Sunday, June 15, 2014

Only Thinking Makes it So.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There's that one thing that bedevils the majority of us (I believe that is the appropriate word) and that is the condition where we repeatedly and consistently, fall back upon our own devices in this game of life, instead of trusting absolutely that everything is in hand and we only have to go our way with that assurance. For those of us who 'know' that there is an absolute power that has no equal and no comparable opposition whatsoever, it should be child's play to exist in a state of continuous remembrance but... it is not. It is not because there is another power, in the employ of the supreme power, whose job it is to distract us; to surround us with smoking mirrors instead of clear mirrors and all of this is because we exist in a crucible of conflict and are composed of warring elements, which must be brought into a harmonious accord. All of our tests and trials are constructed to refine and temper our metal. For most, the best result is a level of inconsistency and a departure no more informed than our arrival. Well... that's not entirely true. We learned some things but nearly always in a 'glass darkly' kind of way because we see things through filters which cause most of us to reject Broad Daylight Awareness, due to the often extreme inconvenience of what comes along with the possession of it.

It's certainly not inconvenient in a cosmic sense, only in a material sense. It gets in the way of what we think we want. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". The reader should note that gender terminology is what it was when it was and a book written in 1902 would reflect this. It is not my province to change the actual title of a book to reflect contemporary mores. In my own writing I always strive for a sense of parity between the sexes and my own work is the only thing I have some amount of control over. For those who want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not my place to be their daddy. Whenever I encounter any work from any period of time, I do not spend my time assessing the manner of its construction as a guideline on its value. I take what's useful to me and then I move on.

There was a lady I was in love with named Beate. She was a German national and I was very much in love with her and probably always will be. She was stunningly beautiful but her beauty was remarkably enhanced by her personality, which was vivacious beyond description. You had to be there. We were talking once about the women's movement and I remember her laughing when we discussed the circumstances of equality between the sexes. She said something like, "most women don't recognize the power they have. They don't accept how Nature made them and prefer to see themselves as limited. I can get around any man at any time and pretty much get them to do whatever I want them to without them even knowing it happened. Women need to operate from their strengths, instead of focusing on facets that aren't ever going to change. Women and men are what they are not what they imagine themselves to be." There was more to it and I don't recall it very well. She had a way of saying things that was a big part of the impact of what she said. I remember the event although it was 30 years ago.

Most of the world is in conflict, first they are in conflict with themselves and then they are in conflict with everyone else. They want this. They want that. They get this. They get that and then they don't want either and so their lives are fraught with one disappointment after another because what they really want; what is fulfilling, is not to be found in any 'thing'. This should become apparent to people at some point but often it does not. It just goes on and on, until the wanting gets increasingly replaced by regret and selective memory. Here's a bit of irony; in the end, the life most people remember, they never even lived; not to mention never having really lived in the most important sense because there is but one life that, potentially lives in everyone... potentially. Unless that life is actually lived, allowed to live, it can be said that one never really did live, they just dreamed the dream of a hungry ghost and this kind of thing can and does go on for a very long time in many cases. It doesn't have to but it does. As you think so you are. That's a simple phrase and it's a simple process but the mind complicates it.

The mind complicates it because it thinks it wants things. The world of the moment is wall to wall flashing billboards of crap that people betray and kill each other over. Seemingly very intelligent people devote their lives to the acquisition of these things and as has been said here many times, the only thing those with more than they need possess is the illusion that they are better off and... for some, that's enough it seems.

Everywhere you look there are people doing their own thing. In some cases that's not terrible and in some cases it is terrible. Neither of these are of any significance. In the cosmic scheme of things it's like a belch. You're aware of it at the time but then it's forgotten and unless it was a truly remarkable belch or it was a punctuation point for an incident that was unforgettable it will not be remembered again. The one who associates themselves with cosmic interests, with the interests of the ineffable and the cosmic life, grows by association with it. You become like that which you emulate.

Of course there are many people who will argue with what is said here and their reasons for that are personal because they are immersed in the personal and many who might agree in part, object in principle because it isn't being disseminated within the format of their particular faith. However, one of the truths of the divine is, that although the divine can be found in any faith, the divine is beyond any and all of them and anyone who believes that their faith is the only way and that the other faiths are not, is missing something important as well as living within a self imposed confinement of thought. But... time and the river will take care of that.

For some reason many people believe that there is a loss in freedom of both mind and being once anyone seeks to immerse themselves in pursuing and hosting the divine. Quite the reverse is true in both cases. People are nowhere near as free as they think themselves to be and drawing conclusions on a circumstance or situation observed from outside looking in does not inform. Most people (I'll be using that term a lot today) view a spiritual life through their comprehension of the meaning of religious dogma and how that somehow comes to represent the reality of how a spiritual life is to be lived; not even close. Once one is firmly in the grasp of the ineffable, right and wrong gets tossed out the window. Everything that looked one way now looks another and never was that way in the first place.

A spiritual life implies hosting the indwelling spirit; stepping back and letting the one life live itself through you. In truth that one life is your life and always has been. All these other lives were departure zones from the reality of yourself. The ineffable is not the god presented by organized religion, which is really only a business and which constructs a lot of do's and don't in order to exert control over the masses and shear them like sheep. The ineffable is liberty beyond temporal command or control. In a sense, you are god; not big god but a reflection thereof... a living expression of... 'if'... you are a living expression of and the nature of it cannot be defined or explained to anyone not so engaged; yet it is explained throughout time by people who were not so engaged and often for nefarious purpose.

As stated, the divine can be found through any religion, regardless of how corrupt that particular institution might be. This point is made to clarify what might have seemed an obvious contradiction just moments ago. It's all a contradiction when viewed in the world of appearances which are and always will be nothing but a theater of lies.

The ineffable is yourself, or perhaps it is better said that the ineffable unleashed completes yourself, lights up and ignites yourself and it is different for everyone because everyone is different, even though it is very much the same, if that makes any sense. Like I said, it cannot be defined or explained, except as a contradiction and that is why the wise resort to parables, allegory, koans and like constructs.

In a sense, memory is perhaps the single most important component. It is all a matter of remembering. I don't know all that much about dispassion except in the sense that I feel that way about the majority of the world's offerings. On the other hand, in respect of the ineffable, I consider it the grand passion of all passions; the love that surpasses all loves and for anyone experiencing it, it proves to be just that. It is all consuming. It utterly swallows up the self. It is the milk of self forgetting, the ambrosia of a great and resonant awareness engaged in unlimited expansion. It's not for everyone, obviously, or perhaps it is but then again it seems not to be.

The sensation of the presence of the ineffable is that of pure joy and bliss and it is all rooted in the forgetting of self and that is what a good servant does. A good servant forgets oneself in the service to the higher self and is, in time, transformed into it. What did Christ say? You are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends." All this fundie subjugation and bondage worship is fear based. There is truth to be found in it but not in the varieties of interpretation handed out by the funny hat brigade.

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Today visible begins his new book (when there's time) after having given much thought to the composition of it. As is policy here, non fiction follows each effort at fiction so it's non-fiction next up; tentatively titled, "The Joy of the Vessel and the Vassal" or "A Spiritual Being living a Material Life". We'll rearrange the words as we go; in any case, the book will be composed of similar material to today's posting. There will be a radio broadcast this evening.

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Unknown said...


I thought this post was a great topic, and then I got to the end mentioning the coming books. "Spiritual being in a material world". That subject matter is going to be helpful.

I have lots of work to do. Much pathway to walk now that I remember the friendship had when young with the Ineffable.


Yes, it truly is the only worthwhile pursuit.

Thanks for bringing these subjects up, and planning on writing about the subject.

May the Ineffable bless you strongly in these efforts.


JustGeorge said...

Sup Les :) Not to get semantic, but I don't much like the word "servant" in this context.

I think of human beings as a less potent fragment of a single powerful being. To put it another way, we are thoughts running through Gods head.

It doesn't seem right to think that we are servants to the greater aspect of ourselves - a little too self serving, for my liking ;)

It seems more accurate (to me) that embracing the will of this creation (that you call the ineffable), is to conduct more of that will, thereby going along with whatever God is thinking - which would go a long way to explaining the intensity and weirdness that goes along with doing it.

Makes sense to me, anyway. Nice post, as usual.

Cheerios, all :)

missingarib said...

Vis, bless your thoughts, words and and dedication to sowing seeds in the fields of liberation .

"The Tathagata also teaches, for the sake of all beings, that there is, in truth, the Self in all phenomena" (The Buddha in The Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Chapter Three).

as in other Tathagatagarbha scriptures) of two kinds of "self": one is the worldly, ephemeral, composite ego, which he terms a "lie" (as it is an ever-changing bundle of impermanence, with no enduring essence of its own) and which is to be recognised as the mutating fiction that it is; the other is the True Self, which is the Buddha - Eternal, Changeless, Blissful, and Pure.

much love -live long

Anonymous said...

checking the wiring,
it appears several wires got crossed a couple of Fog Banks ago...

but as with the sun arising each day
truth in resplendent and brutal beauty refuses to fade away...

blessed are the pure in heart...



Anonymous said...

Visible said, "Once one is firmly in the grasp of the ineffable, right and wrong gets tossed out the window. Everything that looked one way now looks another and never was that way in the first place."

Ain't that the truth!!! Kinda like what you said last week: first there's a tree, then there isn't, then there is again.

Maybe these things only make sense when you're firmly planted in the ineffable and he knows you aren't gonna bolt.

Laura in the place where the ineffable leads.

galen said...

The traditionalist in me wants to honor all fathers this day we call Fathers Day. But how hard to do it without the deep pools of sorrow that bubble up when we see what's happening to fathers in Iraq, Libya, and other areas of the mid-east. And we know who funds/fires up this barbarity, assuring some pockets of society are bombed back to the stone ages so the so-called "more advanced" societies can look down on them and find it easy to hate them and therefore make war on them and steal what's rightly theirs. But those fathers there who know they are doing what they can to stand for natural evolution, for self-determinism are still to be counted. We acknowledge the monkey on our backs, while they deal with a gorilla. I can only speculate where fathers (and mothers) might have taken us were it not for the dominant darkness, the putrid insecure entity that won't allow human progress. Good thing there are pockets of awareness here and there: the great hope of our deliverance. Hang on, fathers everywhere; your strength is here acknowledged, your beautiful will untarnished. Many still believe in you. Hang on.


Thomas said...

this is my belief:

I am not God, but God is me. The difference being, I am just a part of God, even though totally made up by and of Its Divine Essence, but God is more and beyond even my highest being.

a whole book of this? Wow, that sounds good. This was a great post.

thanks Vis!

Tithe 3rd Elf said...

Sunday's Radio Show just went up.


JerseyCynic said...

Visible, I can't tell you how much of a positive impact your wise words, and your take on this human experience has had on me - and now my children. I would never have been able to guide them through this material world without your words of wisdom. I tend to be a screamer because I can never seem to remain calm (especially lately) as I try to navigate them through the nonsense being heaped upon them from every direction.

I PATIENTLY await your new book!

sending many blessings and good vibrations your way.

galen said...

Many years ago a friend of mine in college had an assignment on Buddhism. He called to ask me a few questions and we researched a bit together and learned that there are many different schools of Buddhism and a primary difference with some was/is that followers differed on how they perceive the Buddha. Some see him as a man who was a great-teacher, a way-pointer; and some see him as a manifestation of the God-head, similar to how Christians view Christ. So my friend turned to me and asked, "How do you see this; which do you believe." Without even thinking about it I said, "Both." I kind of surprised myself but later realized I have needed both. There have been times when I needed to reject anything external to myself (That famous quote comes to mind: "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him"), where I had to defy anything that made me unequal to God because that would mean separation. And there have been times I've had to drop to my knees and pray to something bigger and beyond myself. (Am sensing the role of semantics in explaining this since most terms - like "external" for instance - are relative to a subjective interpretation. Ploughing on nonetheless - Truth is very liquid and it spills uneasily 'cause it can't be captured 'cause sometimes the outside is in and the under is over, ya know?). Maybe it's where humility shakes hands with wisdom. How dare me dare to define it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Viz, I don't see people as being smart so much as they possess aptitudes. A great chess player or accomplished scientist can still be real stupid in other arenas.

Anyway, it is more important to have a high AQ as opposed to a high IQ. (AQ means adorability quotient; it is measured by charmologists using a cute-o-meter)

Health and prosperity to all!


Anonymous said...

This beautiful book Gita Govinda was written in the 12th century AD by Jayadeva, and it talks about the divine union of the Goddess and God, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles. At the end of each chapter/song he gives a benediction saying that this song can ward off the negative effects of the age of Kali. It was written in sanskrit but I've included only the English translation:

Sri Gita Govinda

One interesting point is how the christian religion says "we are created in God's image". Therefore anything that exists in this world must be an emanation from the Divine. Along with the masculine sense of God that everyone is familiar with, there must also be a feminine aspect to the Divine too, a Goddess counterpart. Perfect balance and harmony can be found in this.

Bob Morrison said...

I opened up the current post and was overjoyed to see the title; only thinking makes it so. It’s been some months now since I found TMDMTEB here at one of your blogs (can’t recall which one right now) and this has served me well. My entire life has changed, for the better of course, much better would be more accurate.

You often mention mediation, and I can’t say enough about that. My how it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. At first I seemed to not find the time, then there was too much to be done and I would find time later.
We all know how that happens, and when I suddenly stopped my daily mediation as I was just too busy to have time for such, my life suddenly started becoming worse.
I kept asking myself what is going on and then it hit me like a brick against the head…of course I stopped taking time to turn inward.

I went right back to my mediation but it was very difficult at first. There are powerful forces at play that seem intent on bringing my daily mediation to an end.
I like a good fight so I said bring it on and watch me shine.

I take time throughout the day but my favorite mediation time now is midnight to two am or around those times. I always wake up during the night and since there is solitude and quiet I really enjoy this time turning inward. Of course when I first start I have to ward off the attackers but they quickly flee once they realize I am determined.
I actually get a kick out of showing them they are not the powerful force they think they are.

I sure enjoy your posts Vis, and though I seldom comment I always read all comments as there are words of wisdom found therein as well. So thanks to all who comment as many of these comments give me support in my times of need.

Cheers and Best Regards to all

torus said...

We discover ourselves in a tension.
We discover ourselves in attention.
Know Thyself....
Ask yourself, "who am I?"
The openness in the living question is the doorway to the living answer.
"I am that I am." from the past.
Observe...Take note of your physical reactions, attitudes, and patterns at the moment they appear.
"Who am I?"
"Be still and KNOW I am."
The questioner, the doer, the worrier, the thinker, the sufferer are all forms that appear and disappear within the consciousness of "I am" - the ever-living background.
Observe without interference or evaluation. Vigilance purifies the mind.

"Who am I?"
Sit quietly. Stop looking outside yourself.
There is only one truth, but an infinite number of lies.
Observing becomes more natural, more frequent. A neutrality installs itself between the observer and what he observes - and both poles lose their driving force.
There is silence. Be still and know...
We no longer nourish the conditioned object.
Through silence your physical and mental nature can change. It IS change.
Stillness is ongoing change. They are not two. Being still is being this life. In this silence change takes place of its own accord.
Slow down....
Take note that your attention is constantly turned either towards objects or ideas.
Become the spectator. As you become more aware of the of your body and mind you will come to know yourself.
The doorway to the living answer....
As the image of things as you believe them to be subsides, you may have a clear insight of what you are - something quite other than a product of the mind.
Observe the walls you have built around yourself.

Anonymous said...

In the temporal world, I think it's more useful to have a high BQ - Bullshit Quotient...

galen said...

McCob's AQ is off the charts. I know because I have the meter.


Ray B. said...

Bob Morrison, June 16, 2014 3:56:00 PM

"I went right back to my mediation but it was very difficult at first. There are powerful forces at play that seem intent on bringing my daily mediation to an end."

I have found both inner and outer 'forces' in my experiences. Outer, below. As far as inner 'forces', most people are not taught that meditation is meant to release any held-trauma or limitations along the way. Beginners enjoy the bliss, but are then shocked by any negative images/emotions that 'spontaneously' arise. Many quit at that point. If they continue, it will flow through them, be experienced, and be done. It is a 'cleansing', although it may not seem like that at the time. (grin) Knowledge of this 'process' can fortify the meditator to encounter & blow-through the 'bad' stuff for the end goal.
" favorite mediation time now is midnight to two am or around those times. I always wake up during the night and since there is solitude and quiet I really enjoy this time turning inward."

That is often how I do it, too. I suspect it is when Higher Self has some free time, or it is most convenient. He/she/it just reaches down and taps us on the shoulder, "Time..."
"Of course when I first start, I have to ward off the attackers, but they quickly flee once they realize I am determined."

This is part of the 'outer' I mentioned above. Unseen 'baddies' do show up. Some just see your increasing light and pain-free-ness (to coin a word) and "dump." Others actively want to interfere with your process. Part of the growth process is to (1) distinguish your inner stuff coming out from the outer interference and (2) learn what you 'feel like' so that you are immediately alerted to the presence of an 'other' - positive or negative.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your 'process'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Bob Morrison...don't you mean 'meditation'...not trying to pick on you but mediation is a legal tactic for resolving social conflicts. If you meant 'mediation' then I am sorry. (I make typos and I don't always get my facts straight.)

Galen: Thanks! Clearly you have a well calibrated instrument. Of all the people who come here I suspected you would get the humor. Hope all is well where you are!


Anonymous said...

"A grain of gold can guild a brilliant surface but not so much as a grain of wit." Thoreau


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Walking Down Memory Lane with Broad Daylight Awareness.

Visible said...

As promised the video is now up.

David Alan McBride said...

Thanks for the link to As A Man Thinketh by James Allen at the beginning of your post. I just finished reading it in one sitting. The link is to a 21 page pdf. It is a quick read. Excellent stuff. Packed with quotable nuggets. He wrote that in 1902? Wow.

Anonymous said...

that was lovely visible,

i really enjoyed reading this


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Prioritize the Light Within.

Visible said...

A new video can be viewed now.

Narayan said...

Namaste Les,

Amongst sadhus, you're a waffler.
But amongst wafflers...?
Well, of course, you're a sadhu!

I like the funky way you describe the ineffables' local environment; which is, by divine decree, always supportive of our introspection.

You've got the jump on 99.99% of the heathens and punters of this world.



Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

With this post you remind me that I should read Visible Origami more than Smoking and Petri.

The "funny hat brigade" part made me laugh but the brunt of this post made my heart jump to heights I'd attained and maintained for years but have slowly been slipping from over the past 4 years.

Help is now strangely, coming slowly each day and I'm certain in my heart that it's because I'm getting a really big boost soon. One that will pull me out of my misery and give me a fighting chance.

The “Ambrosia” part stopped me cold (maybe warm) and I had to respond.

Thank you Les…the music I was listening to certainly helped. It was Jai Uttal's "Bija Matras-Watering the Seeds".

Maybe forget all I said and All I can say is thank you and I love you…

C in Buffalo



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