Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Gathering in of Every Single Separated Self.

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When Materialism reaches a certain level, rage and anger percolate at the surface, along with envy and resentment. Sociopaths are both born and made in these times. The degrees of opulence and self indulgence go through the roof. Of course, you can take it for granted, in times of Materialism that the one at the rudder is not your friend and the system protects the abuser for the purpose of demonstration.

The addictive insanities of technology create a whole new theater of conditions. I read once that one of the things that destroyed Atlantis was the wide gap in privilege between the leader/scientist class and the workers. Measuring imbalance is an interesting thing because it usually gets measured in a projected sense but it actually exists in the minds projecting it.

Here's a classic example why one should refuse to allow themselves to be called a spiritual teacher. This Tribe member wants to represent Beverly Hills and a large portion of the rich drenched enclave that is LA. Not a day goes by when I do not hear the whisper in my head, "Mr. Apocalypse... Mr. Apocalypse" Not a day goes by when I don't see multiple examples of self destructive behavior on the part of people who not long ago would have acted rationally. Now... I don't consider this a crime. I consider it poor judgment and a lack of discretion. No doubt the poor fellow will have to go to counseling for this since, in the minds of all the pervs standing in judgment over her, she damaged the poor boy. I think it would be pretty difficult to find a teenage boy who wasn't wide open to something like this.

Yeah... this is all cultural stuff but that's what 's going on, except maybe for Assad having the full support of his people, while being damned by the people who want to destroy his country. This would be the Israeli owned western press.

I know that there are many of you out there who are experiencing degrees of uncertainty, depression and incipient angst. You could be having more trouble focusing these days or notice that there are odd thoughts and compulsions passing through your minds; not that you act on them (yet) but that they are present. This is because the cosmically condemned are engaged in a last ditch effort to steer you into a ditch. When I hear concerns like this voiced to me in emails, one thought enters my mind; do you meditate? There is no single more effective discipline available than this in these trying times. You can include prayer, which is just a variation on the theme of invisible contact.

I've used a certain example several times here and I want to do it again. The mind is like the restless sea. In the large majority of cases it is seldom ever still. It is stirred up by emotion. It is stirred up by certain thoughts. It is stirred up by certain visible and invisible cabals with a vested interest in induced chaos and disorder. This allows for the twin engines of plunder and enforced rule to go on at will. It's never been so pervasive as it is due to all the networking and ubiquitous media, as well as the attendant entertainment and soundtrack distractions and everywhere there is the subliminal and overt sexual programming pounding on the conscious and subconscious minds of the public which... explains all the acting out going on and which I often example here to give evidence of that very thing. This stimulates areas of human behavior and makes the weak and susceptible vulnerable to costly mistakes.

If you don't meditate or pray on a 'regular' basis, you're a bobbing cork on restless seas and at the mercy of whatever dangers may present themselves. It's a terrible thing to be sailing without a rudder. The cosmic tillerman is always there but not always engaged. It's one of those 'two to tango' things. There are things that only the ineffable can accomplish and things only we can accomplish and both require an interactive relationship. As Guru Bawa used to say in one of his not politically correct statements; 'god-man, man-god'. The relationship HAS TO BE in effect to be effective.

It takes between two and six weeks for meditation to kick in. Once it does your life takes on a whole new way of being and it is easy to know what the difference is. Once you have achieved the beneficial state, simply stop doing it for a day or two and you will see what I mean. In simple scientific or logical terms let me say that as a result of meditating, when you step out on to the playing field of life, you are entering it from a particular level of awareness and everything and everyone you encounter is affected by that level of your awareness. If your level of awareness drops, the conditions all around you are altered by that. If the level of your awareness rises, the reverse is true. You MUST have a daily spiritual practice which bookends the day. The idea is to get it to flow from both ends until the whole of your existence is saturate with it. This is the constant condition of saints, mystics and sages when they have realized it.

It is a simple thing. Any fool can do it, though, at that point they would no longer be a fool (grin). Why is it so damned difficult? You know what I'm talking about. You go to meditate and something comes up. It always does or... you forget. Something distracts you before the thought can enter your mind. This is the same thing that happens at the moment of death, when you are supposed to have the ineffable foremost in your thoughts for a successful transiting. There are entities whose job it is to make this happen and you don't overcome them if you have been inconsistent in your efforts to that point; or generally indifferent to them all along.

Your life goes on for as long as it does for one reason and that is to give you an impressive length of time to get it in order. Sure, by comparison with eternity it's not even a blip but in a relative sense it is plenty long enough. Day follows day and the distractions continue, crises come and go, or the dream is so pleasant it seems it might go on forever and there is no apparent need for change. Oh... but there will be. There will be but... can you?

To effectively get into gear with this incredibly powerful and profound process, you simply go to it first thing in the morning. The moment you wake up, you sit up and engage. This guarantees that  nothing will intrude. Later, when you've got the groove operative you can go through the preliminaries of arising without concern that you won't get to it. When you go to bed, worse case scenario, you can always lie there and meditate in corpse pose. The good angels are around. They will begin to help, consonant with your zeal.

I cannot stress intensely enough how critical it is that you do this. You are making a deliberate effort to engage with the all knowing ruler of all things, who created the entire structure of existence simply to provide a stage for you to accomplish the ultimate discovery and contact. This is all life is about. In the beginning, the ineffable was single and alone unto itself, brimming with the limitless potentiality of creation. Let there be light! So it was that the ineffable made the visible and invisible universe out of itself and populated it with itself and then interpenetrated it with itself. You might say that the ineffable fell to the ground and broke into billions of pieces and all that followed was the process of the ineffable gathering all of those pieces back together.

When any entity consciously seeks union with the ineffable they fast track their evolution. they hothouse it. On a flowering tree, some buds come into being early. Some come late and some do not come at all. This is observably true. Be one of the early buds. Of course, that's unlikely given the stage of the game we are at (grin) but... regardless, have at it with a will and come into bloom. Seriously, in the scheme of things there is nothing else of value worth doing. Everything else is a waste of time and... it hurts. It is painful. "All life is pain caused by ignorant desire." Meditation is like cruise control and it comes with shock absorbers; the really good gas ones.

The reactive mind is a beast. It is very powerful. It keeps coming back ten thousand times ten thousand. You have to be non stop at it. If you are, success is certain. The mind is your greatest enemy and it follows you everywhere. It is potentially your very best friend. One who does not have this special and privileged relationship has no idea what a wondrous and beautiful thing this is. This is the hardest time in which to accomplish this, so the potential rewards are commensurate with the degree of difficulty. Look! Look at what is going on around you. Look at what is reported in the media. Look at children and the aged. What does it tell you?

For as long as there is breath in your body, the opportunity remains. Seize the moment! "Success is speedy for the energetic." The ineffable said this. Broad Daylight Awareness will confirm that you are surrounded by the functional insane. By this, I mean there is the appearance of functional because one perceives routine and one sees the vast majority acting in accord with all of their peers, in the ongoing discord of this terrible drama. Step away from the quiet lives of desperation and seek out the one who is oh so willing to act through you; who forgives you in a heartbeat and embraces you in the same. The mind wants to tell you it's too late. The mind wants to tell you you can't do it. The mind throws up all kinds of images of your failures and works constantly to reinforce poor self image but... what are you imaging? You are the crown of creation. You are the ultimate expression and channel for the ineffable here. Simply commune and then act as if it were the ineffable doing everything in and through you. There's nothing more and Love is the fuel that proves it out because if you love doing it you cannot fail and you won't stop. Why would you? You love doing it..

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galen said...

Well, looks like I'm one of the "pervs standing in judgment." In my mind, what that teacher did was a violation, even if it was the thrill of the lifetime for that student. This wasn't some woman that he met at the beach or the park; this was his teacher. Is this what a teacher is supposed to do? And in a school, a place that's supposed to protect kids from these kind of things. Yes, I know the schools are messed up in many other ways, but still. . . And they made "an erotic video" together. That ought to serve his future well. "Thanks, Teach." And her husband and family. . . must be lots of fun for them too. Just seems to me a lot of damage will come from this. A line was crossed. Is there no place that is safe from that? It also begs the question: What if this was an opposite gender situation where a male teacher age thirty nine was messin' with a sixteen year old girl? Is that okay, too? I know we are taught, "Judge not." I've always interpreted that to mean that we are all children of the same Creator, so don't make a judgement on a person's eternal soul. It doesn't mean I don't have opinions on right or wrong. These are my feelings after thinking it through. Don't like to be disagreeable but we have to call 'em as we see 'em, and I guess we see 'em as who we are in the present.


Visible said...

One does not effectively argue by attempting to use the hypothetical to justify a position. Nothing is more weak that to use,"what if it was this or that or whatever?" It wasn't this or that or whatever so it is irrelevant. A closer look at what I said will reveal that I said more than it is indicated that I said and regardless, in my mind, it's a lot more minor than the law will treat it and as for the pervs I am referring to all the hypocrites who sit in judgment and are guilty of all kinds of things or simply a step away from the same behavior. To me the woman acted irrationally and without discretion and poor judgment and as I was AT PAINS to explicate, there are forces driving people to these things at the moment. It is what the whole post was about.

People can disagree about issues and will disagree about issues; the meaning of, the severity of. That's life. Neither you nor I are more right one way or the other. It's simple opinion and it involves a lot more than what is presumed as a base for argument. There was more going on in what I said. It's no big deal to me. That kind of thing happens all the time and MUCH MUCH worse. It is the 'much worse' that concerns me. The people making the laws break far greater laws every day.

Visible said...

I feel for the woman's ruined life and her poor husband.

insiam said...

I think that woman and her family will suffer far far more that the 'lucky kid'.

Well when i say lucky i am simply speaking on behalf of all of the teenage kids i knew as a teenager. On the scale of things it is no big deal. Unless of course one takes the opportunity to play the life long victim card. (You know like a certain group that we all know of love to do.)

When i was 16/17 i worked on building sites in Germany (Hamburg to be presice) and we would pay good money to be entertained by ladys who just pretended to be school teachers.

The real world is pretty real out there Galen my friend :)

Anonymous said...

so while the perfect storm is brewing, you're walking on water

allegorically speaking of course

but who will enjoy miracles


....not the dingbats and idiots
transfixed by the boob tube

or the one eyed monster at the lie factory

probably soon the language will become more purified so that the

self immolates {see Bibi}

are we there yet



Visible said...

I probably should have added that very often these kinds of things are karma. We cannot know if these two had a previous life engagement with unfinished business and it overwhelmed them. Perhaps it was cavalier of me to say it was no big deal but I see all of these things in a relative sense, compared to what goes on out there.

I must apologize for my plain speaking method. This has always been the way i react and I often don't think about the impact of it. There's no emotion involved but it's true, I don't go out of my way to err on the side of the diplomatic and take pains with my every word. I just say it and a lot of that has to do with being busy, though I'm not trying to use it as an excuse. However, I am running all around the place here and I stop in briefly between and fire off my replies without sitting down and thinking about all of the ramifications. This happens quite often with me.

I did the same thing at my Facebook page when this woman yelled at me about Snowden. In stating my case I didn't think about how she might take it but then again, she didn't think about how I would take it either and has been at this sort of mannerism for a bit. I always figure that the give and take exists at the level it operates on. It's probably why I forget all about this kind of thing shortly after and don't remember it because it wasn't that important to me and it wasn't emotionally charged, which is how we tend to remember things for longer periods of time. I always figure I'm just dealing with information but my clarifications are often pretty hamhanded.

Anonymous said...

Many Latino fathers still take their sons to brothels as soon as their sons "get the urge"; the thought is, teach the kid the ways of Eros, so that he isn't fumbling around in the backseat with a girl, making an ass out of himself, and feeling ashamed and woefully bereft of lovemaking skills. Not to mention the fact, the kid needs release (in a major way). I'm with Visible on this one; I don't think it's a crime. I think it became a crime, because the elitists at the top of the greasy flagpole are keen on criminalizing pretty much everything. As a boy of about 14, I sure as hell could have used the skills of a learned, experience female. And any heterosexual male who is reading this, knows exactly what I mean. Boy, wasn't it fun, sweating in the middle of the night, your mind crowded with images of women in various stages of undress, as you lay there, going out of your freaking mind, while dying for release - with nowhere to get it. Woo-hoo, great fun. (Not.) If I'd have been born a Latino, I would still be thanking my father for doing the right thing, after he took me to my first brothel. Much of the sexual frustration and dysfunction we see in people today, can be directly attributed to the repressive environment in which we currently live. Which, as most people who have eyes can plainly see, is becoming ever more so, on a rapidly accelerating basis.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Now i haven7t finished reading yet, but the following is a paragraph of great import:

"The mind is like the restless sea. In the large majority of cases it is seldom ever still. It is stirred up by emotion. It is stirred up by certain thoughts. It is stirred up by certain visible and invisible cabals with a vested interest in induced chaos and disorder. This allows for the twin engines of plunder and enforced rule to go on at will. It's never been so pervasive as it is due to all the networking and ubiquitous media, as well as the attendant entertainment and soundtrack distractions and everywhere there is the subliminal and overt sexual programming pounding on the conscious and subconscious minds of the public which... explains all the acting out going on and which I often example here to give evidence of that very thing. This stimulates areas of human behavior and makes the weak and susceptible vulnerable to costly mistakes."

Oh, ya', You are so right.

Thanks for being you.


Visible said...

It is official. The Dali Lama is a New World Order Globalist.

One cannot mistake what he says here as anything else. Wow! I knew he was a 60 thousand dollar gold watch wearing phony but it's worse than I thought.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, with my limited knowledge I really gotta wonder. I knew all this before I got here, then I forgot it and had to realearn it. Devolve to evolve. BUT I REMEMBER ASKING FOR ALL THIS, I WAS WARNED I WAS GONNA REGRET IT; BUT I STOOD MY GROUND, I GOT WHAT I ASKED FOR; AND NOW I WONDER WHAT I WAS ON TO BE SUCH A COMPLETE IDIOT TO DO THAT!

Am I stupid, or what? And how many others share my experience?

There's also the fact that no matter what you do, you will cause more destruction just by living than what you will build. How many critters died for me, and how many chickens will still be killed until I give those up too, which probably won't be in this life with the tikka masala and tandoori chicken at the Sikh place down the street? How many carrots, neeps and tatties have been viciously uprooted, painfully stored out of their element like a fish out of water, then either roasted, fried, boiled, broiled, or nuked alive?

And all that is part of Source Who seems to have a PhD in S & M. That Puppy's got some 'splainin' to do.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the 'opulence and self indulgence' link. Nice to see Tupak Chopra doing well...
Sure hope he likes his vitamin C- infused bath shower.


Anonymous said...

...I meant Deepoop Chopra


Anonymous said...


LOL! Yeah, I hear yah. When I first learned I chose this, I couldn't help but wonder was I on drugs, temporarily insane or did I think it was a joke, when I agreed to this. What the hell was I thinking??? What happened to escape plan?? And, if this is a joke, I'm not laughing. Hopefully, soon tho', but soon can't get here fast enough for me.
Love to all, Serena

galen said...

Interesting to observe what I interpret as an unspoken group-agreement here, where it's pretty much safe to lovingly disagree and to earnestly challenge each other. Appreciate that and am grateful for all and so am just throwin' these in the mix:

"Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means."
-- Unknown

"For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate."
-- Margaret Heffernan

"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict."
-- William Ellery Channing

“Conflict is the primary engine of creativity and innovation.”
-- Ronald Heifetz

“The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”
-- Niels Bohr

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Sometimes compassion is a good argument."
-- Me (grin)


DAD said...

truths fall onto these postings(Thank you Sir Les) like water

Anonymous said...

I always love when you talk about the ultimate goal!

I just sit here and say to myself, "What are you waiting for, you moron. Get moving!" :) Thanks to you (and that which moves you [or that which you move with]), I actually stopped doing the meaningless and did the meaningful today, by meditating.

And while I'm at it, lets not forget to blow those extraneous thoughts right out the left nostril (it's the clearer one today). :)

Thanks for the refocus!

As for the schoolboy, wish it could've been me back in the day. Probably would've changed my whole life in the confidence, self worth, and success dept. who knows. Instead, that didn't happen to me resulting in none of the above, along with the adolescent frustration. Oh well.

As for the teacher, I feel bad for her, too. Imagine nuking your family and then totally regretting it, not to mention never wanting to be seen in public ever again. But she will be, in a court room full of media. And in this present society, quite possibly some prison time. I can only imagine her pain and regret.

Maybe meditation "puts our shields up" from the evil influences, yet allows the God like influences in. That's some serious hardware, spiritually speaking. :)

Thank again, Vis!


galen said...

LTPTB, re your: "How many critters died for me...? At least you're thinking about it. Some never even consider all this. We've had our taste buds programmed into being blind, to see only the edible and not its past, or its life, or its past life (ha). Ever try the tandoori naan, with braised eggplant? See:

At least you're thinking about it, and who knows, maybe one day. . .


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hell yeah! I LOVE eggplant the way they make it in India and China. Just don't have it cooked by a Schiptar, or a Cabbage person. . .I mean Kraut, or one o' dem dar persons With Out Papers. (I thought it was a vile veggie when any of my two sets of parents/step parents cooked it.)

(This politically incorrect enough of a post for us?)

est said...

isn't that odd
i rented a room from a teacher that slept with a student

we spoke about it for an hour or two
she said she just fell in love with him

of course her career and marriage where over
it's a small town here, yet she made the national news
about the meditation
of course you are absolutely right

this is the way to free our minds
and unbind us from attachment

there is nothing more effective and important
and we should strive to meditate, constantly

this is the gift we have been given
a key that unlocks every door

right there, as close as our breath
we ignore it at our peril and sad demise

Patrick V3.1459 said...

So the Dali Lama walks into a take out pizza place and looks intently at the menu posted behind the counter.

The owner looks at him and says what can I get ya buddy?

The Lama rubbing his chin thoughtfully says.

"Make me one with everything."

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Cleopatra and Marc Antony would have done if they had video cameras back then?

Anyway, I hope the kid and the teacher have found magic. I hope their love is real.
Clearly the teacher was involved in a marriage where she was not appreciated. Her offspring will be alright with adequate counseling. I could care less for her husband. As far as the sex recordings go: they will soon be forgotten.

People need love and affection. Without it the heart turns into a big, dark and cold hole where any demonic spirit might come to reside.

People are guided and motivated by their heart's desire, not reason. And I think that is a good thing.

galen said...

A few more stirrings on the teacher/student issue: I realized if this was my son I'd be furious. I'd want him to know that love and/or sex does not have to be done with compromising integrity, that is to say with lying, sneaking, with not considering what pain can result for whomever might be touched by his glorious liberating/learning moment. Just like with adults, if you want an open relationship, have it, but can it not be done without deceiving the other, breaking sacred trust, causing unbearable heartache and sometimes trauma? Many say it can. And I don't think it's "weak" to use the hypothetical. I think we have to use all means possible to discern our direction: We have to speculate and play devil's advocate, validate the probable before it becomes the inevitable. It's a time of being on our toes. I grant each his or her path, but mine doesn't go along with accepting this latest sex romp as something not of a serious nature. I think to do so is to play right into the hands of those (and we all know who they are) who are molding the culture away from decency, away from caring commitment, away from healthy, beautiful, passionate, spiritual SEX. It's a very un-dirty thing! Thanks, Vis (and others), for clarifying, and sharing that you "feel" for those ruined lives.

Many years working in elementary school. The staff wore t-shirts that said, "I'M A LIFETIME LEARNER.' So true, and I learn from everyone here. Someone (forget who) said, "Freedom rings where opinions clash." I don't mind clashin'; it helps me understand myself, and understand that even with flaws and shortcomings, I get to have opinions.


steve said...

Meditation, the crown jewel of spiritual tools

Anonymous said...

To pork my teacher would have been an out of this world and unbelievable turn-on. So unbelievable, I never even had such a fantasy. Things have to be a little bit possible.

The girls who were young during the aol days hate the older generations of men (questionable). They think we're pussies and I agree with them. Those innocent pretty faces are wiser than you would think. Guess what else: they get horny. The adults are childish about that. Bullshit them, and they'll just never listen to anything you say, ever again. And, they don't. Who are the children in 2014?

100 years ago, there was no such phrase as 'teenager' or 'teenage rebellion'. Ben Franklin went out on his own when he was 10 years old.

If you needed coddled by your momma and daddy until you were 18 years old, you volunteered to be a social retard and quickly adopted your employers as your new parents when you 'came of age'.

I know why Japanese school girls are so proper and obedient to their family. Their wants and needs are considered.

Very fitting, in these times, that the biggest children are called adults.

galen said...

Was so ready to let this go and then just stumbled on this:

Psssst. . . She did it again (allegedly). See:



Visible said...

She's quite attractive.

Anonymous said...

The teenager whom the teacher "raped" was allegedly quite the computer nerd. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating hackers...

Visible said...


Thomas said...

It's so beautiful a thing to see that you continually try to inspire.

Personally, I believe, to the point of certainty (and Paramhansa Yogananda says so) that all souls will ultimately reach their divine destination, no matter how deluded or wicked they may be.

May the Ineffable rule and motivate all of our deeds and thoughts. May we all have strength and force of will to overcome our lower nature. May we all feel the Love and Grace of the One True Lord of Everything, and express it to our best ability in this ravaged world.

I wish you all happy tidings, and Divine peace inside :)

Skepticfrog said...

A comment/story to add about the kid and the teacher imbroglio - related to horny youth.

In an ex-Comblock country (now an EU country) - back in the early 1970s university was very hard and intense. (It still is - I know of it first hand). US college is a (expensive) leasurely vacation in comparison.
Anyway, the parents of the boy wanted to make that he made it through the university (attrition rate is/was 50-60% by graduation time). They wantesd to make sure he doesn't spend his time, mind, effort on chasing some girl(s) - for "relief", but concentrating on his studies to make it through. So they hired a hooker - coming to his home once a week. Worked out spendidly. The hooker wasn't the same person for the 5yrs length of time in the university - btw.
This is a first hand account (the parents highly educated friends of my mother), not some hearsay crap. He stayed in, and finished university - btw.
Some people were enlightened - even back then, understanding the REALITY and male sexuality.

In the same country - which is mostly (70%) Catholic, the custom was in the villages, that one of the younger widows "serviced" the catholic priest. It was on a voluntary basis by the woman, but everybody knew about it (and approved of it). The reality of life and sexuality was UNDERSTOOD. He, the priest had male "needs"- which was simply understood and accepted. Just b/c the Catholic church forbade them to marry did not change the dictates of nature. She usually was "incorporated" as a house keeper. It served the young widow's (and priest's) "carnal needs", plus facilitated her economic survival - especially if she had a young child or children. It has to be remembered, that a young widow with young children didn't have even a fighting chance to find a new spouse; such remarry was exceedingly rare.

The telling of these sort of things and stories shocks the culturally and religiously conditioned ordinary Americans, but the religious dogmatism of puritanism hasn't taken hold everywhere in Europe even in the 18th or 19th century.

galen said...

The sexual scenarios presented here don't exactly mirror that of the teacher/students. But yeah, it's one of the strongest drives on earth. And I don't see this whole thing as an issue of morality, but rather one of integrity, respect, consideration, exploitation. But I'll have to let it lie, as we each come to it as we are.

But I did learn from this that most (if not all) carry some PTSD from first and/or early sexual experiences. I'm sure it's pretty much universal, even with those who had the so-called "lessons." We just don't know 'till the saddle presents itself. Ever wish you can see people from way back-when just to explain: "I know how to do it now." (grin). I bet if we were being really honest, even the most seasoned of lovers would admit occasional uncertainty, fumbling. Hopefully that is deemed a comedy-of-errors and well laughed about.

Darling, are you coming to bed now? (grin, again)


Visible said...

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