Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Choodle into the Armageddon Sunset.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As they crank up the inevitable engines of war in search of deeper darkness, the brainwashing continues apace; not that it's all that hard to wash a fundie's brain, since that system already functions like sending a tank top to the dry cleaners.

The flavor of the month is about to change, well, it did change, sort of, last week or so. Anyway, what Red Adelson wants, Red Adelson gets, until he changes his mind. We've got revolving front runners, kind of like if a bunch of meth-infused 6th graders started to go nuts on a merry go round; or would that be Ritalin deprived? I don't quite get how Romney's wife makes 6.2 million off of around ten million- except for the “possibly much more” comment, when Uncle Mitt only makes 3 million off of 37 million at Goldman's Nut Sacks.

So the deal is, keep flipping the front runners so that the Obama Bo Bama Banana Dana, Murder and Poverty Express can “keep on choodlin” into the Armageddon Sunset. He'll be accompanied by disclaimers which state he doesn't support Israel, which should keep his support relatively high among those who believe the crap on the surface, when even the surface says that is a lie. Anyway, any fool knows there isn't going to be any election. Then again, there hasn't been an election in a long, long time.

Some people get upset about senior citizens eating cat and dog food. I guess they haven't seen all the creative things that Haitian families can do with mud. Given that some houses are made of adobe, you could almost make an argument for Haitians living in gingerbread houses; metaphorically speaking. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions in Clinton-Bushligula and other unsavory financial holding tanks of interest gathering donations, bobbing like Mylar balloons over the bed of a terminal cancer patient, endlessly circle the starved and blasted landscape below. Exactly why do these funds from so many sources still remain unavailable after so many years? Why did all that money that went to rebuild Iraq either disappear or remain locked up in Rothschild war profiteering battle field banks? Gee, you have to ask?

Well, it's fairly obvious that we need a row of inhabited lampposts, in a modern day flashback to Spartacus and the boys, along the golden roads to Rome redux; blow me once, shame on me. Oh well. “We who are about to die salute you”. That should be, “We who intend to live refute you” but the script girl spent the previous night in a hot-tub, jacked down on Quaaludes. The speed of stupidity equals ignorance squared by inert mass to the tenth power.

Onward we trudge through the mud and the blood and the bullshit and high waders aren't the solution. A kayak might work but then there's all those things that live below the mire line. The good and bad news is that anything will burn if the fire is hot enough. Can I get witless? Darling, you are.

Word has it that they are erecting a statue in the West Village, of Harris Milstead snacking on poodle shit. That's what the American wet dream is all about. When your mind is a Petri dish, this is the kind of thing modern art aficionados lose their lunch over. Harris will probably be snacking on that too, if it happens and the whole thing will be art; managed and ministered by the usual suspects who handle art the way they handle dead gerbils in the aftermath and possibly in the afterlife as well. I suspect in that latter case the gerbils are no longer dead and have been reverse Bonzaied.

Johnny can't read anymore but he can definitely jerk off. Contrary to folk wisdom it does not make hair grow on the palms of your hand. It does make it grow backwards inside your head though, until a trap door spider takes up residence, giving a whole new meaning to, “feed your head”. Of course, if this was just a movie it would probably be funny but it's real life. Real life calls for real solutions, like creating a nationwide energy retrieval system from wiring the bouncing legs of all those teenage girls text messaging the universe. No wonder the aliens never land. Would you come here if you had a flying saucer? I didn't think so.

There's going to be so much food for the moon soon that the moon is going to turn pink from Pepto Bismol overdosing. It's just like what happens if you drink a couple of quarts of carrot juice every day. The people who can afford that deserve to turn orange. Then they can move to Denver and become celebrities. Yes, shit for brains is finally home on the range, where the deer and the antelope are going to be on barbecue standby for that big refrigerator grill, replicating all across the wide prairie; abandoned urban lots, woodland clearings, road side pullovers and under the over passes. Dead in the flood drains is the new under over.

Meanwhile, Porky Pig's extended family is running the show. Of course, Porky's been supplementing his daily crack allowance with oxycodone and he's got one rabid silver back gorilla of a habit on his bacon location. This has, quite 'frankly' made him less sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of others. I guess you can say that goes for the whole extended family of porcine, reptilian hybrids, tending the massive flocks of “Idiocracy” rejects. The mental health graph of public well being now only goes from neurotic to batshit crazy, with 'insane' being the median. There's a drive by pharmacy in your future, coming to the corner block of your street, real soon. Well, there would be if you had a future.

Of course, it's not all bad and worse. There is some good and better. It's hiding in foothills and abandoned mountain ranges, in places where the minerals have already been sucked dry. It's deep in jungles and on islands with no beaches and there are islands of consciousness too, connected by invisible webs of resonance that span the globe and vibrate into the hearts and minds of those who might well have read a book in the last year or two. It's out there and in there but not necessarily in the first place you show up, to see if it matches up, with whatever demonstrations you put into place to get it to reveal intrinsic nature.

No and yes, there are good things seeking to be born into a world, where the children of what has yet to make an appearance, will dance on the mountaintops for joy in a new morning of rebooted time, where innocence is celebrated and broken hearts are made whole by the adhesive of a resurgent love but... later for that. Right now we must, perforce, look into the gaping maw of demagogues and deviants who have ridden the high speed trains of collective, insensate puerility and rampaging appetite to doomsday's break. We are on the plains of apocalyptic resolution, where countless legions of Teletubbies march into the teeth of the cosmic, thresher combine. You won't have to ask again why the sky is blue. Barney the Dinosaur is waving that construction flag into the single lane bypass. Ronald McDonald is at the other end. You got to go slow during this unfortunate bottleneck but there's a sense that, somehow, this indicates one last opportunity to simply stop the car, get out and pick your way over the plastic barriers and then through the rebar forest until you can climb the kudzu hill and make it into the woods, if the snipers don't get you first.

I always thought when we got to Brave New World, there would at least be a ready source of Soma but I suspect that's par for the course. Brave New World without Soma is a ripoff, to say the least. I guess you all know that Aldous Huxley got shot up with LSD on his death bed and allegedly said, “Now I see”? Of course, the same got attributed to Sam Kinnison as well, when those drunken idiots in a pickup truck crashed into him and then got out and started moaning about the damage to their truck. Actually, what Sam said was "I don't want to die. I don't want to die." then he said "But why? 'Okay, okay, okay." Then again, Sam wasn't wearing a seat belt. Nietzsche also was reputed to have said something to the effect of, “Now I see”.

I'm guessing there are many other examples and variants. What do you think you will say, given the importance of the moment?

Hmmmm... well, we have indeed come to the end of another transmission and I'll see you at the next one if there is one. Meanwhile, keep in mind that things are not what they appear, nor are they generally what you hear. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know what that reason is.

End Transmission.......

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

Nice and if you would be so kind as to post the below link. The sneaky ones were busy behind closed doors:

Thanks and take care,

just me, Laurel A. said...

holy moaning for sure! you just out-moaned the best and now all else is but a moanstrosity. i might suspect that the climate and the location are very very good for you right now! i like the new saddle.

Anonymous said...

"The speed of stupidity equals ignorance squared by inert mass to the tenth power."-now that is a quotable quote in this time were all of our leaders seem to have morphed into characters in a William S. Burroughs novel…..
(actually, I half expected Bush to "give the American people the finger" way back when)
Never cared much for cocaine myself…..-DreAmeoba

DaveS said...


Thanks again for some great word jazz.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You know, this post explains why I'm as reclusinve as I am. It is too true, and explains so much.

Hope to meet you one day, though it will probably be out of time, on the Otherside; perhaps sooner rather than later.

Rock on!

Murph And The Murph-Tones said...

L. the drugstore on every corner is already here in the people's republik of Amerika the golden indispensable utopia. You see we bring democracy, we shove democracy right down their throat with a muzzle full of bad intent then we democratize their resources but they are savage sandniggers anyway and we know what is best. What are they thinking hoarding our oil and not letting our banksters in, some quaint shit about law or something. The rule of law is for pussies! Hoo rah! No soma, no dancing what a shit ridden cowardly new world and what revolution is worth a fuck if there is no dancing. Thank god we elected the golden savior, the messiah, the one! Military, economic and moral victories are just around the corner...keep tugging and don't get a drop on you.

Anonymous said...

Antiwar has an article about "Mooslims". I tried to give props to the jews for their lead role in the epic "9/11 - The Empire Strikes Out".

My post ended up like the hooker from Godfather II -- It was as if it never existed. And all that's left is Justin Raimondo and the jews' friendship.


Anonymous said...

The Jew bankers are frightened as never before. This a positive and dangerous development. America's biggest neocon blog even had to run this admission in a hidden forum to not upset its regular readers:

A good look at the demonic dementia of the zionized mind. Note how the author presents US Dollar hegemony and Zato's ability to rape at will as good things contributing to "stability" around the globe. Kinda like the way a group of frat boys holds a drunk girl steady.

The Iran sanctions are a suicide pact the west has entered into with isreal. Our politicinas have agreed to end it all rather than have the evil deeds that brought them to power exposed before the public. But the sanctions won't work, the neocons think avoiding USDollars is bad? Wait til they find out that GOLD has replaced their paper money. Gold cannot be printed out of thin air and this article spells out how the end game is already afoot:

Les, you preceded these developments and I wouldn't be surprised if the cosmos initiated them through you. God bless you and your other readers. I've received plenty.

abe in ela

missingarib said...

Vis-wow felt like a wind in my face as I'm reading ,wow you are astonishing ,like testing a pearl on the teeth and what a pearl-

pray tomorrow - gets me higher high high
Pressure on people - people on streets
Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work
Keep coming up with love
but it's so slashed and torn
Why - why - why ?
Love love love love love
Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance
Why can't we give love give love give love give love
give love give love give love give love give love
'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And loves dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure
Davis bowie

thank you

Chinese Sneakers said...

Another fine piece, bro.

There is so much worth noting, but to begin at the beginning. When you write this,

"As they crank up the inevitable engines of war in search of deeper darkness, the brainwashing continues apace; not that it's all that hard to wash a fundie's brain, since that system already functions like sending a tank top to the dry cleaners,"

i just have to quote. To salute you, for consistently calling out this 70,000,000-strong purblind war-mongering golum that has been enlisted in our era to do the tribes' bidding without question. I mean, what can you say about a young woman who gets gifted $400 worth of c. yet falsely assumes it's anthrax and an act terrorism? Pavlov was right--fear is a very powerful conditioner. Boo. (grin). The very kind of girl who would end up 'sending a tank top to the drycleaners'. (lol)

Anyway, as we enter another cycle of political charades that truly matter a whole lot, unfortunately, perhaps it bears repeating that--without this particularly large herd of scoffield-believing fools, there would not be a political constituency large enough to take amerika to war.

All of these dispensationalists invariably get ridden hard into a voting booth whenever the tribe needs some sort of fundamental release. The world these rubes inhabit is literally falling down around their ears and yet they can't wait for worse to come. In fact they yearn for more. And they never seem to catch on to the fraud because they're blinded by a fear and just want to annihilate it in armageddon and get on up to the much sought after redemption of coming into the promised land.

Were this lot of folks not the determining voting block in deciding whether or not to use amerika's liberating machine, i could be charmed by their fantastic beliefs and leave it at that. However, we all know how these people are going to be stampeded into attacking Iran for no good reason; and i do appreciate you putting them on notice.

Thanks for keeping the light on.

Anonymous said...


That was some funny shit. I cracked up seeing that Text Book Cover LMAO !

Wasn't that the chick who sang that Friday song thing or was that a moose call? LOLOLOL.

"Inhabited Lampposts" ROFLMAO !

"Welcome to COSTCO I Love you". LOL.

This looks like a job for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Thanks again Vis that was great .

Patrick V1.0

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....this next month should be a wild!
Neptunian influence is starting the great meltdown, the clouding of borders and patterns of attachments will fold us into a very confusing time.....very messy, but also liberating us into new patterns of living......peace love out!

L.L.O. said...

I wish I could just do a Vulcan mind-meld with you to describe how perfectly you capture what I intuit. Alas, I am stuck with clunky words. So, thanks.

Waiting for the summer rain...



DaveR said...

A 911 video that's very good. About the ritual involved.

Pete said...

You have baffled me again with your dead pan hilarity. My lord, "Legions of Teletubbies." hahahaahhahahah. Awesome, truly awesome. ;-) I heard the other night that January is "Human Traffikind Awareness Month" and I realized that I dont belong here. I keep hitting the "abort mission" button but the mother ship has not yet returned for me. Thanks for tweeking my signal bro !

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just a
movie, Hollywood Pizza Hawaian style, themes of death, priorities, money, premature post prepubescence, which might be worth watching indoors whilst keeping out of the Fukushima rain. (not brilliant though IMO)

waiting for my archimedes moment (if it's the last thing I do), but this bathtub is on my head and I am standing on an upside down turtle and, god, the echoes, the echoes , the echoes.

wv: matiling. rattling on things that matter.

Visible said...

Man, that is a sad story.

Anonymous said...

Caught the Politico article and photo-op via Rense's feed of Daddy WarBu$h and Jeb of stolen Florida selection fame on behalf of Dubya getting down on the home turf in a little WhiteHouse confab with the Obombinator.

Third recent trial balloon popping Jeb out there in the eye of the great Murrikkkan pubic. WhiteHousecall with Daddy in his wheelchair and Barack shukkin, jivin and grinning galore. Where did i see this movie before?

Oh yes, started of all places on the (in) famous Sorcha Faal suchafool disinformation site. Just can't help myself. Even though the site is a major fear peddler, it does sometimes slip through some real shit masqueraded as bullshit trying to pass itself off as the real Deal.

Word on the street according to the FaalFolk is that Heinrich Kissinger recently had a little tete a tete with the leadership of crimson China. The oleaginous fixer between Rothschild and Rockefeller assured China that Jeb the Zeb will be the next inhabitant of 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Seems the circular firingsquad made up of the current GOP clowndidates will continue their rounds of mutually assured destruction resulting in a brokered Republican conventional this summer, in which OUR HERO together with brother George of the quick unload of a coke-loaded plane on a quiet Florida airfield some years ago brotherly caper; will get selected as everybody's favorite compromise candied date in order to get electronically elected in November to enable Prescott the Nazi's and Barbara Crowley'sdatter's little chip off the old blocks offspring to once again Occupy the people's palace before the oldfolks kick the old oaken bucket.

No, you can't make this shit up and i sure the hell didn't. Just being a good reporter. Just the facts, maam, just the facts ~ so much as they can be evinced dimly through a veil while gazing at a dimly lit smoke-stained mirror.

In certain military circles Daddy WarBush is even more reviled for another deed than for having married Aleister's bastard daughter; running the show for the Company at Dallas in November of '63 and for slaughtering all those retreating Iraqis as a blood offering for Purim during Desert Storm. Yes. Topping the mark amongst certain folks who have kept quiet over the years but who are tightly connected in Naval intelligence circles is a certain little tale going clear back to WWII.

Prescott's offspring made it from Yale into flight school and not only made the course but was assigned to an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific as the pilot of a dive bomber. In an attack on Japanese shipping GHW's plane caught some flak and started smoking. Most naval aviators, with two crewmen aboard stuck in tight quarters virtually impossible to bail out of, would have attempted the honorable course and made a beeline for the treeline to see if he could bring everyone back to the ship. Not GHW. He promptly bailed out, parachuting into the drink along with his Mae West and his yellow rubber raft. Not so for the crew of two. They went down with the plunging, pilotless aircraft. GHW got rescued. But he was no longer a popular man on his ship. He was pretty promptly transferred.

In case you happened to wonder why Obomba signed off on the NDAA "law", now you know.
He was jus takin orders, boss.

-stickman 9 Aquarius, 33 A.E.

Anonymous said...

Peace, LOVE, dove, incense, crash pads and hare Krishna, Vis! Wish I was there in Mexico with you all. xoxo Dee

Michael Cecil said...


It is not as bad as you think it is.

It is WORSE.

Pendejo Chingado said...

Vis, love you Dude, brilliant as always (but by now yer just channeling, right?) but I have to correct you on one tiny detail. It's "Keep on Chooglin'", with a "G". Boy, is the shit getting interesting and about to get more so. I so much hope you're right that Signor Apocalisse and his Boss got this shit in hand upstairs . . . Let us strive to be worthy of the challenges looming larger.

Anonymous said...

Against stupidity,
The gods themselves,
Contend in vain.


Clarity said...

"We have to laugh.
Because laughter,
we already know,
is the first evidence
of freedom."

Thanks, Les, for the
many laughs tonight.
Thank you, too,
for my freedom.

I loved this one!

Anonymous said...

dark dark hours
most people struggling
ruthless savages
leave merciless cold suffering
crime and disfavour
a festering wound
disdain and misfortune
the western worlds doom
by disease as the captain
genocide unnatural death
satans heart died and withered
dissolved in utter neglect
in alien thought streams
clouded and disturbed
drunk on insanity
where natures cycle turns


Visible said...

Pendejo; Look up Choodle, you will see that I was not referring to the Fogarty line, as I sometimes do, this time.

JerseyCynic said...

Begin the beguine

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

That Hotpants Romance under the Lights of Broadway.

edna smile-y said...

I had a taste of armageddon the other day with a side order of impending death. The moment was that of total acceptance as the wildly threshing house split around me and the deafening winds roared louder and louder until....

silence. Holy shit, I'm alive!
My little son screaming in the other "room" (for lack of a better word) because a floor and two walls does not a room make.

(Do tornadoes have eyes like hurricanes? They don't? Good! Let's get the fuck out of here!)

Your homeless friend in Birmingham.
-Still smiling

(I rescued the cacti, toooooo!)

Thomas said...

poignant and hilarious! Brilliant!

many thanks, dear Les,


To All, wishes of a Lighted path and Caresses from the Divine One :)

Anonymous said...

Great writing again, thank you.

The demons in shoeleather are diabolically good at brainwashing. It's a part of their sick genetic makeup. You could really use the term "braindirtying" though instead of brainwashing. Making someone want to kill and go to war, making someone love their TV filth, making someone worship money, these are examples of their damnable "braindirtying."

James Delaney said...

From Rabbi Richard Schmuel Chabad -

I was born in New York City in 1952. My mother was murdered in a biogas chamber by evil Germans a mere 6 months before I was born. Shortly afterward in 1941 my entire family was rounded up and sent to Camp Feiertag along with 6 million other Jews from the Bronx and Long Island. I was separated from my family, denied even the most basic creature comforts such as soda and pretzels, and forced to bathe in mass gravies. I was in a state of shock. I could hardly eat or sleep and to make matters worse, I had misplaced my matzos. I felt powerless and my head was shaven. This coming on the heels of a Hamas rocket attack that had left a notch in my driveway, left me feeling totally traumatised. So I ask fans of the Holocaust to send me huge amounts of money to help me, a whining AshkeNazi victim of the Kosher Armaggedon Holohaux Minstrel Show who has yet to make Aliyah to the AshkeNazi paradise, get over this GermeNazi injustice committed by these evil goys.

Cash is preferred, but I will accept checks, money orders and precious metals.

coletteonice said...


Anonymous said...

Another great one, Les....
haven't kept up as mom is dying in
Youtubes of pigs throwing "flash bangs" (M-80s) into the Occupy crowds in Oakland and D.C.... and rubber bullets and tear gas cartridges...
and Hellary has the gall to fingerwag the Cairo police?
This kuntry has gone to hell...
so glad my kids got out and went to other parts of the world as I advised.
A few years ago some hapless high school students in Texas made up some "flash bangs" to throw around like in postal boxes and were charged with "weapons of mass destruction". Well this is Texas, what would you expect?.... but the pigs can do it with impunity, and the sheeple applaud it...
Ginkwretch is still rimming his Adelsonian masters, saying how heartless it was that Romney cut off the Mass. seniors' Kosher meals.
His third mistress "wife" is a piece of work (piece?) with her bottle blonde football helmet hair don't... well you can't help but be bemused by all this insanity....
wv: mixgrer
"And the misgiver damned Amerikkka
for what it became."

Anonymous said...

Zioblogger is bizzy.... dunno if you got my message or not....
Tried five times and it never registered.... Im sure they didnt like what I had to say.....

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home.



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