Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dreaming of Slender Man in the Angst Abyss of Comatosia.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the murderous thugs seeking to maintain their purchase atop the slip sliding away one-eyed pyramid, they've launched into another phase, trend speaking wise and have loosed the dogs of MKUltra-Tavistock upon the comatose American public. They come with all the necessary PR trappings of "revolution' and weird flag drapings necessary for a little dream stirring in the angst abyss of Comatosia. At first it was a 'don't tread on me' flag, now they're saying it was a Nazi flag but that's only in certain places. They've also been tied in as fans of that Nevada rancher. I don't need to link any of this, you've seen it. We've got people in slender man outfits running across rooftops and we got transgender priests giving communion which, I expect, is applicable, if the parishioners are kneeling. This is well illustrated in an oldy Patrick Willis/Visible collaboration. They keep removing the hit count at all related sites relating to me. Once my Black Swan posting with Patrick had 80,000 hits and it's been moving backwards since. Anyway, it spells out the ambition matrix and what it leads to.

Have you considered the 'selfie' trend? This is promoted because it's graphic self interest in action. Everything that is being promoted is calculated to be promoted for a reason (nice sentence work, visible). Everything that is no-moted, demoted or rendered to the size of a mote is done so for a reason. Despite that, given that the ineffable exists within everyone; good guys and bad guys alike, whatever emerges from the nether regions is also promoted or demoted for a reason by a different interest group. So we get things like this and things like that could be the reason for things like this. Yes, my friends, everything is connected. Of course, things like this are also a major trend just as every film now made has to mention Bar Mitzvah at least once. The origin of that would be this. There is a word for creatures that feed off the lifeblood and energy of the host but I suspect you know these things or don't want to know these things depending on your allegiance to either the hidden force now emergent from the human psyche, in ways and with intents unknown to the human psyche or the slip sliding pyramid.

The degree of information under the cloak of lunacy is truly intimidating in it's size and consistency and there's no question that there's more going on here than meets the eye, unless your eyes are open. This is one of the powers of Broad Daylight Awareness. Someone recently sent in an email to the visible website, asking where they might find the definition for it. It's fairly simple; Broad Daylight Awareness is when you are capable of looking at things with pure objectivity, free of any personal agenda that might color your perspective; any kind of agenda driven presumption that allows you to see things the way you want to see them rather than the way they are.

The question might be better phrased as to how one gains possession of it. There are various ways; my preferred method is to allow the higher self to look through my eyes by simply stepping out of the way. This might confuse people who would then say, "Well, yeah... but how do you do that?" This is one of the benefits of relentless self inquiry. Somewhere in the process you begin to realize that you are not alone. It's a subtle thing. Sometimes it's better to discover something on your own; the following possession of it becomes more authentic. Then someone asks, "Well how do you go about that then?" The simplest answer to that is you ask for it and you ask for it until you get it. You strive after it. You go about your life as if you already have it. This actually works. Next question...

Consider the world around you. I often mention this. At the risk of repeating myself yet again; watch other people. That should tell you all kinds of things. This is a meditation technique that automatically ignites Broad Daylight Awareness. Once again, observe the energy and the expression of it, as it manifests through the different generations. Then observe what is being employed as programming from the slip sliding away crowd for their own benefit. Keep in mind that the slip sliding away cabal are practicing Satanists and one of the key principles of this particular religious persuasion is to sow disorder; to set a house against itself, to divide and conquer, to set brother against brother and to stimulate conflict between the opposite sex and even to blur the lines of gender identity. In all cases, the media promotion of and the ridiculous law making efforts of the same are, in every case, about very tiny minorities. The appearance of size in these demographics is blown all out of proportion. The only exception to this is their total control of the civil rights movement which, has now, been transferred to the land of Dr. Strangelove.

Dr. Strangelove applies in many areas of slip sliding influence and most especially in the military industrial complex end of things and all the parasites (there's the word I was alluding to earlier) that feed off of it.

It's quite simple folks and Broad Daylight Awareness puts it into crystal clarity. These fiends, these monsters, under the inspiration of their Satanic Majesty, are operating mind control operations at every level of the educational system. Meanwhile they are manufacturing the junk and Frankenstein food that destroys the public's health, while at the same time controlling the medical industry that feeds off of it and manufacturing toxic pharmaceuticals that aid and abet the same. Daily they create new and imaginary diseases that they then create the drugs for. They further accelerate the diseases already present through all sorts of negative lifestyle publicity efforts. They killed the jobs market so that an increasing number of young men would be forced to join the military, or matriculate into any one of the jobs in the burgeoning, 'destroy personal freedom at all costs' industries like TSA or Homeland Insecurity and sundry. They destroyed the middle class in order to silence the only demographic that is critical to social change.

These are monsters, pure (impure actually) and simple, it is hard to imagine a fate that would be unfair for them. For this reason they are to be pitied but under no circumstances obeyed and followed. The sneering face of Victoria Nuland says it all. The hubris and sense of privilege being demonstrated by this monster and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Howdy Doody and all the rest of the slip sliders is truly impressive. Need I say that pride goeth before a fall?

They are promoting all of the alternative sexual expressions for the single point of destroying the family unit which is the linchpin of society. Once again, it needs be said that nothing I record here has anything to do with personal sexual expressions, that is the concern of each and every person so engaged and all of it is a learning process as well as a demonstration of what time it is on the cosmic clock as that applies to the state of the culture. The same is to be said about my continuing references to a certain race or religious persuasion. There's good guys and bad guys. I don't wholesale (pun intended) entire groups of people.

The one thing these obnoxious vermin have no defense against is that force which can rise spontaneously from the public. Sure, they're aware of the kinds of things that can manifest and that is why they go through all of the steps they are presently engaged in but... they don't know what shape any of it will take beforehand, so they do their best to operate according to everything they imagine might happen but they are bereft of Broad Daylight Awareness because they take their visioning power from the darkness, which controls their every move and here is the critical point that they most definitely miss, otherwise the impracticality of their ventures would be all too evident to them. That is that the forces of darkness serve the long term interests of the forces of light. Whether individual entities persuaded by the interests of the darkness are aware of this is is irrelevant.

When I was in Italy and had my six week excursion into other dimensions, one of the things that was revealed to me was that the ineffable picked a particular angel(s) in which he then sealed up all the elements of darkness for a set period of time until even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. He/she/it inspired the so called rebellion on the part of his minions, for the purpose of this theater of demonstration, in which all of the possibilities of human interaction might play out. Shakespeare recorded most of it all for the purpose of illustration. Everything is under control for the sole purpose of providing a manifest circumstance in which eventually, every soul might find its way into the light.

It can be awesomely intimidating for any of us living in these times when The Shadow is so very, very prominent. What do I do!!!? What do I do!!!? You focus on all of the information that is liberally littered all around the place in the words and writings of all of those who have discovered the truth through whatever torturous routes they were compelled and inspired to take. Look in your own heart for it is there that the voice of ageless wisdom is speaking. One simply turns the dial and fine tunes the airwaves until all of the other chatter is gone and that voice alone remains. You can surely accomplish this, given whose will and desire for you is behind you all the way. Buona Fortuna!

End Transmission.......

It isn't too early, if you're in the neighborhood to think about attending the solstice celebration weekend after this one coming and the birthday and progress celebration here at the end of August; plenty of room for that matter... in both locations.

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Visible said...

I add this into the comments section in case you already read the posting and won't be going back there.

It isn't too early, if you're in the neighborhood to think about attending the solstice celebration weekend after this one coming and the birthday and progress celebration here at the end of August; plenty of room for that matter... in both locations.

insiam said...

the one thing 'those people' can never be sure of is the strength of any backlash to their long term evil agenda .

I read the UK papers most days and what i read in the comments sections is 180 from what could be read only 3 to 5 years ago. ( As Zbigniew Brzezinski has publicly aknowledged on many occasions 'there is a mass political global awakening').

Almost 100% of comments re. the EU, immigration issues, and political corruption etc etc. are awake to the fact that that all the major political partys are pissing in the same pot. This is a major shift in awareness. Not so long ago those same commenters would have been arguing amongst themselves on the basis of political party allegiance.

The new meme which is fast gaining ground is the Lib/Lab/Con is not to be trusted. The old paradigm of left /right /center has been exposed for what it is. One big establishment club. This is unique in modern history!

Liberal/Labour/Conservative (3 main UK partys - lib/lab/con)

est said...

last night the moon
soft and cradled in cloud

this morning it let loose
flew out into space

way past the big bang
it settled into place

out with jimi and krishna
and buddha and mohammed

oh yeah jesus and the twelve
and the seven oh yeah we're here

picking up the thread laid so bare
and then we shall take our place

out into the stars beyond hell's reach
we'll find in each other all we can teach

and in one moment alone and in love
we'll reach for the truth that lies above

Anonymous said...

("MK-Ultra", a musical parody, based on the song, "Oklahoma", by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, made popular by various artists.)

There's never been a better time to start in life
It ain't too early and it ain't too late
Startin' as a droid with a new state of mind
Soon we'll be livin' in a brand new state!
Brand new state!
Brand new state, gonna treat you great!
Gonna give you herpes, flashbacks and amnesia
A razor for the cutters
Missing time and seizures
In the cemetery where the rituals bloom
Plen'y of sex and plen'y of gloom
Plen'y of gloom ampliified by dope
Plen'y of rape - and no freakin' hope

MK-Ultra - feel the voltage sizzle in your brain
As the searing heat, turns flesh to meat
And there's no way you can stop the pain
MK-Ultra - every night my other selves and I
Sit alone and stare, as we're stripped bare
And we fragment personalities

We know we belong to the group
And the group we belong to is grand
And when we say
Yeeow! A-yippy-o-ee-ay!
We're only sayin'
You blew our mind, MK-Ultra
MK-Ultra, MK

MK-Ultra - feel the voltage sizzle in your brain
As the searing heat, turns flesh to meat
And there's no way you can stop the pain
MK-Ultra - every night my other selves and I
Sit alone and stare, as we're stripped bare
And we fragment personalities

We know we belong to the group
And the group we belong to is grand
And when we say
Yeeow! A-yippy-o-ee-ay!
We're only sayin'
You blew our mind, MK-Ultra
MK-Ultra, MK


We know we belong to the group
And the group we belong to is grand!
And when we say
Yeeow! A-yippy-o-ee-ay!
We're only sayin'
You blew our mind, MK-Ultra

Visible said...

Heh heh. How odd. Just last night I was thinking of you because I had a term and song in mind for a parody and I was going to post it to that end. Unfortunately I can now no longer remember what it was.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Watch other people? I want the dayam things as far away from me as possible these days. I'll read about 'em on the web, sheesh!

As for counts, I really wonder what's going on here, since the stats haven't changed on these petitions for a day or so. Well, the one that basically ditches qualifried immunity got one, but I can't believe so few people are signing these 'GET THE CAGED GERBIL SHOOTERS (cops) IN ORDER:


I can't believe so few people sign these rather important petitions if only to let the worthless parasitic gubment know we are displeased. On the other hand, how much longer is this HELL HOLE of a country gonna be around?

I am sorry, but I just can't call 'shooters of caged gerbils, comatose cats, squirrels, wheelchair bound 91 year old grannies, small crotch droppings, and quadriplegic vets' pigs. I love pigs. They're intelligent and the sweetest damn things when you treat 'em right. And no, I don't eat 'em. I don't eat mammals straight, though I ain't vegan, and do get some byproducts like in gelcap vitamins and stuff.

Ray B. said...

Buttons, I left a 'tidbit' for you back at the last VO. It was about the time Vis posted the next blog, so you may have missed it. If you did, here it is.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes Ray, that was funny. Marriage was a disaster I should have avoided. Only did it for tax reasons, and that backfired, 'cause they changed the laws the following year then being married cost us big time.

Never do it again.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dayam, my hotlink isn't working, and I thought I put two petitions up. Hmmmmmmmm. Am I that zoned, or was my post hacked on the way?

OK, I'm gonna try this again, but I'm just gonna copy/paste and see what happens.

Also, if you live in the divided states of america, you may want to sign them. (Muahahahahahaha. . .!)

Put 'em in jail if they break the law:


Impeach the psychos:


Visible said...

After a certain fashion that does sound like Wrathsmelter.

steve said...

As conciousness grows so then awareness and then discernment

galen said...

Your post today, Vis, seems a full summing up of all previous posts. A concentrated capsule crackling with a prepper's share of "Broad Daylight Awareness." Big thanks.

Also wanted to say, "F&#K Mercury!!" Yeah, three more weeks of it spewing its stuff like a punishing warden, always ready to pounce. This is the worst one I've ever been through. If one more thing breaks (expense!) or one more friend disappoints I don't know if I can take it. And I know we're supposed to look at our own space and clean and polish that but still, it takes a tremendous amount of chi to avoid the slings and arrows. Guess I gotta lie low. Anyone else in the line of fire? 

And here's this from a Native American:

A medicine man shouldn't be a saint
He should experience and feel
all the ups and downs,
the despair and joy,
the magic and the reality,
the courage and the fear,
of his people.
He should be able to sink
as low as a bug,
or soar
as high as an eagle
Unless he can experience both,
he is no good as a medicine man
-- John Fire Lame Deer


insaim said...

@ Gene

There is an article somewhere at Mackows site in which Fritz springmeier talks about his experience of meeting a Philipino lady after his release from prison.

Read it and then tell if if this guy is not a complete fantasist. As we say in blighty 'he is not the full shilling'.

anything this guy says should be taken with a box of Saxa :)


Anonymous said...

Two headlines to stories (fractured fairytales) I saw this morning: "Archbishop quizzed in sexual abuse lawsuit claims he didn’t know it was illegal for priests to have sex with children in the 1980s" and "NY politician claims he was too drunk to recognize bribe." I had to ask, "is this a guage of how stoopid they think we are or how stoopid they are?" I hope it's a guage of how close we are. Love to all, Serena

Anonymous said...

Slender Man is real. I have seen him several times.

wiggins said...

So succinct Les....so succinct....great stuff.

wiggins said...

What Les says, is absolutely right viz-a-viz Monsters...this man has a hook on it....Bill Maloney - PIE & MASH FILMS....some of his stuff is very harrowing.

Anonymous said...

Serena at 2:21:

It's the new mode of plausible deniability made popular by Toronto Mayor Rob- "I-was-too- drunk-to-remember-if-I-smoked crack" -Ford.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but this is just one of those things that I almost can't believe I read in my research. How surreal can you get?


Now excuse me whilst I go to CraigsList to see if there's a local demand so I can stop being kept.

Ghana said...


They wouldn't let me post at the link for the bully story. Maybe you'll let me here?

Would any of the "Jewish" troglodytes reading this comment section want to explain your treatment of Palestine and it's citizens? How about your cleansing of Russia with the Bolshites and 30 mill whacked there; and now ramming the Jewish into Ukraine? How about starting the Civil War in America with the first shot in S. C. coming from a Jewish major? That's right folks. The largest bulk population of the Jewish in the US at the time of the start of the Civil War was in South Carolina; not Jew York or Florida; and they held MOST of the Confederate officer roles at the Fort. How about 95% of all slave ships being owned by Jewish men during the USA's and Caribbean's history of slavery? How about wiping out the Amalekites? How about whacking Jesus for blasphemy by using Rome? Need contemporary proof from the time? It is in the Jewish New Testament called the Talmud isn't it? If, you need help finding it, hit me up I'll direct you. Aren't those endearing hate crimes?

During Manifest Destiny close to 90 million First People were slaughtered and nobody cares anymore, but we are supposed to still care about 450,000 Jewish holocaust victims? Unless you put them on your Jew owned TV shows (look at the PRODUCER names-owners) singing holocaust songs, you got nada: Spanish for nothing. The Jewish "wonder" where the goyim get their attitudes? Just like my King said, "You have to have Satan helping you all because you're to stupid to see past your golden noses." {c;)

just say'n...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Of Not having Boat Drinks in the High Tower.



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