Friday, July 25, 2014

Through all the Darkness of this World, the Sun is Still Shining

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It has been a feature of my life that I read a lot of books and that includes a preponderance of novels. The last four novels that came into my hands were bad enough that I had to throw them away before finishing them. I now find myself in possession of the latest offering from Frederick Forsyth called, “The Kill List”. This author is one of the most popular out there and he's written some compelling efforts, most notably, “The Day of the Jackal”, “The Odessa File” and “The Dogs of War”. I don't usually buy his books for the same reason that I don't read Tom Clancy and that is because the subject matter is not in my area of interest but... I got this book and I have to say, after only a few pages, I found myself stunned... shocked! This is one of the most wet colon works I have ever seen. It is a word for word duplication of the official lies concerning 9/11, Bin Laden, Omar and all the other fall guys listed in the official fantasies. It's as if someone was standing over his shoulder and dictating to him what he was supposed to say. It's also an example of some of the most piss poor writing I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with. It's as if some unseen entity came by with one of those astral vacuum cleaners and sucked every bit of talent and ability out of this now bankrupt word clown.

This guy is one of the richest and most successful writers of fiction around. On the first page he is referred to as an INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST! He possesses 'effortlessly cool reality and insider information' What a hoot! I've been noticing the widespread knuckle under epidemic for some time from artists of every stripe. The people who sign the checks (and we know who that is- the same people who print the money) have apparently laid down the law and the majority of these hacks, already in possession of more money than they will ever spend, have bobbed their Nodwell heads and said, “Yowsah Boss! I'm not saying that this author hasn't written pro forma, party line garbage before. He has but this... you really have to read the first couple of dozen pages to see what I mean. Even though it is a new paperback and worth something (for reasons I cannot fathom), I am going to tear it apart and throw it in my waste can. I intend to spare any future reader, who might come into possession of this copy, the potential agony of wading through it and I don't want it on my karma that I left this laying around for anyone to pick up. Let me pause right here and tear this book apart. Oh yeah! That did it.

It continuously amazes me what people will sacrifice and toss aside in order to stay current and in good standing with the status quo; integrity, out the window, dignity, ditto, honor... let me help you out, which way did you come in? Compared to sucking up to the master race and getting to shake hands with mass murderers, how can these qualities compare in value? I'm guessing that regardless of their political persuasions, most people, given an invite to meet the monster in the white house, or any of the other movers and shakers would not hesitate. I'd send a quenelle and an apology card about a scheduling conflict. I might even mention that I am already firmly committed to go and watch the moss grow on a particular tree in a particular woodland setting.

You got to hand it to them and... the cosmos certainly is going to do that. They got some stones to go bombing hospitals and schools. In no other race on Earth are MOST of the members evil but that is the case with this one. World wide outrage is shaking the atmosphere. Few believe their transparent BS. Meanwhile, it's 24/7 “Putin is Evil!!!” The world as we knew it is in the shallows of the river bed and the dam has broken upstream. There is a roaring sound in the air but most everyone has no idea what is causing it. Is it a train? Is it a low flying aircraft? Is it Netanyahu farting out of both sides of his mouth? Sooner or later, mostly sooner, in cases like this, sound turns into substance.

What kind of race of creatures, simulated humans but not human, goes on TV and says that the only way to stop the freedom fighters whose land you stole is to rape their wives and daughters? Right along with all of the horrid statements and acts of these rabid Morlocks comes the two houses of the American Congress passing bill after bill supporting Israel. They're falling all over each other to out Israel First each other. They sold out their country. They betrayed their constituents... it can't end well and it won't. Any minute now... any minute now, some form of gamechanger is going to hit and nothing will ever be the same again. That's a good thing if it means it will never the the same again as it is now.

I don't know what the relevance of these things are. We live in a slaughterhouse and as time has gone by the very worst among us have risen to the highest points of temporal authority. What this means is that they have gone as far as they can go. They have turned on the lights. They have stepped out upon the stage and they have identified themselves through word and deed to the eyes of the world. They have made the necessary spectacle of themselves for the purpose of demonstration and it cannot be undone. They may think they are one-eyed Jacks but we have seen the other side of their face. It is not for us to walk in their footsteps and those who in ignorance applaud the carnage they leave in their wake, they have dammed themselves as well. It is as it should be.

Our calling is to amplify our love. The heart is a muscle. Any muscle will grow strong if you exercise it. We must apply the action of a bellows upon the flame of our love and fan it into a conflagration. Love is the universal solvent. It is the cosmic vitriol. It reduces everything to its essential being and illuminates or consumes it. Love is the most personally limited and misunderstood of all our assets. It is so much more than we will ever fathom or comprehend. It is the incandescent lifeblood of the soul. It is the magic carpet of continuance. It is eternal and it renders those who possess it immortal because they share in its nature. There is no stronger force in all the universe and though we nay not recognize it, it is what animates us and gives us life. Though we mis-handle and misunderstand it, it understands us very well.

We are composites of many things and all of them war for supremacy in our being. It is for the one thing to which we give the greater portion of ourselves to define us accordingly. Why should that not be love that becomes stronger in us than any other thing? We are not commanded or compelled to love everything in everyone. Rather we are commanded and compelled to find something, even if it is only one thing, to love in every other thing and which will feed and nourish that one thing to the exclusion of all else and cause it to grow in a greater proportion to everything else in every living thing. It is the shining sun at the center of our being that shines on and gives sustenance to everything it is directed at. We water it with our tears of sorrow and joy.

It is common during our time here to feel that we are private when we are not private, alone when we are not alone and unseen when we are seen at all times. The very judgment of our being looks out from our eyes as we proceed from that first event of our arrival, to that final event of our departure. Even if this were not true, we would be a far better person to live as if it were and the beauty is that it is true. It is, to me, the most obvious of everything. I can hardly look at anyone or anything without it soon revealing this very truth to me.

Nature and the cosmos are personified in giving. There is not a mature fruit bearing tree that does not bring forth more fruit than any one person can eat. There is not a moment that the greatest of all object lessons, the sun, does not shine upon us. Has it gone to the other side of the world? It is still shining. Have the clouds obscured it? It is still shining. Truth is like that. In times like these it can become completely obscured but it's still there. It is there for those for whom the pursuit of it is a grand passion. That is who it will reveal itself to. Even if it were glittering like a mountain of diamonds in the city square, it would still be obscured from the eyes of the profane and when it by grace or great effort deigns to reveal itself it is always an internal matter. We become what we pursue. We become that which is the greater compulsion in each of us.

Our destiny is nothing more or less than our arrival at that place where what we love the most resides. Collectively and individually, people can turn their world into shit or the truest gold. Intention defines the product and where love has been employed in its fashioning, I will leave it to your imagination what the result must surely be. Amplify your Love. Exercise your love. Make it the primary occupation of your life. Let it take you and remake you according to the form and function of the mysterious author of it. It came from somewhere... trace it back. Love is conscious. It you are looking for Love, Love is looking for you.

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Visible said...

I remember when this piece of shit first got exhibited.

DAD said...

Les , This post speaks so clearly and loudly , truth. thank you for sharing the wisdom. If you read this give me a message on face book thanks. peace David

mike m said...

Thanks Vis, needed that re-affirmation the everything is under control and this is all for purpose of demonstration.

Peace for Palestine

Anonymous said...

i'm feeling the is the day

synchronicities and signs

LOVE is here...everywhere......

ohhhhhhhhhh it's shining out.....

my heart is swelling too big for this vehicle

shining that love on the darkness

love has the loveless on the run........

wm burroughs last written's all there is.....

after all his pain...he finally got it.

pray we all do

love to you sir visible

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Vis.
Hope you're moving right along in healing.

est said...

there is only one mind
and it is dreaming
and we are that dream

it is hard to understand
we are not real
phantoms and shadows

we have to take ourselves seriously
or else we would be lost
but in reality we are one

never alone, soylent green - ha
really though, now is the time
if you want to pass through

make 'yourself' really small
and you and the camel
can pass through that eye, together

Ray B. said...

Vis, nice posting, especially about Love.

On Frederick Forsyth's “The Kill List,” it would be interesting to know whether he was/is 'ignorant' or intimidated:

In public, Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto stated that Bin Laden had died years earlier. I believe she said of kidney or liver disease. She was 'assassinated' shortly after that statement, under circumstances where Pakistani military could have done it (probably as ordered).

I wonder if he made the 'connection'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#1--It that's art, I'm a sausage pizza.


Everything is born/hatched in love. Then life whittles it away, and it must be refound by those not encouraged in the way of love on their journey. (Note what the freshly born kitten/puppy/duckling/what ever is revelling in as soon it gets over the shock of entering its new realm.)?




I can't wait for that final damn trip/reset. I HATE WAITING, AND THAT'S ALL THAT'S LEFT TO DO!

Well, that and post snarky comments on other peoples' blogs, and try to outdo my last most obnoxious post on my blog. Like adding a #13 to
"Survival Basics: 12 Tips For Families With Children", which was: THEY ARE EDIBLE, but hey!

est said...

seen on the evening 'news'

the pope eats in the vatican cafeteria

fish and chips on a tray
sits down with the regulars

the cashier was wont to charge him

est said...

wont is wrong
try : would not

galen said...

All in the timing, and we approach the 13th anniversary of that big New York event, that event that spun us into a deeper hell. Ugly and bad it was, but little did its perpetrators know it would spawn an awareness never dreamed of. From the lemon, lemonade, and lemon-ice, and lemon pudding, and lemon pie. September 11th comes, and with it the attendant fortification of the lie, so not surprising to read your Frederick Forsyth review. The infection must stay infected. On we go, and this today, too:

9/11 Commission - The lie expands (in a lot of different ways)

"'The only problem with US counter-terrorism efforts is the general public. ... The President must lead the government in an ongoing effort to explain to the American people—in specific terms, not generalities—why these programs are critical to the nation’s security. If the American people hear what we have heard in recent months, about the urgent threat and the ways in which data collection is used to counter it, we believe that they will be supportive.' ... In total, the Commission's report is everything the DHS/NSA/FBI, etc. could have hoped for. It calls for more of the same, only faster, harder and with bigger budgets. ... The ongoing farce that is the TSA is given a solid thumbs-up. ... The Commission believes the only thing really missing is a governmental voice persuasive enough to talk the public out of its civil liberties in exchange for some shiny 'safety' baubles."

Full article here:

Expect more infecting, though today's Smoking Mirrors, contains the antidote. It starts with the letter "L." Thanks, Vis, I'm counting on a cure.


Anonymous said...

My great friend!!!

You say what I need most!!!

This Mirrors was like a Ju Jitsu Master's fist smashing through two wooden boards!

Ok, I will amplify my love! All day, every day! I'll force myself to remember!!!

All manner of healing to you, Vis!!


Anonymous said...

That love thing sounds good can i have some to go please.


brian boru said...

Hi Les,
I hope your condition is improving.
I'm glad that you panned Forsyth and other hacks like him. I stopped reading their works years ago. It's impossible to continue reading such novels when you know that the underlying premise is nonsense. The demons in charge know that they can't allow any alternative view, even in books of fiction, any more than they do in film, 'newspapers' or any other media. The writers of this trash must be aware that what they are producing is rubbish but don't care because they are making tons of money. The reading public lap it up because they are unaware that the basic assumptions made in the book have no connection to how things are in the real world.
Anyway, best of luck and keep up the good work.

Visible said...

technically you can have as much as you can carry.


On the matter of novels, that is why I use mine as a vehicle to transmit all that 'they' refuse to say.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,
Thanks for letting these golems have it. The sellout factor in our culture is approaching 100%. I'm happy to reread old novels I have around the house as there is nothing at the library not of the sellout genre. I can't afford new books right now.

How can these creeps look at themselves in the mirror? Grrr, rant. Slaughterhouse. Muh fellow ammurrrikuns, you have sold your soul to the devil, and you didn't get a good price. When you and yours fail, will you even notice?

Yes, I love you anyway, you buffoons. But, please, today I am hiding myself away from you, taking refuge with the Viz.
Praying for peace for Palestine. Poor babies.


Anonymous said...

well there you go again...

but if my memory serves correct
once there was this other feller, mighta been from Arkansas, who
saw a stairway descending from the heavens...

and his hip got all out of joint on account of he was rasslin' with one of them Angel fellers...

I just Love it when a plan comes together...



flyingcossack said...

you can manipulate someone's behavior ... have protagonists in every sitcom, movie, latenight comedy react to things a certain way ... with enough repetition, people will react the same way

listen to the child, you will never be fooled ... negotiate with the devil, you already have been

Anonymous said...

A story from a typical Engish town: (from the horses mouth)

Old lady is assaulted by a retarded - well known to the local authoritys - nuisance, and a couple of disguisting homosexuals - that are well aware of their positive discriminatioin status. Homos call the police. They arrive within minutes. Old lady (85) shows police bruises. Police say she could have self inflicted and threaten to arrest her. Police are seen to be laughing and joking with homos and retard after leaving old ladys home .

Old lady goes to local authority (town hall) to complain. She is advised that this is now the norm.

She is totally confused. Being totally unaware of what is being done under thte guise of cultural marxism.

English men are cowards. Can't say or do anything for fear of arrest. Disguisting excuses for men.

You know who you are. Yes , you read here.
Stand up and be fecking counted!!!!!!

my IP says who i am !!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, pease dont post that previous rant :) same IP

Anonymous said...

Among other evils, that vapid pap will dull your comprehension.

Add Bentley Little and Dan Brown to your list of stumpies.

You can annotate them and send them back, not that a stumpy would care. Great fun during blizzards.

wiggins said...

I believe Saatchi insured that shit and some of Hirst's crap for millions before 'Jewish Lightning' struck the warehouse/studio......;-)

Visible said...

Nothing wrong with that ran t. Never apologize for telling the truth. the only thing one might ever need or desire to apologize for is the delivery system.

torus said...

Peace and continued healing to you Les Visible!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That mountain air is powerful stuff, Visible. Wonderful and wonderfully said. Jeff

est said...

now that started
me to thinkin'
what is the truth ?

something we all agree on ?
a fact and not an opinion ?

an immutable pure and rare thing ?
a dirty secret awash in a gutter ?

whthfu is the truth ?
every seven years each cell in our body is replaced !

is that the truth ?
just wait seven years ?

no waiting involved, for the truth
it's right under our nose, always

Ray B. said...


Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," NASA said.

The extreme space weather that tore through Earth's orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in 150 years, according to a statement posted on the US space agency website on Wednesday.

However, few Earthlings had any idea what was going on.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me i can only carry as much love that i can hold in the two hands god gave me.
I pray to god to send an angel so I can give him what love I have so he can place it in the hands of someone who does not know what it is.
As for the love I have given I will pray to Jesus
To give me the love i need to carry on.
Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'd whoop excitedly too if some numb nuts paid me millions of dollars for my old bed.

But on a much more important note....Solomon asked God for wisdom. I ask God for love in my heart. Then even if I am an old fool, all is well.
And if we can't love in every case..then we must at least do what love would do.

Wonderful post, classic Les.
I honor the divine in you, and all who come here.

Your friend,
- the beggar man.

Josey said...

I still don't understand. I'm sure some of these people who are being destroyed, incinerated, blown apart, have love in their hearts, have done nothing wrong, have loving families and friends, how do they attract this mayhem. How about the kids being ripped to shreds?

Or is it some karma from lives past?

Or are they just in the wrong place wrong time or interfere with a diabolical plan made by others who want total dominance?

Could this be us if we were there no matter how much love we were feeling, projecting? Will it be us in some next phase?

I can't reconcile what's happening.

Should we as fellow beings come to their aid in a more physical way? If so how? How would it be wrong to take out the perpetrators?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the current Palestine tragedy taking place before our traumatized eyes worse and more debilitating than previous ones. I say debilitating coz it seems we are traumatized into sitting back and just saying Only God can take care of this one coz we are so petrified. Les, Gaza carnage really for purposes of demonstration? God rest their souls. How many more Gazas will suffice for purposes of demonstration.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Vis Demonstations:

"The world looks like a multiplication-table, or a mathematical equation, which, turn it how you will, balances itself. Take what figure you will, its exact value, nor more nor less, still returns to you. Every secret is told, every crime is punished, every virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed, in silence and certainty.
We feel defrauded of the retribution due to evil acts, because the criminal adheres to his vice and contumacy, and does not come to a crisis or judgment anywhere in visible nature. There is no stunning confutation of his nonsense before men and angels. Has he therefore outwitted the law? Inasmuch as he carries the malignity and the lie with him, he so far deceases from nature. In some manner there will be a demonstration of the wrong to the understanding also; but should we not see it, this deadly deduction makes square the eternal account."

Emerson, "Compensation"

galen said...

Decades ago, when I looked into the eyes of the starving African babies, flies on lids, bellies extended, I wondered about their karma. Could they have in some previous life starved another people? But Spirit whispered in my ear: "These are fully innocent; they come on a mission of great sacrifice to teach us deep compassion, to open our hearts. We must help where we can, each according to his or her own inner directive." I had had a very immature understanding of karma but now knew it was not just about punishment but also about lessons, I guess what Vis calls demonstration. How big are the souls that take on such a mission?! May I one day wash their feet.

And I type knowing that this could sound like royal bs to all in the line of fire, suffering and losing everything. I suffer not knowing what more to do. A life-time of anti-war activism only to see war escalated to a most disgusting degree.

I have tickets for a dance performance this afternoon. While beauty and grace move to accompanying music I will have one eye on Gaza and Ukraine and wonder why, for now, I am safe. But really (except in the eternal sense), no one is.

In mourning, near always, in mourning.


Ray B. said...

"Les, Gaza carnage really for purposes of demonstration?"

With all due respect for Gaza victims, this is a small-time 'demonstration'. All-God was responsible for the Black Plague, "Lusitania", "Titanic", Battle of Kursk, Battle of Somme, etc., etc. One has to step WAY back and say "purposes of demonstration" or begin to hate (one aspect of) God...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

As always Les,
Your words are an inspiration to remain true to myself no matter the cost.

The alternative is too horrific to contemplate.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Appearances are Lies in Manifestation.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Beautiful post Les Visible. You are most certainly kissed by All for inspiration.

All over the world folk are condenming israel for their genocide of Palestinians whose land they stole, but the same tribe own the banks and the media so not a wotd was spoken, the church bells all were broken, and the three men I admire most, the Father , Son and Holy Ghost (love and truth), they caught the last train for the coast the day the music died.

Årace and love

galen said...

This feels Biblical, baby. Resident evil spawning exponentially. Just realized what evil spelled backwards is. Thinking "Global Day of War Resistance." Hmmmm.... tried that when we went into Iraq years ago. In SF alone we were a quarter million. London had a couple million too, and many other cities made an incredible show. What a gigantic turn out. And what were we to the demons? A nuisance. Mosquitoes to be lightly brushed away.

That second coming better hurry up, internal or not. Deliver us from evil. Save us.


robert said...

Modeling the Ineffable

(part 1 of 3)

Upon whom do you model your mind?

In a holographic, holistic, integral Universe, we absorb information by resonance, sympathetic or destructive, depending upon the clarity of perception in our tuning in process.

If the unlimited mind of the Unlimited One seems too hard to model our minds upon, we settle for the exemplar of the deliberately limited mind, the Rebellious One.

Following the easy path, it is much easier to identify with the mind of a “super cunt”, bristling with justifications and rationalizations for being strictly self-centered, to the point of solipsism, than to brave a renewed relationship with the Infinite.

Creating or recreating a being with the potential full power of consciousness, a human being, requires more than time and experience. Massive amounts of information processing and exchange is the heart of the living process of learning to be in the image of the Creator.

One of the features of this Universe is that is rich to overflowing in patterns, templates and sentient experiences, as no information is ever lost, no more than our memories are truly obliterated.
Due to the sheer volume of information to manage, if we neglect the continuous building of bridges to index our path to our memories, retrieval from ordinary consciousness becomes regressively difficult.

On the trans-personal level, retrieving information from the internal experience of other beings, living or deceased, requires a bridging action with a continuing commitment. The rare individuals who persevere against the current in which the mass swims in oblivious but jealous conformity, rediscover their birthright access to the “Cosmic computer”, the Akashic record, the fabric understrata of space-time.

Given the above premises, just what tactics would be most effective in creating dissonance to mask and hide the existence of the conscience, the “still small voice”, the portal to our higher level perspectives?

Oh, distraction, muddying up the waters, diluting truth by burying it in blizzards of manufactured lies, but MOST important, provide ONLY examplars of super-cunt sycophants in the Media-is-the-Matrix cocoon being spun around everything that moves or that MIGHT move people out of their entrancement as prey for the psychic and literal vampires.

This death cult, now under full sail toward the edge of the earth, is in its fully aroused state, anticipating the cathartic orgasm of human sacrifice, is parading an increasingly NON-diverse set of creatures right out of the ass of the earth! Being after being (not sure they should be considered fully human if they are soul-less, whether by birth of by the choice to sell their soul for “sweeties”) parading through the industrial sewage lines of our media, sporting their shitty attitudes with arrogant insouciance, has its cumulative effect on defenseless minds.

What better way to pierce the lie of superiority that to have this dunce parade dominate the Media-is-the-Matrix 24x7? When the set of Nature’s rejects takes the confidence (from their peers, not their own courage) to strut all of their fatal neuroses out in Broad Daylight Awareness (on the part of the awakening not theirs), at first, the effect is to galvanize all the waffling, half-hearted shit-heads into dancing their inadequacies out in full view as well.

Just as in the dynamics of individual psychology, going too far in the wrong polarity initiates a natural rebound reaction, so the sheer absurdity of the parade of fools, like a pile of shit, can only get so high before it slumps back into primal ooze. When enough of the entranced greed fodder perceive the mono-cultural monopoly as going too far, then will the shift begin, in a natural revulsion for the static monotone which has supplanted the ever-present “music of the spheres”.

(end: part 1 of 3)

robert said...

Modeling the Ineffable

(part 2 of 3)

Before we reached this cult’s breaking point, before the full effect of Talmud-vision bore its gooey fruit, there still existed lighthouses of higher models, broadcasting a call to be more than a poor vassal of the cult, to keep looking for the door to Perception.

At this time, however, if you do not have the advantage of an already existing, committed relationship with your soul and its higher standard of integrity, where do you look to see anyone to model who is not fully corrupted and complicit in the con game of the ages?

What we seem to be facing is a monolithic wall of unconsciousness and proud of it mind sets, to whom non-conformity to the approved neuroses (and psychoses) is just cause to dehumanize and ultimately destroy any such deviants. What we are really facing is the end of illusion; the subhuman exemplars have always been with us, and the masses have always been led astray by their perceived “betters’.

So back to: whom do we model?

Even the most self-sufficient soul MUST model something outside (or inside) the boundaries of their identity, in order to grow. Any old experience in this living laboratory will accumulate like dust upon the mind’s mirror but only by absorbing the integrity of models (archetypes) which exceed and transcend our own, may we grow in clarity and understanding beyond ourselves!

Traditionally, the arts preserved some deeper model/archetypes for transmission back into every cult which comes along. Where once music could truly move the soul, now the ubiquitous industrial music entrainment machine shouts down the inner music.

Where once a live theater presentation could have life-changing impact on seeking souls, now the ubiquitous mind-control agenda has reduced, with a reductionist’s foolish glee, the representation of the entirety of the human being’s potential to a fixed set of hierarchical characters, plagiarized from a Dicken’s novel and then modified by Tavistock mind-control techniques to ensure that NO LIVES ARE CHANGED by this art for the mass-mind, only laden with more bullshit to carry.

As Visible has pointed out for us here, this pattern extends to literature; what remains of the literary audience seeking to expand their experience through communion with the authors is served up only the most vapid and disempowering dreck, all of which is laced with orchestrated (or choreographed) mind-control memes around the edges, awaiting an unguarded mental moment to infect the attitude.

Nothing changes, it has always been “this way”, you can’t fight city hall, you are selfish and “privileged” if you insist on your right to be an individual, the majority makes right, and the rest of the endless list of elite-serving lies adulterating our social experiences, straight from central casting (or is it central casting into the pit?)

We know all this, right? Now what can we do? All we can do is try our utmost to model the Ineffable.

Luckily, the Lover OF All has left the door to the Heart open, awaiting mainly our self-forgiveness to begin the “Open Sesame” process! Once we realize that our own mind has become our personal heart killer, even though fear is the mind-killer, it is the mind which both generates and controls fear. It is merely all the things we “know” that ain’t so, which is limiting our joy, NOT the external circumstances.

Though we are all One at the deepest/highest level, it does NOT follow that we must be bound to the fate of our fellow travelers. What a cruel game THAT would be, though it is the message spouted by totalitarians of all shades of grey that the group is more important than the individual.

(end: part 2 of 3)

robert said...

Modeling the Ineffable

(part 3 of 4)

While compassion MUST rule our actions and attitudes whenever possible, we must not agree to be slaves the will of those running for the cliff’s edge! As I posed to a friend, take the challenge daily of taking your carefully preserved and nurtured sense of joy or bliss out into the streets and observe whether the killjoy moments come from the unconscious rejection of other people OR from your on mind’s habits, to be affected by external social circumstances.

For myself, with very few personal attachments, which I mention not as a point of pride but to point out that I have made my load as light as necessary for me to continue to be here, I find consistently that all joy leaks are of my own making, out of deeply held habits of my mind.

One habit, taught by well-meaning and wise parents, is never to flaunt your good fortune, nor revel in high spirits in the face of others in misery with less. This habit has served the beautiful and the wise well, avoiding the stampede of swine in unconscious reaction.

The down side is that, as the human-manifested world continues to dissipate all of its lamp oil, all of its inner treasure of the heart’s delights, this habit of toning down your emotional expression out of respect for others implies that I use an ever stronger whip hand on my emotional body, as I have not yet the courage to reveal the irrational exuberance I feel even in the middle of abject disaster, solely down to the constant Presence, to the ravenous souls stuck in the Mass Mind.

My bad and my failing, to be sure. I mention it to ground this expression to the reality that we are all on the same bus, at least all the way until we aren’t! Modeling the Ineffable is not taught by Materialist cults, so we have to learn laterally, from those here and those who have left us art and literature AND those whose presence and actions have left such a vortex trail in the cosmic etch-a-sketch that, have we the courage, we may follow and body surf on the power of their passing through this way.

Dear Visible, I can certainly identify with the relationship you have with the Ineffable…where willingness to follow inner guidance has been demonstrated many times, yet still we seem to need more lessons…

No one dare judge anothers' inner life from outside, but we can learn from everyone! My path has been far less extreme than yours when seen from the outside; on the inside, the combination of the killer-mind planted internally from Talmudic corruption, with the natural energetic reaction to positive energy in a negatively rigged human-mediated world, has been challenging enough.

(end: part 3 of 4)

robert said...

Modeling the Ineffable

(part 4 of 4)

One theme I would like to offer: even in my darkest, most cynical moments, I see more hope and less like Ecclesiastes, as long as I allow my mind to be large enough, in that moment, to serve as a forward observer for the Ineffable.

To be clear, if my mind and heart can feel the Presence or see it through the wallpaper of illusions in others, the impulse to go into the fire and brimstone groove, to get into the divinely depressed state in which Ecclesiastes dictated his words, is buffered by the irrepressible sense of humor possessed by the Divine child and which can seem cruel when we choose not to play the same tune.

Those in the community here probably are not the target of your necessary remonstrations to wake up from spiritual slumber and smell the abattoir growing around the world. But, though I fully identify with your sincerity and consistency, I also can identify with making the journey longer and more arduous than it needs to be.

For myself, out of the arrogance of youth, I decided that the way that was made for me to get a solid start in life was too easy, not challenging enough! What a fool! Since realizing the disrespectful essence of my taking the long road home, I have gone to the other extreme, trying hard, trying TOO hard, to prove myself worthy of all the blessings, talents and great people with which I was gifted.

Making things harder than they have to be has become a neurosis of its one; to be sure I understand something, I experiment with allowing my unruly spirit to balk and resist what I know I should do. This causes massive amounts of unnecessary pain BUT, like any beaten animal, when it is over, the lesson is etched in pain and suffering and thus I am far less likely to require another lesson as a “booster shot”.

I am feeling that you can identify with this psychology, whether or not you have gone this way. My point in sharing is to acknowledge the heart-warming FACT of your recovery and your being the recipient of lots of love and, while healing, the NECESSITY of nurturing ourselves, and turning OFF our own internal version of “tough love”, as least until the body can rest easy from its repair work and has some extra life force available for us to continue our experiments in less-than-full-reliance! (grin)

If I have projected too much, pardon me. I know for myself at least, that I have been the only one in my own way, no matter how radical I appear or sound to others. My lesson ATM is to love my Self (The Ineffable at heart) MORE and to jettison all of the self-destructive self-sculpting techniques which may or may not have served me in the past and with the resultant extra life force, report for duty!

I just felt compelled to say: “Be nicer to yourself, Les Visible!” And to let that become the new pattern which elevates you past any previous stuck-ness along your upward spiral!

Love to all here and out there!


(end: part 4 of 4)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that your injury hasn't clouded your vision. Thanks.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami up now-

The Humidity of Mortality on Pinball Planet.

Anonymous said...

You're aware that Putin's mother is jewish, which makes Putin jewish according to jewish law, right?

Visible said...

I've heard that said. I've heard many things said. I have yet to see any documented fact. I heard the other day that Bruce Willis was Jewish. It turned out not to be true which is probably why they never made that sequel, "Die hard and Go Figure"

I'm not saying one way or another here as I don't know. There is a certain group of a particular mindset that thinks every single person of an prominence is a Satanist and that evil is all powerful. I've no proof of that either and I am on record as concerns Jews people all bad all the time; this I do not believe. I know some fine people who also happen to be Jews.

Visible said...

This is what I get when I ask if he is Jewish-

Then there's this

When I search 'putin's mother is Jewish' I don't get much and what I get is agenda driven or simply absent to begin with.

No doubt Elvis Presley was Jewish too.

I'm guessing you got your info here which has a disclaimer attached.

Anonymous said...

I remember some guy on 4chan posting a huge description along with Putin's real mother's name and it turns out she is jewish.

yea henry makow's full of shit, he supports the myth of the holoHOAX, and he's jewish, so that says it all.

Either way, Putin is indeed a lot better than the western leaders but even still this may all just be an act, controlled opposition as it may. i don't really give a fuck either way, i'm trying to think of Radha and Krishna. screw this world.

marilyn said...

so glad you are healing and feeling better...and, glad you are writing again.
ALL problems of this world can be traced back to 'lack of love'...all of them.
love is my shield, my truth and my life.



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