomes the puss boil on the rear end of a gargoyles butt.
Their real holocaust will come soon as the world awakes to its justice.

Bill C. said...

Love all your posts. They are spot on and bring the sublime to light plus pointing out our human frailties especially focused on the "seven ready sins".
This post goes beyond all your others because it focuses on what is important and positive in our world. Big difference with the same amount of insight and an extraordinary wordsmith beyond anyone else I've ever read that discusses our present day society.
The 'accident' that obviously was supposed to happen sounds and looks like a reset to me. Didn't read all the comments yet but feel you are definitely reset based on your voice change in quality and timber. Wow!! Les, you are truly a voice of the ineffable. Bless you! Peace!! Bill. C. from PA

Eudoxia said...

Viz good to see you back on board and sure there's no need to say some things as rotten as they appear at the time are blessings in disguise. A higher purpose will no doubt reveal itself in time.

I am having a very hard time remaining positive with all the shit going on in the world. The tribe keeps getting more blood thirsty by the minute. I'm seriously over their crimes against humanity. There can be no doubt that these things are not human.

"Humans came come into being for the sake of each other, so either teach them or learn to bear them" - Marcus Aurelius. Obviously not addressing a human??????

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Weaponized, Military Grades of BS.

Unknown said...

Truth IS stranger than fiction. That is why no one beleves the truth, external, or internal, and then instead prefer the rose colored Maya, instead of clear perception of understanding.

Which means that the majority of Humans must learn the hard way, at some point in the duration of temporal life, and 'then some' usually.

The end result of this process is the complete rejection of all temporal Maya, and awaiting with patience the new, because once the old is old, the Divine Great Spirit, has ordered all things accordingly in the completely unimaginable vastness of all things pertaining to this beings created existence, both seen and unseen, temporal and non temporal, spiritual and non spiritual, dimensional, non dimensional.

The Wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding of the Divine Great Spirit in such vastness, is the only real subject the mind could ever ponder, and still the mind would make bug crawls, while the Divine is making light year leaps. So there is never being equal or 'catching up' to the one that never sleeps, and always is aware of all, at all moments.

Amazing it is. Amazing this being is! All pervasive. All knowing. All powerful. Never ending. Complex with knowledgeable wisdom the Divine Great Spirit is filled overflowing full of.

What is even more amazing, is the true allowance of free will upon all things upon all things made. The true way to learn. It is not the higher self either, but that is the Human image of the Divine. Otherwise one does not hear this one. But self, thinking that self is the Ineffable. This is why the tower of babble is upon Earth again. Babble is now a form of communication, the "new fad".

Judgement is upon Earth now directly. The thumb is soon to stop and balance the quarter. Those ruining the Earth, and manipulating spiritually the rest of Humanity, in wicked and nefarious ways and methods, are now under direct judgement. Perhaps that is why so many bankers are killing themselves?

The Nations will bow low. All of them. There will be no safe place on Earth, as if the hills can be pulled over, like a cover when it is cold. The moon is now off a month, astronomically, and physically. Farmers will know this. The Hopi do.

The reason is because the Hopi 1 Month ago came out late for ceremony, which offset the rotation, climate, moons, growing cycles, and many other things affecting all matter of things in the accurate setting. That is why all the strange weather, or changes as well.

This is the Divine Great Spirit, who can be described as "grandfather". All communications will one day be sapped by forces that no one will know the cause, even though many will say the cause is "this", or "that", or "this", etc.

The Mystery will be "as above, so below", and in increasing ways that Humans cant understand, perplexes the most thinking person there is. Confounded and confused all will be.

Even the elect will be deceived and led astray. Men will hand men up to die. They will drag many to the courts, and death will be the penalty. Those doing these things will think they are doing "gods work". This time of heavy trails and tribulation will go on for several years, and then the earth shaking will come. Then the vengeance, hot anger, and
Divine retribution will be poured out upon the Earth. On all things great and small. On all living things crawling upon the ground.

The point of no return has been crossed, and the gate is now closing, as the horn warm up in the music pit that was heard in the skies has already sounded world wide.

Unknown said...

Run to the hills. Cities of any kind are not going to be safe, when fire instead of water, that anyone can see with all the temples and pyramids under water, all along coast lines around the world. Same thing, but this time fire instead of water. The Earths atmosphere is decreasing at a 10 timed increase. This is what happened to several other planets in the Solar system. Mars was the last one, that Humans migrated from. Earth as the destination. Now they are, and have been, sending space missions to other planets for years, and have colonies. One in particular was released and confirmed that is "very earth like" that is not that far for the rich den of vipers, the money changers. This is what the movies "Avatar" depicted. Same genocide from man, but this time the "new world traveled in ship" to, is literally "another new world".

But all that really does not matter, since for most, truth is not stranger than fiction.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back. I didn't realize how much you're a part of my inner landscape's nourishment, (see you've even got me making those Vis-style turns of phrase) lol. We're going to meet someday my friend and chew the fat, hoist a local brew or whatever. - Chaz



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