Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Groovin in the Grove on the Rainbow Wisdom Highway.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

No! Not that Grove.

We're on the other side of it again and unfortunately, once again, no one has seen fit to celebrates Guy's anniversary the way Guy did in the original.

In one instance, drones are employed to protect us from alleged terrorists in the Hindu Kush. These 'so-called' terrorists furthest reach geographically (with possible rare- sehr seltan- exceptions) is Afghanistan, where they are at war against the Zio-American and UK drug empire. In every instance, they are in defense of their homeland and completely in the right, however right ever applies to warfare. Initially, when Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on their ally, known as The Great Satan by knowledgeable Muslims and also known as The Great Dumbo by the Israelis, the intent was to blame it on the Taliban. The very idea that a small group of Stone Age Arabs could have carried out such an affair is ludicrous on the face of it. Forget about all the other absurdities piled on absurdities that followed. Well, they've gotten more than their pound of flesh for however many pounds of fractal, fiat currency. All it cost them was the price of the ink and the paper and- no doubt- they got that at a commensurate rate to what toilet seat manufacturers get from the Air Force.

The reasoning for this whole quantum fuck was to get the Zio-American/UK drug industry back in operation and to secure geo-political murder ground proximity to future targets. These are the usual agendas of the turd souled swine-hearts who are all about maximizing profits with minimal investment, while also terrorizing and tormenting the populations.

There is another way that drones can be employed and effectively employed. If all we are talking about is eliminating the sources of worldwide evil aggressions and corrupt economic policies, all that has to be done is to send the drones to The Capitol (when in session-duh), the House of Representatives, The Senate Office Building, J & K Streets (D.C.), the Israeli Embassy, the CIA and FBI offices and corruption and aggression around the world will go down like a T-Street hooker, whom they all resemble more than a little, with one major exception. There are some things a T-Street hooker will not do. The same does not apply to the others already mentioned. Of course, you will have only partially accomplished your mission with these efforts. You next have to send your drones to NYC and eliminate all of the brokerage houses on Wall Street and everyone else who works with them. You might as well bomb the shit out of 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue while you are there. It wouldn't hurt (you) to also take out selective locations on Madison Avenue as well. I'll leave the Mayor's residence up to you. You might want to bomb that with concentrated roach powder. Heck, dose the whole city with DNA selective roach powder; doe see doe.

Since, after all, you are on the Oceania mainland, it stands to reason that you should pay a visit to Hollywood and do a Dresden Dump. You might make it an, 'in honor of Dresden' venture since you'll be hitting the genetic offspring of those who were behind pummeling Dresden and so many other places and then making fictitious movies about it all.

I'm going to digress a little into metaphysics for the moment. It says in the Bible, something about Satan cruising around the landscape in his Desoto limousine for a thousand years. Well, in matters like these, the Bible is often vague and not that much different from Nostrildamus, who wrote in a way that was geared to make every self involved knob gobbler look like an expert cause, who knows? Who knows? De shadow knows. If we think about The Devil and 'his minions', who have been both operative in and also expelled from most every country in the world, generally, with the exceptions being countries that hadn't come into being yet and taking a generous latitude with the time span, given how off The Mayan's calculations have been, one could say that these execrable creatures have exercised their span of licentious mayhem upon the rest of us and that their term is coming to a close and THAT IS WHY they are so highly visible and noticeable in their avaricious soul sucking greed. As the chosen children of the operative God of the moment; the expected and obvious ruler of a period of ever greater and more pervasive materialism, they have flourished in their dark hour and their dark hour is now tinged with the flaming fingers of dawn, the vampire's worst nightmare and there is, ♫nowhere to run, nowhere to hide... baby♫

It is unfortunate that these words are not more widely available because of the courage and optimism they would bring to those who see no exit out of the 'seemingly' approaching horrors of the time. In that case, so many more of us could join in a telepathic, emotional and mental hookup with our fellows and vastly increase the cosmic hum of affirmation.

I think it also says in that part of the Bible that Satan would then be locked up again for awhile and then loosed for a season so... maybe that's all of what it's about and the reason we didn't notice any change during the hiatus was that we were all collectively going down anyway and simply cruised in the same direction until that particular demi-urge was ♫Back in the saddle again♫ Of course that whole section might have been just another part of the big mushroom trip going on on the Island of Patmos. The sub strata behind a great many 'documented' religious experiences, is permeated with the power of psychedelics. One of my favorite tales is that of Santa and the Amanita Muscaria. Meanwhile, so many anally retentive and fearful types decry the use of these incredible tools and scoff at the idea that such things would be employed by mystics and other seekers, certainly many prophets got their visions via the Rainbow Wisdom Highway (my term).

It is a KNOWN truth that you can contact the celestial realms while on psychedelics IF you are one who is welcome in the Groves ('grooving in the groves', said visible). I have personally met many high front personalities for the Ancient of Days ...and Lady Nature has appeared many, many times to me, in person, albeit usually invisibly. I have walked and talked with them at length and they are always there. Every time I ingest the skeleton key of consciousness, I can unlock the Doors of Perception and ♫walk right in, sit right down, baby let your mind roll on♫ Oh yeah, so when I hear the offal offerings of the uninformed on the subject, I reflect back on my catalog of experiences and have to laugh at how little they know and how much they miss out on. Now, arguably these substances are not for everyone. They are not for Ken and Barbie, who seem to be everywhere these days in their clown makeup. It's not for metrosexuals or materialists. It is certainly not for the fearful because YOU WILL be expected to disrobe and unencumber yourself of all that shit you walked in with. Remember, when the truth takes off her clothes the world disappears. If you are a scaredy cat, what would ordinarily seem benevolent and loving, will change into whatever apparitions your fear might imagine it to be. Everyone should see the film, "Jacob's Ladder" Good Grief! Everyone should know what Jacob's Ladder is to begin with, if you are thinking of climbing up to particular planes for a bit. No.. you can't stay, not yet ♫Please stay, don't go, please stay, don't go, if I got on my knees♫ etc.)

Yes, there are none so confined as those who presume to know all about that which they have no experience of AND... if they had that one big bad experience that sent them running after plastic Jesus well... that kind of sums you up anyway doesn't it? See the previous paragraph for explanation. Yeah it's sad and it should be embarrassing ...but for some reason, those who know all about something they know nothing about, sort of like the disconnect between the average physician and healing, or the average judge and justice or the average cop and common sense, are addicted to the darkness in which they move about. ♫Your time is gonna come♫ Uh huh ♫Your time is gonna come♫

Of course, this lack of a fundamental awareness of a given subject is wide spread these days. It is from the ranks of the clueless and self adulating that our present crop of experts are harvested. The expert comes into the room and whoever is employing him or her says, "This is how it is, please flesh it out for us and put your face on it" and these experts nod their heads like a loose hood ornament, on an old truck going down a logging road. Now... if the bullshit being slung and spun is especially toxic and deadly to most life forms, the pay is reflective of the Karma incurred in the service of such awful lies.

We hear a lot about living in the here and now. A certain new age pundit likes to push that 'here and now' thing'. His way of handling it is extending his hand for your money 'here' and then saying, "'now' I'm leaving" It's like that t-shirt all of us should take note of that says, "Trust me!" on the front and "Hasta La Vista" on the back. Anyway, the thing about these instant experts (just add water) and those who know all about things they have zero contact or experience with, is that the now of denial and presumption they are living in eventually crystallizes into a prison cell of ignorance and you see them, should you be unlucky enough to encounter them, looking like Alfred E. Neuman with his fingers in his ears saying, "nyah, nyah, I can't hear you." No... you can't. Doesn't matter to me. Time will tell if it matter to you.

Everybody ought to take the time to sit down to whatever they are eating and ask themselves, "Why am I eating this? Is this any good for me?" The same goes for every action anyone takes. Everyone ought to have one day a month, one day a week, when they get up and say to themselves, "Today, I'm going to pay attention to everything I think and say and do and see if I can also catch what the effect of any of it is." That should be bookended by another day when you say, "Today, I am going to watch everyone else and see what I come away with in terms of guidelines for my own life." These are all simply exercises in self-inquiry. You can come up with whatever variation floats your boat. That you should come up with one, should go without saying. Trust me, once you find out who you really are, life takes on meaning and value that it never had before and that just intensifies and increases as you go; word to the wise.

End Transmission.......


Visible said...

For those who have contacted me lately about being given notice of posts when they come out, all you have to do is become a follower of the different blogs and you will be near instantly notified.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Viz. If we linked together in a single-minded way, and visualized a specific outcome as a group, in regard to certain targets, it would be more powerful than any drone strike. Keep barking up that tree, man. Eventually enough people just might get it...

the gardener said...

Who needs psychedelics when living in insanely surreal times as these?

Judge pretends to play with child of mother arrested for telling lies about groping bailiff

THAT video is one of the most truly insane presentations I've ever seen... on a video. In a real world-everyone of those taxpaid public employees with the powers to: grope, arrest, kill etc would have been immediately ordered for drug tests and psyche evals.

BUT when applying for jobs in the realm of prisons, courts, law enforcement etc there are special provisions against 'ever hiring if one has ever used hallucinogens'... they even 'allow' disclosures of using pot and of course most use steroids and are raging alcoholics but for some reason... any use of any "hallucinatory" is BIG BLACK X.

YET as this historian points out about the chemists of the LSD and their undercover experiments upon others usually unwittingly... Dulles, Helms and other madmen maybe if one is after one of those incarceration gigs the only honest answer to 'have you ever used hallucinogens?" would be "I DON'T KNOW"... LOL

The 'telepathy' Vis speaks of is an actuality right now for many of this. I think with any works done at all in encouraging the process telepathic connections will be quite normal. Soon.

Perhaps the severing of the Wifi will encourage the brain waves to reset into 'telepathic' mode.

"Do you have free telepathic hook ups here?" "well, not in your rooms but we do in the main lobby"

the gardener

David V said...

I saw Jacob's Ladder when it first came out, and I couldn't make sense of it. I never watched it again, but I'll put it back on my list. I don't watch many movies these days.

FYI I ate shrooms last Saturday and did a Fall color tour up a scenic river gorge in the local mountains. A three hour tour :) The wife was driving, of course. I usually take my camera and try to capture what I'm seeing, but this time I just sat back and let it play like a movie. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer, raw beauty that it was almost more than I could take. I was gasping and almost crying for joy. At one point, as we climbed out of the gorge toward the higher altitudes, we passed through a stretch of large and towering hardwoods that marched in ranks up the steep mountain side. The tree trunks were mostly lit up silver-white from the angling sun, shot through with patches of brilliant color, and it was like the houses of the holy. Definitely a rare and spiritual experience, one that doesn't come along very often.


Visible said...

In Jacob's Ladder, pay special attention to his exchange with the chiropractor at the end, however , there are clues all through and it relates to what I was saying just before I mentioned to movie.

I can visualize what you were seeing and feeling... immense isn't it?

Pantagruel said...

That 'here and now' shit really gets on my nerves. It would be much better advice to study history and try to anticipate future problems. But part of the modernist agenda is a total disavowal and total ignorance of the past. As the poet says, 'superficial notions of evolution which become, in the popular mind, a means of disowning the past.' Something like that.

Anonymous said...

In Jacob's Ladder I think McCauley Caulkin played the little boy. A good intense movie.

The Tim Robbins character had 2 possible fates: die in Viet Nam or live a hellish existence where he suffers profoundly. It think it's about accepting one's fate as opposed to fighting against it; which offers no peace.

It's also about the military experimenting with psychedelic drugs on hapless soldiers.

I haven't thought about that movie in a long time. Pretty intense.

Good read! McCob

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Detailed Universe

immense it is

Anonymous said...

Vis and All,
I was born in 1960 and since 1976 I've done psychedelics of one sort or another, off and on most of my life.
I can honestly say I've never done them to have Spiritual Experiences,
But I've always had them when I do psychedelics.

I Love You All.
Still miss ya Neil!
Thanks for this place Vis.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

I had a 'shroom experience back in 1979 that was extremely powerful, and I'm wondering if anybody could give me some insight into the significance of what it was that I saw. I had this girlfriend at the time, whom I had dated off and on for about three years. While I was high, her face looked purple around the edges, and distorted, and hellishly evil. Same for a couple of my "friends" with whom I was hanging out (we were throwing a frisbee at night - heh - a group of us, in a parking lot; this went on for hours). What struck me as being odd, was that only some of my friends' faces looked this way - three or four of them, plus my "girlfriend", whom I later quickly broke up with. Everybody else's faces looked basically normal. There were about eight to 10 of us, and about four or five people out of the group looked like something out of a horror movie. Any input for me there? I don't know if you ever saw the original cover of the book, "The Exorcist", but they looked somewhat like that entity (but even more frightening). Could this have been due to their being...something less than human, maybe? It has bothered me off and on for years although I hadn't thought about it for quite a while until reading this thread.

Visible said...

As you will note-the comments give a real taste of the public at large.

Visible said...

It could be a selective expression of clairvoyance that measured people qualitatively by the color of their aura but... what it means? I think you would best speak to a clairvoyant about that, speculations and maybes are not real answers

Visible said...

the hits just keep on coming. Courtesy of you know who

mike m said...

"and these experts nod their heads like a loose hood ornament, on an old truck going down a logging road"

Love this shit you come up with.

Anyways, looks like Mr.A has been really busy lately, no matter how big or how small the skirts are.

Getting a big kick right now out of what is happening with the NFL and especially the Miami Dolphins.

But the best is Snowden. As he continues to reveal more and more it is striking how all the congressional assholes are so concerned about the out of control NSA spying ON HEADS OF STATE WHILE IGNORING WHAT IS HAPPENNING TO "WE THE PEOPLE".

Oh well, just sitting back and watching the show.

How I love my doggies.


Visible said...

Yeah, that Richie Incognito thing is something else. Now we hear he was told to do it, Heads will roll. that's PC for you. Cognito has been around along time and anchoring that offensive line. They will miss him. Speaking of the game. I must say I'm seriously impressed with the Rams and the Browns defense. With a few adjustments to the offense and some consistency, they could beat anyone. Of course the chiefs are a surprise but I expected big things there with both Alex smith and Andy Reid. I thought the 49ers were crazy to bench him for that flaming egotist. A guy like Smith adds a lot more than just being a playmaker.

I think the biggest surprise is my Pats having done what they did with so many 'critical' injuries.

Here's a little comic relief, not connected to anything Ah and Hmmm

Visible said...

Something of interest if you have a great deal of free time. (sent in by a reader)

Anonymous said...

The mayor of Toronto said he couldn't remember how many times he smoked crack because he was too drunk each time.

Finally--- an honest politician!! He sets an example for others to follow.

And he's going to run again. I hope he gets reelected.

Mr. A's hand in this, no doubt about it.



Visible said...

Yeah, that hand thing is known as the Apocalyptic Frottqage. Hmmm, sounds like the title of tomorrow's Petri Dish if it resembles

Visible said...

and if you have still more free time.

David V said...

Regarding the faces and auras of friends:

I am no expert, this is just a hunch. I've always been careful with whom I tripped. For the most part, it's all been good. I HAVE been at the homes or apartments of people I didn't really know, where I could sense the presence of something not right -- sometimes downright evil. This sensation often seemed to associate itself with the kind of music they were playing, or what was on the TV or even books and "inanimate objects". One guy was doing some kind of rituals while playing the Eagles. He and his cohorts firmly believed that they had a poltergeist.

Sometimes it wasn't the home owner but one of their guests. I believe that evil tends to follow some people around. They may have evil tendencies themselves, or they may have demons hanging around due to the aforementioned influences they invite into their homes. Some may be outright posessed. You can't always tell by how they look or act, either. The satanists I've known were the most polite, well-behaved folks you could meet.

I've heard stories of people having close encounters of the nasty kind while tripping. One guy said a dragon chased him around the house all day. It's never happened to me, but if the tripper in question HAS been entertaining the dark side -- knowingly or unknowingly -- it would not surprise me if what they saw was real.

Ever know anyone who is really negative, to whom negative things seem to happen all the time, who just seem to have a dark cloud hanging overhead? I knew one who was a preacher! His electronic gadgets malfunctioned or got struck by lightning. My computer quit working when he got near it. A very unhappy camper if I ever saw one.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with psychedelics that I know of, there was the family from whom I bought a second house, nine years ago. There was no visible hint of evil about them, the father was a church deacon, but they were roundly hated by all of their neighbors. They were very eager to leave; I thought it was for financial reasons, or because they had a better place lined up. After I took over from them, people started saying they thought the house was haunted. One woman's 5-yr old boy plainly started talking to an invisible being that he described as a monster: "He's right there, mommy!" One night, after crashing drunk on the couch, I woke to an overpowering presence of a black figure standing over me, and I couldn't breathe. If it weren't for what the others were telling me, I would have just shrugged it off as something that happens when you're half drunk and half awake.

Long story short, my sons did a prayer or two and the presence seems to have departed. But that family definitely had something dark going on, or else someone had put the hoodoo on them. I later found out that one neighboring relative is a practicing witch. Who knows?

This is not meant to judfe your friends just because their faces looked different. Just something to chew on.

Thus will probably light up a controversy...


missingarib said...

vis, a plea in verse from years gone bye from the group Klaatu:

"In your mind you have abilities you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we're about to sing

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft
Please come in peace we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come we beg you
Please interstellar policemen
Won't you give us a sign
Give us a sign that we've reached you."

We watched as our time went down the tube.Now i hear the echoes of the messages we hoped would change the course of the planet - and ended up "watching the river flow"
with the full knowledge that "if the bullshit being slung and spun is especially toxic and deadly to most life forms, the pay is reflective of the Karma incurred in the service of such awful lies." your and my feelings magnified by all who understand what we are witnessing.

'Which then, O brethren, are the truths which, when I had perceived, I made known to you, which, when you have mastered it behoves you to practise, meditate upon, and spread abroad, in order that pure religion may last long and be perpetuated, in order
that it may continue to be for the good and the happiness of the great multitudes, out of pity for the world, to the good and the gain and the weal of gods and men?'

They are these:

The four earnest meditations.
The fourfold great struggle against sin.
The four roads to saintship.
The five moral powers.
The five organs of spiritual sense.
The seven kinds of wisdom, and
The noble eightfold path. Buddha

Oh, some of us'll end up
In St. Cloud Prison,
And some of us'll wind up
To be lawyers and things,
And some of us'll stand up
To meet you on your crossroads,
From inside the walls,
The walls of Red Wing. -courtesy of the Bob Dylan

live long

Farmer said...

When in doubt, create an environment for emotional response which shows true intent. Its much like taking a picture of someone when they are not aware of it. You get a more natural representation of the person, instead of a card board cut out front and center pose, with cheesy smiles.

Being in the center of duality affords ones this view point, for there is no horse in the race.

Some of us dont have the money, time, or desire, to travel to California, and probably get arrested, just "for being there".

Like you say, all is not what it seems, or appears, some of us have forced blind folds over our eyes in many regards, and in many not.

Neo allegorically depicted it, by loosing his eye sight. It is not the movie in itself that interests me, like some candy cane rapped trinket, but the information itself contained therein, and sometimes it has nothing to do with what the people whom made it intended, but what the individual is seeing, understanding.

That realm is outside of everyone else, and only pertains to self, which is why even you, there is, some subjects, that you just cant articulate.

But you understand this, for it is the same thing you are doing now with this post, "fletching" out..... creating cause and emotional response, thus true intent, and more information from the surrounding ether, to further paint the picture of the observation you are hoping to see.

The interest is not so much the spiritual aspects, philosophical aspects, that take place, but criminal conspiracy, if any, for the same people that have dug this world into the shit pile it is, have been known to frequent such places, and that is well known.

No biased here. Third party to the case.

Long ago, I already knew, everything and everyone else, were just props on the stage.

Maybe ask your invisible friends, whom I talked to when young, and the only reason I am still here.

Self Verify.

Rockefeller, and all those guys down on wall street, have their camps out there. I suppose, maybe everyone needs to go to the groove, and get naked, and then, we will understand why they go out there, and the rest of the time, have their shit suit on, while shitting on the entire world. I have heard their words in ritual. That is exactly how they perceive it. A place for them to cremate their care, and throw off the burden of whom they are, for a while, during "summer eve".

Astin's crib lays the babies bib.

Oh yes, Saint Augustine.We have known these. Their genetics are mutually inclusive.

Dirty bombs flying through the air, be careful not to dread on your friend over there, lest lost another sighted friend slayne, and men with blindfolds beat everyone with their canes.

Farmer said...

The only thing that has interested me in this post, is the Feminine you speak of, that is Nature.

The lack of information on this subject, is the root of the problem, in the restoration of balance.

I know where to find it, thus no asking you to provide it, just pointing out, the certain bragging of monopoly on such knowledge, by many, that never even talk about the experiences, in which brought them such awareness.

It seems today, as with everything, that the "external", in all its forms, is rather meaningless.

The external is laborious, heavy, and never ending in the rabbit hole. Which leads me to believe, the only reason why the external exists, its to put pressure on someone, to delve within themselves.

Everything external from ourselves, including you, is there to force us into ourselves, because there is nothing "out there", but the tower of babble. The only thing for anyone, that has real meaning and substance, can only be found within ones self, understanding, spirit, and being.

Everything else is vanity under the sun, as well as self.

Which, therein lays the answer to why everything is the way it is.

When we go farther outside of self to find anything, the external gets heavier, more convoluted, distorted. The external is like a sheep dog, keeping us within the pens of ourselves, where all the answers for anything are to begin with.

As soon as you bring your answers outside of yourself, to others, the process begins of dilution of self, and the knowledge possessed therein.

That is why all the gurus. The self help books. The media channels, and all the other "opinions", found all over the place.

It is for the purpose of diluting everyone, into a big ball of shit, instead of individuals, that are self contained in understanding, revelation, etc, and need no ass hole as a middle man to anything, especially god.

Once this is understood, everyone else external from self becomes "entertainment", to pass the time between knowing something or not, based upon your own understanding of it.


But its still entertaining, and passes the time.

Farmer said...

"With a few adjustments to the offense and some consistency, they could beat anyone."

Now you are just talking bullshit. I put a dollar on, that they will be another all defense, no offense team, and that one of their defense linemen will get hurt, due to continued overcompensation, for the lack of offense.

But just a dollar.

Farmer said...

From the page linked:

""Thou, Defendant, O Iron, knowest well that I do perfectly understand thy nature and complexion
[This appears by the operation of Mercury in the Salt alembrot in one of Modest Fachsen's experiments, where the Judge Mercury shews his power in converting Iron into running Mercury].
Thou canst much less than Gold effect anything useful without my assistance; and I, Mercury, am a declared enemy to thy external dirty appearance and thy dirty works. Therefore, I complain justly against you both!"

Farmer said...

""Yet, from a motive of special goodness and friendship towards my fellow-creatures, I will never refuse to grant to thee, O Iron, a power to procure riches, and I have often given thee that power, as thou well knowest when thou and I did sweat in our hot bath and dried ourselves afterwards [see Fachsen's experiment of Mercury and Iron]. Recollect then what friendship and services we rendered to Lady Luna, which we are able to do again, if we please. Which, however, thou canst not do without my assistance. I must further tell you both (Iron and Gold) that you stand both in need of my counsel and help, whilst I can do with very little of your assistance."

"Thou, Gold, hast said that thou art the true Stone, about which the Philosophers contest. Dost thou not know that there are greater, nobler, and more powerful subjects than thee? and all other metals containing the four elements as well as they do. Dost thou not know that there is a mother of all metals and their greatest substance? [Antimony Solar/Bismuth Lunar]. All things have been subdued unto man! and thou haughty Gold do not elevate thyself too much, as there are creatures of God far above thee in power and virtue!" [so says de la Brie to Rennefort].

est said...

don't care what some folks say
thought his singin' weren't that bad

he was a fair poet, far as i remember
he's still around song and dance man

yeah i'm talkin' 'bout you bobby zmrmn
from way up minnesota way [way, way]

didn't see you down in gaza, with your band
well that's sad but why can't a poor boy play ?

Smyrna said...

It might seem to Vis that I have shares in this book, but I encourage people to read "Supernatural" by Graham Hancock. The back half of the book is all about the unseen worlds experienced with ayahuasca and what not.

The bloke who discovered/understood DNA, was tripping on LSD at the time. He admitted that without LSD, he wouldn't have figured it out etc.

The recipe for Curare poison darts and so forth.....Amazing.

Smyrna said...

The DNA bloke was also responsible for the 'Hurricane in a junk-yard assembling a 747 Jumbo' quote. He was originally an 'old school scientist' and atheist.

Anonymous said...

St John didn't take mushrooms. That would be against the dietary laws of Leviticus.

Visible said...

I don't know why anything would seem one way or the other to me.


So, St. John told you this? If he didn't and you weren't there I'll stick with those who have a lot more scholarship than the generic anonymous.

Berna said...

Hello my friend.

Eudoxia said...

@ Viz -Jacob's Ladder: If you're afraid of dying then you'll see devils everywhere tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace then the devils are actually angels freeing you from this Earth. It's just a matter of how you look at it is all.................. BRILLIANT MOVIE! He said a lot more but that was the general exchange I think, it was after he got him out of hospital and he (Jacob) had that hellish experience (one of many). Another excellent post Viz - I saw another good movie the other day, The Cell. If anything demonstrates what Castaneda talks about regarding alternate realities it's that one! Don't know how I could have gone all these years without seeing it and it's an older movie too.

Curiously, you also talk about the supreme modern Gurus charging for everything. Well, yea they are out there in abundance much like the ones suffering from spiritual arrogance, those who denounce psychedelics while they sit on their egotistical throne spruking "I'm so enlightened" and you are a low life for using such tools etc, etc. One such friend about to be in my past does that. She claims to be thus "so enlightened" that anything that suits her seems to be okay and anything that doesn't is not okay. She is so sensitive to chemicals such as cleaning products (those make her ill) but oddly enough, she seems to be able to handle cosmetics in large quantities, hair dyes and bleach and of course laundry powder (the cheapest most nasty kind) in which to wash her vast wardrobe - selective sensitivity?? She smokes like a chimney, drinks copious amounts of again the nastiest cheapest coffee you can get and claims she is so enlightened, yet she berates others for purported substance abuse! She has no problem in judging anybody who has the odd beer yet alone should even suggest psychedelics - God forbid. What is it referred to spiritual ego?? There seems to be many of them out there at the moment. It is really not that hard to abide by the golden rule and even though we might be sorely tested at times, it's exactly as Viz points out. We simply have to rethink our impending actions and proceed with caution. Things are moving for me again, after a period of start, stop, start, stop. I don't question the starts and stops anymore so a busy week-end is in store as it's all GO for NOW! Peace All.........

bigloner said...

ZioMerkinUK Afghan drug sheite. Well that's what got Lennon assassinated & Harrison cancerated.

Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer,

We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim.....

In a shelter in the center of a roundabout,

A pretty nurse is selling poppies for the Queen...

The pretty nurse must be something we all desire & approve of. Like truth & justice. So because of 911 we go apeshit justice over there, but jumped the gun on truth so we missed what the pretty nurse was really selling.

I'm tired of fighting friends & family over what is & what isn't.

At this point, I don't care to waste energy. All I can say is I know that God will not be mocked & the gates of hell will not prevail.

Visible said...

What's the government (or your vested interest) paying you, Alan?"

You people never fail to bring a smile to my lips. Don't you realize that by virtue of your very words the same applies to you?

As far as you being anywhere near correct, I've been doing this for more than ten years. People would have gotten where I'm at by now. You just showed up and your failure to have an audience is what provokes you. It's that transparent so... don't imagine any of this impacts on me in the slightest. I always have someone like you sniping from the underbrush but... through the years, only the very few. Bark to your hearts content.

Visible said...

Yes Eudoxia... that ending is a real stunner isn't it?

David V said...

Pastor, priest, teacher, pope, guru, all amounts to someone inserting themselves between you and God, for the purpose of power or personal enrichment (theirs, not yours). The tools of the trade are guilt and fear and gobbledygook. It's always your own fault that you fail to reach peace or enlightenment. Thus you willingly enslave yourself to the established order. You keep coming back each week to feather the offering plate with yet more tithe and guilt atonement, spending yet more time on tearful bended knee before the man in the robe or suit.

In the bad old days they burned people for reading Bibles. Now they either distract you from reading it, miseducate you to where you can't read it, or else stand up front and tell you what it means while you try to read it. They teach you an elaborate system of "proof texts" whereas a lot of semi-unrelated words and half finished thoughts are strung together to form a "doctrine".

Just as the cancer "cure" industry would fold and go out of business if they ever actually came up with the cure, the last thing the religious industry wants is for you to actually find God. Bad psychedelics! Bad!! Just take two Prozac, get back on your wheel like a good rat, and we'll see you next sunday.

Sorry for attacking Holy Mother Church. I come by it honestly

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

An Apocalyptic Frottage in an Age of Hannibal Lectors.

Eudoxia said...

Yes particularly when he was pronounced dead in Nam - then goes up the stairs with his son "common Dad, lets go home". The ending of Donnie Darko was profound too. What was it about Chapter 12 Dreams, when the manipulated awaken by their encounters with the tangent Universe, many will not remember their dreams, but those who do are haunted by profound remorse of things buried deep in their childhood....... I remember one such dream many years ago. Without going into too much detail I remember (in my dream) choking on sea water. When I woke up I was actually choking on my own tears. I cried for hours, I couldn't stop I had waterfalls coming out of my eyes. It made me realise I had to make peace with my sister who was disowned by the family for years. I did that soon after and am glad for it. I was very cruel to her as a child, I was very cruel to many people including myself. That was a big wake up call for me. There are many movies out there sending big signals at the moment and in the past. Drew Barrymore was the executive producer of Donnie Darko, her character in the film was interesting also - seems she did a Kubrik sort of film yet people think (bar the very few) that these movies are strictly for entertainment. It really depends on whether your demons are angels or vice versa I guess.

Known Unknown said...

I used to come here and there would be twenty visitors at your blog, now, I am the only one currently reading....what happened to you Vis?

Stop doin those drugs and get your life together man!

Visible said...

There are [presently 20 people on the blog reading (moron) AND this post is 3 days old. Get a life and some courage. What, did I hurt your tender ego at some point? Perhaps it would be helpful if you did something to justify having one.

Visible said...

Dear Readers;

I let this troll's comment be published so that you might see the sort of and type of commentary that comes in from near exclusively anonymous. This comment came on at the same time I went to check for comments and amazingly he mentioned 20 readers while at that moment there were 20 readers on the site. These people just aren't very bright but this is the thing about duplicitous nonsense. It always trips up the practitioner.

Another interesting fact is that none of the people I have had fallings out with, or been set up by have EVER come here to argue and defend their lies. Both Clarity and Spadgett bailed at the same time and never followed up or responded to the verified proof of many witnesses to the contrary of their statements and positions.

It stands to reason if anyone had a legitimate beef with me they would have identifying proof, be able to call forth the witnesses that were there on their own behalf but this they cannot do because I can call forth more witnesses, or all the principals involved would stand down, usually out of shame from having stood down when they should have stood up but... that's human nature and the god within makes certain people reveal themselves when necessary; how it goes and always has gone in my movie.

I'm considering telling a few tales about the people named in this comment just to show the level of deception in their nature. It's appalling but... so far, I figure I'll take the high ground, or at least let it run awhile longer. It's really amazing how these others taking the high moral ground on events that never even took place, could do such low level things, as they did, independent of this, which, also, they cannot deny.

We'll see.

est said...

ok lv
i just want to say i am amazed
at the venomous nature of your detractors
also, when i tried to leave a comment, on their blogs,
it was disallowed, which never happens
but isn't that always the way of the fool,
drawing firm conclusions with insufficient information
then casting aspersions with ludicrous assumptions implied
or expressed, showing their true natures
they don't exist, for me, anymore
'wiped from the pages of time'
phantoms on the way to 'ixtlan'

Visible said...

Thing is... I know what the truth is and so long as I don't lie to myself, I'm fine. I can't be convinced to believe otherwise. I recognize where I've fallen short here and there but... it was intentional and out of self defense, otherwise people I did not want in my life would still be in my life.

A lot of the seething rage comes from their inability to affect me or stop me. Some comes from jealousy born out of impotence and a general lack of substance. Usually the structure of people's words tells me what their problem is. I just move right along. They know how small their number is and so do I.

David V said...

I despise the idiots who assert that drug users don't have a life. It's just the opposite: Drugs, and by that I mean naturally-occurring or plant-derived substances, can introduce newer and finer levels to your life, that you never dreamed were possible.

As for drug use indicating failure, this pot smoker and entheogen ingester finished college, making straight A's my final year, smoking pot the whole while. I actually learned more, and enjoyed more, from my professors while under the influence. I went on to a 30-plus year career, advancing through successive levels of management for the last 20 years. I am still in a successful marriage, 32 years and going strong. Due to my success in the job market, also due to making good choices that - yes - were influenced by LSD, my wife was able to stay home, raise and homeschool our two sons. They are well-adjusted and razor smart, despite all government know-it-all propaganda about how my kids would have birth defects and inferior brains from my drug use. I've read an average of 15-20 books a year since leaving school. I have kept myself informed and well prepared for the disastrous outcome of the actions of the US government -- about which the overwhelming majority of US sheeple are deaf, dumb, and blind.

Additionally, I have pursued hobbies and interests and generally done a lot of things that most people will never get to do. Soaring a mile off the ground in an unpowered hang glider, for example. I play the piano, record my own music, draw and paint, write, photograph, etc.

So, to those who think I don't have a life because I use drugs, I say "Fuck Off"!!!


Visible said...

So true... and I'll measure my accomplishments both known and not public against any of those of my anonymous critics.

It"s not about any of that anyway. It's just those with an axe to grind, an injured ego or someone who wishes they had what they are seeking to tear down. The amusing thing is that they got the idea somehow that I have any guilt or insecurity about getting high. I don't so... the sneers are meaningless; just looking for a way to get under my skin and maybe throw in an aura of general social censure.

I have the only permission that counts when it comes to that and I hear about it in those very times since that contact is my only reason for it in the first place.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dilettantes, Dabblers and Ouija Board Warriors.

Alan said...

Syncronicty galore.

Mate, the day after you wrote this posting, I tried some mushrooms for the first time. Not just any shrooms, the amanita muscaria variety!!!

Funny thing is, I've only just read this post today, 4 days after your posting!!! I had no idea you had wrote a short piece on amanita muscaria for the first time in years the day before i tried some!!!

That's what some call a coincidence, in lieu of a more technical term.

Alan, Perth said...

I was wondering if you could explain my experience on shrooms.

I took a small handful of dried muscaria and something tells me that it momentarily reversed my Mars center. Is that how the shroom works?

Kind Regards,
Alan from Perth



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