Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My your noses always be cold and wet.

It's official, insofar as I an be considered official, based on the credibility of my reasoning powers, that Snowden is a Snowjob. This is the same diversionary disinfo shit that we have seen time and time again from Liars Incorporated; a division of International Central Banks. Why anyone bothers to pay any attention to this guy or his Mossad handler, Greenwald, is beyond me. Yeah, that's the way they do it. They snag some undercover, enterprising journalist and set him up as an oracle of truth and they team him up with a renegade spy that is still a spy, for the purpose of disseminating redacted portions of half truth for the purpose of keeping the same old same old operational.

I don't know what's taking this next false flag so long. They're looking to kill at least 3 birds with the same stone is what I think. I don't know what the point of busing tens of thousands of illegal aliens into a landscape of broken economies and middle class devastation is. I can see there might be a demand for young hookers of both sexes and probably they will vote democrat and maybe it's got something to do with organ harvesting or... they just need a larger servant class. I don't know. What I do know is that it's past weird. It's gone more than 45 minutes past weird and that is pretty weird.

It is such a multi dimensional jumble at the moment that attempting to make sense of it is a senseless act.. In Jolly Old England they are tossing the geriatric paedophiles under the double decker buses. This means the heat is getting too intense for the more powerful ass bandits in The Parliament and elsewhere. They don't bother much with this in the US. Apparently the hands off policy there is more intense. So... you might think, on the one hand, Mr Apocalypse is ringing the bell big time, while the rats and cockroaches scurry beneath the harsh florescent kitchen light. It's hard to tell what is coming down via the ineffable and what is coming up via the ruling class of the loathsome zones. They say you can't tell the players without a score card. You can't tell in this case regardless, so why not just roll that scorecard up, stick it in your ass and set it on fire? Maybe it will help you focus your thinking... eh wot?

It's long past the point where it is obvious that a large portion of the small portion and a significant portion of the larger portion, needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Failing that, those of us who have suffered in silence and at the top of our voices, need to be relocated somewhere where it's not Shit Salad and bad music all day long. Mind you don't step in the dressing.

Of course, I and... some of you, have known that these reprobates have been evil incarnate for some time. There's nothing new here and they replenish their ranks from the battlefields and groves of Academe. The ongoing false pretence is that these self righteous vampire bats are serving their country by helping to bring down Hell and High-water on everyone else. There is no country however, there is only the vast leasehold and private property of the banks, which you move back and forth through every day, here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs.

The other day the terrestrial Zionist army of His Satanic Majesties forces blew up four children playing fussbol on a beach in full view of the international journalists. They do this shit as routine. Then they shrug their shoulders and come up with some sort of non mea culpa, collateral damage rap. “Yes, it was unfortunate. It probably wasn't right but... whatta ya gonna do?” Stating the obvious, there is a special place in Hell for these freaks. For the moment, they are allowed to mount crime upon crime until the rising tower of it disappears into the clouds. Sooner or later though, payback is coming through the swinging doors, along with Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. Boy... if I ever wished I had super powers, it's now and you may be certain that there would be no moment of hesitation on my part. I know that probably makes me less than realized but... that's how it is and I will take the job if no one else wants it.

Meanwhile... all these world crises continue apace; the food crisis, the water crisis, the environmental crises, the economic crisis, the press for war crisis, the religious insanity crisis and of course, all those other crises that don't look like a crisis until the walls fall in upon them.

Let's segue out of this same shit different day travelogue and digress into the personal; where I am now and what's up with it.

Yesterday morning they loaded me into a taxi and shuttled me 120 k south to the Czech border. This clinic is ensconced in a pristine mountain region in the bustling metropolis of a small town. It's a classy, more or less, upscale place, going by the food and the look of the inmates. Although everyone is here for some kind of rehab, I suspect that half of them just decided to come here for the company and maybe a little light calisthenics because fully half of them are strolling around with those forearm crutches which seldom touch the ground. Oddly enough, so far, I seem to be the most injured of the lot, meaning I have the toughest time getting around and until this morning I would have said my days here were numbered. There's a whole lot of constant pain in my situation and after having moderate but insufficient pain medication at the hospital, they put me on Ibuprofen here and that was about as efficient as a rope net umbrella, leading to a sleepless night and my following refusal to cooperate further. I should add that my room is at the end of a very long hallway. When you catch the elevator down you have an even longer hallway that finally leads to the dining area or anywhere else you are likely to want to, or have to, go. I'm talking hundreds of meters.

I'm only around ten days out of the operating room and only a couple out of bed, for brief attempts at movement with my Johnny (stroll) Walker and it didn't take much coming and going over these distances to reduce me to a state of mute (and sometimes not so mute) agony. So... I wouldn't leave my room and finally the doctor came by to yell at me which resulted in my getting a medication upgrade. It ain't much but I can get around now.

The people here are unfailingly polite, in diametrical opposition to the hospital and I met a young nurse who works here, who literally stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale and who, it seems, has been spending some amount of time on the internet researching me. For someone with such a small grasp of English she knows a great deal, which she was most inclined to quiz me on earlier. Something like this happens most everywhere I go and I attribute it to the ineffable tossing a certain amount of charged confetti into my environment, possibly to keep me engaged when it would begin to look like I held very little interest in going on; things being what they are. She's quite beautiful and I seldom use that term unless it's a package deal; classically sculpted features, with a radiant softness of being that understates it all.

Anyway, if you've got something functional laying about in your cabinets somewhere, email me and I will give you the address. In the meantime I am rehabbing to the extent of what my pain threshold permits. I'll be here for 3 weeks.

What I mentioned just recently brings to mind a condition that I think all of us are familiar with but which has no defining term (or maybe it does but I don't know what it is), where you encounter someone and you know immediately that you will impact on one another's life in some way. I'm not talking about anything as pedestrian as sexual attraction, though it bears a similar association to it, in that it has something to do with dynamic magnetics. Somehow this feature can build all on its own without any conscious input from either party. The encounter can be brief and not possessive of any significant amount of exchange (in an obvious sense) but there is an exchange and it continues on with you. I remember to this day other examples, where the black boxes of the ships in the night both absorbed some form of mathematical message and it integrated into the greater gestalt of it all.

Okay... I'd like to ask every reader who lives in this country I am in to email me as I have a question for you. Carry on.

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Licentious Lassitude said...

Wow, that was timely... turn on the news and there it is!

The 3rd Elf's Analyst said...

Possibly seeing false flags where none exist but might this be the same as this?

Ray B. said...

This aircraft was going from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, so it was obviously at cruising altitude, which is well above portable antiaircraft missile range. I am sure both Russia & Ukraine air defenses have lists of 'allowed' civilian flights, published well in advance. So, this would rule out 'official' antiaircraft missile response from high-altitude-capable missiles. So, what is left?

The Boeing 777 is a very safe aircraft, particularly in cruise. I am left with either political-message-sending, or there was something/somebody on that flight to make it worth destroying - even with collateral loss-of-life and news uproar. The shootdown at the Ukrainian/Russian border area is telling, with enough ambiguity there to provide 'plausible deniability'.

Follow the old adages, "who benefits" and "follow the money"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

Vis, as my daughter tells me all the time whenever she sees me agitated about the wanton killing of innocent children ,calm down!

I feel as you do--" Boy... if I ever wished I had super powers, it's now and you may be certain that there would be no moment of hesitation on my part. I know that probably makes me less than realized but... that's how it is and I will take the job if no one else wants it."
I keep asking myself When will it stop? when will the sheeple wake up and demand that those serious fornicating fellatio artists that go by the moniker
be stopped by whatever means necessary -
When will the sheeple take the time to see what is being done with their dollars - OH God when will these child and women killers be stopped!!

I know you will recover very quickly -much love my friend -We all need to connect to what animates us -LOVE
“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

much love

Visible said...

a reader sent in some prophecy from the extraordinary Peter Deunov. Hwe was Mikhail Aivanhov's teacher, both of them member of a secret Bulgarian brotherhood. Notice how much of what is said here is reflected in what so many of us believe here.

Ray B. said...

Vis, from the Prophecy page you posted:

"There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come."

That is a good description of the 'crustal slippage' phenomenon. This theoretical concept posits that the crust could slide over the mantle, much like a detached orange skin might rotate over the juice-part. Only the crust changes its orientation, not the other 99% of the Earth. The rotation axis of the Earth would not change, but survivors would look up to different rotation patterns of the stars.

Where this applies to the quote above is the fact that the Earth is not a true sphere. It's equatorial diameter is 42.72 km (26.54 mi) more than it's polar diameter. Any 'rolling' of the crust would produce sinking as one region moved away from the equator and rising as another region moved toward the equator.

I am not a great fan of the crustal displacement theory, as the forces involved to start/stop slippage would be absolutely stupendous. If you involve the ineffable or some other unknown 'force', though, it fits the quote...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Snowden is a Snowjob

Yep, cant believe Rivero on wrh linked to this post.

As a member there, the cries of crap are muted rapidly and repeatedly.

The guy appears tp be a stubborn old goat some times and leaves me often confused.

He did a poll, is Snowden a hero, I was the only member to say no, and publicly. Any post to the contrary lay dormant on the back pages.

Anonymous said...

Good old Roland.

Thanks for the reminder.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Ugghh...long time, no comment. I will make a veiled, targeted message to those with no good intentions for the future listening in amongst rotten intelligence community members, perusing this blog. You feckless fucks know about me and dialing 999-9999 and being bitched out by me, personally, about the satanic issues you mooks have accrued over time. That's on record and will be released in due time and in proper context. Now, it's a "little bit" of a blown signal about you idiots and your "super power" of hanging up when I get a little too poignant about your dark, karmic issues and how you're going to get effected, you gross-ass dumb dumbs. You'll not be able to "somehow, for some, serious series of easily perceived reasons" be able to parlay "that dynamo-like" cowardice into much of anything "good" for you rotten fucks, given you can't hang up on reality in "the end", you not so spooky spooks. You're time's going to, like many a jig, be up, then you get to deal with the devilish deals you made in the form of severe consequences, sooooooo..."have fun", darksiders, in talking to whom you get to talk to...

insiam said...

Sorry to hear of your continuing pain/discomfort Vis. But from personal experience i am sure - given another week at the very most - your pain will be greatly relieved.

Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

This is probably stating the obvious but I'd ask each of the readers to stilll themselves and spend a minute today asking for the complete healing of Les Visible. Combined prayers and just plain asking of the Divine can be amazing in its effect.
"In the name of my Holy Christ self I command the Angelic Hierarchy to move in and heal L Visible of his pain and discomfort, heal any disfigurement and make him whole in body again. And build a barrier of protection please Lord Michael from the evil forces in this world".
Love Peter

Visible said...

Thank you Peter for that wonderful thought, being as thoughts are things.

Eudoxia said...

@ #2

No you are not seeing false flags where none exist. This is the hallmark of Zio, neocon agenda at its finest bastardry. Mass murder, slaughter, lies, blaming others is typical behaviour of these what ever they are because they sure as hell aren't human.

Does anybody recall that article by Christopher Bollyn about an identical aircraft in a hanger in Tel Aviv to the Malaysian Airlines boing 777 that somehow disappeared. Apparently bought in October last year by the Israeli government?

Another point of interest too is here in Australia I turned on MSM to see what spin they'd be spewing and not just me but others also noticed that 5 so called relatives and friends of the alleged deceased were smiling? They weren’t smiling all at once of course. Now that would be considered strange if they were relatives and friends but not if they were crisis actors. Wasn't it Viz who broke the news about crisis actors being advertised on Craigslist for an event in July.

Also of particular interest was that some of the alleged victims were heading to the AIDS conference here in Australia and guess who was speaking?? Well, well Billy Bones Clinton. Now anytime there is a Clinton mentioned you know bastardy is definitely afoot.

Joeyfosterelli said...

I am a long time reader but not into commenting. However, I believe hunter s. thompson said it best. 'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.'
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

David Alan McBride said...

There are those with super powers that walk this world. There is only one direction that these powers emanate/originate from. Mr. Visible's old friend on the beach can illuminate further. Creator chooses the moment when those people with super powers fully express themselves. If they are not fully expressing themselves, then it is not yet time to fully express. Creator's choice. In the mean time, they remain in the crucible. Purifying until the moment of full expression occurs. When that moment occurs: violating all the known laws of physics is laughably easy. The ineffable does not share the limitations of the physical universe.

I once again officially ask for Soul and Soul's Creator to heal Mr. Les Visible in every way that is best. Thanks again Mr. Visible, Soul, Soul's Creator.

Erik said...

(A message from Awareness to Itself)

Once upon a Timeless Now, in the Infinity of No-Space,
You emanated, for no reason other than pure Delight,
a fabulous dream-like universe of objects, a world of apparent “things.”
Having conjured some very interesting forms,
You thought (ha!) it might be rather entertaining to jump into Your dream,
and to seem to lose Yourself in it as one of the limited forms
—in this case, the human being You chronically think of as “myself.”

At any time You can awaken from the dream of “me” to realize that
You are not the body-mind persona, but are, in truth,
the Divine Dreamer, the Supreme Source of all,
the Absolute “No-thing” of Luminous Pure Spirit from which all “things” arise.
Divine Being is Your Truth.
You are This.

How do You awaken? Just notice:
You are already Awareness, not a “me” or a “thing.”
All sense of being “inside” a body or a mind drops away.
You float free as unbounded “no-body” and “no-mind”—Pure Awareness,
prior to and beyond intentional consciousness,
transcending all forms, yet immanently within all.
Body-mind spontaneously functions and lovingly serves all beings
according to Tao, the Divine Will, the Natural Way.
You are content, at peace, abandoning selfish fascination
for the various dream-objects (consciousness disguised).
All binding likes and dislikes that could have fixated attention have dissolved.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
You remain as this pure, open I,
not narrowly identifying with “I am this” or “I am that.”
You abide here & now as simple, unbounded Infinity.

You are always already Free,

Pure Divine Spirit, Boundless Intelligent Space,

Absolute Being-Awareness-Bliss-Grace,

the Fullness and Ecstasy of Love.

Text © Copyright Timothy Conway, 1991/2007
© Copyright 2006 by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.

Sketchy 1 said...

SO……if what you say is TRUE, then WHY???

are we not on the corner of every street

pro testing our asses off? HUH?

Oh, I know, cause we are internet assholes

spineless, proud and, brainwashed,broken too

Delusional CRAP of "The Ineffable" will some how

work it all out! Get a church K STOPITNOW!

It will work out by getting off your lazy

ass and actually do something to make a

change in this world that YOU see as controlled

by, the "easter bunny, santa claus , gods, satan

etc", and the rest of their likes.



STOP promoting the illusion of invisible man

now and forever, then and only then can we

come to terms of life as we know it.

by the way WTF is "comment moderation" except

censorship? Is that what you like Invisible?

Great site and posts BUT get real

Visible said...

Well gee Sketchy, since you have it all figured out, I have to ask, why are you so pissed off? Usually, people who know it all aren't angry, given that knowledge is power. Your frustration borders on encroaching impotence which seems a conundrum in light of you having all the answers. Just out of curiosity... are you doing as you suggest? I'm asking because it seems that it must have been a PC that brought you here.

est said...

a similar thing happened to me
with my mother's visiting nurse

we were sitting on the couch a foot apart
when i felt a stillness and quietness, between us

it was timeless, in it's own way, in every way
and i will never forget it, the rest of my life

i used to always put out a bowl of fresh fruit
and shared my dark chocolate with her

after my mom passed i sent her [nice] flowers
and some local dark chocolate, as a gesture

her name was mary and she was also beautiful
in every single way imaginable [to me]

i think of her, time to time with fondness
and we will always have that one moment, together

galen said...

Sketchy 1, it is a ballsy assumption that all here do nothing but Internet activism (an important contribution of its own). I for one, frequent "the corner" regularly. We never know most of the brave acts of others because they often are done with profound humility. Who's writing letters? Who's at City Council meetings trying to wake up the sleepers, fighting Flouride, chemtrails, warrantless searches, etc? Who speaks to cops, reps, intelligence, anyone with a badge or uniform in hopes of reminding them that they're actually one of us and also reminding them who they truly are supposed to be serving? Who helps the homeless? Who's a champion for children, fighting vaccines, early sexual perversion, loss of the freedom to climb a f#$%ing tree or play a game of dodge ball? Who? I'll tell you who: It's us! Everyday people who think and do what they can in their communities and beyond. All these efforts matter and will add up. You judge without knowing. I suspect it is your own observance of wanting to do more yourself. Good for you. Do what you can, and by your example more will be infected with the will to help. And don't worry if you don't yet understand (what you call "delusional crap") The Ineffable (I call it God). You just haven't opened up to it yet. But when you do, wow, gifts beyond measure. The suffering is the learning, and yes we are currently, at this point in our evolution having to put up with resident evil. Some assert that this was an experiment launched by those who wanted to separate from God (Love) and serve their selfishness. Can't prove that but still involve myself in facing the evil, grandkids in mind you know. Look how far we've come over the last few years. So many more people involved in the fight than ever before. I'd say that's progress even though to some it may be invisible. Sketchy, we're not the enemy.


Dodgy One said...

'Delusional CRAP' would be enjoying the creation while denying the Creator. Even when the most satisfying aspect of your existence is emulating the creative within. None so ...

Eudoxia said...

Goodness Sketchy as you can see by your comment Mr Viz puts all comments up. Censorship need not happen as Viz loves to show the vast array of wildlife in abundance on this plane.

Perhaps you should try a good liver flush, Epson salts, pure virgin olive oil and lemon juice 2doses a day x 2 days only organic apple juice in between. This may assist you to alleviate some of those nasty toxins stored in your liver.

Anonymous said...

Peter Deunov = Universal White Brotherhood = New Age = Theosophy = New World Order = Satanism = Total Horse Shit

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Uh Thank You... Thank You Varry Varry Muche.

Ray B. said...

galen, July 19, 2014 11:20:00 PM

Good, balanced, inspirational posting (to Sketchy). Thanks!

I noticed that it was a bit 'long'. I wonder if "boring boring" read it? (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Ray, why did the politician cross the road?

Well actually, I can't tell you; it would be a bit long.

Hee hee


Unknown said...

download pdf -

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald

Cryptome pushes Greenwald's button.

Anonymous said...

Les, Orakle [a handle; a friend] is requesting that people please consider signing up at the ny times website and posting comments to 1} drive traffic to alternative media and 2} make reference to Israeli spying, NSA control (sigint networks, raw data feed courtesy of Rahm et al early first term of Obama), the Israel Lobby, Israel lobbies in Canada, France, Australia, the UK, etc., specific Israeli crimes and war crimes, ties to 9/11 {these are tough to sneak in} and.... 2 terms of art, or "magick".

Orakle asks that people reflect, and if it makes sense to their own inner sense, employ the term "Jewish privilege" - there are reasons for this which largely hinge on the term "white/male privilege" lending some instant academic legitimacy.

Orakle also asks that people reflect, and if it makes sense to their own inner sense, employ the term "Counter-Zionist" which he is going to, in particular, ask that people who are freely willing and in agreement, focus on this term, make use of it, often in tandem with anti-war, anti-"neocon" - pro-American "rebirth/resurgence" memes....opposed to ongoing middle east involvement, heavy diplomacy, 'sensible border controls and "dimmer switch" legal immigration.

There's a lot - Orakle has no website, but he and a few people are focusing comments on the Times, in particular trying to support or provoke top commenters. There's really a lot - Using 'Zionist' before the word hate or hateful {Zionist hate for a just, two state settlement}...

We all have own spirit, our own panache, of course. The primary idea is to try to put some focus on the NYT while they still allow comments [CNN is "trolled out" and worthless]. Naturally, it is important to strive to appear fair, tolerant, and use humor and politeness as much as possible.

I hope you will think about this and consider if some spirit is kindled in you by this notion of herding cats to the jewel in the propaganda crown and using it to drive some traffic to globalresearch, antiwar, voltairenet, consortiumnews, counterpunch, Gilad, Blumenthal, Finkelstein - whatever one feels fits.

Final thought from Orakle is to 'not let the perfect be the enemy of the good' - disagreements, essentially mild, prevent unity on core issues of peace, justice, and truth. The Darkness excels at throwing its unlight on these minor differences and playing up our ego, little whispers. Someone we agree with on 75% of things becomes our enemy instead of our ally where possible.

There is no strength without unity.

As for signs and such.... candle/mirror/water - this is "empty hand chaos magick"... light a candle, put it in water before a mirror, write the word "Orakle" on a piece of paper and burn it in the candle.... if you feel nothing, if you do not dream that night and *know* - then, my, there's no harm done is there? You can still comment at the NYT with a small handful of people newly doing the same as a small, but potentially potent act against the zioglobalist banking empire...

But, you may find, after all, that what you feel and dream is not nothing, after all.

Dia do bheatha,

Lebhar Chroi

galen said...

"Each must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong... ... You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your convictions is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor..."
-- Mark Twain




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