Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Walking Wounded Victims of Each Other.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” Hmmm, Those peace loving Israelis just blew up a shopping center and killed a whole lot of people who thought a cease fire was on. Wait! What's this? The IDF is investigating. Well now, that should chill out all the heat in the room. I remember when one of these lovely fellows shot a ten year old girl with a backpack; probably had little stuffed animals hanging from it... and following that, this defender of the realm and an employee of Crime Syndicate Banker Nation then trotted over to her writhing form and emptied his clip into her, or, as they like to call it, “confirming the kill.” Not everyone can shoot ten year old girls in cold blood, or fourteen year old girls hanging their laundry on rooftops but when you are an Israeli and you work for a regime that stole a country away from the people you are genociding, it's all in a days work. From what I remember, nothing happened to the fellow. He might have gotten a promotion. He certainly got some sort of compensation for having to suffer so much bad press and... if that's not justice then uh... uh... hmmm.

Some of us have hearts that are more than physical pumps for the blood supply and some of us have no hearts at all. Some of us aren't human. I was reading recently where 'someone' said, 'most of the Israelis oppose the killing and occupation'. This is not true. Most of them support it big time. During Operation Cast Lead, 94% supported it. I doubt much has changed from there to Operation Protective Edge of Darkness, which is the present ritual, religious sacrifice being ceremonially engaged in. Shitwityahoo just called up 16,000 reserves. Yeehaw!!! Smoke em cowboy!

You probably think this is overkill. You probably think this ceaseless murder of women and children, along with men defending a disappearing landscape with antique weapons, sticks, rocks; against one of the most cutting edge military forces on Earth, is all in a days work. Some of you might wonder at the naked carnage and banned weapons, in a conflict based on a triple kidnapping that had nothing to do with the people being blown to pieces. You don't have to wonder. We are not dealing with human beings here. We are dealing with monsters and though it seems unnecessary and inappropriate for the cosmos to press these creatures into acting out and demonstrating what they are, apparently it is necessary to do this in order to wake the world up; good luck with that! Shitwityahoo probably ordered the killing of those 3 teenagers in the first place.

Someone wrote in to tell me that Putin's mother is Jewish and I should know what that means. I'm guess he got that info from this article, which is attributed to an easily (not so) identifiable source known as Russian Patriot. If you search hard and look beyond the first couple of pages in the search engines, you come up with a whole lot of conjecture, which amounts to squat and which is designed to vilify Putin. Please look at the comments below the article. I don't know if Putin is part Jewish or Lemurian, Doberman or Spider Monkey (or all of the above) and I don't care. Despite the fact that it can look that way these days, all Jews are not bad. Lucky for me, in my life, I've met some number of fantastic people who happen to be Jews. Some of them saved my ass more than once, with no desire for payback beyond the good karma it will certainly bring them. So I don't give a flying uh... whatever is supposed to follow that. I don't give a (fill in the blanks) whether someone is Jewish or not, all I care about is what Jesus said, “By their works ye shall know them”.

This is a world of deception. What? You didn't know that? Yeah... the world is a constantly reproducing visible lie, identified by appearances, which are a cover for something they wiggle and belly dance in front of. The degree to which these appearances influence your idea of reality is based on the thickness of the Samskara scarves tied around your head and over your eyes. The main job of Mr. Apocalypse is to tear those scarves away from your eyes, so that you might see things as they are; “I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.” Along with this duty at which he is ceaselessly employed, is his other duty of ripping the covers off of everything that is hidden behind something that looks like something other than what it is. Tearing the Samskaras from your eyes, through the methodology of some experience of personal revelation, or tearing the covers off of deceptive appearances through personal trauma, or the reverse for either, is another big part of Mr. Apocalypses job description.

What are we to take away from the idea of a Mr. Apocalypse, or failing at the ability to picture such a being, what do we take away from the concept of an apocalypse? Where would such a thing come from? It appear to be some kind of seasonal event; not as frequent as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter but no less routine despite that. What are we to make of certain images that repeat themselves in the great art presently hanging in large buildings, to be found in any city past a certain size? What do we make of (what any halfway intelligent person can hardly avoid seeing) the strange conflict between the way things appear and the way they actually are? What do we make of powerful individuals lying all the time? Would any truly powerful individual have to lie? What do we make of the world wide pandemic of billions obsessed with the acquisition of material goods? What do we make of various other pandemics waiting in the wings? What do we make of strange weather and natural disasters... especially the truly large ones looming over the baked agricultural fields, along with 20 million gallons of water roiling up from a broken pipe under Sunset Strip (during a water crisis)? Isn't that the same Sunset Strip (“Kookie, kookie, lend me your comb”) where the sewage boiled up on to the red carpet not so long ago?

There are various ways you can see it all. You can figure that this is just Planet Pinball and however the random back and forth goes down, that's how it winds up. Then again, how does that explain the fact of history repeating itself? You can ascribe it all to an invisible fat cat with a long white beard and a really stern demeanor, who waves a big wand over everything and controls everything according to his personal whimsey of the moment. Or... you can say that there is more than meets the eye and ear and that, though we are not able to apprehend it, there seems to be some kind of symmetry to it all. Some people take things on faith, with no provocation to prove or disprove any of it. They heard something and they believed it and that's that. Some people take things on faith and also submit it all to ruthless analysis and testing. Some people believe whatever they are told from one day to the next, even when these conflict to an absurd degree but we don't have to concern ourselves with that group and they aren't much concerned about themselves either. Whatever happens to them, no one is going to remember them anyway.

There are some people who only believe what serves to advance their self interest. There are people who think if you worship the devil you'll be like bros and homies. Somewhere on this planet is a representation of every possible perspective and belief. Believing something doesn't make it so and not believing it does not make it not so. It is what it is if it is.

We've been told by some that we are all dreaming. I submit that it is the essential being within that is dreaming and we are the dream it is having. Sometimes it wakes up inside of you while you are still tooling around the place and that more or less changes everything for you from then on. You'll never be the same again and neither will the world you are moving through. Infection is not an, all the time, negative. What about infectious laughter? I submit that there are some number of reversed Typhoid Marys moving around among us and that is something I aspire to. It would be great to have something powerful and intoxicating, possibly invisible that can be communicated to passing life forms, not necessarily comprehended at the moment of transference but at some point up the road. We all leave our mark on each other. This whole world is a walking wounded field hospital of the victims of each other. In some cases the grievous injury took place too long ago to remember but the bad attitude that followed after is still following after; looking for someone else to do it to. We all leave our mark on each other. We are all an influence. We are each like a kind of weather that we bring into the lives of others; given that one gets that there are others about and that that means anything at all.

Some say 'this' is important and some say 'that' is important and whatever it is that anyone thinks is important, they are probably getting after that in some way or another. The greater the collective that thinks any particular thing is important, the greater the temporary cachet that attends it. I was looking at some of the paintings that are considered to be of great value. Some of these paintings are worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, according to what people are willing to pay for them. Try as I might, I could not get into the mood. I lack something, obviously, because I could care less about having any of them and that goes for just about anything that can be bought and sold. Most of the time I don't get it. I just don't.

End Transmission.......

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galen said...

In light of this from Vis today: "This whole world is a walking wounded field-hospital of the victims of each other. ... We all leave our mark on each other. We are all an influence. We are each like a kind of weather that we bring into the lives of others..."

...and for anyone who might need this song tonight:


DAD said...

if you get it, now you have really got it. what to do with it?

Anonymous said...

gladly however you are not a "Jew"
it's pretty rough being a "Jew" these days...especially for "Jews"

for example...

Why is the self righteous minority always right?
It isn't in this case.

These clowns want to distance themselves from the Jewish community....

I would say to them: we are defending ourselves in our name, not in your name since you are not Jews.

People who call themselves Jews only when they want to attack other Jews are not Jews.

Read more:

from the river to the sea


Anonymous said...

it's not that you don't get it

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, from what I'm reading I don't thing the tools of Enlil and Marduk have two years left. Israel proper, I doubt has one year left.

And from what I see, I will admit I do agree with Enlil on that we should never have been created. When I get to the proper realm, I'm gonn hunt down Enki and lick his nose. . .AFTER taking on the form of a smilodon.

Cute snorfly puddytaaaaaaaaaaat.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"In some cases the grievous injury took place too long ago to remember but the bad attitude that followed after is still following after; looking for someone else to do it to."

A reciprocation of free will in that you also simultaneously 'do it' (again) to yourself.

Another facet of the jewel of forgiveness is a release/relief from this.

Quite a personal matter, eh?

Ray B. said...

Coruscant L'amore August 01, 2014 5:34:00 PM

Good comments and thoughts. I will 'chew' on them...

I have not seen "Tron Legacy." However, that jog brought up another film, "Galaxy Quest." In that, the race that brought on board Tim Allen & Co. had never encountered deception. They had no concept for "lie." So, they were easy pickings for a local Warlord.

Perhaps all this down here is a 'training ground' for moving from a naïve being to a seasoned being. (Bet 'Love To Push Those Buttons' will have fun with that comment... grin)


via Homer.., August 01, 2014 6:37:00 PM

On past lives and karma, an old teacher of mine made an interesting comment. It was that karma did not, of itself, exist. What did exist was our judgment of our self in the doing of something. That judgment, that enfoldment of pain, in effect bound us to the wheel of time and assured we would bring onto our self something to satisfy the judgment and release the pain.

So, for example, a killer would make a (perhaps unconscious) judgment on him/herself for the act. This might be satisfied by being killed somewhere along the line. Karma as self-judgment rather than an all-encompassing universal law. Interesting.

Ironically, non-judgment of self would negate any karma, under this view. Also ironically, it is doubtful that non-judgment would occur until the entity 'grew' enough by having experienced both sides of any action, multiple times. Perhaps that is where Rishi kicks in...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Coruscant L'amore / Gene
, August 01, 2014 9:27:00 PM

"Curious what comes from watching films, its sorta like living a new life in each film if one pays attention as each seeds knowledge of a new context being played out for consumption to the aware."

I agree. Aware-watching produces lots of 'hmmm' moments.

In that regard, a few years ago I watched a movie called "The Last Mimzy" (2007). On the surface, it was just a Disney-like child-adventure tale. But, I believe this picture was 'over-lighted' by a high Buddhist presence (at least in the theater). I kid you not.

The amount of high-vibes coming out actually caused a 'selection' in the audience. Two young ladies that I know could not absorb the higher energy. Quite uncommonly, they 'decided' that they had to go out in the corridor to yak/snack/whatever, right as the energy was building. I was very sad, as it was an 'indicator'.

In general, the movie both had a very positive view of 'unfettered' humans and showed a few 'high-consciousness' symbols as part of the plot. I think of it when my view of current humanity gets me down. Recommended...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Gene: "...sometimes people love how they were loved."

I agree. That is often how their chakras were conditioned and 'loaded up'. Here is a short version (and clearing method) and long version of what chakras 'sound like' when they are 'free'.


Gene: " their love is manifested ugly till someone can just accept them and see them not as they themselves see themselves but as another who doesn't note the ugly but instead just sees a being who wants to be loved."

I agree. In my language, it is important to focus as much as possible on the 'free chakra' potential of the person as possible. Not just the 'presentation'. It is wonderful when something 'unrecognized' in/by the person lights-up. It is scary when this lighting-up 'pushes-forward' something that needs to be cleared...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

foresight said...

I come to this forum every day, because I can't stand Zionist censored news channels, I pray for them people that have to live like that everyday, not knowing if there thinking how long till the next missile drops , my family are OK, am I safe, will I make it out alive , I go to work and listen to petty krap about silly things, I try to distance myself from it, I'm gone to the stage of thinking constantly about what's happening in this world and how gods words are always true, to never doubt him, all these martyred people that have been killed because of Zionist controlled. Greed deserve there place with god, and I am asking myself what have I done in my life to deserve a place with god when I never done anything for these. People that need the whole world backing to stop these genocides, even one person can become a voice , have we ever asked ourselves what can I do to make a difference , instead of material goods we worship , maybe its a wakening to the sheeple that you lay down your life for what you believe there a life worth a ,millions times over than we could imagine, we owe it these people and to god to stand up and do something instead of letting the devils puppets destroy it,

Anonymous said...

"That would be pretty good."
The Sultan in 'The Little Mermaid'


Anonymous said...

On this playn
On this earth
On this magical playn
Souls can exist
Maybe not on other playns
Maybe not in other sectors of this cosmos
Just maybe your soul is not yours alone
Just maybe we share it with 'someone' else
That being does not live on this playn/planet but can see and feel what you see and feel.
Just maybe its safer for our souls here.
This just might be a safe soul centre.
There is a battle going on out there somewhere, why you are here and what you are here for is irrelavent.Just look after your soul,try to make it stronger.


Skepticfrog said...

Think of EBOLA.
It's out of control.
It's a mutated virus, somewhat different from the previous outbreak's.
Evidence is mounting that air transmission via micro-droplets suspended in the air from coughing/vomiting is implicated, no direct contacts with bodily fluid is necessary to acquire the disease/virus as its previous form behaved.
Trained healthcare workers with the assumed(!) and "recommended" "proper" precautions and protocol have already died. So the protocol doesn't work b/c it's based on the assumption of non-aerial transmissibility. (It's likely wrong).

People with Ebola have already got on passenger plane to Lagos, Nigeria; an American named Patrick Sawyer got on, quite sick. He died hours after the plane landed. An American... (What else but a stupid?) I wouldn't be surprised (if I survive) that he'd be named as the one who infected the World with Ebola.
They're trying to track down the passengers... Good luck.

Two Americans with Ebola are to be flown to the US. I wouldn't be surprised if the idiots (or murderous ghouls - take your pick) put the two on two separate regular passenger planes loaded w/300 people each...

It's extremely unlikely that it will be and can be contained now.

Incubation period is up to three (3) weeks. We don't know at what point in its incubation period it becomes infective.

Looks like interesting times are coming...

Being the ever suspicious, conspiracy prone (too), I'd bet a reasonable sum of money that its a weaponized variety. For a serious culling the world's population by the Satanist PTB, the aerial transmittance would be imperative, with a nice, long, incubation period with a lovely long infective period prior to appearance of obvious illness-identifying symptoms.

Well, it seems Mr Apocalypse is now here in person, making a grand entrance.

galen said...

Sometimes, sometimes. . .

If you meet your intellect on the road, kill it.


Ray B. said...

Practical steps for combating Ebola, from an 'anonymous' site:

"Obviously I think it is intentional, and that this new variant is genetically modified. Whatever the story on this is; if it does end up going on a global rampage, you should not go to any authorities for help, because - though at the local level they are probably well meaning - the main control at the top is evil, and we all know about Agenda 21.

Lots of people are giving advice about how to treat Ebola, and it is mostly pure B.S.

First and foremost, colloidal silver has ZERO effect on viruses. Colloidal silver is for bacteria. Bacteria have metabolic processes that are interfered with by colloidal silver, which blocks the ability of bacteria to take up oxygen. That is how colloidal silver works. But, viruses have no metabolic processes that colloidal silver will affect. They are technically not even alive, and are more like machines which deliver commands to cells to produce more viruses until the cells die from overexertion from producing viruses.

The active component of Noni stops many viruses.

But, do not just run out to buy Noni juice; there are a zillion Noni scams out there. An easy way to get around them - Pineapple. Pineapple contains the same active ingredient found in Noni, at 1/10th the concentration. Since most Noni providers tell you to take it an ounce at a time, you can either go with an ounce of Noni juice or just drink ten ounces of pineapple juice. The Noni component survives canning, pasteurizing, and all other processing for pineapple.

Though there are obviously no studies about how effective Noni or Pineapple will be against Ebola, it is a lot better chance than colloidal silver, which will give you NO CHANCE. And obviously, adding Vitamin C to the mix helps against any virus. Though different viruses act differently to various dietary habits (feed a flu and starve a cold), there is not much information regarding Ebola about this.

And I must state that I am not any sort of expert with Ebola, but I certainly know what I would try and who I would avoid. The disease itself could easily be in the shot claimed to be protection from it."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Great post; thought provoking, and the comments too, which I'll save for later when I have a few spare moments.

Vis, how's that pain and medication going? Still want something for the pain?


Visible said...

Given that so far nothing that was supposed to arrive has arrived I would say the answer to that is, "Yes".

Perhaps mail forwarding will accomplish an end result; no way of knowing.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Sheetrock.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the Gnostics believed that the God of Mt. Horeb that talked to Moses was a fallen angel. And I wonder, "Why does God want us to worship Him/Her/It? Does it have an inferiority complex or something?

When the Devil tempted Jesus it asked Jesus to worship it after which the Devil would have made him a great king like Ahasuerus or Solomon: (Solomon asked God for wisdom and ended up a crazy street person living in his own filth...or so I have read. That God! What a joker! What irony!)

(The Son's of Israel were supposed to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. They failed miserably. Bunch of losers!)

According to scientists people existed for 10's of thousands of years living in the wilderness. (Kind of makes the jewish boast of over 3000 yrs of tradition seem lame.) Only insecure people boast and only insecure people want others to kiss their ass. I guess it makes them feel big. I don't know about Divinity but I have to wonder about a God that needs His subjects approbation and imposes stiff penalties to those who don't get on their knees in front of Him.

The pagans believed that there were 'trickster gods' like Mercury/Hermes. Perhaps the Bible, Q'uran, the Vedas are just bullshit and some trickster god is trying to make us look like fools...and succeeding.

I think the real God, the real Creator, just made everything and then sat back and watched the show. God created the heart of man so that he might have a mystery to ponder. Perhaps that is why we have free will and even though atrocities occur daily God will not intervene to stop them. Ah, but the Devil, it intervenes.

William Peter Blatty in the Excorcist wrote that lies are a defense whereas lies mixed with the truth are a weapon. This sentiment describes every religious text I ever looked at.

When living in the wilds our personalities are made by mother nature. We are innocents. Whereas in civilization our personalities are contrivances brought about by religion and education which are human inventions. " Who are we, really? " and "Why are we who we are?" These questions wouldn't mean anything to the so called primitives. They were too busy hunting and fishing and frolicking in the woods. Having a good time I think. Big powerful people decide what we are going to be. And jews are the Brahmans of our western culture.

("Let the Jew handle it." Dean Martin commenting on his approach to show business contracts when he was with Jerry Lewis according to Jerry.)

Science, religion, philosophy, the notion of progress (progress to what?) are bullshit. All of the 'great men' that ever lived added together do not amount to a good dog.

Where will it end? and will it end? Maybe we are all just serving our sentences in Hell.

Rant over. Thank you for reading.


galen said...

McCob, thanks for showing up at the cafe' of the mind (or no-mind). The coffee you share is fresh and robust, a true "hayseed" variety. (grin)

In punctuation. . .

From over half a century ago, worth revisiting. Yes, of its time, yet, ahead of its time and really, right on time --- Weekend Refresher Course:


Ray B. said...

Thank you, McCob. A lot of profundities in there. More 'rants', please... (grin)


Galen: Duly noted...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

@ mccob

buck up there my friend
'crown of creation'

we must fix what's wrong

i wish i knew how

but you're part of it

galen said...

It always sounds a little old-fashioned when someone brings up garlic, but it really is powerful medicine and has both antibacterial and antiviral properties. See:

Some sources list silver as antiviral. I don't know. But other foods that have antiviral properties are listed here:

and more here:

May wellness slay the dragon.


Anonymous said...

Galen: I know you are a vegitarian so you might appreciate this: I don't eat meat much. I really can't stand it. But, I do like ham. So I eat a little ham once in a while. I live in an agricultural area so last week trucks full of pigshit were spread all over the fields around my house and boy did it stink. I can't help but think those dead pigs that I ate shit all over me as retribution. Karma, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Galen, Ray, Est...thanks for reading my rant. I get a little bitter now and then. It is nice to have a place like Smoking Mirrors to vent and I thank Les for providing such a forum. I am really down on political authority. I have no admiration what so ever for any 'great man'. My idea of a great man isn't someone with an industrious spirit and a keen intellect. Rather, it is a guy who takes his kids fishing.

Here is a quote that I recently heard and I have been meditating on it: "Facts are the enemy of truth." Miguel de Cervantes

I believe Senor Cervantes. Authority rests on facts and the truth gets left in the dark.


Anonymous said...

est: Yes, I am part of what is wrong. I know this better than anyone else. And I hope God forgives me. But, I am not the reason for what is wrong.


scarlett said...

I'm starting to wonder if maybe this whole ebola scare isn't just a set up. Get everyone riled up about some new deadly strain of ebola. Then magically it appears in Gaza and starts spreading like wildfire because they have bombed water plants and hospitals and the people are vulnerable to disease now. Then you could really turn it into a prison because people would fear Palestinians will spread ebola. And killing them all off becomes something palatable because we are "saving the world" from a pandemic by doing so. I wish our world leaders would grow some balls and stand up to this 2% of the population on a land the size of a postage stamp who apparently can control even the mightiest nation on earth ...

Visible said...

It's much less than 2%

est said...

no mccob,
i meant you are part of the solution !

we all are, actually

galen said...

Anon @ 2:26 - Grand connecting of the dots. It's cognitions like this that open doors. They keep coming. I've had thousands throughout my life. Very humbling, and sometimes they help me shape up. But sadly, sometimes I ignore them or deny them. Puffed up as my ego can get, it's still pretty stupid. Was most glad to hear your summation. Likely was the universe knocking at your door. You may want to try the veggie ham; some brands really not bad, I swear. On whole grain bread, with lettuce, mustard, and a side of pickle. Sow good. (grin)


galen said...

McCob, I'm not into fishing, but I'd be honored to have you as my father.

Ahhh the places we'd go.


Ray B. said...


Echoing est, I was paying you a compliment, in case you missed it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray, thank you. I think you and most of the others who comment on Visible's blogs are thoughtful, decent sorts. I read Visible and I like his writing but I also like the comments. And if I can come up with an insight or something witty I guess that is fine for me. But, I am guilty of all 7 sins. I am pretty sure I have done them all at the same time on more than a few occasions.

There have been times where had I been strong I think the world would have improved just a little but instead I was a coward and the world went the other way. But, one needs to learn to forgive themselves and I am working on it.

I do appreciate your feedback and I am glad that there are other thoughtful souls out there for me to share my ideas with. Be well!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour monsieur Visible ,
Enough said ,
With my esteem ,
Bruno from Bordeaux (France)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Personal Update in Search of the Impersonal.



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