Friday, May 30, 2014

The Ever Intensifying Madness of the Times.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Before it was occasional, it was random and unpredictable. It was what it was but... now... unfortunately, it is what it is. Insanity is riding a six legged horse and no demographic is being spared, save those who will not consent to union scale for the part of an extra in a cast of thousands; in this hokum Biblical epic, based on fraudulent Revelations and accompanied by other doctored scriptures pulled out of the ass end of a broken gyroscope of confused planets. This twisted symphony of dissonant voices; this unmanaged chaos, is akin to the sound of countless thousands of swine in a slaughterhouse. It's not Ave Maria that we are hearing. Crazy? Gone with the wind Cyonotic? Collective violent outrage by those too privileged to appreciate what they have is the new schematic when corruption has reached the point of worship, smells good and then an automatic Pavlovian sexual response emerges from the visceral brain where you get rule by mob. The reality of it all should be clear even to the mentally challenged.

On the one hand how is it possible that people don't see and what is going to be left when the obvious comes to pass?

Funny huh?

Could it be any more certain what is on the horizon? I'm watching it all in a sort of horrifically transfixed state of WTF. The sheer horror and inanity of it all. One day follows the next and for every example given there are at least a dozen more that could be given but one is enough to be emblematic of this or that powerful trend down... down into whatever is down there. I find myself, unconsciously sometimes, walking in the forest, or somewhere, thinking and thinking and then saying, "Dear Lord, how long... how long?"

Yesterday a reader sent this in to me. At first I thought it might be one of those hoax postings because of the intensity and graphic evil of the claims made against the highest authorities in this church. It's not that I did not believe them to be capable of it; it just hit with a great deal of force. Then several people commented to tell me it wasn't a hoax. Then someone wrote to tell me it was even worse, then someone sent it to me again. I guess it has gotten a lot of interest. This won't be showing up on the mainstream news because the people who own the mainstream news are without a doubt also engaged in similar things. In lieu of reporting on this, we get what they consider important and on the heels of these things they mainline their coming objectives. The disconnect between the real and the irrelevant in some minds is... well, I don't know what it is.

And let us not forget the connections between things like this and the relentless forces of the marketplace. I thought..., I assumed that all of what is nutritionally valuable in the potato is in the skin. Perhaps I am wrong, just as I am probably wrong about brown rice being of far superior value than white rice. I do not doubt that the white rice lobby will inform all of us about the intrinsic vitamin and mineral power of white rice. Then there's the white flour which they remove all of the nutrients from while in storage, so that the rats and cockroaches won't eat it. Then they, allegedly add it all back again, when they make those loaves of bread that you can reduce to the size of a baseball by compressing the whole thing in your hands. I have done this.

The absurdity... it is impressive. It is amazing the degree to which it pushes and pusheS and the arguments that attend it, such as "My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don't wish to force this view on anyone." "If you don't like what you see, simply unfollow me," she added. I'm trying to get my head around the part where she says, "I don't wish to force this view on anyone." There's obviously more going on with all of this than what appears on the surface. It could be just one of those things where someone, even with the association of powerful family ties, possesses such marginal talent that it is necessary to generate publicity from other areas, like M. Cyrus and the tongue lolling twerks, or the completely staged antics of people who can fabricate events simply because they have all kinds of money.

I'm linking all of these things for a reason and posting them in Smoking Mirrors, when many of them, more appropriately belong in Petri Dish, because I want to illustrate something while it is still fresh in my mind. Okay... let's consider the lidless eye of Sauron, the single eye of the illuminati; then factor in the force of 'appearances' as it applies to the eye as the organ of sight and then consider the 15th Trump of The Devil whose letter of association is Ayin, which means 'the eye'. The impact of deceptively defined and wrongly interpreted appearances grows in power by the day. We are assaulted on every level by what is not true and the whole illusionary body of them is bulked up like weight lifters on steroids. Meanwhile the gap between what actually is and what is made to appear as what is, grows by leaps and bounds, creating a tautness much like a piano wire being stretched to the point where the laws of physics intrudes with a vengeance. The Center surely cannot hold. We are at all times, mere inches away from some form of spontaneous domino roll and you can see it in people's eyes; whether this be the glazed fixation of the supremacy of appetite over all other concerns, or the incipient gleam of panic that is the regular state of all who are caught in the midst of endless fabrication, with no integrity of infrastructure upon which to hang.

One can look at this pandemic phenomena as being the work of the devil loosed upon the world for the near certain destruction of the majority of the residents, if one sees things in a Biblical sense, or it can be viewed as the strategic force of Mr. Apocalypse driving every form of insanity to its illogical end; well... it would seem logical as well or... it's all just a random interplay of overwhelming crazy shit being pushed by a multitude of unrelated and related agendas, in pursuit of a personal triumph over all competing interests or... just the kind of thing that always happens in the transition zone between one age and the next. A lot of the time it is unimportant, after the fact, how you got wherever you got, following the strongest impulses impacting on you because... you're there and that's the sum of it and... whatever happens 'there' is what happens there. It's pointless to argue about or speculate over how your legs got trapped in the crocodile's jaws once that happens. It changes nothing and usually, you can't reverse the video tape to an earlier point. All you can do is learn from whatever it is that came about, whether by crocodile or any other medium, provided you are around to do so. Of course, should any form of after life be a reality, one supposes you might learn at that point.

I want to point out that the madness of many permutations is rapidly increasing in an exponential way, just as the vermin which feeds on the carrion remaining, after whatever it is that happens, happens, are increasing in size and number by leaps and bounds like the rats in New York City. It just doesn't seem that it can end well in the main. That goes against any theory one might conceive of otherwise, based on available evidence. It's just getting more and more manic, at a higher and higher rate of speed. It's some kind of demented, out of control, amusement park ride. Are those screams of terror? Are they screams of excitement? It's hard to say.

I'm left in a state of shocked wonderment, as I watch is all come and go before my eyes, albeit at a significant distance but... is it really that? Two days ago I was returning from a trip and had to make a few stops in order to purchase items for a dinner party I held last night. Prior to this, people I had passed here and there seemed, more or less normal but on this day, it was as if every demented and perverted type in the area had all, by some sort of secret homing signal, converged upon those places I was passing through. I don't know now if I was experiencing one of those hyper reality states that comes and goes with me or... was it just as it appeared? At one point I was in line and I felt this venomous energy coming at me and I knew it was the person behind me. I turned and saw this massively obese woman glaring at me. There was no reason for it but it was palpable. Her face was twisted into a monstrous state that might have been her usual state and everywhere I went and every time I turned, as I made my way homeward I saw another example. Someone or something had ripped the surface Formica off of the faces of the people as I passed. It was unsettling to say the least.

Lately I have also been having extremely intense dreams. I won't describe any of them due to space and time constraints of the moment but they seem near prophetic in content and intensity and I awaken thinking, something's coming. Something that has been coming for a long time, driven by inevitability and the collective pressure of millions upon millions of minds, at a far remove from the stable and sane, is coming round the bend and definitely not riding six white horses. I'm finding it hard to sketch out a clear expression of all I've seen and felt in recent days. What I have listed and linked here is only a fragment of what I have encountered and there's a much wider awareness of the whole inside my head. I can't know yet if this is responsible for the increase in my perception of the totality of now, in all it's diversity of moments round the globe, or whether the cover is coming off of it all. what is pending... what is arriving ...but not yet present it... it could take any kind of shape. It might be some very dramatic events or series of events, or it might be an instantaneous heightening of awareness in every consciousness where this is still possible. I don't know. What I sense though is that it is transformative beyond anything preceding it. I'm not afraid... it's more like watching a movie and knowing you are not in the movie. Many people might still be terrified, as they are when they watch a movie and are sucked into the performance. Those who know it is only a performance are not moved and can even see nuance as it comes and goes or doesn't arrive at all (grin).

That's all I've got to say to this point; this garbled, cluttered and inconsistent mess you just waded through but... it's what I got. I hope for better in coming days, at least from my end of the contribution.

End Transmission.......

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Smyrna said...

What you describe walking the streets doing your shopping the other day, happened once to me during a crown open/heightened state.

Every ugly fucked-up menacing degenerate and freak crossed my path when walking from my residence into the centre of town (some 3kms).

Disturbed by it at the time, I later reckoned it to be a purpose of demonstration thing. Soul-less units being moved around in the matrix by devils with video game joysticks.

When I'm working nights of a full moon a similar parade occurs.


insaim said...

I was listening to an interview at a very popular alternative radio site yesterday (Vis has appeared at least once at said site).

Anyhow, the interview was basically exploring why the mass immigration in the west (particularly the EU) and why the wars in the mid east etc etc.

Both the interviewer and interviewee seemed to have a reluctance to directly state what they thought of as a direct reason.

So i thought what would i suggest as a good reason, if asked, - and here it is:

Lets first take 911 as being the catalyst to invade mid east country's with Muslim populations.

Then allow - in fact facilitate - mass immigration of refugees from these country's into western Europe.

Basically placing pissed off Moslem's in places/countrys directly responsible for the death and destruction of their homelands.

(This is less noticeable with the mass immigration going on at the same time from country that were formerly part of the soviet union. So the EU model serves the direct purpose as a sort of smoke screen - as well as others.)

Again using 911 as a catalyst introduce hate laws (using EU directives - again the EU serves yet another purpose) thus preventing objection and labeling anyone that does object as racist.

Whilst all this is happening double up efforts to introduce gay marriage; promote feminism; numerous policy's to destroy the family - thus further pissing off Muslim immigrants (as well as indigenous populations)

Continue to Promote through mass media the idea that Moslem's are all suspected terrorists whilst continuing to force mass Muslim immigration and further outlaw any criticism.

So now we have the recipe for the perfect storm. Frustrated and pissed of Christian Europeans forced in to the same pot as pissed off and frustrated mid east Moslem's.

When time is right - when frustration and hatred is bubbling and at almost boiling point - simply ligh fuse and stand back.

isn't it that simple.

Wasn't this outlined in many writings (eg. 3 world wars, Frankfort school. protocols ....... )

any better explanations of what is being orchestrated before our eyes - on a post card to insiam@ .....

insiam said...


also :)

whats does this woman mean when she says without forced mass (moslem) immigration europe will not survive.

video is only 1 min 16 secs

wiggins said...

I doubt the Chinese were obese until McDonalds et al moved into their neighbourhood....c'est la vie.

Jenny said...

this post is perfect for today. I feel it as well. Something is going to have to give very soon.
The good news is at yesterdays job I met 2 different folks who both were "awake" to the insanity of these united states- of unconsciousness- made my day! I love my life-jen

Anonymous said...

loved the poetic imagery at end of the video brawl footage....2 tangled nests of hair extensions torn out during the scuffle.

hello from los angeles where tensions are high and the Ineffable shines on


Anonymous said...

e gads...

that Mr. A handles that stick like a monkey handles a coconut...

speaking of monkeys & coconuts did you see the president @ West Point..

Belgian Interior Minister Joelle Milquetoast and French President Francois Hollande said they believed the attack was the classic virulent anti-Semitic garden variety attack of a lone wolf attacker working for Mr.A,
sort of moonlighting you might say.

On Monday, Haaretz published an analysis on the shooting titled :

“The Brussels Jewish museum shooting: score-settling or coincidence?”

In it, columnist Amir Oren wrote that the two Israelis were former government employees. Emanuel Riva worked as an accountant for Nativ, a government body which facilitates immigration from the former Soviet Union, and the ministry of finance. His wife worked as an accountant for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

Oren suggested Mira Riva’s real employer was the Mossad, although another Israeli journalist known for his deep sources in the intelligence establishment, Yossi Melman, wrote in the Jerusalem Post that such a conclusion was purely speculative freemasonry...?

Oren wrote that “there was no reason for a hostile country like Caspiar, {which sank} or an enemy organization like the brownies to target the Riva's in Brussels,” but added: “Still, perhaps the murder{s} in Brussels were no ‘hate crime’ or ‘anti-Semitic attack’ but a deliberate assassination....ooops

This possible hypothesis is supported by the documentation of the killer’s actions. The cameras recorded what seems like professional score-settling.”

The footage shows a man producing an automatic rifle from a bag, entering the museum with it and then fleeing the scene on foot.

Read more: about fleeing the cult compound in a big hurry

on top of all that the Dr.'s who
administer the Meds for the Prime Minister of Talmudia are having a tough time, what with the wild mood swings and the tsunami of
world public opinion further isolating the swirling madness that is the stool sculpture deity cult compound...

these days

celebrate Israel, Flush


Anonymous said...

Some of the child sacrifice article is probably true but I typed "Rabbis" into the search bar on the accompanying website and got a blank page.Hmmmmm.....
On another somewhat related matter and as you live in Germany I'd like to ask:is it true beastiality is legal there and they even have brothels for this? I only came across this claim today in a book comparing Vladimir Putin and the new Russia with the decadence of the West.

Bryan in Crewe ,UK

Visible said...

It's not legal and they certainly don't have brothels, nor should it be assumed I am in Germany. I like to give that impression for certain reasons and I was there but... let's leave that as a mystery.

Caveat, I can't be sure about the brothel thing or the legal thing but it sounds highly unlikely, Why anyone would want to have cross species sex is beyond my understanding. There are a lot of sick people around in these end times; times of change perhaps more accurate.

SloeDaddy said...


There's a lot of "I hate my life, I hate my job, I hate my eating disorder - WTF do you want?"

I have to admit, I've been there myself, but I'm much better now.


Anonymous said...

Sadly it is legal at moment. Since 1969 that is. There are plans to make it illegal again but they haven't come through. On the other hand, questioning the official narrative of the... never mind.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mr. Les, the darkness can never overcome the light.
That said though, we are in for a hell of a ride.
Ihe Kingdom of Heaven, wherein love and the Golden Rule abound, sounds so fine. We can have that, collectively, or we can get the other, it's default...the kingdom of hell. But hell is a construct that will not stand. Be not afraid.
Sooner or later will come the judgment.
An aside, but unfortunately apropos, did you catch the name of Obama's new spokesperson? Josh Earnest.
I must wonder if his name was changed from Weiner or Finklestein.
Since to 'Josh' is to misinform, is 'Josh Earnest' a bit of a sad oxymoronic joke?

-the beggar

Visible said...

apparently it is true, probably
Tribe owned. Well, every day there's more sick shit. I hadn't heard anything about it before but it will be shut down before long.

Visible said...

I should add that there isn't a single example of any animal brothel, just claims without substance and legislation is in movement to remove the loophole.

Visible said...

Interestingly, the whole article is hearsay with not a single documented location et al. Of course, much worse is happening various places every day but this article is a put up job to push an image and doesn't back it up with any substance at all; not to say one way or the other because I don't know... it doesn't fall into an area of personal interest for me.

Anonymous said...

I liked this. There is nothing better for today.

est said...

when i wake up in the morning
i usually say [sing], to my self

'one more day, i find myself alive ...
tomorrow i'll be buried 'neath the ground'

then i shake loose, go make a coffee +
think about what could happen today,

read a little 'news' and sundry
+ then come visit my friends, here

Smyrna said...

What fuels the obese folk is Coca-Cola. That's Numero uno. The people who buy up all the food are the tradesmen and farm labourers, shearers etc.

A normal person might buy a small bottle of Coke to wash down their lunch. The fatty will buy two litres of Coke for their 'lunch'.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Out of the Echoing Darkness the Avatar is Coming.

Michael in Michigan said...

About Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon, doing a brief search, I didn't find anywhere this was posted that wasn't linked back to the ITCCS article.

One would think that the head of a major Catholic order resigning would certainly be newsworthy enough to be picked up by the wire services and news networks.

I am inclined toward thinking that's all a hoax.

Not saying that there aren't Jesuits (and high ranking Catholics) up to dirty deeds, but not the particularly heinous and dirty deeds alleged by Mr. Annett.

(Now, the Saxe-Gotha-und-Coburg gang, that's another story.)

Visible said...

I clarified that same thing in today's Petri Dish. It kept bothering me that I could only source it at one point. I don't let things like that rest. This is not to say they aren't up to this but for them to have been caught out, I don't think the time is here yet. It is coming though.

Anonymous said...

The International Common Law Court of Justice appears to have been created by Mr. Kevin Annett and a handful of other individuals. It is not a "real", sanctioned, international court or tribunal, despite being headquartered in Brussels. And this is one reason why you don't see anything in the mainstream media about it.

Here's an article on the subject (scroll down below the video up top); check out the comments and you'll get a firmer grip on what it's all about -

Will the end result be the arrest and prosecution of the myriad individuals involved in the ritual murder of children? Which means it's either a valiant, sincere attempt by a small group of individuals to catalyze humanity into seeking true justice via the formation of International Common Law Courts, or it's a "limited hangout", which is designed by the perpetrators of the crimes, to make people think that something is being done about the situation, when absolutely nothing is being done about it.

I believe it's the latter - a dog and pony show, designed to make people who are in various stages of waking up, think that something is actually being done about the murder of children by elitists and the clergy.

Whatever it is, the end result will be nary a wrist slap for those involved at the top of the greasy flagpole, and a sense of demoralization for those who thought that that this "effort" was all on the level, and heads were going to roll...

Visible said...

So it appears to me too. I couldn't figure it out until I just kept looking and looking.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of links! I find that I can get myself into quite a state of anxious anticipation reading too much revelatory internet information. It also makes me somewhat depressed. I'm sure it's all due to my numerous shortcomings, but I do find that an afternoon working in the yard and garden does much to restore some measure of peace. The sounds of the birds and the bees at work make for soothing background music as I weed and trim. Feeling the sun and breezes generates a feeling of gratitude that has within it a great deal of strength.

I am grateful for all the guidance and inspiration you have so freely given over the years.

BTW, 2 days ago - was that 5/29 - the date of the new moon? Second only to the full moon for all kinds of strange energies to manifest.

I can remember my working days when I would go out for my lunch and wonder about all the "weird-os" that would pop up on one day or another. Much later, I learned about the moon and it's influence and look back wondering if their appearances were moon-phase related.

Enjoy the days of Summer while we can - only God knows what is really coming and when.


Visible said...

The reader is under no obligation to click on the links. I often find much of the information to be disturbing but we live in the midst of it and I map trends. I have the feeling that it can be, or will be, important. You're right though; working outdoors and engaged in meditative reflection is probably much more useful than anything I have to say. I've no choice but to do it though. It's my yob (grin).

Skepticfrog said...

Since the ITCCS and ICLCJ (court) are in reality are one and the same, and this thing is not referenced anywhere else, it appears to be a hatchet job.

The Catholic Church is sure guilty of a multitude of things, and have brought such accusations upon themselves by even coddling, protecting and not persecuting the guilty (pedos - especially; thereby opening the door of believebilty of such far fetched charges of crimes.

The suspicion arises (being the usual skeptic), when they talk about this official sounding entity (ICLCJ) as some unrelated official(!) body. Upon a bit of investigation it turns out, that it is a sub-unit of the same org. that trumpeted these "news", without any real, civil, judicial authority whatsoever.

So I smelled a rat. Some others here did too. It does stink - for me - but some like Limburger cheese, so who knows...

So, I personally think this is really a jew-op propaganda hatchet job, (they are with the virulent hate of Catholics) and this ITCCS org. should be looked real close-up as who are in charge.
As we have noticed previously, after a bit of digging, the USUAL culprits turn up...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Madness is Only a Seashell Beyond the Sea's Reach.



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