Friday, May 9, 2014

Frogs on a Slow Boil and Stevie Spielberg's Candiru Christmas.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's getting deep out there. I'm afraid Wellingtons aren't going to cut it any more. You need full body suits, scuba gear. Don't even think about snorkeling. Now here's a tasty little item from one of the departments that manufactures bullshit, as one of its main industries. Note how they mention they have tracked hundreds of millions of dollars to countries where so called terrorism occurs, which might be true if the U.S. and Israel were making war on them. The one country in The Middle East that could well be getting money from these operations -and probably in the billions- isn't even mentioned.

Of course, all of this takes place because the world's super power is a gangster state and Howdy Doody, or the African American equivalent of Bozo the Clown, if you prefer, takes his marching orders from the people who give him money. The same people who make it possible for Bruce Springsteen to get his money and which probably explains why he can't write worth a damn anymore. Money will do that to you. It was certainly appropriate for him to do a 'haunting version' of “Dancing in the Dark.”

These people are all powerful, seemingly, on the world's stage at the moment and it's all about the money and who controls access to it. One of the head people over at The SEC said that no one would prosecute Goldman Sachs or any of the other mob operations and in return, they expected high paying jobs once they moved into the private sector. How nice.

Freedom of speech or holding opinions that run contrary to the Entertainment and Government cabal, run by the same people, immediately shoot down anyone who steps outside of their margins. You will note a bit of dreadful irony in the last paragraph of this article about someone being 'greenlighted'. Um Hmmm if you step on anyone's sacred frogs, anyone with a lobby, you're in the crosshairs. The head of one of the more prominent pro-obesity organizations said, "I'd be up in Barkley's face in a heartsbeat about this but I can't get up out of my chair." "Please help me, I've fallen... and can't get up cause the floor gave way and now I'm lying in the basement." Gee I guess I'm not very politically correct am I?

The truth of the matter is that nearly every organization that purports to work for human rights, or any dysfunction wide enough to have a lobby is run by the same people who do this precisely to protect themselves from the consequences of their crimes. At one of the flagship Zionist universities, they are bringing diversity to a whole new level. You can see where this is going and you will note the comments made by the spokesman for the Satanic Temple. He said something about not believing in the supernatural; pray tell, why do they have a temple then? You can pretty much say anything these days and no matter how transparently false, hypocritical or contradictory it may be, there are a lot of people that will believe it because? Because they are dumber than a rock. And as long as you are a member of a much publicized victim minority group you can say anything and it will be perfectly fine. On the other hand... well, there is no other hand is there? Of course you only need one hand for certain activities and I think that would apply here. "Looks like it's you and me again tonight, Rosencrantz."

Here's a more or less humorous piece on the affair. It also makes good points that I wanted to make. Since Harvard is a mostly Tribe centric operation these days, it stands to reason they would want to get their deity out there at some point.

A reader chimed in at the most previous blog posting about how they were talking about things that were going down and ran into ridicule and general scoffing at their conspiracy mindset. That anyone, just about anyone can't see what's going on by this point, is proof positive that something really bad has happened to them. I don't know if it's invisible radio waves, microwaves, or cellphone towers. It could be in the water or something in the air. Whatever it is, it's potent but... it has no effect on some of us. Curious.

There's something going on with the announced withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border. I don't know if promises were made this way or that way but... once again, events pull back from the brink. It could be that the world isn't set just right for their nefarious agenda yet. They want a Satan's temple in every municipality. They want a much wider implementation of alternative sexual philosophies and practices. They want a much greater percentage of the population reduced to extremity so that they will be blindly obedient in their need. Then again, maybe not. There could be all kinds of reasons. Meanwhile... the tone has changed again today from yesterday; expect anything! Did the step away from the border? Did they not step away from the border? One thing for sure, ZATO is a pack of lying thugs and so is the government they installed in The Ukraine so... expect anything!

A slight digression for those of you who like to lecture me about Putin and put words in my mouth and who think I go around with a campaign badge, on my chest) with Putin's face on it... I don't know what's what or who's who. Believe what you like. If I have indicated a greater affection for Putin than the bloodstained Zionista agents who abound in these times, it is because he is killing much fewer people and actually trying to stop people being killed and he's stopped the gay war on children in his own country. We are on the same page he and I, more so than I and otherwise ...but still not nearly as much as 'I and I' in attentiveness and allegiance.

Apparently they just found a million more holocaust survivors living in the Brazilian jungle and Steven Spielberg is flying in to frame up a movie construct. They came to the attention of the media when they sued the Brazilian government for selling fruit to the Nazi regime during the Second World War... oh... about 70 years ago that ended. They are demanding the city of Brazilia for residence and ten billion dollars in repatriation monies. It seems that the jungle mosquitoes were looking out for them until now as a matter of professional courtesy. It's always nice to see harmonies develop between different species with similar appetites and practices.

The sheer volume of nutjob antics in operation is impressive (to say the least). Whether it's Lindsey Lohan understudy Miley Cyrus with her achy breaky brain farts. The incredible photographic embarrassment of Zionist owned U.S. Congressmen meeting with Pussy Riot; the tawdry tale of Sterling and Stiviano. Then there's Mossad agent Lewinsky, whining about her deep nobility during the time of her staged crisis and whatall that I couldn't be intrigued enough to read more of. All of this superficial used toilet paper is designed to keep the attention off of things like this. Yeah... it just goes on and on and on.

I want to say that I would be just delighted when this Chinese Water Torture entropy, of one slow moment after the other, dripping down into a bottomless well, is over. Then again, that might not necessarily be good news. I guess we'll just put that in the 'be careful what you wish for' file.

The whole thing lurches from side to side, like some drunken behemoth who was also huffing paint. No one seems to notice it much because they are instantly intoxicated when the monster breathes on them. It's a big monster and it's breathing all over the place. The air is filled with the fumes of its discharges.

Oh... the agony of the wait as the heavy metals dance of time, baby steps its way into the darkness like an ancient Chinese lady with bound feet. If ignorance could be put on a gauge you could actually see the needle move because, sometimes it looks like it is moving like Usain Bolt. I got one word for you, Reality TV (pun intended). I don't remember from where or when all these people came from. I don't recall them always being around. I don't recall them being stupider than a potted plant; indifferent to the world around them, indifferent to their own survival, as it may hinge on the world around them, indifferent to the gruesome, capital crimes of their leaders. Day by day they lower the bar. They must be halfway to China by now. No miner and no creature known has been as deep into the darkness of the Earth as they have and they accomplished it with simplicity by just lowering the bar every day.

Quite often I think of them as frogs in a pot being brought to a slow boil. There is so little one can do because if you tell them they will "turn again and rend you." You can 'cry out to deaf heaven with your bootless cries' for all the good it seems to do. I'm not meaning to take anything away from the awareness and engagement of the divine in human affairs but it surely seems to be that the divine has decided events must just take their course into whatever earthshaking and powerful lesson it all leads to. I get the sense he/she has said, "I'm washing my hands of this whole sorry affair. I have run out of comparisons for dumb and clueless. Nothing quite gets it anymore. It has moved beyond description." That's probably not the divine speaking. That's probably me.

They just discovered another ten million holocaust survivors living half a mile beneath New York City. They came to public attention when they sued The Congo, Rwanda and Cambodia for the use of the word, which apparently they say is trademarked for their exclusive use both in the experience and the application of it. Steven Spielberg will be heading there after he gets done in Brazil. We're hoping he runs into an orthodox sect of candiru while he's riverside down there. Maybe he can make a movie out of that.

I've been feeling extra sensitive all day. Maybe it's a bleed off of the massive sensitivity that is everywhere to be found concerning anything anyone wants to feel sensitive about. I guess the important thing to keep in mind is that no one is going through all this sensitivity for no reason. There are serious, serious bucks involved in being sensitive and making everyone else feel sensitive so that you can behave in the most desensitized way possible, without fear of repercussion.

Faith can be a fragile thing. We hope for a better world and we expect one too but we see the venal parasites at the controls; their police and prisons, their armies and the unnumbered dead. We wonder at what it will take to bring us past this dead zone of hungry zombies. Will some messiah come down out of the heaven's and transform hearts and minds instantaneously with immeasurable power? Will some version of space brothers appear and simply take the power away from the criminals presently in charge and do whatever needs to be done with them? Will natural disasters of global scope change everything in all necessary ways? Is it something else? Will it be something else? I simply hope and believe but have no compelling vision of what form it may take. Somehow it works out and we find ourselves somewhere else. That somewhere else will be based upon the collective works of yours truly (whichever of us that refers to) during their tour of duty on spaceship Earth.

Karma, destiny, direction, aspiration, talent and ability, ambition and whatever it is you have come to love, either through extended contact or spontaneous combustion; these all add together to forge the environments and circumstances you pass in and out of. Every one of us is sitting at a command console, with the opportunity to chart our course and steer our saucer pod to whatever Loka or Hellish region we are attracted to, regardless of whether we got taken in by the adverts or not. We are daily engaged in the creation of whatever new world we are set to enter upon, whether that world was there before and only about to become new to us, or whether it was sprung full blown from the forehead of some archetype; whatever...

I tossed this complex salad today to point out a few landmarks on a particular walking tour we are all embarked on. Maybe you know the meaning of life and death and don't have to whistle past the graveyard and maybe you don't but you can definitely, most assuredly, make contact with one who does. It's up to us and whatever level of incandescence we put out (through faith, certitude and determination), who it is we meet up with and who it is we develop a relationship with and for how long, how deep and whether it is one of animosity, indifference ...or true affection. Right now, right this minute, our fate is being decided. Everything flows out of the present. We can get up this morning and say, “today, my life changes for the better, in ways I was unable to imagine before. Today... a true prosperity in all good things will descend upon me and be directed toward me. Today... I am brand new.”

End Transmission.......

Sorry about the radio broadcast delay posting. Sometimes that happens. Anyway, here it is and this weeks is only two days away (grin).

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think I now what's with Miley Cyrus. . .I mean with relatives like this:

Bill the Cat

how can one not be messed up? Man, the resemblance is scary, no?

And for the sake of pretending to be a nice individual, I go off topic to post the link of links on speculative history/mythology/and how the bible was rewritten to be a totally perverted political too amongst a trillion other things:

Pleiadian Bible

As for potted plants, I was under the impression plants and rocks, being part of the Deva Kingdom are quite intelligent. It's just people can't understand them unless they're on some sort of drug, barring a few exceptions. Vacuums, however. . .

Anonymous said...

now that was a fair statement of the obvious...

and those that matter are keenly aware of your concern for the children...

as we all should be

take that...all you gloom & doomers



Visible said...

actually, being a member of the Devic kingdom is not indicative of anything but that and there are some bad critters there as well but one is no more conferred intelligence by demographic any more than being a member of the mineral kingdom makes you royalty

insiam said...

I really think it is wrong to pick on fat people. I mean if you really think about it being excessively fat (that would be obese) is a form of mental illness. I mean its not rocket science to be able to look after the human body. Oh, i hope i haven't offended any fat people as i only offer my opinion as a form of defence from all those nasty fatists.

Next time someone criticizes you for being obese just say: 'hey it is not my fault - i have a form of mental illness. i know that over eating bad food makes me unhealthy and unsightly and unfit but i just can't stop myself'

everoyne knows its wrong to criticize people with mental health issues. so it is just a case of making people understand that fatness is due to ignorance and uncontrolled over eating. mental illness in other words.

Oh, whilst on the subject of people being discrimated against. I must speak up in defence of people with ginger hair. Having ginger hair - unlike being obese - is not a form of mental illness. It is just bad luck and could happen to anyone. People with ginger hair are just the same as othere people. And contrary to popular belief they do not have a peculiar smell about them. I know this for a fact as i once had a friend with ginger hair.

next time you see a ginger person be nice to them. they really are just the same as non gingers underneath their red exterior.

Visible said...

outside of the fact that I was obviously referring to the lobbies and the political forces at work, one might say the same for psychopaths, politicians, serial killers and anyone really. Everything is okay and it doesn't matter what it is, unless it applies to you and then it's an exception.

insiam said...

hmm, i guess that comment was in response to my comment. not sure what it means :) my post was meant strictly as humour.

people often think that being a comedic genious is a great gift. alas, i can tell you that sometimes it can be a curse ............... :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I LOVE ginger hair. My flat mate has ginger hair, and I've got a touch of red in mine. Being a Cabbage person (Kraut---genetically 1/2), I've probably got Scythian blood running through my veins, but what ever.

I'd hardly call ginger hair unlucky. Goes great with green or aqua eyes.

Anonymous said...

Steven Spielberg: I 'was put on this earth to' tell story of the Holocaust

Apparently he was:

Places Spielberg's most important works, by his own admission, in context.

Visible said...

and mine was sarcasm which, last time I looked was as category of humor and that's how I'd take it (grin). Look at it this way, I'd have to really be pissed to react to a beloved reader with anything past snark and snark? I can do snark.

Moving right along.

Anonymous said...

It's time for you to rest and go fishing tonight, the big rain is coming--take care of yourself...I am right in the middle of a reno from hell--work 72 hours straight to tie into the wishes and new beginnings...

insiam said...

@lovetopushthosebuttons ......

as you can read from my post i have great sympathy for gingers. although it can indeed be unlucky. i have heard that in certain parts of the UK doctors will (secretly) offer an early termination to any mother who has a high chance of having a ginger. with the new colored MRI scans a ginger hue can be identified as early as 12 weeks.

it is self evident in scotland and certain parts of ireland that since the advent of colored MRI scans there are a lot less gingers around.

personally i think it is wrong. i wouldnt want to know and would love the child ginger or not .

i am totally opposed to any form of gingercide

Anonymous said...


It doesn't currently get any better. You da man, escribier rex.

I'm trying to cruise through it all on a higherish plane. Does the bar lowering thing ever reach absolute zero (probably a false idea)? "Yea, though I walk through the valley…." "Except you become as little children…." "Precious Lord, take my hand."

I shall not want.



Magdelena Melchizzedek

L.L.O. said...

That last paragraph was great Vis! I think I may write it down and tape it to my door so I see it everyday.
I an feel the transition approaching.
I grow so tired of this toxic donkey show. I am SO tempted to just pull it up and go back to Maui. I know I can find work (solar) but like you said, Maui is not what it was and is probably not even what it is. If that makes any sense.
I miss just sitting on my board and taking in Lanai and Molokai. Wow! Tears just came to my eyes thinking about that.
Anyways, thanks again.
From the left coast.

galen said...

Imagine you are having a lovely swim and suddenly a sharp hook penetrates the roof of your mouth. You struggle to be released from it but instead it drags you up and out of everything you need to survive. You are gasping for air, likely confused and afraid. You are carelessly tossed or quickly frozen, sometimes instantly beheaded or slashed up the belly. You are dying.

That's what we do to other beings when we "go fishing." (sad face)

Have A Nice Day,


Anonymous said...

An 'anti-ism' for which the ‘chosen’ carefully avoid---religious supremacism. It seems that they keep this one a safe distance from their machinery of exploitation, while feeding into it everything else as fodder for the Political Correctness agenda.

They live in fear of just a few too many somnambulant goy waking up once and for all.

Why not use political correctness against itself? And this just may be the angle of approach.


galen said...

Backing up this from your last paragraph: "Today... I am brand new,”. . . an old poet had something similar to say. Here is an excerpt from one of his poems:


They do me wrong who say I come no more
When once I knock and fail to find you in
For every day I stand outside your door
And bid you rise to fight and win

Wail not for precious chances passed away
Weep not for golden ages on the wane
Each night I burn the records of the day
At sunrise every soul is born again

-- Walter Malone (more than a hundred years ago)


Anonymous said...

From the following paragraph to the end you had me by the heart...
And I remembered that 'faith is the essence of things hoped for'.

Mr. Visible, thank you.
Your friend,
- the beggar

"Faith can be a fragile thing. We hope for a better world and we expect one too but we see the venal parasites at the controls; their police and prisons, their armies and the unnumbered dead. We wonder at what it will take to bring us past this dead zone of hungry zombies. Will some messiah come down out of the heaven's and transform hearts and minds instantaneously with immeasurable power? Will some version of space brothers appear and simply take the power away from the criminals presently in charge and do whatever needs to be done with them? Will natural disasters of global scope change everything in all necessary ways? Is it something else? Will it be something else? I simply hope and believe but have no compelling vision of what form it may take. Somehow it works out and we find ourselves somewhere else. That somewhere else will be based upon the collective works of yours truly (whichever of us that refers to) during their tour of duty on spaceship Earth."

galen said...

As I see it. . .Visible rehabilitates faith. I think he might be related to this guy who here delivers 14 of my favorite minutes:


sage691 said...

Thanks, Galen, for the poem. I copied it and sent it to my children.

I can only pray for Miley Cyrus whenever I read or see of her antics. It's so evident that she has experienced an extreme trauma. I've read that it was a rape on stage at Bilderberger by her father as part of another satanic ritual but the particulars aren't as important as the definitive evidence of a soul trauma to the poor child. I pray for her.

She does give a big clue, IMO, which is that she encourages smoking weed and getting laid but, quit smoking tobacco. What's up with this fake concern for our health while we're being drenched in toxic chemicals and heavy metals? Could it be that tobacco (real tobacco - not the toxic commercial crap!) is a protection of some sort?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Non-smokers and vegetarians allegedly taste better. I can't prove it though, despite so many CANNIBALISM 101 jokes. What I may or may not have done or eaten several life times ago is gone from my (random access) memorey.

galen said...

Quote on the anti-War Origins of Mother's Day:

"Say firmly:  'We will not have questions decided by irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us reeking of carnage for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy, and patience. We women of one country will be too tender to those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.  From the bosom of a devastated earth a voice goes up with our own, it says, 'Disarm! Disarm!'  The sword of murder is not the balance of justice. Blood does not wipe out dishonor..."
-- Julia Ward Howe, The Mother's Day Proclamation (excerpts), 1870


Visible said...

Wow! great quote. But... isn't she the one who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic? That would be some fierce irony

galen said...

Yeah, same one. I guess she grew. Her early activism was anti-slavery. She started to figure things out and all the death just didn't add up. Her eyes had seen the glory. . .

Happy Mother's Day


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Rites of the Sun and Moon and the Habitual.

ChewyBees said...

A man is defined by what he believes in.

The actions of a man are proof of what he believes in. The other men associated with are proof of what he believes in. The corpus materialism that a man hoards & clings to are proof of what he believes in. The ways that a man cares for his system of existence on this plane (his body or living temple) are proof of what he believes in.

The belief systems that are thrust upon society define society. Once a man believe in the fictional constructs of government, institutions, organizations & the sardine feeding schools of society, then that man refuses to define himself as the creator, & therefore allows his self to be created by, & structured by anyone or anything but self.

At that point, a man's intentions are tragically focused on creating for that which is corpus, & not the natural world of God, life, & self.

I place argument that not a single Christian man actually believes in the Christ as described in the Gospel of any version of the Bible, but instead believes (acts according to) the religious elements that control the interpretations of the Bible. If one believes in the characterizations of an image developed from scripture, then that man would act accordingly. Yet offer one example of a Christian that has rendered all his effects to Caesar, & dedicates his life to the abandonment of Caesar.

It’s a haughty call to walk as Christ in some sort of new age lapse of faith in corporatism. But the intent isn't even close. All one has to do is look to either side of the altar to see that the flags presented indicate that the religion itself is understanding of the government at large. The contractual obligation of tax-free status (503c) means that the religious institution is understanding of the state, & therefore the religion is of the state, & the god of the religion is the state, & God the Creator is a distant second, if considered at all.

ChewyBees said...

I pick on Christianity for the sole reason that it is the most commonly known basis behind the belief that an institutionalized interpretation of God will realize an access to heaven, when in reality it provides access to a hell on earth. Just like government, it’s a controlling force that requires mammon to operate & proliferate.

Which brings me to government as a belief system. The masses believe in government as their God. a god is a fictional construct that enables some men to deceive & steal the labor value of the many to the profit of the few. The God exists outside of this, as earth & all of the life that exists on earth. These things spring forth without man creating them, until man decides he knows better & bastardizes those creations into poison.

Each living thing, which is everything on earth & throughout the universe that is not a profiteering perversion from the minds of the corpus, is proof that a higher authority exists than government. It is proof that a higher authority exists than the child of government known as religion. The Bible is not necessary, though like any longstanding religious doctrine it has its mysteries & truths. But a book is not God. A book is a chopped up tree (a tree is of God) that has been chemically treated, manufactured & processed in a factory, then printed upon using interpolated & interpreted images created by men for profit. The Bible is not above this. God cannot possibly be a book. Words on paper cannot possible be God. In the same way, laws (statutes) written by governments can’t possibly have an authority greater than the natural laws of God, unless the man receiving them believes that those words are God.

It’s the belief systems that are instituted into the minds of men that become their lord. How many times have we been taught to pray to "the Lord"? Why would the God of the universe ever need the title of Lord, or King? It is because the masses, in their desperations, seek solace in a fictional image of God, portrayed in the fictional image a representative man that only wishes to take their life force from birth to last breath.

Visible said...

well said Chewy. In last night's radio broadcast I mention anthropomorphism which ties right in with what you say.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In Kali yuga the ultimate definition of anthropomorphism is exemplified via this world's various and sundry societies of cheaters and the cheated attempting/imagining the application of qualities and characteristics of bona fide human beings to our sorely lacking selves.

The silver lining being how perfectly this emphasizes the greatest gift within and without this material life and death existence; our individual personality and all it entails.

Our individual choices/actions of anything and everything from denying God, to pretending to be God, to worshiping God's creations, up to and including personal association with God.

"If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.."


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Well said!!? Pronouncements about God and what he can and cannot do, can and cannot be, made by someone who doesn't even believe in God are by definition, nonsense. (tamasic)

There are bona fides (Sadhus/Gurus/Saints), traditions, (Vedanta/Vaishnavism/Shaivism) which utterly disagree with such ridiculous pronouncements.

Some of these scriptures have been extant for thousands of recorded (written) years and millions of unrecorded (spoken) years.

The personified Vedas assemble around the Lord and begin to glorify Him

"Sanandana told them how the numerous personified Vedas, appearing as the first emanations from the breathing of Lord Nārāyaṇa, recited prayers for His glorification just before the creation."

SB 10.87 (summary)



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