Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finding your Way through The Empire of Flesh.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The news is not good, what news there is. There's almost nothing on the Crass Media, nearly entirely owned by those causing all the problems they are not reporting on. Of course, the media was hijacked for this very reason, in order to both promote and conceal outrageous acts of criminal behavior and to justify it for so long as it is possible to do so, until the time comes for them to lay the blame on one of their employees who got sucked along for the ride, until their part of the ride ended with unfortunate result for them.

The signs of the obvious decay that was The Great American Dream are becoming more and more obvious with every passing day. The money is drying up, or one might more accurately say it is being pulled out of the system by those not only indifferent to the consequences but who are responsible for bringing them about for those very reasons. It is truly a wonder to watch this dying creature continue to draw its terminally ill carcass across the landscape, long after one would have expected what life remains to have finally drained away. For whatever the reason, against all reason, it has continued but it won't be much longer now. We are looking at a real life manifestation of Road Warrior coming round the mountain when it comes. The jackals of reversed commerce are tearing at the wounded body of the former master center of the universe and those latter day, predatory pirates who remain, ride in their carriages of privilege, dwell in their gated enclaves and dream of wider excesses, while the storm clouds of their pending fate gather from near and far.

You see some strange things in these times, symbolic caricatures that emphasize the cartoon atmosphere of this truly unpredictable period. Is something like this, so far afield, actually relevant to anything in the world we know, composed of the things we know? What is the meaning of a giant, stainless steel, Marilyn Monroe, lying down like that in a landfill in China? I don't know but... it's got a haunting atmosphere to it. It's fraught with significance. I don't know just what that might be. The imagery is compelling. It's like something out of time, riddled with time codes, like wormholes through Swiss Cheese. It hit me in a powerful way.

I've been in my little corner of the world for some time now and recently that little corner has transformed into an even smaller and more remote corner of the world and all I know I know from electronic images and reports from the toxic shit machine of Crass Media, interspersed with varying levels of true insight into the meaning of these things, as reported by those with a more objective and uncompromising point of view. Strange days; the teetering back and forth is something to defy any conventional sense of physics. It is patently obvious that unseen forces are engaged in an interplay of oppositions toward their respective intents. Of course, in reality, all intentions serve the grand intention, regardless of what any particular player or group of players might think. It's not easy to see this in the realm of appearances, one has to accept it on the basis of what they might have gleaned from the actions of the invisible upon the visible; what one has learned on their way about how things tend to generally work out or not work out and for everyone, this varies from one to the other.

I pity those whose only anchor is sunk into what the senses report. It must look, by turns, irreconcilably confusing and terrifying at the same time. I can't imagine how it might all look to me if I did not possess an alternative view. Thankfully there is the well of ageless Vedanta to draw your water from, whatever term you may use to define that well, the well is there, just like all those other wells are. In the end it is the quality of the water you imbibe that determines your level of health on the only level that is important and which is responsible for every other level of health you may enjoy.

It is not possible to reach the larger portion of this world with anything meaningful. One can see that for each plane of awareness there is a aggregate of focuses to capture the interest and attention of those who dwell there. It seems to suffice in general but... if the proper level of agitation and restlessness manifests in any given life then there is always another plane that can be reached, until whichever soul is so engaged finds an acceptable plateau that matches the intensity of their pursuits. For some rare number of us, there is no acceptable plateau. Those so consumed by such a passion have no rest until peace descends and sometimes that is a long time coming but it does come. Perhaps it would come sooner if we did not resist everything at every turn, thinking only such a level of commitment will result in the desired success, when that success does not come about through any individual effort because... all the power and force to accomplish comes through the metered channels of the one dispensing it. How and why some get the necessary force to continue is a mystery. When it comes to mystery there are so very many of them. It is said that Babylon is a mystery, attended by mystery... something... something.

I think the value of any mystery is whether there is anything beneath all the wrappings and coverings, once you have managed to unravel the mystery. For some of us, near all the mysteries of this world are no mystery at all but regardless of all of that there are many more mysteries. Somewhere along the way, one comes to a crossroads and makes a decision about the direction of continuance. It's all about what one is willing to relinquish. If you are determined to carry certain things with you, then the weight of these things will inevitably trend toward the downward incline, no matter how it may incline upward for a time. Certain paths cannot be walked with any baggage and sooner or later, however one may have escaped the consequences of terminal affections, up to a point, it will be clarified one day.

There are many, many traps along this concourse. If you think you are clever or intelligent, you will see where that gets you. If you think you are wise you will see where that gets you. If you are in a temporary phase of the enjoyment of power, position or wealth, you will see where that gets you. You will see where anything gets you. It is the nature of this world that everything is carried out for the purpose of demonstration.

Conditions and events take place as demonstrations of cosmic law in operation. Things happen to you for the purpose of demonstration, just as they do to others so that you might observe them; hear about them, profit from them or not profit from them. Some parts of this orchestration are inflexible and some are not. I tremble to think of anyone's odds at succeeding in their passage through all of what there is to encounter without invisible help. The one thing I am certain of is that I don't know but that someone does. I also know that I can associate myself with anything or anyone I so choose, with the exception of what is not permitted for me and in the large majority of those cases, it's for my own good; the only exception to it being what i have not yet earned.

People insist there is nothing out there and nothing in there except for rotating, variously colored marbles, that arrange themselves around some kind of magnetic centers. These people live in the empire of flesh. It's what's real for them. For others, there is the idea that there is something beyond the empire of flesh but what it is they only know through the dogma and traditions of bankrupt systems of religious thought. What they know is not correct in any comprehensive sense and this accounts for the horrible actions of those so informed. Others have searched further afield or deeper within and they have yet other ideas about what it all means. Many of these are also hindered to the degree that they have conformed their understanding to their specific personal needs. At the finer and more rarefied end of things, there are those who know but do not say. We've all heard about that; "those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know." In my limited understanding of what this actually means, it might be better put as, "those who know cannot speak with any entirety." It isn't possible to put these things into words because words are and always will be an ineffective medium. I know this to be true because it is possible for things to be communicated that do not require words as a vehicle for transmission. I have experienced this in what small way has been possible for me.

However... this is not to say that speaking of these things is wrong or in error. Words can indicate direction. Words can point in the proper direction for the voice in the silence, which very often speaks in understandings, where words are not required and there are systems that operate in that ancient manner of indirection, where the subconscious is motivated to bring things to the attention of the conscious mind. You know what these systems are and for those industrious enough to pursue these systems with an open mind, a deeper awareness will follow. There are forces that are engaged in revelation just as there are forces engaged in deception. On the one hand, one surrenders their preconceived notions and on the other hand they deceive themselves first.

Whatever it is and as easy as it can be for those committed beyond reservation, it ain't easy. It is not easy at all. At other times is has been far easier but in this time, it has never been so difficult. Only Love, it seems, is equal to the task. Increase your capacity for Love.

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insiam said...

"What is the meaning of a giant, stainless steel, Marilyn Monroe, lying down like that in a landfill in China? I don't know but... it's got a haunting atmosphere to it. It's fraught with significance. .. "

it has a sort of significance like that of the Statue of Liblerty laying in ruins in the Planet of the Apes movie. Well that's112 what came to mind for me :)

Visible said...

Cherry 2000 had a lot of that too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, Why do atheists buy the assumption there is no God (or Gods)? Why is it more logical to assume that the universe just exploded out of nothing than to believe it was engineered by the Big Kahuna in the sky? There really is no reason outside of human intuition. It takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a believer.

Atheists are feckless.


Anonymous said...

That pic of Marylin: She almost looks like she is getting ready to be fucked with her ass up in the air like that. I think I would be turned on if I didn't know how dead she was.

to me the imagery is symbolic of the decadence of personality worship.

RIP Marylin!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Considering what I know about this place, I can't put any importance on it. In the general scheme of things, me thinks a trip through the Physical Plane is a trip through a cesspool. As for the 'Empire of Flesh', that's pretty irrelevant to one who is disgusted by the whole scene. But if one is still attached to this infernal HELL HOLE of limitation, illusion, dependence, predation, intestines, bladders, acne, throwing up, getting body parts cut off, the fact that what happens in THE SWORD AND THE DOLLAR is real history (I read excerpts, and it's like the worst horror movie gone real. Then again, the Mexicanese drug lords have taken to skinning people alive. Wonder if I had anything to do with that by encouraging people it watch 'Martyrs'? After all, I do have readers south of the border. ;O) Now, when will they go back to their indigenous roots and QUIT WASTING THE MEAT? I mean, ya know how many 'fageetas' (YES I KNOW HOW TO SPELL FAJITA!!!) ya can make out of a person?), there is only one way to live:


I have a feeling that's what's next after the human race kills most of itself off. Now if the survivors can mix that with the Georgia Guidestones, they'll have it made.


Uh huh. And look what so many more already did to this planet. I'll never understand my anyone WANTS more? I guess if they like noise, traffic jams, 25 minute waits for a 2 minute transaction, high rent, political incursion into their lives where it doesn't belong, and more pollution, fine. Just stay out of MY worlds that I'm gonna build after I get there.

Or if there is no time, are they already built and waiting for me? After all, I'm expecting to see them. And no, I'm not going to describe them here, so neener-neener!

Visible said...

Even if the only one who finds passive aggressive self entertaining activities is oneself, there is no doubt some value in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible,

I've been thinking about the immigration of children without parents into the US through our southern border. I have a nagging feeling that the US is now engaged in the business of human trafficking of children. This all seems so peculiar.

Concerned mother.

Visible said...

If you have read to some depth into what is happening, the intentional creation of it and the way it is being handled, you have to know something bad is happening. Exactly what that is I do not know but it is most obviously being engineered by the most powerful because NOTHING is being done about it.

It appears that children, or young adults as may be the case are being told to mutilate each other to dramatize their needs, as per the instructions of the traffickers ferrying them to the borders.

Anonymous said...

malls and marilyn go together since malls are where marilyn has been colossally exploited for decades in all those ticky tack gift shops -- an icon of beauty! of hollywood! of suicide! how superb that in one post you position their downfall together. how perfect! and who sheds a tear for this crass combo-downfall? certainly not those who loathed the malls and commercialism in general. hip hip hooray is what they say. let it all fall down. when did malls -- symbol of crap america -- suddenly become old glory waving in the wind as tears fill collective and retarded eyes? hahaha

don't worry america you still have costco! and drive-thru dollar burger 'snacks' - yum. i read once that snack -- in its eastern mysticism incarnation -- actually meant something (enlightenment oriented) conveyed that 'lights up the mind'! imagine that!! in the land of snack foods and midnight snacks and dog snacks....really...what a monstrous practical joke has been played on the boobwazee of this red white and blue socially engineered experiment.

are you laughing yet?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: 9 & 10

So if we see a drop in prices with Jimmy Dean, Hormel, erc. . .I guess we'll know why.

They don't call us 'long pig' for nuthin'.

(Snark. . .snark. . .snark. . .)

Anonymous said...

Things have taken a sharp, steep turn for the ugly in the past two weeks. This wholly synthetic 'ISIS crisis' was the icing on this giant feces cake.

It feels like something is going to snap, sooner rather than later. There was a big earthquake in the Aleutians yesterday.

Lady Nature is not pleased in the least.


Visible said...

This is probably not everyone's cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Another 'fraught with significance' moment happened to me the other day.
Going through a dumpster (!) I found a pristine CD of Mozart's music....
When I played it it was, as Salieri said 'Truly the voice of God'.
Tossed in a dumpster.

"Asanga said that all dharmas are at the root, inexpressible. But he also said, 'Now, since all dharmas have thus inexpressible essential nature, why is expression at all applicable? Verily, because without expression, the inexpressible true nature could not be told to others, nor heard by others".

-the beggar...picking spiritual treasures up off the street and squinting at them.

Thomas said...

Yes Sir!

May Divine, unconditional, ever-growing Love find expression in all of our lives :)

Ray B. said...

Vis: "At other times is has been far easier but in this time, it has never been so difficult."

A former teacher of mine stated that it was far easier to Ascend out of here in simpler times. Nowadays, the level of distraction - ways to use up your life in various lesser pursuits - is simply overwhelming for most people. Especially, those without a spiritual 'drag-anchor'...
Vis: "It isn't possible to put these things into words because words are and always will be an ineffective medium. I know this to be true because it is possible for things to be communicated that do not require words as a vehicle for transmission."

As I progress through my 'bat sh*t insane' life, I have noticed (at least) three levels of communication with unseen beings. The first, of course, is words. The second is rapid movement of pictures, kind of a jerky video. The third is a kind of soul-to-soul communication that is so rapid that it reminds me of an old computer modem sound. It is totally unintelligible to me, but goes back and forth just like an ordinary conversation would. Where I am focusing my consciousness determines what kind of level I am aware of.

Beyond or part of that is instant 'knowing'...
Vis: "Of course, in reality, all intentions serve the grand intention, regardless of what any particular player or group of players might think."

Charles Fort:

“If there is an underlying oneness of all things, it does not matter where we begin, whether with stars, or laws of supply and demand, or frogs, or Napoleon Bonaparte. One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.”

“One can't learn much and also be comfortable. One can't learn much and let anybody else be comfortable.”

“The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.”

“If there is a true universal mind, must it be sane?”
Greetings to all from the far side...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was at the ashram north of New Delhi, India, Guru Bopat used to say that all things began with the thought of them. I felt as if I had been struck by a bolt of lightning and stated, quite excitedly, that this had to mean that god created all things by the power of thought. To which he replied, "Ya think?"

SummerRain said...

Great article on the MSM being owned by those who create the world problems.

I sincerely believe Americans are waking up to the corruption in D.C. from what the recent polls are showing.

Anonymous said...

I periodically stumble across the saying, "God does not like to be mocked", or "God cannot be mocked", or "God will not be mocked", etc.

It's hard to say (at least from my end) how this saying might best be interpreted, and I'm interested in any opinions anybody might have on the subject.

But from where I sit, I look at it this way - if God gets pissy about being mocked, he is pretty thin-skinned. And since he is allegedly the Supreme Creator (i.e., the biggest, baddest, most omnipotent Super God of them all), well, if he is, then he wouldn't be thin-skinned (more on this in a minute). And if he is thin-skinned, and he will not tolerate being mocked, then he isn't the Supreme Creator.

Why? Because he's supposed to be all-knowing and all-powerful. If he is "God", then he creates everything. So he created the very beings who mock him. And he knows they are going to mock him, because he is all-knowing, and he created them to be exactly as they are. He is omniscient.

In which case, what - is he bored?

The whole thing is way over my head, and I'd be interested in knowing what the more enlightened among you might think.

Anonymous said...


If love originates from the Supreme, as do all things, then so too does the other side of that coin, which is not its antithesis but rather its absolute completion.

Mushrooms and lemmings are incompetent and incapable to even begin to fathom this fact, cowards , moral cowards, as they are.

kalo 'smi loka-ksaya-krt
"Time I am, destroyer of worlds; I have come to devour all people."
BG 11:32

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matt 10:34

Love is but a buzzword for fags without embracing and coming to terms with the prerequisite for love for love of the good requires hatred of evil.

Anonymous said...

The opposite of love is not hatred, rather, it is indifference. Hatred is self destructive and bad for one's health. If you hate evil then evil has won. I quote Richard Nixon: "If they make you hate them then they have won." If you hate someone then they have power over you.

I think the point of Moby Dick was that hatred destroyed the soul of Ahab and for eternity Ahab and the whale, the object he hated, would be together.


BCii said...

I've been reading some of Michael Topper's work (freely available on Biblioteca Pléyades). He delves deeply into the ontological origins of evil, treating the subject from the viewpoint of what he calls "initiated understanding," or direct knowledge. There's a lot to digest, and the text is so dense and technical that I only comprehend about 10% overall, but the gist of it comes clear nonetheless.

I gather that the Anti-Logos is somehow implicit in the chain of emanation from the Absolute to its manifest creation, and, at least provisionally, an unavoidable part of the creation. It can never, however, overcome the positive, Whole-Being-value-congruent aspect or Logos. It is a reduction, a distortion, an anti-creative impulse that seeks to undo creation, but is forever doomed to play its game of catch-up and play into the overarching purpose of the Whole. It does destroy itself, this is mathematically certain. I cannot imagine 'hate' existing as such on any level I would call God, toward evil or anything else. On the strictly human level, though, there is an evolutionary imperative to choose either the positive or the negative orientation. Any contrived or ignorant 'neutrality' plays into the negative agenda. We are called, as travelers on the road to liberation, to align ourselves wherever possible with the Whole-Being values in toto -- the self-existing 'virtues' of the ineffable. This cannot be honestly done without resisting the manifestations of evil on the level at which we operate. But the best and only 'true' resistance, in my opinion, stems from alignment with the good and the opening of the heart center. By 'hating' evil, we are tainted by it. But we must align ourselves against it by virtue of aligning ourselves with the Logos to which it is opposed, and demonstrate this alignment through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Fix your heart upon the Lord and he shall not lead you astray.

Everything is God. It's up to us to choose which face of God to engage.

Visible said...

More accurately, hatred is Love suppressed; at least that's how I have come to understand it.


As for Michael Topper and all those other surreal intellectuals out there, it's like reading Kant or Wittgenstein, they may be right as far as they go but who wants to wade through all that dense matter when it can be said much, much more simply.

Basically evil destroys itself and whatever it does serves the cosmic will.

Personally I can do without all the twists and turns, not to mention the Byzantine interfaces and infrastructure of convoluted reason. I know all those big words and I can follow these cats, right up to the point where they venture off into their own swamplands of mind fuck entropy but I would rather not. I can't handle it.

How many times have I taken certain books and thrown them against the wall or tossed them into the fireplace lest I be responsible for some other poor soul attempting to read them (grin).

That's me though, I could care less about Archons or all that useless history like Urantia Book, The Old Testament, Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson and sundry; useless shit as far as I am concerned.\

This in not to take away from the possibility that someone of different temperament might get something out of them. I don't. I've little use for any western thought at all except for some Emerson and I'll admit at a younger time I got a kick out of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche but these days and for some while now, anything I need to know comes via the internal Fed Ex.

Anonymous said...

Yeah #19

What do you get when you abort 50 million babies? Do you get 50 million stranger replacements raping your daughters and eating your pets?

How many old sorcery puching doctors and old homosexuals do you see?

What happens to your wealth when you accept usury?

How does a bloodline get hereditary diseases?

Do you catch diabetes from eating the dainties?

Do you catch cancer and heart disease from eating the pork and lobster?

Do you want God following you around with a shovel, cleaning up your messes? Is it his job to change your diaper?

You missed another law Vis often cites: Don't project your own childish idiocy onto God.

I would tell you to jump off a building and see what gravity has to do with God's ego, but I fear I would be projecting.

There's a lot more I know about assholes like you, thinking you're being clever.

More good advice : shut up.

galen said...

Anon @ 11:15, Re: "God will not be mocked". . . I'm sure there are a multiple interpretations and multi-layered at that, but your question got me curious. Consider these definitions:

Mock - verb

> Tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner
> make something seem laughably unreal or impossible
> mimic someone or something scornfully or contemptuously 

Thesaurus:  ridicule, jeer at, sneer at, deride, scorn, make fun of, laugh at, scoff at, tease, taunt, parody, ape, take off, satirize, lampoon, imitate, impersonate, mimic

For me, "God will not be mocked" is kind of saying you can't get away with atheism. Because no matter what you do or try to do to attack or insult God it has absolutely zero impact. It also seems to be saying that nobody gets away with anything, that the universe is so utterly exact that all appropriate balancing is forever in action. Too many times I've tested this only to be brought to my knees. But I do think God likes a good joke. That's why we ef up so much, so God can laugh. (grin)


BCii said...

I should have expected you would say something like that, Vis. (grin) You being a poet and all. Yeah, I get off on shit like that sometimes, it gives me an intellectual high of a certain kind. My heart lies with the poetic, as well, though: what's the point of all those big words if they mean diddly-squat to most people? They are the exclusive playground of the big-word people. I know that's not your point, exactly...

"I know all those big words and I can follow these cats, right up to the point where they venture off into their own swamplands of mind fuck entropy but..."

They do that? (hee hee hee) I guess most of that endeavor is a big tail-chase in the end; it must be, if it's an exercise of the mind... From what I've been told and strongly suspect to be true, the heart is the way out of that mental swamp.

For what it's worth, MT has provided me a few hours of perversely enjoyable 'mind-fuck' entertainment. I find it a thrill to spectate in the presence of a giant intellect at work... (grin)

Visible said...

That is why I have endured certain things that I might not have because I got something out of it finally. Was it worth the slogging through the rest of it to get it? That's debatable because I got it other places with far less hassle but... you never know, maybe the simple and eternal truths I have gleaned would not have had the impact they did if I had not waded through a hundred miles of bat guano to get there.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Gunsights on the OK Per Se.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #7

Don't worry. I won't stop. But you knew that already.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

Yeah, I feel the same about most of that hindi crap (always excepting Paramahansa Yogananda). After decades of Urantia Book, however, I really appreciate it. We are what we believe (maybe). God bless us each and every one (especially Joe Pesci). I think I may hate dogs. Grrrr, rant.

Love anyway,


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hahaha! Sheesh! How absurd to dismiss the spiritual fountainhead with a sneer and a wave of the hand. Excepting of course, the token gesture of ... humility is it?

Perhaps a peek at who and what a Paramahamsa truly is might help temper your distaste and shine a small light of recognition upon mankind's original spiritual progenitors.

"Those who do not know the truth neglect their spiritual master, with the help of material knowledge, follow the ascending path.

They live within this world and unnecessarily praise themselves as knowers of Brahman. The hamsas, however, know perfectly well that Brahman, which is devoid of form and variegatedness, is a partial manifestation of the Supreme Lord."

One Caste

Hank said...



"The Fox: It's only with the heart that one can see clearly. What's essential, is invisible to the eye.
The Little Prince - 1974

I believe that one of the windows into seeing what 'is', is what is imparted in non verbal communication. Events impart their own non verbal communication which, most of the time, tell you more about the event than the explanation that is being given to you by those presenting the event.

911 is a glaring example.

The reaction to the children coming over the southern border of the US is another. It puts on display the callousness that passes for humanity, and while the presenters examine the political implications or the logistical problems, anyone with a shred of decency has that little voice inside saying...they're children...help them! The fact that there is a debate at all tells you all you need to know, and that is that as a race, we have a long way to go.

We live in a world that is based on the few reaping a profit at the expense of the many. Everything that, in my mind, should be based on decency, compassion and fairness is instead based on how much money can be made. It occurs to me that if we continue down the road that humanity has embarked on we not only are doomed, but perhaps don't deserve to survive. As is we would make a parasitic addition to the galactic community.

It would be good if people learned to use their non verbal communication skills more. Perhaps then we wouldn't be so easily herded along the profit making path. Try watching what passes for news sometime without the sound on and rely on your own perception to tell you what you are seeing. Go back in time and examine other events. Look at pictures of the holocaust or videos of 911, ignore the 'official' explanation and listen to what the images tell you.

As for Marilyn, for me she is the definition of 'female' and it saddens me to see her that way. It saddens me to know that her along with Mozart, Rembrant, Sir Isaac Newton, Socrates, Martin Luther King jr, Ghandi and all that was, is and ever will be the best of what is human will disappear forever when we extinct ourselves.

However, being the eternal optimist, I will hold out hope that when we reach that moment of human crisis, we will evolve and see the better path.

May peace find us all.

Anonymous said...

There is ONLY ONE group, Tribe, race that worships Mammon. Only ONE group whose 'raison d'etre' is to covet, greed, avarice, and their "religion" not only sanctifies it, but it is a (religious) virtue - combined with unbridled bloodlust.

They are ultimately destroyers of humanity, cultures, civilization.

Marx and Engels - the two Jews were right.
But not in the way everybody thinks. Their description of capitalism and exploitation wasn't a narrative. It was a blueprint for the rest of their bloodbrothers (in BOTH meanings) to implement - which they did.

Then, in a true Hegelian nightmare they (the Tribe) also provided the "solution" (Communism, Bolshevism, etc, killing at least 200 million in the process - so far).

If we factor in BOTH WWs, add more to that number. Thinks of Rothchilds' mother: "In my sons don't want war..."
I cannot write a book of history here, but all the horrors of the 20th century starting in 1914, shows an absolute clear, planned, direct (and indirect) causative effect by THEM. When the myriad of bits and pieces, both big and small, snap into a view/picture, it is blindigly clear. All you can wonder is, "how the hell I did not see it before?"
The info is still out there to be found, however a thorough and deliberate effort to erase the proofs IS afoot; a LOT of documents have been removed which were easily accessible a number of years ago.

Anonymous said...

We are surely DONE.
There was a counter (online) based on my birthdate of my number of the living on the planet at the time. I was born after WWII. My number was 2,47x,xxx,xxx -th. Less than the two and-a-half billionth. Today it's seven, and still increasing. Humanity, as we know it today, is toast.

The European country I'm from, has kept its population dead-STABLE ever since then, but for all I know, it may be the only one in the entire World. So it can be done.
But the stupids of the World are proliferating like rabbits and cockroaches and an unarmed outright INVASION is going on by these (sorry to call them vermin) of all the previously relatively stable populated Western, Christian, white world. Nothing's being done, nothing - with the sole exception of the Swiss.
We're thoroughly fucked.

I'm (in the process of) moving back there from the USA - of course; it's a no-brainer... The vermin has not discovered that place, and it seems that the current gov't is not as open and stupid to acquiesce to the jew propaganda that it's our "humanitarian duty" to let the human overproduction-waste in, to ruin and destroy our country and culture of 1100+ years, defended with rivers of blood, millions of lives, through the centuries. (Look who is talking about "humanitariansm" - the biggest butchers of recent and current History)

galen said...

I could be wrong, but regarding Switzerland, seems many hold a naive perspective. Through my lens, I see it as a globalist jewel, one they've polished, protected, and groomed for a very long time; their strong-hold, wherein the money is exquisitely laundered, the fortresses secured and not easily accessible, all under the banner of neutrality and independence. Technically they are still not part of the EU. One could say, "Good for them." But one could also ask, "How are they getting away with that since very little happens without the consent of the controllers." The nation is held up as a beacon of untouchableness and exceptional liberty. This is not to say that all its citizens (yes, still armed, thank goodness) are in on the scheming and do not enjoy a life of relative comfort. They do, and many work hard, too. But like everywhere else, many are unaware of the contrivances being orchestrated by those in ivory towers. It's similar with Norway (with their "almost no crime") and a few other countries. Just my take.


Skepticfrog said...

"Dear Visible, Why do atheists buy the assumption there is no God (or Gods)?"

The answer is twofold, but simple.
1. Humans (in general) have an innate need to believe in something, in some kind of belief system. If you study the tenets of Atheism, it has all the markers and identifiers of a belief system, ie. of a religion. I call it, it's like a mathematical formula, SAME for both, but one with a (+) (positive) prefix, and the other with a (-) negative prefix.

2. Accountability. The acceptance of a higher being presupposes the survivability of the soul and likely our earthly existence being a test and/or a phase of opportunity of (required) self-improvement.
Denying the "afterlife" in any shape or form removes the need for ethics, compassion, self improvement and accountability. If "this is it", then the only impediment to do evil is the (possible) threat of jail or death sentence.
The butchery of Bolsheviks/Communists directly attributable to their militant(!) atheism, believing, that their mass murder and implementing evil, misery and suffering on tens and hundreds of millions will have no accountability/consequence after they're dead, since "this is it".

For the above reason(s), atheism has literally the ability to bring out the absolute worst in those, who are predisposed to do evil. (psychopaths). However, to be clear, I'm not saying that atheists are bad people, but I did notice time-after-time that agnostics were as a rule, decent, "normal" (non-believer/skeptic) people.
The atheists (militant anti-God) however never managed to disappoint me in the long run, as they have a really nasty, dark side, which they try to conceal with various success over time. If you know them long enough it will emerge in bits and pieces, in spite of their elaborate cloaking.

The 3rd Elf said...

A posting just went up at Siamese Mirrors - Some Notes About Visible

I hope between us (and we are many) that we can do something to show Vis how much we care.

Hank said...

To anonymous, you mean the jews and yes I am well aware of it. They are and ever have been the stone in the shoe of peace.

To Les, I too was a little worried as to where you were. Frankly being under the weather was one of the better reasons I considered and, oddly, I am glad that that is all it was. I think you know what I mean. Forces of good seem to always be a target.

I sincerely hope you are doing better and will be sending all my healing thoughts your way. Your voice would be sorely missed should anything truly sinister happen. Be safe and heal my friend.

The 3rd Elf said...

Thomas Farber, if you read this can you please email me at:


Or if anyone knows how I can contact him can you please get in touch? - thank you.

The 3rd Elf said...

I spoke to Visible a few hours ago and apart from breaking his hip he's badly bruised his face and injured both of his hands. Sorry to not sugar coat this, but he's in a lot of pain. The opiates or whatever the hospital are dosing him with are clearly not strong enough and we can only hope that they will up that dose to make the worst of it go away.

Actually, that isn't all we can do; if you haven't done so already, please give 15 minutes to listen to what James Jancik says and does in this Healing Meditation for Visible. Do it twice, even. (And should you think that stuff like James is doing in that mediation is a crock of shit, then you're on the wrong blog; sod off back to Infowars or wherever you came from).

A badly hurting Visible aside, I did find out that he managed to arrange to have his laptop brought in to him, so I guess he can read the comments here, even though he won't be able to write anything, if at all because of the damage to his hands. Don't expect any new Origamis or Mirrors for a few days at least, probably more.

Lots of people emailing me asking how they can get money to Visible. If I understood Vis correctly, he is "okay" for money to meet his immediate needs while in the hospital. There's no bar, smoking's not allowed (though he gave up last year I think - grin) and I doubt that he will want to hire a hospital TV so he can catch the latest on Fox. I'm not trying to deter people who want to donate a few dollars to Vis - nor would I encourage anyone to do so. All I will write on the matter is that I think he's "okay" for money right now - because he has nowhere much to spend it. That will not necessarily be the case once he is discharged from hospital in 2 weeks (it could be more, that is my best guess). Once he does get out, then yes, he may need some dollars. So anyone wanting to know how to get money right there to him - whether you have mailed me or not - all I will suggest is to use the PayPal button in the left-hand sidebar. Even if he cannot spend money where he is, no doubt some dollars will come in useful to Vis once he's back on his feet.

I'll update again as I'm able and it would be good if anyone else who manages to speak to Vis can do the same.

The 3rd Elf said...

I spoke to Vis again this afternoon, he sounds a lot brighter. I have the address of the hospital, but before I publish it:

I need first to determine how much longer he's going to be there. I understand that he is going to be transferred elsewhere for rehab treatment - and should that transfer happen as soon as say, 2 - 5 days from now, I can see a situation where a deluge of flowers, chocolates, cakes, acid tabs and marijuana disguised as teddy bears descends upon the hospital from all points of the globe and they end up donating it all to the children's ward. Not a bad thing necessarily, though in my opinion, children eat too many chocolates anyway.

Let me first determine how long it's going to be until he is moved into the rehab unit, its address and for how long he's going to be there (my understanding is that he will be in rehab a good bit longer than he has been / will have been in hospital - there will then be a sufficiently large time frame for any gifts sent, regardless of where from, to reach Vis).

This is not to say that I'm not going to divulge the address of the hospital. Let me see what info comes in over the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone who has written, and sorry if I've not yet answered. I will!

The 3rd Elf said...

Here's an update of sorts:

A local(ish) 500km distant German reader, Michael is en route today to visit Vis. He's taking him a few essentials and I'm hoping that he might help Vis get online. I was mistaken in a previous comment - Visible isn't and hasn't been online the last however many days (not that I'm aware of, anyway) because although he has his laptop with him, there is no internet facility in the ward (hospital?) where he is.

Anyway, Michael set out a couple of hours ago and I'm going to assume that he'll get to Visible sometime this afternoon. Looking forward now (I think) to whatever feedback Michael can give us.

Finally, sorry if you've written and I've still not responded. My PC is quite poorly too, the last couple of days.

Visible said...

a new Origami is up now-




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